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Kaurinka’s journey through Bastion went faster than Kaelinda’s — I did fewer of the side quests, and I now knew that the main questline would only uncover two-thirds (or maybe only half?) of the map. Watching how slowly the map was being revealed the first time through made that journey feel slower than it really was, because I was thinking I’d have to do enough questing to reveal the whole thing. I can probably expect something similar in the other three zones.

Kaurinka also paid closer attention during the initial orientation, and she ultimately came through Bastion with a rather more favorable opinion of the Kyrian than Kaelinda did. Sophone and Mikanikos are still my favorites; I’m finding that I rather like Pelagos; and Kleia, though I still think she has an annoying holier-than-thou attitude, is growing on me. It occurred to me this afternoon that the vocal tone of many Kyrian NPCs, especially the higher-ranking ones, reminds me of the vocal tone that I shift into when I am trying very, very, very hard to not lose my temper with my three-year-old…

I briefly toyed with the idea of bringing Kalaneia, Keliora, and Kaelya (Kaylynda will stay behind until I’ve decided which Covenant will be the best fit for her) through the Maw and through Bastion before sending anyone through Maldraxxus — leveling all my alts in parallel rather than in series. Realistically speaking, however, that would just get me thoroughly burned out on Bastion. For now, Kaelinda and Kaurinka will keep playing leapfrog.

A neat thing that I discovered from playing through Bastion with two characters with different previous questing history is that a certain Legion NPC who dies heroically and traumatically and ends up in Bastion says different things to you depending on whether you completed their zone or not… (more…)

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Having gone through the Maw a couple of times, I’m now wanting to level Kregga up to 50, dress her up in a good Ebon Blade kit, and send her into the Maw. She’d follow the questline up to the point where Anduin has been rescued and we’ve found out about the Waystone… and then I’d leave her there in the Forlorn Respite, with Highlord Mograine and the rest of the Ebon Blade, until the expansion storyline progresses enough to allow us to rescue them. The Highlords — Mograine and Fordragon, both — need your strength, Deathlord.
No, self, no, that side project needs to wait until I’ve got at least one level 60…

After escaping the Maw with Kaelinda, I decided to continue with her into Bastion instead of switching over to Kaurinka.

It felt like it took a long time to get through Bastion. I didn’t just barrel straight through the main story, though, but did some of the side quests, too. But then, the first time through any zone at the beginning of an expansion, when I’m doing a full playthrough, always seems to take a long time.

Now I need to decide whether to keep going onward to Maldraxxus with Kaelinda, or let her rest while I bring Kaurinka up through Bastion. I definitely want Kaurinka to be first to go through Ardenweald.

Bastion is definitely not the place for Kaelinda — or for any of my other longtime characters. Even my Priest and Paladin would be better suited for whatever plane of the Shadowlands is the domain of the Earthmother — the place where I hope Cairne and his wife are — than for Bastion. And that is, after all, why I created & Boosted a brand-new character (Keliora) specifically for Bastion…

story commentary follows below the screenshot and the cut; skip if you’re going even slower than me and haven’t finished Bastion yet yourself


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1. Cancel my nighttime Zoom student help session. It’s Thanksgiving week, and nobody ever shows up on Monday anyway.
2. Log in with each of my level 50 characters so that they can begin accruing Rested status.
3. Take either Kaelinda or Kaurinka through the introductory Maw experience and get her Hearthstone set to Oribos
4. Get away from the crowds, bottlenecks, and bugs by leveling my Highmountain Tauren Druid, Kasheena.

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This gear is awarded to Horde players from the leveling zone questlines (first set name) on Zandalar, to players of both factions from World Quests (second set name) on Zandalar, and is also available as BOE greens (third set name) that drop on Zandalar.

Zanchuli/Shadra Silk/Saurifeather (Zuldazar), Loa Speaker/Fen Spirit/Bloodhex (Nazmir), Lastwind/Sandspinner/Skycaller (Vol’dun)

This collection features a mix of outfits centered on the robes and outfits centered on the headdress and/or shoulders.


Shadra Silk

Zanchuli Dreamer

Nimar’s Tribal Headdress, Night Dreamer Mantle, Shadra Silk Robes, Shadra Silk Gloves, Wild Gladiator’s Treads of Cruelty, Sawbones Shirt*, Golden City Greatcloak, Grave Watcher’s Longstaff
The robe also looks spectacular with the stage 1 Hexweave Mantle and the Illidari Shoulderpads

— though ultimately I preferred the more subdued look of these Broken Isles shoulders.

Zul’Aman’Dazar Crimson

Saurifeather Crest & Mantle, Robes of Dissention/Faded Sprit-Wrencher Robe, Bloodhex Gloves, Stanchion of Primal Instinct


Zanchuli Crest, Saurifeather Mantle, Red Mageweave Vest, Apothecary’s Waistband, Astralaan Pants, Rotting Handwraps + Earthmender’s Bracer of Shattering, Infernoweave Boots, Dragon’s Blood Cape, Formal White Shirt, Talanji’s Expedition Tabard, Wild Combatant’s Battle Staff

Dazar’Alor Special Investigator

Zanchuli Crest, Wild Gladiator’s Mantle of Cruelty, Goldweave Tunic, Serenity Belt, Astralaan Pants, Wild Gladiator’s Gloves of Prowess + Loa Speaker’s Cuffs, Gnomish Casting Boots, Ragged Azsharan Sail Fragment, Wild Combatant’s Battle Staff, Formal White Shirt, Talanji’s Expedition Tabard


Fen Spirit

Blood of the Chosen

Cowl of the Grand Engineer, Mantle of the Chosen Dead, Fen Spirit Wraps, Cord of Unhinged Malice (N), Fen Spirit Handwraps, Wild Gladiator’s Treads of Cruelty, Zardax’s Tattered Drape, Sawbones Shirt*, Korthek’s Staff

Zul’Aman’Dazar Azure

Bloodhex Headdress & Mantle, Forlorn Loa-Binder Robe, Bloodhex Gloves, Stanchion of Primal Instinct

Spring Sunshine

Yellow Spring Circlet/Fen Spirit Headdress, Fen Spirit Mantle, Robe of Solomon*, Girdle of Nobility, Blessed Gloves of Undead Cleansing*, Slippers of Serenity, Gorian Staff
The quest that awarded it having vanished in the Shattering, this particular robe is no longer available —

— but the very similar Bright Robe also looks good.

67) Troll Action Battle Princess

Bloodhex Hood, Warmongering Gladiator’s Mantle of Cruelty, High Councillor’s Tunic, Cord of Unhinged Malice, Soothsayer’s Kilt, Pyrotex Ignition Cloth + Loa Speaker’s Cuffs, Kurkenstoks, Cloak of Everburning Knowledge, Warmongering Combatant’s Battle Staff, Talanji’s Expedition Tabard
Here are a couple of variations:

Alanna’s Embrace (from Old Scholomance; no longer available)

Vestments of the Shifting Sands + Astralaan Pants


Fen Spirit Headdress, Fen Spirit Mantle, Royal Blouse, Girdle of Nobility, Astralaan Pants, Sage’s Gloves + Celestial Bindings, Curate’s Boots, Flowing Sapphiron Drape, Formal White Shirt, Talanji’s Expedition Tabard, Fangcaller’s Staff



Desert Thunderstorm

Nightvale Cowl, Nightvale Mantle, Sandspinner Vestments, Imbued Silkweave Cinch, Scrollbound Arachnid Gloves, Marshfang Boots, Akunda Adherent’s Cloak, Master Builder’s Shirt, Sethrak Warden’s Staff
Although the Dustwind Cowl matches the colors of the robe perfectly —

— I’m not a fan of the blinded eyes style.

Zul’Aman’Dazar Veridian

Skycaller Cowl & Mantle, Hexing Robes, Bloodhex Gloves, Stanchion of Primal Instinct


Sandspinner Headdress, Sandspinner Mantle, Greenweave Vest, Councillor’s Sash, Astralaan Pants, Shimmering Gloves + Elunarian Cuffs, Elunarian Boots, Drape of the Spellweaver, Formal White Shirt, Talanji’s Expedition Tabard, Warmongering Combatant’s Battle Staff

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This gear is awarded to Alliance players from the leveling zone questlines (first set name) on Kul Tiras, to players of both factions from World Quests (second set name) on Kul Tiras, and is also available as BOE greens (third set name) that drop on Kul Tiras.

Tidespeaker/Squallshaper/Sagehold (Stormsong Valley), Navigator’s/Sirensong/Foxhollow (Tiragarde Sound), Wickerwoven/Bloodbough/Heartsbane (Drustvar)




Tidespeaker Regalia with Flamecaster Botefeux/Seabreeze


Tidespeaker set with Squirgle’s Deepstone Wand and Tortollan Traveling Lantern
It was this robe that, when datamined in a Legion patch PTR, gave the first clue that we’d be going to Kul Tiras in the next expansion.

Tide Witch

Shirakess Headdress, Charlotte’s Chastizing Pauldrons, Squallshaper Vestments, Frost-Touched Cord, Sirensong Handwraps, Sirensong Slippers, Ebonchill (PvP, default tint)
This outfit wanted the Nazjatar pirate hat, it just did.



Tiragarde Navigator

Navigator’s set with Ceremonial Crown of Karabor, Seafury Tamer, and Crow’s Nest Spotlight




Wickerwoven set with Lord Aldrius’ Greatstaff
The Alliance appearance of the crafted Tidespray Linen set shares its appearance with this coloration of the quest set.

Port Authority

Grey Tricorne Hat, Bloodbough Mantle, Nobleman’s Coat, Standard Issue Airborne Belt, Nobleman’s Pantaloons, Archaeologist’s Quarry Boots*, Nola’s Shawl, Hacksaw Skinning Knife, Crow’s Nest Spotlight

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When I read yesterday’s dev update from Ion Hazzikostas, I was intrigued by the section about how they’d changed the alt experience. Because I’m choosing Covenant affiliations for my alts based on aesthetics and personality rather than on gameplay utility, the feedback about wanting to test out all of the Covenant active abilities with a different class before committting to a Covenant doesn’t matter so much to me. The feedback about story disjunction and dissonance, however, does. Looking at the description in the update post about the Threads of Fate choice to either experience the linear narrative again or join a Covenant and use alternative XP-gaining pathways, I wondered if it would be possible to choose the narrative, play through just enough of the narrative to experience the leveling zone story for a desired Covenant, and then go and join that Covenant. For example, could my Warlock choose the linear narrative, play through Bastion and Maldraxxus, then join the Necrolords and finish her leveling by the alternative pathways? Now that the feature is available to test on the beta realms, Wowhead is reporting that it will indeed be possible to do exactly that. Hooray! and Phew!

So here’s how I’m currently imagining my Shadowlands leveling unfolding: Kaelinda will go first, complete the main storyline narrative quests of all the zones, and join the Venthyr. Revendreth is last in the linear narrative, which is why she has to go first. Kaurinka will go second, quest through Bastion and Maldraxxus and Ardenweald, then join the Night Fae. Kalaneia will quest through Bastion and Maldraxxus, then join the Necrolords. Keliora will quest through Bastion, then join the Kyrian. Kaelyla may level through Bastion, Maldraxxus, and Ardenweald before joining the Night Fae — or she might choose to join the Night Fae immediately because maybe I will be sick and tired of Bastion by then! By the time I get to Kaylynda — let alone Kamalia or Karaelia or any other alts — I might just jump straight into a Covenant with the Threads of Fate.

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When Shadowlands shifted from alpha to beta, I began to feel an increased sense of urgency to get Kaelyla leveled. By August 9th, as can be seen in that installment of the Sunday Mog Show, she’d blazed through Legion and obtained her Heart of Azeroth. This past week, with the pre-launch events arriving on the PTR, that sense of urgency got even stronger. So despite the imminent start of Fall Semester and being in crunch time to get my courses ready to go live on my college’s learning management system, I pushed through Kul Tiras* and establishing footholds in Zandalar and this happened on Sunday night:

She’s obtained her rank 1 Shroud of Resolve, and she’s got Nazjatar opened up for World Quests (including the Mardivas mini-games). Although she still has a lot of World Questing to do to upgrade her Heart of Azeroth and other gear, I’m more or less ready for Shadowlands.

* First I did the Heartsbane storyline in Drustvar through Arom’s Stand; then all of the Tidesage storyline in Stormsong Valley; and, getting to Tiragarde Sound last, turned in the quest to say hello to Cagney and then dinged in the Shrine of Storms dungeon before I got any further in Tiragarde Sound questing

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Let’s see now, where am I at on my BfA bucket list?

Here’s the list, again:

1) Kinevra needs to get to 120 and do the Alliance War Campaign while there will still be enough folks in BfA LFR for there to be reasonable queue times. This is a primary goal partly for seeing the Alliance side of the story and partly for being able to recruit the Kul Tirans and roll a gorgeous curvy ringlet-haired Kul Tiran Mage.
Kinevra recently finished the Nazjatar (8.2) segment of the War Campaign. She has completed 6/8 chapters of the 8.0 Alliance War Campaign.

2) Kaelinda needs to get to 120 and get the Sin’dorei Heritage Armor.
As much as I’d like to get the Sin’dorei Heritage Armor, I’m prioritizing Kerisa and Karaelia ahead of Kaelinda for the current double XP buff because she’s a duplicate clothie, whereas leveling the other two will get me a character of each of the four armor types at level 120.

3) Kerisa needs to get to 120 so that she can wear all of the Island Expeditions stuff I’ve collected off of the AH for her and to be in position to potentially be my first Horde character to level in 9.0 (because Balance Druids, with their self-heals, are more robust than Mages).
Kerisa is currently 118; hopefully I can find enough time during the next month, around the extra workload of doing my classes online, to be able to get her to 120 before the double XP buff runs out.

4) After reaching 120 and kitting themselves up in Benthic gear (they all already have full sets of tokens awaiting them), Kinevra, Kaelinda, and Kerisa need to go smack the Jadefire Masters and Opulence around until they cough up the Phoenixfire Staff and the crown, respectively. A lesser degree of LFR priority is collecting the Uldir and Eternal Palace LFR cloth sets.
Kinevra netted the Eternal Palace gown during her Azshara run for the questchain. Now I’m trying to decide how much I want to spend time in queue for the rest of Eternal Palace to pick up other items from that set. The pieces I’m most interested in are those snazzy golden-toed shoes and the shell/fan belt, though it would be nice to have the gloves and shoulders as well.
I’ve been doing the second wing of Dazar’alor with Kinevra and burning a bonus roll token on Opulence, and while I’ve seen other people winning crowns, I’m still trying for it — and I might never see it at all, if the 1.7% drop rate on Wowhead is accurate…

5) Kamalia needs to get her Heart of Azeroth to level 70 (currently at 65) so she can see all of the dragon stories currently available, and then to whatever level is required for the additional bit(s) of dragon story that will be in 8.3.

6) Kinevra would like to collect the Darkshore Warfront set. Kerithian may not need to get to 120 if the Night Warrior customization option unlocks for her when Kinevra does the Darkshore Warfront introduction questline.
Indeed, my Night Elf Druid is now a dark-eyed Kaldorei. Kinevra hasn’t gotten out to the Darkshore Warfront to start collecting that gear yet, though.

7) Void Elf, Highmountain Tauren, Kul Tiran, Vulpera, and maaaaybe Nightborne alts will eventually want to be leveled for their Heritage Armors, but this will remain a low priority, long game project.
We’ll see if the Void Elf and Highmountain Tauren manage to get any double XP playtime after Kerisa, Karaelia, and Kaelinda have gotten to 120. I did finally get around to spending about half of Kamalia’s accumulated gold to upgrade all of my cloth and Intellect-leather Heirlooms to scale all the way to 120. Hmm, I wonder how Heirlooms will be dealt with in the new leveling paradigm for Shadowlands…?


Kamalia and Kinevra are, so far, my lead “story experience” characters. They will be the ones who will do the greatest amount of the stuff that’s available to do at 120.

As other characters reach 120, I’ll probably do only minimal stuff with them — I’ve got plenty of Benthic tokens lying around to kit them up with, and then they can go to Nazjatar for long enough to unlock the Chamber of Heart questline to boost the Heart of Azeroth to level 50. Then maybe do enough of Nazjatar and Mechagon to get the Rank 1 Essences from those factions, maybe pursue the Crucible of Flame questline up to whatever level their other activities give them enough AP for? Maybe do WQs that award gear to collect gear appearances? Maybe farm Uldir, since those raid sets are the ones that I consider to be the most handsome and desirable out of this expansion?

Getting the Sanity Cloak to Rank 5 is all I want to accomplish out of the 8.3 content. Kinevra’s probably the one who’ll end up doing it because her gear and Heart level have surpassed Kamalia’s and I don’t think I’ll want to spend the time to get Kerisa or Karaelia geared up to do it instead.


Looking ahead to Shadowlands, I’ll be bringing four Mages: Kaylynda for the Kyrian, Kaelinda for the Venthyr, Kaelyla for the Night Fae, and probably my yet-to-be-created Kul Tiran for the Necrolords. The example “Necrolords aren’t necessarily evil” hero soul that we’ll find in Maldraxxus being Draka, I’ve been beginning to ponder what my Kul Tiran’s backstory could be for her to be warlike/battle-hardened enough to choose that faction. Should she be a pirate lass from Tiragarde Sound? Or maybe a forest girl from Drustvar?

Kerisa — or perhaps Kasheena, if I get her leveled to 120 before Shadowlands arrives — will probably go because from what we know so far, it just seems like I ought to do the Ardenweald/Night Fae covenant story with a Druid. Karaelia will undoubtably choose Kyrian if she goes. And Kamalia, if she goes, will probably choose whichever of Kyrian or Night Fae has the armor that I find more appealing.

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My college’s Spring Break is officially next week. Classes were cancelled this week, and I should have spent the time practicing with screencasting and web-conferencing software to get ready for taking my courses online after Spring Break. Spring Fever hit me hard in the middle of the week, though, and I spent an afternoon playing Kinevra through chapters 4 – 6 of the 8.0 Alliance War Campaign and doing the Tyrande’s Vengeance questline instead of working. While doing those things, I was sitting in LFR queue for the second wing of Dazar’alor — trying for the crown, of course. Since she reached level 120 a few weeks ago, Kinevra has also achieved Friendly with both Mechagon and Nazjatar to get the Rank 1 versions of those Essences. Kinevra’s ilevel and Heart level have both surpassed Kamalia’s.

Now with Blizzard implementing double XP gain for the next month, I’m sorely tempted to finish leveling Kerisa, Kaelinda, and Karaelia to 120 instead of doing schoolwork…

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Kinevra dings 120

School has lightened up a bit, so I was able to play for awhile this evening. Kinevra had gotten very close to 120. I finished a quest chain, and DING! Now she is my second level 120, at last.

Of course, she was promptly inundated with things to do: do World Quests! Do the 9.0 War Campaign! Do the 9.1 War Campaign! Go to Nazjatar! Go to the Arathi Warfront! Go with Tyrande to reclaim Darkshore!

Although she hasn’t actually quested through much of Kul Tiras beyond Tiragarde Sound, due to the 15th Anniversary Event trivia daily XP, she’s got credit for “Loremaster of Kul Tiras” thanks to the expansion Loremaster Achievement being account-wide and Kamalia having gotten the Zuldazar version. I must admit that my motivation for questing through the rest of Kul Tiras will be severely diminished now.

What I will do first, I think, is go to Nazjatar up to the point where the quest to go to Magni for the necklace upgrade unlocks. That way, the AP rewards from the other endgame questlines will apply meaningfully to Kinevra’s necklace progression. Then I can start working through the other things in order, returning to Nazjatar after I’ve completed the 9.0 and 9.1 segments of the War Campaign.

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