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It. Is. Coming.

So, um, Wrathion… could you, would you possibly update that spiffy cloak you gave me so that it might actually be useful now, when your vision is finally coming true?

Hmm, so if Legion proper drops at the end of August, we can probably expect the pre-patch sometime around the end of July. That gives me three months to make significant progress on the following Warlords objectives:

* Finish leveling alts to 100
Balance Druid (98)
Frost Death Knight (97)
Paladin (96)
Warrior (96)
Warlock (96)
Blood Elf Mage (95)
Priest (95)
Rogue (94)
Enhancement Shaman (94)
Feral Druid (62; will probably get the boost when I pre-purchase Legion sometime in the next few weeks)

* Get to 150 Draenor Pet Battles for level 3 Menagerie — I got a slow start with pet battles (and pet charms) in this expansion. I ignored them entirely until Kura started coming to the Garrison in Patch 6.1, and then I only battled Kura if she was in one of my Garrisons. Things picked up after the Pet Battling Monk came out to Draenor a few months ago. She’s been training up pets against Ashlei (and occasionally Gargra) and should finish up that achievement in another couple of weeks.

* Do Silver Proving Grounds and UBRS with Alliance Mage because Millhouse Manastorm — I made myself go to Proving Grounds with this character this weekend, but it took me two tries to get past Bronze and I failed Silver on the third wave, so I’ll have to keep trying…

* Complete Savage Blood Transmogrification project. I have three Alchemists producing Savage Blood as fast as their Alchemy work orders and daily transmutes allow, but what I really need to do is keep my two level 3 Barns fully stocked with trapped elite wolves — I’ve recently discovered that having a Skinner staffing the Barn gives a much higher ratio of Savage Blood produced per number of elite beasts trapped!

* Go back to Nagrand with Alliance Mage to see the last part of Y’rel’s storyline and to see what’s up with Vindicator Nobundo’s strange feeling of being drawn to the Throne of the Elements — I just need to get out there and do it one of these weekends.

* Finish Stables taming quests and mounted combat challenges to get Stable Master title for the Hunter.

* Do Tanaan with the Balance Druid so that she can have all four of the Arakkoa Followers on her Garrison team.

* I guess I should try to do Tanaan with one of my Mages to see if I can get the Hellfire Citadel Mage tier-lookalike robes from the level 3 Shipyard, but who knows if I’ll actually get around to doing it… at least all the ship equipment blueprints are account-wide now, so I won’t have to worry about that.

Kamalia has too many Tauren Followers yet to recruit to be able to accomplish recruiting them all herself before Legion — she’ll probably be coming back to her Garrison from the Broken Isles once a week to check Akanja’s recruit list for weeks or months before that happens. But perhaps once I get more alts leveled up to 100, I might be able to collect all the Tauren Followers between the Garrisons of all my Tauren characters.

My grand imaginations of curating class or race-themed collections of Followers in my alts’ Garrisons may not get very far before Legion arrives. My alts will probably lag behind Kamalia in going to the Broken Isles for weeks or months, though, and while they’re waiting, they’ll just be sitting in their Garrisons, recruiting.

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So, Patch 6.2 is coming, and with it, the conclusion of this expansion’s Legendary questline.

This news prompted me to look up what it would take just to get far enough along in the Legendary questline to have Garona as a Follower in Kamalia’s Garrison. When I saw that I’d have to get all the way through the Blackrock Foundry chapter, my desire to continue pursuing the Legendary questline crumbled. I haven’t set foot in LFR even once so far this expansion, partly due to not having as much time for the game anymore and partly due to the official relegation of LFR-only raiders to second-class status (yes, I’m still smarting about no Tier in LFR). Although my faithful Followers bring me Abrogator Stones as often as they have the opportunity, and I on very rare occasions find them in my Work Order crates, I still only have 55 out of the 145 gubbins required for the Highmaul chapter. The thought of collecting 900 — NINE HUNDRED — gubbins for the Blackrock Foundry chapter is overwhelming.

After Kamalia builds her Shipyard and sees what there is to see in Tanaan, I would much rather spend my remaining playtime in this expansion with my alts, getting them leveled up and personalizing their Garrisons as much as I can by their choices of buildings, guards from the Level 3 Barracks, favored Music Rolls in the jukebox, and selection of Followers, than collecting heaps of pebbles for Khadgar for week after tedious week of LFR.

It seems that Kamalia actually managing to acquire a Legendary item when it was still more-or-less current (though not cutting-edge) content during Mists is going to be a one-time accomplishment. Circumstances in the game and (more importantly) in my real life were such as to make Mists something of a “golden age of gaming” for me. That time is gone, and you know what? I’m okay with that.

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Alas, no maintenance on Tuesday this week, so I wasn’t able to change my Gorgrond outpost and recruit Penny and Kaz. Maybe next week…

As Kamalia’s followers have begun to purple out, she’s accumulated four pairs who have the same combination of abilities. I’ve deactivated one follower from each of those pairs and reactivated some less-experienced followers, with the goal of eventually getting all of Kamalia’s followers up to purple and seeing how many different combinations I can get. There are 36 different combinations of two of the nine abilities (counting A,B and B,A as the same combination), but I’m not sure that all of them are “allowed” — is it even possible for the same follower to have both the “tank-like” Wild Aggression and the “healer-like” Group Damage?

Kamalia upgraded her Inn to level 3 yesterday. She has enough of a resources reserve that after my current batch of work orders at the Lumber Mill completes, I can tear down the Lumber Mill and re-build the Barn, at last. I’ll miss rambling across the landscape for timber, though. On my other characters, I find herbing and mining to be rather relaxing, and logging fills the same psychological niche.

I currently have five Garrisons — one at level 3, one at level 2, and three at level 1 — and another character halfway through Tanaan. My level 2 garrison has only the mine open (I haven’t yet quested enough with that alt to unlock the herb garden) and my level 3 garrison has the mine & herb garden at only level 1 (Kam’s professions are not primarily dependent upon those materials, and I don’t feel like upgrading them just for the achievement points). Even so, tending my five garrisons feels like it takes as much time as the nine farms I’m still running in Pandaria! When I get enough alts in Draenor, by the time I finish tending the last alt’s garrison, it’ll be time to start all over again by collecting the spoils from the short missions in the first character’s garrison!

At this point, it’s looking like my standard garrison layout, at least as far as the small plots are concerned, will be level 2 Crafting Profession Hut, level 3 Salvage Yard, and level 1 Storehouse. Most of my garrisons will probably have the Inn as one of their medium plots and keep the Barracks as one of their large plots because followers.

I used to think that I played for the story/lore, but if I play for the story, then why haven’t I finished playing through Stonetalon Mountains (among other 1-60 zones) to see the “new” (Cataclysm) story there? If I play for the story, then why is my Draenei not level 100 yet? If I play for the story, then why is my Dwarf Shaman not level 100 yet? I enjoy the stories, but they’re obviously not what drives my play.

I suppose one reason I haven’t gotten my Draenei to level 100 yet is that now that I have both my Draenei and Human Mages set up at Lunarfall, I can’t decide which one I’d rather play. Do I play the Draenei because it somehow feels more “right” to experience all this new Draenei lore first as a Draenei*? Or do I play the Human because I’d really rather be playing Alliance as a High Elf?

I knew that Khadgar — dear darling obnoxious interfering power-hungry Khadgar — was bound to send me into LFR for the legendary questline eventually… and now that I’ve gotten to that point, I’m not feeling very motivated to do it. More precisely, I’m not feeling very motivated to a) do the research on what talents, glyphs, gems, enchants, consumables, etc I ought to be using to be properly prepared for raiding and then b) go out and get all those things.

I still haven’t done the Molten Core LFR, either. Though I don’t care the slightest for the mount and pet, I would like to have the hat. I kept telling myself that I’d do it as a treat to myself after classes were over, and classes are over… but I’ve been on campus all week anyway prepping for next semester.

* Feeling like I ought to be a character of a given race to play through storylines that prominently feature that race is not a problem I have Horde-side because I’m so used to being Kam/Tauren when I’m Horde.

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Along with leveling a character of each class to the current level cap, one of my long-time WoW goals has been to raid-heal with each of the healing classes. Mists LFR has been an absolutely Golden Age for me in that regard. I have a healer of each class who has completed at least Terrace of Endless Spring from T14, all of Throne of Thunder, and Siege of Orgrimmar through the Sha of Pride.

As proof that I have indeed completed my Mists expansion goal of healing in LFR with each of the healing classes — and before Patch 6.0 wreaks havoc on my action bars and addons, too! — I now present a couture collection featuring that most charming of Siege of Orgrimmar healer loot drops, the Purehearted Cricket Cage.

Waterfall Cricket

Greenweave Mantle, Waterfall Robe, Councillor’s Sash, Replica Virtuous Gloves, Rejuvenating Scepter, Purehearted Cricket Cage
This Kun-Lai Summit quest reward robe matches the tailored Windwool set, which has a tunic chestpiece instead of a robe.

Hoodoo Cricket

Self-Reflecting Mask, Runetotem’s Mantle of Conquest, Jinxed Hoodoo Skin & Kilt, Hurricane Belt, Cenarion Gloves, Miniature Winter Veil Tree, Purehearted Cricket Cage
This outfit is based on Zazzy’s grand-prize-winning final round entry for JD Kenada’s Amazing Transmog Survivor competition. Kerisa already had the shoulders, chestpiece, and kilt of Zazzy’s kit — though as a Druid, she of course could not use the same belt.

Fire-Charm Cricket

Fire-Charm Mantle, Jinxed Hoodoo Skin & Kilt, Serene Yellow Belt, Grips of Slicing Electricity, Ethereum Phase Blade, Purehearted Cricket Cage, Veridian Cloak
A variation on Zazzy’s grand-prize-winning final round entry for JD Kenada’s Amazing Transmog Survivor competition. As a Monk, Koralyra could get the chestpiece, belt, and kilt easily — but she’d have had to farm for the lookalike T9 Druid shoulders, as Zazzy had. Fortunately, the glow of the T15-LFR Monk shoulders matches the Jinxed Hoodoo items just as nicely as the crystals on the T9-Horde Druid shoulders do!

Suncrown Cricket

Bog Pauldrons, Suncrown Hauberk, Myrmidon’s Girdle, Cenarion Reservist’s Legguards*/Green Iron Leggings, Green Iron Gauntlets, Tsunami Boots, Light’s Justice, Purehearted Cricket Cage, Xing-Ho, Breath of Yu’lon
So, yeah, I decided to get the Legendary Cloak for Kamalia’s DPS spec. Hopefully, it’ll make at least the first few levels of 90 to 100 a little easier, considering that I don’t (and won’t) have a Garrosh Heirloom weapon.
The chestpiece I used in this kit was changed to Plate in Patch 7.0. The Green Iron chestpiece would be a good substitute.

Jade Cricket

Jade set with Acid-Etched Pauldrons, Qon’s Flaming Scimitar, and Purehearted Cricket Cage
Jade set with Acid-Etched Pauldrons, Qon’s Flaming Scimitar, and Purehearted Cricket Cage
I put up with the Jade set being platekini because I love its unique coloration so much. I’d be much happier if it looked on my female character the way it looks on male characters, though!

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I’ve known for a long time now that getting a second Legendary Cloak was just not in the cards for me. I’ve had too many things I wanted to do with too many alts to spend enough time focusing on just one to get another Cloak. With the news that the Legendary Cloak questline is vanishing entirely come Warlords, I find myself wondering if it would be worth spending any of my meager gold supply to pick up one or more of the pre-Legendary Cloaks…

…those are Transmogrification-friendly, aren’t they?

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Some five seasons had passed since Kamalia had recieved the mysterious note directing her to meet with the Black Prince at the Tavern in the Mists.

29 September 2012

1 October 2012

Kamalia knew she was not the only adventurer whom Wrathion was sponsoring, yet the dragonling had waited with great patience for her to complete his tasks and had praised her accomplishments with as much respect as if she had been swift to do his bidding.

16 January 2013

Three stages of Wrathion’s plot had been especially difficult for Kamalia.

Somewhat surprisingly, those stages had not been the missions that required her to engage in active combat against members of the Alliance. She faltered with exhaustion about halfway through the task to collect six thousand valor merits, taking about twice as long to do it as the absolute minimum time in which it could have been done.

20 April 2013

Her first attempts to assist Wrathion at the Thunder Forge demoralized her so badly that she needed a month to recover before she made any more serious attempts… and even then, she only managed to succeed by sheer luck and the skin of her teeth.

30 October 2013

After her first experience with Chi-Ji’s challenge at the Red Crane’s still-Sha-soaked temple in the Krasarang Wilds, doubt and despair overwhelmed Kamalia. Over two months passed before she felt like she could try again.

6 January 2014

At last, only one test remained: to defeat each of the August Celestials in combat at their court on the Timeless Isle.

“Champion,” said Wrathion, “you’ve done it!” He meant to say more, the same spiel about “few mortals posess such spirit, such power — believe me, I have tested many!” that he gave to all of the adventurers who had managed to complete his campaign, but the tauren shaman interrupted him.

Finally!” she cried, her voice holding that curious note, peculiar to the mammalian races, of simultaneous laughter and weeping. She flung out her arms and caught Wrathion up in a completely unexpected embrace.

Finding his face suddenly smashed into her bosom, Wrathion let out a startled squawk and shifted into his dragon form. That form still being a mere whelpling, however, she just grinned wider and squeezed him tighter.

A chord of smothered laughter hummed out behind them: Yu’lon’s contralto and Chi-Ji’s tenor floating over the deep rumbling basses of Xuen and Niuzao.

Kamalia dropped Wrathion so quickly that he landed in an undignified heap of wings and tail before he had the presence of mind to shift back into his humanoid form. She backed up a few steps, flushing deeply.

“Hero,” Xuen purred, “You are an inspiration!”

“I knew you were destined for greatness,” Chi-Ji affirmed.

“Not bad,” Niuzao nodded.

“The pandaren will sing your praises for ages to come,” Yu’lon smiled.

“A legend is born!” Lorewalker Cho exclaimed. “Come, my dear friend, meet me in the Seat of Knowledge, and let me tell your story!”

Wrathion and Lorewalker Cho disagreed over what aspects of Kamalia’s Pandarian adventures were most important. To Kamalia, though, their desired emphases were merely two faces of a single coin.

Wrathion presented Kamalia with his final gift, and at long last, she had it: her very own Legendary item!

8 January 2014

But Wrathion wasn’t quite done with Kamalia. He charged her with one more task — one which she was eager to complete.

8 January 2014

Powers above Kamalia’s control stepped in, however, and Wrathion was not pleased with the report she brought him.

“Good-bye and good riddance!” she muttered under her breath as the Black Prince shifted into his whelpling form and flapped off in a huff. Her annoyance dissipated quickly, though, and she soon found herself wondering when she would see the young dragon again… and if his private army of empowered adventurers would indeed be adequately Prepared when his terrifying visions became Azeroth’s reality. Stroking the rich fabric of her powerful new cloak, Kamalia felt the warmth of Chi-Ji’s kindness and hope blooming in her heart and mind, and believed that they would.


Hope’s Bright Flame

Helm of Affinity, Champion’s Pauldrons, Impenetrable Breastplate, Bloodspattered Sash, Patroller’s War-Kilt, Seer’s Linked Gauntlets, War Mace of Unrequited Love, Swamplight Lantern, Jina-Kang, Kindness of Chi-Ji
The name of this outfit is inspired by the proc effect of Jina-Kang, Kindness of Chi-Ji, which reminds me of a lyric from one of my favorite hymns, Press Forward, Saints.

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Tomorrow, Blizzcon begins, and I am looking forward to finding out What’s Next for World of Warcraft?

I would like to see a new class, to bring the current awkward eleven up to a nice round dozen. I’d like it to be a mail-wearing class, so that there will be the same number of classes for each armor type. It should be available to Gnomes, because Gnomes have no mail-wearing class and every other race has at least one class that can use each armor type. I confess that I’m not quite sure what such a class would be or do, though, because Shamans and Hunters between them have a good spread of roles. Perhaps some sort of mail-wearing tank?

I really hope that the next expansion doesn’t abandon dailies entirely. As unpopular as this opinion seems to be these days, I like doing dailies. Perhaps it is evidence of some great flaw in my character that I am happier when structure is provided to me than when I have to figure out how to structure my time myself (a big reason why I enjoyed TAing but didn’t do so well at research when I was in graduate school), but nonetheless, I like the structure that dailies provide.

I like dailies because they act as a convenient timing mechanism for professions farming. When my Jewelcrafter had only one primal diamond cut left to find and also needed the Sapphire Cub pattern to be my 20th Crazy Cat Lady kitty pet, I felt bored just thinking about spending hours grinding mogu in the Vale. Instead, I picked up the Golden Lotus dailies, and whatever mogu she encountered in the round-trip between the Setting Sun Garrison and the bottom of Guo-Lai Halls were enough dead mogu for one day. In this fashion, it took about a week to get the patterns I wanted — and she also got Exalted with the Golden Lotus. I did the same thing with my Monk to get the six 5.4 cooking recipes from the Vale. While I do sometimes choose to farm herbs, ore, and leather by just flying around looking for them for an hour or two, it feels like a more productive use of my time to simply pick up whatever materials I happen to come across while I’m in the process of doing dailies. I actually liked the Fatty Goat Steak cooking daily better before the droprate was buffed because Kamalia could get so much leather while doing it.

Dailies help me distribute my playtime among my multitude of high level alts. I run through my character selection screen, tending each character’s garden and doing dailies for any factions that character is currently interested in, then moving on to the next character. If my playtime is limited, I start with the character(s) whose faction progressions are currently my highest priority in-game goals.

Although I like the way dailies give me something concrete and discrete to do with each character’s playtime, Valor Points, in and of themselves, are not enough of a reward to keep me coming back to any given set of dailies/repeatable quests again and again and again. I didn’t do the Battlefield:Barrens weekly very often, and I haven’t bothered with the Timeless Isle weekly that awards 200 VP, either. The faction has to offer some kind of reward I want, whether it is a mount or an item of clothing or a title or even RP/story fulfilment. I haven’t come back to the Domination Offensive because there weren’t any sufficiently cool-for-Transmogrification items of gear and I haven’t felt like any of my other characters needed to play through the story for RP reasons (my Blood Elf Mage and Dwarf Shaman will probably do the 5.1 stuff eventually). I haven’t done Isle of Quel’danas dailies since Wrath launched because I haven’t had any characters who wanted the Shattered Sun tabard. After Kamalia had gotten her Flameward Hippogryph and Kerisa had played through the conclusion of the Leyara story for an RP desire to understand what had gone wrong with the Druids of the Flame, I didn’t come back to the Molten Front until recently. Kaelinda wants the ruby pink gloves sold by one of the three vendors that unlock late in the grind, and I find that I’m actually rather enjoying the Molten Front dailies this time around — a combination of the place being virtually empty of players, not being on a PvP server anymore, and being level 86+. I have only come back to the Isle of Thunder once a week or so, when I’ve wanted Lesser Charms or had a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen drop from Throne of Thunder trash in LFR. But I’ve run most of my characters through the Argent Tournament, and so far I’ve run most of my level 90s through the Shado-Pan dailies, too.

I do get tired of those dailies after awhile. I need a rest of a few weeks between when I’ve reached my Argent Tournament goals with one character and when I start doing it again with another character. I’d been bringing up a new character to 90 as soon as the previous one had acquired her Replica Shado-Pan Helment, but it’s been a few weeks since my Paladin got her Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, and I only just brought my Priest to Pandaria yesterday.

Even though I need a break from my favorite sets of dailies sometimes and there are certainly many factions whose dailies I am quite happy to leave behind, I fear that the next expansion will not hold my interest for very long if it eschews dailies completely in favor of Timeless Isle-like content.

For me, the replay value of the Timeless Isle has been rather limited. It’s fun enough the first time I bring a character there. After I complete the one-time quests and I’ve solved Rolo’s Riddle and all that is left is grinding for Timeless Coins, Epoch Stones, and armor tokens, I get bored. I’m not much interested in the pets, rare spawns, or vanity/toy items. I’d rather go to the Timeless Isle with another fresh character than visit multiple times with the same character. I am more satisfied by time spent on the Isle of Thunder running through the Sunreaver Onslaught’s daisy-chain of dailies than I am by time spent wandering around the Timeless Isle looking for things to do.

The Isle of Giants, which is even less structured, I’ve barely bothered with at all. I’ve taken Kam there a couple of times for Transmogrification photo-shoots. I’ve been there twice with my Hunter. The first time, I got my Tome of Dinomancy, tamed myself a Direhorn, and ran all over the island in the direhorn disguise just to see what was there (I liked how the scenery is like Zouchin Province with touches of the Lost Isles). The mounts and most of the pets available there didn’t interest me much, but I did come back a couple of weeks ago to try to farm the Direhorn Runt while BTH’s guild was fighting Garrosh — I wanted to be doing something I could drop quickly to go watch the cinematics if they defeated him. I got SO BORED. I bought a Direhorn Runt off the AH a day or two later.

BTH’s guild didn’t defeat Garrosh that night that I was on the Isle of Giants, but they did defeat Garrosh a few days later, on the Monday just before the last wing of Siege of Orgrimmar LFR opened. I watched the cinematics and quest events over his shoulder. I’d seen the name of the new warchief mentioned a couple of times already, but that wasn’t really much of a spoiler. Blizz has spent Mists building up just two of the other Horde leaders, so it was either this guy or that other guy. I still haven’t done more of Siege of Orgrimmar LFR than the Vale of Eternal Sorrows myself, though. I did finally finish up with Throne of Thunder by bringing Lei Shen’s black heart to Wrathion, but now I’m stuck on Chi-Ji’s challenge. After the way the NPCs have shown up in my raid frames for the Thunder Forge scenario and the Proving Grounds, it is very frustrating to me that Wrathion does NOT show up in my raid frames for Chi-Ji’s challenge. It makes the whole thing quite a bit more difficult. My third or fourth attempt was really good — I got quite close to completing it — and then I failed and failed and failed. Kam is still sulking and procrastinating tweaking her talents (and possibly glyphs) for further attempts… and I probably won’t do much more Siege of Orgrimmar LFR until she’s got her legendary cloak and Wrathion’s quest to kill Garrosh.

But that might take awhile, because I’d rather be leveling my Priest and my Blood Elf Mage and then, when they reach level 90, doing their dailies.

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Laeleiweyn of World of Lae has kicked off a series of Alt Appreciation weeks to “celebrate all the classes!”

This week, it’s the Shamans‘ turn in the spotlight.

Once upon a time, in early Cataclysm, I thought to myself that if I love Shamans so much, I should do the same thing with Shamans as I have done with Mages, and have a Shaman of each race that can take up that class.

And so to Kamalia the Tauren Shaman, my beloved first and main character, and Keshona the Orc Shaman, rolled in mid-to-late Wrath to re-play the totem quests before they changed, I added Kilauea the Troll Shaman, Kryztalya the Draenei Shaman, Kermione the Goblin Shaman, and Kjerstin the Dwarf Shaman.

I had so very many alts and new alts at that time, though, that I soon started to feel severe alt fatigue. I just didn’t even want to think about leveling so many characters, so I deleted the Troll and the Draenei and the Goblin, along with a number of other characters who I didn’t have any interest in playing anymore. The Orc lasted several months longer, for sentimental reasons — I’d made a story connection between her and my Orc Mage as daughter and mother — but really, her purpose for creation had long been fulfilled. I eventually re-rolled the Troll, as I am rather fond of the concept of a lava-slinging Troll Elemental Shaman named after the great Hawai’ian volcano, but she hasn’t even gotten off the Echo Isles yet. Goblin and Shaman, however, didn’t really gel for me. The Draenei was not my first attempt at a Draenei Shaman; somehow the combination of Draenei and Shaman never quite felt comfortable to me (no offense to my friends who love their Draenei Shaman). I was really excited, though, to play a Dwarf Shaman. That combination of race and class seemed to make a lot of sense to me, especially when the origin of Dwarf Shamans from the Wildhammer clan was explained. So Kjerstin got to stick around.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’d really like to complete the Double Agent achievement someday — and I’d like to do it “the right way”, leveling an Alliance character from the beginning. I’ve decided that I want my max-level Alliance character to be a class & role I’m thoroughly comfortable playing in max-level group content — that is to say, a Resto Shaman. I’m also more interested in Dwarf-related lore than in some of the other Alliance races. Thus, Kjerstin is now outfitted in heirlooms and waiting patiently for me to bring the Double Agent project off the back burner.

I hoped this week to play her at least enough to get from 27 to 30 and pick up dual-spec. Between my internet being disconnected for half the week, leveling with another character for my next Dress Up! post that I haven’t quite finished, and our out-of-the-house plans for tomorrow afternoon & evening, however, it’s not likely to happen. *sigh*

Kamalia remembers dinging 50 in the middle of a Sunken Temple run very vividly because it meant that she finally had enough talent points to get all the way to the bottom of the Resto tree and learn Earth Shield. She was already running dungeons as a healer, though I think BTH might still have been in his short-lived moonkin phase. She’d been running with this wierd self-concocted build with talent points scattered somewhat willy-nilly across all three trees. Once she could get Earth Shield, she went Resto and never looked back — though she was very, very glad when dual-spec arrived and she could now do questing as Elemental. Being a caster comes more naturally to me than being melee does, so for a long time, I wasn’t particularly interested in playing an Enhancement Shaman. In the past year, I’ve decided that I would like to try it, so I switched mini-Kam’s questing spec from Elemental to Enhancement. Now if I could only convince her to get on the boat to Pandaria, then I could actually learn how to use it!

Meanwhile, Kamalia is still collecting Titan Runestones. Her progress has been slow because I’ve only felt like running Pinnacle of Storms in Throne of Thunder and Vale of Eternal Sorrows in Siege of Orgrimmar — and I haven’t been doing them every week, either. Even though each week that passes will make finding a group to do the battling the Celestials part more difficult, I’m struggling to muster up the motivation to LFR. I didn’t run any Throne of Thunder LFR at all until all four wings were open, so perhaps next week, when the last wing of Siege of Orgrimmar opens to LFR, I will start feeling like LFRing again. Part of my lack of motivation to run Siege of Orgrimmar LFR is that I haven’t felt like spending enough time on the Timeless Isle with Kamalia to grind out the 50 Epoch Stones just to get the first Vision in Time quest… and yet I don’t want to go into the Orgrimmar part of Siege without it.

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Since my first unsuccessful attempt at the Thunder Forge scenario about a month ago, Kamalia has been doing very little while I have focused on my alts. It turns out that I can really only handle doing LFR with one character at a time; with Kamalia stalled on her Legendary questline progress and time running out for T15 to be current content, I have been doing Throne of Thunder LFR with my Warrior, Keija.

Keija’s done decently well for herself. Her DPS is bottom of the barrel, around 55K on most boss fights, but she hasn’t been booted for it yet. She won both the head and shoulder tokens from her very first run through Pinnacle of Storms. These are actually the two T15 pieces I was least interested in, and I have been spending my coins futiley on the remaining tier token bosses. Keija has also picked up Lei Shen’s 2H axe, Malakk’s 2H sword, and Lei Shen’s awesome hat.

Meanwhile, Kamalia went to the Isle of Thunder to do the dailies once a week, mostly to find a golden treasure box and do the loot run. After she killed Metal Lord Mono-Han, there whelpling!Wrathion would be, loitering by the stairs up to the Thunder Forge, so she would stop and switch specs and make one attempt at the Thunder Forge scenario.

Today, I ate some Mogu Fish Stew and drank a Flask of the Warm Sun before starting the scenario. I dropped my Fire Elemental totem and popped Bloodlust as soon as the Sha Amalgamation spawned. I also kept Flame Shock rolling on the boss and kept Searing Totem down after the fire elemental’s time was up. I remembered to use Spiritwalker’s Grace during at least one of the kiting phases. This time, I got the boss down to 67% before the anvil clock ran out and I died. After I rezzed, I ate buff food again, and I was glad that my CDs had reset. On the second try, I kept my two meager DPS dots up more consistently and got the boss down to 32% before I ran out of anvils. Now, with my heart pounding, I tried one more time. I used Ascension on the pull this time to get the Celestial Defender healed up to full as fast as I could. The boss was down to just above 20% when I had to use the last anvil, but Fire Elemental Totem and Bloodlust were back off CD, so I popped both of those again and then the Lightning Lance spawned. I frantically looked around for it, grabbed it, hurled it — and then it was over. I won!!!

What a relief! I was starting to feel a bit depressed about being stuck at this stage of the Legendary questline, starting to feel bad about myself as a player for giving up on it. I do want my Legendary cloak, I do!

Now I have to do the Nalak part. As much as I’ve appreciated being invited to Nalak raids by Rades, I lag so horribly when I do Nalak with TTGF that I’d probably be a lot better off going with BTH’s guild the next time they decide to kill Nalak.

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Last week’s LFR was really quite successful: I picked up Kamalia’s last four Secrets of the First Empire in just two wings of Throne of Thunder, and Keija went to Mogu’shan Vaults and nobody called her out for having horrible DPS (I still haven’t gotten around to reinstalling a meter) and Starshatter dropped!

Kamalia dutifully trotted over to the Tavern in the Mists to meet with Wrathion, then went to the Isle of Thunder. The first stages of the Thunder Forge scenario were pretty easy. I was delighted that the Shado-Pan NPCs showed up on my Grid as soon as they appeared, so that I could heal them just as if they were players. Then that final boss appeared and I just couldn’t do it. I could keep the Celestial Defender alive, but it barely tickled the boss. If I tried to damage and heal, I ran myself OOM very quickly. After three or four deaths in Resto — with the Spirit Healer resurrecting me while the Celestial Defender was still fighting the boss — I tried switching to Elemental as soon as I rezzed. Now I could do more damage, but it was harder to stay alive (especially during that accursed Meteor Swarm phase) and I wasn’t doing enough damage to keep ahead of the anvil clock. I don’t think I got that boss down to even 50%, on my best attempt. I only use my Elemental spec for doing dailies, so I haven’t at all mastered its CD usage nuances. I died and I died and I died and I died. Finally I gave up and started the scenario over from the beginning, this time in Elemental from the start. That was even worse — the first stages were more difficult, and I failed in the penultimate stage because I let the Celestial Blacksmith die.

I guess I should go see if I can find some Shaman-specific strategies for the Thunder Forge scenario. Ideally, one for Resto, because my Resto gear and skills are always in better condition than my Elemental gear and skills.

For awhile, I thought perhaps the 6K valor points would be the stage of the Legendary questline that stalled me. Then, for a little bit, I was having such terrible luck with Secrets of the Empire drops in LFR that I thought that might be the stage that stopped me. This Thunder Forge scenario, though… it just might be the thing that really washes me out of the program…

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