One of the neatest things about the Wandering Isle was following an NPC’s suggestion to go down a set of stairs to see a pair of historians teaching a group of children about the history of the Wandering Isle.

This morning, I was flying across Shadowmoon Valley with Kaylynda and decided to take a detour to Teluuna Observatory. I was curious to see what was on the top floor — if it was perhaps unoccupied enough to take mog screenshots there with Horde characters. It wasn’t.

Looking around, I soon discovered that if I clicked on the hologram pads, the named Draenei standing next to them would tell me a little bit about the history of the Draenei… Continue Reading »

So, the word from the Legion alpha is that the Beast Mastery Hunter Artifact questline is substantially similar to the Protection Warrior Artifact questline. The word I saw used was “mirror”. I’m guessing this means that they take place in the same zone(s) and feature essentially the same lore reveals/plotline. The Discipline Priest and Arcane Mage quests are apparently also “mirrors” of each other. I’m gonna hazard a guess that because the Affliction Warlock and Balance Druid Artifacts are both scythes hidden away under Karazhan, those Artifact questlines also mirror each other.

Anyhow, although the arrival of Legion is still some distance off and there’s a good chance that most of my alts won’t be ready even when it does get here, it’s been amusing me to think about which spec I want to choose as my primary (first Artifact choice) for each character.

Whether Kamalia levels as Resto or as Elemental depends on whether BTH comes back for Legion just to play the leveling part of the game with me. If he does, Kam will level as Resto. If he doesn’t, Kam will level as Elemental because I’m more fascinated by the description of the Elemental Artifact than by that of the Resto Artifact. It does puzzle me somewhat, though, that it’s the Ra-den fist weapon Artifact going to Elemental Shaman and the Tol’vir fist weapon Artifact going to Windwalker Monks, and not the other way around. Whichever spec she doesn’t pick first, she’ll do as her second Artifact. Kamalia will most likely quest in Highmountain first.
Mini-Kam will pick up the Doomhammer. I don’t know where she’ll go first.

My Hunter has been Beast Mastery for most of her life, but I’m thinking that I’ll level her as Survival for the Highmountain lore that accompanies the Eagle Spear. Then she’ll do Beast Mastery as soon as the option to pick up a second Artifact becomes available. Eventually, she’ll get around to doing Marksmanship, because dangitall if that Windrunner bow doesn’t look amazing, and also to try out the novelty of Hunting pet-less. She will probably quest in Highmountain first, too.

My Warrior is currently planning to be Arms first because Mr Rossi says the Arms Artifact questline is awesome and also because I think it’s the coolest looking of the Warrior Artifacts. She’ll do Fury next because Titan’s Grip, then Prot last. She’ll probably quest in Stormheim first.

My primary Druid is Balance first and Resto a distant second. My secondary Druid is Feral first and Guardian a distant second. My Druids will most likely quest in Val’sharah first.

My Blood Elf Mage will continue to be Fire for Felo’melorn. My Human Mage will go Arcane for Aluneth. One or the other (or both, perhaps) of them will eventually pick up Ebonchill. They will probably quest in Azsuna first.

My primary Monk will probably level as Mistweaver to get Shaohao’s staff, then get the Windwalker fist weapon. My secondary Monk will get the Monkey King’s staff, of course. I’m not sure where they’ll quest first.

I haven’t quite decided yet whether my Paladin will go Prot first or Holy first. She’ll do Ret, too, eventually, because sometimes I have Paladin mog ideas that want a 2H weapon. I haven’t figured out which zone she’ll quest in first.

I also haven’t quite decided whether my Priest will go Disc first or Holy first. She’s been Disc most of her life, and the Disc Artifact looks pretty cool — but so does the Holy one. She’ll probably quest in Stormheim first to learn more about the Val’kyr.

My Death Knight is Frost, and she’ll probably end up questing in Stormheim first.

My Warlock is Destruction, my Rogue is Outlaw, and my Demon Hunter will be Havoc, and they’ll most likely quest in Azsuna first.

Have you had any thoughts or begun to make any plans about what spec you want to level as and which zone you want to start leveling in?

Mr Rossi has been reporting from the Legion alpha that all specs are available to a character and can be switched between for a relatively small placeholder/TBA cost; the real barrier to spec-switching is the Artifact weapon. I wouldn’t be surprised if getting the Artifact weapons for one’s other specs won’t be available until level 110, but as long as I can eventually get the Artifact weapons for all specs on the same charcter, I think I can live with that.

Along with not needing a secondary character to play the third specs of Warrior, Paladin, and Hunter anymore — and not being interested in all three specs of DK and Priest — I’ve realized that after I get my secondary Monk and Druid to Draenor and into their Garrisons, I don’t want any more Garrisons. I’m starting to get a bit burnt out on Garrison management. Having secondary characters of Warrior, Paladin, and Priest around was making me feel like I ought to be leveling them and bringing them up to Draenor, too.

So, goodbye, minor alts. I have deleted my secondary Tauren Warrior, Paladin, and Priest, all of whom were under level 40. I’ve kept around my secondary DK, Shaman, Monk, and Druid. The DK, Monk, and Shaman are already level 90+ (and the Druid is 60+), the DK was a special leveling project and has special looks, and I’ve gotten so comfortable being the third spec of Shaman, Monk, and Druid with these secondary characters that it would just feel wierd and wrong to try playing those specs with my primaries.

My secondary Warrior was named Kaobeka, a deliberate anagram of Akabeko. (Although I respect Akabeko’s reasons for quitting WoW, after two years, I still miss her.) My secondary Monk has been named Koralyra because I like the way it sounds. About the time that I began to think about deleting my secondary Warrior, I decided that when I did, I would re-name my secondary Monk to Kaobeka. In part, this is because I think a Monk is a better homage to Akabeko and her stories than a Warrior anyway. And in part, this is because I decided that I want to use the name Koralyra for my Demon Hunter. So Kaobeka the Warrior is gone, Koralyra the Monk is now Kaobeka, and Koralyra the Blood Elf Demon Hunter will return when Legion launches.

I haven’t been subscribing to Blizzard Watch at all (and I only recently subbed up to Patreon for From Draenor With Love) but I was recently reminded that BW subscribers at a certain level will get a coloring book. I kind of want the Blizzard Watch coloring book. I’m not sure that I’m willing to pay $25/month ($300/year) — more than I’m paying for World of Warcraft itself! — for it, though. If the coloring book reward was in the $10/month tier (approximately the same as the game itself), maybe I’d feel a little better about subscribing at the coloring book level.
ETA: So, I bit. I *have* been considering subbing to BW ever since they launched, I just hadn’t gotten around to doing it. I signed up at the $25 level, and after I get my Noxychu coloring book and a few months have gone by (maybe enough to have donated $100 total), I’ll drop down to one of the lower pledge levels… if I remember.

Today I gave my organic chemistry class an exam. The exam is in two parts, an in-class part and a testing center part. Before class started, I was telling my students that even though I can’t grade the testing center part until Monday (because they have through Saturday night to take it), I might grade the in-class part tonight because my husband is out of town on business, so I wouldn’t have anything better to do except playing computer games or reading a book. They asked, “what computer games?” When I told them, World of Warcraft, a handful responded, “oh, I play/have played that game!” Then, when they hadn’t managed to complete the in-class part by the end of the class period, I decided to let them take it home over the weekend, so I don’t have any exams to grade tonight, after all.
It would probably not be a very good idea, from a professional standpoint, though, to tell them “I’m Kamalia on Bloodhoof, Horde-side; let’s run some dungeons sometime.”

I will be happier if Legion doesn’t come out in June than if it does. This past week, I found out that I’ve been accepted to both of the summer organic chemistry pedagogy workshops that I applied to attend — one in the first week of June, the other in the third week of June. For me, I think it would be best if Legion comes out right at the end of July, when I’ll have a week or so off between the end of the summer term chemistry course (which I will be teaching, and will need subs for the two weeks in June when I’ll be gone) and the beginning of fall semester in mid-August.

Upon becoming my fifth character to reach level 100, Kaylynda promptly traveled back to her Garrison to upgrade her Town Hall and celebrate!

Kaylynda’s level 100 To Do list (not in any particular order of priority):
*get Jukebox, collect additional tunes
*find Archmage Vargoth’s stuff
* wait for Oralius to show up at the Inn to get the quest for the Whispering Crystal, then do Silver Proving Grounds so that she can go to UBRS for the Whispering Crystal and Millhouse Manastorm
* do Apexis dailies that are in Ogre areas to collect Waystones until she can upgrade her Mage Tower to level 3
* go back to Nagrand to finish up Yrel’s story and find out what’s up with Vindicator Nobundo
* putter around in Tanaan until Revered with Lion’s Watch
* go back to Pandaria and do Lion’s Landing and the Isle of Thunder

Next up in the leveling queue to get to 100 will most likely be either Kaelinda the Blood Elf Mage (currently level 95) or Kerisa the Druid (currently level 97).

After many months, many recruits, and many Follower Retraining Certificates, Kamalia finally has a follower with each combination of ability counters.

The rows are a follower’s first ability and the columns are the follower’s second ability. The boxes that are colored pink in the lower left half of the array are those for which the counterpart box in the upper right half of the array is occupied.
Follower names in black are currently active; follower names in red are currently inactive. The name in a blue box in the middle is my newest recruit, who still has a mission or two to go before he levels up to purple.

I have a table like this for the followers of each of my Primary characters. I have another spreadsheet page for their followers’ abilities, and a third page to keep track of what attribute I used to recruit each follower who came from the Inn.

Now that I’m done with the Shipyard and done with spending resources on Follower Retraining Certificates, I can let my Lumber Mill finish processing the last load of timber I brought in, then tear it down and put back up the Barn.

Kamalia will continue recruiting, though, because there are still several Tauren who haven’t shown up yet.

A minipost double-header!


During the past several months, I’ve been running Sunwell and Black Temple with a series of alts for a laundry list of items for Transmogrification. I’ve spent some time in the Battle of Mount Hyjal, too — not nearly as much, but enough that this happened a few weeks ago without me even having to try for it specifically:

Not sure she’s as cute as my kitten, though:

(if you’ll pardon the terrible Photoshopping of a low-quality selfie…)


The third Heirloom ring mission was for me also the last of the six special reward bearing rare Shipyard missions, so when it popped up last week (or thereabouts), I got an Achievement, too.

I said I’d keep playing the Shipyard until I got all three Heirloom rings, so I guess I’m done with it now. I dunno, there might be a Baleful token or two of which I haven’t got enough for all of my active alts quite yet.


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