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With a Tillers Commendation in-hand, fully expanding Sunsong Ranch takes about a week. Thus, at the end of last week, my Hunter’s farm was complete. I’d run a few dungeons with my Druid already, bringing her up to level 89, and she was raring to finish leveling. On Friday night, therefore, I parked Kerisa at the Darkmoon Faire carousel and chain-queued for dungeons. After a few, I was definitely starting to feel like I’m getting the basics of Druid healing — setting up a PowerAura to show the time remaining on Harmony in big pink numbers helped a lot — though I’m sure there are lots of subtleties that, having only healed Normal 5s, I haven’t learned. A few hours later — just in time for Cymre’s Ulduar run — Kerisa dinged 90.

Now I have the same number of level 90s as I had level 85s at the end of Cataclysm, about a year ago.

That milestone accomplished, the Paladin and the Priest and the Blood Elf Mage are all jonesing to be next. I’m leaning toward pushing the Priest. She’s the furthest behind, level-wise, but I don’t have a clothie in Pandaria yet and I am reluctant to shell out for big bags on the AH despite being in rather desperate need of more inventory space. Nevertheless, this weekend it was the Blood Elf Mage who won.

Despite having reached level 70 well over a year ago, Kaelinda had been lingering in Outland, and she was starting to get quite upset at the number of other alts who have waltzed through Outland, passing her by. It’s her own fault, really. At first, she said it was because she wanted to do all the Scryer-associated questlines. Then she started to wibble over her Shattrath faction choice. She originally chose to be a Scryer because she is a Sin’dorei Mage and they are the paragons of Sin’dorei Mages in Outland. But she’s quite fond of the Draenei, and the Aldor have the Anchorite’s Robes and the Flameheart Vest tailoring pattern. She just couldn’t decide — and she already had enough Scryer rep that I didn’t want to do the faction-switching grind. Somehow, between holidays and the Darkmoon Faire and miscellaneous other questing that I’ve forgotten, she reached level 74. A few weeks ago, therefore, I sent her to Shadowmoon Valley to pick up the Jaina-lookalike tunic and kilt. I took her to Dalaran for a photoshoot with the new outfit…

…then made her set her hearth to the Legerdemain Lounge so that she would be less tempted to go back to Outland. Having done that, it occurred to me that part of my reluctance to take Kaelinda to Northrend has been that I don’t particularly want to quest with her in Northrend. There aren’t very many quest rewards that she wants, and there isn’t much that I particularly want her to do for story/RP purposes, either. On Saturday evening I loaded her up with all the heirlooms I have available on her server and ran a couple of dungeons. I plan to LFD with her until she reaches level 77 and can head up to the Argent Tournament, and then she can idle there while I work on the Priest and the Paladin.


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This weekend has been pretty exciting.

I went to put something in Void Storage, not having looked in my Void Storage since I transferred most of my characters from Lightninghoof to Bloodhoof nearly a month ago, and was horrified to find that it was empty! Completely empty, on all the characters who had it! I put in a ticket, and after a false start when I got a boilerplate response about loot being misassigned during a raid, GM Jeydolen chatted with me. Jeydolen assured me that all the stuff was still there, and suggested that a UI error might be why I couldn’t see it. After performing the UI reset that Jeydolen suggested, I still couldn’t see my stuff. The Void Storage dude was giving me the tutorial box, without asking for money to (re)open Void Storage, so I clicked through it and voila, my stuff appeared! Then I felt a little silly — perhaps I had just needed to click through the tutorial boxes again to begin with, and I didn’t really need to have done the UI reset. I was still very appreciative of Jeydolen’s prompt, gracious, and helpful response to my second ticket. Thank you, GM Jeydolen!

Then I went to this weekend’s Laid Back Raid with Kerisa. Karazhan and Gruul’s Lair were on the ticket, and I hoped to get the T4 shoulder token. I didn’t, but after Kara and Gruul, part of the group continued on to Magtheridon and from thence, at my suggestion, to Tempest Keep, where Kerisa scored the T5 shoulder token. Many thanks to the estimable Coolidge for heading up that part of the evening!

Kerisa earned the T9 and T10 shoulders as my raiding main in late Wrath, and she still has them in her bank. After the debut of Transmogrification, she farmed Molten Core for weeks on end until she got the T1 shoulders. In ES guild fun runs (prior to the server transfer) and previous LBRs, she has picked up the T3/7, T6, and T8 shoulders. Now she just needs to get the T4 and T11-Normal shoulders to complete her collection of Favorite Druid Shoulders! (and then I’ll have to start working on outfits to go with them all :P)

One of my greatest regrets about Cataclysm is that I didn’t manage to get the T11 Druid shoulders when they were current content. I wanted them from the moment I first saw them, but I left Kerisa untouched for months to ensure that Kamalia would be my raiding main. By the time I finally got Kerisa ready for raiding, there wasn’t enough time left in T11 for her to get a pair of those gorgeous blue feathered T11 Druid shoulders before T12 arrived. Well, actually, she did see the T11 shoulder token drop once… and she passed on it, because she felt like the Resto Druid raid leader of ES’s alt run deserved it more. (Sometimes, in my more selfish moments, I wish I’d gone ahead and rolled on it normally.)

Finally, ever since I started writing this blog, I’ve intended to eventually do a series on “Stuff my Characters Wear”. Over the last few days, I’ve begun working on it. I’ve been going through all the alts for whom I have long-term goals and attempting to put together for each one of them a coherent, attractive ensemble that I’d be happy to see her wearing for a long time. It’s a lot easier for the higher level characters! On my lower-level characters, the outfits I’ve been making are frequently only partially Transmogrified, but the idea is to make something that would also be an attractive full Transmogrification Template Kit for a high-level character. Some of my characters will need to gain a level or few of XP before I can get them into an outfit that I like. For the time being, I am focusing only on Transmogrification-friendly outfits. After the initial set of posts is done — but not immediately — I also plan to expand the series to include “wrong” or mixed gear-type pure RP outfits.

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character shipping

Effraeti has provided a very appropriate subject for this week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic:

With the in-game World Event “Love is in the Air” and its correlation with IRL Valentine’s Day next week, I have been thinking about character love interests (and also because I am a hopeless romantic). 🙂

Who is your main character’s love interest? Are they involved with someone, do they pine for someone?

Many bloggers lately have been discussing playing with IRL couples who raid together. How would this transfer to the characters they play? Why would their characters slay dragons together?

BTH and I have leveled our mains together and raided together. At the moment, we’re not raiding together, but I anticipate that we will level to 90 together in Mists. Because Ronada and Kamalia are both female toons, however, I have always described them as being favorite cousins — although I respect the people I know who are LGBT, it is not something my own characters will ever be. Kamalia did have a secret crush on Karthip, the male Tauren Warrior who was the main tank of the guild with whom she ran Kara, Naxx2.0, and Ulduar, but by and large I’ve tended to think of her as being single, and not too fussed about it. Interacting with the orphans during Children’s Week does make her hear the ticking of her biological clock more loudly for awhile, though.

Kerisa leveled to 80 with BTH’s Warrior, Watha, who happened to be BTH’s only male Tauren character.

I imagined them as being a betrothed couple, but I never brought up the idea with BTH because I thought he’d laugh at it. By the time we reached 80, BTH had decided that he wasn’t really excited about playing a Warrior. He stopped playing the character not long after we reached 80, while Kerisa continued on to gear up for and raid Trial and ICC. Kerisa eventually leveled up to 85, but Watha is still level 80. I still imagine them as a couple, and they are probably married by now, though I’m not sure when exactly it would have happened.

Kymberlea is married with four children, and the tension between her RP story and the adventuring, questing lifestyle means that she’ll probably be lucky to make it as far as level 40. Kenosha is married, and Keshona is her grown daughter. Kimorene, Kandrista, and Keriluna are all widows. Kimorene‘s husband died in the Plague and she now lives with her son and his family in Stormwind, Kandrista‘s was killed fighting Arthas’s forces during the Battle of Silvermoon, and Keriluna‘s was one of the Druids slumbering in the Dor’Danil Barrow Den. Kelilla has hinted to me that she had a love interest whom she believes to have perished during the initial irradiation of Gnomeregan, but I’m uncertain how close the relationship actually was. Kazuliza once had an unrequited crush on Ace, and since her sham affair with Chip, she has been a little bitter and sworn off getting involved in new relationships for awhile.

Until they tell me otherwise, I assume that all of my other characters are single and happily so.

As for NPCs, well, my favorite craxy relationship idea of Cataclysm is this Orc pairing:

“Ahh, there she is. The battle-maiden of the Dragonmaw. Let me see your face.” — Garrosh Hellscream
“I don’t know how Garrosh Hellscream does it. He must possess great strength to hold together a force as diverse as the Horde… I should like to know him more.”Warlord Zaela

Zaela’s statement could certainly be taken in a pragmatic, all-business sort of way, but I can’t resist the temptation to read it in a shippy sort of way and imagine that she has a crush on Garrosh. 😛

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After Khrissalys went to all the effort of obtaining four pieces of Brewfest gear — the purple hat, the slippers, the dress, and the lederhosen — it seemed only appropriate to buy a portal to Dalaran and dance in the Silver Enclave beer garden.

I saw a handful of characters running about, but the city seemed very quiet and deserted. I wonder what those other players thought of the little level 20 Dwarven Mage running around gawking at everything. And gawk I did, because I’d never had the opportunity to explore the Alliance zone of the city before.

Meanwhile, Kamalia scored a Brewfest mount, but it wasn’t the one she really wanted…

…and then when I queued up for a Coren Direbrew run with Kerisa just for kicks and giggles while on my way out to the Shrine of Malorne to do my Firelands dailies yesterday, she got it instead.

Kerisa seems to be having all the luck with mount drops these days!

BTH’s project in Canada has come to an end, so I get to drive 2k miles back to our old place in the Midwest this weekend. Then we’ll have to get internet service at that apartment again — so it might be awhile before I’m back online.

ETA: Kamalia got the Great Brewfest Kodo today! Now her kodo collection is complete! XD

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…but now that I have this beauty, perhaps I should start, to complete the set 😉

Last week, pre-nerfs, our Thursday night 10man alt run went into the Firelands and managed down three bosses — Shannox, Beth’tilac, and Rhyolith. This was much more than we’d ever accomplished previously; most weeks, we’d been lucky just to get Shannox down before our time ran out.

This week, post-nerfs, we easily downed those three, then proceeded to one-shot Baleroc and Alysrazor. Next week maybe we’ll even be able to take a whack at Majordomo!

Although the nerfs have felt kind of sad relative to our 25man main group progression, they’ve been a great thing for our 10man alt run progression.

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I’ve been coveting a pair of T11 equivalent shoulders for Kerisa ever since I first saw Druids running around wearing Passive Resistor Spaulders, but I got a very late start on raiding with Kerisa and wasn’t able to snag a set before the Firelands debuted.

On Saturday evening, I put together a BoT run with Kerisa, hoping to see the Druid shoulder token drop from Cho’gall. BTH came with me, but everyone else in our guild was busy, so we had to pug out the rest of the 10 man group from Trade chat. Although I wore the little crown of the nominal raid leader, I let BTH do most of the actual leading — the boss fight explanations and the “stand there, do that” directions. The run went relatively smoothly — we downed all of the bosses in one or two attempts, and we only had one person drop out (the hunter) and have to be replaced (with a mage) — but it was spoiled at the end by an unfortunate bit of loot drama.

I was Master Looter, and I announced at the beginning of the run that loot would be put up as open roll first to main spec, then to off spec. Most of the items got claimed by one person or another. It wasn’t until the middle of the run that the question of DEing something even came up, at which point I announced that crystals would be distributed by an open roll at the very end of the run. I myself only even rolled on one or two things, and only got one item — the boots from Cho’gall, which I rolled on as off spec.

My mistake was not saying at the beginning that part of my intended loot rules was that if a person has won something already and an item that both they and another person can use drops, the new item will go to the other person. Next time, I’ll know better and will include that point in my initial presentation of the loot rules.

Here’s what happened:

WarriorGuy* had gotten three or so drops over the course of the run just because no-one else had wanted them. When the Warrior/Hunter/Shaman shoulder token dropped from Cho’gall, EnhShaman sent me a polite whisper asking nicely if he could have it because WarriorGuy had already gotten a few things. Both WarriorGuy and EnhShaman were in ZA shoulders, so the tier token wasn’t a bigger upgrade for either one of them. I assigned the token to EnhShaman without putting it up for a roll.
(In retrospect, perhaps I should have replied to EnhShaman that because of the way I’d explained loot rules at the beginning, I should still put the token up for a roll, and done so… but I did think his request was fair, and what was done is done.)
After I’d given the token to EnhShaman, I announced that that was what I’d done, and why, in raid chat. WarriorGuy protested and made a /roll, but EnhShaman was already gone.
*names have been changed for drama control purposes

The raid dispersed. I’d just hearthed back to Orgrimmar when I got an aggressive whisper from NumbskullDK — a person I’d never heard of before who definitely hadn’t been in the raid — threatening to tattle on me to my guild leaders and report me to the GMs to be banned if I didn’t give the token to WarriorGuy immediately.

I whispered WarriorGuy — “do you know NumbskullDK?”
WarriorGuy replied that it was his brother.
I asked him to call his brother off, and he said “why should I? I won the token”.
I whispered him back with my reasoning for having assigned the token the way I did, and he responded that he hadn’t asked for the three or four drops he’d already gotten, he’d just gotten them because he was the only one in the group that wanted them.
I replied that the only thing I could do at this point was put in a ticket — but I didn’t think EnhShaman would appreciate it very much — and that I didn’t appreciate his brother trying to bully me and threatening to get me banned over it. WarriorGuy said that he’d already put in a ticket, and that NumbskullDK hadn’t actually done anything.

In the meantime, NumbskullDK sent me a couple more hostile, threatening whispers. I didn’t respond to any of them, and I put NumbskullDK on Ignore before I logged off.

Perhaps if I was in the sort of guild that would require its raiders to get valor point capped each week, I would have had something to worry about from my guild leaders, but as it is, I was pretty sure that if NumbskullDK did contact my guild leaders, they’d just laugh in his face. Nevertheless, I definitely didn’t want them to hear about it from him first! I went to my guild forums as soon as I’d logged out of the game and made a post about the incident.

My guildies rallied around, assuring me that while I should have been clearer about my intended loot rules at the beginning of the raid, I certainly hadn’t done anything that the GMs would ban me for. Another guildie commented that he’d observed other sorts of donkeyface behavior from NumbskullDK previously, so I shouldn’t let it bother me. My guild leaders agreed that I hadn’t done anything wrong, and said that although they hadn’t heard from NumbskullDK, they’d stand behind me.
Have I mentioned yet that I ❤ my guild?

I didn't log into the game at all on Sunday.
Yesterday evening, I was doing the Elemental Bonds questline with Kerisa when one of my guildies commented that "Kam's stalker" was asking in Trade chat who the leaders of my guild are. Evidently, NumbskullDK had been bluffing when he was threatening to tattle on me to my guild leaders immediately on Saturday night — it's so absolutely trivial to search for a guild by name on the Armory and sort the roster by guild rank to find out who the leader is that I thought he'd already done it, and that was why I was so anxious to get a post up on the guild forums with my side of the story before my guild leaders heard from him. I had also hoped, when my guild leaders said they hadn’t heard from him yet, that he’d done the sensible thing and given up.

I’m rather annoyed that NumbskullDK is still pursuing it. WarriorGuy seemed reasonable enough when he said that he’d already put in a ticket, and even asked to be invited if I put together another T11 pug in the future (I probably won’t invite him if I do). The GMs seem to have responded to WarriorGuy’s ticket in the negative; EnhShaman is wearing T11 shoulders on the Armory. If NumbskullDK thinks he’s going to get satisfaction from convincing my guild leaders to discipline me, he’s sadly mistaken. He’s clearly an idiot if he hasn’t realized that by two days after the incident, I would have already discussed it with my guild leaders. I’m most worried about the damage he could do to my guild’s reputation with his babble in Trade chat.

It’s also kind of obnoxious that I’ll have to wait a couple of weeks for things to blow over before I try to fill out another T11 run from Trade again (I think I’ll go for BWD next time).

The most irritating thing, though, is the thought that WarriorGuy and NumbskullDK might have thought that they could get away with bullying me because I’m female and don’t have a very assertive Vent presence.

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