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With the Mechagon dungeon now available on Heroic, Kamalia picked up the quest to defeat King Mechagon (which she had been ignoring), queued up as a healer, and got a group that waltzed right through the place. Now she’s hanging out in Rustbolt again. If Prince Erazmin’s daily quest is “kill 3 star mobs”, she’ll most likely do it. If it’s “find 6 chests”, she’ll probably do it, too. If it’s “fill the bar”, she probably won’t. Although I doubt that I’ll do the Mechagnome recruitment questline anytime soon, I’d still like to have the Mechagnome unlock requirements completed just so that if I ever do get the whim to recruit them, I won’t have to come back for it.
(I’m much farther along with getting to Exalted with Nazjatar on account of going back there for Humming Azerite Heart and 2000 gold Emissary rewards — for those, I always do the Mad Mardivas puzzles.)

Maybe tomorrow I’ll go do the Vulpera recruitment questline.

Does anyone know yet how to access the cutscene/cinematic about the new Horde leadership? I still haven’t found a breadcrumb for it.

To begin with, I failed my Will Save against Order of the Stick: Blood Runs in the Family. I got us the most recent OOTS book for Christmas, so I’ve been reading through all of the earlier compilations. After I got the kids to bed, I thought, oh, I’ll just finish the chapter I started earlier this evening, there’s only a few pages left. Two hours and a third of the book later…

Once I finally got logged into WoW, I didn’t feel like I had enough time to do anything major, so I just ran around doing small things.
I picked up the first quest of the N’Zoth Campaign and watched the cinematic, but didn’t continue to the Chamber of Heart. I finally got Kamalia’s Heart of Azeroth to level 70 over the weekend, but I haven’t done the final questchain for the Crucible of Flames yet. I want to do that before I do any of the major Patch 8.3 questline. Besides, I’ve been thinking about giving Kamalia an early retirement by not doing the major Patch 8.3 stuff with her, but rather waiting to do it until I’ve got one or the other of my Mages leveled to 120.
I saw that there was a new quest on the boat and followed Lillian Voss to Tirisfal Glades.
I went to the Orgrimmar Embassy, but didn’t actually pick up and begin the Vulpera recruitment questchain.
I noted Baine Bloodhoof and Mayla Highmountain standing in the Stormwind throne room at the beginning of the cinematic, and observed that Baine is now in the hot seat in Grommash Hold. Then I spent most of the rest of my relatively brief time in-game running around trying to find the questchain that would lead to the cinematic that explains how he got there. Is the new Horde leadership cinematic embedded in the major patch intro questline somehow?

The only 15th Anniversary event activity that I did was the Trivia Quiz daily for virtually free XP.
I did it with seven characters — three Mages, three Druids, and a Paladin. I only missed one day, in the middle of Finals Week when I was frantically trying to work through my enormous pile of neglected lab report grading.

Kaylynda began at 115 and ended at 119.
Kaelinda began at 114 and ended at 117.
Kerisa began at 111 and ended at 116.
Karaelia began at 111 and ended at 115.
Kerithian began at 111 and ended at 114.
Kaelyla began at 36 and ended at 58
Kasheena began at 28 and ended at 46

The two high-level Mages also did the BfA Rank 2 Herbalism quests (except Akunda’s Bite) and Professions quests at the December Darkmoon Faire. The other two high-level Horde characters did a little bit of Zandalar gathering and Professions quests at the Darkmoon Faire, too. Kerithian didn’t do any gathering or Darkmoon Faire.

Kaylynda will still have a lot of Kul Tiras storyline questing left to do when she dings 120. Ah, well, she’ll need the reputation if she wants to get those pretty Kul Tiras horses.

I’d originally thought that I might try to play Kaelyla through all of the Night Elf zones of Kalimdor for her leveling from 20 – 60. She’s done so much alternative leveling, though, that now she should really just go on to Outland and/or Northrend. Maybe it’ll be Keriluna who eventually gets to see the Kalimdor Night Elf stories, after all.

Between Christmas and New Years, I also managed to eke out some time to run Circle of Stars LFR with Kamalia, so that I could then go do the 8.2.5 “Where’s Wrathion?” questline. I particularly enjoyed that questline for its appropriate use of older locations. The weaving in of new Dragonflight stories with the Chamber of Heart story has become one of my favorite strands of BfA lore. Kamalia is almost to Heart level 70… and I very much hope that the new Dragonflight lore in 8.3 (which I know is present, but about which I have not spoilt myself) is NOT gated behind further Heart levels, because I sure am tired of chasing Azerite champion missions and Humming Azerite Heart Emissaries.

Whomever thought of using the cloak slot for Tauren totems — first for the cosmetic totem items from Highmountain in Legion (which overwrite the display of whatever item you have equipped in the cloak slot), and then for the Tauren Heritage Armor totem — was utterly brilliant. I’m delighted to see the devs & artists expanding that idea with the new backpacks.

I haven’t quite felt up to RAFing myself and paying a full year subscription fee* to get the Renowned Explorer’s backpack, though.

Now that I’ve had to pick up an extra class for this semester (classes begin tomorrow) because one of the faculty members in my department abruptly quit last week, the chances of me getting the Wrathion backpack have plummeted to essentially zero. Not that I was very likely to get it to begin with, as it requires 40000 Corrupted Mementos to purchase after spending 69650 Corrupted Mementos to completely fill out the Titanic Research Archive**. I will probably play through the Patch 8.3 intro questline to get the first stage of the new legendary cloak, and I do intend to go do the Assaults in Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms at least once each just to see what they’re all about — but even before my course load increased, I wasn’t really feeling up to doing that kind of grinding anymore***.

I would still love to have a backpack or two that I could display on my characters.

My Big Wish for Professions in Shadowlands is that there will be crafted backpacks for Transmogrification. Tailoring and Leatherworking at least should each be able to craft a backpack.


* Or trying to talk BTH into coming back using RAF and paying for a whole year, when at the beginning of BFA, he only lasted for six months

** Someone else, however, can do the maths on how many weeks it would take an “average casual” player to acquire 109650 Corrupted Mementos, and thus estimate the “expected lifetime” of Patch 8.3.

*** I never got around to doing Deaths of Chromie during Legion, and I still haven’t ever gotten around to playing through the Alliance version of the Patch 5.1 storyline, so I’m not likely to come back to do that if I don’t do it while the expansion is current…

Silly me, what was I thinking asking myself if going questing to get a new pair of boots was a worthwhile use of my playtime because it “didn’t advance my ‘primary’ objectives”?

Transmogrification is one of my major game activities — as this semi-regular series of posts on my blog attests! — so doing something to collect new items to Mog with is always a good use of my playtime!

Here’s the plate outfit I was working on that initially prompted me to go after the Nazmani Warplate boots:

Rage Totem

Drake Talon Pauldrons, Ancestral Chieftain’s Armor & Greatbelt, Brutish Legguards, Gauntlets of the Immovable, Nazmani Warplate Treads, Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing, Ancestral Chieftain’s Totem, Kadrak’s Axe
Apparently I like the Ancestral Chieftain’s chestpiece more than I initially thought — at least for my Warrior. I think I might be happy to leave her in this kit for quite a while.

Seriously, whomever thought of using the cloak slot for a Tauren totem is brilliant and deserves all kinds of kudos (or kodos, as the case may be?).

Grim Totem

Reaver Epaulets, Drakescale Breastplate, Foundry-Fired Plate Girdle, Direwing Legguards, Boneclenched Gauntlets, Ribsteel Footguards, Ancestral Chieftain’s Totem, Warmongering Combatant’s Slicer
Once, this was my tribe…
(and she’d still wear the arm paint, though not the face paint, if that option becomes available in Shadowlands)

As she was the one to actually acquire the Nazmani Warplate boots, my Paladin wanted to make an outfit with them, too:

Sunwalker’s Warplate

Drake Talon Pauldrons, Plate of the Shaman King, Ogre Beater’s Belt, Legguards of the Fallen Crusader, Nazmani Warplate Gauntlets, Nazmani Warplate Treads, Warsword of the Ebon Blade, Skyhold Bulwark
Alas, the Grunt’s Plate items that match the chestpiece — and make up the outfit worn by Aponi Brightmane and Sunwalker Saern — are common quality (non-Moggable).
Because the shield comes from the Warrior Class Hall and the sword comes from the Death Knight Class Hall, this is an outfit I couldn’t have made if I hadn’t had a character of every Class at level 110 during Legion.

Having made a kit with the red versions of this sword & shield, naturally I then wanted to make a kit with the blue versions — and my Dwarf Paladin had been feeling like she needed a change.

Redeemer’s Promise

Pauldrons of the Promise, Redeemer’s Plate, Stormwind Belt, Flamewaker Legplates, Fierce Gladiator’s Scaled Gauntlets & Sabatons, Blade of the Silver Hand, Steelforged Shield (stage 3)
I’m rather fond of the contrast between the fancy gloves & boots and the very utilitarian design of the chestpiece and leggings (and the plainer design of the rest of the items, too).

Winter Veil having arrived, Kaelyla needed a Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater outfit; and the other Major Mages wanted Winter Veil kits, too.

Gaudy Cookie Baker

Finely-Tailored Green Holiday Hat, Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater, Keyton’s Sash, Fuzzy Legwarmers, Fel-Infused Boots, Apron, Mystic Riverpaw Wand, Rolling Pin
Hurrah for loosening of Transmogrification restrictions, so that this fun flavor off-hand item can now be Mogged!

Winter Veil Ballgown

Finely-Tailored Green Holiday Hat, Slime-Encrusted Pads, Simple Robe, Shimmering Sash, Rotting Handwraps + Dryad’s Wrist Bindings, Kafa Silk Treads, Green Linen Shirt, Drape of the Refreshing Winds, Binding Staff
This mostly solid red robe seemed like a good starting point for a holiday outfit. The ensemble wasn’t quite finished until I found the cape, though — its red, green, and gold felt perfectly festive, and the deep brown keeps it from being overly gaudy. I chose this simple staff because the spherical shape and white color of the crystal suggested a snowball — and the white color also brings the amount of white in the overall ensemble into balance.

Ye Merry Gentlefolk

Finely-Tailored Green Holiday Hat, Swoop-Tail Shoulders, Councillor’s Tunic, Captain Sanders’ Sash, Willow Pants, Saltarello Shoes, Sawbones Shirt*, Drape of the Loyal Vassal, Stoneguard, Lantern of Hope
I wanted to make a holiday outfit with this vest, using trousers. It occurred to me that the colors and design of this cloak were quite festive, and I really liked how it looked with these shoulders.

Finally, a couple of Druid things, because I’ve done them and they need to be catalogued like everything else.

Preened Feathers

Preened Tribal War Feathers, Preened Ironfeather Shoulders, Preened Ironfeather Breastplate, Preened Wildfeather Leggings, Nimble Leather Gloves, Swashbuckler’s Boots, Staff of Orgrimmar*
This hardly counts as a Mog at all because half of it is just the default appearances of the Intellect leather Heirloom items — but I am rather pleased with how I’ve found some gloves and boots that complement the pants so nicely.
Why are the Heirloom pants not the same color as the Heirloom shoulders and chestpiece? I suppose we will never know — but it does make wearing them un-Mogged look a bit odd.

Here’s a caster variation on the Ancestral Ghostwalker set that I showed an installment or two ago, with Twin’s Pact as the weapon.

These pictures will just be appended to the existing entry for this outfit.


This series of posts began because I set myself a goal to document new Transmogrification outfits in a more timely fashion. As soon as I create a new outfit, I write it up in a draft post. As the weekend approaches, I start working on taking fashion screenshots, processing them, and updating “Things my [Class] Wears” posts. On Sunday — though not every Sunday — I publish the collection of my recent efforts. Then I begin the next “Sunday on the Promenade” draft post.

Occasionally, I have ideas for themed Transmogrification collections that take several months to completely assemble. Thus, some of these outfits might get re-posted at a later date as part of such a themed Transmogrification collection.

A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Tauren Death Knight. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

61) Grim Totem

Reaver Epaulets, Drakescale Breastplate, Foundry-Fired Plate Girdle, Direwing Legguards, Boneclenched Gauntlets, Ribsteel Footguards, Ancestral Chieftain’s Totem, Warmongering Combatant’s Slicer
Once, this was my tribe…
(and she’d still wear the arm paint, though not the face paint, if that option becomes available in Shadowlands)

I was putting together a new plate outfit and the gloves I liked best for it were the ones from the Nazmir quest set. I tend to like like having matching gloves and boots.. but I didn’t yet have the Nazmir quest set boots. This wasn’t the first time I’ve wanted to use that particular set of gloves and boots — and because this coloration is red & gold, I know I’ll want them for my Blood Elf Paladin at some point or another. So I looked them up on Wowhead, and the quest chain to get them didn’t seem to be too deep into the swamp, from what I remembered from doing the zone with Kamalia. So one evening, I took my Paladin out to get those boots. It didn’t take very long at all.

Briefly, I wondered, Should I really spend playtime doing this? It doesn’t advance my primary game objectives
But I knew it would make me happy to have those boots in my collection, so I did it.
Then I thought, oh, I’ll go pick up the chestpiece, too — even if I have to quest through most of the zone to get it. But when I looked up Nazmani Warplate on Wowhead, no source was listed for the chestpiece… which means it probably drops from Azerite Armor caches from WQs at level 120. So I looked on the AH for the BOE lookalike (Torgashell) and was fortunate enough to find one for a price I could afford — but I’ll still have to level to 120 to wear it. And that will still have to wait until Kaelinda and Kaylynda and Kerisa have reached 120. Ah, well.