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I watched the Afterlives: Ardenweald short and my heart just broke.

The hard choices, the sacrifice, the existential horror of the idea that souls can cease to exist…. Death-after-death, permadeath, oblivion — we’ve seen these concepts before in WoW, and it’s always horrifying, but somehow the combination with the formerly serene environment of Ardenweald made it even more staggering, more awful to contemplate.

With what little I already know of what Revendreth and the Venthyr are about, I anticipate that their short next week will continue the theme of devastating loss that has run through the other three.

Although I have been extremely fortunate to have not been severely affected by the various real world catastrophes of 2020, I can’t help but feel that this theme of loss is uncannily timely, and wonder to what extent it will make WoW no longer a pleasant pasttime for players who have suffered.

As for my characters, Kerisa — or, rather, Kaurinka, the Alter-Ego who will make her debut as soon as the new customization options go live in 9.0.1 — will still definitely choose the Night Fae, and do her best to help restore that primal forest and save as many of its current crop of hibernating souls as possible. Kamalia, whenever she goes to the Shadowlands, will feel the same. Of my cloth-wearers, I assigned Kaelyla to the Night Fae based on aesthetics; I haven’t learned much about her personality yet, but perhaps eventually she will tell me why choosing the Night Fae would “just feel right” to her internally as well as externally.

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