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As I’ve been planning for Shadowlands, focusing on a minimal set of characters, I have to keep fighting back the desire to do more, more, more!

If I did have unlimited time & attention span for WoW, though, it would be fun to…

Level more of my current 110+ alts to 120 and take them to Shadowlands with the following Covenant affiliations:
Kamalia* (Tauren Shaman) — Night Fae
Karaelia* (Tauren Paladin) — Kyrian
Kaohana (Tauren Priest) — Kyrian
Katewatha (Tauren Monk) — Kyrian
Ketura (Tauren Hunter) — Kyrian
Keija (Tauren Warrior) — Night Fae
Kregga (Tauren Death Knight) — Necrolords
Kelisanna (Blood Elf Rogue) — Venthyr
Kiralaira (Blood Elf Demon Hunter) — Venthyr
Kelynaera (Blood Elf Paladin) — Venthyr
Karolissa (Blood Elf Hunter) — Venthyr
Kerithian (Night Elf Druid) — Night Fae

* Kamalia and Karaelia are already leveled to 120, but will not be in the first group of characters I take to Shadowlands


There are certain races that when I see characters of those races out and about in the world, I think to myself, “dang, that character looks cool!” and it makes me want to level my Minor Mage of that race.

This occurs most frequently with:
Darkspear Troll
Night Elf

And occasionally with:
Exodar Draenei
Lightforged Draenei


But I don’t have that kind of time or attention span, so I will have to content myself with admiring other players’ characters.

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Alas, it was wishful thinking that misread the notes about the Echoes of Ny’alotha update to mean that if one character on an account got a rank 1 Shroud of Resolve, all characters would then be able to resume collecting Echoes of Ny’alotha.

Kinevra, Kaelinda, Kalaneia, and Kerisa have now completed “Beginning the Descent” and obtained their rank 1 Shrouds of Resolve. Kinevra has all of her rank 3 Essences; the others can now continue to gather Echoes of Ny’alotha to get the one or two Essences they still need. At some point, I’ll need to run each of them through the rest of the 8.3 questline, so they can cleanse Corrupted items and to decide which of them will take on the task of running Horrific Visions to get the rank 5 appearance for the Shroud of Resolve.

Some other things I still want to do before the Shadowlands pre-launch events begin —
* 7.1 Alliance War Campaign
* Pride of Kul Tiras questline
* recruit Kul Tirans
* Heritage of the Sin’dorei questline
* go back to Broken Isles with Kinevra to finish Order Hall campaign & get Archmage title


Kamalia hadn’t quite finished getting the Mechagon stuff she needed to buy the rank 3 Purification Protocol when the Echoes of Ny’alotha changes came out a couple of weeks ago. She’s now finished that, so bye-bye Mechagon — for good this time!

Kamalia and Karaelia are now retired, more-or-less. Kam will still go out to do Emissaries when the reward is 2K gold, and she’ll send her minions on money missions, but that’s all. I haven’t gotten the Shroud of Resolve with either of them, and I’m not sure if I will.


I’ve been ticking off Mogging goals, too —
* Kinevra & Kaelinda got all that I wanted out of Eternal Palace LFR
* between them, the three cloth wearers collected the Normal Zuldazar cloth dungeon set
* Kerisa got the partial recolor of the Kul Tiras leather dungeon set that comes from reputations and Heroic Mechagon
* Kinevra farmed enough more Seafarers Doubloons to get the other two colors of the Tricorne Hat

Here’s the Mogging stuff I still want to do:
* clothies run Heroic Kul Tiras dungeons to collect that armor set
* clothies LFR Uldir to collect that set
* LFR first and second wings of Dazar’alor to get Phoenixfire Staff and crown from Opulence
* Kinevra farm Darkshore Warfront when it’s up to finish collecting Moonpriest set (just robes & gloves to go!) and get the Sentinel’s Branch staff


And then, of course, I’ll want to level Void Elf Mage, Highmountain Tauren Druid, and Kul Tiran Mage to 120 to get their Heritage Armors. Kaelyla (Void Elf) will also need to get her rank 1 Shroud of Resolve and rank 3 Essences so that she’ll be ready to go to Shadowlands, too; the others may or may not, depending on how much of the rest of my to-do list is still unfinished when they get to level 120.

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My Warlock dinged 120 over the weekend, bringing my count of characters at level 120 up to six. At this point, I think I’m more or less done with leveling high-level characters; I might still push my Night Elf Druid, who is level 114, to level 120, but all my other level 110+ characters will stay put. The remaining leveling I’ll need to do is bringing up the low-level Allied Races characters whom I want to both earn their Heritage Armor and go to Shadowlands.

With all these recent 120s needing Essences for their Hearts of Azeroth, I’ve put Kamalia back to work in Nazjatar, completing the Achievement to earn the Rank 3 Memory of Lucid Dreams, and in Mechagon, collecting the doodads to buy the Rank 3 Purifcation Protocol, so that my other characters can then buy those Essences with Echoes of Ny’alotha. The Nazjatar one will be done sooner; when I checked the Achievement, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I was only four days of companion dailies away from completing it. The 8 Galvanic Oscillators and 20 SPARE crates will take longer, as I won’t necessarily do the Mechagon stuff every day.

But how much will it matter for the characters whom I take to Shadowlands to have a full set of four rank 3 Essences? How soon until we replace the Heart of Azeroth with a new necklace? Will the effects of Essences get deactivated somehow, or will they still be useful?

As for the Sanity Cloak, I should really just go do the questchain to get it with every character whom I intend to continue playing, if only to unlock the ability to purify Corrupted items. I’ve had WQ rewards proc Corrupted several times now, and though they’re often ilevel upgrades, I haven’t equipped them because I don’t have the Sanity Cloak yet — and also because I don’t want the Corrupted visual effects messing up my Sunday Mog Show photoshoots…

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Kinevra hit Exalted with 7th Legion and Proudmoore Admiralty this week, which prompted me to finally go finish the last two chapters of the 7.0 Alliance War Campaign. Then I could go recruit the Dark Iron Dwarves — because no matter how much I tried to talk myself out of recruiting all the Allied Races, I just couldn’t resist pairing up each of the Minor Mages with an Allied Race counterpart:

Kivrinne: Undead Mage, 46, Frost
Kymberlea: Worgen Mage, 32, Fire

Kaoling: Huojin Pandaren Mage, 31, Arcane
Koralyra: Tushui Pandaren Mage, 20, Frost

Keriluna: Night Elf Mage, 32, Arcane
Koralythria: Nightborne Mage, 20, Arcane

Kaprikka: Draenei Mage, 92, Arcane/Frost
Krystaliza: Lightforged Draenei Mage, 20, Arcane

Kelilla: Gnome Mage, 42, Frost
Katrinka: Mechagnome Mage, 20, Frost

Kermione: Goblin Mage, 33, Fire
Khariba: Vulpera Mage, 20, Fire

Kikimaia: Troll Mage, 36, Frost
Kilauea: Zandalari Troll Mage, 20, Fire

Kenosha: Orc Mage, 33, Fire
Keshona: Mag’har Orc Mage, 20, Fire

Khrissalys: Dwarf Mage, 30, Fire
Kronakka: Dark Iron Dwarf Mage, 20, Fire

I have yet to do the 7.1 Alliance War Campaign so that I can recruit the Kul Tirans, but my Kul Tiran Mage will go in with my major characters, like my Void Elf Mage did.

Now that I’ve done (almost) all of them, I think that the Highmountain Tauren, Zandalari Troll, and Dark Iron Dwarf recruitment questlines/scenarios were the most epic, and the Vulpera one was the most fun.

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As the new character customization options that will be available in Shadowlands have begun to stream out of the alpha datamining, a discussion question I’ve seen is, “Will you change your character’s appearance to use any of the new options?”

Well… No — but also Yes.

My characters’ appearances — face, skin tone, and hair color — are a foundational component of their identities. The other day, I was making a new outfit for my Blood Elf Mage, Kaelinda, and I considered changing her hair color to coordinate with the outfit by using the color I think of as “butter blonde” so seriously that I took her to the Barbershop and sat her in the chair and selected that color… and then I couldn’t quite go through with it. Kaelinda just wouldn’t feel like herself with a hair color other than “copper”; even the occasional switch to “red-gold” is a stretch.

When Patch 7.3.5 introduced the golden eyes as a new face customization for Blood Elves, I would very much have liked to give Kaelinda golden eyes, but her face wasn’t one of the three golden-eyed faces. Presently, it occurred to me that I could use one of the golden-eyed faces with a different hair color than Kaelinda’s signature look, and let that appearance represent a different person. Although I don’t change my toon’s name on Blizzard’s servers, when my Blood Elf Mage is customized to this alternate appearance, she also has a different name in my mind and when I talk about her on this blog. And so Kaelydia came into being.

Kaelydia: Blood Elf Mage, no favored spec

This was actually something I’d been doing since around the beginning of Legion.

Prior to Legion, I had a handful of alts who were duplicates of race & class combinations for the purpose of dabbling with the third specs of various classes. When Legion did away with spec restrictions, I deleted those alts. Then I discovered that I wanted those dismissed characters (to borrow a phrase from Gnomecore) to be the ones to use the Artifact weapons associated with the specs I had created them to try, and to wear outfits themed around those specs. That was when I thought, what if I just use the Barbershop to temporarily change the appearance of my existing character of that class to the appearance of the dismissed character?

Kaiuna, Kazithra, and Kaiopeqa — each of them originally a separate alt in her own right — now became alternate appearances — or “Alter-Egos” — of Kerisa, Kaohana, and Kregga.

Kaiuna: curly-coat Tauren Druid, Feral/Guardian

Kazithra: Grimtotem Tauren Priest, Shadow/Discipline

Kaiopeqa: Tauren WarriorDeath Knight, ProtectionBlood

Kaiopeqa also underwent a class change, which is explained in my short story “The Deathlord’s Understudy”

In terms of their personalties and stories (such as they have them), the “main” character and the “Alter-Ego” character remain independent entities. There isn’t suddenly some sort of wierd Jekyll/Hyde thing going on. It’s just that sometimes I want my Tauren Druid to be Kerisa, and sometimes I want her to be Kaiuna.

It didn’t take long for me to start thinking of new uses for this novel way to have more characters without having more alts.

Kishalla appeared next, when I decided that I wanted to collect all of the Legion Artifact weapons, but didn’t feel like the Affliction & Demonology Artifacts were things that Kalaneia would want to have.

Kishalla: Blood Elf Warlock, Affliction/Demonology

Then I had an idea for an outfit that also came with a very specific appearance for the character who would wear it, and Kimmellyn became an Alter-Ego for my Human Mage, Kaylynda.

Kimmellyn: Human Mage, no favored spec

Kimmellyn’s appearance had been chosen to be a younger version of a dismissed Priest alt named Kimorene. Unsurprisingly, Kimorene herself soon re-appeared as another Alter-Ego for Kaylynda.

Kimorene: Human PriestMage, no favored spec

Kaylynda herself is an Alter-Ego of sorts. During Warlords, I wished that my Blood Elf Mage could have the Allliance version of the Mage Tower building for her Garrison. Because I couldn’t do that, I instead changed my Human Mage to look more like my Blood Elf Mage — and, incidentally, more like my RL self — by giving her a different face and red hair. I formally changed the toon’s name to cement her new identity. But when we found out that the Alliance would be going to Kul Tiras in Battle for Azeroth, my original Human Mage, who had been a girl from Theramore and strongly loyal to Jaina Proudmoore, wanted to be the one to go to Kul Tiras. And so Kinevra returned as an Alter-Ego appearance for Kaylynda.

Kinevra: Human Mage, Frost/Arcane/Fire

After I made friends with Alunaria (whose blogging presence I dearly miss, and I hope that she & her family are doing okay in the current world crisis), I was inspired to create a Night Elf Druid, whom I named Kerithian, after the female elf character that my husband has created in different versions for several D&D games and video games.

Kerithian wasn’t my first Night Elf Druid; in fact, a Night Elf Druid had been one of my very earliest alts. Presently, I brought back that long, long ago-dismissed character as an Alter Ego for Kerithian — in part because I wanted that character to eventually take on the Night Warrior customization.

Kivrin: Night Elf Druid, Feral

So with new options for character customization coming in Shadowlands, I won’t be dismissing any of my current characters by permanently changing their appearances* — and thus, their identities — to something new… but I just might have some new Alter Egos make their debuts. In particular, I’m thinking that it is highly likely that either Kaelinda or Kalaneia will manifest a new Alter Ego who has one of the new heterochromatic eye colors and either the darkest or the next-darkest of the new skin tones that will become available to Blood Elves. Furthermore, we haven’t yet seen previews for new customizations for Tauren; it’s likely that one or more of my Tauren characters will spin off an Alter Ego to make use of the new customizations that I like the best.

*With the exception of eye color — I’m excited about eye color not being tied to face selection anymore, and I will probably spend a lot of time at the Barbershop selecting the perfect eye color for each of my characters after the new customizations go live

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As you might have already seen, Wowhead has previews up for the Covenant-specific armor sets: Kyrian/Bastion, Night Fae/Ardenweald, Venthyr/Revendreth, Necrolords/Maldraxxus.Update: this WoWhead post on April 28 is a hub for all the colors of all the armor types of all the Covenants — 4 armor types x 4 colors x 4 Covenants = 64 Covenant sets in all

Of the cloth sets, I think my favorite is the Night Fae. It will be beautiful on my Void Elf Mage! The Venthyr cloth set has turned out to be the least exciting of the Venthyr sets to me; it doesn’t look like it will play mix-and-match with the Sin’dorei Heritage Armor as well as the plate and leather sets will. I do like that it has both robe and tunic options, though… and I am already imagining how I could use its pieces to play mix-and-match with various items of existing gear. So my Blood Elf Mage will get it. The Kyrian set looks very Priestly, which isn’t really all that surprising. I’m finding myself wondering if might look more awesome on a Kul Tiran rather than my Eastern Kingdoms Human Mage. And my Warlock is thinking, yeah, there might could be some mix-and-match things she could do with the Necrolords set (and all my Mages are still going nope-nope-nope about it).

My Druid — whichever one of the three it ends up being — will go Night Fae, of course, so it’s a good thing that I like the set (especially the glowy acorn-shaped flasks on the belt). The Venthyr leather sets have my Rogue and Demon Hunter clamoring to be leveled to go to the Shadowlands. My Monk would be the one to choose Kyrian. As for the Necrolords set… nope, Nope, NOPE.

Only the Night Fae and Maldraxxus collections currently have mail sets available. I definitely like the Night Fae set (minus the silly shoulders), so that’s good because that’s almost certainly the Covenant that Kamalia would choose from an RP perspective. That would leave it to one of my Hunters or other Shaman to pick up the Kyrian or Venthyr sets. While T13 did do feathers for Shaman successfully, the metallic nature of the Kyrian mail set makes it seem more suited to a Hunter to me.

In plate, the Kyrian set is the choice of my Tauren Paladin, and the Venthyr set is the choice of my Blood Elf Paladin. My Warrior isn’t excited about any of them, and even my Death Knight is saying “meh, I guess, maybe?” about the Necrolords set.

Looking at the backpieces, I like all three of the Kyrian backpieces and all three of the Night Fae backpieces. I like the first two of the Venthyr backpieces; I’d probably only use the first one (with the lanterns) for a Mage and I’d use the second one (with the knives) for a Paladin, a Rogue, or a Demon Hunter. Of the Necrolords backpieces, the only one my Warlock wants is the third one, but my Death Knight admits that the second one would be kind of a neat look for her Wardrobe.

All this analysis is really just pie-in-the-sky daydreaming, though, considering that I’ve already decided to restrict my adventures in Shadowlands to four cloth-wearers + a Druid, and that even getting those five through will probably end up being a challenge, given the way Battle for Azeroth has gone for me due to RL circumstances.

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Something that’s been bothering me about the Kyrians of Bastion ever since the initial previews at Blizzcon is how they all look like humans. My characters of other races won’t want to turn into humans in the afterlife, they’ll want to stay themselves.

I’d love to see some more skilled artist than myself create a set of images depicting each of the other player character races with the stance, clothes, blue & white coloration, and angelic wings of the Kyrian, but with the proportions and features unique to each race. #KyrianButStillMe

Looking at the Oribos and Bastion quest sets, Covenant cloak replacements, miscellaneous armor bits, and weapon models — and the various NPC and creature models, though I’m not going to link those Wowhead datamining posts — I’m definitely finding myself drawn most strongly to the aesthetics of Bastion/Kyrian and Ardenweald/Night Fae.
* Kaelinda will still be pursuing Revendreth/Venthyr (because Kael’thas), and my Demon Hunter and Rogue are getting all googly-eyed over what has been shown so far of the Revendreth/Venthyr leather gear.
* All of my other Mages are going nope-nope-nope about the Maldraxxus/Netherlords gear. Yes, even my Forsaken Mage. Kivrinne says, “I’m not that kind of Forsaken! When I eventually go to the Shadowlands for real, I’m going to want to be Kyrian!”
* My Warlock, however, is looking at the Maldraxxus/Netherlords stuff and rubbing her chin saying, “hmmmm, I could maybe go for that cloak replacement with the green floaty stones…”

I haven’t yet pre-purchased Shadowlands because I decided to hold off on doing that until I’d gotten a character of each armor type to level 120 in BfA. So I’ve still got to get Kerisa to level 120 before I’ll buy Shadowlands — but when I do, Kerithian and Kalaneia are now bickering over who will get the level 120 Boost.
* Kalaneia says that she should get it so that she can go be my ambassador to Maldraxxus/Netherlords, since all the Mages are too wimpy to do it.
* Kerithian says that she should get it so that she can be the Druid who will go to Ardenweald/Night Fae, because now that I’ve written two small children into Kerisa’s RP story, how can I possibly put Kerisa’s family through the trauma of sending her to the Shadowlands? and it is uncertain if I’ll manage to get Kasheena leveled to 120 in time for Shadowlands.

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I don’t remember if it was another player I saw wearing a tricorne hat or just the Boralus NPCs who reminded me about the cosmetic tricorne hats that can be purchased with Seafarer’s Doubloons. At any rate, a week or so ago, I decided to give Island Expeditions a try with Kinevra with the goal of getting those hats. When I discovered how few Seafarer’s Doubloons are awarded from one Island Expedition run, I decided to just get the faction-neutral Gray Tricorne Hat! I’ve been doing 1-3 Island Expedition runs with Kinevra each day; my goal is to get at least 5 Seafarer’s Doubloons per day.

In one run, I observed that one of my party members was not yet level 120. That reminded me that after one character on an account unlocks Island Expeditions, they become available for subsequent characters immediately upon arriving in Boralus/Dazar’alor and can be used for leveling. So I decided to see how much of a level I’d get out of an Island Expedition using the current double XP buff. One Island Expedition run gave Karaelia about a third of a level. She ditched Nazmir, made a quick run through just enough of Vol’dun to get to the Vulpera Hideaway, and then chain-queued for Island Expeditions until she became my third level 120.

Brine & Barnacles

Zanj’ir Scaleguard set with Reactive Waraxe and Deepwarden Redoubt
This is the Benthic plate armor set from Nazjatar.

She’s gotten her Heart of Azeroth upgraded to level 50 and imbued it with the Rank 1 Crucible of Flame. After ignoring the War Campaign while she was leveling, she helped Rexxar recapture the foothold in Stormsong Valley, so now she has access to Kul Tiras. Now, she’ll sit and watch for 2000 gold Emisarries and for a WQ to award the pants from the Vol’dun recolor of the Zandalar quest plate set. She’ll also do the Tortollan Emissary whenever it’s available, because the Tortollans will sell her a really sweet looking plate belt when she gets to be Exalted with them.

Kerisa is up next. She’s currently level 118 and resting at the Temple of Akunda in Vol’dun. I’ll probably finish that chapter of the Vol’dun storyline with her — rescue Warguard Rakera and the rest of the Akunda disciples from having to be brainwashed cultists and all that — but after that, I’m now feeling quite seriously inclined to complete whatever remains of her leveling to 120 by running Island Expeditions.

I do wish there was some way to stay on an Island and fully explore all its nooks and crannies — without having to worry about encountering enemies — after the Expedition is complete, though. I love the landscapes the art team creates, and it would be nice to be able to just sightsee around the Islands.

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Let’s see now, where am I at on my BfA bucket list?

Here’s the list, again:

1) Kinevra needs to get to 120 and do the Alliance War Campaign while there will still be enough folks in BfA LFR for there to be reasonable queue times. This is a primary goal partly for seeing the Alliance side of the story and partly for being able to recruit the Kul Tirans and roll a gorgeous curvy ringlet-haired Kul Tiran Mage.
Kinevra recently finished the Nazjatar (8.2) segment of the War Campaign. She has completed 6/8 chapters of the 8.0 Alliance War Campaign.

2) Kaelinda needs to get to 120 and get the Sin’dorei Heritage Armor.
As much as I’d like to get the Sin’dorei Heritage Armor, I’m prioritizing Kerisa and Karaelia ahead of Kaelinda for the current double XP buff because she’s a duplicate clothie, whereas leveling the other two will get me a character of each of the four armor types at level 120.

3) Kerisa needs to get to 120 so that she can wear all of the Island Expeditions stuff I’ve collected off of the AH for her and to be in position to potentially be my first Horde character to level in 9.0 (because Balance Druids, with their self-heals, are more robust than Mages).
Kerisa is currently 118; hopefully I can find enough time during the next month, around the extra workload of doing my classes online, to be able to get her to 120 before the double XP buff runs out.

4) After reaching 120 and kitting themselves up in Benthic gear (they all already have full sets of tokens awaiting them), Kinevra, Kaelinda, and Kerisa need to go smack the Jadefire Masters and Opulence around until they cough up the Phoenixfire Staff and the crown, respectively. A lesser degree of LFR priority is collecting the Uldir and Eternal Palace LFR cloth sets.
Kinevra netted the Eternal Palace gown during her Azshara run for the questchain. Now I’m trying to decide how much I want to spend time in queue for the rest of Eternal Palace to pick up other items from that set. The pieces I’m most interested in are those snazzy golden-toed shoes and the shell/fan belt, though it would be nice to have the gloves and shoulders as well.
I’ve been doing the second wing of Dazar’alor with Kinevra and burning a bonus roll token on Opulence, and while I’ve seen other people winning crowns, I’m still trying for it — and I might never see it at all, if the 1.7% drop rate on Wowhead is accurate…

5) Kamalia needs to get her Heart of Azeroth to level 70 (currently at 65) so she can see all of the dragon stories currently available, and then to whatever level is required for the additional bit(s) of dragon story that will be in 8.3.

6) Kinevra would like to collect the Darkshore Warfront set. Kerithian may not need to get to 120 if the Night Warrior customization option unlocks for her when Kinevra does the Darkshore Warfront introduction questline.
Indeed, my Night Elf Druid is now a dark-eyed Kaldorei. Kinevra hasn’t gotten out to the Darkshore Warfront to start collecting that gear yet, though.

7) Void Elf, Highmountain Tauren, Kul Tiran, Vulpera, and maaaaybe Nightborne alts will eventually want to be leveled for their Heritage Armors, but this will remain a low priority, long game project.
We’ll see if the Void Elf and Highmountain Tauren manage to get any double XP playtime after Kerisa, Karaelia, and Kaelinda have gotten to 120. I did finally get around to spending about half of Kamalia’s accumulated gold to upgrade all of my cloth and Intellect-leather Heirlooms to scale all the way to 120. Hmm, I wonder how Heirlooms will be dealt with in the new leveling paradigm for Shadowlands…?


Kamalia and Kinevra are, so far, my lead “story experience” characters. They will be the ones who will do the greatest amount of the stuff that’s available to do at 120.

As other characters reach 120, I’ll probably do only minimal stuff with them — I’ve got plenty of Benthic tokens lying around to kit them up with, and then they can go to Nazjatar for long enough to unlock the Chamber of Heart questline to boost the Heart of Azeroth to level 50. Then maybe do enough of Nazjatar and Mechagon to get the Rank 1 Essences from those factions, maybe pursue the Crucible of Flame questline up to whatever level their other activities give them enough AP for? Maybe do WQs that award gear to collect gear appearances? Maybe farm Uldir, since those raid sets are the ones that I consider to be the most handsome and desirable out of this expansion?

Getting the Sanity Cloak to Rank 5 is all I want to accomplish out of the 8.3 content. Kinevra’s probably the one who’ll end up doing it because her gear and Heart level have surpassed Kamalia’s and I don’t think I’ll want to spend the time to get Kerisa or Karaelia geared up to do it instead.


Looking ahead to Shadowlands, I’ll be bringing four Mages: Kaylynda for the Kyrian, Kaelinda for the Venthyr, Kaelyla for the Night Fae, and probably my yet-to-be-created Kul Tiran for the Necrolords. The example “Necrolords aren’t necessarily evil” hero soul that we’ll find in Maldraxxus being Draka, I’ve been beginning to ponder what my Kul Tiran’s backstory could be for her to be warlike/battle-hardened enough to choose that faction. Should she be a pirate lass from Tiragarde Sound? Or maybe a forest girl from Drustvar?

Kerisa — or perhaps Kasheena, if I get her leveled to 120 before Shadowlands arrives — will probably go because from what we know so far, it just seems like I ought to do the Ardenweald/Night Fae covenant story with a Druid. Karaelia will undoubtably choose Kyrian if she goes. And Kamalia, if she goes, will probably choose whichever of Kyrian or Night Fae has the armor that I find more appealing.

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The only 15th Anniversary event activity that I did was the Trivia Quiz daily for virtually free XP.
I did it with seven characters — three Mages, three Druids, and a Paladin. I only missed one day, in the middle of Finals Week when I was frantically trying to work through my enormous pile of neglected lab report grading.

Kaylynda began at 115 and ended at 119.
Kaelinda began at 114 and ended at 117.
Kerisa began at 111 and ended at 116.
Karaelia began at 111 and ended at 115.
Kerithian began at 111 and ended at 114.
Kaelyla began at 36 and ended at 58
Kasheena began at 28 and ended at 46

The two high-level Mages also did the BfA Rank 2 Herbalism quests (except Akunda’s Bite) and Professions quests at the December Darkmoon Faire. The other two high-level Horde characters did a little bit of Zandalar gathering and Professions quests at the Darkmoon Faire, too. Kerithian didn’t do any gathering or Darkmoon Faire.

Kaylynda will still have a lot of Kul Tiras storyline questing left to do when she dings 120. Ah, well, she’ll need the reputation if she wants to get those pretty Kul Tiras horses.

I’d originally thought that I might try to play Kaelyla through all of the Night Elf zones of Kalimdor for her leveling from 20 – 60. She’s done so much alternative leveling, though, that now she should really just go on to Outland and/or Northrend. Maybe it’ll be Keriluna who eventually gets to see the Kalimdor Night Elf stories, after all.

Between Christmas and New Years, I also managed to eke out some time to run Circle of Stars LFR with Kamalia, so that I could then go do the 8.2.5 “Where’s Wrathion?” questline. I particularly enjoyed that questline for its appropriate use of older locations. The weaving in of new Dragonflight stories with the Chamber of Heart story has become one of my favorite strands of BfA lore. Kamalia is almost to Heart level 70… and I very much hope that the new Dragonflight lore in 8.3 (which I know is present, but about which I have not spoilt myself) is NOT gated behind further Heart levels, because I sure am tired of chasing Azerite champion missions and Humming Azerite Heart Emissaries.

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