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Mr Rossi has been reporting from the Legion alpha that all specs are available to a character and can be switched between for a relatively small placeholder/TBA cost; the real barrier to spec-switching is the Artifact weapon. I wouldn’t be surprised if getting the Artifact weapons for one’s other specs won’t be available until level 110, but as long as I can eventually get the Artifact weapons for all specs on the same charcter, I think I can live with that.

Along with not needing a secondary character to play the third specs of Warrior, Paladin, and Hunter anymore — and not being interested in all three specs of DK and Priest — I’ve realized that after I get my secondary Monk and Druid to Draenor and into their Garrisons, I don’t want any more Garrisons. I’m starting to get a bit burnt out on Garrison management. Having secondary characters of Warrior, Paladin, and Priest around was making me feel like I ought to be leveling them and bringing them up to Draenor, too.

So, goodbye, minor alts. I have deleted my secondary Tauren Warrior, Paladin, and Priest, all of whom were under level 40. I’ve kept around my secondary DK, Shaman, Monk, and Druid. The DK, Monk, and Shaman are already level 90+ (and the Druid is 60+), the DK was a special leveling project and has special looks, and I’ve gotten so comfortable being the third spec of Shaman, Monk, and Druid with these secondary characters that it would just feel wierd and wrong to try playing those specs with my primaries.

My secondary Warrior was named Kaobeka, a deliberate anagram of Akabeko. (Although I respect Akabeko’s reasons for quitting WoW, after two years, I still miss her.) My secondary Monk has been named Koralyra because I like the way it sounds. About the time that I began to think about deleting my secondary Warrior, I decided that when I did, I would re-name my secondary Monk to Kaobeka. In part, this is because I think a Monk is a better homage to Akabeko and her stories than a Warrior anyway. And in part, this is because I decided that I want to use the name Koralyra for my Demon Hunter. So Kaobeka the Warrior is gone, Koralyra the Monk is now Kaobeka, and Koralyra the Blood Elf Demon Hunter will return when Legion launches.

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So, the first question in The Queue this morning was:

What’s the biggest piece of information you’re waiting for from the Legion Alpha, other than a firm release date? No spoilers, please.

Me, I wanna know Is triple spec (or quad, for Druids), really gonna be a thing in Legion?

I’m realizing that as well as not really having the playtime or the energy to play more alts than I currently have at Level 90+, I don’t really have the interest in playing any more characters, either. I have a few sub-Level 30 alts that I rolled to play the third specs of classes where I’d kind of like to try all three specs, but don’t want to have to keep respeccing my primary character of those classes. As soon as it was hinted at Blizzcon that we might get triple spec in Legion, I began thinking about just up and deleting those alts — but I need to know whether or not we’re actually going to get triple spec before I hit the Delete Character button.

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With the year having just changed, and Legion actually being in testing, now seems like a good time to make a list of things I’d like to finish up in Warlords during the next several months.

* Level Kaylynda the Human Mage to 100 and…
— She is currently level 98 and still has the Yrel storyline in Talador to do, so she will probably reach level 100 sometime in Spires of Arak. I’ll still do at least the Yrel storyline in Nagrand with her.
— Grind Ogre Waystones so that I can upgrade her Mage Tower to level 3
— Go to Tanaan and get to Revered with Lion’s Watch so that she can use the Karabor Councilor costume toy
— Consult Wowhead on the best way to get through Silver Proving Grounds with a Mage, and then suffer through UBRS to recruit Millhouse Manastorm

* Level Kaelinda the Blood Elf Mage and the rest of my primary Tauren characters to 100
— take Kerisa the Scribe to Tanaan to get the technique for the Ascendance glyph
— collect followers from zones and questlines, including Tanaan if necessary, according to each character’s follower selection priorities
— collect Jukebox tunes so that no-one has to listen to the default Garrison music anymore, attempting to give each charater a unique aural profile (this may not actually be possible, because there are only so many of those tunes that are both relatively easy to get and ones I really like)
— getting the Warlock and the Rogue to 100 before the Legion pre-launch event begins will happen if it happens, but I’m not going to push to make it happen, nor stress too much if it doesn’t

* Follow up on my “Savage Blood” Transmogrification post by creating those outfits (or variations upon those initial designs) in-game and making a post about the final collection.

* Complete a few other themed Transmogrification collections that I’ve been thinking about and for which I’ve been gradually acquiring items.

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Here are Ketura the Hunter and Katewatha the Monk dinging 100 from the past-expansion dailies that have given them much of their 90-100 XP.

After dinging 100, they went off to Pinchwhistle Point to get the plans for their Salvage Yards and the LAZ-TRON Disc Reader, then flew around picking up the other parts for the Jukebox. They’ve been very busy the past day or two spending their maxed out stockpiles of Garrison Resources and most of the gold they’ve been raking in from Follower missions to expand and upgrade their Garrisons.

Once she had her Jukebox installed, Ketura promptly went to Northrend to pick up the Grizzly Hills theme:

Katewatha is using the “Way of the Monk” theme in her Jukebox, naturally.

Neither of them has built a Shipyard or gone to Tanaan yet. Ketura will go to Tanaan eventually because she needs the Fel-Proof Goggles, precious, oh yes — but I don’t have any particular item or goal in mind that would motivate Katewatha to go to Tanaan.

Each of them got a different quest from the 6.0 Garrison Campaign. I’m glad to see this, because I know that I want to do the whole 6.0 Garrison Campaign with my Druid so that she can recruit Choluna as a Follower, and I’d been a bit worried that I’d have to get all of the zone completion achievements with her to unlock the Garrison Campaign. As great as the leveling story was to play through with Kamalia, I’m finding myself surprisingly reluctant to play through the entire story again with my alts. I’m not quite sure why. Maybe it’s because I want to replay different parts of the story with different characters (as has been my usual alt leveling pattern in the past), without having to replay the same part of the story very many times? (I am so tired of Frostfire Ridge, and I’m sure I will get equally tired of Pinchwhistle Point.) Although I’m probably not going to play through the whole story of any of the rest of the Draenor zones with Ketura or Katewatha, I do plan to go do some specific zone questlines with each of them to recruit certain Followers for their Garrison teams. Speaking of recruiting certain Followers, as soon as Ketura upgraded her Fishing Shack to level 3, she got the quest to recruit Nat Pagle. I’m so glad that the Draenor Angler achievement being account-wide allowed this to happen, so that I didn’t have to spend hours and hours fishing with her to get that quest!

Next in line are my two red-headed Mages, and after them, most likely the Druid.

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It’s Thursday. Because I don’t have my 8:30 am class on Thursday, I don’t have class until 11:30 am. I consistently have trouble motivating myself to do anything productive on Thursday mornings, even though I always have a list of things that I could be working on. Furthermore, it’s the end of the semester and I am tired, so I’m having even more trouble than usual concentrating this morning.

This particular Thursday morning, reports from the Godmother and Matt Rossi on their experiences in the Legion alpha are making me wish that I could be at home leveling alts, getting them ready to go acquire their Artifact weapons and establish their Class Halls. Now that the Underpowered Death Knight has reached level 100, I can let the Hunter and the Monk fall over the finish line, and then I want to push the Mages (both of whom are currently questing in Talador) through. After that, I’m not sure which alts will go next.

After I brought the Rogue out of retirement in anticipation of playing as an Outlaw in Legion, the Warlock eventually managed to persuade me to let her return to her Garrison, too. The Warlock doesn’t want to be left behind at a lower level than the Demon Hunter will be upon completing her starting experience…. Such sibling rivalry my characters of the classes I prefer the least have!

I’m quite intrigued by the appearance of a Fishing Artifact in the Legion alpha. I think it’s pretty cool that we might get an Artifact fishing pole to make fishing in the Broken Isles more entertaining! Which reminds me, once the Hunter gets to level 100, she’ll need to put in some quality time fishing so that she can get Nat Pagle to join her Garrison team…

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Why do I play alts?

To experience the different races & starting zones — though my menagerie of Mages that represent my “one of each race” set of alts stalled out in the 30s a couple of years back and I doubt that I’ll ever seriously play with any of them again. I keep them around, though, just in case I want to do a MogIt mock-up of a Transmogrification kit idea using a model of a particular race.

To experience the Alliance perspective of the world, given that I mostly play Horde — though this proceeds only in fits and starts, too.

To play all the different classes — though there are some classes that I enjoy more than others, and some classes that have a class fantasy that I have trouble getting into.

To play all the different specs of the classes that I enjoy the most — I have two Tauren of each of the classes that Tauren can play because for most of those classes, I wanted to try out all three specs. So I have a “primary” character with two of the specs, and a “secondary” character with the third (or third & fourth in the case of Druid).

To ease wardrobe overflow — by having two characters of each class, I can spread out my Transmogrification ideas for those classes/armor types over more characters and potentially reduce inventory crowding somewhat. This hasn’t entirely worked out in practice, as there are some items that I like so much that every active character of the appropriate armor type has to have them.

When Legion comes, will I still “need” all my alts?

With the account-wide Wardrobe and the tease of tri-spec (I’ll believe that when it shows up in the beta), Legion seems poised to negate the last two reasons listed above for why I play alts… the reasons why my Tauren class-double alts exist. I began to ponder if I’ll want to keep them around, once their original reasons for existing have been nullified. After I’d thought about it for a bit, I realized that the account-wide Wardrobe might even increase my desire to play some of my currently lower-level alts, and that tri-spec (if it really happens) would only affect a few of my doubles.

For a few classes, I’ve kept the different specs separated cleanly enough that I think I’d still want both characters of that class.
My secondary Shaman is my Enhancement Shaman; it would feel wierd to play that spec with my primary Shaman.
My secondary Monk is my Brewmaster Monk; it would feel wierd to play that spec with my primary Monk.
My secondary Druid is my melee Druid; it would feel wierd to play the melee specs with my primary Druid who has been a dedicated caster.

I could easily go tri-spec and rotate between the three specs with my primary Mage (the Blood Elf, despite the fact that the Human is currently higher in level), or with my primary Hunter, or with my primary Warrior, or with my primary Paladin.
My secondary Mage is safe because she is my Alliance character.
My secondary Hunter is probably safe because she has the RP role of being the mother of Kamalia & her sisters.
My secondary Warrior and my secondary Paladin are potentially expendable.

Of the classes for which I’m not interested in playing all of the specs, my secondary DK is safe because I want a blue-and-white Tauren.
My secondary Priest is in jeopardy; although the notion of a Tauren Shadow Priest seems to me to be pretty antithetical to who the Tauren are philosophically, I thought that shadow orbs (or ravens) looked kind of cool and I could imagine a Tauren Shadow Priest who was a Grimtotem (the first iteration of that character) or a Yaungol deliberately walking in the Shadow to better understand and defend her people against the Sha (the second iteration of that character). With the way that the class fantasy of Shadow was described at BlizzCon, though — that idea of becoming more shadowy and growing void tendrils and eventually morphing into a void creature — I can’t see myself playing a Tauren Shadow Priest anymore.

Whether the secondary Warrior and the secondary Priest get deleted will ultimately depend on whether only Transmogrifiable quest rewards are added to the Wardrobe, or if all quest rewards are added to the Wardrobe. Specifically, I originally rolled the secondary Monk, Warrior, and Priest (the three characters with the “Yaungol” RP description on my Characters page) as Pandaren, then race-changed them to Tauren after reaching Orgrimmar, so that I could have Tauren with the Wandering Isle clothes for RP-wear.

As for Rogue, Warlock, and Demon Hunter… I could potentially get back into Rouge because the “Outlaw” rework of the Combat spec sounds intriguing and those Artifact rapiers sure look cool. I’m not sure I could get into the new description of the class fantasy for Destruction, even thinking of it as a (very) corrupted Fire Mage. I don’t really dig the Demon Hunter class fantasy, but I’ll probably roll one eventually and play her through the starting experience just for the story of it and to scratch the collector itch of wanting to have my “one of each class” set of alts be complete again.

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Highmountain! You know that I love my Tauren, right? I’m keen to learn some new Tauren lore and the new buildings and so forth look amazing.

High resolution moonkin form! (but no thanks, high resolution seal form, I’ll keep on using Glyph of the Orca)

Flexible leveling! Being able to go through the leveling zones in any order I please will make leveling multiple alts more engaging and entertaining.

Flexible level 110 activities!… though with the way things have been going this semester, I’m concerned that I’ll miss out on some of the activities with the shortest availability windows, especially if Legion doesn’t launch until mid-September — a month after my Fall Semester begins. I sure hope it comes out in late spring or early summer!

Artifact weapons! For the most part, the appearances of the Artifact weapons won’t be affecting my choices of class/spec combinations of alts to to level. Some of them are keen and others I’ll be Mogging over pretty quickly. The rapiers for the Combat Outlaw Rogue look pretty sweet, though — I’d decided to retire my Rogue, but now I’m being tempted to reactivate her. I’m intrigued that the Elemental Shaman weapon is going to be a fist weapon… if I’d known that this was coming, I’d have tried to get Wu-Lai, Bladed Fan of the Consorts for Kamalia back in the Throne of Thunder day.

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