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I suppose I could have drawn furry folk such as Tauren, Pandaren, Worgen, or Vulpera to play with different shades of brown, but Orcs were what my brain wanted to draw.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Kul Tiran Mage. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

13) Avatar

Tasteful Eyeglasses, Stylish Blue Shirt, Squallshaper Leggings, Stickyfoot Sandals, Fighter Broadsword + Tome of the Dawn
An attempt to make my Human Mages look like I do in the Real World, sort of. I wear my hair in a tail like Kaylynda most of the time, but it curls like Kayliddia’s hair when I wear it loose. My hair color is somewhere in between the orange of Kaylynda’s hair and the reddish-brown of Kayliddia’s hair. My body shape is definitely more Boralus than Stormwind.
The sword I chose is meant to represent these play swords that my husband spent much of the last year or two making.

They have an aluminum bar core encased in cardboard and/or foam, held together with wood glue or caulk or sewn cord, and, obviously, duct tape.

12) Tide Witch

Shirakess Headdress, Charlotte’s Chastizing Pauldrons, Squallshaper Vestments, Frost-Touched Cord, Sirensong Handwraps, Sirensong Slippers, Ebonchill (PvP, default tint)
To finish off this series, Kayliddia returns once more to her familiar, comfortable Tidesage robes. And it wanted the Nazjatar pirate hat, it just did.

11) Charlotte’s Extensive Mind

Charlotte’s Chastizing Pauldrons, Robes of Rasped Breaths, Deeptide Cinch, Gloves of the Arcane Purge, Ikeyen’s Boots, Jaina’s Staff
Here we have these shoulders with the matching robe and gloves for the Northrend style set of which they are a part. The outfit name comes from Mantle of the Extensive Mind, which is identical to Charlotte’s Chastizing Pauldrons.

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Wowhead has datamined some new looks for Highmountain Tauren on the Patch 9.1.5 PTR.
I like the wider range of body colors, especially the new gray option — I confess that I’m having a bit of trouble telling the difference between some of the new brown options and between some of the new brown options and the existing brown options.
The facial jewelries are fun, though I don’t think I personally will use any of them. The headdresses, necklaces, and earrings are comparable customization options to the ones introduced for Mulgore Tauren in Patch 9.0, so not really any surprises there. Can we get that expanded range of bangs options for Mulgore Tauren, too? The horn accessories seem kind of silly to me. The options called “sideburns” in the Wowhead post just look like new regular hairstyles to me, so why the funny nomenclature? The tail wraps are cute; I think I might use the fourth one. The hair decorations (the first category in the Wowhead post) are probably my favorite new customization options; I think they’re all cute!

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Hmm, hmm, hmm — now that brown will be an available hair color for Void Elves in Patch 9.1.5, I’ll be able to make Kaelyla’s pre-Telogrus Incident appearance with the toon Kaelyla herself. This opens up some interesting storytelling possibilities — Kaelyla as her pre-Fall of Quel’thalas self, with brown skin and brown hair and blue eyes, in Alliance locations; Kaelinda as Kaelyla’s post-Fall of Quel’thalas-pre-Telogrus Incident self, with brown skin and brown hair and green eyes, in Horde locations; Kaelyla as her post-Telogrus Incident self, with blue skin and blue hair and blue eyes, in Alliance locations.
Hmm, hmm, hmm — but I think I’ll still end up creating a new Alter Ego of Kaelyla who will be an Alliance High Elf through and through.

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Come Patch 9.1.5, the Maw Intro will be skippable at last! Time and time again I’ve thought about bringing Kamalia and Karaelia into the Shadowlands so that I’d have a character of each armor class there, but just couldn’t stomach doing the Maw Intro again.
Once one character has completed a 9.0 Covenant campaign, alts who join the same Covenant will be able to skip to the end! I intend to have Kamalia join the Night Fae and Karaelia join the Kyrian immediately upon arriving in Oribos using Threads of Fate. When they eventually reach level 60, it’ll be great to not have to run them through the Campaign storylines before I can get to the business of Mog collecting.
Covenant swapping will be easy to do once a certain Renown threshold has been reached, and all unlocked Covenant rewards will always be accessible regardless of current Covenant affiliation! This means that once Kamalia has acquired her Night Fae set(s) and reached the required Renown level, she can hop over to the Kyrian and get their set(s), then hop back to the Night Fae, and be able to use all of those awesome appearances!
Even if I don’t do anything with Kamalia and Karaelia in the Shadowlands until much later in the lifecycle of the expansion, I’ll still be happy to have them settled in with their intended Covenants.
I’m also pretty spiffed about the new customizations for Void Elves. We’ve got warm silver, platinum blonde, honey blonde, red-gold, and cherry red as “natural” hair colors for Void Elves. I suspect that a new Alter Ego for Kaelyla will show up who will have “natural” skin tone and hair color — a proper Alliance High Elf!

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Void Elf Mage. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

46) Dreaming Wisteria

Moonpriest’s Visor, Hateful Gladiator’s Silk Amice, Robes of the Shadowcaster, Cord of Uncertain Devotion, Darkweave Breeches, Shadowlace Cuffs, Noble’s Fancy Boots, Moon Guard Drape, Night Courtier’s Spire
I acquired this staff for my Druid, thinking I wasn’t particularly interested in it for my Mage. Then I thought of pairing it with this robe and Khrysanthemina’s purple hair, and here we are.
A nice alternate hat for a Horde character would be the Fae Revel Masque:

45) Wild Hunt Messenger

Sorcerer Drape, Bridenbrad’s Sash, Squallshaper Leggings, Pure Aspirant’s Gloves + Fireflash Bracers, Pure Aspirant’s Treads, Winterwoven Bulb, Tabard of the Wild Hunt, Staff of Radiance
This Classic chestpiece and these BfA pants were just the thing to coordinate with the Tabard of the Wild Hunt — and with each other. I love it when I find items from such widely disparate expansions that go together so nicely!
Although the Frost-Touched Cord coordinates wonderfully with the rest of the ensemble —

— it doesn’t line up properly with the waistline of the tabard, so a different belt is needed when the tabard is worn.

44) Fae Darter

Sprite Darter’s Shawl, High Councillor’s Pants, Tinkmaster’s Spare Shoes, Night Courtier’s Branches, Meadow Guardian’s Staff
The Sprite Darter chestpiece and this Night Fae backpiece just seemed like they ought to go together.
I love the extended tunic design of this chestpiece, and would like to see this rigging used for other extended tunic chestpieces in the future.

43) Weald Wanderer

Shadowbrim Travel Hat, Hateful Gladiator’s Silk Amice, Blue Overalls, Willow Belt, Elder’s Gloves & Boots, Green Workman’s Shirt, Faewoven Pack, Meadow Guardian’s Staff
For whatever reason, it seemed like my first outfit to go with this particular Night Fae backpiece style should be an outdoorsy hiking-type kit.

42) Effervescent Night

Crown of Everlasting Fortune, Wrathful Gladiator’s Silk Amice, Robe of Effervescent Light, Belt of Arcane Storms (N), Tempest’s Touch, Slippers of the Twilight Prophet, Night Courtier’s Bulb, Viridium Staff of Alacrity
The key concept of this ensemble is the combination of the Night Fae backpiece, the robe, and the shoulders. It is also an interation of Kaohana’s outfit #75.

41) Stars’ Grace

Vestia’s Pauldrons of Inner Grace, Ren’dorei Mantle & Belt, Bonecaster’s Sarong, Gloves of Penitence, Willow Boots, Periwinkle Cloak, Lavender Mageweave Shirt, Starshard Edge + Decanter of Distilled Shadows
Playing around with more shoulders that look fabulous with the void wings from the Ren’dorei Heritage Armor chestpiece.
I love how the lavender shirt coordinates with the shoulders and the kilt — but I also rather like how this particular kit looks without the shirt.

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I’ve been taking small breaks from Shadowlands to level with Kasheena. I’d gotten her to level 60 and Old Dalaran before Patch 9.0.1 arrived. After Patch 9.0.1, shortly before the Death Rising event began, I Chromie Timed her to Draenor and established her Garrison, so she could camp out there during the zombie invasion. During the past week, I returned her from Draenor. Then I Chromie Timed to Pandaria and played through just enough of the opening sequence to get to the village, so that I’d have that portal open in the Orgrimmar Portal Room. Next, I dropped out of Chromie Time and did the Battle for Azeroth opening sequence — skipping the Stormwind Extraction scenario — so I’d have that portal open. Then I was ready to Chromie Time to Legion. I discovered, somewhat to my dismay, that I didn’t have the option to skip the Broken Shore scenario and go straight to New Dalaran. Oh well, it had been long enough since I’d done it that it wasn’t so bad to do it again. With Balance as my favorite Druid spec, of course she chose the Scythe of Elune first. I might also get her the Fangs of Ashamane at some point.

I think it’s rather silly that Highmountain Tauren PCs don’t get that campaign marked as completed and their reputation set to Exalted, the way Nightborne PCs get the Suramar campaign and reputation flagged as already done for them. At any rate, she’s questing through Highmountain and shaking her head at being treated like an ignorant outsider. When she’s finished with Highmountain, she’ll probably do Val’sharah, too. She’s currently level 33; if she’s not level 50 by the time she’s finished Val’sharah, well, I guess I’ll figure out what I want to do next when I get there.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Highmountain Tauren Druid. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

13) Tamagranate

Preened Tribal War Feathers, Amice of the Dreamgrove, Brawnhide Armor*, Cord of the Dreamgrove, Gloomtalon’s Spare Kilt, Rejuvenating Bracers, Rapture
I originally thought I might use the red version of this vest (Wolf Rider’s Padded Armor), but the dark brown version blends with the dark side flaps of the kilt in a way that imitates the look of a long tunic, which I liked better.
The name for this outfit is a portmanteau of “tamarind” and “pomegranate”, two tangy-sweet fruity flavors that the dark brown and dark red colors made me think of.

12) Gaudy Dreamer

Finely-Tailored Green Holiday Hat, Amice of the Dreamgrove, Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater, Cord of the Dreamgrove, Gloomtalon’s Spare Kilt, Spire of Withering Dreams
I hadn’t made Kasheena a Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater outfit yet, and I hadn’t used this maroon leather kilt in a leather Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater outfit yet, et voila!

11) Conifer Cone

Darkbrand Shoulders, Grizzly Jerkin, Toenail Belt, Breeches of Natural Aggression, Oilrag Handwraps* + Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Bindings of Meditation, Conifer Cone Staff
I made this outfit first for Kiralaira (Demon Hunter #25), but immediately thought that it would be a marvelous outfit for Kasheena — when I could get her leveled up enough to wear it. She’d gotten to level 60 before Patch 9.0.1, but the kit uses some Cataclysm items, so she couldn’t quite wear it yet. Chromie Time took care of that!
Because part of the desire to use this outfit with Kasheena was because it would coordinate so nicely with her green warpaint, I changed her paint style to one that has bands lower down on the arms, where they wouldn’t be covered by the shoulders.

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Shadowlands is worth getting just for all the wonderful new customization options!
Here’s how the appearances of my Tauren characters changed.

Most of the changes are small and subtle — just eye color, or the addition of jewelry.



skin color 4; face 4; horn style 4; horn color 2; foremane 1; hair 2; eye color 2; headdress 2; earrings 5; necklace 3
My very first and best beloved character; my main until midway through Battle for Azeroth. Eldest of her siblings. Recently married to a Highmountain Tauren Shaman who is one of Jale Rivermane’s sons.


Kerisa (Primary Alt; toon name on server)

skin color 8; face 4; horn style 2; horn color 2; foremane 1; hair 4; eye color 2; necklace 4

Second child in Kamalia’s family. Married her childhood sweetheart after the conclusion of the Icecrown Citadel campaign. Her first child, a daughter, was born during the first year of Cataclysm. Her second child, a son, was born during the first year of Battle for Azeroth.

Kaiuna (Alter-Ego)

skin color 12; face 1; horn style 8; horn color 1; foremane 3; hair 2; eye color 4; earrings 4

This character was originally a “melee Druid” to complement Kerisa being a “caster Druid”. I dismissed the alt when Leigon eliminated spec restrictions, but kept her appearance as an Alter-Ego for Feral, Guardian, and white-themed Transmogrifications. In her RP-description, she has an extremely rare curly coat allele and has long ringlets instead of the long braids.

Kaurinka (new Alter-Ego)

skin color 13; face 3; horn style 18; horn color 3; foremane 3; hair 10; eye color 5; body paint 2; paint color 6

This is the character who will be going to the Shadowlands, to avoid traumatizing Kerisa’s young family. Her name is derived from “aurinko”, a Finnish word meaning “sun/sunlight” — an appropriate name for a sun-coloured Balance Druid!

Kessina (new Alter-Ego)

skin color 3; face 4; horn style 7; horn color 2; foremane 3; hair 6; eye color 7; earrings 3

This is what Kerisa’s daughter will look like when she is all grown up. She is named after the Shrine of Aessina, where she was born. While spending some of the formative years of her childhood in the Broken Isles, she became quite enchanted by the Owlcats.


Ketura (Primary Alt; toon name on server)

skin color 9; face 4; horn style 1; horn color 2; foremane 1; hair 3; eye color 2; necklace 4
Third child in Kamalia’s family. Takes strongly after her mother. Fascinated by Trolls and their cultures. Has collected many pets, especially cats and raptors, but continues to prefer the Mulgore Mountain Lion that was her first solo tame.

Kawneiha (Alter-Ego)

skin color 9; face 4; horn style 1; horn color 2; foremane 1; hair 3; eye color 2; headdress 3; necklace 4
Mother of Kamalia, Kerisa, Ketura, Keija, Karaelia, and Kaohana; wife of Kehontah. She uses the title “Elder” and wears a Gold Wedding Band and a Flawless Diamond Solitaire.



skin color 6; face 4; horn style 6; horn color 2; foremane 1; hair 5; eye color 1; earrings 4; necklace 2
Fourth child in Kamalia’s family. Before going out adventuring, she served for several years as a Bluffwatcher, then an Honor Guard, in Thunder Bluff to support her parents during the childhood of the twins. First of her siblings to get married (to a fellow Bluffwatcher), but still childless by choice.


Kregga (Primary Alt; toon name on server)

skin color 1; face 2; horn style 9; horn color 3; foremane 1; hair 7; eye color n/a
A former member of the Grimtotem tribe, she was sent with several others to infiltrate the Cult of the Damned at Scholomance. After breaking free of the Lich King’s control at the Battle of Light’s Hope, she felt betrayed by Magatha and renounced her Grimtotem origins. Kamalia provided spiritual mentorship as she struggled to regain mental and emotional stability in the first years after regaining her free will.

Kaiopeqa (Alter-Ego)

skin color 7; face 2; horn style 13; horn color 1; foremane 2; hair 1; eye color n/a; earrings 2
Originally a Warrior of the Kalimdor tribe named “Highmountain”; a secondary Warrior alt with whom I was experimenting with tanking. I dismissed that alt when Legion did away with spec limitations. After her untimely death during an early battle on the Broken Shore, she was raised as a Death Knight by Kregga to be “the Deathlord’s Understudy”.



skin color 15; face 1; horn style 14; horn color 3; foremane 3; hair 14; eye color n/a
Kaumaleia, otherwise known as “the Underpowered Death Knight”, primarily exists so I can have a blue and white Tauren. Occasionally, she uses the other DK-exclusive skin colors. In her RP-description, she is a Taunka of the Winterhoof tribe.



skin color 11; face 4; horn style 3; horn color 2; foremane 1; hair 4; eye color 5
Elder of the twins borne late in life by Kawneiha. The difficulty of the pregnancy, birth, and infancy left a lasting psychological effect on the twins, causing them to turn toward the new teachings of the Sunwalkers and Seers when they came of age just before the Cataclysm. Being more inclined toward physical action, she chose the path of the Paladin. Did her early leveling as a tank in LFG, then switched to healing for raiding in Mists. Currently favors Protection as an open-world questing spec, but she hasn’t tanked for a group in ages.


Kaohana (Primary Alt; toon name on server)

skin color 10; face 4; horn style 5; horn color 2; foremane 1; hair 3; eye color 7
Younger of the twins borne late in life by Kawneiha. The difficulty of the pregnancy, birth, and infancy left a lasting psychological effect on the twins, causing them to turn toward the new teachings of the Sunwalkers and Seers when they came of age just before the Cataclysm. Being more inclined toward thoughtful study, she chose the path of the Priest. Recognizing the need for balance between Light and Shadow, she considers Discipline to be her DPS spec; she occasionally switches to Holy for LFG/LFR.

Kazithra (Alter-Ego)

skin color 1; face 2; horn style 10; horn color 1; foremane 1; hair 2; eye color 3; face paint 2; earrings 2; body paint 3; paint color 2
Kazithra is Kregga’s mother; she defected from the Grimtotem tribe in the aftermath of the Grimtotem attack on Thunder Bluff following Cairne’s death in the rigged mak’gora against Garrosh Hellscream. She originally existed as a separate alt in late Mists and Warlords, which was a time when I thought that the semi-transparent Glyphed appearance of Shadowform looked really cool. Then Legion changed both the appearance of Shadowform and the lore of Shadow Priests in ways that I didn’t like. I lost interest in playing a Shadow Priest to experience the spec itself and dismissed the alt. During Legion, however, Artifact weapons restricted Transmogrification possibilities, and I discovered that sometimes I still wanted my Priest to be Shadow-specced so that I could make a dagger + off-hand Transmogrification kit.


Katewatha (Primary Alt; toon name on server)

skin color 2; face 1; horn style 15; horn color 1; foremane 1; hair 5; eye color 6; body paint 4; paint color 3
Kate is obsessed with all things Pandaren; although I use this hair style for her in-game, in her RP-description she uses the Pandaren “Twin Loops” hair style (Pandaren hair style #14).

Kaobeka (Alter-Ego)

skin color 7; face 1; horn style 20; horn color 3; foremane 3; hair 1; eye color 4; earrings 2; nose ring 4
This character began her existence as “Koralyra the Pet-Battling Monk”; I later renamed her “Kaobeka” as an homage anagram of Akabeko of Red Cow Rise. In her RP-description, she is a Yaungol who abandoned her clan to join the Horde.



skin color 3; face 3; hair 4; eye color 1; horn style 5; body paint 3; paint color 2

My Highmountain Tauren had to be a Druid to be able to use all the Highmountain versions of the Druid shapeshift forms!



skin color 6; face 5; horn style 2; horn color 2; foremane 1; hair 10; facial hair 10; eye color 5
Father of Kamalia and her sisters; husband of Kawneiha. He uses the title “Elder” and wears a Gold Wedding Band.

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Shadowlands is worth getting just for all the wonderful new customization options!
Here’s how the appearances of my Eversong Elves characters changed.

Although I’m glad that the ear length options exist for the people who will be delighted to use them, I will not be changing any of my existing characters’ ears. To me, the extra-long ears are a significant aspect of how a Blizzard elf is distinctive from how other fantasy IPs envision elves.

The new jewelry options — necklaces, armbands, and bracelets — are lovely. Rather than use them to permanently change any of my characters’ appearances, however, I’ll be using them on a situational basis as finishing touch accessories for outfits.


Kaelinda (Primary Alt; toon name on server)

skin color 3; face 8; hair style 8; hair color 4; eye color 10; earrings 9
One of my earliest alts and (if I’m remembering correctly) my first Mage. Early in her second century in age, which is young adulthood for a Blood Elf. Became friends with Kamalia when, during a chance encounter, they discovered that they shared a surname, Dawnstrider. Met and became friends with my Human Mages, Kaylynda and Kinevra, and my Draenei Mage, Kaprikka, during a disguised foray into Alliance lands shortly before the Cataclysm.
Very happy to have her eyes back to Quel’dorei blue!

Kaelydia (Alter-Ego)

skin color 5; face 2; hair style 15; hair color 2; eye color 1; earrings 11
This Alter-Ego appeared when the golden eyes were first introduced in Patch 7.3.5 and I wanted a golden-eyed Blood Elf Mage, but Kaelinda’s face wasn’t one of the three golden-eyed faces.
Now that there are the numbers to help me remember them, I’ve changed her skin tone from being the same as Kaelinda. I also gave her green instead of red earrings.

Kaelyla-AU (new Alter-Ego)

skin color 11; face 8; hair style 20; hair color 15; eye color 5; earrings 14
This is what Kaelyla looked like before the Telogrus Incident — or perhaps what she still looks like in an alternate timeway in which she never got mixed up with Magister Umbric and is still Sin’dorei.


Kaelyla (Primary Alt; toon name on server)

skin color 4; face 8; hair style 8; hair color 6; eye color 5; earrings 4
With Void Elves being as close as we’d ever get to Alliance High Elves (until Shadowlands, that is!), I wanted my Void Elf Mage to be as close to a counterpart appearance to Kaelinda as I could manage. When the Void Elves were first announced, I hoped that they would have an un-Void-tainted pink skin tone; they didn’t so I had to settle for what looked to my eyes like the most pinkish of the available skin tones. Now that Void Elves can also have any of the same skin tones as Blood Elves, however, I’ve decided not to change her skin tone because I’ve gotten used to the lavender. I did change her eyes to a brighter, more defined blue, though.

Khrysanthemina (new Alter-Ego)

skin color 19; face 9; hair style 3; hair color 7; eye color 7; earrings 5
This character appearance just wanted to be. She may represent the adult appearance of a yet-to-be-born daughter of Kaelyla and Ishaleron.


Kalaneia (Primary Alt; toon name on server)

skin color 4; face 2; hair style 14; hair color 16; eye color 5; earrings 4
A relative of Kaelinda at the “first cousins once removed” or “second cousins” level of connection. Much older than Kaelinda. Lost her husband during the Scourge attack on Eversong Woods. Had an early career as a naturalist studying the wildlife of Eversong Woods and other areas in Lordaeron; became interested in the wildlife biology of demons. Also had some skill as a Fire Mage. Her mentor was already delving deep into forbidden sorts of magic before the fall of the Sunwell; thus, she readily took to fel magic and corrupted into a Destruction Warlock.
I’ve changed her hair color from the warm silver that is available to all Blood Elves (8) to the cool silver that used to only be available to Death Knights (16). Sometimes her hair is black, but I was never quite satisfied with the blackness of the original Blood Elf black hair color (14) and so when her hair is black it will be the new, darker black (13). The original black color is now more properly thought of as a dark grey.

Kishalla (Alter-Ego)

skin color 2; face 9; hair style 11; hair color 1; eye color 4; earrings 3
Kalaneia’s daughter, estranged from her mother during her late adolescence and young adulthood due to the usual sorts of arguments about choices of career, hobbies, friends, and lovers. Thought by her mother to have been lost during the Scourge attack on Eversong Woods. Reappeared at Dreadscar Rift demanding that the Netherlord help her find her missing mentor. That both mother and daughter became Warlocks after the fall of the Sunwell has not made their relationship any less strained.
Changed her skin tone to be more sallow and her eyes to yellow-green.



skin color 3; face 3; hair style 2; hair color 10; eye color 3; earrings 8
The idea of a golden-eyed, golden-haired Blood Elf Priest aligning herself with the Kyrian Covenant was irresistible, so I spent my Shadowlands pre-purchase Boost to create one. Her name is derived from “eleora”, a word in one of the Biblical languages (I forget which one) meaning “light”. After losing her husband in Archimonde’s attack on Dalaran and her children in the Scourge assault on Eversong Woods, she devoted herself to the Discipline path of walking the line between Light and Shadow. Upon discovering the fates of their souls in the Shadowlands, she finds herself quite willing to discard her mortal memories to serve the Kyrian.
I’d thought I might give her the new “tiara” style, but I’ve gotten accustomed enough to the hairstyle I chose when I created her that it just didn’t seem quite right. So I only changed her eye color, to the new softer golden hue.

Kazuligosa (new Alter-Ego)

skin color 1; face 4; hair style 23; hair color 11; eye color 10; earrings 14
Now that blue hair is no longer restricted to Death Knights and the shorter ear options exist, well, something like this was more or less inevitable. This half-elf humanoid form of a blue dragon (named after Kazul from Patricia C Wrede’s Dealing With Dragons) has to be an Alter-Ego of a Priest so that the Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Mooncloth Helm can be used to give her horns similar to those of the humanoid forms of Alexstrasza, Ysera, and Merithria.



skin color 6; face 3; hair style 1; hair color 7; eye color 6; earrings 7
Also a relative of Kaelinda, more closely than Kalaneia. Trained as a Farstrider. Belongs to the Regent Lord’s secret service and capable of Subtlety, but prefers the toe-to-toe combat of the “Outlaw”.
I only changed her eye color, to the more blue-ish shade of green.



skin color 10; face 5; hair style 20; hair color 5; horns 6; blindfold 6; earrings 6; tattoo 2
Kiralaira hasn’t revealed much about her past beyond stating that “the woman I was sacrificed herself to become me.”
I changed her face to make her look more forbidding.



skin color 16; face 4; hair style 9; hair color 12; eye color n/a; earrings 1
I originally created this character to be a blue-haired Blood Elf who could mimic the appearances of various blue-haired High/Blood Elf NPCs. She also looks stunning in blue plate armor, of course.
Now that the blue hair is no longer DK-exclusive, I gave her one of the DK-exclusive skin tones instead (which also changed her face).



skin color 1; face 1; hair style 22; hair color 3; eye color 1; earrings 12
I had a Blood Elf Paladin until Cataclysm brought Tauren Paladins. I never quite stopped missing my Blood Elf Paladin, though, so when Patch 7.3.5 introduced golden eyes for Blood Elves, I just had to have a golden-eyed Blood Elf Paladin. She was one of Lady Liadrin’s earliest converts to the Blood Knights.
Changed her hair and her earrings.



skin color 12; face 3; hair style 18; hair color 13; eye color 2; earrings 11
Once I’d created Kandrista and Kelynaera, I needed a mail-wearing Blood Elf so as to have a Blood Elf for each of the armor classes.
With truer black hair and darker tan skin, now she looks like she’s always been intended to look!


Now that the Barbershop allows gender-swapping, some of my characters’ significant others might occasionally appear…


skin color 3; face 10; hair style 19; hair color 5; facial hair 13; eye color 7
Ianestin has been one of Kaelinda’s closest friends since their Academy days. A talented mathemagician, he stayed in Silvermoon City, slowly rising through the ranks of the finance bureau of the Regency and pursuing esoteric mathemagical research on the side, while Kaelinda felt herself called to the adventurer’s life. For years, Ianestin was “the boy next door” to Kaelinda, until a Nightborne artisan attempted to court her during the Suramar campaign and she realized that she would much rather be courted by her dearest male friend. Meanwhile, as Kaelinda related in droll tones her encounters with the hapless Nightborne, Ianestin realized that he was jealous of the other man.
His “before” appearance is the result of Kaelinda using a Transmorphic Tincture


skin color 5; face 8; hair style 13; hair color 2; facial hair 7; eye color 5
Although Ishaleron did not share his wife’s scholarly interest in the Void at all, he was accompanying Kaelyla at Telogrus, while she observed the entities found in this shattered remnant of a world that had been completely overcome by the Void, when The Incident occurred.
His “before” appearance is the result of Kaelyla using a Transmorphic Tincture


skin color 14, face 8, hair style 21, hair color 13, facial hair 12, eye color 10
This is what Ishaleron looked like before the Telogrus Incident occured, or in an alternate timeway in which Kaelyla didn’t get mixed up with Magister Umbric and they are both still Sin’dorei.

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