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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Blood Elf Mage. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

122) August Celestial Observer

Celestial Observer’s Ensemble with Anacondra’s Robe, Cushy Cenarion Walkers, August Celestials Tabard, Starshard Edge, and Divine Companion
As I’ve mentioned before, I like the patterning on the sleeves and skirt of the Celestial Observer’s Robe, but I’m not a fan of its bulky dimensional chestplate. When I thought of substituting this robe, naturally I immediately had to do it.

121) Soothsayer

Mystical Headwrap, Sympathetic Amice, Foxhollow Drape, Initiate’s Necromantle Vestments, Belt of Arcane Storms (N), Coalwalker Sandals (H), Jaina’s Staff
The coordination between the robe and the turban is the core concept of this kit.

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The first thing I did on Tuesday was bring Kamalia to Oribos and then to the Heart of the Forest. At level 50 and 1 Renown, I am delighted that she can wear her covenant’s Renown 60 cosmetic armor! She had been wearing her Eternal Traveler outfit for almost a year, so she was very ready for a new outfit!

Next, Kasheena visited the Barbershop in New Dalaran to check out the new customizations for Highmountain Tauren.

She came out with some super cute beaded braids in her hair and a fun tail decoration. She decided it was about time for a new outfit, too.

Then it was time to visit the Barbershop with Kaelinda and Kaelyla to establish some new Alter Ego appearances.

When my Blood Elf Mage is Necrolord, she will be Kateleina:

When my Void Elf Mage is Kyrian, she will be Kaelyra, a High Elf who never left the Allliance:

I am very pleased with the tentacles in some Void Elf hairstyles now being an optional toggle! I’ll have to remember to think about changing up Kaelyla’s hairstyle in addition to her outfit from time to time 😀

I can now also do this “Kaelyla AU Alliance” look with my Void Elf Mage —

— what she looked like while she was still Quel’dorei, before the Fall of Quel’thalas.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Blood Elf Priest. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

26) A Blue Dragon Princess, Again

Windchaser Coronet, Slaughterhouse Spaulders, Celestial Observer’s Starshroud Buckle & Astral Walkers, Glacial Robe, Tempest’s Touch, Rod of the Broken Temple/Frostbitten Staff
Another Blue Dragonflight kit for Kazuligosa to complete this set of outfits representing the Classic dragonflights.
The Celestial Observer’s Starshroud is perfect for Blue Dragonflight RP because it evokes their ancient seat of power at the Eye of Eternity.
This kit has a fancy version and a plain version because I couldn’t decide which version I liked better.

25) A Black Dragon Princess

Circle of Flame, Ravencourt Formal Mantle, Shroud of Resolve (stage 1), Robe of Volatile Power, Wild Gladiator’s Cord of Cruelty, Ruby Slippers, Shadow Wing Focus Staff
Kazulyxia is the Black Dragonflight counterpart of Kazuligosa. She is, of course, wearing the robe made famous by Onyxia in her guise as Katrana Prestor. The rank 1 version of Wrathion’s Battle for Azeroth Legendary Cloak also seemed highly appropriate for this outfit.

24) A Red Dragon Princess

Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Mooncloth Helm, Mantle of the Elven Kings, Butcher’s Wrap, Cindercloth Vest, Veteran’s Silk Belt, Crimson Silk Pantaloons, Harvester’s Court Slippers, Archmage’s Staff*
Kazulistrasza is the Red Dragonflight counterpart of Kazuligosa.

23) A Green Dragon Princess

Dreamweave Circlet, Gladiator’s Mooncloth Mantle, Gladiator’s Mooncloth Robe, Sandswept Sandals, Inscribed Serpent Staff
Kazuliryssa is the green dragonflight counterpart of Kazuligosa.

22) A Bronze Dragon Princess

Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses, Robes of the Battleguard, Serenity Belt, Astralaan Pants, Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes, Fang of Nemaeus, Mawsworn Darkcaster’s Orb
Kazulidormi is the Bronze Dragonflight counterpart of Kazuilgosa.
See also Blood Elf Mage #99 for the pink glasses & robe version of this outfit.

21) Royal Guardian Serpent

Crown of the Righteous, Shoulders of Foaming Fluids (N), Royal Gown, Healer’s Belt of Final Winter (N), Eelskin Flippers (LFR), Fang of Nemaeus, Nathrian Tabernacle
This combo of Classic robe with Mists shoulders and belt is another of those ideas that has been in my Notebook for ages. Like most such ideas, the lengthy delay in creating the outfit has given me much better choices for the other pieces of the outfit than were available when I first had the idea.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Blood Elf Mage. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

120) Murex and Oxxein

Warmongering Gladiator’s Silk Cowl, Initiate’s Necromantle Shoulders & Vestments, Hexweave Belt (stage 1), Elder’s Gloves & Boots, Death Fetish, Staff of Beasts
I initially liked the concept of this Necrolords backpiece as “Soul Shards” for my Warlock. This color, which matches the oxxein ore of Maldraxxus, is probably the only one of the four which I will obtain. Two of the other three are rewards from the Abomination Factory, an activity which I have no interest in doing, and the last is a drop from a tricksy rare spawn.
Murex is the genus of sea snails that produce the dye known as Tyrian purple — which is actually a red-violet rather than this bluish-violet, but I liked how the “x”s in the names went together.

119) Plagues and Poisons

Fel-Proof Goggles, Shawl of the Penitent (LFR), Barbarous Osteowings, Robes of the Cursed Commando (LFR), Twisted Sisters Handwraps, Slippers of the Forgotten Heretic (LFR), Journey’s End/Staff of the Plague Beast
Journey’s End matches the color of the robe so nicely, but Staff of the Plague Beast makes the overall ensemble look better — and works for a thematic naming motif, too.

118) Honorbound Wizard

Darckli’s Dragonfire Diadem, Honorbound Artificer’s Amice & Robes, Fearless Gladiator’s Silk Cord, Slippers of the Forgotten Heretic (LFR), Argent Conscript’s Drape (H), Bloodfire Greatstaff
More loyal to The Horde as an organization than many of my other characters, Kateleina’s ambition, might, insight, guile, and relentless desire for the success of those to whom she gives her loyalty make her an ideal candidate for the Necrolords.

117) Sin’Venthyr IV

Court Inquisitor’s Hood & Robes, Sin’dorei Pauldrons Belt & Slippers, Cuffs of Unrelenting Anguish, Fine Crimson Cloak, Golden Staff of the Sin’dorei
The wraps around the forearms are part of the Court Inquisitor’s Robes. These lovely Legion bracers dress them up even more nicely than the set bracers do.

116) Inquisitor At Court

Court Inquisitor’s Vestments with Hidden Shoulders & Cloak, Cord of Unhinged Malice (H) and Avowed Arcanist’s Staff
This set does come with shoulders — though I think they look better with the trousers outfit — and also looks quite smashing with a variety of other red and gold shoulders. For a ball, though, the shoulders really should just be bare. I’m not a great fan of the wiggly belt of the set itself; for cloth-wearers, this Hellfire Citadel piece substitutes quite nicely.

115) Crooked Soulbreaker

Soulbreaker’s Ebony Vestments with Hat of the Youngest Sister, Repression Belt, Noble’s Fancy Boots, Waycrest Guard’s Cloak, and Damnation
I had intended to do another iteration of the Sin’Venthyr concept next, but then it was Hallow’s End and I thought that one of the Crooked Tree hats might look good with the Campaign coloration of the Venthyr cloth gear.

114) Sin’Venthyr III

Harvester’s Court Attire with Sin’dorei Pauldrons Gauntlets & Cloak and Rod of the Blazing Light
The Harvester’s Court boots are just the bulky gold-trimmed boots I’ve been wanting to go with the bulky gold-trimmed gloves of the Sin’dorei Heritage Armor.

113) Harvester At Court

Harvester’s Court Attire with Arcanoshatter Mantle (H), Hidden Belt, and Gilded Sineater’s Staff
This set has no shoulders of its own. In addition to the shoulders shown here, it also looks fabulous with:

the Court Inquisitor’s Mantle, Soulbreaker’s Crimson Mantle,

Shoulderpads of Knowledge’s Pursuit, Mantle of the Elven Kings, and Duskhallow Mantle.

112) Noblesse Oblige

Chief Architect’s Monocle, Duskhallow Mantle, Nobleman’s Coat & Pantaloons, Black Mageweave Gloves, Slippers of the Forgotten Heretic (LFR), Parrotfeather Cloak, Suen-Wo (LFR)
Although I seem to recall reading somewhere that the blood magic Anima of the Mogu is not the same thing as the Anima of the Shadowlands, Suen-Wo still makes a great weapon for a Venthyr-themed outfit.
I originally designed this ensemble with the monocle, but it also looks great with

the Duskhaven Top Hat or the LFR Crown of the Seducer.

111) Municipal Functionary

Tasteful Eyeglasses, Mystical Armor/High Councillor’s Tunic, Dreamer’s Belt, Darkweave Breeches, High Councillor’s Boots, Formal White Shirt, Ancient Measuring Rod + Bureaucrat’s Handbook/Befouled Staff
This handsome fellow is Kaelinda’s “special someone”, Ianestin. Less adventurous than Kaelinda, he works in the Silvermoon City Ministry of Finance and pursues esoteric mathemagical research on the side. He has previously appeared, uncredited, as a male model for Kaelinda’s outfits 92, 88, and 72. This outfit is the in-game kit that I was imagining when I drew Kaelinda and Ianestin here and here, except for the boots, which are more like the leather Slippers of the Unruly Fairies in my drawings. The items in the wand + off-hand version of the kit were chosen not for their coordination with the rest of the ensemble but rather for the RP value of their names!
In the top row of pictures, the haircut & facial hair in the left picture are closest to how I have drawn Ianestin; they are apparently the default male Sin’dorei appearance in my brain. The haircut & facial hair in the middle picture are the result of using a Transmorphic Tincture on Kaelinda’s appearance; the haircut is serendipitously the same as Fabulor‘s hairdo (though not his facial hair), which makes it the epitome of fashionable male Sin’dorei grooming. The haircut & facial hair in the right picture are the appearance he chose after Sin’dorei men got new grooming options in Patch 9.0.
This one’s for you, Fabulor.

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Hmm, hmm, hmm — now that brown will be an available hair color for Void Elves in Patch 9.1.5, I’ll be able to make Kaelyla’s pre-Telogrus Incident appearance with the toon Kaelyla herself. This opens up some interesting storytelling possibilities — Kaelyla as her pre-Fall of Quel’thalas self, with brown skin and brown hair and blue eyes, in Alliance locations; Kaelinda as Kaelyla’s post-Fall of Quel’thalas-pre-Telogrus Incident self, with brown skin and brown hair and green eyes, in Horde locations; Kaelyla as her post-Telogrus Incident self, with blue skin and blue hair and blue eyes, in Alliance locations.
Hmm, hmm, hmm — but I think I’ll still end up creating a new Alter Ego of Kaelyla who will be an Alliance High Elf through and through.

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Keliora with her husband, Taelorien, and her daughters

Keliora and her youngest

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Blood Elf Mage. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

110) Minerva

Dazzling Spectacles, Mantle of the Tribunal, Labor Camp Frock, Mana-Cord of Deception, Sorcerer Slippers, Drape of the Loyal Vassal, Cauldron Dredger
Minerva McGonagall hits many of the same character notes as Morwen. I caught the Harry Potter wave just before Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban was released in the US; I was about nineteen at the time. Professor McGonagall soon became another of my favorite literary role models. Aspiring to be like Professor McGonagall is perhaps a little more within my grasp in my RL role as a Professor, though I still don’t really come close.
See also Human Mage #43.

109) None of This Nonsense, Please

Dazzling Spectacles, Black Velvet Robes, Shadow Council Boots, Tower of Theramore
Patricia C Wrede is my favorite author; The Enchanted Forest Chronicles are my favorite of her works; Morwen is my favorite character in that series. I was thirteen or fourteen when I first met Morwen, and I wanted to be like her when I grew up (spoiler alert: I’m not as much like her as I thought I wanted to be). When I was first venturing onto the internet over twenty years ago, I used “Morwen” as my screenname. So somehow it was no surprise that my primary Mage character ended up with an appearance very much like Morwen’s description. The Dazzling Spectacles are what I needed to finally complete that look!

108) Duel of Frost and Fire

Jewel of the Firelord/Crown of Eternal Winter, Frostwind Mantle/Mantle of Closed Doors (N), Cloudscorcher Robe, Frostwind Cord/Embereye Belt, Adept’s Gloves, Slippers of Serenity, Tabard of Summer Flames/Tabard of Summer Skies, Ebonchill (Hidden, first tint)
It’s Midsummer Fire Festival and I’ve had a note in my “Notebook” perpetual draft post that when Midsummer Fire Festival came around again, I should make a Mage kit with the Hidden appearance of Ebonchill — and I didn’t want to wait a whole ‘nother year to do it.
This outfit is derived from a Midsummer Fire Festival kit that I made several years ago for my Draenei Mage.

107) Scryer Illuminator

Helm of Arcane Purity, Elegant Mantle, Imbued Netherweave Robe, Black Belt of Knowledge, Adept’s Gloves, Shadow Council Boots, Scryers Tabard, Staff of Dominance
Having lost everything except each other when the Scourge invaded, Kaelyla and her husband, Ishaleron, travelled with Prince Kael’thas and Lady Vashj to join forces with Illidan Stormrage in Outland. Eventually, observing Kael’thas’ actions, they defected with Lord Voren’thal and became Scryers in Shattrath. Kaelyla had her first significant experiences with the Void at the beleagured Manaforge Ultris in Netherstorm. This piqued her interest, and, as a Scryer seeks the truth in all things, she began to investigate what was known of the Void.

106) Young Maiden

Journeyman’s Robe, Omnicast Boots, Wound Dressing, Expeditionary Staff
When Kaelyla was very young, her hair was lighter in color; it darkened rapidly during her early adulthood.
This appearance concept is mostly an excuse to use this Blood Elf hair color, which is new in Shadowlands, and this robe, which I’ve been wanting to make an outfit with for awhile.

105) Sin’Venthyr II

Crown of the Champion, Sin’dorei Pauldrons Belt & Slippers, Soulbreaker’s Crimson Vestments, Wild Gladiator’s Gloves of Prowess, Mantle of Crimson Blades, House Renathal Ceremonial Dagger + Red Crane Scepter
Another mix-and-match of the Sin’dorei Heritage and Venthyr Renown sets.
The dimensional pieces on the sleeves of the robe took layering priority even over the bulky, showy design of the Sin’dorei gauntlets, so I had to choose some different gloves.
Although the crane off-hand is a Pandaria item, its colors are very Sin’dorei, and its rather phoenix-like shape is also appropriate for the Sin’dorei.

104) Sin’Venthyr

Sin’dorei Helm & Tunic, Soulbreaker’s Crimson Mantle Leggings & Slippers, Corpse-Stitcher’s Cord, Primal Combatant’s Gloves of Prowess, Shadowfeather Shawl, Gilded Sineater’s Staff
A first go at mashing up the Heritage of the Sin’dorei and Venthyr Renown armor sets.
My Blood Elf Paladin is currently wearing this hat with this hairstyle, and they just suit each other so well. Using this hairstyle was too much of a change for Kaelinda, however. It works for Kaelydia, though — maybe because she has golden eyes, like the Paladin?
I thought I was done with Venthyr Anima collectibles, but apparently I needed just one more — the Renown recolor of the staff — and I had the Anima on hand, so I got it.

103) Crimson Soulbreaker

Soulbreaker’s Crimson Vestments with Resplendent Circlet and Twisted Visage
The Renown tint of the Venthyr Covenant armor set.
Kaelinda farmed Anima pretty intensively to collect this set and the two Venthyr Renown backpieces. Those were all the Anima collectibles she wanted, though, so now she can relax and let some of my other characters take the spotlight for awhile.
I chose Venthyr for Kaelinda partly because I thought that the red & gold variation of that Covenant’s armor set would be fun to play mix-and-match with the Heritage of the Sin’dorei set, so expect outfits along those lines to be showing up sometime soon!

102) Countess of Blades

Resplendent Circlet, Soulbreaker’s Crimson Mantle/Hidden Shoulder, Ferocious Gladiator’s Silk Robe, Illidari Bindings, Kavan’s Forsaken Treads, Shroud of Resolve (rank 6)/Mantle of Crimson Blades, Ebonchill (default, fourth tint)
There were two combinations of shoulders and cloak that looked simply amazing with this robe. Although I’ve included them both in this listing, the Mantle of Crimson Blades variation is what I ran around in.

101) Penitent’s Pilgrimage

Pilgrim’s Cover, Fireworm Robes, Black Mageweave Gloves + Wraithcloth Bindings, Windshaper Treads, Acolyte’s Shirt, Kael’s Dark Sinstone Chain, Hardened Root Staff*
Kaelinda feels no need to lug around a Sinstone.
Kaelydia, however, still keenly feels guilt for the actions of the Sin’dorei in Outland because she went to Outland with Prince Kael’thas and participated in some of his operations there prior to defecting to Shattrath City with Seer Voren’thal and the Scryers.
With the hood covering her hair, this character is primarily recognizable as Kaelydia by her golden eyes.
This outfit is all about the RP, which is why I took so many pictures of it — but I quickly discovered that in addition to not being particularly fond of the Sinstone as a static design, I also really don’t like how it bounces and jostles and wobbles and whips the loose end of the chain all over while she is moving. In fact, I disliked the movement of the Sinstone so much that this outfit only lasted for a few days; as soon as I’d finished taking the screenshots for this posting, I went and changed to a new outfit.

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Clockwise from lower right: Kaelinda, Ianestin, Kaelyla and Ishaleron (newlyweds, but not completely insufferable about it). Tigerlily the cat is a library resident who has adopted this group of students; she was adopted in turn by Ianestin after the fall of Silvermoon.

My Void Elf Mage, Kaelyla, has been one of Kaelinda’s friends since their Academy days. After some initial tension, their friendship survived the disruptions of the expulsion of the group who would become the Ren’dorei from Silvermoon following the near-disaster of Alleria Windrunner’s visit to the Sunwell and the subsequent migration of the Ren’dorei into the Alliance.

Only Kaelinda’s clothing is meant to evoke an in-game item; it is a less skimpy version of the Light Silk Robe.

I drew this picture as an illustration for a story that I’m writing. I’m posting it on its own, though, so I can more easily link it on my “Drawings” page.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Blood Elf Priest. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

20) Shado-Pan Anima Scholar

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Shoulderpads of Knowledge’s Pursuit, Amaranthine Robe, Gem-Inlaid Velvet Cinch, Noble’s Fancy Boots, Athame of the Sanguine Ritual (LFR), Inscribed Fan
Back in the day, I made all of my “major” characters go through the Shado-Pan reputation grind so that they could make Shado-Pan Helmet kits. I’m so glad that I don’t have to do that anymore!
This outfit is loosely derived from my Tauren Priest’s Shado-Pan outfit (#22); it shares the robe and fan off-hand.
The green gems and greenish glow on these Sunwell Plateau shoulders help tie the green-gold filigree of the Throne of Thunder dagger into the rest of the ensemble very nicely.

19) Temperance, Ascended

Heroes’ Crown of Faith, Mantle of the Avatar, Garments of Temperance, Sash of the Unredeemed, Gloves of Unfailing Faith, Elementalist Boots, Communal Staff
Having dinged level 60 at last, Keliora needed something appropriate to wear to her official Kyrian induction ceremony. I’ve had this robe for ages, but hadn’t used it yet, and it seemed like just the thing for the occasion.
Might that be the Aspirant-formerly-known-as-Taelorien-Dawnstrider in the background of the last picture?

18) Scarlet and Silver

Whitemane’s Chapeau, Imperial Red Mantle, Infernoweave Robe, Eyestalk Waist Cord, Black Mageweave Gloves, Astralaan Boots, Jina-Kang, Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade, Staff of Forsaken Faith
This handsome coloration of the Gossamer Robe style was used for fire resist gear during Burning Crusade. It seems to be less well-known, or at least less well-used, than the other colorations of the style.

17) Gilded Gossamer

Gossamer Headpiece Shoulderpads & Robe, Wild Gladiator’s Gloves of Prowess, Ringo’s Blizzard Boots, Sha’tari Anchorite’s Cloak, Staff of the Faithful*
The Gossamer set from Classic… with a few pieces from other expansions. Although this ensemble looks quite nice with the default appearance of Light’s Wrath

— I felt like the Classic staff was more appropriate.

16) Champion of Purity

Crown of the Champion, Waylight Shoulderpads, Gossamer Robe, Eelskin Flippers, Drape of Twisted Loyalties, Whizblast Walking Stick
These gold and white shoulders from Bastion leveling were calling out to be used in combination with one of the Classic white robes.

15) Aspiring to Ascension

Bloodskin Mantle, Aurora Armor, Cleansed Shadow Council Belt, Pure Aspirant’s Leggings, Bracers of Safe Keeping, Fungal Resistant Slippers, Tabard of the Ascended, Quarterstaff of Discordant Ethic
This outfit is very loosely inspired by the garb of the Kyrian Aspirants.
To show a somewhat more Kyrian look, Kaelyla temporarily changed her skin to a darker blue and her hair to a brighter blue and tried on this kit in the Dressing Room.
One of the healing spec Priest spells used to be accompanied by a visual of blue-white wings. Perhaps it was a Glyphed effect of that spell? I used it as an accessory in some of Kaohana’s Mog pictures. I don’t remember which spell it was, though, and I can’t quite figure it out, for either Discipline or Holy. I guess it’s been changed. 😦

14) Eternal Tinker

Vestments of the Eternal Traveler with Blink-Trigger Headgun, Supposed Mace, and Tork Wrench*
These goggles look even better with the Eternal Traveler set than I thought they would!
I wonder how the Eternal Travelers fit in with the First Ones and the Brokers and the Ethereals and so forth… Could they be the source of the Ancient Broker Headpiece found in Sanguine Depths, that is like but not like a “modern” Broker headpiece?

13) Queen of Spring II

Crown of Boundless Courage, Sprite Darter’s Flutterers, Elegant Dress, Volatile Walkers, Roffle’s Flowing Raiment, Auchenai Staff
An variation on an outfit I made for Kalaneia at Noblegarden a year or two ago (see Warlock #57).

12) Faith & Fortune

Crown of Everlasting Fortune, Frozen Shadoweave Shoulders, Robe of Faith, Cord of the Loa Worshippers, Soul-Strider Boots, Staff of the Hallowed
And also a great deal of persistence. I’ve been watching for a Robe of Faith on the BMAH for, well, ever. Back in Mists, they got bid up so fast, and my gold supply was so low, that I couldn’t even compete. Once during Battle for Azeroth, I saw one that had just posted, and bid on it, but I wasn’t able to come back and monitor the auction, and it sold for the next bid increment above mine. Then just the other day, Kaelinda happened to be turning in a Favor to Ta’xera at the Shadowlands BMAH, and there was a Robe of Faith that hadn’t been bid on yet. This time, I was able to check on the auction at intervals. I had just checked on the auction, and the time remaining had recently switched over to Short, when another Mage came into the BMAH. We engaged in a bidding war for several minutes. By now, I had enough accumulated gold supply to make several bids before I had to leave the BMAH and go up to the Wanecrypt mailbox to collect my returned bids before I could bid again. Eventually, the other Mage gave up and wandered off. I waited out the remaining time, just in case someone else came along… and for 37690, the Robe of Faith was mine!
After awhile, it occurred to me that Kazuligosa, with her blue hair, would also look fabulous in this outfit.

11) Angelic Clarion

Crown of the Fire Festival, Mantle of the Avatar, Aurora Robe, Cord of Uncertain Devotion, Steps of the High Priest, Sigilback’s Smashshell, Ritual Bell
With the holidays over, a few item swaps convert Keliora’s previous outfit into one that can be worn year-round — and is perfectly suited to questing in Bastion, as well!

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Blood Elf Warlock. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

79) Necrolord Initiate

Initiate’s Necromantle Vestments with Horns of the Left Hand Path and Baleful Spire
As expert as one may become in life, in death, one discovers that there is so much yet to learn.

78) All My Sins

Sinful Inquisitor’s Hood & Robes, Soulbreaker’s Ebony Mantle, Silver-Thread Sash, Master’s Gloves, Slippers of the Forgotten Heretic (LFR), Sawbones Shirt* (optional), Kael’s Dark Sinstone Chain, Rapier of the Fearless, Penelope’s Rose*
Once Kaelinda reached Renown 80, Baroness Kalaneia could promenade in Venthyr court attire. This particular coloration of the 9.1 Venthyr set suits Kalaneia marvelously.

77) Undying Exemplar

Horns of the Left Hand Path, Felsoul Shoulderpads, Green Woolen Vest (or any sleeveless tunic), Ruthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy, Shrouded Cloth Pants, Ruthless Gladiator’s Felweave Handguards, Eelskin Flippers (LFR), Dune Shroud, Master Builder’s Shirt, Colors of the Undying Army, Boneclutched Stave
Kaelinda went to the effort of getting to Exalted with the Undying Army so that Kalaneia could do something like this as soon as she made it through the Maldraxxus storyline and declared her fealty to the Necrolords.

76) Pro Ram Racer

Onyx Glare-Reducers, Crimson Tunic*, Apothecary’s Waistband, Sage’s Pants, Bloody Surgeon’s Mitts, Warm Red Woolen Socks, Vengeful Gladiator’s Battle Staff/Nub’s Wand + Disciple’s Stein
Whether in the desert sands of Durotar or the alpine snows of Dun Morogh, some polarized shades would be helpful for reducing glare off of the ground while ram racing!
While Brewfest was going on, Kalaneia took a vacation from Maldraxxus to get a level of easy XP from the ram riding dailies.
This chestpiece came from an Alliance-exclusive questline in Theramore prior to Cataclysm. The perfectly matching pants only exist in leather; the cloth versions are blue or green, and I liked the blue better.

75) Shattnik

Onyx Glare-Reducers, Shadow Council Tunic, Shadewarped Sash (LFR), Legwraps of the Master Conjurer, Plaguebringer’s Gloves, Slippers of the Forgotten Heretic (LFR), Staff of Deserved Tranquility
An outfit for Kishalla to wear to open mic night at World’s End Tavern, because bad poetry is a special kind of Affliction all its own.
Kalaneia will be back, wearing her previous outfit, when I’m ready to level her through Maldraxxus.

74) Harvester of Demons

Horns of the Left Hand Path, Felsoul Shoulderpads, Vicious Gladiator’s Felweave Raiment, Felsoul Cord, Ruthless Gladiator’s Felweave Handguards, Spirit Tender’s Slippers, Black Swashbuckler’s Shirt, Ulthalesh (upgraded, tint 2)
On a meta level, this outfit foreshadows Kalaneia’s fated choice to join the Necrolords. In-character, it’s simply about looking badass while wrecking dead dude faces.

For all that she detested the physical environment of Maldraxxus, by the time she had completed the restoration of the Blade of the Primus and opened the door to the Seat of the Primus, Kalaneia knew that the Necrolords were the Covenant where she belonged.

73) Like, Totally, Not a Death Cultist, Okay?

Wicked Witch’s Hat, Mantle of Deceit, Ravencourt Formal Robes, Vicious Fireweave Belt, Whirlpool Gloves, Vile Manipulator’s Footwraps, Malevolence
WTB black lipstick at the Barbershop, kthx?
This kit is based on the Cult Couture/Collaborator’s Robes disguise collected at Aldur’thar and worn at Mord’rethar during the second stage of the Death Rising pre-launch event for Shadowlands.

72) Eternal Chosen

Mantle & Sash of the Chosen Dead, Royal Blouse, Eternal Traveler Leggings Gauntlets & Treads, Gild’s Crewneck, Etched-Blade Warstaff (stage 3)
At least one of my Eternal Traveler kits needed to use an alternate, tunic chestpiece, so as to show off the pants and shoes of the set. These items from Trial of Valor seemed thematically appropriate for an expedition to the Shadowlands. Kalaneia also insisted upon this aggressive, polearm-like staff. The swath she will carve through the Shadowlands…!

71) Red Queen

Crown of the Seducer, Mantle of Perpetual Bloom, Imperial Red Tunic, Wild Gladiator’s Cord of Cruelty, Leggings of the Festering Swarm, Gloves of Abhorrent Strategies, Infernoweave Boots, Cloak of the Betrayed, Rubellite Staff of Intuition
I was trying to figure out Kalaneia should wear next when Kishalla butted in saying, “I want to wear the crown”.

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