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I began this project last summer, as a follow-up to my rather crudely-assembled racial height and build comparison.

At the time, however, the sexism-in-WoW discussion was going around again, and I felt that it would be rather gauche to post what is undeniably an objectified image: I have reduced my models to shapes to be studied.

I’d been meaning to complete it anyway, but somehow BTH always seemed to already be using the tablet to work on his comic whenever I wanted to work on it :P

With all the wonderful new model previews being released, I figured I’d better finish this up quick, even though some of the subtleties of the stances and the shapes will soon be out-of-date.

I had been thinking I’d do a further follow-up of close-up studies of the front and profile shapes of the faces, because I feel like I still don’t have a really good grasp on how to make some of the races different from my standard way of drawing human people. I’d like to do a companion set of “beach bums of Azeroth”, too, because I feel that I understand the male shapes even less than the female shapes. Maybe I should wait on that until all the new models come out in 6.0, though.

Speaking of the new models, I’ve liked all the ones we’ve seen glimpses of so far, and I look forward to seeing the Night Elf, the Troll, and especially the Tauren. The new female Orc makes me wish I hadn’t deleted my level 35 Orc Enhancement Shaman. I do hope the shaved head texturing makes it into the final model.

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One of my current favorite WoW webcomics is Away From Reality. It’s funny, the characters are likeable, and the art is totally unique from any other WoW webcomic I’ve ever seen. Instead of drawing, screencapping, or using WMV, Erik Jensen uses the program Poser to model and render his characters. Although this makes the art less immediately recognizable as being derived from WoW, I think the more broad-spectrum fantasy game look also makes the comic more accessible to non-WoW players.

On the “About” page, Jensen comments,

I would love to see someone with actual artistic talent someday render some of my characters or comics, but for myself, this is all I can do.

This invitation has been bouncing around in the back of my brain for awhile now, and out it came onto paper when I was searching for inspiration for something to draw yesterday.

Here we have the main cast of Away From Reality (well, sort-of):

night elf druid Alaxia
human prot warrior Gord
human warlock Morgatha
gnome mage Thizzible*
dwarf holy priest Hurgon

*Night elf hunter Targe is formally the fifth member of the “main cast”, but it’s seemed to me like Thizzible has made more appearances than Targe since the crew reached Pandaria.

The outfits in the picture are (somewhat loosely) based on the in-game clothing items that I thought best matched the clothing the characters wear in the comic — though these are not, obviously, complete Transmogrification kits because most of them are lacking gloves.

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Kamalia’s Guide to the Barbershop (bonus edition)

Okay, so, height and build aren’t exactly things that you can change at all, let alone at the barbershop. They are, however, appearance-related. I put together this scale comparison of the various World of Warcraft player-character races for my own reference. Although it’s kind of rough around the edges, I thought others might find it useful, too.
Click on the small picture to see a larger version.

The Alliance races were all compared to a normal-sized NPC human. The Horde races were all compared to a normal-sized NPC blood elf. I used a comparison between a tauren and a normal-sized, neutral night elf (a Moonglade NPC) to make sure that the two factions were correctly scaled relative to each other.

Also, I finally managed to update the rest of the Azeroth Beautician’s Manual of Feminine Style to include pandaren color and style information.

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art post: neon Trolls

When lacking inspiration for writing, post artwork!

A year ago, when bright, hot, neon/fluorescent colors began to come back into fashion, I doodled up these neon-accented outfits one afternoon during lab (my students weren’t asking enough questions to keep me from getting bored).

(The pigment colors of my bright markers and pencils did not scan well at all, so I touched them up in Photoshop.)

Then, as I thought about making a WoW-themed drawing incorporating neon/fluorescent colors, I was naturally drawn to the race with the brightest hair colors in the game — the Trolls.

This somewhat older “neon Troll” drawing was made with the same Crayola Color Surge paper & marker system that I used for this Lunar Festival drawing.

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In honor of the coincidence of her birthday with the Oscars this year, Mataoka is hosting a movie-themed Transmogrification event:

Submit three mog outfits, (Mogit is fine) of three characters from one of your favorite movies, or from one of the award nominees this year…. This is not their Oscar or red carpet attire, but the costumes in the films.

I chose the Harry Potter series as my movie and the main trio not of students, but of professors as my characters.

Minerva McGonagall

Skywitch Hat, Mantle of the Tribunal, Embroidered Gown of Zul’Drak, Living Mojo Belt, Replica Virtuous Gloves, Sorcerer Slippers, Drape of Smoldering Dreams, Mahogany Wand, Dungeoneering Guide
Although she is the Head of Gryffindor House, whose colours are red and gold, Professor McGonagall is clearly described as wearing “emerald green” robes. In the movies, she wears a dark forest green outer robe over a black dress.

Severus Snape

Duskhallow Mantle, Silver-Thread Robe, Ivycloth Sash, Black Mageweave Gloves, Sorcerer Slippers, Warmonger’s Cloak, Arakkoa Divining Rod, Tears of Heaven, Green Martial Shirt
Professor Snape should be dressed in the deepest, darkest black possible. The combination of the sleeveless Silver-Thread Robe with a Martial Shirt produced a deeper black color in the sleeves than the Black Velvet Robes have. The gold filigree on the sleeves of the shirt helps harmonize the gold trim of the Warmonger’s Cloak — the deepest black cloak available — and on the edges of the mantle.

Albus Dumbledore

Elder’s Hat, Stiffened Corpse Shoulderpads, Robe of the Elder Scribes, Vestal’s Irrepresible Girdle, Soulcloth Gloves, Footfalls of Memories, Cloak of Woven Energy, Cookie’s Stirring Rod, Cosmos
Headmaster Dumbledore is supposed to be tall and skinny, but Human facial hair options are simply adequate for his long beard. Dwarves and Gnomes have better beard options, and I judge Dumbledore to be more of a Gnome-type personality than a Dwarf-type personality. Of course, he is also supposed to have hair on his head that is also long enough to tuck into his belt, but the beard is more important for a correct visual impression.

Bonus: Harry Potter-themed Battle Pet Team

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I was delighted to see the other day that the Kirina’s Closet Hallow’s End Costume Contest is back for its fourth year! It was Kirina’s costume contest last year that first brought Navimie to my attention; she submitted a fun “werewolf” disguise.

Draynee is also running a Fly Draenei Hallow’s End Transmogrification Contest, with special requirements that the model must be Draenei and the outfit must be fully Transmogrification-friendly.

I have had no new inspiration for Hallow’s End costumes this year. Well, actually, I guess I have had inspiration for one non-Transmogrifiable costume — but nothing else. So I won’t be entering either of these contests myself, but I look forward to seeing all the clever, creative costumes from the people who do participate!

Anyhow, Transmogrification wasn’t around quite yet at Hallow’s End last year, so I thought I’d take a look at updating a few of my previous Hallow’s End outfits to be Transmogrification-friendly.

Evil Pumpkin King (Theme)

Horseman’s Helm, Kraken shoulders, Embossed chest pants gloves & boots, Fel Iron Plate Belt, Green Workman’s Shirt, 2x Gurubashi Punisher
I watched the AH for the Embossed items all year so that I could make this set when Hallow’s End rolled around again.

Evil Pumpkin King (Variations)

Horseman’s Helm, Crystalvein Pauldrons, mix ‘n’ match with Embossed set (orange), Fel Iron Plate set (light green), Emerald set (dark green), Chromite set (light purple), Revenant set (dark purple), and Bogslayer Belt & Pauldrons of the High Requiem (black)
I think I like the Fel Iron Plate accessories better than the Emerald accessories with the Chromite chest & pants, and the Emerald accessories better than the Fel Iron Plate accessories with the Embossed chest & pants. I tried the Revenant accessories with the Embossed chest & pants and it didn’t quite work — though perhaps it could work with purple, rather than green, toned shoulders and helm.
I’m rather pleased by how nicely the Bogslayer Belt and Pauldrons of the High Requiem coordinate. I’ll have to make a “proper” DK outfit with them sometime in the future.

Balrog Stalker

Cured Orcascale Spaulders/Replica Beastmaster’s Mantle, Dark Iron Mail/Ebonhold chest, Warmonger’s Belt, Bloodmail Legguards*/Ebonhold pants, Engraved Gauntlets, Ravager’s Sandals/Engraved boots
The first set is what I might actually make for Ketura, because the items in it overlap with a couple of other sets I have planned for her. The second set is what I’d recommend for everyone else.

Warchief’s Wiseman

Puncture-Binding Spaulder, Prospector’s Chestpiece, Serene Yellow Belt, Warchief Kilt*, Fuzzy Gloves + Princess Poobah’s Bracelets, Aspirant’s Staff of Harmony
The Warchief Kilt dropped in old Scarlet Monastery. I’ve had this one in the bank for several months now, while I was trying to decide which character to bind it to. The Flamestrider Robes from BRD are a full-length version of this style that would make a very similar outfit with the same accessories.
For other leather wearers, I recommend the Prospector’s belt. For races who wear shoes, the Prospector’s boots or any other dark brown-black boots would be appropriate.

Classic Wicked Witch

Skywitch Hat, Regal Mantle, Black Mageweave Robe gloves & boots, Runecloth belt
This look will never go out of style for Hallow’s End. Try the Durable Belt, Conjurer’s Cinch, or Ivycloth Sash for a touch of different, but coordinating color (orange, yellow-green, or green, respectively).

Fancy Wicked Witch

Regal Mantle, Imbued Netherweave Tunic/Barbaric Cloth Vest/Black Mageweave Vest, Bloodthirsty Fireweave Belt, Leggings of the Icy Heart, Hands of the Exalted Herald, Saltarello Shoes
This set would also look great with a Wicked Witch’s Hat, of course.

Burning Watch

Balespider’s Mantle/Mantle of Closed Doors/Mantle of Roaring Flames (heroic)/Shoulders of Mercy Killing (heroic), Watcher’s Tunic, Invoker’s Belt of Final Winter, Legwraps of the Master Conjurer, Zaetar’s Gloves, Saltarello Shoes, no shirt/Bright Yellow Shirt/Orange Mageweave Shirt/Stylish Black Shirt
The orange, yellow, and black colors of the Watcher’s Tunic are perfect for Hallow’s End.
The last few tiers have produced lots of great firey shoulders!

Hallows Herald

Death Speaker Mantle, Consortium Combatant’s Robes, Clutch of Andros*/Black Belt of Knowledge/Embersilk Belt, Hands of the Exalted Herald/Embersilk gloves, Saltarello Shoes/Embersilk boots
This full-length robe version of the Orange Martial Shirt is not often seen anymore because most people don’t get far enough into Netherstorm to do the quest that awards it.

Bad Juju

no hat/The Hexxer’s Mask, Shoulders of Mercy Killing (heroic)/Replica Magister’s Mantle, Silksand Robes, Embersilk Belt/Replica Dreadmist Belt, Legwraps of the Master Conjurer (optional), Embersilk Gloves/Jumanza Grips, Orange/Purple Martial Shirt
This cloth robe is identical to the leather Flamestrider Robes from BRD.
Races that wear shoes can use the Saltarello Shoes or other dark-colored boots.


Embersilk set with Geomancer’s shoulders
This set is great for Hallow’s End — or just for autumn in general.

Speaker for the Dead

Black Mageweave Headband/Don Rigoberto’s Lost Hat, Death Speaker Mantle, Death Speaker Robes, Clutch of Andros*/Embersilk Belt, Enumerated Gloves & Sandals
Another classic Hallow’s End look.

Dancing with the Dead

Haliscan Brimmed Hat (not Transmogrification-friendly), Death Speaker Mantle, Death Speaker Robes, Conjurer’s Cinch, Enumerated Gloves & Sandals, Staff of the Great Reptile
Despite what Celestine of the Harvest said, no matter how many branches Kinevra threw into the Wickerman, she could not feel the burden of her grief and anger over what the Horde had done to her home in Theramore getting any lighter.
The Haliscan Brimmed Hat and Death Speaker Robes closely mimic the appearance of Catrina. Alas, the even the blue-quality Don Carlos’ Famous Hat is not Transmogrification-friendly, so I ought to take Kinevra to AQ sometime in search of Don Rigoberto’s Lost Hat.

Dressing up for the holiday in this way still counts, right?

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After 42 runs of Theramore’s Fall, 4 Squallshaper’s Hats, 2 Rok’nah Hag’s Hats, 4 Archmage’s Staffs, 3 Staffs of the Faithful, 2 Everlasting Alliance Fireworks, and 135 regular Alliance Fireworks, Kinevra finally obtained the Theramore Arcanist’s Hat.

I have coveted this white wizard hat, which is worn by several NPCs (mostly Inscription trainers), for a long time. Now, it takes on a more poignant meaning.

Theramore Arcanist’s Hat*, Vicious Embersilk shoulders & belt, Astral Knot Robe*, Gandling’s Gloves, Shimmering/Ivycloth Boots, Cloak of the Faith*, Archmage’s Staff*, Theramore Tabard*

The Astral Knot Robe was awarded from a pre-Cataclysm Mage Class quest. The Aurora, Gossamer, Spiritmend, and Vicious Embersilk robes would all be adequate substitutes. There are many good white capes, such as the Silky Spider Cape.

I have added some further thoughts on Theramore’s Fall to my previous post on the subject.


When Kinevra received a summons to Stormwind Keep requesting “a trustworthy and proven hero for a mission of the utmost importance”, she knew she had to look her best! Thanks to the Alliance controlling Wintergrasp for most of her time in Northrend, she’d accumulated enough Honor Points while in the dungeons there to purchase a Knight-Captain’s Silk Tunic.

She was very disappointed to discover that “the appearance of that item cannot be used” for Transmogrification. So she had come up with something different, but she tried to make it as similar as possible. She was glad that she’d made the effort to look good when the “mission of utmost importance” turned out to be assisting the Prince!

Feline Mantle, Whispering Tunic, Bridenbrad’s Sash, Simple Kilt, Gandling’s Gloves, Slippers of the Twilight Prophet, Stormwind doublet & cloak

She’s only 3 or 4 years older than he is — close enough in age to have had the sort of daydreaming crush on him that all young girls tend to have on princes… Poor Kinevra, she really fell hard for Anduin during that one short day — he was so kind, and so smart, and so good looking! sigh…

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Things my Bankers Wear

A generally non-Transmogrification-friendly collection of outfits worn by characters who have accumulated /played far beyond what would be normally expected for their level due to spending most of their time running between the mailbox, the Bank, and the Auction House. I will update it sporadically as I create new Banking outfits. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

Basic Banking Black & White

Tuxedo Shirt & Pants with and without Tuxedo Jacket, Haliscan Jacket & Pants, Dress Shoes

White Woolen Dress, Simple Black Dress, or Lovely Black Dress (plus Tuxedo Shirt & Pants) with Dress Shoes or Knitted Sandals

Gilnean Acolyte’s Robe with Dress Shoes, Black Festival Suit with Knitted Sandals
A showcase of suitable attire for the level 1 bank alt. If you are willing to do enough questing to reach level 5 and to run around enough to visit each of your faction’s capitals and the towns in the corresponding starting zones during the Lunar Festival, you can easily acquire the very elegant Black Festival Suit.
A level 1 bank alt will not actually be able to have the Top Hat; a Top Hat-wearing bank alt will probably be about level 13 at the minimum because that’s how long it takes to get out of the phased Worgen starting zone. Although she was ultimately intended to be a Gnome all along, Karrieanna began her existence as a Worgen specifically so that I could later do this.

Festive Attire

Lunar Festival: Interlaced Cowl (lvl 28), Formal Dangui

Love is in the Air: Lovely Red Dress, Pink Mageweave Shirt, Bloodscale Belt (plate, lvl 60), Forever-Lovely Rose

Formal Black and White

Battered Jungle Hat, Duskhallow Mantle, Shadow Council tunic & trousers, Silver-Thread Sash, Antique Silver Cufflinks, Bandit Boots, Warmonger’s Cloak, Black Ice, The 1 Ring, Diamond-Tipped Cane
Even without the Black Ice ring, this outfit requires a quite high-level character. Although most of this outfit is cloth, the boots are leather.
The Black Mageweave Vest + Formal White Shirt would be a nice variation in place of the Shadow Council tunic.

Haliscan Bard

Haliscan Brimmed Hat/Forever-Lovely Rose, Haliscan Jacket & Pantaloons, Bard’s gloves & boots, Warmonger’s Cloak, Tuxedo Shirt, Dazzling Mithril Rapier
Even though the brick red of the cummerbund and the maroon of the boots & gloves don’t match exactly, I am absurdly fond of this combination.

Thunder Bluff Banker

Bloodwoven chest belt pants & bracers, Khadgar’s Knapsack
For a short time, the Bloodwoven chestpiece appeared as an elongated tunic, like the Journeyman’s Vest, and I was very distressed because I no longer looked exactly like the Thunder Bluff bankers in this outfit.

Thunder Bluff Auctioneer

Resilient tunic belt pants gloves & boots, Talhide Helmet, Chieftain’s Shoulders, Amber Cape, Ramkahen Ceremonial Hammer
I’d been wearing the base set for a few days when I was browsing the AH and was struck by how nicely this hat matched. With a hat, I needed some shoulders, too.
This weapon not only coordinates well with the set, but also amuses me because it matches the one given as a pestle for grinding corn for the Corn Mash cooking daily in Thunder Bluff.

Chief Officer of Finance

Durable jacket, Tuxedo Pants, Dress Shoes, Tuxedo Shirt, Antique Silver Cufflinks, Spring Gadget
The other zeppelin captains and chief officers are wearing the dusty green Conjurer’s Vest and the dark blue Sorcerer Drape. Kermione has all the colors of this chestpiece in her inventory, though she can’t wear them all just yet.

Keeping House

Seer’s Padded Armor, Godfrey’s Britches, Reconnaissance Boots*, Farmer’s Broom
Kymberlea leaves her kids with “Nana Morene”, her mother’s best friend, when she goes out questing.

Cow in Wolf’s Clothing

Gilnean Acolyte’s Robe; Gilnean Footpad’s tunic & gloves with Gilnean Tracker’s pants & boots; Gilnean Recruit’s set; Lord Walden’s Top Hat, Staff of Earned Tranquility
Kawneiha began her existence as a Worgen so that I could have a Tauren with a top hat.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Human and Forsaken Mages. I will update it whenever I change my in-game outfit. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

Miss Bright Eyes

Eye of Flame, Greenweave shoulders & cloak, Bright Robe, Councillor’s Sash, Quilboar Crone Gloves, Ikeyen’s Boots, Ogre Mage Staff
Kinevra occasionally volunteers to help chaperone Miss Danna‘s field trips.

Wealth and Wisdom

Eye of Flame, Lightning Infused Mantle, Robe of Solomon*, Serenity Belt, Vicious Embersilk Gloves, Slippers of Serenity, Ash Feather Cloak, Staff of the Royal Wizard
This robe was a quest reward from pre-Cataclysm Redridge Mountains. A similar look could be created with the Elegant Robe or Robes of the Battleguard plus a Cerulean Filigreed Doublet.


Mirren’s Drinking Hat, Feline Mantle, Bloody Apron*, Crimson Silk Belt, Bloody Surgeon’s Mitts + Jessera’s Fungus Lined Cuffs, Slippers of Serenity, Cloak of Cheerful Flowers, Red Swashbuckler’s Shirt, Staff of the Second Orb
The Bloody Apron dropped from the original version of Shadowfang Keep. A sleeved version, the Smoldering Robe, was available as a very rare drop. Neither robe can be obtained anymore. A similar outfit could be made with the Simple Blouse and Colorful Kilt.

Hot Stuff!

Jewel of the Firelord, Firehawk Mantle, Death Speaker Robes, Sash of the Burning Heart/Embereye Belt, Enumerated Gloves, Extravagant Boots of Malice, Warmonger’s Cloak, Archmage’s Staff*/Funeral Pyre
When I saw the Firelands on the Old Ladies Raiding Guild schedule, I considered temporarily faction-swapping Kaelinda so that she could (hopefully) pick up the Mantle of Closed Doors. A little later, it occurred to me that if Transmogrification really will be getting upgraded (I’m guessing patch 6.1 or 6.2), it shouldn’t really matter which character collects all the spiffy-looking stuff I want to make Transmogrification kits with. So I decided to take Kinevra, who is still level 85, to OLRG instead. The very first weekend that the OLRG went to the Firelands, the Mantle of Closed Doors didn’t drop. However, the next best thing — the T12 Mage shoulder token — did, and I won it!
Of course, I had to make an outfit with it right away!

Stormwind Noble

Eye of Flame/Chief Architect’s Monocle, Punishing Shoulders, Regal Armor, Sorcerer Sash, Royal Trousers, Enumerated Gloves + Dryad’s Wrist Bindings, Boots of the Divine Light, Crazy Cenarion Cloak, Tower of Theramore, Captain Sanders’ Shirt
Given the notoriety of the affairs of Stormwind’s House of Nobles and that she already posesses a moggable monocle, my Human Mage, Kinevra, was a natural choice of model for the sixth Batinna’s Dress Up theme, “gentleman”.

Frostfire Genie

Vindicator Cap, Consortium Mantle, Robe of Combustion, Crimson Silk Belt, Tempest’s Touch, Nimbus Boots, Phoenix-Wing Cloak, Staff of the Second Orb
I love the bold combination of reds and blues in this robe and hat! I like how these plain shoulders blend into the robe, but if you want some fancier shoulders, the Warpwood Leaf Mantle from Dire Maul would be ideal.

Emerald Enchantress

Watcher’s cap & shoulders, Hinott’s Outer Robe, Keyton’s Sash, Brewer’s Gloves*, Slippers of Unturned Loyalties, Judkins’ Staff
The irony of using vibrant, uncontrolled life as the backdrop for an ensemble worn by an undead did not escape me. Nevertheless, I preferred the Emerald Nightmare to plague slime or other green goo locations.

Nether-Lace Garland

Corpulent Shoulderpads, Nether-Lace Robe*, Keyton’s Sash (green)/Ghamoo-Ra’s Bind (red), Pigskin Gloves + Ritual bracers, Slippers of Unturned Loyalties (green)/Footfalls of Memories (dark), Stylish Green Shirt/Ebon Filigreed Shirt
After I let Kelilla use her no-longer-obtainable Mage class quest chestpiece for her Winter Veil outfit, Kivrinne insisted upon using her Horde-side equivalent item for her Winter Veil outfit.
“But Kivrinne,” I said, “that’s not really very festive. You look like a dying tree.”
“So?” she said, “I’m undead. It’s festive enough for me.”
And I had to concede the point.
After the holidays were over, a few simple changes converted the outfit into an even more not-festive look.
For a similar look using a chestpiece that is still available, try the Pagan/Resilient robe.

Winter Flirt Warning

Theramore Arcanist’s Hat*, Consortium Mantle, Crimson Tunic*, Shimmering trousers belt gloves & boots, Starfire bracers, Injured Trapper’s Cloak, Vengeance Staff
The Red Pointy Hat or green Watcher’s Cap are suitable alternatives to the Theramore Arcanists’s Hat… or you could just forgo the hat altogether.
The Red Linen Vest, Crimson Silk Vest, or Simple Blouse + White Swashbuckler’s Shirt or the Corsair’s Overshirt would all work well in place of the Crimson Tunic, though they do invert the white and red.

Bride of Arugal

Ghostly Mantle*, Robes of Arugal, Belt of Arugal*/Sash of Whispered Secrets, Black Mageweave Gloves, Apprentice Boots, Light-Imbued Lantern
Another classic set for a Forsaken.
The Shadow Council Mantle works very well with this robe.

Hallow’s End

Skywitch Hat, Death Speaker Mantle, Death Speaker Robes, Conjurer’s Cinch, Enumerated Gloves & Sandals, Staff of the Great Reptile
Despite what Celestine of the Harvest said, no matter how many branches Kinevra threw into the Wickerman, she could not feel the burden of her grief and anger over what the Horde had done to her home in Theramore getting any lighter.
The Haliscan Brimmed Hat and Death Speaker Robes closely mimic the appearance of Catrina. Alas, the even the blue-quality Don Carlos’ Famous Hat is not Transmogrification-friendly, so I ought to take Kinevra to AQ sometime in search of Don Rigoberto’s Lost Hat.

Theramore Arcanist

Theramore Arcanist’s Hat*, Vicious Embersilk shoulders & belt, Astral Knot Robe*, Gandling’s Gloves, Shimmering/Ivycloth Boots, Cloak of the Faith*, Archmage’s Staff*, Theramore Tabard*
I coveted the white wizard hat worn by several NPCs (mostly Inscription trainers) for a long time. When it finally became available in the game from the limited-time level 85 version of the Theramore’s Fall scenario, it took on a much more poignant meaning. The Archmage’s Staff and Theramore Tabard were also only available from the level 85 version of Theramore’s Fall.
The Astral Knot Robe was awarded from a pre-Cataclysm Mage Class quest. The Aurora, Gossamer, Spiritmend, and Vicious Embersilk robes would all be adequate substitutes. There are many suitable white capes, such as the Silky Spider Cape.

Hero of Stormwind

Feline Mantle, Whispering Tunic, Bridenbrad’s Sash, Simple Kilt, Gandling’s Gloves, Slippers of the Twilight Prophet, Stormwind doublet & cloak
Kinevra wore this outfit for only a few hours as I worked through the Alliance introduction to Twilight Highlands quest chain, but it was important for her to look her best because I knew that she would be assisting the Prince!

I originally wanted to use the Knight-Captain’s Silk Tunic, which she’d been able to purchase with Honor Points accumulated by running Northrend dungeons while the Alliance held Wintergrasp, for this outfit, but alas, that “the appearance of that item cannot be used” for Transmogrification.

Jaina’s Traveling Apprentice

Shadowbrim Travel Hat, Vindicator Shoulderpads, Sketh’lon Survivor’s Tunic, Serenity Belt, Soothsayer’s Kilt, Jumanza Grips + Dryad’s Wrist Bindings, Shimmering/Ivycloth Boots, Spellbound Cloak, Lavender Mageweave Shirt, Whelp Keeper’s Staff or Stormbound Tome
The Alliance Ambassador outfit lasted until Kinevra got to level 68, at which point she could go to Shadowmoon Valley and complete the quest chains to obtain the “Jaina lookalike” tunic and skirt.

Alliance Ambassador

Eye of Flame, Feline Mantle, Sorcerer Drape & Sash, Night Watch Pantaloons*/Royal Trousers, Riding Gloves* + Dryad’s Wrist Bindings, Wandering Boots*/Royal Boots, Proudmoore Cloak, Tuxedo Shirt
The Eye of Flame dropped, and Kinevra’s LFD group had no other clothies in it! If this fortuitous event had not occured, she probably would have continued in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice outfit for at least a few more levels.
The Gossamer/Elegant Gloves or Mana Shaping Handwraps would be good alternatives to the Riding Gloves.

Sorcerer’s Apprentice

Mistscape Wizard Hat, Feline Mantle, Robe of Combustion, Crimson Silk Belt, Enumerated/Oracle Handwraps, Slippers of Tribute, Gift of the Elven Magi, Book of the Adept
I love the look of the Vindicator Cap with this robe for higher-level characters.

Theramore Maiden

Feline Mantle, Mordant’s Travel Tunic, Willow Belt, Simple Kilt, Enumerated/Oracle Handwraps, Nimbus Boots
Kinevra probably would have stayed in this outfit a lot longer if the impending destruction of her home had not prompted me to get her leveled to 85 before the Mists pre-launch events started so that she could participate in them.

Royal Apothecary

Nightsky Cowl, Darkcloth Shoulders, Black Velvet Robes, Belt of Arugal*/Sash of Whispered Secrets, Black Mageweave Gloves, Apprentice Boots, Undercity doublet & cape, Nightglow Concoction*/Tears of Heaven
This was Kivrinne’s banking outfit long before Transmogrification came along and allowed her to use it for her questing outfit as well.
The NPC Royal Apothecary Society members are wearing the mail Infantry Belt, so I could only match the colour, not the style.

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The third and final week of the Mogolympics featured Fencing, the Freestyle competition, the Equestrian event, and Closing Ceremonies.


Fencing — Time for some swordplay. Build your best outfit around the 1H Sword of your choice.
I wanted to avoid the easy, obvious Dread Pirate Roberts reference and go for a more real-world sport look, but I couldn’t make a white or near-white set that I really liked, so it ended up being black anyway.

Helm of the Vast Legions, Puncture-Binding Spaulder, Cadaverous Armor, Dusky Belt, Dark Leather Pants, Cadaverous Gloves, Rapscallion Boots, Dazzling Mithril Rapier

Although I wasn’t able to make a real-world mimic outfit that truly satisfied me from leather, the gold medalist in this event made a perfect outfit from cloth. And I guess my effort wasn’t so far off-the-mark, after all, because out of yet another outstanding array of competitors, I won the bronze!


Freestyle — Build your own NPC.
There are so many beautiful animals to tame in Stranglethorn that Nesingwary’s Expedition really ought to have its own Stable Master. You’d think a camp full of Hunters would have one, so it always vexes me terribly that they don’t!

Stylin’ Jungle Hat, Cloaked Shoulderpads, Righteous Armor, Sash of Musing, Righteous Leggings, Morra’s Gloves + Quelling Bracers, Rocket Boots Xtreme

This event produced so many intriguing characters whom I’d love to meet! I just wish I knew what all of them do….


Equestrian — Build an outfit to complement one of the horse mounts in the game. The mount chosen must be available in-game to the race modelling the outfit.
With this brighly coloured jacket, this ensemble is appropriate for the Cross-Country or Showjumping events, but not for Dressage; a true Dressage outfit would also require a Transmogrifiable Top Hat; there was no really good riding hat, so I went for the Napoleon Crossing the Alps look.

Admiral’s Hat, Oracle Mantle, Sorcerer Drape, Mystic’s Belt, Astralaan Pants, Oracle Gloves + Sorcerer Bracelets, Saltarello Shoes, Tuxedo Shirt

I was really looking forward to this event, and the competitors did not disappoint! I wondered if there would be any outfits similar to mine, and I was very much delighted and amused when my entry and a strikingly similar riding costume shared the gold.


Don’t forget to check out the Closing Ceremonies for the Judges’ Choice awards, the overall outstanding performance awards, and a special surprise!

Thank you so much to JD, Tome, Matty, and Khizzara for all their hard and very, very difficult work in judging so many amazing outfits and in preparing such entertaining presentations for each event!

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