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There are several handsome green and brown leather kilts of which I am quite fond.


Giant-Friend Kilt

Roiling Gardens

Shoulders of the Roiling Inferno, Blessed Elunite Coverings, Dragonmaw Emergency Strap, Giant-Friend Kilt, Marshseeker Gloves, Staff of the Verdant Circle

Overgrowth Tender

Mantle of Gnarled Overgrowth, Shaladrassil Tunic, Overgrowth Cutter Belt, Giant-Friend Kilt, Master Brewer’s Gloves, Kihrawr’s Scratching Post


Guise of the Tidal Lurker, Hateful Gladiator’s Wyrmhide Spaulders, Shroud of Nature’s Harmony, Orgrimmar Belt, Giant-Friend Kilt, Thunderlord Gloves, Stolen Idra’kess Drape, Green Workman’s Shirt, Thunder Eagle Staff


Breeches of Natural Aggression

Jungle Chronicler

Shoulders of the Roiling Inferno (LFR), Sunglow Vest, Dragonmaw Emergency Strap (LFR), Breeches of Natural Aggression, Shardtooth Gloves, Zangarra Scepter, Sunsworn Transcription

Gaudy Conifer

Darkbrand Shoulders, Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater, Toenail Belt, Breeches of Natural Aggression, Oilrag Handwraps*, Boots of the Flowering Earth, Brutality Blade


Darkbrand Shoulders, Grizzly Jerkin, Toenail Belt, Breeches of Natural Aggression, Oilrag Handwraps* + Efrem’s Bracers, Boots of the Flowering Earth, Brutality Blade

Conifer Cone

Darkbrand Shoulders, Grizzly Jerkin, Toenail Belt, Breeches of Natural Aggression, Oilrag Handwraps* + Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Bindings of Meditation, Conifer Cone Staff


Nature-Stitched Kilt

Misty Moss

Feathermoon Headdress, Wild Shoulderpads, Imperial Leather Breastplate, Green Belt of Hushed Wisdom, Nature-Stitched Kilt/Blackfathom Leggings, Ranger gloves, Swift Cenarion Footwear, Aspirant’s Staff of Harmony/Scar-Shell’s Scintillating Staff

Samaramon’s Black-and-Yellow

Contender’s Wyrmhide Shoulders, Pozzik’s Vest, Serene Yellow Belt, Nature-Stitched Kilt, Frostwolf Scout’s Gloves, Gouging Staff


Somber Shawl, Headhunter’s Armor, Thatch Eave Vines, Nature-Stitched Kilt, Runesworn Grips, Sablehide Footwraps, Illidari Warglaive


Clefthoof Hide Leggings

Everlasting Efflorescence

Crown of Boundless Courage, Cenarion Spaulders, Chestpiece of Malorne, Vine Waistband, Clefthoof Hide Leggings, Forest Leather Gloves, Forestlord Striders, Gossamer-Spun Greatcloak, Staff of the Verdant Circle


Kilt of Immortal Nature

Nimble Serpent

Bladefang Spaulders, Nimbletoe Chestguard, Green Belt of Hushed Wisdom, Kilt of Immortal Nature, Throat-Ripper Gauntlets, Drape of Smoldering Dreams, Gouging Staff

Alunaria’s Adornments

Conquerors Nightsong Cover, Mantle of Gnarled Overgrowth, Shaladrassil Tunic, Hozen-Speed Waistband, Kilt of Immortal Nature, Shardtooth Gloves, Dreadlord’s Tattered Wingcover (LFR), Embroidered Shirt, Tabard of the Dreamweavers, Warmongering Combatant’s Battle Staff


Blazewing’s Furious Kilt

Flickering Forest

Guise of the Tidal Lurker, Flickering Shoulderpads, Supple Vest (2-655), Green Belt of Hushed Wisdom, Blazewing’s Furious Kilt, Poorly Styled Gloves, Smoot’s Shredded Smock, Halberd of Desolation

Sha Stalker

Cursed Vision of Sargeras, Supple Shoulderguards (1-640), Raiment of Silent Stars, Cord of Sha Savagery, Blazewing’s Furious Kilt, Gloves of the Blind Stalker, Fist of the Deity

Slayer of Manifestations of Negative Emotions

Cursed Vision of Sargeras, Supple Shoulderguards (1-640), Serpentskin Armor, Cord of Sha Savagery, Blazewing’s Furious Kilt, Gloves of the Blind Stalker, Treads of Illidari Supremacy, Ethereum Phase Blade

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The first two versions of this set are collected from the Hour of Twilight dungeons from Cataclysm. The third version is the Season 4 Trial of Style set.

Whisperwind Regalia, Fate Regalia, Tranquil Spiritbind Regalia


Whisperwind Regalia

Whispering Winds

Crown of the Fire Festival, Mantle of Time, Whisperwind Robes, Communal Sash, Safeguard Gloves, Communal Stave


Fate Regalia

Flames of Fate

Firehawk Hood (N), Mantle of False Virtue, Robes of Fate, Mage-Fury Girdle, Archivist’s Gloves, Oilfoot Slippers, Felo’melorn (default appearance, original tint)

Bronze Chronomancer

Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses, Time Lord’s Mantle (N), Robes of Fate, Archivist’s Gloves, Gnomish Inventor Boots, Keepers of Time Tabard, Key to the Planes


Tranquil Spiritbind Regalia

Darkened Shore, Dusky Woods

Tranquil Spiritbind Regalia with Obsidian-Flecked Cowl, Master’s Belt, Cloak of Untold Secrets, and Hardened Root Staff

Miss Lorrayne

Hat of the Youngest Sister, Deadwalker Mantle*, Tranquil Spiritbind Robes, Belt of False Promises, Cobalt-Threaded Gloves + Paper Roll Bracers, Suspicious Slippers, Chillwind Staff

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Princess Poobah’s Closet

This style of robe, which is awarded from quests in mid-level Kalimdor & Eastern Kingdoms zones, was introduced in Cataclysm.

Princess Poobah’s Dress, Robes of the Bloody Field, Carapace Robes, Auxiliary’s Robe


Princess Poobah’s Dress

Princess Poobah’s Finery

Cassandra’s Grace, Wound-Cauterizing Spaulders, Princess Poobah’s Dress, Willow Belt, Replica Virtuous Gloves, Rejuvenating Scepter, Divine Companion
The crown, wand, and book in this outfit are references to items that Princess Poobah needs to have retrieved.

Timewalker Historian

Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses, Kodo-Repellant Shoulders, Princess Poobah’s Dress, Archmage Belt, Zaetar’s Gloves, Elementalist Boots, Groady Goblin Wand, Ironmender

Apprentice Timewalker Historian

Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses, Kodo-Repellant Shoulders, Princess Poobah’s Dress, Willow Belt, Zaetar’s Gloves, Willow Boots, Loremaster’s Colors, Dryad’s Wand, Tome of the Dawn

Timewalker Archivist

Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses, Wound-Cauterizing Spaulders, Princess Poobah’s Dress, Cord of the Slain Champion (N), Zaetar’s Gloves, Kul Tiran Tidespray Linen Sandals, Keepers of Time Tabard, Lordbane Scepter, Dungeoneering Guide


Robes of the Bloody Field

Angel of the Earthmother

Gossamer Headpiece, Slime-Encrusted Pads, Robes of the Bloody Field, Apothecary’s Waistband (red)/Willow Belt (brown), Rotting Handwraps (red)/Gossamer Gloves (brown), Wand of Arcane Potency, Regal Star


Carapace Robes/Mordant’s Travel Tunic

Arcane Torrents

Pauldrons of the Solace Giver, Carapace Robes/Mordant’s Travel Tunic, Laughing Skull Waistguard, Arcane Leggings, Gandling’s Gloves, Sigil-Laced Boots, Grand Magister’s Staff of Torrents

Theramore Maiden

Feline Mantle, Mordant’s Travel Tunic, Willow Belt, Simple Kilt, Enumerated/Oracle Handwraps, Nimbus Boots


Auxiliary’s Robe/Ravensun Britches

The Auxiliary’s Robe, which is worn by the Tirisgarde Apprentices in the Hall of the Guardian, is only available from low-level PvP. I generally avoid PvP, so this collection will instead feature outfits made with the matching pants, which are awarded from an ordinary leveling quest.

Tirisgarde Apprentice in Pants

High Councillor’s Tunic, Felcast Cord, Ravensun Britches, Zaetar’s Gloves, Mountainsage Sandals, Formal White Shirt, The Staff of Twin Worlds


Runecloth Shoulders, Cat Lover’s Vest, Replica Magister’s Belt, Ravensun Britches, Spellsculptor’s Handwraps + Bracers of Safe Keeping, Hu’rala’s Slippers, Rod of the Void Caller, Ren’dorei Tabard

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Because of the association of some of the drawings with stories, this idea to clean out my backlog of unposted art is turning into cleaning out some of my backlog of unposted stories, too.

Way back when, I wrote a story about the experience of my Forsaken Mage. With Cataclysm and the Worgen and Goblins already announced at the time I wrote the story, the story ended with my Forsaken looking at the Greymane Wall and remembering that she had an older sister who lived in Gilneas. After Cataclysm launched and I’d played through the Worgen starting zone, I started writing a story about my Worgen Mage and how she was separated from her family, then unexpectedly reunited with her now-Forsaken sister. I wrote fragments of significant events in the story, but never quite managed to get them all completed, transitioned, and tied together. I also began a story intended to explore my Forsaken character’s reactions to the new storyline for Silverpine introduced in Cataclysm, culminating with her perspective of the meeting with her sister. After I’d got it started, though, it turned out that I wasn’t really all that interested in writing it, and so I never continued it.

I was working from a personal headcanon timeline that assigned to each expansion an amount of calendar time corresponding to the real-world calendar time that we actually spent playing it — roughly two years per expansion, rather than the one year per expansion in the official chronology. When the Ultimate Visual Guide came out, I realized that I had my timeline entirely wrong because I’d underestimated the amount of time between the end of the Second War and the beginning of the Third War. Now my story didn’t work at all. I suppose I could still make it work if I retcon my original story about my Forsaken and let the sisters be a decade or so older instead of relatively young women…

If I’d ever properly finished these stories, I would have posted them in multiple parts, so all the unfinished bits and pieces make a rather long post. I’ve put them behind a cut and you can read them or not as you please. (more…)

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A couple of pictures that I drew around the beginning of Cataclysm.

The clothes these shaman are wearing are modeled after the apparel of the Shaman trainers in each of the starting zones. Once, each of the women in this picture was a character on my roster. Aside from Kamalia, only the dwarf and the orc remain — and the orc’s existence is somewhat tenuous.

Hey, look, it’s the curly-haired tauren! The night elf used to be on my roster, too, but, like most of the shamans, she didn’t survive the pruning I did last summer.

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I spent a few evenings playing around with my new Wacom Bamboo tablet while we were on vacation last week. I imagined how Princess Poobah would look were she not a captive, but at home.

The robe and the tiara are rewards from the quest chain to free her. I used the Rejuvenating Sceptre for her scepter and the Divine Companion for her diary.

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In her recent post on the imbalanced gender representation of NPCs in Azeroth, Akabeko said:

In Cata we met the sweet Tol’vir cat dudes, who lacked for dudettes but not offspring (I like to think they reproduce by budding those magnificent pecs.)

which reminded me of something she said in her early-Cataclysm review of Uldum:

No female Tol’vir? Would it really be so hard to shrink their biceps, strap some watermelons to their chest, and bring it all together with a tastefully tattered leather bikini?

That quote — and the image it spawned in my brain — has been stuck in the back of my imagination for over a year now, so when her new post brought it to mind again, I really couldn’t delay putting it on paper any longer.

I have too much of a stylistic preference for more realistic anatomy, however, and the best I could manage was coconuts, not watermelons.

Then I started thinking about other NPC races that really ought to have females represented among them.

Male Tuskarr are so round and roly-poly that I bet female Tuskarr would give great hugs — perhaps the best hugs that any adventurer would ever get (at least until they meet the Pandaren)!

The male Broken model uses the same armature & animations as the male Tauren model, so it is really quite easy to imagine a female Broken by making similar alterations to the female Tauren armature.

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Last year around Mother’s Day, I was thinking about mothers in Azeroth. Perhaps because the leader short story about the Council of the Three Hammers had just recently come out, the first person I thought of was Moira.

I think that Moira must be quite devoted to her son — that while she certainly uses him to support/assert her own political status, she also has genuine affection for him. He is, after all, all she has left of the husband who gave her an escape from her disappointing father.

I hope that little Dagran grows up to be fiercely devoted to his mother in return, but still able to win the respect (if not the love) of Bronzebeards and Dark Irons alike.

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When the Love is in the Air announcement was first posted on the Blizz site this year, I thought it said that Forever-Lovely Roses would be purchasable with tokens, and I got all excited. I was sad to find out that I’d misread the announcement… only the short-lived regular Lovely Roses were available from the vendor. Even though none of the characters who would really love to have a Forever-Lovely Rose — Kalaneia, Kelisanna, and Kymberlea — are able to queue for the Crown Chemical Co. bosses, I decided that I wanted to get one on at least one of my toons this year and dutifully queued up each day with Kamalia, Kerisa, and Kregga. By the end of the fortnight, Kamalia had gotten only a Vile Fumigator’s Mask, Kerisa had gotten two Vile Fumigator’s Masks and a Toxic Wasteling, and Kregga had gotten two Vile Fumigator’s Masks and two Forever-Lovely Roses. At least she was the character of those three for whom I most wanted a Forever-Lovely Rose! I won a fair number of Heavenly Shards from DEing the necklace drops, too.

Last year during Love is in the Air, Kregga ran around in this outfit:

I couldn’t use it again this year, however, because the shoulders are mail and ineligible for transmogrifying Kregga’s PVE kit. Instead, I concocted this confection for Kregga to wear while fighting the dastardly Apothecary Trio:

Imbued Plate chest and pants, Bloodscale belt boots and gloves, Chilled Shoulderplates, Bloodbane Cloak, Pink Mageweave Shirt, Forever-Lovely Rose

She made a trip up to Icecrown to flirt with the two male Tauren DK NPCs there, Aurochs Grimbane and Trag Highmountain.

Alas, they were not very impressed by her pretty pink and blue outfit, and, being undead, they didn’t even think her rose looked tasty.

While Kamalia was waiting for her Crown Chemical Co. queues, she fished in the high mountain lakes of Terrokar Forest, hoping to catch Mr. Pinchy. When she did catch him, she was lucky enough to get the Magical Crawdad on the first wish!

As you can see, she also successfully fished up the Sea Pony before the Darkmoon Faire ended. Now she has all the Fishing pets — the Giant Sewer Rat, the Strand Crawler, the Sea Pony, and the Magical Crawdad. There ought to be a Fishing achievement for getting all of the Fishing pets!

None of my characters wanted a Swift Lovebird for themselves, and I didn’t feel like grinding for one just to put it on the AH. Speaking of flashy new mounts, I like the color, silhouette, and movement of the Heart of the Aspects, but I don’t like the Atramedes-like facial armor or the plates on the shoulders and hips. The styling of the Heart of the Aspects reminds me of an oriental dragon, which makes it feel more like a let’s-get-excited-for-Mists mount than a yay-we-saved-the-world-from-the-Cataclysm mount to me. With the Heart of the Aspects now the third mount available from the pet store, I’m finding that the second mount, the Winged Guardian, has grown on me. Keriluna thinks she might want one (“I can has a flying kitty for my flying mount, like I have normal kitties for my land mounts? Pretty please?”), but I’ve told her quite sternly that she has to get to 60 and be able to afford flying training before I’ll think about getting her one.

Kaprikka, who was level 34 when she made her request to be power-leveled before Children’s Week, has run a couple of weeks worth of dungeons, interspersed with Herbalism and Archaeology, and is now level 48. When she reaches level 50, I plan to lock her XP until she finds Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown. The Dressing Gown is equippable at level 51, and I don’t want her to have outleveled it before she even finds it! There will still be plenty of time to finish leveling to 60 after I find the Dressing Gown… I hope.

Finally, a follow-up to the picture I posted the other day. Perhaps after they’ve spent a few afternoons out riding their wolves and chopping up stuff with their axes and talking, Garrosh and Zaela will go out for a romantic evening….

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Effraeti has provided a very appropriate subject for this week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic:

With the in-game World Event “Love is in the Air” and its correlation with IRL Valentine’s Day next week, I have been thinking about character love interests (and also because I am a hopeless romantic). 🙂

Who is your main character’s love interest? Are they involved with someone, do they pine for someone?

Many bloggers lately have been discussing playing with IRL couples who raid together. How would this transfer to the characters they play? Why would their characters slay dragons together?

BTH and I have leveled our mains together and raided together. At the moment, we’re not raiding together, but I anticipate that we will level to 90 together in Mists. Because Ronada and Kamalia are both female toons, however, I have always described them as being favorite cousins — although I respect the people I know who are LGBT, it is not something my own characters will ever be. Kamalia did have a secret crush on Karthip, the male Tauren Warrior who was the main tank of the guild with whom she ran Kara, Naxx2.0, and Ulduar, but by and large I’ve tended to think of her as being single, and not too fussed about it. Interacting with the orphans during Children’s Week does make her hear the ticking of her biological clock more loudly for awhile, though.

Kerisa leveled to 80 with BTH’s Warrior, Watha, who happened to be BTH’s only male Tauren character.

I imagined them as being a betrothed couple, but I never brought up the idea with BTH because I thought he’d laugh at it. By the time we reached 80, BTH had decided that he wasn’t really excited about playing a Warrior. He stopped playing the character not long after we reached 80, while Kerisa continued on to gear up for and raid Trial and ICC. Kerisa eventually leveled up to 85, but Watha is still level 80. I still imagine them as a couple, and they are probably married by now, though I’m not sure when exactly it would have happened.

Kymberlea is married with four children, and the tension between her RP story and the adventuring, questing lifestyle means that she’ll probably be lucky to make it as far as level 40. Kenosha is married, and Keshona is her grown daughter. Kimorene, Kandrista, and Keriluna are all widows. Kimorene‘s husband died in the Plague and she now lives with her son and his family in Stormwind, Kandrista‘s was killed fighting Arthas’s forces during the Battle of Silvermoon, and Keriluna‘s was one of the Druids slumbering in the Dor’Danil Barrow Den. Kelilla has hinted to me that she had a love interest whom she believes to have perished during the initial irradiation of Gnomeregan, but I’m uncertain how close the relationship actually was. Kazuliza once had an unrequited crush on Ace, and since her sham affair with Chip, she has been a little bitter and sworn off getting involved in new relationships for awhile.

Until they tell me otherwise, I assume that all of my other characters are single and happily so.

As for NPCs, well, my favorite craxy relationship idea of Cataclysm is this Orc pairing:

“Ahh, there she is. The battle-maiden of the Dragonmaw. Let me see your face.” — Garrosh Hellscream
“I don’t know how Garrosh Hellscream does it. He must possess great strength to hold together a force as diverse as the Horde… I should like to know him more.”Warlord Zaela

Zaela’s statement could certainly be taken in a pragmatic, all-business sort of way, but I can’t resist the temptation to read it in a shippy sort of way and imagine that she has a crush on Garrosh. 😛

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