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is it getting hot in here?

This episode of “why is there not a /swoon emote?” brought to you by the updated Male Tauren model.

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The Paladin was in LFR last night and I happened to pull up her character sheet — probably to flip to the currency tab and double-check her count of Warforged Seals — while she was eating some buff food. To my surprise, she had chopsticks in her weapon hand!

I didn’t recall having seen that ever before. A bit later, it occurred to me that the buff food she’d been eating had been a bowl of soup from one of the Noodle Carts. So I did a couple of experiments. I tried a regular Pandaren buff food (Swirling Mist Soup) and a Great Pandaren Banquet. When I looked at my character’s eating animation while she was eating those foods, it was just the standard animation with a loaf of bread, and her character sheet looked normal. When I tried another bowl of Deluxe Noodle Soup, however, then the eating animation used chopsticks and the chopsticks showed up on the character sheet for the duration of the food consumption.

Nam Ironpaw should sell some chopsticks! They could cost, say, 25 Ironpaw tokens and require one to have completed “Master of the Ways”. It would be great if the chopsticks were moggable, of course, but given that the skillet, the rolling pin, and the trophy fish aren’t, I wouldn’t really expect them to be. I’d still love to have them as a vanity/RP item!

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If this is so, then why do neither Noodle Master Chin nor his assistant Noodlemonger Yol actually sell noodles?

And does Noodle Master Chin resent not having been invited to bring a noodle cart to the Celestial Court?

Noodle Master Chin must be a very balanced, harmonious pandaren indeed for Dawn’s Blossom to not have become overshadowed by a Sha of Sulking after the Timeless Isle reappeared.

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Brewfest, 2012

Brewfest, 2013

I would have been quite disappointed if there had been no Pandaren Brewmasters at Brewfest this year. But Blizzard remembered, and, even more delightful, their stock of small-batch Pandaren specialties is a complete cellar list of brews that can otherwise only be obtained from the brewmasters at the Celestial Court on the Timeless Isle.

This year, Kaoling insisted that as a Pandaren from the Wandering Isle, she must have a Pandaren Brewpack to tote around as she explores the rest of Azeroth. A hundred Brewfest Tokens are quite easy to obtain, so I obliged her.

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wtb jukebox pst

With my increasing number of level 90 characters, I’m logging in and out at Sunsong Ranch a lot these days, and I can’t help but notice that when you are inside the house, it is quiet. As soon as you go out of the house, one of the Valley of the Four Winds tracks begins to play, but inside the house, the only sound is the gentle rattle of the stove lid.

I think Sunsong Ranch needs a jukebox.

It should allow access to all of the music files in the game, letting the player pick their favorite(s) to play inside their house. It could allow one track to be played in a loop, or a small selection of tracks could be grouped into a playlist so that any one of the tracks in the playlist might start when the player logs into or enters the house.

I suppose it’s probably too late to get a jukebox for Sunsong Ranch… but if Blizz iterates upon the personal farm/house concept in the next expansion, something like this could easily be part of the package. It could be the reward for becoming Best Friends with one of the farming NPCs. Engineers could make it with some ridonkulous amount of high level materials. It could even be an item in the in-game store. However it is obtained/implemented, I would love to be able to choose my favorite World of Warcraft music to play inside my characters’ personal space.

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those Blizzard Store hats

Ever since Navimie’s friend showed off what those Blizzard Store hats look like on a Tauren, the Underpowered Death Knight has been trying to convince me to buy her the Crown of Eternal Winter, saying that it will be the only hat she ever needs.

She would look good in it. That’s only because the skull face effect is less apparent on a Tauren, though. As much as I like the base design of the crown, I really dislike the skull effect on all other races, so she would be the only character who’d be wearing it. I’m not sure I want to pay $15 for it, but only having one character who’d be using this account-wide item isn’t really the reason why. I think it’s more that I haven’t wanted it badly enough for long enough.

Although only a few of my characters use the Celestial Steed or the Winged Guardian in their random cast mount macros, I went back and forth with myself about how much I really wanted those mounts for months before I finally decided to purchase them. I’ve bought Blizzard store pets that I eventually stopped remembering to summon and haven’t bothered to level for pet battles yet, either. A couple of those pets I bought as soon as they were offered because a portion of the proceeds were going to a disaster relief fund, but others I thought about for weeks or months before I actually bought them.

Speaking specifically of spending real money for an item that only one character will use, earlier this month, I spent $50 at the bat of an eyelash to transfer my primary banker from Bloodhoof, where all my Tauren live, to Winterhoof and back again when the Druid T11 lookalike shoulders appeared on the Winterhoof AH… but that’s because I’ve passionately coveted those shoulders ever since the beginning of Cataclysm. For me, having longed for that look for my Druid for nearly two and a half years in real time justified spending that much real money. As wonderful a look as the Crown of Endless Winter would be for the Underpowered Death Knight, I don’t want it that much — yet.

As for the other Blizzard Store hats, I suppose I might consider buying the Jewel of the Firelord if my leather or plate wearing characters decided that they needed a Fire Hat for some outfit or other. Kamalia already has the best Fire Hat in the game, ever, and the Circle of Flame just takes a lot of patience and persistence to farm from BRD. I don’t see myself ever wanting to purchase the Hood of Hungering Darkness. I’m not particularly fond of hoods in general, and this one doesn’t appeal to me at all. Even my Warlock doesn’t think she would ever want it.

If these hats were to go on sale for, say, $5 apiece or $15 for all three (perhaps at Christmas time?), I’d probably pick them up. In the meantime, there is a cosmetic hat that I would pay $15 for with only a moment of hesitation at the price:

Sungshin Ironpaw’s spectacles.
Kamalia would wear them.
All of my Mages would wear them.

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Keija’s recent romp through Cataclysm content reminded me of a question I’ve wondered about since that expansion was new: Where did the pygmies come from, really?

Pygmies are found in Uldum and on the Lost Isles. They apparently share an unknown common ancestor with goblins. I don’t have any good screenshots of my own of the pygmies in the Lost Isles, so here’s one that I’ve borrowed from Wowhead:

Then, while Keija was questing through Kun-Lai Summit, I saw these guys at Kota Basecamp:

And I wondered — could grummles be the unknown common ancestor of the pygmies and the goblins?

Grummles were created by a mogu emperor, so their birth, as it were, must have been millennia before the Sundering. After all, on the eve of the Sundering, the legendary Shaohao was the last emperor of the pandaren following centuries of freedom from the mogu, and the period of the pandaren emperors followed thousands of years of slavery under the mogu dynasties that followed Lei Shen.

What if, during the time of the great rebellions against the tyrannical dominion of the mogu, a troupe (or two or few or several) of grummles “got lost” — went missing, AWOL, exploring northward as far as they could go? They could easily have ended up in Uldum and in lands that became the Lost Isles of the South Seas in the Sundering.
Those that made it to Uldum or had islands to themselves might have slowly lost their original culture as they adapted their new homes, becoming pygmies.
Those that were unfortunate enough to end up sharing their islands with trolls might have found themselves enslaved again, forced to mine the strangely powerful mineral kaja’mite — exposure to which magnified their heretofore relatively limited intellects, tainted their skin green, and sharpened their facial features along with their minds… warping them into goblins.

But if pygmies and goblins are descended from grummles, then that means that, ultimately, goblins are descended from troggs!

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