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When I first saw this image in the leaked Patch 9.1 press kit last Thursday, I wondered, “what is that fifth armor set — the one on the Nightborne?”

It looked a bit like the Venthyr set on the Human, but why would they show two sets for one Covenant, but not any of the others?

Looking at the slides from the What’s Next Panel about these new Covenant armor sets, I see that the Nightborne is wearing the robe version of the Venthyr set, and the Human is wearing the tunic version of the Venthyr set. The panel slides show both a robe and a tunic version for the Kyrian set, too. The Night Fae and Necrolord sets only seem to have one version each, though. These, of course, will be the primary goal I will work toward in 9.1 content.

Continuation and convergence of the Covenant stories was only to be expected. It’s good that the devs have thought of a story fill-in mechanism for people who haven’t played all four of the Covenant stories. I don’t think I’ll manage to get through all four Covenant stories myself by the time Patch 9.1 comes out, so I might have to just accept getting spoiled about the ones I haven’t finished yet rather than holding myself back from doing the 9.1 content.

Flying in 9.1, good, good — and even better that earning it only requires completing a 9.1 Covenant campaign, which is something that I’m going to do anyway. I don’t mind flying being only in the four leveling zones; that will take most of the bite out of not having the Flight Whistle. I’m not particularly excited about any of the Covenant flying mounts, though.

Tazavesh, the Broker dungeon, sounds really cool — but I’ll bide my time until the two-wing Heroic version comes out in a later patch to attempt to get that sweet Broker hoverdisc mount.

I am, at the moment, of mixed minds regarding Korthia. It’s obviously going to be the central location for the continuation of the Covenant campaigns, so I’m sure I’ll spend a certain amount of time there advancing those stories. In the past couple of expansions, however, I haven’t done much in the post-X.0 content. In Legion, I did barely enough of the Legionfall campaign to get each of my characters their final Champion, I only fully completed the Legionfall campaign with one character to get their Class mount (and I didn’t do that until late Battle for Azeroth), and I only did the Argus campaign with one character (though all of my active characters at the time did unlock the Vindicaar teleport). In Battle for Azeroth, I did the War Campaign just once on each side of the faction divide, I fully completed the Nazjatar campaign with three characters, I only completed the Mechagon campaign with one character (and only even went there at all with two), and after getting the stage 1 Shroud of Resolve with each of my active characters I ignored the rest of the Black Empire campaign. Thus, it’s likely that unless Korthia offers some really great new options for Anima income, once I’ve completed the 9.1 Covenant campaigns and done whatever was needed to obtain the new Covenant armor sets, I’ll go back to puttering around in the 9.0 content.

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