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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by the Underpowered Death Knight. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

60) Infinite Loveliness

Crown of Infinite Prosperity, Lovely Red Dress, Bloodscale Belt, Greaves of the Martyr, Red Crane Sword
As of Lunar Festival in 2020, the flower crowns can now be Mogged year-round, making this Love is in the Air outfit possible!

59) Un-Fallen Hero

Chilled Shoulderplates, Chestplate of the Great Aspects, Lurker’s Girdle, Bone-Inlaid Legguards, Gloves of the Pythonic Guardian, Boots of the Fallen Hero, Heart-Lesion Runeblade
Kaumaleia finally got tired of lounging around in her party clothes and wanted a real Transmogrification kit again. I didn’t think she’d worn the powder-blue recolor of the DK starting zone gear yet, so I used that as a starting point for this kit.

58) Blue Bunny

Blue Spring Circlet, Blue Lovely Dress
I’ve wanted to have a blue version of the Spring Circlet for players to use ever since Cataclysm, when I spotted it on a Goblin gal NPC at the Kajaro Trading Company pool party in Kezan, just before everything went to pieces.

57) Lovely Flowers

Crown of Dark Blossoms with Lovely Black Dress; Crown of Prosperity with Lovely Red Dress; Crown of Courage with Lovely Purple Dress; Crown of Good Fortune with Lovely Blue Dress
This outfit isn’t exactly a real Transmogrification kit at all, as wearing it requires one or both of the items (depending on time of year) to be actually equipped instead of Mogged. Kaumaleia is wearing both items as equipped items. She insisted that she be allowed to include it in her official Wardrobe listings, however, because if Kandrista can have purely RP-clothes outfits in her official Wardrobe listings, then why not the Underpowered Death Knight?
I would really like to have the Mogging window for the flower crowns expanded to include Love is in the Air and Noblegarden in addition to Lunar Festival.

56) Fortress of Eternal Winter

Crown of Eternal Winter, Heaving Plates of Protection, Icebane Chestguard, Swordhook Slingbelt, Legguards of the Emerald Brood (N), Magma Plated Handguards (N), Treads of Savage Beatings, Icy Ebon Blade
When the three helms for Transmogrification debuted at the Blizzard Store in 2013, the only one I liked well enough to buy for $15 was the Jewel of the Firelord. I liked the base crown design of the Crown of Eternal Winter well enough — but I didn’t like the spooky frosty skull animation. I thought, however, that if the Crown of Eternal Winter ever went on sale for, say, $5, then I might get it. In 2018 — just prior to being retired — it finally did. The Underpowered Death Knight was very happy to get a hat that she’d been wanting for over five years!
While I was assembling this kit, I experimented in the Dressing Room with a darker variation that used the Crafted Malevolent Gladiator’s Dreadplate Chestpiece and Honorary Combat Engineer’s Heavy Legplates, which I thought looked very good —

— but the Underpowered Death Knight has a fundamentally cheerful personality that is better suited by the brighter variation.

55) Airsick Lowlander “Winter” Clothes

Red Winter Hat & Red Winter Clothes with Emerald Gauntlets & Sabatons/Green Winter Hat & Green Winter Clothes with Bloodforged Gauntlets & Sabatons, Darkmoon “Sword”
Once, Kaumaleia would have thought that these southern continental folk have very nonsensical and totally impractical ideas about what to wear in snowy weather. Ever since her time at Acherus, however, she doesn’t seem to notice cold at all — and these silly clothes do look cute.

54) Silver Hand Frostbringer

Truesteel Pauldrons (stage 3), Empyrial Breastplate, Girdle of Valorous Deeds, Legplates of the Argent Armistice, Grips of the Fallen Council (LFR), Life Force Chargers (H), Royal Cape, Tabard of the Lightbringer, Icy Ebon Warsword
Waaaaitaminnit… Nice try, Ebon Blade, but you’re still not welcome at the Sanctum of Light.
In a departure from my usual aesthetic preference for having matching gloves and boots, every item in this kit comes from a different set. That’s not why I’ve saved this outfit to use for the “Mismatched” theme the next time Trial of Style comes around, though. But is the class-based incongruity too subtle for the average Trial of Style group?

53) Pumpkin Head, Kraken Heart or Evil Pumpkin King VI

Hallowed Helm, Crystalvein Pauldrons, Krakken-Heart Breastplate, Veteran’s Scaled Belt, Greaves of the Bloodwarder, Royal Gauntlets of Silvermoon, Kraken Greaves, Yal’s Leafwrap Cloak, Blades of the Fallen Prince (upgraded, third tint)
I wasn’t quite sure what weapons I was going to use for a Hallow’s End kit this year — and then when I looked at the “Legion Artifacts” options, it was instantaneously obvious that these flaming blades were exactly the weapons I needed.

52) Brewfest Brawler

Blue Brewfest Hat, Pauldrons of the Touched, Durotan’s Battle Harness, Frostwolf Stalwart Girdle, Dalaran Warden’s Legplates, Gloves of Brawn*, Sabatons of the Endless Vigil, Chain Link Towel, Tuxedo Shirt, Tremendous Tankard O’ Terror
A half-baked attempt to mimic the appearance of the Brewfest Regalia lederhosen in plate.
Maltendis’ Handguards are the same model as the Gloves of Brawn, in a slightly darker, richer shade of brown.
This chestpiece has a lime green contrast color area on the back that I find quite distracting. Fortunately, this little cloak is just perfect to cover that up.

51) Reinforced Yak-Herding Apparel

Sunsong Armored Helm, Chilled Shoulderplates, Breastplate of Kel’balor, Dojani Girdle, Felsworn Legplates, Reinforced Hound-Handler’s Gauntlets (LFR), Lead-Soled Seabed Striders (LFR), Yak-Herder’s Longstaff
As promised, a more “everyday” sort of outfit using this combination of shoulders, gloves, and boots.

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There is among the tauren of Kalimdor a tribe named “Highmountain”, perhaps in distant memory of Huln and his kin. Along with the Bloodhoof, the Ragetotem, and the Grimtotem, the Highmountain are renowned as warriors who led out against and bore the brunt of the constant attacks from centaurs, harpies, quilboars, and gnolls. The most well-known members of this tribe are Jerrik, Melgromm, and Trag.

When, following Eitrigg, the warriors of the Horde assaulted the Broken Shore, not all of them were snatched away by Odyn’s Val’kyr. Among those left behind, fallen, was Kaiopeqa of the Highmountain tribe.


After raising General Nazgrim as the first of the new Four Horsemen, The Deathlord wondered if the Lich King had given her this power just to fulfil his ends… or if she could perhaps use it for her own, as well. For all of the tolerance and kindness that had been shown her by The Farseer and others, the friendships she had managed to forge — and despite having managed to locate and regroup several of the Grimtotem Ningha during her time at Frostwall Garrison* — she still felt lonely, somehow. Now, the burdens of being Deathlord weighed heavily upon her, and she desired an apprentice. Knowing of the warriors’ catastrophe from her friend The Battlelord, The Deathlord sent one of Dread Commander Thalanor’s aerial patrols to do some reconnaissance of the area and bring her back a test subject — preferably a tauren female, if they could find one. They brought her Kaiopeqa.

The Deathlord raised the Blades of the Fallen Prince over the corpse of the young tauren warrior and Kaiopeqa arose into undeath filled with horror and hatred and unholy bloodthirst.

The Deathlord promptly assigned her to collect the Maw of the Damned and Apocalypse. When her new apprentice had departed on these errands, The Deathlord heard the Lich King’s hoarse whisper in her mind: Very well, I shall let you have this one indulgence. But no more. This power is mine, to be used for my purposes and mine alone. You will use it only as I command.
The Deathlord replied: You are indulgent, my liege. I know how you allowed me to obtain these blades. I know how you permitted The Archmage to take Felo’melorn. I am satisfied.

The Deathlord watched and waited, patiently, as Kaiopeqa went through the same sequence of emotions as she herself had after being released from the Lich King’s grasp at Light’s Hope Chapel all those years ago. Horror and hatred sank into despair and depression. From those emerged, in time, a desperate need to control the sadism that had been inextricably imbued into the soul by the process of being raised as a Death Knight by channeling it into useful service to society**. When Kaiopeqa reached that stage, The Deathlord assigned Kaiopeqa and her tribesman Trag to respond to Archmage Khadgar’s request for heroes to aid the tauren of Highmountain.

The two Highmountain returned from Highmountain filled with more questions than answers concerning the origin of their tribe. More significantly, the experience had given Kaiopeqa a form of… not exactly peace… but consolation, perhaps.

“When I was in Tanaan Jungle”, Kaiopeqa told The Deathlord, “I saw the Eredar, and I saw the Draenei, and I felt sorry for what the Eredar had allowed themselves to become. It is better to be this and be able to continue to fight against the Legion, than to lie idle in the Earthmother’s Embrace and be unable to prevent all of our people from becoming like the Feltotem.”


* Aurochs Grimbane, Kaasa Blighthoof, Kilga Mourningsong, Tigar Frosthoof, and Tipa Rimehorn — all of them had taken new surnames that renounced their Grimtotem origins and embraced their identities as Knights of the Ebon Blade.
And then there was that taunka woman, Kaumaleia — though she hardly counted, either as a fellow Death Knight or as a friend. Kaumaleia had somehow managed to shake off almost all of the qualities of being a Death Knight except the unfortunate condition of being undead — and she managed to ignore even that most of the time, too. Kregga suspected that Kaumaleia had been one of the ice-shaman of her people before her death and raising, and that the similarity of that magic to the way in which a Death Knight wielded frost was what had allowed her to elude most of the corruption from the Lich King. Or perhaps the Lich King had never truly gotten ahold of Kaumaleia because she was so remarkably silly… Kregga could barely tolerate her.

** Death Knights love Dailies because those tasks give them ample opportunities to cause the suffering and death they require to quell their own pain.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by the Underpowered Death Knight. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

50) Unseasonable Chill

Jewel of the Firelord, Chilled Shoulderplates, Embossed Plate Armor & Leggings, Dojani Girdle, Reinforced Hound-Handler’s Gauntlets (LFR), Lead-Soled Seabed Striders (LFR), Tabard of Summer Flames, Zoid’s Firelit Greatsword (N)
A few years back (see below), I made a Midsummer Fire Festival kit for my other Death Knight that featured the Embossed chestpiece leggings & boots with the Chilled Shoulderplates and Symbolic belt & gloves. I was certain that these gloves and boots from Trial of Valor LFR would coordinate better with the Chilled Shoulderplates. They do, so after the holiday is over, I should swap out all the other items in the outfit to make a more everyday sort of kit.

49) Hodir’s Breath

Circle’s Stalwart Helmet, Bloodcraver Pauldrons, Breastplate of Avenging Flame (N), Royal Qiraji Belt, Legguards of the Emerald Brood (N), Gauntlets of Purification, Boots of the Fallen Hero, Razorscale Talon
It was time to go back to being frosty. I picked out a weapon that I didn’t think I’d used for a Frost kit yet and went from there.

48) Darkmoon Demolisher

Acid-Etched Pauldrons, Revenant Chestplate & Leggings, Symbolic Belt Gauntlets & Greaves, Cloak of the Darkmoon Faire, Darkmoon Hammer
If you’re going to wear the Darkmoon Top Hat to get that sweet 10% XP and rep buff, you might as well own the look.
This kit takes its inspiration from the outfits worn by Mola and Ziggie Sparks.
There are two sets of plate armor that use the “Revenant” name: one from Classic that is a recolor of the crafted Thorium armor set and has a lot of lookalike items from Burning Crusade quest rewards, and one from Wrath that is a lookalike of the crafted Cobalt armor set. This outfit uses the Classic items.

47) Argent & Azure

Imperial Plate Helm, Field Plate Pauldrons, Breastplate of Avenging Flame (H), Lurker’s Girdle, Skyfire Greaves, Gauntlets of Purification, Boots of the Fallen Hero
On a whim, I decided to use this helm and see what I could put together to go with it.
The golden markings — body jewelry? — on the torsos of Lightforged Draenei remind me of the golden decorations around the ribcage of this chestpiece.

46) The White Lady’s Blue Child

Crown of Good Fortune, Festive Blue Pant Suit, Spiritualist’s Gauntlets, Golden Cenarion Greaves, Rage-Possessed Greatsword
Do the Tauren have a myth and a special name for Azeroth’s second moon?

45) Achy, Breaky Heart

Forever-Lovely Rose, Pauldrons of Swift Retribution, Thorium Armor, Bloodscale Belt, Pristine Lightforge Legplates, Flameguard Guantlets, Magma Tempered Boots, The Burning Crusader
I think these axes with the floating shards from Burning Crusade are so, so silly. The colors of this one are perfect for a so, so silly Love is in the Air kit, though!
I wasn’t feeling like I could do anything new with the pink plate items, so I thought I’d try this chestpiece and see what I could do with it. These pants pair with it beautifully! Then, of course, there needed to be some more gold in the outfit, and these gloves and boots fill that out quite nicely.

44) Crystal Knight

Brighthelm of Justice, Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel, Breastplate of Avenging Flame (H), Legguards of the Emerald Brood (H), Flash Freeze Gauntlets (H), Tide-Stomper’s Greaves, Decalcified Elven Spear
Thinking about a wintery white and blue look, I started with the polearm. That suggested crystallinity, and this mixture of Paladin T5, T6, and T11 lookalike items followed from there.
I’m glad that belts can be hidden now, because the waistband of these pants is so pretty that it’s a shame to cover it up with an actual belt — especially the oversized belt style that is used by that particular set!

43) Gaudy Armsman

Finely-Tailored Green Holiday Hat, Runic Plate Shoulders, Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater, Replica Lightforge Belt, Bloodforged Legplates, Emerald Gauntlets & Sabatons, The Untamed Blade
The green-tinted version of this weapon, the Talon of Azshara, is a 1H sword, so the red and green versions can’t be dual-wielded together for silly Winter Veil kits — more’s the pity.

42) Runic Plate

Runic Plate set with Girdle of Divine Blessing, Area 52 Engineering Gloves, Seethe, and Broken Promise
This just might be my favorite coloration of the Thorium Armor style. Perhaps that has something to do with its colors being very similar to those of Thunder Bluff heraldry?

41) Flames of Memory

Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses, Spaulders of Manifold Eyes (H), Bloodfist Breastplate & Greaves, Abandoned Zandalari Bucklebreaker (LFR), Legplates of Absolute Control (H), Vice Grips, Darkhide Blade
The Underpowered Death Knight was the one to physically acquire the Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses; as my primary banker, she loves to collect decorative hats.
This shaded, two-toned blade is one of my favorite sword models from Mists. I picked the sword first, and the rest of the kit followed from there.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Tauren Death Knight. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

50) Dragons of Nightmare

Pauldrons of the Dragonblight, Breastplate of Vaulted Skies, Bogslayer Belt, Direwing Legguards, Gauntlets of Steadfast Determination, Stompers of Echoing Doom, Reign of Misery
Been thinkin’ I oughtta make a kit with these Burning Legion-themed maces from Sunwell all expansion long. Didn’t expect it to come out as an Emerald Nightmare-themed kit instead, though.

49) Dark Side of Elune

Crown of Dark Blossoms, Festive Black Pant Suit, Bogslayer Gauntlets, Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes, Warsword of the Ebon Blade
The circlet of black and red flowers is perfect for gloomy folk like Death Knights and Forsaken.

48) Ebon Pulverizer

Titan-Forged Plate Helm of Triumph, Doomplate Shoulderguards, Palewind Chestpiece, Belt of Unwanted Aid*, Firestorm Legplates, Eastwall Gauntlets, Boots of the Decimator, Aledar’s Battlestar
I started designing this kit to go with the polearm Black Ice, but I didn’t really feel like switching to Blood or Unholy spec, so I decided to find some 1H weapons to use with the armor that I’d assembled. On a whim, I looked at maces instead of swords or axes, and discovered that this mace, which looks absolutely enormous when wielded by Humans, looks rather more reasonably scaled for a Tauren.

47) Gaudy Brawler I

Red Winter Hat, Bloodscale Pauldrons, Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater, Abandoned Zandalari Bucklebreaker (LFR), Felforged Legplates, Bloodforged Gauntlets & Sabatons, Firebreather, Blade of the Wretched
I’m more likely to use the holiday hats with my Tauren than with characters of other races because with my other characters, I want to see their hair.

46) The Sun Reaver

Helm of the Crestfallen Challenger, Spaulders of Manifold Eyes (H), Bloodfist breastplate girdle & greaves, Legguards of Abandoned Fealty, Gauntlets of the Immovable, The Sun Eater, Sunreaver Tabard
Between the name, the styling, and the source (a drop from the Kael’thas lackey who is the end boss of the Mechanar), this sword was just begging to be used in a Sunreaver outfit. It’s too massive for a Rogue to double-wield, however (at least to me), so it fell to my Frost DK to make the kit.

45) Nifflevar Berserker

Brutish Shoulders, Barbaric Iron Breastplate, Earthswell Belt, Legplates of Dominion, Gauntlets of Enforcement, Loam-Stained Greaves, Nifflevar Bearded Axe, Lifeforce Hammer
This axe, a Northrend Vrykul Archaeology rare find, and this mace, which is crafted, have sufficiently similar styling that I’ve long thought that they ought to be used in a dual-wield kit together.

44) Jolly Jade Giant

The Horseman’s Horrific Hood, Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Dreadplate Shoulders, Jade-Skull Breastplate, Felforged Waistplate, Greaves of the Shatterer, Thatia’s Self-Correcting Gauntlets, Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Warboots of Cruelty, Shawl of the Old Maid
I thought I’d use the green tint of the Blades of the Fallen Prince for Kregga’s Horseman’s Helm kit this year, but it was not quite as bright a green as I had expected it to be. The greens of this particular armor set work rather well as a more saturated version of the green of the swords, though.

43) Black Eye

Furious Gladiator’s Dreadplate Shoulders, Heroic Armor, The Plaguebringer’s Girdle, Thunderforge Leggings, Sandspire Gloves*, Demonbreaker Crushers, Sentinel’s Winter Cloak, Rimefang’s Claw
A difficulty with Death Knight kits is that because they are so often black, less black, and more black, they tend to begin to look all the same even though the contributing armor pieces may be widely varied in style and source.
This sword model first appeared in a red version carried by the Kirin Tor Battle Mages at Ulduar. I’d love to get my hands on that firey version some day; WTB a gold and purple version of this sword model, too, pls.

42) Deathweaver’s Tide

Crown of Chelonian Freedom, Koltira’s Shoulderplates of Conquest, Heavy Chestpiece of Eminent Domain, Dojani Girdle, Honorary Combat Engineer’s Heavy Legplates, Koltira’s Gauntlets of Conquest, Landfall Plate Boots, Cloak of the Iron Council, The Turning Tide
Having farmed Naxx 25 specifically to get this runeblade, it was time to make a kit with it. Lacking inspiration, however, after I’d picked out these shoulders, I decided to just use the whole set, plus this cloak that many minor Death Knight NPCs wear. Ah, well, the relatively subdued armor lets the blades be the focus of the ensemble.

41) Warmaster

Felbane Shoulderguard, Bogslayer Breastplate, Rubium War-Girdle, Flintlocke’s Piloting Pants, Boneclenched Gauntlets*, Ribsteel Footguards, Whelp Slaying Axe
An idea I had while making my Warrior’s most recent outfit. I didn’t want to wait a week or two for my Warrior to be ready to change her clothes, though, so Kaiopeqa (formerly my secondary Warrior, now the Deathlord’s understudy) gets to make a reappearance to model it.
If I am remembering correctly, these gloves dropped in the original version of Scholomance.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Tauren Death Knight. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

40) C’thun’s Disciple of Chaos

Greathelm of the Voracious Maw (N), Pauldrons of the Great Ettin (H), Chestguard of the Exhausted, Warlord’s belt gloves & boots, Minister’s Number One Legplates, Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing, Kalimdor’s Revenge
A palette swap of the Normal for the Heroic helm and the Heroic for the Normal shoulders, coordinating rusty-colored chestpiece & leggings, and some reddish-bluish-plum belt gloves & boots to evoke the colors of the crystals in Silithus — and lo, an anti-paladin of C’thun appears.
A detail I particularly like about this kit is the coordination between the shirt and the pattern around the edge of the sword.

39) Yogg-Saron’s Disciple of Chaos

Greathelm of the Voracious Maw (H), Pauldrons of the Great Ettin (N), Warleader’s Breastplate, Girdle of Heated Deeds, Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Dreadplate Legguards, Endwyn’s Flickering Gauntlets, Symbolic Greaves, Sword of Justice
This outfit is a variation on a theme I first designed about five years ago to the prompt “Anti-Paladin of the Old Gods”. It combines ideas from the main outfit I made for the prompt, as well as some of the other ideas I explored along the way.
As I thought about where to start constructing an outfit to fit the “Anti-Paladin of the Old Gods” persona, I soon realized that it would be an ideal use for that ridiculously goofy T12 Death Knight helm. Because saronite ore/metal is teal-colored, I decided to use the teal-colored heroic version of the helm and have my anti-paladin be a minion of Yogg-Saron.
I finally managed to get the hat last week, so now I can at last make this outfit!

38) North Wind’s Howl

Shoulderguard of Vaulted Skies, Crafted Malevolent Gladiator’s Dreadplate chest pants & gloves, Replica Soulforge Belt, Crustacean Stompers, Shroud of the North Wind
I got Hailstorm because I didn’t like the appearance of the Frost DK Artifact very much on first glance at the datamined models from the Legion PTR. After I got the Frost DK Artifact, though, I decided that, actually, it looks pretty cool. This combination of armor complements the Blades of the Fallen Prince quite nicely.

37) Hailstorm

Iceguard Helm Breastplate & Leggings, Heaving Plates of Protection, Rainbow Girdle, Flash Freeze Gauntlets, Treads of Savage Beatings, Hailstorm
As soon as the Artifact weapon for Frost Death Knights was previewed, I decided to collect Hailstorm from Malygos to Mog it over with. I actually got it fairly quickly, but — as so often happens — it’s taken me awhile to get around to making the kit with it because I’ve had other ideas.

36) The Deathlord’s Understudy

Hidden Helm/Helm of Infinte Visions, Darksoul Shoulders, Boulderfist Armor, Darkcrest Belt, Runed Sketh’lon Legplates, Gloves of Gnomebliteration, Ramkahen Front Boots, Sky Darkener’s Shroud of Blood, Torn-Heart Axe of Battle/Warsword of the Ebon Blade
Upon reaching level 102, Kregga raised my deleted secondary Warrior, Kaiopeqa, and outfitted her in a kit reflecting both Blood and Unholy aesthetics before sending her off to collect the Artifact weapons for those specs.
After completing the other two Artifact questlines, I intended to put Kregga into an entirely new & different kit. I went to the Barbershop to change her appearance back first, however, and she looked so good in this outfit — better than Kaiopeqa did, in fact — that I decided to keep it for awhile longer.

35) Smoke, Blood, and Bone

Invidious Casque, Shoulderguards of Honest Labor, Breastplate of Vaulted Skies, Cliffbreaker Girdle & Gauntlets, Legplates of the Wandering Warrior, Demonbreaker Crushers, Drape of Iron Sutures, Shortblade of the Uncrowned
I couldn’t think of any outfits in my back-catalog of Transmogrification ideas that I’d been specifically wanting to make for Kregga, so I just picked out a chestpiece that I’d been wanting to use and went from there.
I discovered that by picking them up here and there when they were cheap on the AH, I’d acquired all of the pieces except the boots of the Mists world-drop BoE blues set that the shoulders and pants come from, but I decided to stick with the chestpiece I’d originally started with.

34) Demonic Laughter

The Horseman’s Horrific Hood, Pauldrons of Violent Eruption (LFR), Warrior’s Embrace, Refreshing Abalone Girdle (LFR), Direwing Legguards, Gauntlets of Steadfast Determination, Boots of Boundless Patience, Marshwater Mantle, Lava Spine (N), Maimgor’s Bite
Kregga is happy that now she can leave her Garrison permanently decorated with glowing carved pumpkins!
This kit is a variation of the “Fel Desecration” kit that I originally created for my Paladin for my “Fel Camouflage” collection. I couldn’t decide whether I liked the sword or the axe better, so I used them both! I eventually plan to make a kit that uses double Lava Spines and another that uses double Maimgor’s Bites with my Demon Hunter, though.

33) Brackenskull

Bloody Visage of the Laughing Skull, Brackenshell Shoulderplates (N), K’Vlar Vest, Sha-Trapper Waistguard, Jeweled Legguards, Fireskin Gauntlets (N), Treads of the Past, Waraxe of the Horde Vanguard
Kregga decided that because she’d done two kits — one as DW and the other as 2H — with the blue Laughing Skull hat, she ought to do a second kit with the red Laughing Skull hat — as DW because the first one had been as 2H.

32) Cackling Bones

Frozen Visage of the Laughing Skull, Heaving Plates of Protection, Netherforce Chestplate, Acherus Knight’s Girdle,Cobalt Legguards, Flash Freeze Gauntlets, Treads of Savage Beatings, Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter
It occurred to me that this hat and this axe ought to be used in a set together. If you’ve solved the mystery of Admiral Taylor’s Garrison, you know why this is an appropriate spot to take pictures of a kit using this weapon.
It is one of the curious and sad ironies of Legion that to wield the 2H weapon for this excellently Frosty kit, Kregga has to be in Blood spec.

31) Frostcleaver

Frozen Visage of the Laughing Skull, Hydralick Armor, Acherus Knight’s Girdle, Cobalt Legguards, Bellipotent Gloves, Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes, Icebound Frost-Singer Axe
This outfit takes advantage of the conversion of certain low-level quest rewards that used to be mail into plate, the uniquely Death Knight invisibelt, and the return of the cosmetic invisiboots. I didn’t get Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes when they first appeared during the Battlefield:Barrens event during Mists, so I made sure to pick them up from Ravika when she reappeared during the Broken Shore event immediately prior to Legion!

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Tauren Death Knight. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

30) Ribcruncher

Bloody Visage of the Laughing Skull, Plate of the Shaman King, Ogre Beater’s Belt, Tarnished Fanatic’s pants gloves & boots, Hunter Blacktooth’s Ribcruncher
This outfit takes its cues from the clothing worn by Laughing Skull NPCs such as Kaz the Shrieker, Bony Xuk, and the Broken Horn Desecrators.
Broken Horn Village is a curious place. With an Inn and a collection of named elite NPCs — but not a flight point — it seems to me that it might have been intended to be a level 100 reputation quest hub early in the design process for Warlords, then gotten abandoned in favor of linking the faction to the Garrison Trading Post. I wonder if there’s a village full of Sha’tari Defense NPCs somewhere? Or is the corresponding Alliance/Draenei location the Shattrath Residential District?
To use a 2H weapon for this kit, Kregga has to be in Blood spec. I don’t indend to get the Artifact weapon for Blood, so if I want to make a 2H weapon Transmogrification kit for her during Legion, she’ll just be goofing around with a fully upgraded Fel Lord’s Warmace from the Demon Invasions equipped.

29) Bitter Blast

Frostforged Greathelm, Heaving Plates of Protection, Dojani Chestpiece & Handwraps, Bogslayer Belt, Honorary Combat Engineer’s Heavy Legplates, Treads of Savage Beatings, Shroud of the North Wind, Sonic Spear
The Crown of Eternal Winter is rather like a more elaborate version of the crown worn by the demon faces on these shoulders. If you don’t dislike its ghostly skull face overlay animation as much as I do, it’d be a great hat to use with this kit.

28) Rusted Soul

Crown of Anasterian, Pauldrons of Perseverance, Warharness of Reckless Fury, Veteran’s Scaled Belt, Felfury Legplates, Borderland Fortress Grips, Embossed Plate Boots, Apolyon, the Soul Render
Not much original here, just the dark version of the Sunwell plate set with a couple of substitutions for pieces of the set that aren’t obtainable by DKs. I picked it up while farming for the sword, so I figured I might as well wear it.

27) Evil Pumpkin King II

Horseman’s Horrific Helm, Crystalvein Pauldrons, Embossed Plate chestpiece & Leggings, Veteran’s Scaled Belt, Borderland Fortress Grips, Subservient Greatboots, Illskar’s Greatcloak, Apolyon, the Soul-Render
Whether Kregga plays Frost as DW-1H or as 2H has generally depended upon what weapon I want to use for her current Transmogrification kit. With Artifact weapons boxing Frost into the DW-1H niche for Legion, she’ll probably want to keep using a 2H weapon right up until the new expansion launches.
I’d originally contemplated farming up this sword for my Titan’s Grip Fury Warrior, but when I discovered how nicely it coordinated with Horseman’s Helm, well, then, my DK was the one who really had to have it for her annual Hallow’s End kit.

26) Symbolic Requiem

Symbolic set with Pauldrons of the High Requiem and Sword of Justice
This tuning fork sword is just so hilarious. I love the detailing in the hilt.
These shoulders, which have long been a favorite of mine for DK kits, go with this set so much better than the shoulders that nominally belong to it!

25) Dire Knight

Acherus Knight’s hood shoulders gloves boots & cloak, Drakescale Breastplate, Bogslayer Belt, Direwing Legguards, Axe of Frozen Death
Here’s a black “Grim Reaper”-type outfit that could be used with the Greataxe of Stonard, if one so desired. I preferred this more menacing axe, though. This outfit didn’t last very long, however, before Kregga went off through the reddened Dark Portal to Draenor.

24) Grave Moss

The Horseman’s Horrific Hood, Crystalvein shoulders chestpiece & gloves, Field Plate Girdle, Antique Reinforced Legguards, Pyrelord Greaves, Gravestone War Axe*/Greataxe of Stonard
Kregga’s Horseman’s Helmet kit for Hallow’s End 2014.
I thought about making black “Grim Reaper”-type outfit to go with this axe, but somehow that seemed excessively cliche. These greens look better with the glowing helmet, anyway.

23) Dark Runes

Greathelm of the Scourge Champion, Masterwork Spiritguard Shoulders, Darkrune Breastplate, Bogslayer Belt, Honorary Combat Engineer’s Heavy Legplates, Bloodbane’s Gauntlets of Command, Insubordination Boots*, Shroud of the North Wind, Hatred’s Vise
I’ve long wanted to use this chestpiece for a Death Knight Transmogrification kit, so when I found the pattern on the AH for an shockingly low price, I snapped it up as quick as a wink!
These Mists crafted shoulders seemed entirely appropriate for a Death Knight — they’re sort of like a bigger and better version of the Acherus Knight’s Pauldrons that every Death Knight starts out with.
I’d found the Treads of Savage Beatings on the AH for a decent price, but when I tried them in this set, they were entirely too bright. After looking at various other boots and several weapons, I liked the coordination between this mace and these unique boots from the Patch 5.3 Battlefield:Barrens event best.

22) Embossed Symbols

Jewel of the Firelord, Chilled Shoulderplates, Embossed Plate chestpiece leggings & boots, Symbolic belt & gloves, Illskar’s Greatcloak, Hatred’s Vise
Although Kregga has mostly resigned herself to being put into absurdly colored outfits during the holidays, if there was an animation for the /facepalm emote in the game, she would be using it.

21) Tiller with Shovel

Straw Hat, Ramshorn-Inlaid Shoulders, Armored Chestpiece of Eminient Domain, Field Plate Girdle, Antique Reinforced Legguards, Crystalvein gloves, Subservient Greatboots, Green Lumberjack Shirt, Tillers Tabard, The Shoveler
This outfit owes a great debt to Freyana’s fantastic entry for the final round of The Amazing Transmog Survivor Contest.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Tauren Death Knight. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

20) Terracotta Revenant

Contender’s Revenant set with Mantle of Fury and Ramkahen Ceremonial Hammer
This Mists entry-level PvP crafted plate DPS set has great detailing on the shoulders and helmet.

19) Ata’mal Spectre

Horseman’s Horrific Helm, Crystalvein Pauldrons, Chromite chestpiece & leggings, Symbolic belt gloves & boots, Sword of Nefarian’s Hand, Purple Trophy Tabard of the Illidari
Every year at Hallow’s End, I make an outfit for Kregga using the Horseman’s Helm. This spooky ensemble that I made in 2013 combines ideas from two outfits I originally designed for the fourth round of Mog Madness.

18) Despair

Titan-Forged Plate Helm of Triumph, Palewind Pauldron, Breastplate of Many Graces, Revenant belt gloves & boots, Chromite Legplates, Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran, Despair
Although I in general agree with Fabulor that full Judgement sets are overused — the purple version even more so than the red & gold version — I am not opposed to using one or two Judgement pieces in combination with items from other sources. In the case of this outfit, using the Chromite chestpiece was adequate but rather boring. The brighter purple details of the purple Judgement chestpiece complement the brighter purple details of the sword very nicely.
I did the Karazhan Opera so many times before this sword finally dropped that I was starting to feel quite despairing of it truly existing!

17) Shado-Pan Runeblade

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Blood-Soaked Saronite Plated Spaulders, Warlord’s/Warmaul chestpiece belt gloves & boots, Legguards of the Shattered Hand, Acherus Knight’s Shroud, Runed Soulblade
I didn’t want to just plop the Shado-Pan Helmet atop one of the black-and-red outfits I’d already made for Kregga — though it would certainly work well with either of them. The red-plum-blue tones of the Warlord’s/Warmaul set evoke the palette of the navy-and-brick-red version of the Shado-Pan NPC uniforms, and I’d been wanting to use those items in a DK set for some time. The DK shoulders added just the right amount of menace to the overall appearance.

16) Chilled Plums

Coldbite helm chest & pants, Pauldrons of the High Requiem, Bogslayer Belt, Revenant gloves & boots, Shadow-Cloak of Dalaran, Breeching Comet
“Cold” in the base set name + plum colored accessories = “This Is Just To Say”.

15) Coldbite

Coldbite set with Hatred’s Vise
Quest reward set from Townlong Steppes and Dread Wastes.

14) Howling Blast

Chilled Shoulderplates, Hydralick Armor, Dojani belt pants gloves & boots, Shroud of the North Wind, Obsidium Executioner
Although I like the Dojani Plate well enough to wear it as a complete set, I’ve been looking for items that coordinate well with the Hydralick Armor for some time. The bluish tones of the Dojani items seemed like they’d be a great match, and they are!

13) Frozen Flower

Commander’s shoulders & chestpiece, Bloodscale belt, Imbued Plate leggings & boots, Area 52 Engineering Gloves, Balmy Drape, Cerulean Filigreed Doublet, The Hammer of Destiny
This was about as pastel and spring-like a look for Noblegarden as I could get out of Kregga’s available wardrobe options. Even so, it’s still quite chilly.

12) Blood and Shadow

Tyrant’s Epaulets, Darkcrest breastplate, Goblin Girdle, Legguards of the Shattered Hand, Bloodforged gloves & boots, Sky Darkener’s Shroud of Blood, Massacre Sword
With the Bloodforged Guard and Blood Knight Tabard, this would make a great variation on the more common Blood Knight ensembles. The Dragonmaw Tabard would also go well with this set.

11) Red-Hot Romance

Commander’s pauldrons/Tyrant’s Epaulets, Andrethan’s Masterwork, Commander’s/Bloodforged leggings, Bloodscale belt gloves & boots, Massacre Sword, Sawbones Shirt*
Kregga was all set to wear the outfit on the left for Love is in the Air this year, but then I saw Prinnie’s paladin wearing the variant on the right, and it was so yummy that I just had to yoink it. I hope she doesn’t mind too much… 😉
In the left-hand image, I had merely equipped the Massacre Sword for the purpose of the picture itself; in the right-hand image, it glows with a runeforging because I’d actually Transmogrified it over Kregga’s current quest-set 2H sword.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by the Underpowered Death Knight. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

40) Freezing Rain

Salt-Scorched Shoulderguard, Field Plate Armor, Replica Soulforge Belt, Legguards of the Emerald Brood (H), Flash Freeze Gauntlets (H), Life Force Chargers (H), Saber of the Ebon Blade
The Saber of the Ebon Blade is surprisingly bright and pretty, for a Death Knight weapon. The original appearance of the model was as the weapon wielded by Al’Akir in the Throne of Four Winds; it’s also used as the Sunsoul Sword that Paladins get from the Warlords Salvage Yard.

39) Evil Pumpkin King V

Hallowed Helm, Pauldrons of the Wardancer, Silithid Carapace Chestguard, Girdle of the Endless Pit, Greaves of the Shatterer, Ooze-Ridden Gauntlets, Boots of the Colossus, Blade of the Prime
I wished, a year or two ago, that the Hallowed Helm would be made Moggable. Now it is! Well, at least for the duration of the Hallow’s End holiday, which is quite enough.
These big orange Klaxxi swords just begged to be used in a DW Hallow’s End outfit. I tried the outfit first with the Horseman’s Helm, but it just didn’t click until I used the pumpkin helm instead.

38) August Sentinel

Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel, Light-Touched Breastplate, Jade Tiger Girdle, Legplates of the Bold, Faith Bearer’s Gauntlets, Nar’thalas Sabatons, Starshatter (LFR), August Celestials tabard
The Underpowered Death Knight had to be the model for a plate August Celestials kit because blue-and-white.
I picked these glowing white shoulders with the floating shards to echo the stars in the tabard design. When I got to choosing boots, I liked how the black of these boots contrasted with the white of the shoulders, and how both items are tied into the rest of the kit by their gold trim.

37) Taunka Warrior Princess

Princess Poobah’s Tiara, Replica Spaulders of Heroism, Nether Protector’s Chest, Royal Qiraji Belt, Lofty Legplates, Grips of the Fallen Council (LFR), Mosscrusher Sabatons, Cloak of the Valiant Defender, Ghostly Battle Axe
While updating the image links in the Underpowered Death Knight’s history, I came across a platekini outfit idea for her that I’d called by this name. Due to intervening expansions and the advent of the Appearances library, however, the chestpiece and leggings are all that this (rather nicer looking) kit has in common with the original concept.

36) Some Enchanted Inkling

Geodecrack Shoulderguards, Enchanted Thorium Breastplate, Replica Belt of Valor, Inkling’s Leggings, Felforged Gauntlets, Grim Sabatons, Cranewing Cloak, Widow Blade
Having worn all of the brightly-colored variations of the Imbued Plate style, now it was time to wear the the black & silver coloration. This version of the Imbued Plate style is only a partial set. The chestpiece is the hardest to find, as it is crafted from a pattern that is no longer obtainable.
I’m so glad that the Mists Legendary cloaks and their precursors are Transmogrifiable, so that their appearances can now be used by characters who fulfil other combat roles.
For a rather more ostentatious look, use the Pauldrons of Abyssal Fury.

35) Incense Burner

Helm of the Fire Festival, Mantle of the Fire Festival, Glorious Breastplate & Girdle, Conqueror’s Legplates, Sunscale Gauntlets, Replica Lightforge Boots, Yaungol Fire Carrier
When the Helm of the Fire Festival was first introduced in 2012, I wrote, “Together, the Fire Festival shoulders and helm look like something out of the next great Harrison Jones adventure. They look like the kind of thing one might find on little statuettes or idols arrayed around the altar of some forgotten [deity] — incense burners that would have to be activated in a specific order and with specific types of incense.”

A forgotten deity like this strange statue that I found in the Karazhan Catacombs while doing the Balance Druid Artifact quest, perhaps…
When these items became moggable in mid-2017 (only during the festival, fortunately), it was somewhat inevitable that The Underpowered Death Knight would want to do this…

34) Halcyon Hyperion Days

Hyperion armor with Pauldrons of Roaring Flame, Glorious Belt, and Ogre Splitting Axe
I’d recently made kits for the Underpowered Death Knight using the pink (Commander’s) and blue (Imbued Plate) versions of this style of armor. Now that the summer holiday season is here, it seemed like an appropriate time for her to use the red (Hyperion) version.

33) Bogslayer

Bogslayer set with Gilded Thorium Cloak and Big Black Mace
Is a “bogslayer” someone who slays things that live in bogs, or is it a thing that lives in bogs that slays intruders?
I like the stripeyness of this set.

32) Darth & D.K.

Lava-Dipped Greathelm, Doomplate Shoulderguards, Bogslayer Breastplate & Belt, Belabored Legplates, Foundry-Fired Plate Handguards & Warboots, Stylish Black Shirt, Gilded Thorium Cloak, Blade of Wizardry
I’m not quite sure why this chestpiece suggests Darth Vader to me, because it doesn’t really look at all like his costume.
I would have liked to use the deeper, richer black of the Warmonger’s Cloak for this outfit, but the red and gold trim ruined the effect. I thought this cloak pulled the overall ensemble together better.

31) Pink Petals

Commander’s set with Blood-Stained Pauldrons, Girdle of the Fallen Crusader, Cloak of the Hollow, and Skettis Curved Blade
This pink outfit could be used for either Noblegarden or Love is in the Air (though I’d use the Bloodscale Belt for that holiday).
I like how this particular green cloak complements both the green Tauren DK fur color and the red tones in the armor.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by the Underpowered Death Knight. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

30) Alternate Interpretation of the Law

Headguard of the Order, Pauldrons of Swift Retribution, Iceguard Breastplate & Leggings, Girdle of the Endless Pit, Gauntlets of Martial Perfection, Ornate Boots of the Sanctified, Venerable Dal’Rend’s Sacred Charge, Dal’Rend’s Tribal Guardian*
The dungeons of Burning Crusade are notable for dropping recolors — some partial, some complete — of the classic Dungeon class sets and the Molten Core and Blackwing Lair raid sets. Some of the high end crafted gear from Burning Crusade is also recolors of classic Dungeon or Tier sets. This deliberately silly clown suit uses items from the three Burning Crusade recolors of the Paladin Tier 1 “Lawbringer” set. The lavender and pale blue Iceguard set is crafted and has three pieces — helm, chestplate, and leggings. The belt and gloves are the only known items of the green and gold recolor and drop in raids. The purple and red recolor is a full set, but only two pieces were needed to fill in the remaining slots after first using the items from the partial recolors.
To top it all off, I was able to use the original white and yellow hat because the rewards from the class quests at level 20 to get a weapon from Shadowfang Keep and at level 50 to get a T1-lookalike hat from Blackrock Depths became no longer class-exclusive when the Appearances collection went live.

29) Imbued Plate

Imbued Plate set with Thorium Belt, Area 52 Engineering Gloves, Vicious Fur Cloak, Quickblade of Cold Return/Jeweled Coronation Sword & Eternally Folded Blade
Love is in the Air having come and gone, it was time to go back to more normal — or at least less pink — clothing. Because she was already wearing half of the Imbued Plate set, it seemed natural to just switch into using the whole set (more or less).
I initially made this outfit with the red Eternally Folded Blade and the light blue Quickblade of Cold Return. Awhile later, I was perusing the 1H swords I hadn’t yet collected and discovered a dark blue sword using the same model — the Jeweled Coronation Sword. I went out and got it, of course, and updated the outfit because the dark blue sword would make the kit look even better — and it did.

28) Cold Heart II

Blood-Stained Pauldrons, Imbued Plate Armor Leggings & Gauntlets, Bloodscale Belt, Chromatic Boots, Roffle’s Flowing Raiment, Skettis Curved Blade
These pink crystal swords should be good for a Love is in the Air kit, right?
Oh hey, this cloak has pink decorations on it, and it coordinates nicely with the hilts of the swords.
But oh, now going all-out pink with the rest of the outfit makes the cloak seem mismatched.
What is the right balance between blue and pink for this outfit..?
I ended up with an iteration on the first Love is in the Air outfit I designed for Kregga, five years ago.

27) Brunnhildar

Crown of Chelonian Freedom, Chilled Shoulderplates, Dojani Chestpiece, Gutbuster of Aldur’thar, Thunderforge Leggings, Sandspire Gloves*, Talonguard Greaves, Purifier’s Silken Cape, Crystal Sword
Winter Veil being over, I turned to the third readily available color of these blades for inspiration for a new kit (there are two more colors of this blade — bright blue and brown — but I haven’t got them in my collection yet). Perhaps if I’d been making a Crystal Sword kit with my Paladin or my Warrior I might have ended up with something brighter and more silvery; with the Underpowered Death Knight, I got this — which reminded me of Northrend’s frost vrykul and silver val’kyr.

26) Wintermint

Jade Warrior Pauldrons, Bloodforged Chestpiece & Legplates, Fel Iron Plate belt gloves & boots, Hollowblood Scarf, Blade of the Wretched, Firebreather
I’ve been thinking about making a red & green Winter Veil kit playing off of the green Tauren DK coloration for some time.
I saw a low-level Orc Rogue dual-wielding this pair of blades during the fall and filed the idea away for use in a Winter Veil kit.

25) Frosty Dragonsworn

Pauldrons of Conviction, Chestguard of Salved Wounds, Clear-Eyed Waistguard, Truesteel Greaves (3-670), Schooner-Savior’s Grips, Insubordination Boots*, Hailstorm
Now that I’ve made sets with the three colors of these pauldrons for the Underpowered Death Knight, I need to make some for my Paladin — who actually did the work of farming them up — and my Warrior. The challenge — and the fun part — will be to make them distinctively different in class-appropriate ways.

24) Bloody Dragonsworn

Temporal Pauldrons, Mightstone Breastplate, Sha-Trapper Waistguard, Sha’tari Keeper Legguards, Truesteel Gauntlets (2-655), Ramkahen Front Boots, Massacre Sword
The three special DK colors for Tauren are blue & white, green, and this plummy black. A rich maroon or even the bright pink that Night Elf DKs get would be a better color match for the Blood spec — wouldn’t a pink Tauren be a sight! — but this will have to do.

23) Unholy Dragonsworn

Pauldrons of the Dragonblight, Sunveil Breastplate, Truesteel Waistguard (1-640), Legguards of Stratholme, Refitted Bruiser Gauntlets, Raceway Boots, Manslayer of the Qiraji
I have wanted to make the Underpowered Death Knight a set of kits matching the three colors of these Hour of Twilight dungeon shoulders to the three special Death Knight colors for Tauren — which also conveniently match the three Death Knight specializations — pretty much ever since the Dragon Soul patch came out.

22) Evil Pumpkin King III

The Horseman’s Horrific Hood, Uncrushable Shoulderplates, Embossed Plate Armor, Crimson Girdle of the Indomitable, Greaves of Orsis, Grips of the Raging Giant (N), Crazed Bomber’s Greaves, Cloak of Raining Blades (LFR), Fel Barbed Spear
Although the blue and white coloration is the primary reason for the Underpowered Death Knight’s existence, it’s fun to make outfits that play with the green coloration, too.

21) China Plate

Imbued Plate Pauldrons, Icebane Chestguard & Treads, Acherus Knight’s Girdle, Cobalt Legguards*, Warsong Gauntlets*, Rage-Possessed Greatsword
I’m rather fond of a monochromatic blue color scheme. The idea for this kit began years ago as a couple of RP-only outfits that combined items from the mail Outrunner’s and Sundered sets.

I was inspired to revisit the concept when I discovered that I had in my Appearances collection these mail-converted-to-plate gloves and pants (no longer available, alas) in the Outrunner’s style.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by the Underpowered Death Knight. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

20) Shattered Stars

Spaulders of the Scorned, Iceguard Breastplate & Leggings, Truesteel Waistguard & Boots (3-670), Flash Freeze Gauntlets, Starshatter (LFR)
When I first began collecting the materials to craft the Iceguard items, I was thinking of using them in a kit for my Warrior to wear with Starshatter. Then I decided that the Underpowered Death Knight needed them more — but I was kind of sad that I wouldn’t be able to make the kit with Starshatter for my Warrior. Now, the account-wide Appearances collection allows me to put together the sword owned by my Warrior, the chestpiece and leggings owned by the Underpowered Death Knight, and these shoulders and gloves owned by my Paladin into a look that is even better than what I originally imagined!

19) Bonestorm

Heaving Plates of Protection, Iceguard Breastplate & Leggings, Greatbelt of Living Waters (LFR), Flash Freeze Gauntlets (N), Treads of Savage Beatings, Engineer’s Cloak*, Bryntroll, the Bone Arbiter
This is an idea that I toyed around with while I was making Kregga’s Bryntroll kit. The Underpowered Death Knight suggested that it would look even better on her.

18) Imperial Eagle

Imbued Plate set with Alabaster Plate Pauldrons, Thorium Belt, and Spiked Battle Axe
This is a kit I’ve had in mind for the Underpowered Death Knight for a long time because it works particularly well with her coloring.
I thought that Old Stratholme in the Caverns of Time might be a good location to take screenshots with this kit. I’d forgotten that it applies an Alliance disguise to Horde characters — luckily, the illusion that the Underpowered Death Knight got was perfect for this kit.

17) Smoldering Warlord

Twilight-Heart Shoulderplates, Smoldering Breastplate & Greaves, Acherus Knight’s Girdle, Warlord’s Iron-Gauntlets & Sabatons, Nethersteel Claymore
Only chestpiece, leggings, and helm pieces exist for this coloration of the Draenor-crafted armor. The primary use of the patterns for these items, which are not upgradable, is leveling the crafting skill itself.
Nalya Battlehorn’s pauldrons and belt look like they ought to go with the Smoldering items, but none of the available Truesteel upgrades are these colors.
The special Death Knight invisibelt shows off how elegantly styled this chestpiece really is. It does make me wonder, though, just how one gets this armor on and off.
This sword just seems made to go with the Warlord’s set.

16) War Leader of the Frigid Wastes

Warleader’s set with Symbolic Pauldrons & Belt, Voidgazer Headguard, and Frostbitten Hammer
Sometimes, when you’ve managed to collect a whole set (or almost a whole set), you just want to wear it as-is — although to my eye, the Symbolic shoulders look better with the Warleader’s set than with the Symbolic set. The helmet and weapon from Draenor fill out the kit nicely.
If Vrykul were a playable race, and the blue-skinned “frost Vrykul” were an available customization option, this would be a great kit for a Vrykul Warrior!

15) Serpent Trainer

Wildguard Helm, Jade Epaulets, Iceguard Breastplate & Leggings, Rainbow Girdle, Gauntlets of Purification, Boots of Avoidance, Slavemaster Axe, Order of the Cloud Serpent Tabard
I think this tabard is rather pretty, and I’d been wanting to make an outfit to go with it for some time. Somewhat surprisingly, it’s plate armor that has a couple of sets with just the right pastel colors.

14) Patina

Jade Epaulets, Wildguard Breastplate & Leggings, Ghost-Forged Belt, Gloves of the Overwhelming Swarm, Boots of Avoidance, Slavemaster Axe
So I was assembling this kit for my secondary Warrior, until it occurred to me how nice it would look with the Underpowered Death Knight’s green coloration… Then Hallow’s End began, and this goofy Mog idea sealed the deal.
Once upon a time, the Hallowed Helm was introduced as a cloth item so that everyone could wear it. Nowadays, I think that it really ought to be upgraded to a Cosmetic item so that everyone can Mog it. Using a Weighted Jack-o’-Lantern gives the same effect, albeit only temporarily.

13) Shado-Pan Dark Disciple

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Runic Plate Shoulders, Slavebreaker Chestguard, Thorium Belt, Hollowheart Legguards, Zaxxis Gloves, Bloodforged Sabatons, Cloak of the Dark Disciple, Rustic Workman’s Shirt, Rage Reaver
I could have just plopped the Shado-Pan Helmet atop the black-and-red “Blood Runes” outfit I’d previously made for the Underpowered Death Knight. It would have looked great, but I wanted to make a new outfit. As I looked through her available gear, I discovered that I really liked the way the browns of the quest reward items from the first part of the Tanaan Invasion questline looked with the dark brown wooden brim of the hat.

12) Primordial Power

Runic Plate Shoulders, Primordial Bloodsoaked chestpiece leggings gloves & boots, Imbued Plate Girdle, Angerfang Broadaxe
Back in the day, this was the Warrior set from the original Zul’Gurub raid. It was colloquially known as the “Spiderman” set, for obvious reasons. When it re-appeared on the Isle of Thunder, I collected it as a promise to myself that I would (eventually) get the Underpowered Death Knight to level 90. I was sure she’d look stunning in it — and she does!

11) It’s Summer and I Wanna be Hot Hawt Hot!

Jewel of the Firelord, Twilight-Heart Shoulderplates, Nether Protector’s Chest, Stalwart Girdle, Symbolic Legplates, Talonguard Gloves, Landfall Plate Boots, Amber Filigreed Shirt, Smoldering Gunship Strut
The arrival of midsummer meant it was time for the Underpowered Death Knight to don her platekini for her summer world tour.
The turquoise accents on this shirt allow it to blend well with the blue of the chestpiece, and the gold filigree details against the orange background irresistibly remind me of the Midsummer Fire Festival banners.

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