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Because of the association of some of the drawings with stories, this idea to clean out my backlog of unposted art is turning into cleaning out some of my backlog of unposted stories, too.

Way back when, I wrote a story about the experience of my Forsaken Mage. With Cataclysm and the Worgen and Goblins already announced at the time I wrote the story, the story ended with my Forsaken looking at the Greymane Wall and remembering that she had an older sister who lived in Gilneas. After Cataclysm launched and I’d played through the Worgen starting zone, I started writing a story about my Worgen Mage and how she was separated from her family, then unexpectedly reunited with her now-Forsaken sister. I wrote fragments of significant events in the story, but never quite managed to get them all completed, transitioned, and tied together. I also began a story intended to explore my Forsaken character’s reactions to the new storyline for Silverpine introduced in Cataclysm, culminating with her perspective of the meeting with her sister. After I’d got it started, though, it turned out that I wasn’t really all that interested in writing it, and so I never continued it.

I was working from a personal headcanon timeline that assigned to each expansion an amount of calendar time corresponding to the real-world calendar time that we actually spent playing it — roughly two years per expansion, rather than the one year per expansion in the official chronology. When the Ultimate Visual Guide came out, I realized that I had my timeline entirely wrong because I’d underestimated the amount of time between the end of the Second War and the beginning of the Third War. Now my story didn’t work at all. I suppose I could still make it work if I retcon my original story about my Forsaken and let the sisters be a decade or so older instead of relatively young women…

If I’d ever properly finished these stories, I would have posted them in multiple parts, so all the unfinished bits and pieces make a rather long post. I’ve put them behind a cut and you can read them or not as you please. (more…)

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click on the images to see the full-size versions of these pictures

I began this project last summer, as a follow-up to my rather crudely-assembled racial height and build comparison.

At the time, however, the sexism-in-WoW discussion was going around again, and I felt that it would be rather gauche to post what is undeniably an objectified image: I have reduced my models to shapes to be studied.

I’d been meaning to complete it anyway, but somehow BTH always seemed to already be using the tablet to work on his comic whenever I wanted to work on itπŸ˜›

With all the wonderful new model previews being released, I figured I’d better finish this up quick, even though some of the subtleties of the stances and the shapes will soon be out-of-date.

I had been thinking I’d do a further follow-up of close-up studies of the front and profile shapes of the faces, because I feel like I still don’t have a really good grasp on how to make some of the races different from my standard way of drawing human people. I’d like to do a companion set of “beach bums of Azeroth”, too, because I feel that I understand the male shapes even less than the female shapes. Maybe I should wait on that until all the new models come out in 6.0, though.

Speaking of the new models, I’ve liked all the ones we’ve seen glimpses of so far, and I look forward to seeing the Night Elf, the Troll, and especially the Tauren. The new female Orc makes me wish I hadn’t deleted my level 35 Orc Enhancement Shaman. I do hope the shaved head texturing makes it into the final model.

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Kamalia’s Guide to the Barbershop (bonus edition)

Okay, so, height and build aren’t exactly things that you can change at all, let alone at the barbershop. They are, however, appearance-related. I put together this scale comparison of the various World of Warcraft player-character races for my own reference. Although it’s kind of rough around the edges, I thought others might find it useful, too.
Click on the small picture to see a larger version.

The Alliance races were all compared to a normal-sized NPC human. The Horde races were all compared to a normal-sized NPC blood elf. I used a comparison between a tauren and a normal-sized, neutral night elf (a Moonglade NPC) to make sure that the two factions were correctly scaled relative to each other.

Also, I finally managed to update the rest of the Azeroth Beautician’s Manual of Feminine Style to include pandaren color and style information.

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Over about a year and a half, from September 2010 to May 2012, I drew a series of pictures depicting Azerothian sapient species dressed in the sorts of clothing that one might see in a contemporary congregation of Sunday church-goers.

Well, okay, perhaps this sort of dress might only be seen on a teenager during Prom season.

The unmodified artwork for “The Speedbarge Summer Soiree” fits into this meme, too.

This dress might only be seen during a town’s “celebrate our pioneer heritage!” week.

While I was in graduate school, one of my male friends found this outfit at a thrift store and delighted in wearing it to church periodically ever afterward.
I wonder if he still wears it sometimes?

Another dress most likely to be seen on a teenager around Prom season.
The blue shirt + yellow tie combination was very fashionable when I was in my late teens and early twenties.

I drew the lineart for this picture directly in ink and the figures turned out so badly proportioned that I needed to draw a background to rationalize them.

Then, with Humans, Dwarves, and Forsaken remaining, I ran out of steam.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Night Elf, Worgen and Pandaren Mages. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

Stillpine Interpreter

Feline Mantle, Fur Covered Robe, Wizard’s Belt, Woolgathering Gloves, Ritual Stopper’s Slippers, Squire’s Shirt
It was delightfully easy to put together a nice low-level Transmogrification kit to go with this beautiful and unique starting zone quest reward robe.

Role Model

Double-Stitched Woolen Shoulders, Seer’s Padded Armor, Nightwind Belt, Simple Kilt, Heavy Linen Gloves + Sage’s Bracers, Sandals of the Neverending Bridge
The World of Warcraft is a world of heros. Individual heros roam the world, seeking fame and fortune and sometimes even genuinely desiring to help and serve. Heros join together in groups small and large to face down the greater threats against the safety and stability of Azeroth. It’s fun to imagine being a brave warrior or paladin, a wise mage or monk, a mystical shaman or druid, a sly rogue or warlock, a haunted death knight, a clever hunter, a resolute priest. The greatest hero in my life, though, will always be my mother. My mom never ceases to amaze and inspire me with all the things she does. And so, for the fourteenth Batinna’s Dress Up theme, I made a “mom” outfit for one of my characters whose motherhood is a prominent feature of her RP story.
I like this style of bracers because they are so small and also because from certain angles they look sort of like a wristwatch.

Azure Silk

Azure Silk Hood Vest & Pants, Stonecloth Epaulets, Nightwind Belt, Breadwinner’s Gloves, Sandals of the Neverending Bridge, Cloak of the Clarion Call, House Wrynn Staff, White Swashbuckler’s Shirt
I am not, in general, much of a fan of hoods and cowls, but I do like how a cowl looks sort of like a kerchief when worn by a Worgen woman.
The “Breadwinner’s Gloves” are a great item for Kymberlea because she adventures to help keep food on the table for her family of four children.


Greenweave shoulders chest pants & gloves+bracers, Wisp-Chaser Cord, Willow Boots, Green Linen Shirt
Perhaps it seems odd that a Night Elf Mage should dress like a Druid? Not really. Once a Priestess, Keriluna’s grief and anger over the death of her Druid husband at the hands of the Forsaken while he lay Dreaming in the Dor’danil Barrow Den drove her to secretly pursue her latent talent for the Arcane, which she openly embraced when the Highborne reappeared shortly before the Shattering.


Greenweave shoulders, Red Linen Vest, Wisp-Chaser Cord, Greenweave pants, Narassin’s Gloves, Willow Boots, White Linen Shirt
The brown low-level quest rewards in this outfit are identical to the Archmage/Elementalist set of Outland greens.

Tushui Champion

Feline Mantle, Blue Linen Robe, Bloodeye Belt/Belt of Dark Schemes, Heavy Linen Gloves, Apprentice Boots, Staff of the Arcane Path/Staff of the Royal Wizard, Tushui Tabard
Not having actually changed Kaoling’s faction, I used my guild tabard as a stand-in for the colors of the Tushui tabard. The boots Kaoling is wearing are a Horde quest reward with no readily obtainable, low level Alliance equivalent — but the actual identity of the boots is unimportant, at least for a Pandaren, because they can’t really be seen.

Huojin Champion

Exquisite Sunderseer Mantle, Ritual Tunic, Apothecary’s Waistband, Red Silk Trousers, Rotting Handwraps + Cuffs of Black Elements, Apprentice Boots, Renzithen’s Dusty Cloak, Huojin Tabard, Heartboiler Staff
Many of the items in this set are obtained by questing in the Ghostlands. I’ve been wanting to make a set featuring the Red Silk Trousers for some time now. The gold trim on the tabard and cloak help harmonize the fancy filigree of the heirloom shoulders with the rest of the outfit.

Transmogrifiable Twill

Lord Walden’s Top Hat or Brown Brewfest Hat, Nightsky Mantle, Sentinel Hill Surcoat, Belt of Unsolvable Problems, Legwork Trousers, Evidence Collection Gloves, Harvester Boots, Staff of Earned Tranquility
This fully Transmogrification-friendly version of the grey-quality Twill set is obtained by questing in Westfall and Redridge Mountains. Sadly, the Top Hat isn’t Transmogrification-friendly, but Kymberlea is my only character rolled as a Worgen who actually stayed a Worgen. The Brown Brewfest Hat isn’t Transmogrification-friendly, either, but it does look awesome with this set. I don’t display Kymberlea’s actual questing hat.

Deep Purple Dreams

Feline Mantle, Cat Lover’s Vest, Wizard’s Belt, Darkweave Breeches, Woolgathering Gloves, Ritual Stopper’s Slippers
In my experience, these pants are much, much easier to find on the Alliance AH than on the Horde AH. For Horde characters, the Speedbarge Leggings may be easier to obtain.

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Effraeti always has such fun Transmogrification ideas! Recently, she challenged JD Kenada to create something appropriate for a high-society Worgen:

The Gilneans fled their home with little more than the clothes on their back. Everything that was high-society Gilnean fashion was lost except a few pairs of dress robes. Mr. Amateur, I challenge you to create an outfit worthy of an aristocratic Worgen.

The only stipulation is it must be moggable – no Tuxedo. πŸ˜‰

Here’s JD’s answer to the challenge, and here’s Effraeti’s response to her own challenge — and Effy said the rest of us could play, too!

I figured that making an aristocratic cloth outfit would be pretty easy, so I decided to try making High-Society Gilnean Transmogrification Template Kits for all four armor types.

My High-Society Gilnean Cloth and Gilnean Plate TTKs are inspired by the colors and patterns of the apparel worn by Gilneas Citizens and by the sadly never-implemented Embroidered Shirts.

High-Society Gilnean Cloth

Chief Architect’s Monocle, Duskhallow Mantle, Shadow Council Tunic, Black Belt of Knowledge, Legwraps of the Master Conjurer, Dryad’s Wrist Bindings + Ameth’Aran Gloves, Sorcerer Slippers, Gray Hair Cloak

High-Society Gilnean Plate

Replica Helm of Valor, Noble Plate Pauldrons, Sunblessed Breastplate, Stormforged Belt, Exalted Legplates, Gauntlets of Enforcement, Ancient Skeletal Boots, Cloak of War, Ebon Filigreed Doublet

The Gilneas City Guards are wearing the leveling mail set obtained by questing in Vashj’ir and Deepholm, minus the shoulders.

I swapped out a few of the pieces for some more interesting items to create this Gilnean Mail TTK.

High-Society Gilnean Mail

Glimmering Mail Coif, Pauldrons of the Promise, Chestguard of the Naz’jar, Belt of Deathly Dominion, Legguards of Revelation, Swamp Gas Gauntlets, Atoll Treaders, Mantle of Gilneas, Stormwind Doublet
(the remaining pieces of the 80-85 leveling set are the Vapor-Proof Headcover, Scavenged Stormwind Spaulders, Gorgonian Belt, and Starfish Gauntlets)

For the leather set, I looked for items with filigreed patterns, and tried to compile an overall appearance that I thought a young Gilnean socialite might find dashing.

High-Society Gilnean Leather

Clever Hat, Bonechewer Shoulderguards, Don Rodrigo’s Poncho, Girdle of Lenience, Retainer’s Leggings, Blacksting Gloves, Fel Leather Boots, Crimson Silk Cloak, White Swashbuckler’s Shirt

I also made versions of the cloth and leather ensembles with skirts for those who desire to be more lady-like.

Cloth: Leggings of the Icy Heart (the only black cloth skirt out there — how I wish there was a black version of the Simple Kilt!)
Leather: Mystic Sarong, Sandals of the Insurgent

Kymberlea and her husband, Bertram, were upper-middle-class craftsmen — she an Enchanter and he a Jeweler — in Gilneas City before the crisis. Although they recognized and appreciated the honor of the Night Elves’ hospitality, Darnassus was no place to raise their four Human children, so they went to Stormwind with King Greymane’s ship. Their struggle to eke out a living in that competitive (and prejudiced) market is what ultimately caused Kym to seek additional work in the form of adventuring. Bertie did not contract the Curse himself, so it is his hypothetical Worgen form that is shown.

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Effraeti, Tome of the Ancient, and Amateur Azerothian have teamed up to bring Mog Madness to the WoW blogosphere! There will be five rounds, and each round will have a different “Mog Build” prompt. For the first round, the Mog Build criterion is simply “cloth” — something that can be worn by a Priest, Mage, or Warlock.

With wands becoming main-hand weapons for the cloth-wearing classes in Mists, I decided to build a cloth ensemble around one of the most distinctive wands in the game, Gwyneth’s Runed Dragonwand. Taking the carved wooden dragon shape of the wand as a guide, I first thought I’d try to make an outfit that looked as much like a female Vrykul caster as possible.

I soon found that the Vrykul clothing is too unique and distinctive; there’s nothing like it in cloth at all, and even the leather items that look somewhat more like it aren’t a very good match. I don’t think anyone seeing my first attempt outfit on the streets of Stormwind would have thought “Vrykul Runecaster”.

So I decided to go in a different direction. I thought about a primitive caster. Not a tribal caster, such as one might find among the Trolls or the Tauren, but a rustic caster, like the wise woman of a mideval village, who lived a little outside of town and knew all the plants in the forest and whom everyone came to for cures and charms. A hedgewitch, perhaps, with a little bit of magical aptitude and a corresponding little bit of self-taught magical know-how and skill. I thought of the sort of embryonic caster that would have existed during the time between when the exiled weakling mutant Vrykul children first landed on the shores of the Eastern Kingdoms and when the Human nation of Arathor made the pact with the elves that produced the Hundred Magi. I also thought of Tabetha and the harvest witches of Gilneas.

With that in mind, these Human — or once-Human — characters will be my models for this round: Kimorene, Kivrinne, and Kymberlea.

Resilient Cap, Outlander’s Pauldrons, Bristlebark Cape, Ancestral Robe, Apprentice’s Shirt, Archmage Gloves, Willow Belt, Pagan Shoes, Gwyneth’s Runed Dragonwand
The Apprentice’s Shirt, which can be purchased from Thomas Yance in Old Hillsbrad, is a key item in this outfit. It blends in well enough with the Ancestral Robe to convert it from a very tribal garment to the more poor mideval peasant look I had in mind.

Round 1 Results!

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