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Brewfest, 2012

Brewfest, 2013

I would have been quite disappointed if there had been no Pandaren Brewmasters at Brewfest this year. But Blizzard remembered, and, even more delightful, their stock of small-batch Pandaren specialties is a complete cellar list of brews that can otherwise only be obtained from the brewmasters at the Celestial Court on the Timeless Isle.

This year, Kaoling insisted that as a Pandaren from the Wandering Isle, she must have a Pandaren Brewpack to tote around as she explores the rest of Azeroth. A hundred Brewfest Tokens are quite easy to obtain, so I obliged her.

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The Underpowered Death Knight quietly dinged 70 at the beginning of this month while digging up Night Elf relics in Feralas, hoping to open up a Fossil site so that she could find some suitable bits of bone and stone for Professor Paleo at the Darkmoon Faire. She’s gotten most of the XP for those last ten levels from sources other than regular questing — holiday tours, archaeology, Darkmoon Faire first aid & archaeology work, even a little bit of pet battling.

While I was touring the Midsummer bonfires in Outland with Kaumalea earlier this week, she reminded me that she wanted some platekini:
“It’s summer, it’s hot, I want to go to the beach!”

Although I’ve done a couple of platekini-type outfits before — my Paladin’s “Brightly Colored Shell” set and my Warrior’s “Silver Morning” set — I am not much interested in that genre of Transmogrification. Platekini is outside my usual standards of modesty, and my Tauren women definitely don’t need to wear platekini to be beautiful. The first paragraph of Prinnie’s “Thoughts” regarding her “Project Platekini” sums up my opinions on the matter pretty well, too. Still, I’ve seen enough outfits using the classic comic book superheroine metal bra look of the Glorious Breastplate that I wanted to try my hand at making a set with it myself. Kaumalea volunteered to be the model because she loves all things blue and the blue version of this chestpiece style is readily available as an Outland quest reward.

Although her log was still full of Hellfire Peninsula quests when she reached level 70, she felt that she could now skip straight to Mok’Nathal Village in Blade’s Edge Mountains to obtain the Nether Protector’s Chest. And, indeed, she was able to do the necessary quests with surprising ease. A quick search of Outland quest rewards in MogIt turned up some other items that combined to make a really quite pretty ensemble with the chestpiece, so off she merrily went to acquire them.

After experimenting with wearing “pretty clothes” while still using only the DK’s starter five abilities during Love is in the Air, I decided instead to expand Kaumalea’s ability/spell list to everything she can learn without choosing a talent specialization, but keep her gear restrictions. Between that change and reaching level 70, questing in Outland has gotten much less painful. She can now handle green and even some yellow Outland quests without too much difficulty. She still has to stop and eat frequently, and she’ll still die if she accidentally pulls more than one or two mobs at a time or neglects to account for a patrol. Howling Fjord/Borean Tundra mobs remain a significant challenge, however, so she will need to stay in Outland probably at least until she reaches level 75.

Soak Up the Sun

Salvaged Ango’rosh Pauldrons, Nether Protector’s Chest, Stalwart Girdle, Lofty pants, Whiteknuckle Gauntlets, Bloodguard’s Greaves
I’d thought perhaps to use this chestpiece with the Symbolic or Imbued Plate pants that she already had, but in searching the AH for other coordinating items (before I decided to use quest rewards), lo and behold there were the Lofty pants for only 25 gold — a deal that was way too good to pass up!

Taunka Warrior Ice Princess

Circle’s Stalwart Helmet, Talonguard Epaulets, Nether Protector’s Chest, Stalwart Girdle, Lofty pants, Symbolic gloves & boots, Amber Filigreed Shirt
These blue items that Kaumalea already had on-hand also made a very nice set with the platekini chestpiece and pants.

One of my greatest difficulties with this particular alternative leveling project is not being able to use Transmogrifiable gear. I want to make Transmogrification kits for Kaumalea that synergize with her blue-and-white coloration. So I make the pretty outfits and do screenshot sessions with them, then switch back to her common and poor quality gear set for questing.

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“Wow… you’re tall, even for a tauren. And what happened to your face?”
“I’m not a tauren, I’m a taunka. We’re relatives of the tauren who live in Northrend. We all look like this.”

Alas, Matron is a title I will never obtain in-game until “School of Hard Knocks” is removed from the Children’s Week meta requirements. Although certain of my characters would like to be able to use that title, it doesn’t fall into the category of things I want badly enough to suffer through PvP for them.

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In mid-spring — or what she was told was mid-spring, back in Azeroth; here in Outland, there did not seem to be any noticeable seasons — Kaumalea returned to her lodging house one evening to find the public areas filled with chattering orcish and blood elven children. Surprised, she asked the innkeeper what was going on.

The innkeeper raised an eyebrow at her. “Ah, right, you’re one o’ them taunka from Northrend, ain’tcha? So you wouldn’t know ’bout Children’s Week. There have been so many wars everywhere that all the big cities have orphanages overflowing with children that have lost their parents. Once a year, the orphan matrons do a charity drive to get adventurers to recognize the cost of the wars by giving a little of their time to these poor kids.”

“But what do you, well, do with one of these children?” Kaumalea wondered.

“Oh, mostly you just let them follow you around as you do whatever it is you do everyday anyway. Usually, the kids have a few particular things they really want to do, too — places they’ve dreamed about going, famous people they want to see for themselves, that kind of thing. And it’s nice to buy them a treat or a toy or something at the end of the week, to help them remember you.”

Kaumalea looked around the crowded, noisy room. “It certainly seems to be popular.”

“Aye,” the innkeeper smiled. “The kids, they want you to remember them, too. They’re always taming little critters of one sort or another, and of course the orphan matrons won’t let them keep them, so they’ll give them to you. A lot of adventurers treat the orphans they sponsor kind of like a little sister or brother — write them letters, send them trinkets, that kind of thing. Those folks over there,” the innkeeper indicated an orc warrior and a troll hunter who were playing cards with two blood elf children, “have sponsored those same kids from the orphanage over in Shattrath for three years or so now. It’s great experience, they say — doesn’t strengthen the body much, but does wonders for the heart.”

Kaumalea considered this. She could definitely use more experience, in whatever form. The Battle for Light’s Hope Chapel had left her severely debilitated, making the usual ways that adventurers gained experience very difficult for her. It had taken her nearly a year in Outland to gain enough strength to even think about trying to return to her once-home of Camp Winterhoof, and when she’d gotten there, she’d soon realized that she wasn’t nearly strong enough yet to contribute meaningfully to the defense and provisioning of the tribe. So she had come back to Outland. She had surely created orphans herself during her time as the Lich King’s thrall. Because of her weakness, she was used to being careful, so she wouldn’t have to be any more careful than usual with a child in tow. Sponsoring an orphan was something that was certainly within her power to do.

Kaumalea had such an agreeable outing with the orphan that she sponsored from Shattrath — a clever-fingered blood elf girl named Ameridala who soon had her hair out of its customary braids and twined up into an elaborate crown never seen before or since on a tauren (or taunka) — that she decided to sponsor an orphan from Orgrimmar as well.

With the talkative orc boy Ezrom as her guide, she learned much more in a day or two about the history and heritage of this “Horde” that she had been swept up into upon being freed from the Lich King than she had gleaned during a whole year in Horde settlements in Outland.

“I am sorry,” Matron Aria in Dalaran said, “but only adventurers who have already reached their 70th season are allowed to sponsor the wolvar and oracle children. I have heard, however, that there is an orphanage of taunka children at Agmar’s Hammer in the Dragonblight; the matron there does not like to ask for help, but I am sure she would accept it gladly if you offered.”

“Oh!” said Matron Twinbreeze, when Kaumalea explained her intentions, “I had never thought of something like that, but, yes, it would be a wonderful thing for one of the older children!”

She introduced Kaumalea to a youngster named Omner.

“I miss my sister, Abish,” Omner said when Kaumalea asked him where he would like to go first, “She’s the only other member of my family who escaped when the Nerubians overran our village. She’s almost an adult, though, and she’s already started her real training to be a hunter. I think she’s probably at Westwind, where we’ve had a hunting camp forever. Everyone knows where it is — west of here, just this side of the bridge to Borean Tundra. That’s what made it such a good spot for the refugees from the Scourge attacks to gather.”

“I can’t wait until I’m old enough to start my real training, too!” Omner enthused. “Then I’ll get to be with my sister and her friends all the time!”


“Greatmother Icemist tells us a story about ancient druids trying to grow a huge tree in the middle of the Grizzly Hills,” Omner said next, “I don’t know how growing a big tree could fix the world in the first place, but I guess it didn’t work because she said the tree died. I don’t know if I belive that a tree could get that big, either. Can we go see the place where it was?”

“Wow,” Omner said as they flew over the fallen pieces of Vordrassil and down into Grizzlemaw, “that must have been some strong magic. Usually trees rot to splinters in only a few years after they fall, but Greatmother Icemist said that this tree fell thousands of years ago! I guess that strong magic is why the furbolg decided that this would be a good place to live.”


“Sometimes at night,” Omner confided, “I sneak downstairs and listen to the adventurers talking. Once, I heard one of them saying that he went to a place called the Bronze Dragonshrine, northeast of the dragons’ Wyrmrest Temple, and saw himself, only from the future! And then another one laughed and said that he’d done that, too, and then he’d come back later, and seen himself, only from the past, when he was there before! If we go there, do you think we might see me from the future and you from the past?”

“I wasn’t expecting that… I’ve always wanted to be a hunter. But I guess being a wind tamer wouldn’t be so bad.”


As they rode out of the pass leading to the Bronze Dragonshrine, Omner pointed at the great Titan structure rising up in the distance. “Wyrmrest Temple! That’s where the dragon queen lives, up on the very top floor. I’ve always wanted to see a dragon up close, and she’s supposed to be friendly… right? Let’s go!”

“I never knew that dragons could do that, change their shapes. It makes sense why they do it, but I’d still like to see her dragon form, someday. If her dragon form is too large for even that big room, she must be simply magnificent!”


Finally, Omner said, “I love to hear Greatmother Icemist’s stories. Matron Twinbreeze tells some good stories, too, about the place where she comes from. You know who has all the stories about our people, though? There’s an Elder named Xarantaur who knows everything! He lives at Tunka’lo Village. It’s on a mountaintop way up in the Storm Peaks, north and a little east of the frost giant place called Dun Niffelem. Will you take me to visit him?”

“That was so cool! Maybe being a wind tamer will be better than being a hunter, after all, if it lets me spend more time learning stories.”

Before returning to Agmar’s Hammer, Kaumalea took Omner to The Wonderworks in Dalaran. His eyes grew big and round as he took in the variety of toys. He inspected them all carefully, lingering longingly over the copper racers. Eventually, he chose a paper zeppelin kit, explaining that this toy was simple enough that maybe he could figure out how to make more, to share with the other children, from materials he could scavenge.

When Kaumalea at last came back to her lodgings in Outland at the end of the week, the innkeeper asked, “So, how did you enjoy helping the orphans?”

“It was good experience. It made me feel… warm. On the inside. I think I’ll do it again next year,” she replied.

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The only character that I’m bothering to actually do any Noblegarden egg collecting with is Kaumalea, who will be alternating between these two baby-pink-and-blue party clothes outfits:

I’ve made up some Noblegarden-inspired Transmogrification kits for my other characters anyway. Pandaria’s gorgeous watercolor silk cloaks are just perfect for Noblegarden!

Brightly Colored Shell

Bloodcraver Pauldrons, Jade chestpiece & leggings, Bloodscale belt gloves & boots, Rimblat’s Cloak
Shades of pink, mint green, and robins-egg blue create a brightly colored shell for a plate-wearing character!

Barbaric Beauty

Buoyant Shoulderpads, Barbaric Cloth Robe, Wizard’s Belt, Sage’s Gloves + Courier’s Wraps, Long Silken Cloak, Squire’s Shirt
This robe, with its pretty combination of lilac and blue and pink, has long been one of my favorites for Noblegarden. The triangular patterns are reminiscent of the decorations on a brightly colored egg, too!


Pauldrons of Malorne (T4), Jinxed Hoodoo Skin, Imposing Belt, Mistspray Kilt*, Cenarion Gloves (T1), Misthide Drape, Rapture
The Spring Gatherer says, “I’m not certain what form of magic was used in the creation of the eggs, and the druids aren’t keen on explaining it to me.”
This unique two-toned look is created using a kilt that vanished in the Shattering. If you don’t have one, use the Jinxed Hoodoo Kilt that matches the tunic.
I chose these gloves because they match Kerisa’s tan fur color so well that she almost looks like she’s not wearing gloves at all. Another character might want different gloves.

Woodland Blossom

Preened Ironfeather Shoulders, Dervish chestpiece & leggings, Headhunter’s belt gloves & boots, Willow Cape, Bright Yellow Shirt
The pale pink stripe down the center of the shirtfront is the perfect finishing touch for this spring outfit.

Frozen Flower

Commander’s shoulders & chestpiece, Bloodscale belt, Imbued Plate leggings & boots, Area 52 Engineering Gloves, Balmy Drape, Cerulean Filigreed Doublet, The Hammer of Destiny
This was about as pastel and spring-like a look as I could get out of Kregga’s available wardrobe options. Even so, it’s still quite chilly.

Dressed to Kill I

Cured Orcascale Spaulders, Dark Iron Mail, Bonelink belt gloves & boots, Bloodmail Legguards*, White Tuxedo Shirt/Stylish Black Shirt, Ironfeather Longbow
Because a mail pastel-hued “Elegant Dress”-type outfit had a high probability of turning out exceedingly similar to my mail Darkmoon Faire outfit, I decided to make a black and white “Spring Tuxedo”-type outfit instead.

Dressed to Kill II

Stylin’ Adventure Hat, Ornate Pauldrons, Double Link Tunic, Ebonhold Belt, Bloodmail Legguards*, Lord’s gloves & boots, Cloak of the Darkcaster
This outfit takes its name from the stylish apparel provided by Blingtron 4000.

These last few outfits are not Noblegarden-related, but they are still recent creations that I’d like to show off. ;)

Healing Rain

Sanctified Frost Witch’s Spaulders & Tunic (T10), Nerubian Belt, Earthmover Kilt, Stormscale Gloves, Used Bar Rag, Spiritsage’s Shield
I like the muted colors of this kilt, but I wasn’t so fond of the rest of the set. Fortunately, the soft blue-grey shades of the Shaman T10 items coordinate nicely. The cloak brightens the outfit with a splash of more vibrant versions of the same colors.
I’ve been wanting to fit this shield into a Transmogrification kit. Although the brass-toned trim and rust-colored inside face of the shield contrast with the rest of the outfit, the other colors of the outer face design match well enough.

Silent Leaf

Silentleaf hat shoulders & chestpiece, Serene Yellow Belt, Yeti Hide Britches, Craggy Handgrips, Luring Footpads, Spear of Xuen
The Silentleaf items are obtained by questing in Kun-Lai Summit.
These shoulders have a similar look to the iconic Rogue T5 Deathmantle Shoulderpads, without being quite so menacing.
The bottom half of this ensemble is identical to Kate’s earlier “Serene Grizzly” Transmogrification kit.

Silver Morning

Dawnsteel Shoulders, Truesilver Breastplate, Replica Belt Gauntlets & Boots of Valor, Cloudkeeper Legplates, Gleaming Claymore, Deckhand’s Shirt
Partially inspired by Pyckles’ Cloudkeeper Legplates ensemble and similar outfits seen in various WoW Factor show reports.

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Love is in the Air again, meaning it’s time to Crush the Crown to prevent them from permanently polluting the populace with their pernicious perfumes. Here are some Transmogrification kits that will let you go smoothly from smacking around those undead mooks to a romantic picnic or canal boat ride.

A Formal Affair

Alabaster Plate Pauldrons, Gilded Crimson Chestplate, Bloodscale belt gloves & boots, Flintlocke’s Piloting Pants, Runed Soulblade, Wound Dressing
Every plate-wearing woman who is at or above level 60 should own a Bloodscale Belt. Kaumalea is theoretically a pseudo-Ironman, but I’d bought a Bloodscale Belt for her anyway, and I just couldn’t let Love is in the Air pass by without allowing her to wear it.
The black pants and white shoulders give this ensemble an elegant air and also make it highly appropriate for a male character.

Soft-Hearted Fighter

Embossed Plate Pauldrons, Ursa’s Embrace, Bloodscale belt gloves & boots, Leggings of the Ursa, Lantresor’s Warblade, Scout’s Tabard
I’ve been fond of the combination of orange and pink for many years. I’m quite pleased with this outfit, but if you don’t like it, that’s okay.

Sealed with a Kiss

Runic Plate Shoulders, Bloodscale chestpiece belt gloves & boots, High Chief’s Legguards, Mageflame Cloak, Shield of Comrades*/Embossed Plate Shield, Rubidium Hammer
Someday, perhaps, I will obtain the Blood-Stained Pauldrons to wear with this set. Until then, the Runic Plate Shoulders will do. I’m delighted by how nicely the High Chief’s Legguards coordinate with the Bloodscale items — they’re just the right shade of purple.

Red-Hot Romance

Commander’s pauldrons/Tyrant’s Epaulets, Andrethan’s Masterwork, Commander’s/Bloodforged leggings, Bloodscale belt gloves & boots, Massacre Sword, Sawbones Shirt*
Kregga was all set to wear the outfit on the left for Love is in the Air this year, but then I saw Mechalis’s paladin wearing the variant on the right, and it was so yummy that I just had to yoink it. I hope she doesn’t mind too much… ;)
In the left-hand image, I had merely equipped the Massacre Sword for the purpose of the picture itself; in the right-hand image, it glows with a runeforging because I’d actually Transmogrified it over Kregga’s current quest-set 2H sword.


Brigade pauldrons gloves & boots, Engraved chestpiece & girdle, Triumphant Legplates, Lightning Dagger, Shield of the Wayward Footman, Jeweled Fishing Pole
Love is in the Air seemed like an appropriate time to debut this pink-toned outfit designed to coordinate with the Ashes of Al’ar and partially inspired by Euphyley’s beautiful Sunset Mail set (the cloth, leather, and plate designs in the rest of the series are gorgeous, too!).
Why, oh why, are there no Pink Mageweave Shirts on my AH during Love is in the Air? Something is wrong here.

Brigade Champion

Champion Herod’s Shoulder, Brigade breastplate belt & boots, Fort Livingston Legguards, Scarlet Gauntlets*
If you don’t have the Scarlet Gauntlets, use the Merciless gloves and boots.

Mystic Devotion

Headband of the Coiled Serpent/Adventurer’s Bandana, Bonechewer Shoulderguards, Wolf Rider’s Padded Armor, Red Belt of Gentle Persuasion, Mystic Sarong, Blacksting Gloves
Other leather-wearing classes will probably want to use the Burning Blade Devotee’s Cinch.
Although Wowhead no longer lists the Mystic Sarong as being part of his inventory, I indeed obtained this Mystic Sarong post-Patch 5.0 by camping the Dark Iron Entrepreneur in Arathi Highlands.

Heart’s Blood

Cutthroat’s Mantle, Wolf Rider’s Padded Armor, Bard’s belt pants gloves & boots
On another character, I might use a Pink Mageweave Shirt with this set, but with her pure white fur, I didn’t think Kaiuna needed it.

Nordrassil Nymph

Nordrassil Wrath-Mantle, Big Voodoo Robe, Sentinel Girdle, Runic Leather Gauntlets, Lavender Mageweave Shirt
To me, decorating for Valentine’s Day is all about the red-pink-white scale. But Zazzy’s druid is so cute and looks so almost-pink in the T6 shoulders and 25s-T8 chestpiece that I could let Kerisa get away with wearing lavender for Love is in the Air.

Adorable Aborigine

Lunar Mantle, Aboriginal Robe, Wise Man’s Belt, Heavy Linen Gloves + Seer’s Cuffs, Cerulean Filigreed Shirt
I originally wanted to use the Feline Mantle for this set. Sadly, it didn’t drop when Kaohana went to SFK to get her level 20 class quest weapon, and she is currently too high level to queue for SFK and too low level to solo it.

Buccaneer’s Sweetheart

Admiral’s Hat, Aurora shoulders, Buccaneer’s Robe, Apothecary’s Waistband, Rotting Handwraps + Imported Bracers, Cloak of Courage, Pink Mageweave Shirt
The Bloodsail Admiral’s Hat would make this a completely red-pink-white ensemble, but I’ve never particularly felt like destroying and then having to rebuild my Steamwheedle Cartel rep. The First Mate Hat would also be great with this outfit.

For additional ideas, take a look at the “Pretty in Pink” Transmogrification kits I posted last October.

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Christmas paintings 2012

You may recall that in July I wrote about my family’s holiday tradition of painting. I usually make my painting around New Year’s Eve, but because BTH and I had only a week to spend at Mom & Dad’s house this year, I made it on Boxing Day.

This is a portrait of my parents’ dog wearing a silly seasonal hat that my Dad gave to my Mom. She’s a husky/labrador retriever/german shepherd/goodness knows what else mutt that we got about eight years ago when some of our friends had puppies, and she’s sweet-tempered and generally well-behaved. I’m not much of a dog person, but I think she’s pretty much the best dog ever.

I also started this digital painting of a Christmas Elf on Christmas Eve. After getting the flat colors laid in, I decided that I should make a traditional media painting instead of spending my time finishing this picture.

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Winter Veil Wardrobe

It’s Winter Veil again! Time to dig through my closets in search of red, green, and white garb to combine in ways that are only slightly less gaudy than the Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater.

Red Nutcracker

Emerald shoulders belt gloves & boots, Bloodforged chest & pants, Bloodbane Cloak, Sword of the Lone Victor
Kregga protested this outfit rather vigorously, but the Bloodforged pieces are hard to come by, and she’s the one who already has them…. She was somewhat mollified by how nicely it coordinates with her pretty Tian Monastery sword.

Green Nutcracker

Runic Plate shoulders, Emerald chest pants gloves & boots, Thorium belt, Mageflame Cloak
Whereas most of Kregga’s brightly colored gear is specifically intended for goofy holiday outfits, in Karaelia’s case, these pieces are recombined from two RP-motivated (but fully Transmogrification-friendly) ensembles that I am in the process of assembling for her.

Painted Pathfinder

Ravager’s Mantle, War Paint chest belt gloves & boots, Turtle Scale leggings, Taut Driftwood Bow, Sawbones Shirt*
The Red or Green Workman’s Shirt would also work nicely in this outfit.

Scarlet, Green, and Gold

Magnificent shoulders, Green Iron Hauberk & Leggings, Scarlet Belt*, Gauntlets of Divinity*, Glimmering Mail boots, Lightning Dagger, Aegis of the Scarlet Commander*/Bloodforged Shield
The Voidscale Belt is a good alternative to the Scarlet Belt, and the Glimmering Mail gloves are a good alternative to the Gauntlets of Divinity.

Snowball Stalker

Tracker’s Headband, Ghostwalker shoulders chest & pants, Moss Cinch, Bard’s gloves & boots
This idea is mostly borrowed from WoW:Fashion; I added a hat and had to find a different belt because Kaiuna is a Kitty!Druid, not a Monk.

O Tannenbaum

Preened Tribal War Feathers, Darkbrand shoulders, Ymirjar Physician’s Robe, Feral Cord, Bark-Gloves of Ancient Wisdom, Conifer Cone Staff, Red Lumberjack Shirt
I love the pinecone-like look of these Cataclysm-era shoulders, but I’ve had trouble working them into an outfit. This isn’t perfect — I wish the colors of the shoulders were a little brighter — but it will do. The only thing missing to complete the look is a Miniature Winter Veil Tree, but it would be a lucky thing indeed if Kerisa manages to get one before the holiday ends.

Festival Minstrel

Cutthroat’s Mantle, Gypsy Tunic, Bard’s trousers gloves & boots, Sentinel Girdle, Tranquillien Champion’s Cloak, White Linen Shirt
Can any of the leather-wearing classes use 2H-axes? Because the Sun-Lute of the Phoenix King seems like it really ought to be used with the Bard’s set.

Winter Veil Elegance

Whitemane’s Chapeau*, Nether Guards, Robes of Insight, Voidweave Cilice, Astralaan pants, Shimmering gloves & boots, Firwillow Wristbands*/Goldenvine Wraps, Invincible Stave
The Crown of Endless Knowledge is a great alternate headpiece.

Royal Holiday

Aurora Shoulders, Robes of the Royal Crown, Councillor’s Sash, Zaetar’s Gloves
To invert the color scheme of this outfit, use the Councillor’s Robes with Captain Sanders’ Sash/Apothecary’s Waistband.

Wisewoman From Afar

Pads of the Venom Spider, Sanguine Robe, Wise Man’s Belt, Red Silk Trousers, Heavy Woolen Gloves + Willow Bracers, Orgrimmar Doublet
To add a little more green to the outfit, use the Greenweave Leggings.
Races that wear shoes might want some green boots, such as Ikeyen’s Boots.

Angel of the Earthmother

Gossamer Headpiece, Slime-Encrusted Pads, Robes of the Bloody Field, Apothecary’s Waistband, Rotting Handwraps, Wand of Arcane Potency, Regal Star
I think I like these shoulders with this robe even better than the ones that are part of the designed set!

Holly and Ivy

Swoop-Tail Shoulders, Ivycloth Tunic, Silver-Thread Sash, Crimson Silk Pantaloons, Buccaneer’s gloves & boots, Silver-Thread Cuffs, Shimmering Cloak
If I can ever manage to get Liza leveled up enough to wear a pirate hat, then this outfit would become the Smokywood Pastures Smuggler.

Great-Mother Winter

Stonecloth Epaulets, Beaded Robe, Meat Packer Ribbon, Wet Work Gloves, Bloodcup Slippers, Red Linen Shirt
“But did you ever in your life/Know that [Great-Father Winter] had a wife?”
How Mrs Claus Saved Christmas is one of those classic stories that we read aloud every Christmas Eve in my family. It’s out of print, but I think it might be public domain by now, so perhaps you can find the text floating around the internet somewhere.

Winter Flirt Warning

Theramore Arcanist’s Hat*, Consortium Mantle, Crimson Tunic*, Shimmering trousers belt gloves & boots, Starfire bracers, Injured Trapper’s Cloak, Vengeance Staff
The Red Pointy Hat or green Watcher’s Cap are suitable alternatives to the Theramore Arcanists’s Hat… or you could just forgo the hat altogether.
The Red Linen Vest, Crimson Silk Vest, or Simple Blouse + White Swashbuckler’s Shirt or the Corsair’s Overshirt would all work well in place of the Crimson Tunic, though they do invert the white and red.


Greenweave shoulders, Red Linen Vest, Wisp-Chaser Cord, Greenweave pants, Narassin’s Gloves, Willow Boots, White Linen Shirt
The brown low-level quest rewards in this outfit are identical to the Archmage/Elementalist set of Outland greens.

Astral Knot Bauble

Whitemane’s Chapeau*, Greenweave shoulders, Astral Knot Blouse*, Captain Sanders’ Sash, Crimson Silk Pantaloons, Shimmering gloves & boots, Aurora bracers
The Astral Knot Blouse, which was awarded from the Alliance version of a now-obsolete Mage class quest, originally looked like the Aurora chestpiece with the skirt of the Astral Knot Robe, the other choice of reward from the same quest. I’m not quite sure when the graphics changed so that this chestpiece now causes the pants-slot item and the cuffs of the boot-slot item to appear as a wierd sort of skirt. Fortunately, it does take the Transmogrified appearance of the pants and boots, and not the appearance of the items that are actually equipped. At any rate, if you don’t have the Astral Knot Blouse, just use the Aurora chestpiece with the Crimson Silk Pantaloons, and you’ll probably look better!
The Red Pointy Hat or any green cowl might be good alternative hats.

Nether-Lace Garland

Corpulent Shoulderpads, Nether-Lace Robe*, Keyton’s Sash, Pigskin Gloves + Ritual bracers, Slippers of Unturned Loyalties, Stylish Green Shirt
After I let Kelilla use her no-longer-obtainable Mage class quest chestpiece for her Winter Veil outfit, Kivrinne insisted upon using her Horde-side equivalent item for her Winter Veil outfit.
“But Kivrinne,” I said, “that’s not really very festive. You look like a dying tree.”
“So?” she said, “I’m undead. It’s festive enough for me.”
And I had to concede the point.
For a similar look using a chestpiece that is still available, try the Pagan/Resilient robe.

Although as a pseudo-Ironman she is not allowed to wear Transmogrification-friendly gear, Koralyra still gets into the spirit of the season with the Draenei Acolyte’s Robe, Disciple’s Sash, Green Linen Shirt, and a cute color-coordinated hairdo.

Grandma Kimorene simply exchanges her usual Seer’s Padded Armor for the Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater.

And Kandrista and Kalaneia are happy to wear the classic Winter Clothes this year.

What will you be wearing this Winter Veil?

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Who cares what Greatfather Winter (or Great-father Winter) gives us in-game this year! The gifts from the Furtive Father Winter blogging event last year were so much more fun to see — and do! If you’d like to participate, leave a comment on Akabeko’s announcement post or on the FFW2012 Blog Azeroth Shared Topic thread.

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The Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event has returned, and I find myself wondering, has it really only been a year that I have known Navimie, JD, Tome, Cymre? I know that I started reading their blogs after last year’s Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event introduced me to them, yet it feels like they are friends I have “known forever”. Navi & Cymre are kindred spirits and their sheer volume of posts continually amaze me, Tome’s unique perspective and style always delight, and JD I have to thank especially for his Laid Back Raids that finally convinced me to enable RealID.

I am grateful, too, for others I have come to know, or know better, over the past year — The Godmother, Matty, Khizzara, Karegina, Erinys, Martha, Effraeti — many of whom I first became acquainted with through their presence on the blogrolls and in the comment sections of my dear friends already listed above. Then there’s Eva Marie and Ninevi, who didn’t begin blogging until the New Blogger Initiative in May, and are sweet treats on my blogroll.

The number of WoW fashion blogs I read has expanded considerably over the last year, and I’ve even managed to update my fashion blogroll recently. Draynee has a great eye for color and style and her WMV shoulder-scaling tutorial is incredibly useful. Mechalis and Zazzy write simply hilarious and very stylish Goblin-focused blogs and seeing updates from them always brightens my day.

I’m thankful also to Miri for always making me feel welcome whenever I log into Lightninghoof, even though I don’t spend much of my playtime there anymore, and for inviting me to come along to ES’s LFR runs. I have very much enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with that great group of people again.

And, of course, I’m still very grateful for the insight and inspiration of everyone I thanked by name last year.

Many thanks, also, to Amerence for hosting this great event again!

Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2012
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