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I began this project last summer, as a follow-up to my rather crudely-assembled racial height and build comparison.

At the time, however, the sexism-in-WoW discussion was going around again, and I felt that it would be rather gauche to post what is undeniably an objectified image: I have reduced my models to shapes to be studied.

I’d been meaning to complete it anyway, but somehow BTH always seemed to already be using the tablet to work on his comic whenever I wanted to work on it :P

With all the wonderful new model previews being released, I figured I’d better finish this up quick, even though some of the subtleties of the stances and the shapes will soon be out-of-date.

I had been thinking I’d do a further follow-up of close-up studies of the front and profile shapes of the faces, because I feel like I still don’t have a really good grasp on how to make some of the races different from my standard way of drawing human people. I’d like to do a companion set of “beach bums of Azeroth”, too, because I feel that I understand the male shapes even less than the female shapes. Maybe I should wait on that until all the new models come out in 6.0, though.

Speaking of the new models, I’ve liked all the ones we’ve seen glimpses of so far, and I look forward to seeing the Night Elf, the Troll, and especially the Tauren. The new female Orc makes me wish I hadn’t deleted my level 35 Orc Enhancement Shaman. I do hope the shaved head texturing makes it into the final model.

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I am so excited for my Dwarf Shaman to look like this!

And if the new Tauren female model is as nice as the new Tauren male model seems to be, I will be very happy!

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One of my current favorite WoW webcomics is Away From Reality. It’s funny, the characters are likeable, and the art is totally unique from any other WoW webcomic I’ve ever seen. Instead of drawing, screencapping, or using WMV, Erik Jensen uses the program Poser to model and render his characters. Although this makes the art less immediately recognizable as being derived from WoW, I think the more broad-spectrum fantasy game look also makes the comic more accessible to non-WoW players.

On the “About” page, Jensen comments,

I would love to see someone with actual artistic talent someday render some of my characters or comics, but for myself, this is all I can do.

This invitation has been bouncing around in the back of my brain for awhile now, and out it came onto paper when I was searching for inspiration for something to draw yesterday.

Here we have the main cast of Away From Reality (well, sort-of):

night elf druid Alaxia
human prot warrior Gord
human warlock Morgatha
gnome mage Thizzible*
dwarf holy priest Hurgon

*Night elf hunter Targe is formally the fifth member of the “main cast”, but it’s seemed to me like Thizzible has made more appearances than Targe since the crew reached Pandaria.

The outfits in the picture are (somewhat loosely) based on the in-game clothing items that I thought best matched the clothing the characters wear in the comic — though these are not, obviously, complete Transmogrification kits because most of them are lacking gloves.

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Kamalia’s Guide to the Barbershop (bonus edition)

Okay, so, height and build aren’t exactly things that you can change at all, let alone at the barbershop. They are, however, appearance-related. I put together this scale comparison of the various World of Warcraft player-character races for my own reference. Although it’s kind of rough around the edges, I thought others might find it useful, too.
Click on the small picture to see a larger version.

The Alliance races were all compared to a normal-sized NPC human. The Horde races were all compared to a normal-sized NPC blood elf. I used a comparison between a tauren and a normal-sized, neutral night elf (a Moonglade NPC) to make sure that the two factions were correctly scaled relative to each other.

Also, I finally managed to update the rest of the Azeroth Beautician’s Manual of Feminine Style to include pandaren color and style information.

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A couple of pictures that I drew around the beginning of Cataclysm.

The clothes these shaman are wearing are modeled after the apparel of the Shaman trainers in each of the starting zones. Once, each of the women in this picture was a character on my roster. Aside from Kamalia, only the dwarf and the orc remain — and the orc’s existence is somewhat tenuous.

Hey, look, it’s the curly-haired tauren! The night elf used to be on my roster, too, but, like most of the shamans, she didn’t survive the pruning I did last summer.

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A few weeks ago, Ketura went back to Northrend and began camping in Brunnhildar Village, smacking around poor tired miners and Hyldsmeet contestants and aspiring Val’kyr in hopes that someday Gretta the Arbiter would deem her worthy of a Warbear of her very own.

A week or so later, I brought Kinevra back to Brunnhildar Village, too, thinking that if I had two characters doing those dailies, I might get the bear a little sooner.

Today, Kinevra opened up her sack of Hyldnir spoils and lo and behold, there was the bear!

Hurrah! No more snowballs and salted yeti cheese!

That’s one more mount for my tally, but more importantly, now my Dwarf gals can have a loyal bear friend without having to be Hunters. :P

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Because I am only playing for the fun, not the prize, I thought it best that I drop out of Transmogrification Survivor after the second round. Upon seeing that I’d made it through the RNG, I did a die roll of my own to choose someone to swap places with. By fortunate happenstance, it came up as the person who’d chosen the same character I did — and done a bang-up job with the costume! — Rhuanious.

Even though I’m no longer competing, I still want to play along and test my mettle with the prompts for the last two rounds. And the prompt for the third round was a doozy indeed!

But now we move on to round three, which is all about me baby!!!

What? I’m not kidding.

…Pretend you’re part of the Blizzard development team [and] design an NPC of me. Any race you want, however you see fit. All I’m going to ask is you include a brief description of the character so that I know what you were aiming to achieve.

Jay Dee/Kenada, Amateur Raid Recruiter

Amberplate Headguard, Valorous Aegis Spaulders, Ango’rosh Breastplate & Legguards, Studded Girdle of Virtue, Spiritualist’s Gauntlets, Golden Cenarion Greaves, Cloak of War, Ironforge Smasher (Alliance-only)/Spirit-Clad Mace, Northern Barrier/King’s Bulwark (Horde-only)

In a yet-to-be-determined patch (or expansion), Blizzard finally gets around to retrofitting the pre-Dragon Soul raids with an LFR mode that uses a gear ilevel normalization algorithm similar to that currently used for Challenge Mode Dungeons to allow leveling characters to play through those earlier raids “at level” as part of the leveling process. For example, the Burning Crusade raids would be available for levels 70-75, and the Wrath of the Lich King raids would be available for levels 80-83. (Characters of sufficiently high level relative to those raids will continue to be able to solo or small-group the normal and heroic modes.) To help new players become aware of this feature, when a leveling character dings 60 and becomes eligible to enter Molten Core, they will receive an Auto-Accept quest to go to Stormwind/Orgrimmar to meet with Jay Dee/Kenada. Jay Dee/Kenada, who will be found near the Valor & Justice Point vendors, will then give the character a “tell me a story” style quest to listen to them explain how leveling LFR works. Upon completing this quest, the character will choose from a selection of stylish Bind-on-Account +5% XP belts, and the leveling LFR option will appear in the character’s queueing menu. The XP bonus on the belts would be effective from level 60 to the level cap of the immediately previous expansion, and higher level characters would be able to purchase the belts from Jay Dee/Kenada for an appropriate sum of Justice Points.

I was pretty pleased with this concept, but the “Build an Amateur” outfits submitted by the real contestants totally blow mine away!

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Tauren and Blood Elf-turned-Dwarf Paladins. I will update it whenever I change my in-game outfit. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

Shado-Pan Bulwark

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Shoulderguards of Empty Memory, Glory of the Defender, Ogre Beater’s Belt, Legguards of the Fallen Crusader, Grips of Arcane Imprisonment, Deathseed Crushers, Rescuer’s Cloak, Stylish Black Shirt, Firestorm Hackblade, Shield of the Void
As long as Mists remains the current expansion, items containing both red and black will always immediately suggest that they be used in a Shado-Pan Helmet kit. Mists was already well enough along when I leveled my Paladin that I saved these Cataclysm quest reward items for future use in a Shado-Pan kit. Although her first Shado-Pan kit didn’t need them, they came in handy to coordinate with this chestpiece, which dropped while I was farming the Hyjal raid for something else.

Winged Triumph

Crown of Boastful Words, Mantle of Winged Triumph (LFR), Chestguard of Bitter Charms, Greatbelt of Living Waters, Legguards of the Apostle, Grips of the Fallen Council, Sabatons of the Humble, Cloak of Tranquil Clouds, Spellfire Longsword, Ancient Mogu Tower Shield (LFR)
This outfit is mostly comprised of pieces from another of my favorite tier sets from Mists LFR. Sadly, the sword that perfectly matches this shield, the LFR version of the Enchanted Shao-Tien Saber, is an Agility weapon and thus completely unobtainable by any spec of Paladin.

Tiger’s Judgement

Lightbringer Greathelm, Judgement Spaulders, White Tiger Breastplate & Greaves, Abandoned Zandalari Bucklebreaker, Hyperion Gauntlets, Boots of the Redeemed Prophecy, Butcher’s Apron, Malice, Outland Shield
This set takes a cue from PlaidElf‘s very effective combination of the T14 chestpiece & leggings with the T2 gloves & boots in her winning outfit for Week 9 of Dragonray’s Mog the World competition.

Pretty Pally Princess

Circle’s Stalwart Helmet, Pauldrons of the Touched, Chestguard of Bitter Charms, Legguards of the Apostle, Bloodscale belt gloves & boots, Shroud of Akali, Scimitar of Seven Stars (LFR), Aegis of the Vindicator
I’d been farming Plague Quarter of Naxx-25 for the Girdle of Unity. These DK starting zone recolor items also drop in Plague Quarter, and I happened to pick them up along the way. Looking at their powder blue color, I was reminded of a recent OLRG conversation concerning the suitability of baby blue and pink for Warlock attire — and then I just had to make this kit!

High Chief’s Justice

Justice Bearer’s Pauldrons, High Chief’s Armor & Legguards, Bog Walker’s Belt, Life Bearer’s Gauntlets + Junior Technician 3rd Grade Bracers, Fen Strider’s Footguards, Shadowvine Cloak of Infusion, Rich Purple Silk Shirt, Encapsulated Essence of Immerseus (LFR), Adamantine Kite Shield
I farmed the purple Judgment shoulders & gloves specifically to make this kit, and they will probably be the only pieces of that set that I collect. Someday, I’d like to acquire the original red/gold/black Judgment shoulders & gloves, too — but I don’t think I’ll ever collect the entirety of either set.

Radiation Therapy

Talonguard Helmet, Pauldrons of Violent Eruption (LFR), Alabaster Breastplate, Refreshing Abalone Girdle (LFR), Chitinous Plate Legguards, Gauntlets of Steadfast Determination, Emerald Sabatons, Kri’tak, Imperial Scepter of the Swarm (LFR), Ward of Despair
When Karaelia’s first venture into Throne of Thunder LFR netted her this belt, I had the idea to collect as many differently-sourced items as I could find in the color that Prinnie calls “nuclear snot green”. Perhaps Blizz is so fond of this color for the LFR versions of stuff as a way to subtly encourage people to do “real” raiding to get the better colors?
I also use a Grey Woolen Shirt with this set; it blends in nicely with the darker tones of the Alabaster Breastplate. I’d forgotten to actually save the shirt into the set in the gear manager, though, and when I switched sets to take pictures, I forgot to put it on.

Seven Stars

Circle’s Stalwart Helmet, Forgotten Peacekeeper shoulders chest & pants, Talonguard Girdle, Templar Gauntlets, Sapphiron’s Scale Boots, Cloak of Tranquil Clouds, Scimitar of Seven Stars (LFR), Don Gonzales’ Shiny Shield
This sword is why Karaelia did T14 LFR. When she finally got it, this set came together rather magically.
Kel’Thuzad drops a mace that exactly matches this shield. I suppose it’s not too surprising that both the mantid and the nerubians could have some tol’vir influenced/derived weaponry.

Purple Tiger

Elder Tortoiseshell Helm, White Tiger Mantle (LFR), High Chief’s chestpiece pants gloves & boots, Junior Technician 3rd Grade Bracers, Bloodfist Belt, Rich Purple Silk Shirt, Solianti’s Insect Smasher, Drillborer Disk
The purple noses of the LFR version of the T14 Paladin shoulders inspired me to pair them with the High Chief’s set.
I’m very fond of the combination of the blue Carapace Breaker and Zom’s Crackling Bulwark, so naturally I wanted to use the orange versions together, too!


Everbright set with Talonguard belt gloves & boots, Platinum Sword, and Tian Defender
This is the intellect plate set created from Timeless Isle armor tokens. The Tian Defender shield is identical to that used by Niuzao Sentinel NPCs at the Black Ox’s temple in Townlong Steppes.

Crusader Karaelia, the Argent Champion

Thunderwood Helm, Forgotten Peacekeeper Shoulders, Imperial Plate Chest, Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Clasp of Meditation, Inkling’s Leggings, Gauntlets of Purification + Bracers of Ancient Tales, Glintrok Sollerets, Holy War Sword, Highlord’s Favor, Argent Crusader’s Tabard
The achievement that awards the Crusader title is account-wide, but Karaelia wanted it earn it properly, for herself, because she is a Paladin.
This outfit turned out very differently from how I originally imagined I might make an Argent Crusade kit for Karaelia — more silver, less gold. I’m really pleased with it, though. When I saw how nicely the Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Ornamented Spaulders coordinated with the helm, I almost used them. That was a little too much of the dull silver and gold tones than I really wanted for this kit, though. I might have to make another set that mixes and matches the Thunderwood set and the Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Redemption set later.

Shado-Pan Lightbearer

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Runic Plate Shoulders, Alabaster Breastplate, Thorium Belt, Greaves of the Martyr, Bloodforged Gauntlets, Lavawalker Greaves, Redpine Cloak, Firestorm Hackblade, Bloodforged Guard, Stylish Black Shirt
This outfit is adapted from a striking black, white, and red ensemble originally designed by Honeypants of Mogoholic.

Vigilant Viking

Brighthelm of Guarding, Grave Protector Shoulderplates, Silver-Plated Battlechest, Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Girdle of Prowess, Chitinous Plate Legguards, Reiver Claws, Glintrok Sollerets, Imbued Pioneer Cloak, Sword of Heartwrenching Slaughter, Shield of the Void
This +Int helm was actually useful to me, during the appropriate level range, so I kept it, intending to later make it the feature piece of a Vrykul-inspired Transmogrification kit. I Transmogrified this outfit over my Holy kit because I hadn’t yet taken pictures of the outfit I was currently using for my Prot kit. Now that I've made the outfit, however, it seems more suited to a Warrior than to a Paladin — which makes sense, really, because the Vrykul don't have Paladins, only Warriors.

Dawnchaser Brave

Emerald set with Strengthened Stockade Pauldrons, Insignia Cloak, Gladiator’s Salvation, Crystal Pulse Shield/Emerald Shield, and Thunder Bluff Tabard
The Dawnchaser Sunwalkers (e.g. Teya Dawnchaser) appear to be wearing a mixture of Relentless Gladiator’s and Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Elite gear. Karaelia will never be able to get that gear, so she’s content to emulate the Dawnchaser Braves instead. The shoulders worn by the Dawnchaser Braves look like they ought to be part of the crafted Fel Iron Plate set, but that set has no shoulders. Fortunately, the golden Stockade Pauldrons match the style of the NPC shoulders and blend well with the colors of the Emerald set.

Redeemed Blood Knight II

Embossed Plate Pauldrons, Ursa’s Embrace, Bloodfist belt gloves & boots, Leggings of the Ursa, Rescuer’s Cloak, Blade of Wizardry, Bloodforged Guard
The red-and-black color scheme traditionally used with this shield just doesn’t fit Karaelia’s personality. She is a Sunwalker, after all. Instead, I decided to use a darker-toned red-and-gold scheme. In the long run, when I’ve got the JPs to spare, I would like to use Liadrin’s Spaulders with this set.


Conqueror’s set with Pristine Lightforge Spaulders and Insignia Cloak
This set with these shoulders is a very popular combination, for good reason!

Bright New Day

Bloodcraver Pauldrons, Leonine Breastplate, Studded Girdle of Virtue, Starcaller’s Plated Legguards, Spiritualist’s Gauntlets, Earthmender’s Plated Boots, Rimblat’s Cloak, Greatsword of the Sunwalker, Sen’jin Tabard
Shortly before Karaelia dinged 70, I was idly browsing the AH and came across this weapon:

Its stats aren’t quite as good as the combination of the heirloom healing mace with Karaelia’s best +Int shield, but I just couldn’t pass up an opportunity to use the completely unique 2H Greatsword of the Sunwalker in a Holy-spec Transmogrification kit.
This kit lasted until level 74, when I went to Drak’Tharon Keep and won Tharonja’s Aegis. That shield all by itself has almost as much intellect as my 2H “of the Owl” mallet, so I reluctantly went back to heirloom mace and shield for my Holy set.


Hyperion set with Runic Plate Shoulders, Thorium Belt, Mageflame Cloak, Sunwell Blade, Outland Shield, Scarlet Filigreed Shirt, Silvermoon Tabard
Playing mostly Horde, I can’t help but associate this gorgeous set with the Sin’dorei.

Brightly Colored Shell

Bloodcraver Pauldrons, Jade chestpiece & leggings, Bloodscale belt gloves & boots, Rimblat’s Cloak
Shades of pink, mint green, and robins-egg blue create a brightly colored shell for a plate-wearing character!

Sealed with a Kiss

Runic Plate Shoulders, Bloodscale chestpiece belt gloves & boots, High Chief’s Legguards, Mageflame Cloak, Shield of Comrades*/Embossed Plate Shield
Someday, perhaps, I will obtain the Blood-Stained Pauldrons to wear with this set. Until then, the Runic Plate Shoulders will do. I’m delighted by how nicely the High Chief’s Legguards coordinate with the Bloodscale items — they’re just the right shade of purple.

Green Nutcracker

Runic Plate shoulders, Emerald chest pants gloves & boots, Thorium belt, Mageflame Cloak
Whereas most of Kregga’s brightly colored gear is specifically intended for goofy holiday outfits, the pieces of Karaelia’s Winter Veil outfit are recombined from two RP-motivated (but fully Transmogrification-friendly) ensembles that I am in the process of assembling for her.

An’she’s Glory

Glorious shoulders & belt, Sunscale chest pants gloves & boots, Insignia Cloak, Devout Aurastone Hammer, Highlord’s Favor
I’m wearing the Squire’s Shirt in this picture, but if I were to use this outfit again, I’d choose the Golden Filigreed Doublet.

Redeemed Blood Knight I

Bloodscale pauldrons, Ursa’s Embrace, Leggings of the Ursa, Hyperion belt gloves & boots, Tranquillien Champion’s Cloak, Sin’dorei Warblade
This set is a slight iteration of an outfit I originally described in “The Well-Dressed Paladin, Revisited” guest post I wrote for Manalicious.
After I decided that I would rather have a Dwarf for my secondary Paladin than a Blood Elf, I was delighted to find that this set also coordinates beautifully with the Ironforge tabard.

Sunwalker Initiates (Mail)

Princess Poobah’s Tiara, Grunt’s shoulders, mix-and-match of Grunt’s (golden) and Outrunner’s (blue) chest pants gloves & boots, Burnished belt, Insignia Cloak, Greatsword of the Sunwalker
Transmogrification-friendly sets for the under-level-40 Tauren Paladin, inspired by the Sunwalker Kodo.
These sets are viable max-level Transmogrification Kits for a Hunter or a Shaman.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Dwarf and Orc Mages. I will update it whenever I change my in-game outfit. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

The Kinda-Sorta Jean Jumper Dress

Double-Stitched Woolen Shoulders, Blue Overalls, Willow Belt, Simple Kilt, Mangy Claw Mitts, Trogg-Slayer Boots, Seer’s Fine Stein, Bright Yellow Shirt
Recently, Rades observed an interesting graphics effect: when a kilt and a robe are worn together, whether equipped or transmogrified, the skirt of the robe below the knees displays the appearance of the kilt. Although this effect appeared relatively recently, Kirina noticed a very similar funny effect a few years ago, and I think the two effects are quite probably related. This outfit is inspired by Kirina’s concept.
Eventually, I got tired of how silly this looked and reverted her pants back to trousers so that they wouldn’t show under the overalls.

Doomed Ritualist

Nightsky Mantle, Ale-Soaked Robes/Robes of the Doomed Ritual, Willow Belt, Ritual Gloves, Pagan Shoes
The continuing re-imagining of Ragefire Chasm gives me a bit of a headache. Kenosha obtained this robe in the second iteration of Ragefire Chasm as a Horde-side quest reward called Robes of the Glorious Song. Then Ragefire Chasm got changed again, and now the robe is an Alliance-side quest reward. This change gave both factions access to the robe; Horde could also (and now can only) obtain it by questing in Silverpine Forest, but previously Alliance could not obtain it.

Mama Frostwolf

Stonecloth Epaulets, Mystic’s Robe, Joanna’s Sash, Tangled Thread Gloves, Pagan Shoes, Thug Shirt*
Having carefully collected all three colors of this robe style for Kenosha, after Winter Veil I decided to continue on to the third color rather than going back to the first. I like to use a shirt with this robe style because the bodice is a little too skimpy for my taste; the Squire’s Shirt would probably also work well with this coloration of the robe.

Great-Mother Winter

Stonecloth Epaulets, Beaded Robe, Meat Packer Ribbon, Wet Work Gloves, Bloodcup Slippers, Red Linen Shirt
“But did you ever in your life/Know that [Great-Father Winter] had a wife?”
How Mrs Claus Saved Christmas, by Phyllis McGinley, is one of those classic stories that we read aloud every Christmas Eve in my family. It’s out of print, but I think it might be public domain by now, so perhaps you can find the text floating around the internet somewhere.

Favorite Sweater

Double-Stitched Woolen Shoulders, Seer’s Padded Armor, Belt of Dark Schemes, Godfrey’s Britches, Mangy Claw Mitts, Trogg-Slayer Boots, Seer’s Fine Stein
I have one of these sweaters for each of my cloth-wearing characters.

Wise Woman

Resilient Cap, Stonecloth Epaulets, Ancestral Robe, Willow Belt, Tangled Thread Gloves, Pagan Shoes, Bristlebark Cape, Apprentice’s Shirt
Although I modeled this outfit on a Human, a Forsaken, and a Worgen for Round 1 of Mog Madness, it was much more practical to make it in-game with Kenosha because the Ancestral Robe typically sells for sky-high prices and I had already obtained one for her. I will switch to the brown Outlander’s Pauldrons if and when Kenosha gets leveled up enough to wear them. Until then, I probably will not display the hood.

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The second week of the Mogolympics featured the Discus throw, Wrestling, Archery, and the Javelin toss.

Discus — Build an outfit around one of these relatively small, circular shields.
I chose just about the plainest shield of the whole assortment, so my outfit had to be relatively plain, too. I chose a sleeveless breastplate to accentuate my model’s buff throwing arms. The toss off the back of the hand is a very advanced technique. ;)

Helm of the Siltwater Slayer, Wyrmhunter Spaulders, Warbringer’s Chestguard, Studded Girdle of Virtue, Chitinous Plate Legguards, Reiver Claws, Warbringer’s Sabatons, Northern Shortsword, Ceremonial Buckler

Another impressive field in this event!


Wrestling — We’re going to deviate from olympic wrestling and go to the sports entertainment aspect instead. Using one of the “championship”/oversized belt styles first introduced with T9, design your own Azerothian pro wrestler.
Abandoned as an infant, raised by murlocs, now he’s the fearsome MURLORC!

Arion’s Crown (Normal), Spaulders of the Scarred Lady (Normal), Brackwater Vest, Coil of Ten-Thousand Screams (Normal), Brackwater Leggings, Unyielding Fists, Unyielding Footwraps, Reclaimed Thunderstrike

What a fight! What a fight! You gotta see this mob to believe it!


Archery — Build an outfit around your favorite bow.
Okay, so, for this event I actually built the outfit first and chose the weapon last. I suppose the outfit is just a little too fancy to make my inspiration immediately obvious — she’s a Brave lass.

Pauldrons of the Promise, Hateful Gladiator’s Chain Armor, Veteran’s Linked Girdle, Kilt of Spiritual Reconstruction, Bountiful Gauntlets, Brunnhildar Snowkickers, Formal White Shirt, Stout Oak Longbow

I used a simple bow for my outfit a) because it matched my inspiration and b) because I like that bow model a lot anyway. I was also happy, though, to see my favorite more complex bows represented, with correspondingly elaborate outfits.


Javelin — Build an outfit around the polearm of your choice.
My current favorite polearm is this beauty from the Lost City of the Tol’vir, so I tried to make an outfit that would fit right in at Ramkahen.

Phantasmal Headdress, Passive Resistor Spaulders (Heroic), Peerless Armor, Peerless Belt, Rugged Leather Pants, Inscribed Leather Gloves + Manacles of the Sleeping Beast (Heroic), Gold-Leaf Wildboots, Seliza’s Spear

This was a very tight competition at the top, with 16 competitors landing their throws within ten feet of each other!

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