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Being a Death Knight, Kregga must admit to being undead. Being neither Human nor High Elf in origin, however, she has no particular loyalty or affinity for Sylvanas Windrunner. Nonetheless, it amuses me to think of populating her Garrison with Forsaken, Death Knights, and Ghosts.
So I took her out to gather up all the quest & zone followers who fit into those categories — including temporarily replacing her Trading Post with a Lumber Mill so she could get Alexi Barov. I did some other questing here and there along the way, not necessarily in linear zone order…

That makes seven level 100 characters.

I don’t think I should try to predict which of the remaining nine will be next to reach the level cap. They keep surprising me this expansion. It probably won’t be the one that I currently think looks the most likely.

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It. Is. Coming.

So, um, Wrathion… could you, would you possibly update that spiffy cloak you gave me so that it might actually be useful now, when your vision is finally coming true?

Hmm, so if Legion proper drops at the end of August, we can probably expect the pre-patch sometime around the end of July. That gives me three months to make significant progress on the following Warlords objectives:

* Finish leveling alts to 100
Balance Druid (98)
Frost Death Knight (97)
Paladin (96)
Warrior (96)
Warlock (96)
Blood Elf Mage (95)
Priest (95)
Rogue (94)
Enhancement Shaman (94)
Feral Druid (62; will probably get the boost when I pre-purchase Legion sometime in the next few weeks)

* Get to 150 Draenor Pet Battles for level 3 Menagerie — I got a slow start with pet battles (and pet charms) in this expansion. I ignored them entirely until Kura started coming to the Garrison in Patch 6.1, and then I only battled Kura if she was in one of my Garrisons. Things picked up after the Pet Battling Monk came out to Draenor a few months ago. She’s been training up pets against Ashlei (and occasionally Gargra) and should finish up that achievement in another couple of weeks.

* Do Silver Proving Grounds and UBRS with Alliance Mage because Millhouse Manastorm — I made myself go to Proving Grounds with this character this weekend, but it took me two tries to get past Bronze and I failed Silver on the third wave, so I’ll have to keep trying…

* Complete Savage Blood Transmogrification project. I have three Alchemists producing Savage Blood as fast as their Alchemy work orders and daily transmutes allow, but what I really need to do is keep my two level 3 Barns fully stocked with trapped elite wolves — I’ve recently discovered that having a Skinner staffing the Barn gives a much higher ratio of Savage Blood produced per number of elite beasts trapped!

* Go back to Nagrand with Alliance Mage to see the last part of Y’rel’s storyline and to see what’s up with Vindicator Nobundo’s strange feeling of being drawn to the Throne of the Elements — I just need to get out there and do it one of these weekends.

* Finish Stables taming quests and mounted combat challenges to get Stable Master title for the Hunter.

* Do Tanaan with the Balance Druid so that she can have all four of the Arakkoa Followers on her Garrison team.

* I guess I should try to do Tanaan with one of my Mages to see if I can get the Hellfire Citadel Mage tier-lookalike robes from the level 3 Shipyard, but who knows if I’ll actually get around to doing it… at least all the ship equipment blueprints are account-wide now, so I won’t have to worry about that.

Kamalia has too many Tauren Followers yet to recruit to be able to accomplish recruiting them all herself before Legion — she’ll probably be coming back to her Garrison from the Broken Isles once a week to check Akanja’s recruit list for weeks or months before that happens. But perhaps once I get more alts leveled up to 100, I might be able to collect all the Tauren Followers between the Garrisons of all my Tauren characters.

My grand imaginations of curating class or race-themed collections of Followers in my alts’ Garrisons may not get very far before Legion arrives. My alts will probably lag behind Kamalia in going to the Broken Isles for weeks or months, though, and while they’re waiting, they’ll just be sitting in their Garrisons, recruiting.

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When I was One,
I had just begun.

When I was Two,
I was nearly new.

When I was Three,
I was hardly Me.

When I was Four,
I was not much more.

When I was Five,
I was just alive.

But now I am Six, I’m as clever as clever.
So I think I’ll be six now for ever and ever.

— A A Milne

So here it is my blogiversary again, time for me to take stock of what I have accomplished in WoW and in blogging in the past year.

Since the last one, I’ve actually managed to level up some alts. Kam was my only level 100 at this time last year; now I have six level 100 characters. I’m not quite sure who’ll be the seventh, though at the moment, I’m thinking it might be the Druid. She’s almost to level 98 from the relatively passive XP available through the Garrison, so whenever I manage to get her out to Spires of Arak to play through the Arakkoa storyline, it will probably get her almost all the way to level 100. Someone else might surprise me, though, like the way that the secondary Monk suddenly charged ahead to be the sixth.

Blogging-wise, I think I did manage to keep up with posting about once a week. As the time since my last post starts to get longer than about three days, I start thinking about what I might post next — though I often don’t manage to make whatever post I’m thinking about until the weekend. I’ve been working on a handful of Transmogrification projects that are being gated by failure of items to drop from the old raids I’ve been farming and by the rate at which I can accumulate Savage Bloods from collecting Primal Spirits and the transmutation efforts of two (now three) Alchemists (I have level 3 Barns in Kam’s Garrison and in my Hunter’s Garrison, but despite the fact that trapping Elite beasties is so much easier and more fun with my Hunter than it is with Kam, I still don’t go out to Nagrand to do trapping with either of them very often).

I think next year’s goals will the be same as last year’s: do whatever in WoW I most feel like doing in the moment and whatever I accomplish will be what I accomplish, and try to post at least once a week.

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So, the word from the Legion alpha is that the Beast Mastery Hunter Artifact questline is substantially similar to the Protection Warrior Artifact questline. The word I saw used was “mirror”. I’m guessing this means that they take place in the same zone(s) and feature essentially the same lore reveals/plotline. The Discipline Priest and Arcane Mage quests are apparently also “mirrors” of each other. I’m gonna hazard a guess that because the Affliction Warlock and Balance Druid Artifacts are both scythes hidden away under Karazhan, those Artifact questlines also mirror each other.

Anyhow, although the arrival of Legion is still some distance off and there’s a good chance that most of my alts won’t be ready even when it does get here, it’s been amusing me to think about which spec I want to choose as my primary (first Artifact choice) for each character.

Whether Kamalia levels as Resto or as Elemental depends on whether BTH comes back for Legion just to play the leveling part of the game with me. If he does, Kam will level as Resto. If he doesn’t, Kam will level as Elemental because I’m more fascinated by the description of the Elemental Artifact than by that of the Resto Artifact. It does puzzle me somewhat, though, that it’s the Ra-den fist weapon Artifact going to Elemental Shaman and the Tol’vir fist weapon Artifact going to Windwalker Monks, and not the other way around. Whichever spec she doesn’t pick first, she’ll do as her second Artifact. Kamalia will most likely quest in Highmountain first.
Mini-Kam will pick up the Doomhammer. I don’t know where she’ll go first.

My Hunter has been Beast Mastery for most of her life, but I’m thinking that I’ll level her as Survival for the Highmountain lore that accompanies the Eagle Spear. Then she’ll do Beast Mastery as soon as the option to pick up a second Artifact becomes available. Eventually, she’ll get around to doing Marksmanship, because dangitall if that Windrunner bow doesn’t look amazing, and also to try out the novelty of Hunting pet-less. She will probably quest in Highmountain first, too.

My Warrior is currently planning to be Arms first because Mr Rossi says the Arms Artifact questline is awesome and also because I think it’s the coolest looking of the Warrior Artifacts. She’ll do Fury next because Titan’s Grip, then Prot last. She’ll probably quest in Stormheim first.

My primary Druid is Balance first and Resto a distant second. My secondary Druid is Feral first and Guardian a distant second. My Druids will most likely quest in Val’sharah first.

My Blood Elf Mage will continue to be Fire for Felo’melorn. My Human Mage will go Arcane for Aluneth. One or the other (or both, perhaps) of them will eventually pick up Ebonchill. They will probably quest in Azsuna first.

My primary Monk will probably level as Mistweaver to get Shaohao’s staff, then get the Windwalker fist weapon. My secondary Monk will get the Monkey King’s staff, of course. I’m not sure where they’ll quest first.

I haven’t quite decided yet whether my Paladin will go Prot first or Holy first. She’ll do Ret, too, eventually, because sometimes I have Paladin mog ideas that want a 2H weapon. I haven’t figured out which zone she’ll quest in first.

I also haven’t quite decided whether my Priest will go Disc first or Holy first. She’s been Disc most of her life, and the Disc Artifact looks pretty cool — but so does the Holy one. She’ll probably quest in Stormheim first to learn more about the Val’kyr.

My Death Knight is Frost, and she’ll probably end up questing in Stormheim first.

My Warlock is Destruction, my Rogue is Outlaw, and my Demon Hunter will be Havoc, and they’ll most likely quest in Azsuna first.

Have you had any thoughts or begun to make any plans about what spec you want to level as and which zone you want to start leveling in?

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Mr Rossi has been reporting from the Legion alpha that all specs are available to a character and can be switched between for a relatively small placeholder/TBA cost; the real barrier to spec-switching is the Artifact weapon. I wouldn’t be surprised if getting the Artifact weapons for one’s other specs won’t be available until level 110, but as long as I can eventually get the Artifact weapons for all specs on the same charcter, I think I can live with that.

Along with not needing a secondary character to play the third specs of Warrior, Paladin, and Hunter anymore — and not being interested in all three specs of DK and Priest — I’ve realized that after I get my secondary Monk and Druid to Draenor and into their Garrisons, I don’t want any more Garrisons. I’m starting to get a bit burnt out on Garrison management. Having secondary characters of Warrior, Paladin, and Priest around was making me feel like I ought to be leveling them and bringing them up to Draenor, too.

So, goodbye, minor alts. I have deleted my secondary Tauren Warrior, Paladin, and Priest, all of whom were under level 40. I’ve kept around my secondary DK, Shaman, Monk, and Druid. The DK, Monk, and Shaman are already level 90+ (and the Druid is 60+), the DK was a special leveling project and has special looks, and I’ve gotten so comfortable being the third spec of Shaman, Monk, and Druid with these secondary characters that it would just feel wierd and wrong to try playing those specs with my primaries.

My secondary Warrior was named Kaobeka, a deliberate anagram of Akabeko. (Although I respect Akabeko’s reasons for quitting WoW, after two years, I still miss her.) My secondary Monk has been named Koralyra because I like the way it sounds. About the time that I began to think about deleting my secondary Warrior, I decided that when I did, I would re-name my secondary Monk to Kaobeka. In part, this is because I think a Monk is a better homage to Akabeko and her stories than a Warrior anyway. And in part, this is because I decided that I want to use the name Koralyra for my Demon Hunter. So Kaobeka the Warrior is gone, Koralyra the Monk is now Kaobeka, and Koralyra the Blood Elf Demon Hunter will return when Legion launches.

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So, the first question in The Queue this morning was:

What’s the biggest piece of information you’re waiting for from the Legion Alpha, other than a firm release date? No spoilers, please.

Me, I wanna know Is triple spec (or quad, for Druids), really gonna be a thing in Legion?

I’m realizing that as well as not really having the playtime or the energy to play more alts than I currently have at Level 90+, I don’t really have the interest in playing any more characters, either. I have a few sub-Level 30 alts that I rolled to play the third specs of classes where I’d kind of like to try all three specs, but don’t want to have to keep respeccing my primary character of those classes. As soon as it was hinted at Blizzcon that we might get triple spec in Legion, I began thinking about just up and deleting those alts — but I need to know whether or not we’re actually going to get triple spec before I hit the Delete Character button.

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With the year having just changed, and Legion actually being in testing, now seems like a good time to make a list of things I’d like to finish up in Warlords during the next several months.

* Level Kaylynda the Human Mage to 100 and…
— She is currently level 98 and still has the Yrel storyline in Talador to do, so she will probably reach level 100 sometime in Spires of Arak. I’ll still do at least the Yrel storyline in Nagrand with her.
— Grind Ogre Waystones so that I can upgrade her Mage Tower to level 3
— Go to Tanaan and get to Revered with Lion’s Watch so that she can use the Karabor Councilor costume toy
— Consult Wowhead on the best way to get through Silver Proving Grounds with a Mage, and then suffer through UBRS to recruit Millhouse Manastorm

* Level Kaelinda the Blood Elf Mage and the rest of my primary Tauren characters to 100
— take Kerisa the Scribe to Tanaan to get the technique for the Ascendance glyph
— collect followers from zones and questlines, including Tanaan if necessary, according to each character’s follower selection priorities
— collect Jukebox tunes so that no-one has to listen to the default Garrison music anymore, attempting to give each charater a unique aural profile (this may not actually be possible, because there are only so many of those tunes that are both relatively easy to get and ones I really like)
— getting the Warlock and the Rogue to 100 before the Legion pre-launch event begins will happen if it happens, but I’m not going to push to make it happen, nor stress too much if it doesn’t

* Follow up on my “Savage Blood” Transmogrification post by creating those outfits (or variations upon those initial designs) in-game and making a post about the final collection.

* Complete a few other themed Transmogrification collections that I’ve been thinking about and for which I’ve been gradually acquiring items.

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