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Furtive Father Winter returns!

Who cares what Greatfather Winter (or Great-father Winter) gives us in-game this year! The gifts from the Furtive Father Winter blogging event last year were so much more fun to see — and do! If you’d like to participate, leave a comment on Akabeko’s announcement post or on the FFW2012 Blog Azeroth Shared Topic thread.

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The Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event has returned, and I find myself wondering, has it really only been a year that I have known Navimie, JD, Tome, Cymre? I know that I started reading their blogs after last year’s Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event introduced me to them, yet it feels like they are friends I have “known forever”. Navi & Cymre are kindred spirits and their sheer volume of posts continually amaze me, Tome’s unique perspective and style always delight, and JD I have to thank especially for his Laid Back Raids that finally convinced me to enable RealID.

I am grateful, too, for others I have come to know, or know better, over the past year — The Godmother, Matty, Khizzara, Karegina, Erinys, Martha, Effraeti — many of whom I first became acquainted with through their presence on the blogrolls and in the comment sections of my dear friends already listed above. Then there’s Eva Marie and Ninevi, who didn’t begin blogging until the New Blogger Initiative in May, and are sweet treats on my blogroll.

The number of WoW fashion blogs I read has expanded considerably over the last year, and I’ve even managed to update my fashion blogroll recently. Draynee has a great eye for color and style and her WMV shoulder-scaling tutorial is incredibly useful. Mechalis and Zazzy write simply hilarious and very stylish Goblin-focused blogs and seeing updates from them always brightens my day.

I’m thankful also to Miri for always making me feel welcome whenever I log into Lightninghoof, even though I don’t spend much of my playtime there anymore, and for inviting me to come along to ES’s LFR runs. I have very much enjoyed the opportunity to hang out with that great group of people again.

And, of course, I’m still very grateful for the insight and inspiration of everyone I thanked by name last year.

Many thanks, also, to Amerence for hosting this great event again!

Blog Azeroth Thanksgiving Event 2012
Image generated by Wow Item Creator

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When I was on TNB a few weeks ago, Fimlys and Hydra asked what I felt was my greatest WoW accomplishment, and I replied that it was probably being on their show! I wasn’t joking, either — I didn’t (and still don’t) class myself with some of the much more well-known bloggers I loved to read whom I’d seen talk about being on the show. It was truly a delightful and an unexpected honor.

I was pretty dazzled when Tamarind of Righteous Orbs linked my first Pirate Costumes post, and I was dazzled again when WoW Insider linked my second Pirate Costumes post.

Getting a comment from Cynwise or Ratters or Gnomer — which has only happened a couple of times — totally bowls me over. I was pretty well bowled over when Keelhaul made a very nice comment on my Well-Dressed Warlock post, too.

Navimie was pretty starstruck when I first asked for her RealID — but I was pretty starstruck back that she was willing to give it to me! I almost didn’t dare to ask Rades for his RealID (and I was pretty dazzled the first few times I got a comment from him). I’m still too timid to ask Vidyala for hers — maybe when I get an Alliance character to max level? — and if she were to ask me for mine first, well, then you could knock me over with a feather.

Then there’s the OMB I am not worthy pedestal of fangirlish admiration, which is currently occupied primarily by Anne Stickney and Perculia, Narci, Catulla, and Lani of Flavor Text. I am continually amazed by the depth and creativity of thought these women put into writing about Azeroth and our virtual lives upon it.

And I’m always tickled pink when I’m looking at a blog and discover that I’m on their blogroll, whether it’s a blog that I’ve been reading and fangirling over for a long time or a new blog that I just discovered by following a link on someone else’s blogroll. It’s like having the Somebody Likes Me achievement toast pop up IRL!

So, a big huzzah! to all of my blogging heroes — all the ones I namedropped here AND all the ones I didn’t — and if I’m one of yours — /blush I’m honored.


This post brought to you by the letters F for “fangirl”, S for “starstruck”, and BAST for “Blog Azeroth Shared Topic”, suggested this week by Dragonray of Azerothian Life:

Are you starstruck by anyone? Does someone in the community respond to a post or a tweet and get you all speechless because they actually responded? Is there anyone you are waiting to have respond directly to you? Is there someone that you would like to chat to, but are too chicken? Am I the only one who puts other bloggers on a pedestal?

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pie in the sky

This week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic comes to us from Dragonray of Azerothian Life, who wonders:

What is in game that you want, but you can’t have? Is there an animal you want to tame, a critter you want to collect, a tabard that has the perfect design for a transmog set etc etc.

What is it you want, but know you can’t get your hands on and have to stare at longingly whenever you log in?

I want a Black Wedding Dress to mope around in during Love is in the Air and Hallow’s End.

Erinys’ post about wanting to look like the humans in Old Southshore reminded me of something that I want out of Old Hillsbrad:

I would love to have this fellow’s gorgeous robe, a combination of the Black Velvet Robes and the Aurora Robe.

I want Top Hats for everyone! Yes, I know the High Society Top Hat tailoring pattern apparently does exist in the game — but it’s a low percentage drop from some creatures that are rare even for silver dragons.

More than that, I want the appearance of the Top Hat on female characters to look like the cute little hat-with-veil worn by Gilnean NPCs such as Gwen Armstead and by the Dwarf Cannary Caskshot.

When I rolled Kymberlea and first met Gwen, I hoped that Lord Walden’s Top Hat would look like HER hat on my female character, and I was sadly disappointed when it didn’t.

I wanted the Swift Zhevra mount, but I couldn’t quite justify the expense of a third account (because BTH and I already made two accounts in our household) just to get it. I tried RAFing BTH’s sister and one of his co-workers, but neither of them got interested enough in the game to pay for even two months of subscription 😦 Then after the news came that the Swift Zhevra would be going away, by the time I finally convinced myself that I could RAF myself and then just let the third account lapse after a three-month subscription, I’d waited too long and it was already gone.

So now I want to tame a Zhevra with my hunter, and I can’t do that, either!

And if that Goblin Mini Hotrod is the reward for the next iteration of RAF, as I suspect it might be, then this time around I will RAF myself to get it!

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daidle deedle daidle daidle daidle deedle daidle dum

This week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, again suggested by Cymre.

If Blizzard added your main as an NPC in WoW, where would they be located and what would be their function? Give us a shot illustrating the fact.

Songweaver Kamalia would do for Tauren/Kalimdor history and lore what Lorewalker Cho will do for the history and lore of Pandaria. She would live in a hut perched up by this cave (for climate-controlled storage of fragile artifacts) high above the Red Rocks in the mountains between Mulgore and Northern Barrens.

The inside of her dwelling would look a lot like Xarantaur‘s abode.

She would be a neutral NPC, willing to tell her stories to Horde and Alliance alike. She may share her camp with a similar NPC who specializes in all other Horde lore, perhaps someone like Lorespinner Rades….

Alternatively, Modiste Kamalia could take up residence inside Magar’s Cloth Goods in Orgrimmar.

She would give daily quests that would award Sartorial Scrip tokens. In exchange for the tokens, she would sell three differently styled sets for each armor type — an uncommon-quality set usable by level 20 characters, a rare-quality set usable by level 50 characters, and an epic-quality set usable by max-level characters. Like the Replica gear from the Darkmoon Faire or the prize gear from Challenge mode dungeons in Mists, these items would have no stats but would still be usable for Transmogrification. The large design areas on each of these items would be a neutral silver-white, and for additional tokens she would also sell a variety of armor lacquers that could be used only on these items to change them to a hue of the player’s choice. One of the available armor lacquers would be “dissolving lacquer” to revert the item to the original silver-white so that its color could be changed from one lacquer hue to another.
Modiste Kamalia’s Alliance counterpart, found inside Duncan’s Textiles in Stormwind, would be Modiste Effraeti.

Or, because I’m still kind of bummed that there was no “of the Earthen Ring” title available in Cataclysm, I’d be happy just to see
Farseer Kamalia of the Earthen Ring

filling a role like that of Farseer Krogar for an Earthen Ring expedition in a future expansion.

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three items I’d hate to lose

Last week’s Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, a little bit late, courtesy of the lovely Cymre.

What are the top three items on your main that you just love for sentimental, fun or silly reasons and would hate to lose? Tell us a story, what makes them so special and as always illustrate with screenshots.

I’m an incorrigible packrat; yet as I look through my bags and bank and void storage, I find that most of my stuff is ultimately replaceable. The things that I’d most hate to lose, therefore, are the things that are irreplaceable — items that can no longer be obtained new in the game.

Kamalia would be heartbroken if she lost her Enamelled Disc of Mojo from the original Zul’Aman.

I just love the design and the colors of this shield. It’s my favorite one to use in Kamalia’s non-Transmogrification-friendly RP Shaman sets.

Kerisa would be most devastated to lose a set of four items that she obtained while doing the Epic Flight Form quest chain: Arthorn’s Research, the Essence-Infused Moonstone (no longer needed to summon Anzu), the Charm of Swift Flight, and the Idol of the Raven Goddess.

Ketura is an Engineer by trade, and nearly two years ago she had an accident with her Dimensional Ripper.

She took advantage of having been turned into a Dwarf for three weeks to get her hands on a Crimson Tunic to wear with her Goblin Rocket Boots.

She (and my other characters who managed to acquire that chestpiece before it was removed) would be greatly saddened to lose that element of their wardrobes.

And my most senior Mages would be upset if they lost their Mage Class Quest robes/tunics.

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Ah, Archaeology! Like Fishing, it’s a profession people tend to either love or hate… or have a love/hate relationship with. After the recent Blog Azeroth Shared Topic about Fishing, Cymre thought that Archaeology should get a moment in the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic spotlight, too:

For the title I thought we could use something along the lines of an Indiana Jones movie so:
Professor [insert name here] and the [insert your favourite Archaeology item or the one you’re still trying to get]

What’s so special about [the item you used in the title]? Do you have an absolute favourite/s that you’ve gathered from the profession? Which ones, if any, are the bane of your existence? Show us pics illustrating those pieces, including an outfit if you use one.

Kaprikka did Archaeology partly to boost her leveling speed and partly because I wanted to have a Queen Azshara’s Dressing Gown on my Alliance server.

I’ll continue to do Archaeology with her in Outland, but she’ll probably quit after she’s found all the Draenei relics.

Ketura leveled Archaeology just until it yielded up the Fossilized Raptor for her collection of raptor mounts.

It took a lot longer than I was expecting to find the darn thing, and Ketura gained about a dozen levels from it.

Kamalia is my primary Archaeologist. She labored long and hard to find Tyrande’s Favorite Doll because it was an excellent trinket for healers in early T11, and she used it through most of T11 and T12 after she finally assembled it.

(She’s since passed it on to Kerisa, who needs to go practice being a Tree now that I’ve finally gotten around to making her a Tree gearset! /poke-poke-poke)

Kamalia’s favorite artifact, though, is probably the Last Relic of Argus. She always used it to leave the Molten Front after finishing her dailies there, and I have a big folder full of screenshots of all the places where it took her.

I’ve also been to Narain Soothfancy’s house in Tanaris and to Moonglade, but I don’t have good screenshots from those locations. Overall, I think I’ve only gotten to about half of the places the Last Relic of Argus takes you — Cymre has a complete list.

Kamalia stopped doing Archaeology for a while after she finally found TFD. She didn’t pick it up again for another several months, when she needed something to do while she was on Standby on raid night. Then, she dug in Outland and Northrend until she’d found all of the Orc, Draenei, Vrykul, and Nerubian artifacts. In doing so, she also completed the requirements for her “Professor” title. Since she accomplished that goal, she hasn’t done any more Archaeology. She needs to start working on it again, though, because I’d really like to get her “old world” Archaeology to the point where all she has left to find are the most difficult rares before Mists comes along and gives her a whole new continent to dig on. She’s only completely finished with Outland, Northrend, and the Night Elves. She still needs to find a few Fossil and Troll rares, most of the Tol’vir rares, and just about everything Dwarven — so she’s still got a lot of digging to do!

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