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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Blood Elf Demon Hunter. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

41) Red Suede Prom Dress

Chestguard of Insidious Desire, Illidari Belt, Gloomtalon’s Spare Kilt, Bard’s Gloves & Boots, Misery’s End
If I’m remembering correctly, two-piece formals started to come into style in the real world about a decade or so ago.
I tried this kit with Hidden gloves, but the chestpiece includes wrappings around the lower arms, and I decided that it just looked better with the matching gloves on.
The red version of the Glaive of the Fallen carried by the Illidari Enforcers on the Fel Hammer would be perfect for this outfit, but alas, it doesn’t seem to be available to players.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Blood Elf Demon Hunter. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

40) The Demon Hunter’s New Clothes

Rageclaw Leggings, Fel-Etched Glaive
Showing off fancy torso tattoos is one of the primary reasons why, as of Patch 8.2, chestpieces can be Hidden.

39) Jungle Jane

Safari Hat, Talador Sentinel Spaulders, Vest of the Shattered Abyss, Binding of the Tranquil Glade, Tranquillien Breeches, Haal’eshi Gloves & Boots, Neophyte’s Shirt, Illidari Warglaive
I wanted to do something with the chestpiece of the Demon Hunter Order Hall set, and this is what came of it.

38) Avast, Ye Lubbers

Puncture-Binding Spaulder, Burnt Leather Vest, Batskin Belt, X-52 Pilot’s Leggings, Bandit Gloves & Boots, Stagheart Warglaives
Because I wasn’t sure when I’d manage to get Kiralaira out to Zandalar, I watched the AH carefully for awhile to be able to acquire a set of Kul Tiras warglaives that could be used at level 110.
Cap’n Crackers suggested that I shouldn’t wait any longer to make a kit with them.

37) Vengeance for the Aldrachi

Soulstarve Hood, Wild Gladiator’s Chestguard, Arinor Keeper’s Belt, Leggings of the Immortal Night, Fingers of the Loneliest Monk, Warhide Footpads, Valarjar Tabard, Aldrachi Warblades
I have always played Kiralaira as Havoc, but I felt like doing at least one kit with the Vengeance Artifact weapon. I included the Valarjar tabard because the designs on the blades reminded me of Vrykul patterns.

36) Echo of Winter Veils Past

Green or Red Winter Clothes, Winter Boots, Pirate Sinker’s Gloves + Boneshredder Wristguards, Muramasa, Wine Glass
A Demon Hunter can, if they choose, look almost completely normal — no horns, no tattoos — allowing us to glimpse the person Kiralaira was in years gone by — before the orcs, before Arthas, before Illidan — when she was still an ordinary quel’dorei, living in Silvermoon and occasionally visiting Dalaran on business. The eyes, though… even with the Barbershop, there is no going back from that part of the Demon Hunter transformation. This veil, however, would have been fashionable for a Winter Veil masquerade party.

35) Fighting Fel With Fel: Brawn & Blades

Cursed Vision of Sargeras, Chestguard of Insidious Desire, Girdle of Nefarious Strategy (LFR), Illidari Leggings, Frostwolf Scout’s Gloves, Sapfly Shoes, Twinblades of the Deceiver (PvP, default tint)
The Warlock Order Hall robe creates Demon Hunter tattoo-like patterns on the Warlock’s arms, which inspired me to create a set of paired outfits — one for a Warlock and another for a Demon Hunter with purple tattoos.
Of the various Demon Hunter chestpiece designs, I think this one gives the best view of the chest and upper arm tattoos, though it does obscure the bottom edges of the patterns at the elbows and lower torso.

34) Charskin

Cursed Vision of Sargeras, Cruel Gladiator’s Felskin Spaulders, Chestguard of Insidious Desire, Taut Halyard Waistband, Charskin Legguards, Raven’s Veil Gloves, Vindictive Gladiator’s Felskin Boots, Twinblades of the Deceiver (upgraded, first tint)
There are four Legion chestpiece styles that have different appearances for Demon Hunters than for the other leather-wearing classes. This one comes from the Legion dungeons. I didn’t get around to collecting all of that set, but these PvP pieces fill in nicely because a lot of the Legion Demon Hunter class sets use that blood-red color.

33) Empyrial Windblade

Empyrial Deep Crown, Arinor Keeper’s Spaulders, Wild Draenish Vest, Arinor Keeper’s Belt, Salamander Scale Pants, Mountainscaler Leather Gloves, Overgrowth Cutter Boots, Mana Wrath
I chose to use swords — and specifically this sword — for this kit so that it would be an outfit that could realistically be worn by a Draenei Windwalker Monk.

32) Hand of Illidan

Cursed Vision of Sargeras, Demon-Rend Shoulderblades, Shaladrassil Tunic, Illidari belt bracers & boots, Bladefang Legguards, Fuzzy Gloves, Slayer’s Tabard, Warglaives of Azzinoth/Twinblades of the Deceiver (upgraded, first tint)
Many of Illidan’s minions in Outland wear either the Green Trophy Tabard of the Illidari or its purple variation. Almost all Legion Illdari NPCs wear an upgraded version of the Green variation. Patch 8.0 made the new Illidari tabard available to Demon Hunter PCs as well from their Order Hall armor vendor.

31) The Legion Must Fall

Fel-Proof Goggles, Demon-Rend Shoulderblades, Dominant Combatant’s Felskin Tunic, Felshroud Belt, Scouting Trousers, Cranefeather Gloves, Interrogator’s Bloody Footpads, Shroud of the Final Stand, Legionfall Tabard, Illidari Warglaive
I think this tabard looks pretty awful. Nevertheless, Kiralaira insisted that she needed to get Exalted with the Armies of Legionfall and make a kit with their tabard — something about the fall of the Legion being the destiny and purpose of existence of a Demon Hunter, et cetera, et cetera. She achieved this feat predominantly through rep tokens from Champion missions and Kirin Tor Emissaries — and I probably won’t ever actually complete the Legionfall campaign with anyone.
With appropriate substitutions for shoulders and weapons, this outfit would work for any of the leather-wearing classes.

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At the beginning of the campaign against the Legion in the Broken Isles, the Illidari Prime claimed from the former Illidari instructor Varedis (now known as Varedis Felsoul) the Twinblades of the Deceiver and from another former Illidari, Caria, the Aldrachi Warblades.

The Illidari claim to have “sacrificed everything“, but one thing they have not sacrificed is a potent lust for revenge. Enraged by these defeats, Varedis and Caria vowed to utterly destroy the Illidari.

The Illidari Council thwarted them at every turn, however, until Kil’jaeden himself got involved…

After threatening the Illidari that “Your insolence has come to an end. You will join the Burning Legion. You will become Felsworn,” Kil’jaeden tells the Illidari Prime, “You may grovel now, demon hunter.”

On behalf of all of the Illidari, she refused — with a very much ruder gesture than the rather juvenile animation portrayed in the game.

The Illidari promptly jumped the Fel Hammer to Niskara and the crack strike force of Kayn, Kor’vas, Jace, Allari, Asha, Belath, and Kiralaira — the same team who had been handpicked by Illidan to lead the mission to Mardum to reclaim the Sargerite Keystone all those years ago — took care of Varedis and Caria for once and for all.

Kil’jaeden wasn’t too happy about that. “Very well, Illidari,” he snarled, “Your fate is sealed. You will perish with your world.”

The Illidari laughed in Kil’jaeden’s face and celebrated their victory.

I won’t be using the “Slayer” title, though. It feels too generic. I’ll stick with “Illidari”.


Niskara is obviously a pretty important place. The Marksmanship Hunter, Blood Death Knight, and Holy Priest all went their to obtain their Artifacts. I know that the Paladin Order Hall campaign will go there eventually, and that Aponi Brightmane will be my guide when I do, because while I was getting the Blood DK and Holy Priest Artifacts, I observed Silver Hand NPCs scattered about the place (in various states of captivity, torment, and death) and I saw player Paladins running about accompanied by a female Sunwalker. The finale of the Demon Hunter campaign went there, too. Will any of the other Order Hall campaigns go there, I wonder (don’t spoil me, please)? What kind of a world was Niskara, before the Legion shredded it?


Anyhow, now that’s three Order Hall Campaigns completed — one quarter down, three quarters to go. Time to finish leveling another alt. My Hunter is the most likely candidate; she did quite a bit of Pet Battling during Sign of the Critter weeks early in the expansion, so she has a few levels on the rest of my alts — she’s now 108, whereas the others are 104-105. After she’s done, the next one up will probably be my Warrior, so that I can finish the Blacksmithing quest chain and craft the two levels of Demonsteel Armor.

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Being tired of doing nothing but the mission table and World Quests with Kamalia and Kaelinda, and having heard that the demon invasions were great XP for leveling characters, I decided to start taking Kiralaira to demon invasions if one was up at a time when I could play. It seemed only right, from an RP perspective, to level a Demon Hunter through the demon invasions… She had, after all, sacrificed everything that she had previously been to become a keenly honed and focused weapon of demon destruction.

Kira had gotten to level 104 already from the “get first Artifact — push through the Stormheim opening scenario — get to 102 to get other Artifact(s) — get to 103 to do Chapter 2 of Order Hall Campaign — do Val’sharah to get Artifact tint” routine that I did with all of the One of Each Class set of characters, plus miscellaneous other questing. It took about a week of doing demon invasions whenever I could catch one to get her to 109, which is where she was sitting after the demon invasion last night. There was a demon invasion going on when I got home from work this afternoon, but it was over by the time the wee one went to bed.

Besides, I wanted to do all of the Tehd & Marius encounters as part of the leveling process. She’d already done the one at Felblaze Ingress as part of my earlier questing. I went around Azsuna to pick up the other three in that zone, then visited Val’sharah and Stormheim. The last one, in Highmountain, required level 110. By the time I’d finished the others, however, she still had about three-quarters of the level to go — she hadn’t been very far into 109 when I started.

Kira had a couple of leatherworking quests to collect stuff from the vrykul in Hrydshal. So I went to Stormheim and picked up where she’d left off at Havi’s hut near Yotnar’s vault, and played through the zone quest chain until she’d gotten the stuff she needed for her leatherworking quests. After turning in the vrykul armor pieces, I decided to keep following the leatherworking chain for awhile. Soon she was sitting right on the cusp of the big ding — so I decided to go kill some demons at the Faronaar Front so that she could ding from doing what she’s best at rather than from the profession quests.

She turned in the profession quests, then headed straight out to Highmountain to help Tehd and Marius deal with the Feltotem’s pitlord.

These guys… I’m glad the devs thought to put in a look at how a Demon Hunter and a Warlock might get along with each other.

Kiralaira is my third level 110 character. Her goals, now that she’s reached 110, are to become Exalted with the Wardens so as to thumb her nose at them for having put her on ice at the Black Temple, finish her 7.0 Order Hall Campaign, follow the Xe’ra questline up to the point where she has to collect a huge pile of oojimies from dungeons, go to the Broken Shore for long enough to get her last Champion, and then go to Argus.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Blood Elf Demon Hunter. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

30) Fierce Combatant’s Felskin

Fierce Combatant’s Felskin Armor
I managed to collect all of the pieces of this armor set from using my insta-WQ item on PvP WQs, so I figured I might as well wear it for awhile. This helm also has a cowl in the back that requires the high ponytail hairstyle to fit over it, so I guess Kira will be wearing her hair that way for a little while longer.
It would have been more thematically appropriate to go to Argus for these pictures — but Kira still has her primary hearthstone set at Sanctum of the Stars, so going to Black Temple was easier.

29) Gladiatorial Pretensions

Fearless Gladiator’s Felskin Helm & Gloves, Cruel Gladiator’s Felskin Spaulders & Tunic, Sinister Ashfall Cord, Felshroud Boots, Acolyte’s Shirt
I bought these two PvP sets with Marks of Honor gained by using the insta-WQ Order Hall perk, of course.
This top goes beyond skimpy and absurd into ludicrous. Those two flaps of leather wouldn’t be effective at protecting — or concealing — anything, especially during the acrobatic dance of heated combat… Fortunately, the Acolyte’s Shirt, sold by Thomas Yance in Old Hillsbrad, is both sleeveless (to still show the upper arm tattoos) and the right color to blend in nicely with the rest of this outfit.
Although I really like the design of this hat, it clips rather badly with the long braid over the shoulder hairstyle. Because the high tail is high enough to clear the scarf in the back, Kiralaira will wear her hair that way until she changes her clothes again.

28) Vermillion Vitality

Warhide Shoulderguard Jerkin & Footpads, Riplimb’s Lost Collar (N), Tough Mushanhide Leggings, Supple Gloves (2-655), Sword of Heartwrenching Slaughter
Like many other Legion leather chestpieces, this Vrykul-inspired design looks rather different on Demon Hunters than on the other leather-wearing classes. How does she not punch holes in her back every time she moves her arms?
This is another kit that makes me wish that female Demon Hunters had an orange red tattoo color as well as the magenta red.

27) Night Vision

Crown of Courage, Festive Purple Dress, Rope-Grip Gloves, Headhunter’s Slippers, Warglaive of the Fel Hammer
Purple seemed most appropriate for an Illidari.

26) Wardens’ Gamble

Moonglade Cowl, Swiftstrike Shoulders, Chronicler’s Chestguard, Hozen-Speed Waistband, Bladefang Legguards, Heart Grippers, Boots of Infinite Possibility, Fel-Etched Glaive, Warden’s Tabard
Upon escaping from the Vault of the Wardens, Kiralaira was determined to demonstrate to Maiev and her subordinates that they had made a wise choice… and, indeed, that perhaps their initial decision to imprison the Illidari had been poorly considered.

25) Fir-cone

Darkbrand Shoulders, Grizzly Jerkin, Toenail Belt, Breeches of Natural Aggression, Oilrag Handwraps* + Efrem’s Bracers, Boots of the Flowering Earth, Brutality Blade
This outfit, an “everyday” version of Kira’s previous holiday kit, would probably be better suited to a Druid — but with a Demon Hunter, the tattoos in dark green make a nice addition to the overall look.
Hmm… I’m planning to do the tattoos/warpaint in green for my Highmountain Tauren Druid; I might have to revisit this outfit concept with that character sometime in the future…

24) Gaudy Conifer

Darkbrand Shoulders, Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater, Toenail Belt, Breeches of Natural Aggression, Oilrag Handwraps*, Boots of the Flowering Earth, Brutality Blade
Although I tried the kit first with the Glaive of the Fallen, and it wasn’t bad, these brown swords just seemed like a better fit for conveying the concept of a decorated, cone-laden tree.

23) Stormwraith

Warmongering Gladiator’s Helm, Felstalking Shoulders, Spell Fencer’s Jacket, Belt of Hidden Keys, Warmongering Gladiator’s Leggings, Boneshredder Gloves, Illidari Boots
When I got this chestpiece, I knew right away that I wanted to use it with these pants. Adding the helm that goes with the pants to the ensemble meant using this Artifact tint.

22) Illidari Matron

Illidari Shoulders & Boots, Prospector’s Chestpiece, Waistclasp of Unethical Power (LFR), Gloomtalon’s Spare Kilt, Fuzzy Gloves + Flame Juggler’s Armbands, Blade of Savagery
Because of this sword, I wanted to do a “Shivarra Matron” outfit for my Demon Hunter. The NPC outfit is quite unique, however — only the sword and shoulders are available as drops for players, and the shoulders are plate — so my PC outfit is a series of approximations at best.
I’ve had this outfit planned for quite awhile, but I had to wait until she was level 110 to make it because of the belt.

21) Illidari Warp-Storm

Cursed Vision of Sargeras, Bladefang Spaulders, Shroud of Nature’s Harmony, Shifting Sash of Midnight, Cinderweb Leggings (N), Fuzzy Gloves + Bracers of Shattered Stalactites, Zierhut’s Lost Treads, Green Trophy Tabard of the Illidari, Warp-Storm Warblade
Certain Legion structures bear a remarkable resemblance to this Burning Crusade dungeon-drop weapon…

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Blood Elf Demon Hunter. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

20) Child of Blood and Fire

Crown of Woe, Supple Shoulderguards & Waistguard (2-655), Primalstorm Breastplate, Illidari Leggings, Ironpelt Mitts & Boots
This Artifact tint is awarded for completing the level 103 stage of the Order Hall campaign.
For this outfit series, I had planned to use each blade color with the corresponding tattoo color. This magenta/purple-red is the red tattoo color that female Demon Hunters get. Unfortunately, it clashes somewhat with the scarlet/orange-red of the blades. The red tattoo color that male Demon Hunters get would be better for this outfit.

19) Serpent Strike

Bristlebark Pauldrons, Armor of the Fang, Headhunter’s Belt, Luminary Kilt, Toughened Leather Gloves, Supple Boots (3-670)
This Artifact tint is awarded for retrieving Light’s Heart.
This outfit would also be very nice for a Druid or a Monk.

18) Raven’s Sight

Tsanga’s Helm, Poison Protocol Pauldrons (N), Frostwolf Tunic, Replica Wildheart Belt, Kilt of the Night Strider, Fuzzy Gloves + Glowing Wing Bracers (N), Boots of the Forked Road
This Artifact tint was awarded for recovering a Pillar of Creation.
To build this kit, I started with the shoulders. I feel like the chestpiece doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the kit, but I do like the way it displays her tattoos. I’m not quite sure the hat fits, either, but it wanted to be there anyway.

17) Veil of Deception

The Brood Queen’s Veil, Shoulders of the Roiling Inferno (LFR), Torment Ender’s Chestguard, Illidari Belt, Bladefang Legguards, Bat Fur Mitts, Treads of the Dark Hunt
An outfit to complement the default green tint of the Twinblades of the Deceiver — and the corresponding upgraded appearance, of course.
I like the mix of brighter and darker greens in this outfit.
Although it does look pretty nifty and very appropriate for a Demon Hunter, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever use this helm again. When I was looking for a possible hat for this kit — with my usual caveat that if I couldn’t find a hat that was really good, I just wouldn’t use a hat at all — and I tried this one on, the green gem in the center of the band just pulled the whole ensemble together.

16) Fel-Etched Soul

Spaulders of the Unseen, Nightglaive’s Vest, Eighty Silver Links, Blackfathom Leggings, Inscribed Leather Gloves + Illidari Bracers, Sablehide Footwraps, Fel-Etched Glaive
Kiralaira’s previous outfit, which I made to go with the glaives that a newly-created Demon Hunter begins with, looked equally good with these glaives that have been acquired by the end of the starting zone experience. I wanted to make a new and different kit, though, and after a little fiddling around, I came up with this. I liked how the pattern of the contrast color straps on the pants echoes on her legs the pattern of the tattoos on her arms. Then the rest of it was finding other items that were the right sorts of colors to blend into a coherent overall look.

15) Fel-Stitched

Somber Shawl, Headhunter’s Armor, Thatch Eave Vines, Nature-Stitched Kilt, Runesworn Grips, Sablehide Footwraps, Illidari Warglaive
Eight out of the twelve outfits I’ve created for my Demon Hunter since she finished her starting zone have used swords or axes instead of warglaives. Partly this is because of the paucity of warglaive models — there are only four non-Artifact-appearance warglaives (five if we count the Warglaives of Azzinoth). I’d made outfits with the two (three) non-Artifact warglaives that can be obtained outside the starting zone, but I hadn’t yet made any new outfits that used the two warglaives that are obtained as part of the starting zone experience. So I decided to do that, then make a series using the four colors of the base model of the Twinblades of the Deceiver.
(Hey Blizzard, can we get Altruis’ and Leotheras’ warglaive models for player character Demon Hunters, please?)

14) Slayer of Manifestations of Negative Emotions

Cursed Vision of Sargeras, Supple Shoulderguards (1-640), Serpentskin Armor, Cord of Sha Savagery, Blazewing’s Furious Kilt, Gloves of the Blind Stalker, Treads of Illidari Supremacy, Ethereum Phase Blade
The “Sha Stalker” kit in the “Fel Camouflage” collection I posted about 13 months ago was intended to be a mock-Demon Hunter outfit. I chose the Monk T15 lookalike Raiment of Silent Stars chestpiece for that kit to evoke the effect of Demon Hunter tattoos. When I decided to put that outfit on my real Demon Hunter, she needed a chestpiece that would reveal her actual tattoos. The original outfit also used a fist weapon that I thought looked as close to a warglaive as a non-warglaive weapon could get; because Demon Hunters can’t wield fist weapons, I’ve somewhat ironically instead chosen some rather Monk-like swords of jade-colored mist for this version of the outfit.
I should note that I didn’t actually kill the Sha of Anger myself for this screenshot; I went out looking for it and discovered it already down.

13) Illidari Prime

Cursed Vision of Sargeras, Grizzly Jerkin, Infernal Firecord Sash, Cranefeather Britches, Ranger Gloves + Illidari Bracers, Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes, Warglaives of Azzinoth
It took Kiralaira 18 weeks to obtain the off-hand Warglaive of Azzinoth. It took her another 13 weeks (31 weeks total) to obtain the main-hand Warglaive of Azzinoth. When she had obtained both of Illidan’s Legendary glaives, I made this attempt to mimic his entire appearance.
Kiralaira only put on the changed horns and hair as a glamour for the photoshoot with Illidan, however, because that appearance made her look like someone else’s Demon Hunter — not mine.

12) BatGirl

Underdweller’s Spaulders (N), Supreme Breastplate, Dusky Belt, Scouting Trousers, Alpha Seal Handwraps + Scouting Bracers, Rapscallion Boots, Warglaive of the Fel Hammer
Surely I’m not the only person who sees this blindfold style and immediately thinks “Batman”?
This is definitely the most spectacular pose in which the Maiev-vs-Illidan plot stun has ever caught me; I couldn’t replicate it if I tried.

11) Age of Aquarius

Raptor Hide Harness, Riplimb’s Lost Collar, Windscale Sarong, Quilboar Skin Gloves + Elunite Empowered Bracers, Ogre-Hunter Boots, Sword of Honor
Kiralaira had gotten a bunch of armor upgrades from doing some questing, so she needed a new outfit. Casting about for an idea, it occurred to me that I didn’t have any saved-up or far-future plans that made use of the turquoise tattoo color.

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After her thirty-first petition, Illidan finally relented and agreed that Kiralaira, as the Prime of the Illidari, could have safekeeping of the main-hand Warglaive of Azzinoth as well as the off-hand blade if he should ever be… indisposed.

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