During the second half of December, when we were trying to be prepared for the possibility that baby might come early, I hustled to get all my alts through getting their first Artifact weapon.

Now that baby is definitely late*, I’m hustling to get all my alts through getting the rest of their Artifact weapons.

My Warrior was Fury during Mists and Warlords because of Titan’s Grip, and I was comfortable with the spec. Then, on Mr Rossi’s advice, I chose to go Arms first for Legion. Now that I’ve gotten comfortable with Arms, switching back to Fury was an adjustment and I didn’t feel like I quite managed to get the hang of it during the course of the Fury Artifact questline. I felt very squishy.

It was quite surprising when I ended up in the Helmouth Shallows for the Survival Hunter questline, but it wasn’t surprising at all that I had to go there for the Fury Warrior… where else would you go to steal weapons back from Helya?

The Protection questline took me, as expected, back to Shield’s Rest island, to the only unexplored wing of the tomb complex where the Protection Paladin and Beastmaster Hunter had also gone. The text in the Paladin quest said that a Warrior had already been there; when I got there with my Warrior, the runes on the Paladin door were active and glowing. When I got there with my Hunter, the runes on the Paladin door weren’t active. From this, I surmise that the canonical order of the plundering of the Tomb of the Old Kings was Warrior, Paladin, Hunter.

I’ve only played Prot with a Warrior at low levels before, so there was a bit of a learning curve to it, especially figuring out what my active mitigation abilities were and how to use them appropriately. Nonetheless, it was rather fun, and it felt different from the Prot Paladin fight in ways that felt appropriate for being a Warrior. I still think I’ll run Halls of Valor to get the Aegis of Aggramar as Arms DPS, though 😛

Now that Warrior is done, I just have Paladin left. I get the day off tomorrow, so I’ll be burning through those last two** Artifact questlines tomorrow morning***.

* Even if the due date we were originally given had been a week off, he’s half a week overdue by now… the pins-and-needles are intense, and I’ve been bobbing in and out of being a nervous wreck all week.

** Getting the other two Paladin weapons will formally complete the set of serious Class-based Artifacts; I will still need to get the silly Underlight Angler for Kam and a duplicate Artifact (Aluneth) for my Alliance Mage.

*** We’re hoping and praying that our birth-mother will take our facilitator’s advice and go to the doctor to get induced tomorrow, and that we’ll be on our way to pick up baby by tomorrow evening.

After everyone had collected the Falling Star, it was my Priest’s turn to go get her other Artifacts.

The Holy quest took me once again to Niskara, though it started at the other end of the zone than the Marks Hunter and Blood Death Knight quests did. I haven’t been able to figure out what order these three questlines might have canonically occurred in, because even though they all went to or through the same central area of the zone, I didn’t notice in any of the questlines any obvious evidence of the events of the other two.

After failing the first boss fight of the scenario due to trying to do it without the aid of my addons, I set up Clique for my Holy spec and then it was smooth sailing. I had been worried that I would get errors due to having a Disc spell and a Holy spell on the same clickbind; fortunately, that didn’t seem to be happening.

The most surprising thing to me about the Holy questline was having the Demon Hunter Jace show up (to be the melee DPS for the party; we also rescued a Troll Mage to be the ranged DPS). It did make for some interesting banter between the party members, though!

After Alonsus Faol initially presented to Kaohana the three Artifact weapon choices, she made an agreement with Kazithra that the older woman would be the one to collect the Shadow Artifact.

Grimtotem Shadowtwister

Mantle of the Tribunal, Highborne Padded Armor, Ranger’s Sash, Colorful Kilt, Vonica’s Gauntlets, Staff of the Four Golden Coins/Tarnished Gutgore Ripper + Aboriginal Rod
This outfit for the ex-Grimtotem Shadow Priest Kazithra is inspired by that of the Grimtotem Geomancers, who are wearing the same chestpiece with the leather Mystic Sarong.
The Aboriginal Rod is one of a small selection of off-hand items that look like staves, thus allowing a caster to emulate Gandalf’s sword/dagger + staff combat mode.

The Shadow Priest quest went to Tyr’s Fall, the same place where the Arms Warrior quest went. My best guess is that canonically the Warrior was there first. When the Warrior goes there, the big boss appears to be dead, then wakes up when the Warrior tries to take Strom’kar and has to be beaten down, and is then executed with Strom’kar. And then the body just lies there, and doesn’t despawn or anything. When the Priest goes there, the big boss is not just already dead, it doesn’t even make a peep when the Priest stabs it with Xal’atah to drain its essence — it just dissolves into void and disappears.

I still don’t think that “Tauren” and “Shadow Priest” go together very well.

With only three characters remaining, I decided to push them all through the Falling Star questline — get that mini-progression goal wrapped up — before having them continue on to level 102 and acquiring the rest of their Artifact weapons.

As I’ve taken more and more characters through the Battle of the Exodar, I’ve begun to imagine that what really happened was something like this: Continue Reading »

Meanwhile, Kamalia got the Achievement for getting the 34th Artifact trait in Sharas’dal on January 2. She completed her Artifact Research and got the corresponding Achievement a day or two later. By concentrating on World Quests that awarded Artifact Power oojimies and completing Emissary caches, she’d gotten the 35th trait in Sharas’dal by January 6th. If I hadn’t put 15 traits each into the Fist of Ra-den and the Doomhammer, I’d have been able to finish Sharas’dal a little bit sooner, but eh, whatever.

With my “main spec” Artifact completed, it was time to figure out how to play Elemental in this expansion. I’m sure I’m not playing the spec “optimally”, as there are cooldowns I know I’m forgetting to use, but as long as all I’m doing with it is World Quests, that doesn’t really matter. With Artifact Research completed, a Champion Mission that brought back an Artifact Power item plus the bonus item zoomed the Fist of Ra-den from 15 to 21 in moments. By now, I’m up to 30 traits in the Fist of Ra-den and feeling like completing that Artifact is an achievable goal, even with the upcoming (hopefully very very soon!) much anticipated dramatic decrease in my time and energy for playing this game.

My play habit of late has been that if I don’t have very much time or energy for the game, I log on with Kamalia, set my world map to just show Artifact Power World Quests, and run around doing as many or as few of those quests as I feel like. After I’ve finished vacuuming up all the available Artifact Power quests (that I feel like doing), then I take another look at what Emissaries are up. If I feel like doing a few more quests to get the big Artifact Power boost from completing an Emissary Cache, I turn back on all the other types of World Quests and choose the ones that are the easiest or most fun.

If I have more time or energy for the game, then I’ll play with the next alt on the list for Artifact acquisition. I only have three left to go — Priest, Warrior, and Paladin — but they are all at less than 30% from 101 to 102, so getting the rest of their Artifacts will probably require at least two play sessions apiece — one for the leveling and one for the Artifact-getting.

Baby still isn’t here yet — babies sometimes come late, and due dates are approximate and sometimes miscalculated — so it was the Druid’s turn to collect Light’s Heart, level up to 102 (by doing the first third of Val’sharah, in her case), and get the rest of her Artifact weapons.

I bumbled my way through the Guardian questline as a Bear. I took Resto Affinity in my Bear talents, but the added heals that gave me also popped me out of Bear form, and I didn’t have my caster form action bar set up very effectively. Still, I only died once, in the penultimate fight of the scenario.

I was in Bear form when I picked up the Artifact, so instead of seeing the heroic pose, I just saw my Bear form change from the regular version to the Artifact version.

I’ve done some Kitty-ing before, so I was a bit more comfortable doing the Feral questline as a Cat than I had been doing the Guardian questline as a Bear. I also took Resto Affinity in my Feral talents, but when I encountered the same issue of some of the added heals popping me out of Cat form, I was better able to re-organize my action bars on the fly. Kitty is fun! I have Feral Affinity in my Boomkin spec (the better to sneak around, my dears!), though, so I think I’ll wait until I can get the adorable owlkitty Hidden appearance for the Fangs of Ashamane before I do much more actual Feral Kitty-ing in Legion.

I was kind of surprised at where the final stage of this Artifact questline took me — it was not at all what I would have expected — but a nice taste/forshadowing of future perils! Again, I chose to pick up the Artifact while I was in Cat form, so I just saw the Cat form change from the regular version to the Artifact version.

Finally, I did the Restoration questline, taking Balance Affinity in my Resto talents. I failed the first stage of the questline the first time I tried it, but then I figured out that I really just needed to continually keep a HOT running on myself, apply all my HOTs before shifting into Boomkin to beat stuff up, and then shift back out of Boomkin and hit Wild Growth as soon as I was done beating stuff up to keep the Nightmare at bay.
In the final scenario, I didn’t do very well at keeping my party of fellow Druids — Guardian Hamuul, Feral Zen’tabra, and Balance Celestine, plus the former keeper of G’Hanir — completely topped off all the time, but I didn’t let anyone die, either.

I didn’t get a very good screenshot of picking up G’Hanir because the camera angle swung around crazily to be under the surface of the water — but I was feeling too lazy to do the whole scenario over again just to get a better screenshot of the triumphal moment.

I wondered if what had happened at Nordrassil during the G’Hanir questline — a gut punch almost as sickening as the destruction of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms — would be visible to everyone else in the world, the way the Peak of Serenity is changed for characters at or above level 101 due to the events of the Monk Order Hall establishment. So I took Kamalia to Nordrassil; it looked pretty much the same as always. Then I took Kerisa back to Nordrassil via the portal in Orgrimmar. It looked like it did in Cataclysm. Next, I tried going into the Dreamway and coming into Nordrassil through the Dreamway portal. For a moment, I was standing on the shore of the lake… and then I got pushed back out into the Dreamway. That gateway seems to be closed… for now. Perhaps a later chapter of the Druid Order Hall Campaign will reopen it and restore the place? In the meantime, nobody but the Resto Druids knows what happened there.

Because I tend to spend Sunday afternoon and evening doing Transmogrification photo shoots, picture processing, and posting to character outfit pages, I might as well make a Transmogrification post the same day. Some of these outfits might get re-posted at a later date as part of a themed Transmogrification collection.


Crown of Chelonian Freedom, Chilled Shoulderplates, Dojani Chestpiece, Gutbuster of Aldur’thar, Thunderforge Leggings, Sandspire Gloves*, Talonguard Greaves, Purifier’s Silken Cape, Crystal Sword
Winter Veil being over, I turned to the third readily available color of these blades for inspiration for a new kit (there are two more colors of this blade — bright blue and brown — but I haven’t got them in my collection yet). Perhaps if I’d been making a Crystal Sword kit with my Paladin or my Warrior I might have ended up with something brighter and more silvery; with the Underpowered Death Knight, I got this — which reminded me of Northrend’s frost vrykul and silver val’kyr.

Under the High Mountain

Legion Dungeon Mail (blue version) with Kodo Mallet and Extinct Turtle Shell
I finally collected all of the pieces of this drogbar-styled Legion dungeon set. It wanted some primitive-looking weapons to go with it.
The design of the chestpiece is reminiscent of the Jade Witch and Troggbane chestpieces, with elements of the Shaman T13 chestpiece.

Volatile Power

Mantle of the Malefic, Robe of Volatile Power, Fire-Cord of the Magus, Silkwood Handguards, Replica Dreadmist Sandals, Spire of Scarlet Pain
This robe was famously seen on Katrana Prestor in classic WoW.
I love the leaf pattern on the skirt.

Burning Radiance

Katoom’s Mask, Robes of the Battleguard, Gossamer Gloves + Nightvale Wristwraps, Cloudscorcher Leggings, Kurkenstoks, Blade of the Burning Sun, Inscribed Red Fan
Every time I look through my 1H Swords trying to pick out a blade for a kit for one of my melee characters, I look at this sword and think, “I should make a Kismet kit with this sword for my Mage.” So I did.
Previously, I have used a shirt and pants under this style of robe because I’m uncomfortable with showing quite this much skin. This outfit wanted to be more daring… so it might not last very long.

Fel Spine

Demon-Rend Shoulderblades, Blessed Elunite Coverings, Illidari Belt, Jadefire Pants, Fuzzy Gloves + Jessera’s Fungus Lined Bands, Studded Green Anklewraps, Lava Spine
How a Burning Legion blade came to be in the gut of a lava worm in Blackwing Descent, I suppose we will never know.

Sin’dorei Duelist

Terokk’s Mask, Silvermoon Tunic, Pilgrim’s Belt, Ghostclaw Leggings, Bonechewer gloves & boots, Dazzling Mithril Rapier
A very classic look for a Blood Elf Rogue.

Blue Crane

Red Crane (LFR) Helm Mantle Vest & Legwraps with Snow Lily Belt, Heth’jatari Battlegloves, and Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes
I was getting tired of what Kate had been wearing — the Mistdancer set from the Garrison Salvage Yard, which she’d donned to go collect her first Artifact weapon — but didn’t have any inspiration for a new kit. That’s usually when I pull out a “recipe set” — in this case, the T14 LFR set that I’d collected, but not yet used. To complete the look, I had to go collect a Pillar of Creation to unlock the blue tint for Fu Zan — I chose the Tears of Elune because that one doesn’t require running a dungeon to get.

If any of you, my dear readers, have kits that you’d like to share, I’d be happy to add you to the show! Just email me your picture(s), along with a list of the items in the outfit. I don’t regularly check my blog email, though, so if you’ve sent me an outfit, please make a comment on the most recent Sunday Mog Show post so that I know to check my blog email for your contribution.

Baby hasn’t come yet, so I figured I might as well run another alt through the acquisition of Light’s Heart and the remaining Artifacts for her class. The Warlock was next up on the list.

I haven’t observed NPC reactions to Light’s Heart in any of the other Order Halls, but this one seemed entirely necessary and appropriate! It gave me a chuckle.

When Kalaneia reached level 102, Calydus suggested that she retrieve the other two Arifacts that he had found information about — the ones that she had rejected originally as being unsuitable for her favored school of magic. She still wasn’t interested in using those Artifacts herself, but she conceded that it would be the responsible thing to do to get them out of the hands of their current owners and into the custody of the Council of the Black Harvest. She decided that obtaining the other two Artifacts would be a good test for Kishalla.

The girl had shown up shortly after the conquest of Dreadscar Rift, claiming to be an apprentice of Shinfel Blightsworn and demanding that the hunt for her mistress must be pursued without delay.

“You will serve me now,” Kalaneia had told Kishalla, though she didn’t really want or feel like she needed an apprentice, “and you will bide your time until Rittsyn’s minions have managed to become competent enough to find us a lead on Shinfel.”

The Netherlord’s Tag-Along

Faded Spirit-Wrencher Shoulders, Ariya’s Auspicious Robe, Gem-Inlaid Velvet Cinch, Amaranthine Handwraps, any dark slippers, Chillwind Staff
I didn’t have anything specific in mind for the outfit of Kalaneia’s alter-ego, but I did have a specific appearance that I wanted — the smaller hoop earrings instead of the larger ones and the burgundy hair color in the “shy” cut. I didn’t originally intend to change the face, but I flipped through the options anyway and discovered that whereas I’d thought I already had the darkest lip color for Kalaneia, there was actually a face with a darker shade of red. So I picked that one.
Then I made an outfit to complement the appearance I’d chosen.

As I had guessed would happen when I did the Unholy Death Knight Artifact, the Affliction Warlock had the same conversation with Revil Kost. This time, I chose the trying-to-be-reasonable dialog options, and the final reply that Kost gave me was appropriately different than the final reply my Death Knight had gotten after choosing the sarcastic dialog options.

During this week, I also played through Val’sharah again, and I realized that the Karazhan Catacombs and the Black Rook Hold dungeons (where we rescue Maiev and a Demon Hunter) are the same map. The Black Rook Hold dungeons aren’t full of all the random cool knick-knacks that the Kharazhan Catacombs contain, though!

The Demonology questline started with a fun little scavenger hunt in Dalaran. I tried to guess where each of the items would be before I looked for the dot on my minimap, and I was right about all of them.

I rather expected Archmage Celindra to try to interfere with the ritual to locate Thal’kiel, so I was a little disappointed when she didn’t even seem to notice it happening.

I did both of these questlines in Destro spec.

Now I’ve completed “Arsenal of Power” for 8 classes, with Warrior, Druid, Priest, and Paladin remaining.