Kamalia hasn’t gotten much play this week. Being so close to the first Legion alt-leveling milestone of getting each Class its first Artifact weapon and to level 101 to unlock Champion missions at the Order Hall, I wanted to get that done.


I chose Arms first with my Warrior because Mr Rossi says it’s the best for leveling and World Questing.

Skyhold is aesthetically lovely. As much as my Warrior has been intrigued by the Vrykul ever since Northrend, though, she finds Skyhold rather lonely with only Valarjar and Val’kyr there. And despite previous encounters with Titan structures and constructs, it wasn’t until she unexpectedly found herself in Skyhold, staring at Odyn, that the works of the Titans caused her to wonder about the reality of the Earthmother. Perhaps if she’d been to Ulduar with Khadgar and Brann to see Magni, she might not be feeling so unsettled. But only my Paladin, Shaman, Druid, and Mage did that. I might have to come up with an in-character motivation for my Warrior to go talk to Archivist Elysiana to do that questline (at least the Ulduar part of it)…


It was a thoroughly delightful surprise to discover that the Tauren Seers were involved in the first stages of the quest chain for the Protection Paladin Artifact. Some of the later quest chain text speaks of “a great warrior” who went to one of the locations before the paladins do. I’m guessing it was probably for the Protection Warrior Artifact (because I went somewhere quite different for the Arms one) but the warrior didn’t go to exactly the same specific location, just the same general area, so my headcanon can be that my Paladin did in fact go there first.

This sword and shield are so pretty that I don’t feel sad about not being able to use the Alliance movie tie-in weapons with my Tauren Paladin anymore😛

As for the Paladin Order Hall, now that I’ve actually been to the Sanctum of Light, I totally get what I’ve read about Priests being utterly smitten with jealousy when they get to visit the Paladin place as part of their Order Hall Campaign. The Mage place is still my favorite Order Hall, but the Paladin place is a very close second!


I’ve read that the Balance Druid and Affliction Warlock Artifact questlines are substantially similar in much the same way that the Disc Priest and Arcane Mage Artifact questlines are. After playing through the Balance Druid questline, I’d guess that the first few quests are different for Balance Druids and Affliction Warlocks, but that after you meet up with Revil Kost in Duskwood, they are essentially identical. I saw a Gnome Warlock running around in some of the same places that I was investigating.

I can’t think of The Scythe of Elune without wanting to call it “The Scythe of Elooooone“, ala Oxhorn (one of the very early movies, though I don’t remember exactly which one anymore).

In one of the other treasure chambers of the Karazhan Crypts, I found this strange statue.

I have never, ever seen this image before. What is it? Where did it come from? Something about the style of it makes me wonder if perhaps it might have been designed to be part of Yaungol lore, in a questline that got cut? Or does it portend some as-yet-unknown Tauren faction?


With the first milestone completed, my next objectives are to level the characters who want multiple Artifacts to 102 so I can get the rest of the Artifacts I want to collect and to bring Light’s Heart to each Order Hall. In my headcanon, though, Light’s Heart will actually be at the Fel Hammer because my Demon Hunter is the primary character with whom I intend to pursue the continuation of that quest chain at level 110.

Because I tend to spend Sunday afternoon and evening doing Transmogrification photo shoots, picture processing, and posting to character outfit pages, I might as well make a general post the same day of any outfits that aren’t part of some themed Transmogrification collection that I’m working on.

Marathal’s Everyday Shadow Priest

Hat of Wintry Doom, Shadow Council Tunic, Shadowy Belt*/Highborne Cord, Archmage Pants, Riding Gloves* + Fiona’s Armbands, Watched Watcher’s Slippers, Dawnweaver’s Dagger, Deep Core Lantern
The first reader contribution to the Sunday Mog Show! Marathal shared with me his current Mog, a deceptively innocuous outfit in the classic tradition of Cynwise’s “just folks” set (seen in the first picture of this post; I can’t seem to find the post I seem to remember Cynwise making specifically about that outfit at the time that he first began using it). Who would think this friendly fellow might be on the verge of Surrendering to Insanity? Thank you, Marathal!

False Hope

Cowl of Benevolence, Contender’s Satin Amice, Buccaneer’s Vest, Ruby-Linked Girdle, Heavy Woolen Pants, Zaetar’s Gloves, Gnomish Inventor Boots, Staff of Immaculate Recovery
I love the way the soft browns of the pants and shoulders create a gradient between the white of the cowl, blouse, and weapon and the darker boots in this serenely lovely outfit originally created by Zhau@Hellfire-EU for my “These Boots Were Made For Mogging” event three years ago.
A poor injured adventurer seeing someone dressed like this ride by might think their salvation had come and cry for help… but they would be sadly disappointed, because this is my Warlock, who hasn’t even bothered to keep up with her First Aid training.

Primary Colours II

Mirren’s Drinking Hat, Warpwood Leaf Mantle, Robe of the Dragon Slayer, Captain Sanders’ Sash, Exiled Dabbler’s Gloves, Infernoweave Boots, Scarlet Filigreed Shirt, Rod of the Blazing Light
This kit is an iteration of an outfit I first created for my Draenei Mage three or four years ago. I had set out to make a kit with these robes and was pleased by the bold color combination created by pairing them with these shoulders.

Frostwolf of Wor’Gol

Battlegear of the Frostwolves with Wolf Hunter’s Guise, Frostwolf tabard and Talon Guard Glaive
Relative to the Alterac Valley Frostwolves, are the Draenor Frostwolves the “old” Frostwolves or the “new” Frostwolves?
I like Yrel a lot, but Draka is my favorite.

If any of you, my dear readers, have kits that you’d like to share, I’d be happy to add you to the show! Just email me your picture(s), along with a list of the items in the outfit. I don’t regularly check my blog email, though, so if you’ve sent me an outfit, please make a comment on the most recent Sunday Mog Show post so that I know to check my blog email for your contribution.

My Death Knight reached level 101 through fishing dailies, trying to get the Bone Fishing Pole. For the entirely frivolous reason that if she got her Artifact weapon, I’d only have to do one click to swap between her main weapon and her fishing pole when going fishing — instead of two, to re-equip main- and off-hand weapons separately — I took her to get her Artifact Weapon and establish her Order Hall.

Turns out, with Acherus as the Death Knight Order Hall having been established way back at level 58 after the Battle of Light’s Hope Chapel, there wasn’t anything to do on the Order Hall front before going to get an Artifact, as the other classes have had. So off she went to Icecrown to pay a visit to the new Lich King.

Frost DK feels very powerful. Other characters have died during their Artifact acquisition scenarios, but Kregga barely even broke a sweat.

I confess that I didn’t recognize most of the Frostmourne-trapped souls that I encountered during the scenario. The two at the end, though — how interesting that those two should end up trapped inside Frostmourne after their defeats!


Meanwhile, my Hunter had also reached level 101, through Pet Battling. I had been planning all along to get Talonclaw first, because it is the Tauren weapon.

The way the background for the acquisition of Talonclaw was laid out, the way the story ended for the NPCs who led me on the quest was inevitable — but still heartwrenching.

I noticed one of the Garrison inn recruit Monk followers on the Wandering Isle the other day; I saw several Garrison inn recruit Hunter followers at Trueshot Lodge! I shall have to keep an eye out for Garrison inn recruit followers at the Order Halls of the other classes.

Now I only have four characters left who still need to get through the opening scenes of their Order Hall campaigns: Paladin, Warrior, Druid, and Alliance Mage.

I had fun with the Monkey King’s rhyming and riddles in the questline to get Fu Zan. One of these days, I really need to do the Alliance side of the Patch 5.1 questline, and see how Anduin got along with the Monkey King.

I’m not sure how much I like the appearance of this weapon, though. Even though all that bouncing and swinging and joggling may be reasonably realistically animated, from a physics standpoint, it’s too much — it’s enough to be distracting. I like the simpler staff-with-kettle design from the low-level Monk class quests better. Probably my favorite appearance for Fu Zan is the Hidden one — so until I can get that, I might Transmogrify it into one of the low-level staves.

Seeing the locations in Pandaria that come under Legion attack during the opening scenes of the Monk class campaign really hit me in the feels. Somehow it felt like after all we (the Horde & the Alliance) had put the Pandaren through with the Sha and all, having the Legion show up there just adds insult to injury.

Getting to go back to the Wandering Isle for the Monk Order Hall is a treat, though. I’m glad that that wonderful zone is getting to be seen by more than just low-level Pandaren. I explored all over and found that the only place I couldn’t get to was the Wood of Staves. There’s a barrier at the gateway to that area that newbie Pandaren have to pass a trial to get through; that barrier was up and seemed to be supplemented by a fel-tinged layer… I wonder if I’ll have to deal with that at a later stage of the Monk campaign? Or is that barrier down for a Pandaren Monk character who started as a Pandaren at level 1 on the Wandering Isle?

Because I tend to spend Sunday afternoon and evening doing Transmogrification photo shoots, picture processing, and posting to character outfit pages, I might as well make a general post the same day of any outfits that aren’t part of some themed Transmogrification collection that I’m working on.

Zandalar Champion

Polished Staghorn Helm, Shoulderwraps of the Witch Doctor (LFR), Garments of Serene Shores, Uvuros Hide Cinch, Kilt of Spiritual Reconstruction, Fingers of the Night (LFR), Blue Workman’s Shirt, Warmace of Shirvallah
The Hidden appearance for the Doomhammer is a drop from a world boss, and I wasn’t excited enough about it to actively try to get it. When I obtained it serendipitously, though, of course I needed to make a kit to go with it.
The devs mentioned in a Blizzcon interview that they like to find opportunities to use art assets that didn’t get used for the purpose they were originally designed for. This mace design seems like it must have originally been intended to be Throne of Thunder loot.

Exile from Eden

Hidden shoulder/Shoulders of the Roiling Inferno, Runesworn Chestguard, Dragonmaw Emergency Strap (LFR), Ceremonial Leather Loincloth, Ranger Gloves* + Pit Lord’s Cuffs, Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes, Blade of Argus
A couple of years ago, it occurred to me that the green LFR version of the Siege of Orgrimmar Druid belt looked remarkably like the proverbial fig leaf. At the time, I thought that perhaps I might one day level up my Feral Druid enough to wear that outfit idea. When I saw how different this Legion leveling zone leather chestpiece looked on my Demon Hunter versus on my Rogue, well, then, this just had to happen.
For comparison, this is what this outfit would look like on another leather-wearing class:

DeMeza’s Rival

Netherstorm Eyepatch, Burnt Leather Vest, Burning Blade Devotee’s Cinch, Bluegill Breeches*, Ranger Gloves* + Bracers of Determined Resolve, Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes, Revilgaz’s Cutlass
Oh, it is a lovely thing to be a Pirate Queen!

Bloody Dragonsworn

Temporal Pauldrons, Mightstone Breastplate, Sha-Trapper Waistguard, Sha’tari Keeper Legguards, Truesteel Gauntlets (2-655), Ramkahen Front Boots, Massacre Sword
The three special DK colors for Tauren are blue & white, green, and this plummy black. A rich maroon or even the bright pink that Night Elf DKs get would be a better color match for the Blood spec — wouldn’t a pink Tauren be a sight! — but this will have to do.

Kamaei’s Noble Heritage

Firewool Shoulderpads, Noblewoman’s Finery, Vestal’s Irrepressible Girdle, Kamaei’s Cerulean Skirt, Replica Virtuous Gloves + Bracers of the Black Dream
I was playing around with ideas for other outfits to make using this skirt, and this combination caught my fancy.

Rangaari Morningscale

Safari Hat, Morningscale shoulders chest & pants, Industrial Lifting Belt, Wastewalker’s Gauntlets*, Sabatons of the Flamewalker, Incised Gun
The Morningscale set is the other green and brown toned Warlords mail set that I think is great for a Ranger-type outfit. It is obtained by running Warlords Heroic dungeons.
I know Kamalia got the hat for the blue-gray coloration of this set, but I didn’t save it after she got an upgrade because I thought it looked rather silly on Tauren (most hoods do, to my eye).

The folded-down hood does look pretty awesome on other races, though!
Legion has an iteration on this hood style that I do think looks okay on Tauren.

Lion Heart

Truth Bearer Shoulderguards, Light-Touched Breastplate, Replica Lightforge Belt, Stone Guard Greaves, Replica Gauntlets of Heroism, Sapphiron’s Scale Boots, Replica Lion’s Fang, Replica Lion’s Heart
So I was thinking about how it was sad that I couldn’t use the Lion’s Fang and Lion’s Heart to make a kit with my Tauren Paladin, and my Dwarf Paladin tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out that I could make a kit for her with them.

If any of you, my dear readers, have kits that you’d like to share, I’d be happy to add you to the show! Just email me your picture(s), along with a list of the items in the outfit. I don’t regularly check my blog email, though, so if you’ve sent me an outfit, please make a comment on the most recent Sunday Mog Show post so that I know to check my blog email for your contribution.

Kamalia reached Exalted with Highmountain this evening. That completes her goals for the opening act of Legion, so now she can take a break until Patch 7.2.

Of course there are still things I’d like to do with Kam. She’s at 26/34 traits in Sharas’dal and 15/25 Artifact Knowledge, with 15 traits each in the Fist of Ra-den and the Doomhammer; she’ll keep her Artifact Research going and do WQs for Artifact Power knick-knacks when I feel like it. Although completely finishing Fishing and Archaeology will most likely wait until the end-of-expansion lull, I probably will do Archaeology whenever Highmountain is the zone of the fortnight.

I haven’t completed Broken Isles Pathfinder Part One yet, but once I decided that I really wanted to do Suramar with my Mage, I lost motivation to keep doing it with Kamalia. I’ll finish that eventually.

For now, though, I can focus on getting the rest of my alts to level 101, established in their Order Halls with their first Artifact weapon and pair of Champions. Then I can work on getting those who want multiple Artifacts up to level 102.

Scepter of Sargeras

Having read that the Warlock Order Hall Champions are members of the Council of the Black Harvest, I decided that before I did the Order Hall and first Artifact sequence of quests with my Warlock, I’d better first go do the Green Fire questline so that she’d know who these guys are and why they’re important.

The Green Fire questchain was shorter than I expected, I suppose because I was thinking it would be comparable in length and complexity to the Quel’Delar questline. I definitely appreciated that being Revered with the Ashtongue Deathsworn due to previous farming in Black Temple meant that when I got to the first stage of the Black Temple scenario, I didn’t have to try to sneak around the Ashtongue guardians — I could walk right past them because they already trusted me! Even at level 100, the two boss fights in the scenario weren’t completely push-overs; I died the first time I attempted each one — but I only had to do them twice. I could tell that I would have found those boss fights to be very difficult, challenging, and frustrating if I’d tried to do them at level 90. Which is why I didn’t try to do this questline at level 90😛

I think I’d gotten what I’d read about the Destro and Affliction Artifacts mixed up, because for some reason I was expecting to go to Karazhan to get the Destro weapon. I rather liked the actual questline, though — and it made me glad that I’d actually done Tol Barad rep (with Kaylynda) back in the day, because that meant that I wasn’t in completely unfamiliar territory for that part of the questline. The end part of the questline had me cackling with glee — and also remembering messing up Twilight Hammer rituals during the Cataclysm pre-launch world event.

Unlike Demon Hunter and Rogue, where I thought I’d only want to get one of their Artifacts but have decided that I’d like to see the story for one of the others, I have no interest in getting a second Artifact with my Warlock to see its story. I’m not really all that keen on the Warlock Order Hall, either — though having gotten green fire does make my Warlock feel like she fits in a little better there😛 She also isn’t really into the whole commanding armies of demons thing — she’d rather just leave that to Rittsyn. She’s more concerned the boost to personal firepower she can get from delving into less orthodox magics. I suppose, however, that Dreadscar Rift is an even more grim reminder than Outland of what we are fighting to prevent Azeroth from becoming.