Not a lot of either leveling or Order Hall Campaign progression happened this week because it was World Quest bonus week. Doing 20 WQs with all my level 110s — especially the three newest ones, who are all starving for Order Resources — took priority over anything else.

Well, I did do some of that WQing while sitting in LFR queues. Although I forgot to go get bonus roll tokens with my Druid before she went to LFR, she did get the lookalike of the Monk tier chestpiece from Emerald Nighthold. I remembered that I had some high ilevel plate items that I’d purchased off the AH sitting in my guild bank. With those, plus chasing WQs with equipment rewards, my Paladin was able to get her ilevel up enough to queue for Trial of Valor. So I’ve run Trial of Valor four times this week (once with each armor class), which is quite enough!
My “things to do in LFR” list just keeps getting longer. Gnomecore’s Aurinko reminded me that the LFR coloration of the Emerald Nighthold Priest set is quite nice, and checking the availability showed that the lookalikes of the shoulders and chestpiece are possible loot drops for a Mage from the Tormented Guardians wing. So Kaelinda did that, albeit with no luck. And I remembered that a while back, I designed a “pink” outfit for Navimie that used the lookalike of the Emerald Nighthold Rogue LFR shoulders. Both my Druid and my Demon Hunter went and tried for those, unsuccessfully.

I did get some leveling done — my Warrior insisted. She didn’t want to look like a poncy blood elf while doing it, however, so she went back to her Ymirjar Battlelord outfit (#53). She managed to complete the Thorignir chapter of Stormheim. That wasn’t enough to tick her over to the next level, but any progress is progress.
My Death Knight, who was almost but not quite level 106 after the Darkmoon Faire at the beginning of this month, and was the only one of the Twelve Classes remaining at level 105, wanted to get to 106. With only 7% of the level left to go and not feeling like doing any serious zone questing, I pursued the Alchemy questchain instead. “You have to work with Deucus Valdera?” Kivrinne said. “Oh, Kregga, I’m sorry.”


Keija’s arm hurt.

Keija had thought that she knew what to expect from her previous experience with the miscellaneous splinters and shrapnel of mining, smithing, and battle. Blind Nal’ryssa’s touch had been surprisingly deft and gentle as she probed Keija’s arm, finding just the right place to drive small, jagged shards of felslate into the muscle or under the skin without damaging major blood vessels, nerves, or tendons & ligaments. One went in at her shoulder, another at her elbow, and a third and final piece at her wrist.

It hadn’t hurt any more than an ordinary splinter wound, at first. By nightfall, though, the wounds had become inflamed, infected, and such agony that Keija barely slept that night — or the next. It might have been tempting to not use the arm, to minimize the pain, but Keija knew better. To do so would only risk losing mobility and strength. So she kept mining, kept hammering leystone with the special technique the Ironhorn had taught her, kept swinging the Warswords of the Valarjar against the foes of the Valarjar, the Valkyra, and the Highmountain tribes.

Keija suspected that it was the fel in the stone that made these wounds so exquisitely painful. She wasn’t entirely sure that the felsmith had been merely jesting when she’d said that Keija might experience “stray urges to burn worlds and sow chaos” for the next week or two, but she hadn’t felt any such impulses… not yet, at least. The intense pain was, however, making it almost as difficult to control her rage as it had been when she was fighting against succumbing to the influence of the Shas of Anger, Violence, and Hatred in Pandaria.

She’d never quite understood the Orcs’ custom of piercing their arms with teeth, claws, or metal as a display of toughness, but this was different. The felsmith had said that taking felslate into her body was necessary to improve at mining and smithing it. It did seem to Keija that since she had done it, she had been better able to spot nodes and seams of felslate, and that it had been easier to discern the grain of the stone and just how to place her pick to break it free from the surrounding rock and to split it into nicely workable pieces — moreso than what she’d learned under Mama Diggs’ tutelage.

She would endure the pain for as long as it lasted… but it would be nice if it would subside sooner, rather than later.


This little story was inspired by this Legion Mining quest. My Paladin completely noped out of it — didn’t even accept the quest. My Hunter did it, but only as a game mechanics thing, not as an actual event in her life.

Scarlet Flames

The Scarlet Crusade may be fanatical zealot jerks, but their tabard sure is fun to Mog with.

Blazing Leaves

Bloodscale Helm, Darksoul Shoulders, Overlord’s Chestplate & Legplates, Thorium Belt, Bloodforged gloves & boots, Firebreather, Bloodforged Shield, Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade

Scarlet Bane

The Horseman’s Helm, Acherus Knight’s Pauldrons, Bloodforged chest pants gloves & boots, Bogslayer Belt, Warmonger’s Cloak, Warmonger, Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade*, Sawbones Shirt*

Zealous Houndkeeper

Helm of Affinity, Ravager’s Mantle, Inferno Forged Hauberk, Scarlet Belt & Gauntlets, Oronok’s Old Leggings, Bloodmail Boots*, Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade, Ashjre’thul, Crossbow of Smiting

Crimson Pugilist

Adventurer’s Bandana, Tribal Vest, Feral Cord, Wolf Rider’s Leggings, Bard’s Gloves & Boots, Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade, The Horseman’s Sinister Slicer
Although my Rogue is limited to using daggers or swords, a Monk ought to use an utterly simple fist weapon such as these classic brass knuckles with this kit.

Scarlets’ Salvation

Whitemane’s Chapeau, Mantle of False Virtue, Robe of Power, Girdle of Prophecy, Wild Gladiator’s Gloves of Prowess, Phoenix-Wing Cloak, Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade

Scarlet Powah!

Nightvale Cowl, Mantle of Three Terrors, Robe of Power, Primal Combatant’s Cord of Prowess, Exiled Dabbler’s Gloves, Infernoweave Boots, Staff of the Forest Lord
I didn’t use the tabard with this outfit, but I very easily could have.

My Druid got the cloak that matches her Tier set on her first run through Emerald Nightmare. The wing she’ll need to farm is Tormented Guardians because Cenarius drops the robe and the belt. She’ll need to farm Tichondrius in Nighthold, too, because he drops the shoulders (and there isn’t a lookalike for that piece).

My level 108 Paladin had been sitting on an Order Hall Campaign quest to run Legion Violet Hold since level 104 (before she could even queue for that dungeon). I originally leveled her as a Tank, but I hadn’t tanked for a group with her since she hit level 90 back in Mists — she LFRed as a Healer. But I hadn’t put as much AP into her Holy Artifact as into her Prot Artifact, so I steeled my nerves and queued as a Tank. I figured that Violet Hold wouldn’t be too bad to noob tank because the trash is waves on a timer and there’s no special path through the landscape that needs to be learned. I warned the group when I zoned in that I hadn’t tanked for a long time, and it went okay — the Demon Hunter DPS kept stealing aggro from me, but I think that it wasn’t deliberate, it was just that I was screwing up my threat generation. After turning in the Order Hall quest and its follow-up, I got her to level 110 by doing a little bit in Highmountain and completing the main storyline in Stormheim.

Six classes leveled to 110, six left to go. At this point, I am thinking that I will push through the leveling, then work on the Order Hall Campaigns.

When the Trial of Valor sets first showed up on the PTR way back when, I looked at them and thought that the cloth set was quite nice, the plate set was okay, and the other two were kind of meh. It occurred to me now, however, that I really ought to get the leather set, too, because shoes that show on Tauren hooves.

So my Druid ran Trial of Valor and got started on collecting the whatsits to get the Normal-mode version of the set from the quest. Then it occurred to me that I might as well pick up the mail and plate sets, too, even if it’s just for the sake of being able to use isolated items for mix-and-match later on. So Kamalia went to Trial of Valor, too, and my Paladin will start doing Trial of Valor as soon as I can get her geared up enough. I should have enough time to complete those quests before BfA launches by LFRing, but if I don’t, it’s no big deal because the quest whatsits also drop from Helarjar Landing WQs.

(Oh, hey, I just noticed that the Paladin boots from Tomb of Sargeras and Antorus also have pieces that show up fitted over Tauren hooves! Are there any others…?

While several sets of boots from this expansion have 3D pieces over the knees, the Shaman boots from Tomb of Sargeras were the only others that I found that had over-hoof pieces.)

During the past few weeks, I’ve also been making good progress on my RL summer to-do list. I’ve finished overhauling the homework assignments for the first semester of organic chemistry and have started working on re-doing the homework assignments for the second semester of organic chemistry. I’d been neglecting the front flower garden and the rosebed during the last few hectic weeks of the semester and they were full of huge weeds; I finally managed to get the weeds pulled, too.

Because it is, coincidentally, Mother’s Day, I’ll put this outfit first. Kerisa happened to be wearing this outfit when she did Highmountain. I liked how it looked with the baby basket, and she is the only one of my Tauren characters who has marriage and a child already established in her RP story.

Shu’halo Furs

Bristlebark/Lupine set with Chieftain’s Headdress, Sentinel Girdle, Cape of Thunder Bluff, Thunder Bluff Tabard, and Agamaggan’s Quill
Because of the Lionfur Armor — a brighter, more golden version of the chestpiece of this set which is a rare drop from a Mulgore rare spawn (and is therefore hideously expensive on the AH) — I think of this style of leather armor as being characteristically Tauren.

Sunwalker Defender

Glorious Headdress, Runic Plate Shoulders, Plate of the Shaman King, Thorium Belt, Imperial Plate Leggings, Warbringer’s Gauntlets & Sabatons, Cerulean Filigreed Doublet, Insignia Cloak, Battlehammer of the Sunwalker, Saltstone Shield
Several years ago, I designed a set of outfits representing the three Paladin specs specifically for Tauren Paladins. It’s about time that I actually wear them. This kit, as you might guess, is for Protection Sunwalkers.
This chestpiece is the only Transmogrifiable item out of the set worn by Aponi Brightmane and Sunwalker Saern.

Magatha’s “Apprentice”

Rancorbite Spaulders, Wild Combatant’s Ringmail Armor & Gauntlets, Warmongering Gladiator’s Waistguard of Victory, Vindictive Gladiator’s Ringmail Kilt, Spell Axe of the Speaker
“Do exactly as I say, child.”

Broken Peaks Stormshaper

Seaspray Mantle & Grips, Chestguard of the Stormspire, Vintage Duskwatch Cinch (N), Nobundo’s Earthshaper Kilt, Nifflevar Bearded Axe, Lifeforce Hammer
I was inspired to create this outfit by seeing a Tauren Hunter at Trueshot Lodge who was wearing this chestpiece & kilt combo (with different accessory pieces). This kilt is a reward from the Nobundo side-quest during the Battle for the Exodar scenario. When I did that scenario with Kam, I’d been partied with BTH and we’d thought that the quest was bugged because waves of imps (the first stage of the quest) just kept coming and the quest didn’t seem to be advancing. So we abandoned it. I did the Nobundo side-quest with Kaelinda when she did the Battle for the Exodar scenario, then skipped it with all my other alts. Fortunately, I hadn’t done the Battle for the Exodar scenario yet with mini-Kam, so I took her through it to acquire the kilt.
This axe, which is a Vrykul Archaeology rare item from Wrath, and this mace, which is a Blacksmithing crafted item from Cataclysm, share such similar design elements that I think they must have been created by the same artist at the same time — and therefore they ought to be used together by a character who can double-wield 1H weapons.

Hodir’s Breath

Circle’s Stalwart Helmet, Bloodcraver Pauldrons, Breastplate of Avenging Flame (N), Royal Qiraji Belt, Legguards of the Emerald Brood (N), Gauntlets of Purification, Boots of the Fallen Hero, Razorscale Talon
It was time to go back to being frosty. I picked out a weapon that I didn’t think I’d used for a Frost kit yet and went from there.

Crimson Pugilist

Adventurer’s Bandana, Tribal Vest, Feral Cord, Wolf Rider’s Leggings, Bard’s Gloves & Boots, Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade, The Horseman’s Sinister Slicer
Although my Rogue is limited to using daggers or swords, a Monk ought to use an utterly simple fist weapon such as these classic brass knuckles with this kit.

Everburning Knowledge

Regalia of Everburning Knowledge (LFR, lookalike) with Exiled Dabbler’s Gloves, Arcanist Boots, Revenger, Scepter of Passionate Reprisal
Like the Throne of Thunder Warrior set, the Emerald Nightmare/Nighthold Mage set is another case where I think that the LFR coloration is the most attractive.


Leywalker set with Frostscythe of Lord Ahune
This coloration of the Legion leveling cloth set is obtained in Azsuna.
With another character, I might have chosen another weapon — but for my Warlock, this scythe was the most best choice.

Gladiatorial Pretensions

Fearless Gladiator’s Felskin Helm & Gloves, Cruel Gladiator’s Felskin Spaulders & Tunic, Sinister Ashfall Cord, Felshroud Boots, Acolyte’s Shirt
I bought these two PvP sets with Marks of Honor gained by using the insta-WQ Order Hall perk, of course.
This top goes beyond skimpy and absurd into ludicrous. Those two flaps of leather wouldn’t be effective at protecting — or concealing — anything, especially during the acrobatic dance of heated combat… Fortunately, the Acolyte’s Shirt, sold by Thomas Yance in Old Hillsbrad, is both sleeveless (to still show the upper arm tattoos) and the right color to blend in nicely with the rest of this outfit.
Although I really like the design of this hat, it clips rather badly with the long braid over the shoulder hairstyle. Because the high tail is high enough to clear the scarf in the back, Kiralaira will wear her hair that way until she changes her clothes again.


This series of posts began because I set myself a goal to document new Transmogrification outfits in a more timely fashion. As soon as I create a new outfit, I write it up in a draft post. As the weekend approaches, I start working on taking fashion screenshots, processing them, and updating “Things my [Class] Wears” posts. On Sunday — though not every Sunday — I publish the collection of my recent efforts. Then I begin the next “Sunday on the Promenade” draft post.

Occasionally, I have ideas for themed Transmogrification collections that take several months to completely assemble. Thus, some of these outfits might get re-posted at a later date as part of such a themed Transmogrification collection.

If any of you, my dear readers, have kits that you’d like to share, I’d be happy to add you to the show! Just email me your picture(s), along with a list of the items in the outfit. I don’t regularly check my blog email, though, so if you’ve sent me an outfit, please make a comment on the most recent Sunday Mog Show post so that I know to check my blog email for your contribution.

This week, I mostly focused on getting my Druid up to level 110. Finishing up Highmountain (except Nesingwary) only got her to mid-108, so she did the Trial of Might and Trial of Valor chapters of Stormheim, ran all of the leveling dungeons once (which she had to do anyway for Chapter 3 of her Order Hall Campaign), and dinged 110 turning in Tyrande’s quest to rescue Malfurion from Darkheart Thicket. She finished Chapter 3 of her Order Hall Campaign, mostly because having completed the dungeon quests put the Emerald Dreamway in a phased state that she had to complete the chapter to clear. Kamalia crafted the Dreadleather set for her, and now she’s ready to start LFRing Emerald Nighthold.

My Paladin will probably be next; she’s reached 108 from spending the last two or three months doing the fishing dailies in Old Dalaran trying to get the Jeweled Fishing Pole.

For reference, my remaining alts (Rouge, Priest, Warrior, Warlock. Monk, Death Knight) are all high 105-low 106 from having completed the first two chapters of Stormheim, the main Tear of Elune storyline in Val’sharah, the level 103 stage of their Order Hall Campaign (Chapter 2), and many months of profession quests at the Darkmoon Faire. These many moons of profession quests have also put them all at 780 or 785 for their primary professions, too.

Although Lord of Icecrown kindly tipped me off that my Hunter wouldn’t need to go into Suramar City itself for her Hunter Campaign quest in Suramar, I didn’t get around to doing it until last night. The next quest was to go talk to a Warlock in Azsuna whom I seem to remember having done something with for Chapter 2 of one of my other Order Hall Campaigns (but I forget which one). I decided to save that for later and go do World Quests for Order Resources, which she badly needs, instead.

Kaylynda continued doing the Ashlei Pet Battle daily even after Sign of the Critter week was over because it’s still really good XP for her — as long as she’s leveling a pet, she gets 12K XP from the battle itself in addition to the 16K XP from the quest, and 28K easy XP a day is nothing to sneeze at. Although she’s parked in Shadowmoon Valley-Draenor, I’ve been using the Legion companion app to run character XP Order Hall missions for her. Thus, she is now level 108. Only two more levels to go, and then I can recruit the Void Elves!

Last night, Wowhead posted an exciting news tidbit from the BfA beta. Aquatic Form and Flight Form have been separated out from Travel Form. Travel Form remains an activated ability that will switch between land, air, and water forms based on environment; the other two are passives. What this means, though, is that now Aquatic Form, Flight Form, and Travel Form can be individually glyphed! Currently, it is only possible to have one aspect of Travel Form glyphed. I’m currently using the Orca for my Aquatic Form, but once BfA launches, I’ll also be able to use Cheetah for my land Travel Form!