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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Blood Elf Mage. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

173) Lady in Red II/Lady In Blue

Red: Wanderer’s Snowy Scarf, Ferocious Gladiator’s Silk Amice (H), Wanderer’s Snowy Cloak, Lovely Red Dress, Fine White Evening Gloves, Crazed Traveler’s Legwraps, Warm Red Woolen Socks, Vengeful Gladiator’s Battle Staff
Blue: Wanderer’s Snowy Scarf, Ferocious Gladiator’s Silk Amice (A), Wanderer’s Snowy Cloak, Lovely Blue Dress, Fine White Evening Gloves, Cobalt Watcher’s Leggings, Sage’s Boots, Apostle of Argus
The red version is an iteration of the outfit in which Kaelydia first appeared (see Blood Elf Mage #59).
The white items from the Trading Post inspired me to revisit it — and also to make a blue version — both of which are also iterations on a similar oufit I recently made using the Lovely Black Dress (see Blood Elf Mage #163).

172) Ysera’s Bloom

Crown of Boundless Courage, Fireplume Plumage, Iridescent Warcloak, Festive Pink Dress, Memory of Ysera + Hidden Gloves, Fireplume Insignia, Sandswept Sandals, Warpstaff of Arcanum
I saw another player wearing this combination of flower crown, cloak, dress, and corsage during Lunar Festival. The addition of the Fireplume items, however, is my own embellishment of the concept.

The Anima-Siphoning Sword (shown with Stratholme Lily) would coordinate nicely with the cloak, but I’ve been camping the Zereth Mortis rare spawn that drops it without success.

171) Achren

Soulbreaker’s Ebony Hood, Curtainfire Mantle, Mantle of Burnished Blades, Grim-Veiled Robe, Radiant Court Handwraps, Gem-Inlaid Velvet Cinch, Sinful Inquisitor’s Slippers, Abracadaver (H)
The Sanctum of Domination raid sets shared models with the Shadowlands crafted Legendary items. Although the appearances of the crafted Legendary items initially could not be used for Transmogrification, I crafted the robe just in case. And I lucked out; around the time Dragonflight launched, the appearances of the crafted Legendary items were converted to be Moggable and qualify as raid item lookalikes to unlock Appearance collection completion progress. Not only that, they also changed from black to the Mythic colorations of the raid items. So here’s an outfit to use the Sanctum of Domination robe, just once.
This outfit takes its name from the evil sorceress queen of the Chronicles of Prydain.

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It’s nice this month that Children’s Week is early enough in the month that doing Holiday activities will actually be a significant contributor to collecting my Trading Post currency for the month, rather than being things I do after I’ve finished it off just for the fun of it.

I’ve already picked up the Wanderer’s Snowy Trappings and the pretty High Priestess’s Ceremonial Drape. The Lost Crown of the Arcane was an immediate must-have, too, seeing as how it is a recolor of one of my all-time favorite Mail Tier helms, the Crown of Flame from Firelands. I have the Magenta Cloud Serpent frozen from last month. I could get it this month if I choose not to get the Trial of Valor cloth set recolor or the Stormheim Vrykul leather set recolor. Knowing that stuff I’ve passed on will eventually come around again makes me feel less fretful about that decision.

As far as Children’s Week goes — I think I’ve done both the Classic and Cataclysm versions for both factions (because I seem to remember noticing the differences the first time I did the new versions); I’ve done the Burning Crusade quests for both factions; I’ve done both of the Wrath of the Lich King neutral options; but I was feeling burned out on Holidays during Battle for Azeroth and haven’t done the newest Children’s Week quests yet. So to do Children’s Week activities for the Trading Post, I guess I’ll start with the Zandalari and Kul Tiran orphans; to get the most out of that, I should go do them with characters who need XP, maybe my Druid and Human Mage. Then I think Kaelinda ought to go take Salandria to see her future self, and I haven’t quite decided which orphan to choose to round out the four for the Trading Post activity. My six characters who are doing the Wrath Dalaran fishing dailies in hopes of getting a Battered Jungle Hat have all chosen orphans to accompany them, to make the Trading Post activity for turning in dailies while accompanied by an orphan very easy to complete.

Here are my plans for Patch 10.1 tomorrow: BTH has an obligation on Tuesday nights, so while he’s out, I’ll log onto his account with his alt who is in my me-myself-and-I guild and invite my Void Elf Mage and my Dracthyr (who is Alliance to keep my Characters page more neatly organized :P) into the guild. I managed to finish up the lore questline in the Forbidden Reach (which I always want to call the Forgotten Reach, a name which is equally appropriate) in the past couple of weeks. I’ll probably do the first quests to go into Zaralek Cavern and fly around picking up all the new Dragonriding glyphs — and then I’ll set it aside for awhile. I’m still working on Dragonscale Expedition and Valdrakken Accord Renown and haven’t unlocked all of their 10.0 story content, and I think I’d like to complete that before I do the Zaralek Cavern lore questline.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Blood Elf Mage. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

170) Selfless Seeker

Vestments of the Selfless with Crown of the Righteous, Selfless Sigil of the Archon, and Selfless Watcher’s Spire
After Khrysanthemina finished the 9.1 Night Fae chapter, Kaelyra took the opportunity to do the 9.1 Kyrian chapter as Kyrian.
I liked how this chapter finally brought the Kyrian who had been stranded in Maldraxxus home, gave souls assigned to Bastion the choice to keep or cleanse their memories, and clarified the nature of the Soulbinding relationship. I was intrigued that Apolon has a platonic, sibling Soulbind relationship with Artemede — and a romantic relationship with Kynthia.

169) Twilight Courtier

Night Courtier’s Regalia with Fae Revel Masque, Night Courtier’s Pack, Vestments of the Twilight Grove, and Meadow Guardian’s Staff
After Kaelinda finished the 9.1 Venthyr chapter, white-haired Khrysanthemina took up the baton to do the 9.1 Night Fae chapter as Night Fae.
I definitely appreciated how this chapter brought in some excursions to and interactions with the other Covenants, something which was lacking in their 9.0 story. I also liked how it gave a small measure of closure for Tyrande and the Kaldorei (a story which was further followed up in the Zereth Mortis and 10.0 Campaigns) and revealed new information about the relationship between the Winter Queen and Elune. Are the Winter Queen and Elune each others’ only sisters because they are from the diametrically-opposed forces of Death and Life, or do they also have sisters from each of the other cosmic forces? Is Eonar their sister from Order, Xal’atath their sister from the Void, and do they have sisters from the Light and from Fel/Chaos that we have yet to meet?

168) Red is for Revendreth

Crown of Eternal Memorial, Soulbreaker’s Ebony Mantle, Burnished Crypt Keeper’s Mantle, Lovely Red Dress, Redeemed Inquisitor’s Handwraps, Vibrant Wildercloth Slacks, Sinful Inquisitor’s Slippers, Crypt Watcher’s Spire
After Kateleina finished the 9.1 Necrolords chapter, Kaelinda could do the 9.1 Venthyr chapter as Venthyr.
I liked how this chapter finally completed the crown of the medallions (a very obvious loose thread from the 9.0 Venthyr Campaign), gave Vashj and Kael’thas a chance to compare afterlives, and opened up a story thread for a future expansion (where have the Dreadlords taken Denathrius and will we see him as a boss again?).

167) Bwonsamdi’s Watcher

Crown of the Seducer (LFR), Mantle of the Skyterror (LFR), Osteowings of the Necrolords, Divine Fury Raiment (LFR), Master Builder’s Shirt, Prime Conjurer’s Gloves, Prime Conjurer’s Cinch, Prime Conjurer’s Slippers, Staff of Earned Tranquility
I never thought I’d use the shoulders and robe from the Battle of Dazar’alor set — which I picked up while trying for the Crown of the Seducer — but whaddayaknow, they work really well with the Renown coloration of the Necrolords pieces.
The Crown of Autumnal Flora would coordinate nicely with the staff, but Mistcaller just won’t give it to me.

Although Bwonsamdi appears in the Ardenweald storyline, his aesthetics are rather more Maldraxxus. The use of Necrolords pieces in this ensemble made it fitting attire for Kateleina while finishing up the 9.0 Necrolords Campaign and doing the 9.1 Necrolords chapter as a Necrolord.
I liked how this chapter tied up some loose ends related to Kel’Thuzad and gave Thrall and Draka a chance to get to know each other.

166) Besties

Crown of Boundless Courage, Green Wedding Hanbok/Dark Green Wedding Hanbok, Kurkenstoks, Farmer’s Broom
Kaelinda and Kaelyla have been BFFs since their late adolescence, and though the expulsion of the followers of Magister Umbric from Silvermoon strained their relationship for awhile, they worked through it.
I would love to see Children’s Week expanded by allowing the adventurer to sponsor orphans of both genders at all of the participating orphanages.

165) Sable Sorceress II

Sabellian’s Battlegear Cloth Armor with Darckli’s Dragonfire Diadem, Mantle of Fury, Dark Silk Shirt, Embereye Belt, Dragon’s Touch, and Master Dragonslayer’s Orb
Whether they be friend or foe, some Blackwing Lair loot will let black dragons know that you mean business and they should give you some respect.
See also Void Elf Mage #93.

164) Teal Traveler

Waveborne Diplomat’s Cavalier Hat, Ascended Squallspires (LFR), Renowned Expeditioner’s Drape, Crystal Scholar’s Tunic (LFR), Mana-Etched Gloves, Knight Captain’s Waistcord, Floral Pantaloons, Sigil-Laced Boots, Squirgle’s Deepstone Wand, Bubbling Concoction
With only a few weeks to go until Patch 10.1, I finally managed to get Kaelinda into LFR to collect the shoulders and/or chestpiece of the current Tier set. Fortunately, she managed to get both from her first run.
Although I’m not especially fond of the Primalist aesthetic, the aqua/teal color was fun to play with. And I’m rather pleased by how the swooping curves of the hat echo the curves of the crystal formations on the shoulders.

163) Elegant Occasion

Wanderer’s Midnight Scarf/Black Spring Circlet, Wanderer’s Midnight Cloak, Lovely Black Dress, Fine White Evening Gloves, Sinful Inquisitor’s Leggings, Duskhaven Boots, Aluneth (default, tint 3)/Dragon Dinner Fork + Wine Glass
This was the outfit that immediately came to mind when I saw the Fine White Evening Gloves.
When I thought of locations for elegant occasions, of course I first thought of Karazhan.
The next posh place I thought of was the Cupola Cafe in the Upton Borough district of Boralus (see Kul Tiran Mage #17).

Kaelinda donned black bunny ears to do the “run a Dragonflight Dungeon while wearing a Spring Circlet during Noblegarden” thing for the Trading Post.

Here she is under the effects of a rather striking combination of Wild Magics in the Azure Vault.

162) Renowned Expeditioner’s Cloth

Renowned Expeditioner’s Cloth Armor with Vital Headband, Imperial Lotus Cloak, and Drakewatcher’s Beacon
Kamalia reached Renown 14 with the Dragonscale Expedition, thereby unlocking the handsome Renown recolor of the Dragon Isles quest armor sets for everyone.
Hood models have gotten a lot better since Classic. I still don’t like them.

161) Dragonscale Expedition Surveyor

Surveyor’s set with Crimson Combatant’s Wildercloth Tunic, Starfire Tiara*, and Neltharian Channeler’s Rod
Kaelinda came to the Dragon Isles already at least level 61 (maybe as high as 63) from doing various things in the Shadowlands. She dinged 70 without having done more than a few regular storyline quests. She got XP from gathering, First Crafts, profession quests, and the occasional World Quest. She’ll still do the main storyline quests anyway, for the Mog appearances and so that she’ll have the restored Oathstones available as Mog photoshoot locations.

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Blood Elf Mage. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

160) She’s All That

Onyx Glare-Reducers, Duskhallow Mantle, Shadow Council Tunic, Hexweave Gloves (stage 1), Cloudburst Sash, Black Tuxedo Pants, Slippers of the Forgotten Heretic (LFR), Clear Crystal Rod*, Eternal Black Diamond Ring, Stylish Black Parasol
Donned for the March 2023 Trading Post theme of “Looking Good”, this ensemble is a riff on an outfit previously created for my Warlock (#75).

159) Rosy Redemption

Wanderer’s Rosy Scarf, Courtier’s Mantle, Wanderer’s Rosy Cloak, Robe of Pained Absolution/Sincollector’s Vestment, Dark Storm Gauntlets/Fireplume Flarewraps, Flourished Cummerbund, Drakewatcher’s Sandals, Firestorm Hackblade, Touch of Inspiration
I love the color of the AQ40 Warlock set gloves, so it was fun to be able to find a use for them in this ensemble.
Although I wore the first version because I liked the overall color balance better, the black sleeves from the Flarewraps sure look great with the black areas of the robe.

158) Haliscan Heartthrob

Haliscan Brimmed Hat/Forever-Lovely Rose, Fine Crimson Cloak/Crimson Dracthyr’s Drape, Haliscan Jacket, Haliscan Pantaloons, Duskhaven Boots, Dazzling Mithril Rapier, Bouquet of Red Roses/Trainee’s Hand Fan
Now here’s an outfit that I have been waiting for ages to be able to make!
The brown-black hair color is a temporary dye job; it just looked better with the snood attached to the hat.
I was thinking, now where should I go to take the pictures? And for some reason Gadgetzan seemed like an appropriate location. It wasn’t until I got there, however, that I remembered — or rather, rediscovered — that Gadgetzan is where the quest to get the Haliscan Hat comes from to begin with! 😛

157) Sun Queen

Aspiring Aspirant’s Hood, Sin’dorei Pauldrons, Fireplume Halter, Golden Filigreed Doublet, Sin’dorei Gauntlets, Sin’dorei Belt, Fireplume Coverts, Harvester’s Court Slippers, Felo’melorn (upgraded, tint 1), Talisman of the Sun King/Scepter of Passionate Reprisal
With phoenixes being so closely associated with the Sin’dorei, this was a mix-and-match I had to try.
Although the yellow color of this off-hand item has the thematic name, the pink color coordinates more nicely with the Fireplume items.

156) Firier Plumage

Darckli’s Dragonfire Diadem, Mantle of Closed Doors (N), Fireplume Blouse, Amber Filigreed Doublet, Silkwood Handguards, Embereye Belt, Fireplume Coverts, Kavan’s Forsaken Treads, Felo’melorn (upgraded, default tint), Talisman of the Sun King
If you’re familiar with my style of Mogging, you might have guessed that this combination of shoulders and chestpiece+leggings would soon appear.

155) Fireplume Regalia

Fireplume Halter, Fireplume Claws, Fireplume Coverts

Fireplume Halter, Fireplume Flarewraps, Fireplume Coverts

Fireplume Vestments, Fireplume Claws, Fireplume Coverts

Fireplume Blouse, Fireplume Claws, Fireplume Coverts

Fireplume Halter, Fireplume Claws, Fireplume Shorts and Stockings

Fireplume Halter, Fireplume Claws, Fireplume Tailwinds

Fireplume Halter, Fireplume Claws, Fireplume Coverts (confusingly, the full pants with and without the plumage train are both called “Coverts”)
All shown with Fireplume Plumage, Fireplume Insigina, Fireplume Talons, and Sol’s Magestaff; final outfit shown with Rhinestone Sunglasses
Well, I didn’t have to think twice about picking up the brand new Fireplume Regalia transmog set on the BattleNet Shop. It has three chestpiece options, two gloves options, and four pants options, for a splendid variety of mix-and-match!
This ensemble is perfectly accompanied by the Phoenix Hatchling companion, Blazing Wings toy, and Ashes of Al’ar mount.

The Shadra Silk Headband, Crown of Infinite Prosperity, Jewel of the Firelord, and Circle of Flame also look pretty awesome with the Fireplume Regalia. For the first outing with the set, though, it had to be the Rhinestone Sunglasses.

154) Court “Winter” Couture

Finely-Tailored Green Holiday Hat/Finely-Tailored Red Holiday Hat, Soulbreaker’s Crimson Mantle, Court Inquisitor’s Cape/Emerald Shroud of Loyalty, Red Winter Clothes/Green Winter Clothes, Jade’s Lovely Shirt/Sawbones Shirt*, Harvester’s Court Slippers, Conifer Cone Staff
There was too much going on, both in and out of Azeroth, for me to make time for the Ember Court during Pilgrim’s Bounty. Kaelinda wasn’t about to miss Winter Veil at the Ember Court, though!
Although I considered using the Finely-Tailored Red Holiday Hat, I decided to stick with the Finely-Tailored Green Winter Hat because of how the colour of Sinfall Venthyr livery is green — and I was glad I had when Lady Ilinca showed up wearing a Finely-Tailored Green Winter Hat during the Court.
Just for fun, she wore the palette-swap version after Court.

153) Reliquary Emissary

Dazzling Spectacles, Robes of Fluctuating Energy (LFR), Mana-Cord of Deception (LFR), Bloodsilk Treads, Aluneth (upgraded, 3rd tint)/Harmonious Watcher’s Vesperstaff
Naleidea Rivergleam is wearing the Mythic versions of the Nighthold Mage Tier set items — which, fortunately, are most similar in coloration to the LFR versions. Kaelydia and Khrysanthemina both wanted to model this outfit.
The way Naleidea Rivergleam’s voice actor performs the line “A surprise attack! Guards! Arrest this handsome wizard!”, I kind of wish there was a Dragonscale Expedition storyline — not a questline for players to participate in, just something that unfolds in NPC chat panes and “stay awhile and listen” dialogs from one outpost to the next as we progress across the Dragon Isles — that’s a modernized screwball comedy about Naleidea Rivergleam’s unsuccessful efforts to snog Archmage Khadgar (who is, of course, oblivious to her interest in him).

152) Sailor Oribos

Radiant Court Hood, Celestial Observer’s Constellations, Celestial Observer’s Starshroud, Windchanneller’s Tunic, Winterborn Handwraps, Redeemed Inquisitor’s Sash, Choral Leggings, Radiant Court Slippers, Scimitar of Seven Stars (LFR), Heart of the Phoenix (Hidden, first tint)
An attempt to create an Anime Magical Girl style of outfit. Kateleina, with her hair bleached white to fit the Magical Girl motif, wanted to model.

151) Battle Magistrix of Quel’Thalas

Brutal Gladiator’s Silk Armor with Squire’s Shirt, Junglestrider Sandals, and Grand Magister’s Staff of Torrents
As well as being a renowned botanist (see her first appearance in Blood Elf Mage #127), Kaelinda’s mother was also a Mage of moderate power and skill who came quickly to her homeland’s defense when the Scourge invaded.
While doing the Heritage of the Sin’dorei questline, Kaelinda’s clothing temporarily changed into the Brutal Gladiator’s Silk Armor when she was participating in the illusions of past events.

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Officially, Shadowlands began in Year 35 from the Opening of the Dark Portal, and Dragonflight begins in Year 40; with World of Warcraft having begun in Year 25, there are 15 years between the beginning of Classic and the beginning of Dragonflight. What does this mean for my characters?

Way back in 2018, Gnomecore asked, “How Old Are Your Toons?” At the time, I began a rundown of the ages of my characters that then sat in draft for a few years until I eventually deleted it. Now seems like a good time to revisit that storybuilding prompt.

Although I have previously headcanoned the first several expansions of WoW as being two years in duration, the Official Timeline has one year for most of them. I’ll use the Official Timeline for these age calculations.

A couple more assumptions, which may or may not be Canon: Tauren become adults in their culture at age 16 and generally live to 90-110. Eversong Elves become adults in their culture at age 100 and generally live 300-500 years, though rare individuals may live for 1000 – 3000 years.


The ages of my major Tauren characters can be determined from my Tauren Paladin and Priest, the twins Karaelia (Paladin) and Kaohana (Priest), who came of age at the beginning of Cataclysm. Thus, they are 16 years old in Year 28 and were born in Year 12. The twins were a surprise late pregnancy for their mother. Keija (Warrior) was 10, Ketura (Hunter) was 13, Kerisa (Druid) was 15, and Kamalia (Shaman) was 18 at the time.
In Year 25 when World of Warcraft begins, they were: Kamalia 31, Kerisa 28, Ketura 26, Keija 23, Karaelia & Kaohana 13.
Kerisa married in Year 28 at the end of Wrath of the Lich King and her daughter Kessina was born about a year later during Cataclysm; either late Year 29 or early Year 30. Her son was born during Legion, probably Year 33.
Keija didn’t begin actively adventuring herself until after the twins came of age. She married at age 25 (Year 27), but she and her husband chose to remain childless until around the end of Legion (Year 33); they had a son in late Year 34.
Kamalia finally got married in Year 33 at the age of 39*. She may or may not have succeeded in having a child by the time Dragonflight begins in Year 40, at which time she will be 46.
When Dragonflight begins, Kerisa will be 43, Ketura 41, Keija 38, and Karaelia & Kaohana 28.
My Tauren Death Knight, Kregga, came of age approximately during the events of Warcraft III, which puts her at about 18 or 19 in Year 25 and 33 or 34 at the beginning of Dragonflight.
Kaumaleia, the Underpowered Death Knight, was about 25 in Year 27 at the beginning of Wrath of the Lich King, so she is 38 at the beginning of Dragonflight.
My Tauren Monk, Katewatha, was a young adult, perhaps 21 or 22, when the Pandaren came in Year 30; she will be 31 or 32 at the beginning of Dragonflight.
Kasheena, my Highmountain Tauren Druid, was a young adult of 19 or 20 when the Highmountain Tauren joined the Horde at the end of Legion (Year 33), so she will be 26 or 27 at the beginning of Dragonflight.
Kaurinka, the identity of my Tauren Druid during Shadowlands, is in her mid-30s.
My Tauren Rogue will borrow the name Kazithra from Kregga’s mother, and she will be young, reckless, and insolent; perhaps only 17 or 18 at the end of Shadowlands and 20 or 21 at the beginning of Dragonflight.
My Tauren Mage, whose name I haven’t quite decided upon yet, wants to be middle-aged, I think, even older than Kamalia, maybe in her 50s or 60s at the beginning of Dragonflight.

Update: When I actually created my new Tauren Mage and Rogue, this is what happened…
My Tauren Rogue, Kaiuna, has appeared previously as a Feral Druid who always enjoyed dressing up Rogueishly. Now that Tauren can become Rogues for real, she cheerfully switched classes. She is about the same age as Karaelia and Kaohana, with whom she was a childhood friend.
My Tauren Mage, Kazithra, is Kregga’s niece; she was named for her grandmother. Kregga is one of the younger children in her family and Kazithra is her eldest sibling’s eldest child. Kazithra has just come of age; she is 16 at the beginning of Dragonflight.


I’ve always thought of Kaelinda as a young adult, approximately equivalent in societal function to a 21 – 25 year-old Human. In a story I wrote about a decade ago, she is raised from journeyman to Magistrix shortly before she goes to Outland — but the story is about her crafting a Sparkle Pony, which the story describes as being a construct pattern found in Ulduar — which places the story in mid-to-late Wrath of the Lich King or about Year 28. In a story I currently have in Draft, she is an apprentice at an Eversong Woods academy of magic at the time of Arthas’s rampage in Warcraft III, or about Year 24. So she would have been about 105 in Year 25 at the beginning of World of Warcraft and is about 120 at the beginning of Dragonflight.

Kaelinda’s best female friend, Kaelyla, is a few years older, perhaps 110 at the beginning of World of Warcraft and 125 at the beginning of Dragonflight.
Kaelinda’s best male friend, Ianestin, is also in the 120 – 130 age range as of the beginning of Dragonflight.

Of the various Mage Alter-Ego characters, Kaelydia is around 175, and I don’t know any of the others — Khrysanthemina, Kaelyra, Kateleina — well enough yet to estimate their ages.

Kalaneia and Keliora are both significantly older than Kaelinda, having had their own young adult children at the the time of the destruction of Eversong Woods. Thus, they are somewhere in their mid-to-late 200s.


* Coincidentally, this makes Kamalia about the same age as me — I am 42 this year.

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Sometime during the latter part of the Suramar campaign*, one of the Suramar citizens whom Kaelinda had helped to rescue from the City and bring to refuge at Shal’aran took a fancy to her and began to court her. His name was Burgaux; he was an artisan — a glassblower who had created many of the beautiful vessels that held arcwine, some of the lovely beaded curtains found around the City, and a multitude of wondrous objects d’arte**. Kaelinda was charmed and flattered by his attention.

When Burgaux kissed her, however, she instantly realized two very important things.

One, she did not want this relationship to proceed all the way to the bedroom.
Two, she would really much rather be being kissed by Ianestin, who had been her best male friend, and indeed one of the closest of all her friends, for decades.

She broke off the relationship with the hapless Nightborne immediately.


Kaelinda’s “Pretty Posies” outfit (#47) was designed as as “date” outfit — though I didn’t know at the time just whom she was on a date with. When this story started developing in my mind, then I knew.

*specifically, the 7.1 “Insurrection” stage of the Suramar storyline
**think Chihuly, only enhanced with arcane magic, and you’ll be imagining the right sorts of artisan glasswork

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Another pre-academic year college meeting, another cute Elf doodle.

See also 2019, 2020, 2021

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Blood Elf Mage. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

150) Professor of Transfiguration II

Dazzling Spectacles/Hat of the First Sister, Mantle of the Tribunal, Horde Expeditionary Cloth Robe, Aqu’sirr’s Swirling Sash, Duskhaven Boots, Arcanist’s Wand, Shadowtome (stage 3)
While recording a new outfit idea in my Notebook perpetual draft post, I rediscovered this idea that I needed to do now because of its holiday item requirement. This kit is an update of Human Mage #43.
It would have been great to take pictures with the Magic Broom, but until the devs convert it into an item that can be learned into the Mount Journal, but only summoned during the holiday, like how holiday clothes are only usable during the appropriate holidays, I’m not going to bother with grinding it from either Tricky Treats or Headless Horseman satchels.

149) Miss Muriel II

Hat of the Third Sister, Deadly Gladiator’s Silk Amice, Fire-Gizzard Robes, Stitched Cord, Soulbreaker’s Court Slippers, Abracadaver
Slightly modified Mage version of an outfit I originally designed three years ago for Kaohana (Priest #82).

148) Korthian Scholar

Korthian Caretaker’s set with Nightvale Cowl/Dazzling Spectacles and Whizblast Walking Stick
This handsome jewel-toned sixth coloration of the Shadowlace set is obtained by questing in Korthia.

147) Sweet Brew

Garland of Grain/Brown Brewfest Hat/Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, Imbued Silkweave Epaulets, Night Courtier’s Greatcloak, Gossamer Tunic, Belt of the Sage, Padre’s Trousers, Brewfest Slippers/Patroller’s Footwear, Sister Martha’s Soulstealer, Seer’s Fine Stein
I felt like to properly wear the Garland of Grain for Brewfest At The Ember Court, I needed to be wearing an outfit that I’d created myself.

146) Party Herald

Pauldrons of Vile Corruption (N), Drape of the Spellweaver, Ivycloth Tunic, Handwraps of Oscillating Polarity (N), Shrouded Cloth Belt, Rowdy Reveler’s Legwraps, Fel-Infused Boots, Groady Goblin Wand, Khadgar’s Knapsack
An outfit to go with the green Party Hat that Temel gives you if you ask for a party hat at the beginning of an Ember Court scenario. I used the “Fun Gal” title with it, as I haven’t and won’t Do All The Things to get the “Party Herald” title.

145) Archmagi’s Will

Faemoss Amice, Expeditionary Cloth Robe (H)/Embroidered Gown of Zul Drak, Delaris’ Gloves, Mana-Cord of Deception (H), Starion’s Slippers, Ebonchill (PvP, first tint)
I originally planned this kit to go with the green Party Hat that you can get from Temel at the beginning of an Ember Court, but it didn’t coordinate quite as well as I’d hoped. Stay tuned for another attempt at a “Party Herald” outfit…
The first version of this kit uses a robe only available to Horde characters; Alliance characters will have to use the second version.

144) Sin’Venthyr V

Heritage of the Sin’dorei with Aspiring Aspirant’s Hood, Fine Crimson Cloak, Soulbreaker’s Crimson Sash, Harvester’s Court Slippers, and Sun-Infused Focus Staff
I’ve had fun playing mix-and-match with the Heritage of the Sin’dorei set and the red and gold variants of the three Venthyr sets. When I was ready to do the new Blood Elf-exclusive questline introduced in Patch 9.2.5, it seemed like a great time to try out another iteration of this concept that’s been lurking in the back of my brain. This version is about as much Venthyr as my second Sin’Venthyr set (Blood Elf Mage #105) was Sin’dorei.

143) All Candles Mine!

Red Noggin Candle/Crown of Endless Knowledge, Gleaming-Eye Shoulderpads (LFR), Kael’s Dark Sinstone Chain, Robe of Midnight Down (LFR), Crystal-Claw Gloves (LFR), Soulbreaker’s Crimson Sash, Unassuming Slippers, Void-Warped Oshu’gun Staff/Staff of Fiery Fate
This outfit started with the silly notion of using the Red Noggin Candle together with Kael’s Dark Sinstone Chain. Then it got even sillier when I thought of bringing in the candles on the Priest Throne of Thunder shoulders. The red Normal version of the Priest Throne of Thunder shoulders would coordinate better with the head candle and backpiece —

— but the blue LFR version is what I’ve got. It took me a few attempts to figure out the rest of the ensemble. I finally got the outfit to cohere when I thought of trying the LFR Mage Throne of Thunder robe, which has both red and blue.
Modeled by Khrysanthemina.

142) Faewoven Finery

Faewoven Regalia with Faewoven Branches, Crown of Everlasting Fortune/Windchaser Coronet, and Winterborn Spear/Spire of Coagulated Globules (LFR)
Had she not become Ren’dorei — or even Sin’dorei — Kaelyla would still have chosen the Night Fae.
The panpipes in the last three pictures are a doodad associated with the Gormling Piper WQ activated by the Night Fae Anima Conductor.
Modeled by Kaelyla-AU.

141) Undying Exemplar II

Fel-Proof Goggles/Mag’hari Ritualist’s Horns, Spirit Tender’s Mantle, Death Fetish, Master’s Vest, Master Builder’s Shirt, Colors of the Undying Army, Prime Conjurer’s Gloves, Ruthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy, Shrouded Cloth Pants, Prime Conjurer’s Slippers, Gorewrought Wand + Frigid Invoker’s Focus/Shard of Azzinoth + Lambent Plaguetouched Focus
An upgraded, Cloth-Class-agnostic version of an outfit originally designed for my Warlock (#77), using Necrolords set pieces instead of Warlock set pieces.
The Lambent Plaguetouched Focus is a nicer match for the Shard of Azzinoth, but the Frigid Invoker’s Focus is a nicer match for the backpiece.
Modeled by Kateleina.

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By the time I was able to log in yesterday night, I’d decided to save doing the new Blood Elf-exclusive questline until after I’ve finished the Kyrian Campaign, so that Kaelinda can be herself and so that my screenshots won’t be all cluttered up with other players. Instead, Kamalia went to see what was up with Calia Menethil and Lordaeron. It felt good to have Kamalia take the lead on a world-story-advancing questline again. The questline was consistent with current WoW storytelling, with a fairly shallow story and a rather silly big showpiece moment leading to “yay we won!”.

Lillian Voss is probably my favorite Forsaken character. I was pleased to see, when we went to find Lillian Voss in Brill, that she had Amalia Stone and Derek Proudmoore with her. I appreciated that continuity with the BfA story, even though those two characters didn’t do anything in the remainder of the questline. With Calia and Derek we see a Menethil-Proudmoore alliance… just not the one those families originally imagined. But what, then, of Calia’s secretly-wedded husband and infant daughter who were killed by the Scourge — a part of her backstory described in the Before the Storm novel, but never referenced in-game? **sigh**

The part in Maldraxxus seemed like it was made with the expectation that everyone doing it would already have flying (which I don’t). I managed not to die while kodo-charging through perilous terrain to get to the NPCs we needed to consult, but I was sure glad that as a Shaman, I’d be able to Reincarnate if I did. It also helped that I use the Comfortable Rider’s Barding as my standard mount equipment. Protection against daze-and-dismount while riding through hostile territory is much more valuable to me than water walking!

The surprise of the new “Dark Ranger” customization for Blood, Void, and Night Elves (Delaryn Summermoon is also present at Brill) is a fun little thing, good on the devs for sneaking that past the PTR. I was somewhat disappointed to find that the new skin tone and the red eyes are linked, rather than separate options — if you choose the skin tone, you also get the red eyes; if you choose the red eyes, you also get the skin tone; you can’t have purple skin and red eyes or the new skin tone and silver eyes.

As a Mage, I see the “Dark Ranger” customization as a way to finally make the perfect San’layn cosplay with the 25H ICC Mage Tier set:

(though upon checking, the Darkfallen NPCs in the Blood wing of ICC have blue DK/Domination-magic eyes, not blood red eyes)

Or, with the shortest ear length option, the perfect Venthyr cosplay:
All My Sins II

Sinful Inquisitor’s Vestments with Sinfall Venthyr Hood & Slippers, Soulbreaker’s Ebony Mantle, Silver-Thread Sash, Kael’s Dark Sinstone Chain, and Damnation
A variation on an outfit I originally made for my Warlock (#78).

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A story in screenshots. See also Kaprikka and Dornaa’s marvelous adventure


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