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A Blog Azeroth Shared Topic, courtesy of Dragonray, who wonders:

What sort of method do you use for levelling multiple alts? Do you follow the same quest chains each time, do you avoid a certain quest section, do you only dungeon, etc?

I typically level with a mixture of questing, gathering, and LFD.

Since Heirlooms debuted, most of my characters have used them. I’ve gotten used to the pace of leveling using Heirlooms, to the extent that leveling without them now feels agonizingly slow. Kaumalea the Underpowered Death Knight doesn’t use Heirlooms, of course, and I’ve decided that Kehontah the Male Tauren Warrior will not use Heirlooms to help him reach level 60, prior to being boosted to 90, either. He’s also not going to do LFD, not even SFK at level 20 for the weapon (a rite of passage for all my other alts). He’ll be finding joy in the journey and perhaps even contributing to the Godmother’s “Those We Leave Behind” project.

To keep myself from getting bored with the leveling process, I try to do something a little different with each alt — or at least, between one alt that I spend a lot of time with and the next alt that I spend a lot of time with. I try to choose zones and questlines that feature the race of my character or a faction that relates to the class of my character. I use LFD to skip over levels that don’t have any zones or quests I want to do.

When I get to Outland, I cherry-pick the questlines that give good-looking clothes or weapons for Transmogrification. This means I end up doing a different set of zones and quests depending upon the armor class of the character.

Going through Northrend as Horde, I usually do some of the Taunka village questlines, then burn through the rest of those levels in LFD. Ever since Kamalia experienced the Wrathgate, I’ve avoided the Forsaken outposts and their quests like, well, the plague (pun intended). I tried to do some of the Alliance side quests in Northrend with Kinevra, but she was in such a hurry to get to 85 that what she did went by in a blur. Now, Kaprikka is in a hurry-hurry to get to 90, so I probably won’t see much of non-LFD Northrend with her, either. One of my other Alliance alts will have to be the one to take it slow through the Alliance story in Northrend — and I would like to play all the way through Storm Peaks again sometime.

I do have a fairly set path for the Cataclysm levels. I play through Mount Hyjal until I’ve completed Aessina’s Miracle, so that if the character ever wants to get something from the Molten Front, they can jump right in. Then I go to Vashj’ir and follow the quest chain until I get to Silver Tide Hollow and open up the Earthen Ring quartermaster. I go to Deepholm just long enough to get to level 83, and I usually follow the Stonehearth questline rather than the skyship questline. Then I go to Uldum and play through the Ramkahen questline. Sometimes I finish it, other times I go to Twilight Highlands as soon as I reach level 84. I’ll do enough of Twilight Highlands to get the portal open. After that, I may continue questing in Twilight Highlands, go back to Uldum, or just gather and LFD my way to 85.

The only things a character must do in Pandaria are get the Grummlepack and open the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Mages don’t even have to do the latter; they can just wait until they get to level 90 and learn the teleport. I usually do the Tian Monastery in Jade Forest, getting started at Sunsong Ranch, and the Lorewalker Cho/Zouchin Province questline in Kun-Lai Summit (at least until the trolls have been defeated). I’ve only done the Dread Wastes with a few characters; the others have all tried to avoid it.

I’m fond of Archaeology as a speed-leveling tool when I’m really in a hurry to level and don’t have any zones or questlines that I’m particularly interested in playing through. Archaeology provides consistently good XP, plus a little gold on the side, and it’s a good way to occupy myself while I’m sitting in an LFD queue (especially as DPS). Archaeology gets much easier after level 60, when one can fly. Many digsites have very uneven terrain or large obstacles created by ruined structures, and it’s faster and simpler to hop on one’s flying mount and go over an obstacle than to go around on the ground. The digsites at Auchindoun are particularly terrible; the relics can spawn both inside and outside the ring, and trying to navigate around that place on the ground while searching for relics would be a nightmare! I am not excited about trying to do Archaeology on Draenor if it remains a no-fly environment for the whole expansion!

I’m also fond of dailies as a leveling tool, though they are definitely not a speed-leveling method! I’ll often do the Thunder Bluff fishing and cooking dailies with whichever alt is currently at the top of my leveling queue. I particularly like to do dailies from past expansions with a character who is not yet at the level cap of the current expansion, so that they can get XP as well as whatever reward I’m interested in. I’ve put many characters through their paces at the Argent Tournament. The latest, Kinevra, eventually said enough is enough and refused to do any more jousting — I haven’t done the jousting in the Court of Bones for ages, only the arena jousting on the Tournament grounds, but it seems that I’ve finally gotten thoroughly sick of that. Kaelinda got a couple of levels between 85 and 90 from the Molten Front — good enough XP that Kinevra is contemplating going to Tol Barad after she’s finished at the Argent Tournament (still a long way off). After Warlords launches, I will probably get post-90 levels for at least some of my characters from the various Pandaria dailies.

The Kalimdor Pet Battle Trainer circuit sped the Pet Battling Monk quite handily through her first 70 levels. I’ve liked Pet Battling enough to occasionally vist Pet Trainers with other alts, if they’ve been convenient to wherever the character was questing, or to do a wild pet battle here and there. In the future, I might do Pet Battling as an alternative to gathering and LFD to skip over levels that don’t have any zones/quests a given character wants to do.

So that’s how I level, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, never exactly the same way for any two characters.

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I’ve been saying that I didn’t want to post a written “to do” list until Warlords was at least in beta. Now, even though there’s still no sign of a beta, we have that “on or before 20 December but hopefully by sometime in the fall” pseudo-release date. Furthermore, I’m currently applying for full-time academic jobs. Should I actually get one of them, the job itself would probably begin in late August, and I’d be busy with the associated moving during late July or early August. So I suppose I might as well make a small list of the things I most want to accomplish in WoW before the end of summer.

Alts still needing to reach 90
Warlock (currently 62)
Rogue (currently 46)
Pet Battling Monk (currently 82)
Any Alliance character — doesn’t have to be the Dwarf Shaman (currently 27), anymore, because I want to play her all the way through several zones for the stories, and either the Human Mage (currently 86) or the Draenei Mage (currently 73) could more easily rush to 90 in LFD
Male Tauren Warrior (currently 22) to 60+, will then be boosted to 90

Things to do at 90
Get shinies for Transmogrification from Mists LFR for Paladin, Priest, Pet Battling Monk
Complete Kamalia’s Pandaren, Mogu, and Mantid archaeology museums
Systematically queue for Scenarios until I have run each Scenario at least once — I don’t run Scenarios very often, and there are a few that I have not yet seen
Start Warlock on Green Fire quest chain
Level enough pets of each family to be able to obtain the Tamer title and the safari hat and do the Celestial Tournament.
Level Male Tauren Warrior’s Engineering at least high enough to specialize as Gnomish and acquire necessary recipes & mats for specialization quest before using free boost to 90

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Heirlooms (and other forms of +XP bonuses), the LFD random-queue goody bags, and Transmogrification have really changed my leveling process. I used to level through the zones that had storylines I enjoyed and/or provided quest rewards with good stats for my character. Now, I typically level via a combination of questing and LFD: I quest through areas that have either quest rewards I know I’ll want for Transmogrification or storylines that I want to experience, and I LFD through all the rest. Inevitably — usually sometime in Outland — I find myself wondering if I should do a given set of quests now, while I can get good XP for them, or if I should just zoom through those levels in LFD and come back to do the quests later, when I am actually wanting to make a Transmogrification kit that uses those specific quest rewards, so as to save my inventory from becoming glutted.

If I know for sure that I will want to use the quest rewards for Transmogrification later, even if I don’t already have any specific kits in mind, then I’ll usually decide to do the quests now, while I can get good XP out of them, too.

If the quest rewards are things that I kinda-sorta like, but I’m not sure whether I’ll actually ever use them in a Transmogrification kit, then I’ll usually decide to do the quests later, to save inventory space.

How has Transmogrification affected your leveling process?

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Kaprikka was actually almost all the way from level 62 to level 63 when I started playing with her on Monday, having done some Hellfire Peninsula quests a few months ago to get some items for a new outfit. The Lunar Festival didn’t end until one o’clock in the afternoon, realm-time, so she spent the morning flying around paying her respects to the Elders. Then she did some pet battling.

It seems to me that the Eastern Kingdoms/Alliance pet trainers make a less logical, convenient circuit than the Kalimdor/Horde pet trainers (and that’s a topic for another post). By the time she had succeeded in narrowly defeating Blood Knight Antari, Kaprikka was about level 65, and she had decided that she didn’t need to do all the pet trainers ever again — just the Outland ones.

Now it was time to do some quests. I love that Outland (and Northrend, too) still has the old-style questing model where every hub has a good half-dozen quests available and one can choose to do as many or as few of those chains as one pleases. With heirlooms and other forms of XP bonuses making leveling super-quick, each character can pick and choose exactly and only the questlines that provide the quest rewards she wants to use or the story she wants to experience. I rather enjoy the Outland portion of a character’s leveling journey for this reason, and I would be sad if Outland questing was re-worked to the more “streamlined”, linear Cataclysm style. With Kaprikka, I specifically wanted to explore the Draenei storyline in Outland through the Alliance-specific Draenei quest hubs: Temple of Telhamat, Telredor, Orebor Harborage, Telaar. I’ve played through the neutral (Sha’tar or Aldor) Draenei quest hubs with other characters, so Kaprikka will probably not spend much time with them. Another Alliance character — the Dwarf Shaman, perhaps — can play through the Alliance-specific quest hubs in Outland that were built and populated by the other Alliance races. The quest objectives are, of course, largely identical to the quests at the corresponding Horde hubs, but the motivations are very different!

While she was doing quests for the Temple of Telhamat, Kaprikka also cleared the four digsites she had in Hellfire Peninsula. Moving on to Telredor, she began queueing up for LFD. I decided to run each Outland dungeon once, for the quest rewards, so I queued for them specifically, a few at a time, de-selecting each dungeon from the list after it had come up. When I logged off on Monday night after having finished the quests at Telredor and picked up the first set of quests at Orebor Harborage, Kaprikka was almost to level 69.

On Tuesday, my level 90 characters were grumpy about their farms and profession CDs having been neglected on Monday. Then, the Paladin wanted to go to Isle of Thunder before LFR. Surviving wasn’t a problem, in her Prot spec, but killing all the things took for-evar. So Kaprikka got to rest.

Between questing and dungeon running, Kaprikka dinged 70 on Wednesday night before even making it to Telaar. She’s going to stay in Outland, for the time being. She still has all of the Telaar quests to do, plus a few quest chains in other zones for specific quest reward items. I also want her to keep digging in Outland until she has found all ten of the Draenei archaeology relics. She will, however, move on to regular random-queue LFD — and therefore Northrend dungeons — after she has completed one run of each Outland dungeon.

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Well, now that I don’t have the Legendary Cloak haunting me as unfinished business anymore, it feels like the leveling floodgates have opened. In the past few days, five alts — including a brand-new one — have gotten some serious playtime.

Kaelinda the Blood Elf Mage, who’d been sitting at about halfway through level 88 since she accomplished her goal on the Molten Front, pushed through a bit of the Townlong Steppes, some of the Dread Wastes, and a few dungeons to become my tenth level 90 character.

Kilauea the Troll Shaman went from level 22 to level 25, putting her right at-level to do Arathi Highlands and then the Hinterlands, two zones which I have not yet quested through since Cataclysm.

Kalaneia the Blood Elf Warlock went from level 55 to level 58. She might have gotten to level 60, but then I got distracted….

Tome and I took our wee Dwarf lassies, Flaminga the Warlock and Kjerstin the Shaman, to the Wetlands and played through most of the first major hub there before Tome had to sign off. Kjerstin is already overleveled for the zone, so she didn’t quite get a level out of it, but I really want to see the storyline.

When BTH and I began leveling our Monks, I joined BTH’s guild with my Monk so that we’d have the same guild XP bonuses — my personal guild wasn’t yet leveled enough to have all of those perks. That meant, however, that my little all-Tauren guild has been missing Monk from the “Classy Tauren” achievement. My guild is now leveled enough to have all the XP perks, so I moved my Monk over to it… but that did not give me the ‘chieve. It seems that I have to actually ding 85 with the class-race combo in-guild to get the ‘chieve credit. So I rolled a new Monk. I started her as a Pandaren, so that she could have the cool Wandering Isle leather gear for RP wear, then race-changed her after she got to Kalimdor. She is going to level primarily through LFD, Archaeology, and Pet Battles.

And though I haven’t managed to give her any playtime yet, Kelisanna the Blood Elf Rogue wants to level, too. BTH gave me Mistborn for my birthday, and Keli is still too low-level even to acquire the Survivor’s Bag of Coins, let alone use it.

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The next time Kamalia came to the Seat of Knowledge, after having assisted in the defeat of Garrosh Hellscream, Lorewalker Cho trotted down from the dais to meet her, saying, “My friend, please meet me near the Big Blossom Mine in the center of the Vale. There is something I wish to show you there.”

This is a story about the lore event that unlocks following one’s first victory over Garrosh Hellscream. If you have not yet defeated Garrosh yourself, you may not want to continue reading it. Otherwise, (more…)

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For the past several weeks, I’ve had Kaelinda at the Molten Front and Karaelia at the Argent Tournament. By happy coincidence, it worked out that today was both Kaelinda’s last day on the Molten Front and Karaelia’s last day at the Argent Tournament.

Kaelinda recruited Ricket and acquired her Widow’s Clutches

…now she just needs the matching Ruby Slippers to drop from the Karazhan Opera.

The achievement that awards the Crusader title is account-wide, but Karaelia wanted it earn it properly, for herself, because she is a Paladin. Besides, the Crusader quartermaster, Dame Evniki Kapsalis, won’t sell anything to a character who hasn’t earned the achievement for themself, and I’d decided that I wanted the two Crusader’s mounts — the general Warhorse and the Paladin-specific Charger. I had thought that Karaelia would have to spend some time at the Tournament after she became a Crusader collecting Champion’s Seals. Perhaps it was because she was already Exalted with the Argent Crusade, having done most (if not all) of the quests that give rep for that faction while she was leveling, or perhaps it was because she is a Paladin; for whatever reason, the Crusader dailies opened up for her as soon as she became Champion of Thunder Bluff (but the Dame still wouldn’t sell her anything). Thus, by the time she became Champion for the fifth home city and completed the requirements for the achievement, she had already collected all the Champion’s Seals she needed to buy not only the mounts, but also the tabard.

Crusader Karaelia, the Argent Champion

Thunderwood Helm, Forgotten Peacekeeper Shoulders, Imperial Plate Chest, Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Clasp of Meditation, Inkling’s Leggings, Gauntlets of Purification + Bracers of Ancient Tales, Glintrok Sollerets, Holy War Sword, Highlord’s Favor, Argent Crusader’s Tabard
This outfit turned out very differently from how I originally imagined I might make an Argent Crusade kit for Karaelia — more silver, less gold. I’m really pleased with it, though. When I saw how nicely the Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Ornamented Spaulders coordinated with the helm, I almost used them. That was a little too much of the dull silver and gold tones than I really wanted for this kit, though. I might have to make another set that mixes and matches the Thunderwood set and the Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Redemption set later.

Between the Pilgrim’s Bounty series of cooking quests and digging and digging and digging in Eastern Kingdoms to get a few fossil digsites to open up so that she could build up a good stock of fragments for Fun for the Little Ones, the Underpowered Death Knight went from level 74 to nearly level 77 during the last week of November. Seeing how close she was to 77, she started trying to persuade me to dig some more to get her all the way there so that she could go to the Argent Tournament.
Ohhh, NO! I told her. Oh no, no, no. Karaelia may be almost done, but I am NOT starting those up with you anytime soon. I’m pretty tired of those dailies by now, and I need a break before I begin doing them again. You could only handle the arena jousting and the sword quest anyway, so it would be SOOOO slow for you. No.

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In anticipation of all the new Draenei lore coming our way in Warlords of Draenor, Samaramon is holding a transmogrification contest to create an outfit using the Tabard of the Hand. This unique tabard is awarded only to Draenei characters at the completion of the Bloodmyst Isle storyline, when they are acclaimed as revered heroes of the Hand of Argus. In my usual manner, I’ve put together a kit for each armor type.

Hand of Destiny

Feline Mantle, Robe of the Dragon Slayer, Cincture of Woven Reeds, Scholar’s Gloves, Staff of the Royal Wizard
This outfit contains only items that a Draenei Mage could reasonably expect to be able to obtain by about the same time that she completes the Bloodmyst Isle storyline and receives the Tabard of the Hand, thus allowing her to make a complete, reasonably well-coordinated outfit to wear with her new tabard almost immediately.

Hand of Grace

Yalia’s Cowl, Spiritmend Shoulders, Royal Gown, Cannonfire Cord, Soulcloth Gloves, Apostle of Argus
I chose these shoulders because they match the soft, greyish colours of the tabard so nicely. To wear this kit without the tabard, try the Arcane Pads or Arachnidian Pauldrons.
The belt shown here can only be obtained by Priests. Good options for Mages include Bridenbrad’s Sash, the Primal Mooncloth Belt, or the Azure Silk Belt.

Hand of Dedication

Flamefly Spaulders, Queen Conch Chestguard, Red Belt of Unspoken Warning, Nice Shorts, Conch-Inlaid Gauntlets, Inscribed Leather Boots, Cranedancer’s Staff
This outfit could also be worn “barefoot” by using the Mosshide Boots.

Hand of Pursuit

Rift Stalker Mantle, Formidable chestguard & leggings, Giantstalker’s Belt, Sundered gloves & boots, Arugoo’s Crossbow of Destruction
To convert this outfit for a Shaman, use the Cyclone (T4) shoulders, the Jazeraint belt, and the Spell Axe/Battleaxe of the Farseer.

Hand of Justice

Golem Helmet, Shoulderguards of the Bold, Chestplate of the Great Aspects, Greatbelt of Living Waters (LFR), Legplates of the Bold, Templar Gauntlets, Replica Boots of Heroism, Fist of Argus, Azure-Shield of Coldarra
The T16 LFR belt shown above can only be obtained by Paladins who have chosen Holy for their loot spec. Warriors will want to use the Lurker’s Girdle for this outfit.

The excitement of my friends whose favorite race is the Draenei is rather contagious. I have caught myself contemplating the notion that perhaps I should not use my complementary boost to 90 on either the Warlock or the Rogue, but rather should give it to my Draenei Mage.

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Tomorrow, Blizzcon begins, and I am looking forward to finding out What’s Next for World of Warcraft?

I would like to see a new class, to bring the current awkward eleven up to a nice round dozen. I’d like it to be a mail-wearing class, so that there will be the same number of classes for each armor type. It should be available to Gnomes, because Gnomes have no mail-wearing class and every other race has at least one class that can use each armor type. I confess that I’m not quite sure what such a class would be or do, though, because Shamans and Hunters between them have a good spread of roles. Perhaps some sort of mail-wearing tank?

I really hope that the next expansion doesn’t abandon dailies entirely. As unpopular as this opinion seems to be these days, I like doing dailies. Perhaps it is evidence of some great flaw in my character that I am happier when structure is provided to me than when I have to figure out how to structure my time myself (a big reason why I enjoyed TAing but didn’t do so well at research when I was in graduate school), but nonetheless, I like the structure that dailies provide.

I like dailies because they act as a convenient timing mechanism for professions farming. When my Jewelcrafter had only one primal diamond cut left to find and also needed the Sapphire Cub pattern to be my 20th Crazy Cat Lady kitty pet, I felt bored just thinking about spending hours grinding mogu in the Vale. Instead, I picked up the Golden Lotus dailies, and whatever mogu she encountered in the round-trip between the Setting Sun Garrison and the bottom of Guo-Lai Halls were enough dead mogu for one day. In this fashion, it took about a week to get the patterns I wanted — and she also got Exalted with the Golden Lotus. I did the same thing with my Monk to get the six 5.4 cooking recipes from the Vale. While I do sometimes choose to farm herbs, ore, and leather by just flying around looking for them for an hour or two, it feels like a more productive use of my time to simply pick up whatever materials I happen to come across while I’m in the process of doing dailies. I actually liked the Fatty Goat Steak cooking daily better before the droprate was buffed because Kamalia could get so much leather while doing it.

Dailies help me distribute my playtime among my multitude of high level alts. I run through my character selection screen, tending each character’s garden and doing dailies for any factions that character is currently interested in, then moving on to the next character. If my playtime is limited, I start with the character(s) whose faction progressions are currently my highest priority in-game goals.

Although I like the way dailies give me something concrete and discrete to do with each character’s playtime, Valor Points, in and of themselves, are not enough of a reward to keep me coming back to any given set of dailies/repeatable quests again and again and again. I didn’t do the Battlefield:Barrens weekly very often, and I haven’t bothered with the Timeless Isle weekly that awards 200 VP, either. The faction has to offer some kind of reward I want, whether it is a mount or an item of clothing or a title or even RP/story fulfilment. I haven’t come back to the Domination Offensive because there weren’t any sufficiently cool-for-Transmogrification items of gear and I haven’t felt like any of my other characters needed to play through the story for RP reasons (my Blood Elf Mage and Dwarf Shaman will probably do the 5.1 stuff eventually). I haven’t done Isle of Quel’danas dailies since Wrath launched because I haven’t had any characters who wanted the Shattered Sun tabard. After Kamalia had gotten her Flameward Hippogryph and Kerisa had played through the conclusion of the Leyara story for an RP desire to understand what had gone wrong with the Druids of the Flame, I didn’t come back to the Molten Front until recently. Kaelinda wants the ruby pink gloves sold by one of the three vendors that unlock late in the grind, and I find that I’m actually rather enjoying the Molten Front dailies this time around — a combination of the place being virtually empty of players, not being on a PvP server anymore, and being level 86+. I have only come back to the Isle of Thunder once a week or so, when I’ve wanted Lesser Charms or had a Key to the Palace of Lei Shen drop from Throne of Thunder trash in LFR. But I’ve run most of my characters through the Argent Tournament, and so far I’ve run most of my level 90s through the Shado-Pan dailies, too.

I do get tired of those dailies after awhile. I need a rest of a few weeks between when I’ve reached my Argent Tournament goals with one character and when I start doing it again with another character. I’d been bringing up a new character to 90 as soon as the previous one had acquired her Replica Shado-Pan Helment, but it’s been a few weeks since my Paladin got her Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, and I only just brought my Priest to Pandaria yesterday.

Even though I need a break from my favorite sets of dailies sometimes and there are certainly many factions whose dailies I am quite happy to leave behind, I fear that the next expansion will not hold my interest for very long if it eschews dailies completely in favor of Timeless Isle-like content.

For me, the replay value of the Timeless Isle has been rather limited. It’s fun enough the first time I bring a character there. After I complete the one-time quests and I’ve solved Rolo’s Riddle and all that is left is grinding for Timeless Coins, Epoch Stones, and armor tokens, I get bored. I’m not much interested in the pets, rare spawns, or vanity/toy items. I’d rather go to the Timeless Isle with another fresh character than visit multiple times with the same character. I am more satisfied by time spent on the Isle of Thunder running through the Sunreaver Onslaught’s daisy-chain of dailies than I am by time spent wandering around the Timeless Isle looking for things to do.

The Isle of Giants, which is even less structured, I’ve barely bothered with at all. I’ve taken Kam there a couple of times for Transmogrification photo-shoots. I’ve been there twice with my Hunter. The first time, I got my Tome of Dinomancy, tamed myself a Direhorn, and ran all over the island in the direhorn disguise just to see what was there (I liked how the scenery is like Zouchin Province with touches of the Lost Isles). The mounts and most of the pets available there didn’t interest me much, but I did come back a couple of weeks ago to try to farm the Direhorn Runt while BTH’s guild was fighting Garrosh — I wanted to be doing something I could drop quickly to go watch the cinematics if they defeated him. I got SO BORED. I bought a Direhorn Runt off the AH a day or two later.

BTH’s guild didn’t defeat Garrosh that night that I was on the Isle of Giants, but they did defeat Garrosh a few days later, on the Monday just before the last wing of Siege of Orgrimmar LFR opened. I watched the cinematics and quest events over his shoulder. I’d seen the name of the new warchief mentioned a couple of times already, but that wasn’t really much of a spoiler. Blizz has spent Mists building up just two of the other Horde leaders, so it was either this guy or that other guy. I still haven’t done more of Siege of Orgrimmar LFR than the Vale of Eternal Sorrows myself, though. I did finally finish up with Throne of Thunder by bringing Lei Shen’s black heart to Wrathion, but now I’m stuck on Chi-Ji’s challenge. After the way the NPCs have shown up in my raid frames for the Thunder Forge scenario and the Proving Grounds, it is very frustrating to me that Wrathion does NOT show up in my raid frames for Chi-Ji’s challenge. It makes the whole thing quite a bit more difficult. My third or fourth attempt was really good — I got quite close to completing it — and then I failed and failed and failed. Kam is still sulking and procrastinating tweaking her talents (and possibly glyphs) for further attempts… and I probably won’t do much more Siege of Orgrimmar LFR until she’s got her legendary cloak and Wrathion’s quest to kill Garrosh.

But that might take awhile, because I’d rather be leveling my Priest and my Blood Elf Mage and then, when they reach level 90, doing their dailies.

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For the tenth Batinna’s Dress Up theme, I thought it appropriate to pay a visit to the perpetual damsel-in-distress of Jaguero Isle, Princess Poobah. I suppose the races of the Eastern Kingdoms might call a Tauren chieftain’s daughter a “princess”, but everything else about her claims to royalty seems slightly delusional to me.

Princess Poobah’s Finery

Cassandra’s Grace, Wound-Cauterizing Spaulders, Princess Poobah’s Dress, Willow Belt, Replica Virtuous Gloves, Rejuvenating Scepter, Divine Companion
Before Princess Poobah can be rescued, her prized posessions — tiara, scepter, slippers, and diary — must be retrieved from the apes of Jaguero Isle. After she has been freed, she offers her tiara and her dress as rewards. The tiara is a mail item; this cloth crown is identical. I used this wand and book (the prettiest off-hand book in the game, to my eye) to represent her scepter and diary when I drew a chibi Princess Poobah two summers ago.

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