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Kamalia’s Guide to the Barbershop (bonus edition)

Okay, so, height and build aren’t exactly things that you can change at all, let alone at the barbershop. They are, however, appearance-related. I put together this scale comparison of the various World of Warcraft player-character races for my own reference. Although it’s kind of rough around the edges, I thought others might find it useful, too.
Click on the small picture to see a larger version.

The Alliance races were all compared to a normal-sized NPC human. The Horde races were all compared to a normal-sized NPC blood elf. I used a comparison between a tauren and a normal-sized, neutral night elf (a Moonglade NPC) to make sure that the two factions were correctly scaled relative to each other.

Also, I finally managed to update the rest of the Azeroth Beautician’s Manual of Feminine Style to include pandaren color and style information.

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Over about a year and a half, from September 2010 to May 2012, I drew a series of pictures depicting Azerothian sapient species dressed in the sorts of clothing that one might see in a contemporary congregation of Sunday church-goers.

Well, okay, perhaps this sort of dress might only be seen on a teenager during Prom season.

The unmodified artwork for “The Speedbarge Summer Soiree” fits into this meme, too.

This dress might only be seen during a town’s “celebrate our pioneer heritage!” week.

While I was in graduate school, one of my male friends found this outfit at a thrift store and delighted in wearing it to church periodically ever afterward.
I wonder if he still wears it sometimes?

Another dress most likely to be seen on a teenager around Prom season.
The blue shirt + yellow tie combination was very fashionable when I was in my late teens and early twenties.

I drew the lineart for this picture directly in ink and the figures turned out so badly proportioned that I needed to draw a background to rationalize them.

Then, with Humans, Dwarves, and Forsaken remaining, I ran out of steam.

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A couple of pictures that I drew around the beginning of Cataclysm.

The clothes these shaman are wearing are modeled after the apparel of the Shaman trainers in each of the starting zones. Once, each of the women in this picture was a character on my roster. Aside from Kamalia, only the dwarf and the orc remain — and the orc’s existence is somewhat tenuous.

Hey, look, it’s the curly-haired tauren! The night elf used to be on my roster, too, but, like most of the shamans, she didn’t survive the pruning I did last summer.

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For the fourth and final round of Transmogrification Survivor, JD issued the following challenge to the two remaining contestants:

… you no doubt want a fair opportunity to “shake your little tush on the catwalk,” [so] it only seems right that all restrictions are off in terms of requirement. You must still create an end-game transmog, but the design is completely freestyle. Create an outfit based on whatever you like.

Having deliberately exempted myself from being one of those two lucky contestants, and with such a wide-open-ended prompt to work with, I at first wasn’t sure if I would actually do anything to “play along” with this round. But as I thought about what I might do, that phrase, “shake your little tush on the catwalk”, popped an idea into my head that I just had to explore. Using a Draenei — (in)famous for their “waggle” — as my model, I wanted to create an outfit that would be at home on a Fashion Week magazine spread.

In this ensemble from Modiste Kamalia, touches of green perk up the timeless combination of tan, black, and red.

Black and red shot-silk stockings shimmer under a camel-colored suede micro-miniskirt with matching vest. The softness of the suede is contrasted with the shiny patent leather of the belt and knee-high stiletto boots and elbow-length gloves with maroon cuffs. A sheer crimson and gold scarf wrapped once around the neck and pinned at the shoulder with showy, yet elegant antique brooches leaving the ends to flutter down the back completes the look.

Hood of Focused Energy, Shoulderpads of Knowledge’s Pursuit, Journeyman’s Vest, Ritual Belt, Jade Dust Leggings, Lava Burn Gloves + Bracers of the Energetic Elemental, Saltarello Shoes, Cape of the Fire Salamander, Fang of Vashj, Umbrella of Chi-Ji/Inscribed Red Fan

Zazzy and Freyana produced two truly exciting Transmogrification kits! I had a terrible time deciding which was my favorite, and, because the two outfits were presented to the panel of non-Surviving participants anonymously, I didn’t know who’d created which one until JD posted the winner of the grand prize!

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Draenei and Troll Mages. I will update it whenever I change my in-game outfit. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

Space Opera Jumpsuit

Shoulderwraps of the Enthralled, Vindicator Tunic Belt & Pants, Manaspark Gloves, Enumerated Sandals, Lavender Mageweave Shirt, Staff of the Skymagi
The Vindicator set has always made me think of the jumpsuits worn by spaceship occupants in stories from the Golden Age of early science fiction.
Races that cannot wear invisiboots might like to use the Vindicator boots or the Ethereal Boots of the Skystrider that match the gloves.

Scorched Clouds

Jewel of the Firelord, Mantle of Closed Doors, Cloudscorcher Robe, Angkhal Cord, Feralfen Mystic’s Handwraps, Ogre Slayer’s Cover, Funeral Pyre
Under most circumstances, I Transmogrify over the lurid Cloudscorcher Robe as quickly as I can. During the Midsummer Fire Festival, however, that orange and blue color combination is right in season.

Aldor Covenant

Pauldrons & Vestments of the Aldor, Nethershard Girdle, Gloves of the Fallen Wizard, Staff of the Unknown Road, Silver Covenant Tabard
Why the Silver Covenant NPCs are wearing Mage T4 raiment, I don’t know. But because they are, and because the Aldor are a Draenei faction, and because she is Draenei, Kaprikka insisted upon dressing like the Silver Covenant NPCs for her Silver Covenant set rather than coming up with something more original.
Kaprikka chose this hairstyle to go with this set in honor of her hero/role-model concerning all things Draenei and Mage-ical, Millya.

Soulmate Searching

Mantle of the Locusts, Soulcloth Vest, Wizard’s Belt, Titan-Forged Cloth Leggings of Salvation, Wraps of the Persecuted, Shattrath Jumpers, White Swashbuckler’s Shirt, Staff of the Skymagi
A couple of years ago, Shoryl of Tiny WoW Guild — better known to the OLRG as Breige or Gurdrid — started a Transmogrification meme called “Mog Busting”. Though it was a fantastic idea, it sadly fizzled out after only a few rounds. While it was going, however, Kaprikka was lucky enough to have a beautiful dating outfit designed for her by Effraeti. Kaprikka was glad that Effy had suggested a few alternate items for the shoulders, because Effy’s first choice shoulders dropped in Naxx-25 and Kaprikka wasn’t sure she’d ever be able to get them.
Recently, Kaprikka went to an OLRG run just to hang out with her dear friends and help out with getting some achievements, intending to pass on just about everything that dropped because she had precious few open bag spaces. She’d forgotten, however, that Naxx-25 contains a couple of items that she actually did need… the shoulders Effy recommended dropped, and she rolled Need on them and won!
Thank You, Effy, and Thank You Old Ladies Faerie Godmothers!


Cloudscorcher Cowl, Angkhal Amice, Soulcloth Vest, Wizard’s Belt, Manaspark Gloves, Cerulean Filigreed Doublet, Staff of the Redeemer
This hat looks best, I think, on white-haired Draenei and (naturally) Pandaren.
I was unexpectedly delighted by how nice this kit looked on a Goblin while running the Dark Heart of Pandaria scenario.

Tirisfal Magus

Cowl of the Grand Engineer, Mantle & Robes of Tirisfal, Sly Mojo Sash, Gloves of Arcane Acuity, Stillpine Stinger, Nolkai’s Lantern, Gray Woolen Shirt
Sadly, Kaprikka was not yet level 80, and thus not yet able to loot the Ancient Tome of Teleport: Dalaran, at the time that I made this screenshot trip. She will have to come back for it soon!


Netherwind Crown, Shoulderwraps of the Enthralled, Soulcloth Vest, High Councillor’s Sash, Darkweave Breeches, Sage’s Gloves + Crystalweave Bracers, Enumerated Sandals, White Swashbuckler’s Shirt, Staff of Divine Infusion
The first of a number of outfits I would eventually like to create for Kaprikka using the Soulcloth Vest.

Hand of Destiny

Feline Mantle, Robe of the Dragon Slayer, Cincture of Woven Reeds, Scholar’s Gloves, Staff of the Royal Wizard, Tabard of the Hand
The unique Tabard of the Hand is awarded only to Draenei characters at the completion of the Bloodmyst Isle storyline, when they are acclaimed as revered heroes of the Hand of Argus. This outfit contains only items that a Draenei Mage could reasonably expect to be able to obtain by about the same time that she completes the Bloodmyst Isle storyline and receives the Tabard of the Hand, thus allowing her to make a complete, reasonably well-coordinated outfit to wear with her new tabard almost immediately.

Primary Colours

Mirren’s Drinking Hat, Warpwood Leaf Mantle, Robe of the Dragon Slayer, Captain Sanders’ Sash, Gandling’s Gloves, Angerstaff, Red Swashbuckler’s Shirt
Looking through Kaprikka’s inventory for shoulders to wear with this robe, I tried this Dire Maul quest reward and was inspired to make a bright, bold outfit.

Banshee Buccaneer

Double-Stitched Woolen Shoulders, Banshee Armor*, Juju Belt, Unforgiving Pantaloons, Apothecary Gloves* + Willow bracers, Buccaneer’s Boots
The Master’s Vest might make a good substitute for the Banshee Armor. Gandling’s Gloves or Black Mageweave Gloves (with a suitable pair of bracers) would be good replacements for the Apothecary Gloves.


Sage’s set with Aurora shoulders
What Draenei can wear this set and not think of Diktynna and the Red Snappers?

Red Blood, Blue Blood

Double-Stitched Woolen Shoulders, Sanguine Robe, Wise Man’s Belt, Red Silk Trousers, Heavy Linen Gloves + Seer’s Cuffs, Sen’jin Doublet
Races that wear shoes might want some blue boots, such as the Cushy Cenarion Walkers.

Royal Holiday

Aurora Shoulders, Robes of the Royal Crown, Councillor’s Sash, Zaetar’s Gloves
To invert the color scheme of this outfit, use the Councillor’s Robes with Captain Sanders’ Sash/Apothecary’s Waistband.

Wisewoman From Afar

Pads of the Venom Spider, Sanguine Robe, Wise Man’s Belt, Red Silk Trousers, Heavy Woolen Gloves + Willow Bracers, Orgrimmar Doublet
To add a little more green to the outfit, use the Greenweave Leggings.
Races that wear shoes might want some green boots, such as Ikeyen’s Boots.

Princess Alanna

Aurora Mantle, Alanna’s Embrace*, Dawnspire Cord, Jumanza Grips, Featherskin Cape, Pink Mageweave Shirt or Exodar Doublet, Skettis Curved Blade, Nolkai’s Lantern
I farmed Scholomance diligently before Patch 5.0 dropped to get this robe. The Vestments of the Shifting Sands are a somewhat similar color and much more showy.

White Wizard

Aurora Mantle, Astral Knot Robe*, Dawnspire Cord, Zaetar’s Gloves, Silky Spider Cape, Nolkai’s Lantern
The Astral Knot Robe was awarded from a pre-Cataclysm Mage class quest. The Gossamer or Aurora Robes may be used for a similar effect.

Venomous Vitality

Pads of the Venom Spider, Vital Raiment, Willow Belt, Native Pants, Heavy Woolen Gloves + Conjurer’s Bracers
I plan to use the Venomshroud Mask and Lord Sakrasis’ Scepter with this set when Kiki gets leveled up enough to use those items. For characters who are already max level, the Legacy of Arlokk would be the perfect staff to use with this set.

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Were you lucky (or just persistent) enough to get an Alanna’s Embrace before the patch?

Fortunately, my two characters who most wanted this gorgeous gown were both capable of farming it for themselves.

Princess Alanna (Draenei): Aurora Mantle, Dawnspire Cord, Jumanza Grips, Featherskin Cape, Pink Mageweave Shirt
Magistrix Alanna (Blood Elf): Hood of the Arcane Path/Royal Wizard, Orchid Amice, Magister’s Belt, Jumanza Grips, Shimmering Boots, Formal White Shirt, Pilfered Ethereal Blade

I also like the appearance of these outfits with the Sleeveless T-Shirt or the Lavender Mageweave Shirt.
The Orchid Amice was awarded from a quest that disappeared in the Shattering. The Mystical Mantle would be a suitable alternate.


The Aldori Legacy Defender (which I always mis-remember as dropping from Magtheridon when it really drops from Gruul) is a classic Draenei Warrior/Paladin tanking shield. Kamalia picked one up in a fun run some months ago, and the other night while I was talking to Vidyala about Shaman fashion, it occurred to me that it might be fun to try to make her a “wannabe Draenei” Shaman set to go with this shield.

Of course, the true test of whether or not my set successfully pulls off the “wannabe Draenei” concept is to actually put it on a Draenei and see if it still looks good. Draynee is the expert on that, but I hope she’ll agree that this set is, indeed, pretty fly.

Headdress of the Tides, Hateful Gladiator’s Ringmail Spaulders, Steadfast Breastplate, Stillwater Girdle, Scaled Greaves of Patience, Skettis gloves & boots, Scepter of Power, Aldori Legacy Defender

But will I actually ever make this set for Kamalia? I don’t know. I’m working on assembling for her one of the Competitor’s Tabard sets I designed a couple weeks ago, and I think that set, minus the tabard, might also work well with this shield — it would play off the gold and glowing parts of its appearance, rather than the purple. I’m not having much luck with the AH, though, so perhaps the Competitor’s Tabard and the Aldori Legacy Defender both will simply continue to gather dust in Kamalia’s bank.

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Glimmering Mail Pauldrons, Captain’s chestpiece belt gloves and boots, Triumphant Legplates, Restorative Mace, Emerald Shield, Green Linen Shirt

The first time I saw the Emerald Shield over a year ago, I knew that I just had to use it with the Captain’s armor in an RP set for a Paladin someday. Then Transmogrification came along, and I realized that because the Captain’s armor is mail, if I wanted to use that concept in PvE, I’d have to do it with a Shaman. I therefore think of this ensemble as my “Shamadin” Transmogrification Template Kit.

Kamaliya (aka “mini-Kam”) has been wearing this outfit in LFD ever since she got leveled up enough to use all of the items in it. (Her full TTK also uses the green Tracker’s Headband to Transmogrify the red Preened Tribal War Feathers.) Although no-one has ever whispered Kamaliya about it, I’ve wondered if her random party members have ever been caught off-guard by her outfit when they first zone in and found themselves momentarily confused — “Hey wait just a second, is this healer a Shaman or a Paladin?”

Although the Emerald Shield is the key piece of my original concept, the Crystal Pulse Shield looks equally impressive with the Captain’s mail — especially with Light’s Justice as the coordinating weapon.

This completely golden set creates an even more Paladin-like appearance.

Glimmering Mail Pauldrons, Dreamwalker Armor, Sparkleshell Belt, Triumphant Legplates, Radiant gloves and boots, Restorative Mace, Highlord’s Favor

The Spare Part Leggings (H)/Irongoat Legguards (A) are the exact style match for the Dreamwalker Armor. The quests they are rewarded from are rather deep into the Stonetalon Mountains quest chain, however, so Kamaliya is content to re-use her Triumphant Legplates for the time being. If The WoW Factor ever comes to Lightninghoof, I might make the effort to go pick up the Spare Part Leggings to make the outfit just a little more polished for the competition!

Silver and gold together evoke memories of the distinctive Lawbringer Armor, though the brightness of these sets is more subdued.

Glimmering Mail Pauldrons, Mail Combat Armor, Sparkleshell Belt, Electrostatic Legguards, Radiant gloves and boots, Devout Aurastone Hammer, Highlord’s Favor

Lead Surveyor’s Mantle, Pythas’ Vest, Myrmidon’s Girdle, Electrostatic Legguards, Mail Combat gloves and boots

A blue and gold look is especially appropriate for Alliance Shamadins, who may wish to use the Commander’s Crest instead of the Highlord’s Favor.

Glimmering Mail Pauldrons, Breastplate of the Lost Paladin (A)/Kingslayer’s Breastplate (H), Sparkleshell Belt, Thaelrid’s Greaves (A)/Scales of Aku’mai (H), Sundered gloves, Radiant boots, Devout Aurastone Hammer, Highlord’s Favor

Blue Dragonscale chestpiece and leggings with Doc’s Belt and shoulders gloves and boots from the Sweet-Tempered Mail set

I have re-used some items several times in Kamaliya’s versions of these outfits. This set of peripheral items coordinates well enough with all of the core chestpiece + leggings combinations, and I like gold, so I’m happy to save the inventory space.

I used the Seaspeaker Mantle with some items from the pink Bloodscale plate set as a Love is in the Air RP outfit for my Death Knight in 2011, but I had to come up with something different — something Transmogrification-friendly! — for Kregga to wear this year. Kregga will probably be DEing her Seaspeaker Mantle now that Kamaliya can wear this lovely ensemble:

Seaspeaker Mantle, Wrathfin chestpiece, Brigade Girdle, Wrathfin leggings, Brigade gloves and boots

Kamaliya doesn’t have any suitable weapons to match with this set yet, so here are some suggestions:

Left: Hammer of Judgement and Aegis of the Vindicator
Right: Seaspeaker Mantle, Demon-Forged Hauberk, Wrathfin legguards, Scarlet belt gloves and boots, Dire Maul, Shield of the Wayward Footman (Overlord’s Shield and Malistar’s Defender would also be good choices)

This outfit would look absolutely stunning with a Sawbones Shirt… oh bother, I’m going to have to go farm Scholomance again, aren’t I?

The last color of the Captain’s chestpiece style is the Dark Iron Mail. If you are so fortunate as to be able to find a Blacksmith who can craft it for you, you can make this dramatic black and white TTK.

Krom’gar Champion’s Chain Pauldrons (Horde-only) or Ornate Pauldrons, Dark Iron Mail, Bonelink belt, Bloodmail Legguards, Impenetrable gloves and boots, Formidable Cape

With a Tuxedo Shirt or Stylish Black Shirt, this ensemble would be appropriate for any elegant or formal occasion!

There is also one more color of the Dreamwalker Armor style, the Breastplate of the Terrible Price. This is the only variation of these two chestpiece styles that I think is completely unsuitable for a Shamadin; its gray-green coloration is too evocative of a Hunter stalking silently through the shadows of a forest (it would, however, be fine for an Enhancement Shaman). In the interest of providing TTKs for all of the colorations of this style, though, here are some outfits that make use of it.

Left: Bog Epaulets, Breastplate of the Terrible Price, Nerubian Belt, Green Dragonscale leggings and gloves, Windreaver Greaves, Drape of Smoldering Dreams
Right: Spaulders of the Protectorate, Breastplate of the Terrible Price, Nerubian Belt, Obsidian Scaled Leggings, Ancient gloves and boots, Drape of Smoldering Dreams

I leave the completion of the other side of the Shamadin equation as a challenge to my readers — can you design a Transmogrification Template Kit that will allow a Paladin to be temporarily confused with a Shaman?

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This week’s episode of From Draenor With Love reminded me of something I was thinking about a few months ago.

On the planet Beta in Lois McMaster Bujold’s Vorkosigan Saga, everyone wears earrings, and the style of an individual’s earrings symbolizes their sexual preferences and relationship status. Although Draenei tail-rings are undecorated in-game, I wondered if perhaps they (or the chintacle-rings) might serve a similar purpose.

There are undoubtably as many variations of Draenei tail-rings as there are Human finger-rings. In-game, a male’s tail-ring is always golden, but the color of a female’s tail-rings depends on her skin tone. In an RP description, however, the metal of the band may be any of several elements or alloys and be worked in many designs. A ring may have one gem or several, small ones or large ones, in any pattern. The important, meaningful component of the tail-ring code is the color of the stone(s), and any mineral of the appropriate color may be used to convey a specific status.

I am positing this code purely hypothetically; neither my past nor my future Draenei artwork will necessarily be consistent with the ideas shown here.

“Seeing Someone” could range from “casual, still keeping my options open” to “it’s complicated” to “very serious, but not yet committed to something long-term” and everything in-between; the type of metal used in or the base design of the band might signify these nuances.

“Bereaved” isn’t necessarily the death of a lover — it could just be a bad breakup.
I chose to designate the plain in-game tail-rings as “Not Interested at this time” because Draenei children also wear tail-rings.

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a story without words

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I drew the lineart for this picture in February 2008. Around February of this year, I decided it would be a lot more interesting with some color. I’d always mentally titled it “Kids in Shatt”, thinking of the children from the orphanage in Lower City, so I filled in the background with an appropriate screenshot. The wrong angles and sizes of various ears and the Draenei boy’s missing chintacles are due to the early date of the drawing. Fortunately, the much-too-small size of the Gnome girl’s head in the original lineart was easily remedied in Photoshop. I’m not sure anymore whether the Troll youth was originally intended to be a boy or a girl. The idea for the sign he-or-she is carrying came from my very poor recollection of this classic Norman Rockwell painting.

A doodle from February 2009. I’m not entirely satisfied with it because I drew the Gnome child first and then all the other children ended up looking much older than him. The gender of the Night Elf child is intended to be ambiguous.

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