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those Blizzard Store hats

Ever since Navimie’s friend showed off what those Blizzard Store hats look like on a Tauren, the Underpowered Death Knight has been trying to convince me to buy her the Crown of Eternal Winter, saying that it will be the only hat she ever needs.

She would look good in it. That’s only because the skull face effect is less apparent on a Tauren, though. As much as I like the base design of the crown, I really dislike the skull effect on all other races, so she would be the only character who’d be wearing it. I’m not sure I want to pay $15 for it, but only having one character who’d be using this account-wide item isn’t really the reason why. I think it’s more that I haven’t wanted it badly enough for long enough.

Although only a few of my characters use the Celestial Steed or the Winged Guardian in their random cast mount macros, I went back and forth with myself about how much I really wanted those mounts for months before I finally decided to purchase them. I’ve bought Blizzard store pets that I eventually stopped remembering to summon and haven’t bothered to level for pet battles yet, either. A couple of those pets I bought as soon as they were offered because a portion of the proceeds were going to a disaster relief fund, but others I thought about for weeks or months before I actually bought them.

Speaking specifically of spending real money for an item that only one character will use, earlier this month, I spent $50 at the bat of an eyelash to transfer my primary banker from Bloodhoof, where all my Tauren live, to Winterhoof and back again when the Druid T11 lookalike shoulders appeared on the Winterhoof AH… but that’s because I’ve passionately coveted those shoulders ever since the beginning of Cataclysm. For me, having longed for that look for my Druid for nearly two and a half years in real time justified spending that much real money. As wonderful a look as the Crown of Endless Winter would be for the Underpowered Death Knight, I don’t want it that much — yet.

As for the other Blizzard Store hats, I suppose I might consider buying the Jewel of the Firelord if my leather or plate wearing characters decided that they needed a Fire Hat for some outfit or other. Kamalia already has the best Fire Hat in the game, ever, and the Circle of Flame just takes a lot of patience and persistence to farm from BRD. I don’t see myself ever wanting to purchase the Hood of Hungering Darkness. I’m not particularly fond of hoods in general, and this one doesn’t appeal to me at all. Even my Warlock doesn’t think she would ever want it.

If these hats were to go on sale for, say, $5 apiece or $15 for all three (perhaps at Christmas time?), I’d probably pick them up. In the meantime, there is a cosmetic hat that I would pay $15 for with only a moment of hesitation at the price:

Sungshin Ironpaw’s spectacles.
Kamalia would wear them.
All of my Mages would wear them.

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Keija’s recent romp through Cataclysm content reminded me of a question I’ve wondered about since that expansion was new: Where did the pygmies come from, really?

Pygmies are found in Uldum and on the Lost Isles. They apparently share an unknown common ancestor with goblins. I don’t have any good screenshots of my own of the pygmies in the Lost Isles, so here’s one that I’ve borrowed from Wowhead:

Then, while Keija was questing through Kun-Lai Summit, I saw these guys at Kota Basecamp:

And I wondered — could grummles be the unknown common ancestor of the pygmies and the goblins?

Grummles were created by a mogu emperor, so their birth, as it were, must have been millennia before the Sundering. After all, on the eve of the Sundering, the legendary Shaohao was the last emperor of the pandaren following centuries of freedom from the mogu, and the period of the pandaren emperors followed thousands of years of slavery under the mogu dynasties that followed Lei Shen.

What if, during the time of the great rebellions against the tyrannical dominion of the mogu, a troupe (or two or few or several) of grummles “got lost” — went missing, AWOL, exploring northward as far as they could go? They could easily have ended up in Uldum and in lands that became the Lost Isles of the South Seas in the Sundering.
Those that made it to Uldum or had islands to themselves might have slowly lost their original culture as they adapted their new homes, becoming pygmies.
Those that were unfortunate enough to end up sharing their islands with trolls might have found themselves enslaved again, forced to mine the strangely powerful mineral kaja’mite — exposure to which magnified their heretofore relatively limited intellects, tainted their skin green, and sharpened their facial features along with their minds… warping them into goblins.

But if pygmies and goblins are descended from grummles, then that means that, ultimately, goblins are descended from troggs!

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Since Katewatha reached level 90, she’s been busily working on her rep with the Tillers, the Shado-Pan, the August Celestials, the Order of the Cloud Serpents, and the Lorewalkers. These have all been going pretty quickly because I did eventually purchase the commendations for the “fun” factions as well as the serious ones.

Kate found an Onyx Egg while doing her very first set of Cloud Serpents dailies — something that Kamalia never managed to do — and that got her to Revered on that very first day.
She spent yesterday afternoon flying around reading lorescrolls, following this guide for mainland Pandaria and then this guide for the Isle of Thunder. I didn’t go visit the Seat of Knowledge until I’d collected all of the stories, and when I dinged Exalted, I still had five scrolls left to find.

Ketura, meanwhile, has been questing through the Jade Forest. She’s done a lot of rambling about in the southern part of the zone, following road signs to explore Alliance questing areas such as the Den of Sorrow and the Dreamer’s Pavillion. The Den of Sorrow uses the same cave design as Huo’s shrine on the Wandering Isle — I’m glad to see that such a lovely, unique location isn’t completely hidden away in that phased content. I wondered, though, how Lorewalker Cho acquired a poster of the Karazhan “Oz” backdrop to hang on the walls of his courtyard.

I was glad that I didn’t have to go all the way to the destruction of the statue to obtain the complete Fox Grove/Jade Witch set for Ketura.

After I initially collected this set with Kamalia (who didn’t keep it), I looked forward to collecting it for Ketura (to save) for a couple of reasons. First, I thought it would be perfect with this gun — the Bronze Blaster is a quest reward from End Time, but its design looks very Pandaren to me. Second, I thought it would mix-and-match well with the Gilneas City Guard set.

And it does — the two sets coordinate so very well that I’m having a terrible time deciding which of the following three combinations is my favorite!

While Kate was out searching for lorescrolls, I noticed how pretty the floor in the main chamber of the Crane Temple is:

and that’s probably why, when I was running LFR yesterday night, I noticed how pretty the floor in the courtyard where the Council of Elders meets is, too:

I haven’t run a meter since Ultraxion, so I don’t really know how effective my healing in LFR is. Perhaps I should start doing it again, though, because I’ve been feeling like I’ve gotten really sloppy.

I realize that I’m really quite late to the party with this observation, but with all the excitement about a new froggie model in Patch 5.2, I’m a bit surprised that none of my other Shaman friends (Effy, Matty, Saz) seem to have posted about how Hex now uses the new froggie instead of the old one.

Or did you, and I just wasn’t paying attention well enough and missed it?

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Although imagining, drawing, and posting the picture in my last entry was indeed an effective way of coping with an anticipated bout of depression, it wasn’t the blues that have kept me from posting again more recently — it’s been the busies. Between the flurry of end-of-the-semester responsibilities and packing my apartment to move back to Nova Scotia at the beginning of June, I’ve been rather worn-out. I can’t just leave that sad picture hanging as my most recent post any longer, though. I drew this picture in 2009 when the first STAR TREK reboot movie came out. I haven’t seen the sequel yet — though I very much would like to!

Female Draenei: “Don’t you think the Federation would just love our technology?”
Male Draenei: “Well, yes… but the uniforms are ridiculous!”

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One of my favorite cousins posted this to Facebook, and I just couldn’t resist sharing it here.

Speaking of Facebook, if I have you on RealID (not battletag) — that is, you know my real name and I know yours — and you’re on Facebook, too, then I’d be happy to have you as an FB-Friend. :D

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jumping games

Last night I was questing in Ighaluk Crag when I saw the Shoulder of the Chamberlain waaaaay up on the tip of a rock. I jumped around the base of that rock pile for several minutes, growing increasingly frustrated with my inability to understand the variables that control Saurok-form jumping. Why did sometimes I jump far and sometimes short? Why could I not get onto that one rock no matter what distance I jumped from, even when it seemed that the apex of my jump was high enough that if I jumped from just the right horizontal distance, I ought to be able to make it? Large muscle coordination has never been something I was good at in real life, either. Eventually I got so fed up that I looked in my quest log to see if the Crumbled Chamberlain quest rewards valor points. Upon finding that it doesn’t, only money and a Shan-ze Ritual Stone, I said forget this! and dumped the Head of the Chamberlain and the two other parts I’d already found right there on the beach.

Having run through the rest of the day’s quest sequence, I got to the Swollen Vault and found this little challenge awaiting me:

Despite an impressive and slightly intimidating number of skeletons on and around the pillars, I didn’t find that jumping game to be particularly difficult — well, this time, at least. Maybe it was beginner’s luck…

It reminded me of a cross between this:

and this:

So if the Swollen Vault’s lightning pillars are giving you trouble, you might want to go practice jumping in Blackfathom Deeps and staying out of the fire with Darwin.

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Yesterday, I became Revered with the Black Prince (I still have to gain 1.5K Valor for his other Test).
Today, I finally completed the Dominance Offensive Campaign.
Tomorrow, I start exploring the Isle of Thunder.

Because this is a very screenshot-heavy post, I’ve put the rest of it behind a cut: (more…)

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As I was admiring Vidyala’s epic portrait of all of Kumineko’s characters assembled as a raid group fighting Ultraxion, I began to wonder — could I make a raid group out of my (Horde) characters?

My Tauren characters on Bloodhoof make a 10s raid group quite neatly. I have two main-spec tanks (Protection Paladin, Protection Warrior), three main-spec healers (Restoration Shaman #1, Mistweaver Monk, Discipline/Holy Priest), two ranged DPS (Balance Druid, Beastmaster/Survival Hunter), and three melee DPS (Frost Death Knight #1, Arms/Fury Warrior, Kitty Druid).

Scaling up to a 25s group, using the LFR composition of two tanks, six healers, and seventeen DPS, doesn’t work quite so well. I only have one other main-spec healer (Restoration Shaman #2), so Protection Paladin and Balance Druid would have to switch to their Holy and Restoration off-specs. Doing this, however, would leave me short a tank. Frost Death Knight #1 has a Blood off-spec, and Kitty Druid has a Bear off-spec, but I don’t intend to actually use those specs in group content. Still, I could switch one of them. I have three more melee DPS: Subtlety/Combat Rogue, Frost Death Knight #2, Retribution Paladin. I have nine more ranged DPS: Shadow Priest, Marksmanship Hunter, Destruction/Affliction Warlock, Arcane Mage #1, Arcane Mage #2, Frost Mage #1, Frost Mage #2, Fire Mage #1, Fire Mage #2. But that would still leave me with two spots to fill. So I’d have to PUG in BTH’s Bear Druid — which solves my tank problem — and BTH’s Windwalker Monk — which makes the melee/ranged distribution a little more even.

… I am so totally going to use raid composition as a “real world” example of a limiting reagent problem in my general chemistry lecture tomorrow:

There are two standard raid sizes in World of Warcraft. A 10s group requires 2 tanks, 3 healers, and 5 damage-dealers. A 25s group requires 2 tanks, 6 healers, and 17 damage-dealers. You log in one night and see that of the people in your guild who have logged on tonight, including yourself, there are 3 tanks, 6 healers, and 13 damage-dealers. You cannot make a 25s group because you don’t have enough total people. But can you make two 10s groups? You’d need 10 damage-dealers, and you have 13, so you have more than enough of those. You’d need 6 healers, and you have 6, so you have exactly enough of those. You’d need 4 tanks, and you only have 3, so no, you cannot make two 10s groups. You can only make one 10s group. The tanks are the “limiting reagent”.

heh heh heh

… or then again, maybe not. Now that I’ve finished writing up my lesson plan for tomorrow’s lecture, I see that I very likely won’t have time for that much of a diversion from real chemistry, and I will probably end up editing that analogy out of my discussion. :(

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I figured I ought to get this posted while the Faire was still going ;)

For Navimie and Akabeko.

4… 3… 2… 1… shift. In unison, the two druids shifted from stealthed cat form to bear form and pushed with all their might. With their heads partially underneath Dubenko, shifting into their more powerful bear avatars was just enough to get them the leverage to try and force Akabeko’s nemesis into a vulnerable and humiliating position…. Time seemed to pass slowly, almost comically, as Dubenko was tipped onto his back and he rocked in the dirt helplessly, his limbs, head and tail pinioning wildly as he bellowed his outrage.

Navimie-kitty and Navimie-bear are kind of hard to see behind Akabeko-kitty and Akabeko-bear, so I’ve made some supplementary images with the layers pulled apart. (more…)

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As I was poking around the Darkmoon Faire looking for the crazy hats previewed on Wowhead, I discovered something wonderful: the Cloak of the Darkmoon Faire and the Darkmoon MalletHammer are now Transmogrification-friendly!

And that meant, naturally, that I had to figure out some Transmogrification template kits to go with them. Because I tried to use as many items as I already had on hand or could quickly find at the AH as possible, these perhaps aren’t the “best” or “optimal” sets for each armor type — and, of course, personal aesthetics vary widely, too! So these are meant more to encourage you to experiment and come up with your own ideas — which I would love to see!

Darkmoon Magician

Elder’s hat vest belt & pants, Silk Mantle of Gamn*, Shimmering gloves & boots, Aurora bracers, Cloak of the Darkmoon Faire, Green Holiday Shirt, Greater Magic Wand, Spellbinder Orb
The Cloak not previously being Transmogrification-friendly had been the only thing stopping Kelilla from transmogrifying her questing gear into a Darkmoon Faire set, so she hurried to the Three Winds as fast as she could go!
Use the Gossamer shoulderpads to retain the white look of the Silk Mantle of Gamn, or use the Elder’s or Hibernal shoulders or the Slavehandler Amice to match the greens and purples.

Darkmoon Acrobat

Headhunter’s shoulders belt & gloves, Darkmoon Vest, Dervish leggings, Cutthroat boots, Cloak of the Darkmoon Faire
This set would look a little more polished with the Headhunter’s boots, but until those show up on my AH, the brown version of the same style will suffice. The Gypsy pants would also be attractive, particularly on elves.

Darkmoon Sharpshooter

Bog Epaulets, Turtle Scale chestpiece & leggings, Netherstalker belt gloves & boots, Cloak of the Darkmoon Faire, Taut Driftwood Bow, Bright Yellow Shirt
The Green Dragonscale chestpiece and leggings would also work nicely in this set.

Darkmoon Brawler

Valorous Pauldrons, Fel Iron Plate breastplate & pants, Chromite belt, Revenant gloves & boots, Cloak of the Darkmoon Faire, Darkmoon Hammer
Mola is wearing the Symbolic gloves & boots, Enchanted Adamantite Belt (why isn’t she wearing the teal Warleader’s belt, I wonder? It’s the same style, and would match better), and cloth Highborne tunic & pants. Kerri Hicks is wearing a custom coloration of the mail Pillager’s set. Neither set is Transmogrification-friendly for any class that can wield 2H Maces, but I think what I’ve come up with fits the spirit of the Faire pretty well.

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