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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Tauren Druid. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

115) Cenarion Var. Primalist

Cenarion Raiment with Wrap of Raging Tempests, Waveborne Diplomat’s Belt, and Wildfury Greatstaff
This cloak, which actually comes from the Primal Empowered (Forbidden Reach) Mail set, coordinates exceptionally handsomely with the Cenarion Raiment, which has no cloak of its own.

114) Apprentice Soupervisor

Ancestral Chieftain’s Headdress, Frostwolf Spaulders, Rivermane War Harness, Ottuk Hide Vest, Rustic Workman’s Shirt, Frostwolf Mitts, Miststalker’s Belt, Frostwolf Leggings, Ottuk Hide Waders, Big Kinook’s Spare Ladle
I was looking for alternate shoulders to go with the Ottuk Hide set, and this mashup with the Frostwolf set from Warlords kind of just happened.

113) Renowned Expeditioner’s Leather

Renowned Expeditioner’s Leather Armor with Headdress of the Sleeper, Renowned Expeditioner’s Cloak, and Wildfury Greatstaff
Kamalia reached Renown 14 with the Dragonscale Expedition, thus allowing everyone to buy the handsome Renown recolor of the Dragon Isles quest armor sets. The set hat isn’t bad… it just seems better suited to a Rogue or a Monk than a Druid.

112) Azerothian In Black

Onyx Glare-Reducers, Cloaked Shoulderpads, Eternal Traveler’s Cloak, Rogue’s Tunic, Stylish Black Shirt, Rogue’s Handwraps, Rogue’s Waistband, Rogue’s Leggings, Rogue’s Footwear, Earthborn Staff, Eternal Black Diamond Ring, Stylish Black Parasol
You didn’t see what just happened here. You didn’t see me.
Except when you did, because look at the size of that diamond!
The outfit itself is really more “Mission Impossible” than “Men In Black” — but I could think of MIB jokes more easily 😛
An outfit inspired by the March 2023 Trading Post theme of “Looking Good”.

111) Iskaara Trading Partner

Green: Tuskarr Trader’s Leather Armor with Forest Green Ear Warmer, Conservator’s Leather Cape and Elder’s Bioluminous Quarterstaff

Blue: Azure Ear Warmer, Ottuk Hide Epaulets, Rustic Tuskarr Backpack, Ottuk Hide Vest, Ottuk Hide Grips, Ottuk Hide Sash, Ottuk Hide Breeches, Ottuk Hide Waders, Elder’s Bioluminous Quarterstaff
Having acquired this handsome leather set, I’d almost say that Kaurinka is Done in the Dragon Isles, except that there’s still quite a bit of Inscription that she wants to learn… Plus, she’d like to get to level 70 and get some halfway decent gear so she can go solo Heroic Mists of Tirna Scithe until Mistcaller drops the Crown of Autumnal Flora for her.

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During Battle for Azeroth, I pushed the Shroud of Resolve to rank 6 to get the first appearance upgrade, but once that was accomplished, I just didn’t want to keep going. I spent all of Shadowlands feeling envious every time I saw someone wearing the second appearance upgrade for the Shroud of Resolve, which occurs at rank 12. So after finishing the 9.0 Night Fae Campaign, I took my Druid back to Battle for Azeroth to raise her Shroud of Resolve from rank 6 to rank 12. It only took a few weeks. Doing Black Empire Assaults and Horrific Visions at level 60 as a Druid was a good choice; Boomkin AOE is my favorite AOE of all the Classes (though Elemental Shaman is pretty fun, too), and when I’m in the Horrific Vision, Stealth gets me through the trash in the entrance area without needing to spend excessive time or Sanity.
But once again, now that I’ve got the Shroud of Resolve appearance upgrade, I just don’t want to keep going for the Black Dragonscale Backpack. The grind for Corrupted Mementos is too much and too slow. sigh If the devs made a recolor of that item — perhaps in a less-exciting brown color scheme? — and made it not too terribly difficult to get — such as putting it on the new Trading Post or even in the Store for $5 or $10 — I would go for it.
Meanwhile, Kamalia dinged 70 (again) on the 18th at halfway through the Azure Span main storyline. We’ve finished the Azure Span by now, but we haven’t gotten started on Thaldraszus quite yet.
With the Titan constellations appearance of the Shroud of Resolve now in my Appearances collection for real, Kamalia no longer feels any need for Wrathion’s Armoire of Endless Cloaks — and thus no need to choose between Wrathion and Sabellian or pursue Friendship with them at all. The Cobalt Assembly, on the other hand — it has the fun part of Torghast — stacking up OP power-ups — without the tedious parts. BTH and I had a blast one evening running around there. When we feel like just smashing stuff, that’s where we’ll go. And Kamalia wants the Cobalt Dracthyr Battlegear, of course.

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I finished the 9.0 Night Fae Campaign with my Druid last night, at last! Now she is Done with the Shadowlands!

The second time through, the Night Fae Campaign still felt awkward and disjointed. The NPC losses were still downers, but I guess I “got” a little better how they raised the stakes this time. The things that made playing through it a LOT better the second time through were 1) Prowl is awesome for not having to fight through everything, 2) flying is awesome for not having to fight through everything, 3) being able to ride and not having to worry about the Eye of the Jailer made the Maw sections so much easier, and 4) having OP gear made the necessary fighting so much easier (iLevel 252 Primal Storms stuff, which I didn’t begin replacing with Kamalia until she was about level 65).

Except for Prowl, those things will also make replaying all the Campaigns easier for my Mages. As I’ve mentioned before, Kaelinda, who originally did the Venthyr and Kyrian Campaigns, decided that she needed to do the Night Fae and Necrolords Campaigns so she can do each Covenant-story-advancing chapter of Korthia (which has been on hold since the Primal Storms phase of the pre-patch went live) as a member of the appropriate Covenant. But then Kaelyla, who originally did the Night Fae and Necrolords Campaigns, decided that she needed to do the Kyrian and Venthyr Campaigns. Kyrian, because Kaelinda chose the sword and I decided that, actually, I do want to have the staff as well. Venthyr, because Venthyr was my favorite the first time through, so how can I replay all the others and not replay that one? Also, I want to see if Kael’thas says anything special to Void Elves once he’s installed in the lower level of Sinfall (if you know, don’t spoil me please!).

I do still want to finish the story Campaign for Korthia, get Exalted with Death’s Advance, and grind the necessary Stygia to acquire the Night Fae set as well as both Venthyr sets. Seeking to minimize the time I still have to spend in Shadowlands, however, I looked up how far I’ll need to get in the Zereth Mortis Campaign to begin using the Creation Catalyst to make Sepulcher of the First Ones raid items. Upon finding out that that occurs in Chapter 4, I decided that that is as much of ZM as I’m going to do. I looked up and spoiled myself on the rest of the ZM Campaign story. After I’ve finished Chapter 3 of ZM with Kaelinda and unlocked the skip for alts, I’ll probably bring Kaelyla, Kamalia, and Kaurinka out there for a brief look around so that they have it as an available location for Mog photoshoots, just in case.

But all of those things will have to happen when I’m not busy doing stuff with Kamalia in the Dragon Isles!

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After a couple of hours (cumulative) of fiddling around with my UI and Talents, here’s what I’ve settled on for now. This might last for all of Dragonflight, or it might last only until next week. Click on the scaled images to see the full-size images.

Elemental Shaman

Balance Druid

Whenever Kaurinka manages to move on from Ardenweald, she’ll rearrange her talents to grab the Talent version of Convoke the Spirits. As long as she’s still there, however, the original Covenant version will be superior.

Fire Mage

Frost Mage

Arcane Mage

I’m happy to see Radiant Spark in the Mage Talent trees, but I would rather have had Mirrors of Torment in there, too, instead of Shifting Power.

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As much for my own reference when choosing new Talents in the new trees as anything else, here are the talent layouts I’ve been running with my Mains in Shadowlands — but really more or less since… when was it? Cataclysm? Mists of Pandaria?… the time when the three-talent rows were first introduced.

Elemental Shaman

Restoration Shaman

Balance Druid

Fire Mage

Frost Mage

Arcane Mage

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Somehow, my Highmountain Tauren Druid, Kasheena, had managed to make it from her initial Allied Race level of 20 to a post-level-squish level of 42. She’d done the first few chapters of Highmountain, a little bit of the Druid Order Hall Campaign, Mulgore, a few years of Brewfest and WoW’s Anniversary dailies, and a smattering of other stuff.
Although I’d ignored the Winds of Wisdom buff last week because it was World Quest Bonus Week and I was busy with my level 60 characters, this week I suddenly realized that this was my chance to push Kasheena through to level 50 and finally, finally get her Heritage Armor. Finishing up the Highmountain main storyline, plus the Highmountain bonus objectives, opening up Suramar after she dinged 45, and doing some Legion Professions quests (she is an Herbalist/Miner), got her there in two play sessions.

I was very surprised to discover that the totems on the back of the Highmountain Heritage Armor are part of the chestpiece item, not a backpiece item.
Then I went and pre-ordered the Epic edition of Dragonflight and used the Boost on Kasheena; now she’s in Ardenweald with Kamalia and Kaurinka.

Kasheena just needs to get to Honored with Marasmius and Court of Night to be able to use the butterflymoth backpacks; Kaurinka will continue doing All The Things to get the other Shadowlands leather stuff I still want.
I decided to pre-order Dragonflight now and use the Boost on Kasheena (instead of saving it for my Tauren Mage) because I have for a rather long time in the back of my mind been thinking that for the next expansion it would be neat to be able to bring both a Mulgore Tauren (Kamalia) and a Highmountain Tauren (Kasheena, replacing Kerisa/Kaurinka in my roster of Mains) as well as both a Blood Elf (Kaelinda), and a Void Elf (Kaelyla).
(… now I’m so tempted — at this moment, at least — to buy Boosts for all my other sweet Mulgore Tauren girls, though I know that would be a tremendously gross expenditure… and when Shadowlands gets folded into Chromie Time I’ll probably be able to Mog with Shadowlands stuff with them without needing them to be level 60… and it would be better to wait to do Boosts until after the pre-patch goes live and I can roll my Tauren Rogue and Mage, anyhow…)

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Tauren Druid. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

110) A Druid Cultivator’s Colors

Wildercloth Gardening Hat, Shadowfang Shoulderpads, Floral Basket, Druid’s Tunic, Druid’s Handwraps, Druid’s Waistband, Druid’s Leggings, Druid’s Footwear, Staff of the Verdant Circle/Herbalist’s Spade
The level 1 Druid gear introduced during Shadowlands looks very nice with the Herbalism Profession equipment introduced in Dragonflight!

109) Incandescent Plumage

Jewel of the Firelord, Fireplume Plumage, Fireplume Vestments, Pirate Sinker’s Gloves, Supple Waistguard (stage 2), Fireplume Coverts, Felshroud Boots, Scythe of Elune (Hidden, default tint)
It would be awesome if a Druid who is wearing at least the shoulders, chest, and pants of the Fireplume Regalia got their Flight Form transformed into the Ashes of Al’ar!

108) Oakheart

Oakheart Raiment with Crown of Everlasting Fortune, Shoulderpads of the Chosen Dead (N), Grips of the Chosen Dead (N), and Winterborn Spear
Obtaining the Oakheart set was Kaurinka’s primary goal for Shadowlands.
I seem to remember seeing a Troll Druid in the Heart of the Forest wearing mix-and-match of the Normal-mode version of the Trial of Valor set with the Oakheart Raiment at some point in the past couple of years, and thinking that it worked really well.

107) Queen’s Conservator

Conservator’s Raiment with Crown of the Forest Lord, Veil of Turning Leaves, and Songwood Staff
Well, Kaurinka didn’t really fancy staying in the Dust Devil set very long, especially since she wasn’t going to be shipping out to the Dragon Isles anytime soon — she still needs to finish the 9.0 Night Fae Campaign. And she’d acquired the Queen’s Conservatory variant of the 9.0 Night Fae Leather set awhile back and hadn’t worn it yet.

106) Primal Dust Devil

Dust Devil Armor with Stormbender Rod
Leather set from the Primal Storms Dragonflight pre-launch event.

105) Verdant Awakening II

Crown of Boundless Courage, Cenarion Spaulders, Emerald Wings of Awakening, Dervish Tunic, Maatparm’s Fungus Lined Bands + Oilrag Handwraps*, Forest-Lord’s Waistwrap, Dervish Leggings, Orca-Hide Boots, Staff of the Verdant Circle
My Tauren Druid’s take on an Emerald Wings of Awakening kit originally designed for my Night Elf Druid (#34).

104) Starlight Rosedust

Tsanga’s Helm, Azure Dusk Mantle, Tunic of the Dark Hour, Scaled Leather Bracers + Fearless Gladiator’s Dragonhide Gloves, Night Courtier’s Belt, Pure Sight Leggings, Supple Boots, Talon Guard Staff
This kit began with the chestpiece & pants combo. The shoulders, hat, and belt followed nicely, but when I got to selecting gloves and boots, an all-blue ensemble didn’t feel quite right. Browns weren’t really working, either. When it occurred to me that the accent color in the tunic was actually more maroon than brown and I started looking for maroons, the Supple Boots surprised me by being just right. Then I just needed to figure out the hands, and this combo of bracers and short gloves was perfect.
Then I realized what that color combination was reminding me of…

103) Midnight Faerie Pranks

Headdress of the Sleeper, Moonglade Shoulders, Midnight Chestguard, Master Brewer’s Gloves, Fairweather Belt, Leggings of the Empty Throne, Slippers of the Unruly Fairies, Warmongering Combatant’s Battle Staff
When these boots dropped in Battle for Azeroth, we had no idea just how unruly those faeries really could be!

102) Sleepers’ Keeper

Nordrassil Headpiece, Living Wood Spaulders (H), Faewoven Pack, Nether Shadow Tunic, Rich Purple Silk Shirt, Springrain Bracers, Replica Wildheart Belt, Replica Wildheart Kilt, Mok’Morokk’s Beat Stick
Although the bone wings were fun for a little while, soon Kaurinka wanted something more recognizably Night Fae. She hadn’t used this Night Fae backpiece style yet, so that was the starting point for this kit.

101) Druid of the Cycle III

Big Voodoo Mask, Thunderlord Shoulderguards, Osteowings of the Necrolords, Ancestral Chieftain’s Armor, Antiseptic-Soaked Dressing, Bat Fur Mitts, Ferocious Gladiator’s Dragonhide Belt, Warmongering Gladiator’s Leggings, Duskbat Exterminator’s Treads, Hozen Warrior Spear
I was looking at the Necrolords bone wings in another context and it suddenly occurred to me that they would look great with this combo of shoulders and chestpiece, previously seen in (Tauren) Druid #68.
I think this look works for an Ardenweald/Night Fae character because of Ol’ Bwonsamdi, hmmmmm?

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Night Elf Druid. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

34) Verdant Awakening

Spaulders of the Unseen, Emerald Wings of Awakening, Dervish Tunic, Ruuan Weald Wristguards, Forest-Lord’s Waistwrap (LFR), Dervish Leggings, Boots of Resuscitation, Staff of the Verdant Circle
Kerithian had to be first to make a Druid kit with this color of the Dragonflight Epic edition cosmetic dragon wings because of how beautifully this shade of Night Elf green hair matches them (WTB green hair for Blood & Void Elves!). These clothes had to be the first outfit because of how beautifully their green dyes match the wings.
See also (Tauren) Druid #105.

33) Night Glaive

Celestial Observer’s Constellations, Broodmother Armor, Grips of the Chosen Dead, Misthide Belt, Bladedancer’s Pantaloons, Boots of the Chosen Dead, Archon Glaive
I couldn’t leave Kerithian in the Nightmare for very long, so here she is with the original special questline-granted Night Elf-exclusive appearance, the Night Warrior (which is really only the eyes, Night Elf eye color 10, but I like to use skin color 13 and hair color 16 with it). This ensemble — hairstyle included — is loosely inspired by Tyrande’s Night Warrior visage.

32) Malorne’s Nightmare II

Gladiator’s Dragonhide Armor with Cloak of Blade Turning and Scythe of Elune (PVP, first tint)
Naturally, I had to play around with the “Dark Ranger” customization introduced in Patch 9.2.5 with a Night Elf — and since I did it with Kerithian, of course it made her into a Nightmare Druid.

If you are 1337 like I’m not, The First Satyr’s Spaulders would be an awesome addition to this look.
See also (Tauren) Druid #42.

31) Star Chylde I

Celestial Observer’s Ensemble with Conqueror’s Nightsong Cover and Scythe of Elune (upgraded, 1st tint)
I wanted to use the Sentinel’s Branch with this outfit for a Kaldorei character–

–but she’s a Druid and darnit if the Scythe of Elune doesn’t just look phenomenal.
See also “Star Chylde II” ((Tauren) Druid #96).

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Like my four year-old who is so excited for Halloween, I “can’t wait” for Patch 9.1.5 because I’m so excited to be able to bring Kamalia to the Shadowlands without having to go through that introductory Maw experience one more time. As I’ve played with my Mages, Druid, Priest, and Warlock, I’ve found myself missing slinging Flame Shocks and Lava Bursts and Chain Lightnings and Earthquakes as an Elemental Shaman. I also just miss being Kamalia because she’s my oldest and “flagship” character.

With Kamalia in the Shadowlands, I’ll have three of the four armor classes there. That makes it tempting to also bring out my Paladin, Karelia. Then I’d want to bring my Tauren Priest, Kaohana, so that I’ll have all four armor classes as Tauren, and because the twins don’t like to be separated. But I know that that’s more alts than I can really manage, so I am telling myself quite firmly that I am only going to advance Kamalia.

I plan to matriculate Kamalia with the Night Fae and then slowly level her with my favorite no or minimal combat World Quests. After Kamalia has acquired all of the Night Fae stuff I’d like her to have, I’ll covenant swap her to the Kyrian to get their gorgeous set — at least the Campaign coloration; I may or may not also go for the Renown coloration — then swap back to the Night Fae.

In thinking about what kind of Covenant hopping I might want to do with my other characters, I began to think about which characters I might want to bring ahead to 10.0. Which characters will need to cycle through all the Covenants so that they’ll have access to all the things to Mog with in the future? Over the past few expansions (Shadowlands included), I’ve figured out that I can handle about four active characters at a time. The four characters I want to keep actively playing for as long as I keep playing WoW are Kamalia, Kerisa, Kaelinda, and Kaelyla. Kamalia only wants Night Fae and Kyrian stuff, and Kerisa only wants Night Fae stuff. It’s just the Mages who really want stuff from all four of the Covenants. So, after Kaelinda has reached 80 Renown and unlocked unlimited Covenant hopping, and after I’ve completed all of the 9.0 Covenant Campaigns with the designated characters, I’ll want Kaelinda and Kaelyla to each take turns with all of the Covenants. I’m imagining having them work together to collect the sets from the Korthia daily quests…

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Tauren Druid. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

100) Flames of Duty

Flame Healer’s Shoulderguards (N), Winterwoven Bulb, Deceitful Agent’s Vest, Gloves of the Hidden Temple, Windflame Girdle (N), Celestial Observer’s Leggings, Hive Tunneler’s Boots, Lakali’s Spire of Knowledge
I obtained the Normal-mode Siege of Orgrimmar shoulders and belt from the BMAH some time ago. I wanted to see what kind of combo I could make with Shadowlands items. This is what I ended up with, and I’m rather pleased with it.

99) Winterborn

Winterborn Regalia with Winterborn Staff/Winterborn Spear/Winterborn Shillelagh + Winterborn Harp
After many months of slowly and patiently collecting Anima tokens, Kaurinka at last accumulated 30K Anima and was able to purchase the Winterborn Arsenal.

98) Azure Foliage

Phantasmal Headdress, Hide of Chromaggus, Celestial Observer’s Starshroud, Azure Dusk Vestments, Trickster’s Handwraps, Azure Dusk Sash, Azure Dusk Leggings, Polar Boots, The Lifebinder
I saw another Tauren Druid wearing the full Stormrider set, and in an instant, I knew that I needed to put those shoulders with the Celestial Observer’s cloak and the Azure Dusk armor.

97) Staccato

Staccato set with Crown of the Forest Lord, Marshwater Mantle, and Umbranse’s Staff; variation with Traveler’s Gloves & Boots
Kaurinka had been getting somewhat bored of what she’d been wearing, but I didn’t have any exciting new ideas for her. Then Kaelinda bought her the Zereth Mortis zone-drop BOEs, so she figured she might as well see if she liked those well enough to wear them as-is. And she did, more-or-less; the Classic items in the variation coordinate beautifully!

96) Star Chylde II

Celestial Observer’s Ensemble with Conqueror’s Nightsong Cover, Lo’ap’s Tunic of Muck Diving, Pure Sight Slippers, August Celestials Tabard, and Scythe of Elune (upgraded, 1st tint)
I like the details on the sleeves and skirt of the Celestial Observer’s Robe… but not the 3D chestplate piece.
See also “Star Chylde I” (Night Elf Druid #31).

95) Spirit of the Blue Raven

Garb of Pure Spirit with Raven-Heart Headdress and Spire of Coagulated Globules (LFR)
Because Kaelyla has reached Renown 60, Kaurinka, who is only at Renown 51, can wear this ensemble.

94) Winter’s Hope

Winterborn Regalia with Crown of Everlasting Fortune, Winterwoven Bulb, Springrain Staff
Kaurinka finally collected enough Anima to buy this lovely recolor of the Night Fae armor set, which also requires Exalted reputation with the Court of Night. Though I’ve mostly preferred to stick with the “Archdruid” title, it seems appropriate to use the “Winter’s Envoy” title with this outfit.

93) Starlit Boughs

Phantasmal Headdress, Pauldrons of Malorne, Clefthoof Hidemantle, Supple Waistguard (stage 2), Bladedancer’s Pantaloons, Reaping Gloves of Aleifir, Cenarion Boots, Starshard Edge, Growthshaper Branch, Night Courtier’s Branches
This Night Fae backpiece, which can be obtained at Honored with Marasmius, is the most unique among the Night Fae backpieces because it is the only one in this style of the seven readily available from vendors. Between them, the Wild Hunt, Marasmius, Night Fae Renown, and Court of Night sell three colors of the backpack and three colors of the bulb with butterflies, leaving only the fourth color of those styles to be obtained from other activities. For this style, it is reversed: only one color is available from a vendor, and the other three must be obtained from other activities.

92) Brokers’ Business Buddy

Corpsehide set with Empyrial Deep Crown and Honortoll Spear
This handsome coloration of the leather second-tier crafted/World Quests & Dungeons set comes, somewhat surprisingly, from Maldraxxus.
The stripes on the pants and the styling of the shoulders and belt reminded me of the Brokers, though it’s not anywhere near as exact a match as the cloth set is for the Attendants.

91) Firebird

Jewel of the Firelord, Firekin Amice Robes & Gloves, Wild Gladiator’s Belt of Prowess, Spire of Coagulated Globules (H), Blazing Wings
On my Night Elf Druid, this set from Battle for Azeroth‘s Island Expeditions was “Leyara’s Legacy” (Night Elf Druid #29).
On my Tauren Druid, it is the glory of An’she at sunset.
This also seemed like a good opportunity to formally introduce Kessina, Kerisa’s daughter, who was born at the Grove of Aessina during the first year of Cataclysm. In the timeline, Kessina is still a small child, of course — but this is what she will look like when she is an adult.

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