Yesterday, Wowhead reported a hotfix that gives increased Anima income for having activated all four of the Sanctum Features, then another increase when they’re all upgraded to stage 2, and final increase when they’re all upgraded to stage 3. The first level, at least, seemed worth spending a couple thousand Anima on before I purchase any more Anima cosmetics, so Kaelinda and Kaurinka have both invested in the first stages of the Command Table and the Ember Court/Queen’s Conservatory. Having done so, I will henceforth continue to ignore the Command Table completely, and the Ember Court/Queen’s Conservatory until I’m ready to sink the time into them that they apparently demand.

This also changes my plans for my remaining three characters. I’d been planning to activate stage 1 of the Anima Conductor, then to activate and fully upgrade the Travel Network, then to upgrade the Anima Conductor to stage 2. Now, I’ll be spending their first 4000 Anima on activating all four of the Sanctum Features. After that, I’ll probably continue with the original plan.

Kaelinda and Kaurinka both already had fully upgraded Travel Networks and stage 2 Anima Conductors. The investment of 2000 Anima (4000 Anima for my remaining characters) to get the first achievement definitely felt worth it. The investment of 10000 Anima (20000 Anima for my remaining characters) to get the Command Table and Special Feature to stage 2 doesn’t seem like it will really be worth it, considering the small increment of the Anima income, but I’ll probably do it anyway. The investment of 30000 Anima (40000 Anima for my remaining characters) to get the Anima Conductor, Command Table, and Special Feature all to stage 3 definitely will not be worth the additional small increment to Anima income, particularly since I have no interest in the Command Table at all, no interest in the actual benefits of the third stage of the Anima Conductor, and my interest in the Special Feature varies by Covenant (yes for Ember Court and Queen’s Conservatory, maybe for Path of Ascension, nope for Stitchyard).

In other Shadowlands progression…

I got another couple of chapters of Ardenweald done with Kaelyla and she is now about 30% through level 58. She’s getting really bored of her current outfit, but she needs to keep wearing it until she’s all the way through the Ardenweald main storyline because Ardenweald has multiple nifty on-quest visual effects that this outfit was specifically created to coordinate with. I already have an outfit idea in mind for proceeding into the first chapter of Revendreth…

I decided to stop trying to push Bastion and Maldraxxus rep with both Kaelinda and Kaurinka and just focus it down with Kaelinda. I’m almost done with Bastion and am about halfway through Revered with Maldraxxus.

It’s the Sunday of Noblegarden week, so of course I’ve got a couple of kits that can only be made during the holiday to share — but I’m more excited about the non-Noblegarden outfits in this week’s installment of the Sunday Mog Show!


Eye of Flame, Soulbreaker’s Crimson Mantle, Soulbreaker’s Crimson Sash, Pantaloons of Growing Strife, Duskhaven Boots, Ebon Filigreed Doublet, Court of Harvesters Tabard, Gleaming Crypt Keeper’s Mantle, Staff of the Sunchaser
Because I’ve decided to postpone restoring the Ember Court until after I’ve finished the other three 9.0 Covenant Campaigns, Kaelinda has begun using her Anima to acquire Renown cosmetic items. The shoulders, belt, and this backpiece were my first purchases, specifically for making this outfit.
Whenever I make an outfit with a tabard, I consider whether I like the bottom part of the tabard enough to use tunic & pants instead of a robe. This is one where I did. There are plenty of Venthyr ladies who wear pantsuits and look stunning in them. I’ll probably make a “Countess II” outfit when I get the red-black-gold coloration of the robe version of the Patch 9.1 Covenant set, though.
This is also the 100th outfit for “Things My Blood Elf Mage Wears”, which makes it doubly special!

Mage Flames

Fire: Firehawk Hood (N), Mantle of Closed Doors (N), Black Velvet Robes, Belt of the Hero, Sorcerer Slippers, Felo’melorn (default, tint 1)

Frost: Frostwind Cowl, Frostwind Mantle, Black Velvet Robes, Sorcerer Sash, Sorcerer Slippers, Felo’melorn (default, tint 4)

Arcane: Firehawk Hood (H), Mantle of Closed Doors (H), Black Velvet Robes, Nesingwary’s Sash, Sorcerer Slippers, Felo’melorn (default, tint 2)
This is an idea that’s been percolating more or less ever since Battle for Azeroth‘s Island Expeditions introduced a blue coloration of the Firelands Mage Tier set — now there was a coloration for each Mage specialization! I couldn’t make it a reality, though, until Shadowlands expanded Transmogrification to allow Artifact appearances to be used cross-spec.


Crown of Infinite Prosperity, Robes of the Triumvirate, Cloudscorcher Leggings, Staff of Twin Worlds
Kayliddia thought it was about time that she got to wear one of the Slinky Leia Robes.

Spring’s Envoy

Crown of Boundless Courage, Sprite Darter’s Flutterers, Elegant Dress, Staff of the Verdant Circle
Kaurinka has reached Renown 40 and earned the Winter’s Envoy title, but she’d rather be Spring’s Envoy.
She is still wearing her warpaint; she’s just changed the color scheme to white & yellow because that looked better with the dress.
If I had the Spirit Tender’s Bulb, I’d use it with this ensemble —

— but it’s a drop from the Queen’s Conservatory, which I haven’t even started yet.

Queen of Spring II

Crown of Boundless Courage, Sprite Darter’s Flutterers, Elegant Dress, Volatile Walkers, Roffle’s Flowing Raiment, Auchenai Staff
An variation on an outfit I made for Kalaneia at Noblegarden a year or two ago (see Warlock #57).

I’ve also updated Keliora’s previous outfit with some pictures featuring her half-elf blue dragon Alter-Ego, Kazuligosa, wearing it, as it occurred to me that she would look pretty awesome in it.


This series of posts began because I set myself a goal to document new Transmogrification outfits in a more timely fashion. As soon as I create a new outfit, I write it up in a draft post. As the weekend approaches, I start working on taking fashion screenshots, processing them, and updating “Things my [Class] Wears” posts. On Sunday — though not every Sunday — I publish the collection of my recent efforts. Then I begin the next “Sunday on the Promenade” draft post.

Occasionally, I have ideas for themed Transmogrification collections that take several months to completely assemble. Thus, some of these outfits might get re-posted at a later date as part of such a themed Transmogrification collection.

I miss my Tauren

I’ve been doing quite a bit of dungeon running recently, mostly Spires of Ascension and Plaguefall because those have been the Oribos dungeons of the week and for “Defend Bastion/Maldraxxus” Callings. Having gotten to Exalted with Court of Harvesters with Kaelinda and with Wild Hunt with Kaurinka, I’m now pushing Ascended and Undying Army rep so that I can get the Gilded Prowler mount and have the Undying Army tabard in my tabard wardrobe for Kalaneia to wear with her Necrolords armor.

I’ve been seeing a lot of Shaman healers, which is making me miss healing with Kamalia. I used to be a devotee of Grid + Clique, but I haven’t installed any addons whatsoever since I began playing WoW on a new computer about a year ago. What addon(s) are considered the best for healing these days?

Seeing Tauren of other classes in other roles is making me miss my Tauren. I’ve been thinking about how my Shaman would be Night Fae and my Death Knight would be Necrolords and my Warrior and my Highmountain Tauren Druid would be Venthyr and my Hunter and Paladin and Priest and Monk would be Kyrian, so that I could get all of the Covenant armor sets that I find acceptably attractive. I’d only get the Campaign and Renown recolors of the armor sets with these characters — going after the other variations would be too much work.

Most of these characters haven’t yet leveled through Zandalar, though, and there isn’t yet a skip for the introductory Maw experience of Shadowlands. So for now, I will just have to sigh wistfully, and focus on getting my Eversong Elves through the Covenant Campaigns and into their Campaign & Renown armor sets, and hope that an intro skip gets patched in sometime down the road, and plan to bring all my Tauren through the Shadowlands during the end-of-expac lull.

I had ideas for a couple more Rhinestone Sunglasses outfits.


Rhinestone Sunglasses, Nightcloaked Spaulders, Nightcloaked Chestpiece, Replica Wildheart Belt, Depraved Darkblade’s Breeches, Bard’s Gloves & Boots, Wild Combatant’s Battle Staff
Revendreth leveling (and its equivalent BOE set) provided some nice new magenta pieces in leather.
Kaiuna thought she’d look better in this set than Kaurinka would, so here she is.
I named this outfit for a bird in the cardinal family which has similar coloration. The location I chose for the photoshoot is similar to that of the real world habitat of this bird.

Moonberry Fizz

Rhinestone Sunglasses, Sprite Darter’s Flutterers, Vestments of the Shifting Sands, Resplendent Sarong, Warmongering Gladiator’s Treads of Cruelty, Viridium Staff of Alacrity
Making her Sunday Mog Show debut, please welcome Kaelyla-AU! This new Alter-Ego for Kaelinda represents what Kaelyla looked like before the Telogrus Incident that transformed her from Sin’dorei into Ren’dorei.
It was absolutely inevitable that I’d want to use the Rhinestone Sunglasses together with the Vestments of the Shifting Sands. It was also somewhat inevitable, I think, that I’d want to use the Rhinestone Sunglasses together with the Sprite Darter’s Flutterers. So here are all three pieces together in the same ensemble.
Though I earned it long ago, I hadn’t yet used the “Stylist” title. This outfit felt like it actually deserved to be topped off with that title.
The Tauren Death Knight who I am sharing rainbows with in the last picture is a server friend. She, too, loves Tauren and has a personal guild with alts of all the Tauren classes. Whenever we see each other, we exchange greetings with emotes, and sometimes we chat a little bit, too.


This series of posts began because I set myself a goal to document new Transmogrification outfits in a more timely fashion. As soon as I create a new outfit, I write it up in a draft post. As the weekend approaches, I start working on taking fashion screenshots, processing them, and updating “Things my [Class] Wears” posts. On Sunday — though not every Sunday — I publish the collection of my recent efforts. Then I begin the next “Sunday on the Promenade” draft post.

Occasionally, I have ideas for themed Transmogrification collections that take several months to completely assemble. Thus, some of these outfits might get re-posted at a later date as part of such a themed Transmogrification collection.

As usual, Wowhead’s April Fool mockups are much more entertaining (to me) than Blizzard’s own mock patch notes. The great thing about Wowhead’s stuff is that it always looks so plausible, even the parts of it that are deliberately silly (like the Pepe battles in this year’s edition).

Kaelinda and Kaurinka have now gotten the second stage of the Anima Conductor and are plinking along at reinforcing the third and fourth Anima stream locations. Having another choice on the map for what to do to gather Anima or complete “do 3 World Quests” (when it’s in that Covenant’s zone) is nice, but I haven’t yet chosen to do the Anima Conductor World Quest over my tried-and-true favorites. The Anima Conductor dailies, well, they just seem very grindy — “go find/kill 15-30 of such-and-such creature” or “go clicky 7-12 of such-and-such environmental object” — and like they’d require running all over the zone to find enough things to reach completion. I’ll continue to plink Anima into them until both streams are reinforced, though, so that they’ll be available if I want to put more effort into actually doing them later.

A very large part of my lack of motivation to actually go do the Anima Conductor World and Daily Quests, however, is just my current RL circumstances. School has gotten very busy with various faculty responsibilities in addition to my usual teaching-related tasks. I still log on every day to pick up the Calling (whether or not I actually go out and do it), collect the Anima Conductor Treasure, and see if there are any 3-4×35 Anima token WQs up that I actually enjoy doing, but doing any more things…? Not right now. Maybe later.

Another time-consuming in-game activity that I’ve decided to put off until Later is the Ember Court and the Queen’s Conservatory. I’ll activate those and get them going after I’ve accomplished my primary expansion goal of playing through all four of the 9.0 Covenant storylines. I’ll at least activate and check out the Path of Ascension, though I’ve heard that it is kind of ridiculously challenging. I’m not at all interested in the Stitchyard, and don’t plan to activate it even just for the sake of having all of the Covenant Special Features activated.

So for now, after I’ve gotten the third and fourth locations for the Anima Conductor permanently reinforced, I think I’ll start picking up Covenant cosmetics — the 3500 Anima backpieces, to begin with, then the Renown recolor of the Covenant armor set.

This weekend, I finally got myself into Castle Nathria LFR. I did Leeching Depths and Blood from Stone on Saturday night, then Reliquary of Opulence and Audience with Arrogance on Sunday night.

Those are some pretty hectic, crazy fights even on LFR! I can’t even imagine how much crazier Artificer Xy’mox and Sire Denathrius must be on Heroic or Mythic! Doing these fights made me miss raid healing with Kamalia a little bit. Not enough to go through the introductory Maw experience again, though, or to add one more character to my leveling, etc queue… at least not until a skip for that intro experience gets patched in… and not until I’ve completed my primary expansion objective of playing through all four of the Covenant stories.

I held onto the quest from defeating Sire Denathrius until today, so that I could turn it in after reset and get Kaelinda’s 1K Anima quest for the week done in one fell swoop.

Having done a full Castle Nathria clear also meant that I could loot the Great Vault today!
These were my choices:

I took the trinket, because it was an upgrade and I already have an ilevel 194 weapon.

Although I’ve said previously that I’d probably only do Castle Nathria LFR once, I’d like to go do the Reliquary of Opulence at least one more time. I failed the Dance Intermission because I didn’t recognize what I was supposed to be looking for to find my place — for some reason, I was looking for ordinary raid markers to pop up, or something — so I’d like to give it another try and do it right this time. I’ll also be running Blood from Stone again, likely for some weeks to come; I’ve decided that I want to have the robe version of the chestpiece, which drops from the Stone Legion Generals, for the sake of having something from every raid set (or its PVP recolor) — though maybe it will be my Warlock who wears it, not my Mage! And hey, that’ll give me more chances at Great Vault loot, too!

The style of the Shadowlace set, which is the second tier of crafted cloth gear in Shadowlands, imitates the appearance of the Attendants in Oribos.

Shadowlace, Spiritmender’s, Bloodsilk, Faemoss, Sincollector’s
The other colorations of this set are available through the World Quests and dungeons associated with the leveling zones.
All five colorations can be seen on various Attendant characters around Oribos.


Shadowlace/Sinful Aspirant’s Vestment

Shadowlace Vestments with Soul Keeper’s Column
The second-tier crafted and entry-level PVP sets from Shadowlands share the same appearance.


Spiritmender’s Raiment

Spiritmender’s Raiment with Soul Keeper’s Column
This set is collected from World Quests and dungeon drops in Bastion.


Bloodsilk Garb

Bloodsilk Garb with Lakali’s Spire of Knowledge
This set is collected from World Quests and dungeon drops in Maldraxxus.


Faemoss Wraps

Faemoss Wraps with Soul Keeper’s Column
This set is collected from World Quests and dungeon drops in Ardenweald.


Sincollector’s Regalia

Sincollector’s Regalia with Nathrian Ferula
This set is collected from World Quests and dungeon drops in Revendreth.

As Gnomecore and Coffee Cakes & Crits have recently commented, this is definitely seeming like a lull time.
Both of my co-mains — Venthyr Mage and Night Fae Druid — are feeling like they are in a maintenance mode in terms of what I do with them on a daily and weekly basis. The Druid is in a wierd sort of stasis; she’s almost (but not quite) to the Renown cap, but she hasn’t done her Covenant campaign yet because she’s waiting on the Night Fae Mage to catch up so they can do it together. Both of them recently got the third stage of the Travel Network and are now saving up to get the second stage of the Anima Conductor — as Coffee Cakes & Crits said, getting the Anima streams flowing now will let the Anima and the Grateful Offerings quietly, slowly, consistently accumulate until someday we’ll be able to afford all of those fun cosmetic goodies.
Speaking of fun cosmetic goodies that I can’t afford, my Druid dinged Exalted with Court of the Night today pretty much entirely from doing the Large Lunarlight Bud every day. Of course she hasn’t got the 25K Anima to buy the recolor of the Night Fae armor set that she’s now eligible to purchase. She could buy one of the backpieces, but she’s saving up for upgrading her Campaign armor set and getting Sanctum upgrades — cosmetics can wait for later.
Once both of them have rescued their 20 souls from the Maw and collected their 1K Anima each week, I’ve been doing lull-time sorts of activities:
*I’ve been doing some dungeon farming for items I want for Mogging — Mistcaller needs to give me that fifth coloration of the flower crown!
*I’ve been slowly leveling the Night Fae Mage, the Kyrian Priest, and the Necrolords Warlock, doing a questline at a time here and there.
*I do still need to get the Venthyr Mage into Castle Nathria LFR. I’ll probably do each wing only once, tourist-style to see the story, because I’m not a fan of the Castle Nathria cloth set. Every weekend, I think, “this weekend I’m going to do Castle Nathria LFR!” and then for one reason or another, it doesn’t happen.

These are the first-tier crafted and leveling reward sets from Shadowlands.

Shrouded Cloth, Umbrawing, Bloodskin, Shimmerbough, Avowed Tormenter’s
Because the names for the quest reward items aren’t completely consistent (especially in Bastion), here I’ve given the sets the names of the corresponding zone drop BOE greens.


Shrouded Cloth

Shrouded Cloth set with Aluneth (hidden, first tint)
The Shrouded Cloth set is the basic Shadowlands crafted set.


Pure Aspirant’s/Umbrawing Raiment

Waylight Shoulderpads, Waylight Vestment, Cord of Uncertain Devotion, Sparring Trainer’s Handwraps, Sandals of Soul’s Clarity, Fallen Disciple’s Cloak, Mardenholde Staff
This coloration comes from Bastion.


Corpse-Stitcher’s/Bloodskin Garb

Corpse-Stitcher’s Mantle, Corpse-Stitcher’s Robe, Corpse-Stitcher’s Cord, Popular Pupil’s Mitts, Corpse-Stitcher’s Treads, Salvaged Mercenary’s Drape, Staff of Beasts
This coloration comes from Maldraxxus.


Spirit Tender’s/Shimmerbough Wraps

Spirit Tender’s Mantle, Spirit Tender’s Robe, Spirit Tender’s Cord, Spirit Tender’s Handwraps, Spirit Tender’s Slippers, Glitterwing Greatcloak, Void-Warped Oshu’gun Spellstaff
This coloration comes from Ardenweald.


Pained Absolution/Avowed Tormenter’s Regalia

Mantle of Pained Absolution, Robe of Pained Absolution, Sash of Pained Absolution, Tubbins Teapot Fire Mitts, Shoes of Pained Absolution, Ilka’s Hunting Cloak, Sinfall Legionaire’s Barbed Staff
This coloration comes from Revendreth.

Infused Rubies

Rhinestone Sunglasses, Courtier’s Mantle, Robe of Pained Absolution, Mana-Cord of Deception (LFR), Widow’s Clutches + Shadowlace Cuffs, Ruby Slippers, Ilka’s Hunting Cloak, Kamui’s Crystalline Staff of Wizardry (H)
Revendreth leveling provided some fabulous items to use with the Rhinestone Sunglasses when they became Moggable in Patch 9.0.5!

Clockwise from lower right: Kaelinda, Ianestin, Kaelyla and Ishaleron (newlyweds, but not completely insufferable about it). Tigerlily the cat is a library resident who has adopted this group of students; she was adopted in turn by Ianestin after the fall of Silvermoon.

My Void Elf Mage, Kaelyla, has been one of Kaelinda’s friends since their Academy days. After some initial tension, their friendship survived the disruptions of the expulsion of the group who would become the Ren’dorei from Silvermoon following the near-disaster of Alleria Windrunner’s visit to the Sunwell and the subsequent migration of the Ren’dorei into the Alliance.

Only Kaelinda’s clothing is meant to evoke an in-game item; it is a less skimpy version of the Light Silk Robe.

I drew this picture as an illustration for a story that I’m writing. I’m posting it on its own, though, so I can more easily link it on my “Drawings” page.