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Now that I’ve reached my primary Patch 8.2 goal of obtaining the Tauren Heritage Armor, what next?
Securing flying in Battle for Azeroth zones ought to be the next major goal, right?

I am currently about a quarter of the way from Honored to Revered with the Unshackled, and I’m about 2/3rds done with the “get 3000 XP for your Kelfin buddies” quest.

I prioritize my Kelfin buddy’s quests, because that’s the gate on the zone story questchain. I do those, plus whatever Mardivas puzzle chests are up, and whatever WQs I pass through on the way to my Kelfin buddy’s quests and the Mardivas puzzle chests. I don’t try to do all the WQs in the zone. Although I pick up the Requisition and Bounty quests, I mostly ignore them because even with the nerfs, I rarely manage to complete them “as I go along” while doing my higher priority objectives, and I don’t ever feel like running around the zone looking for those things after I’ve completed my higher priority objectives. I’ve picked up an Unshackled Contract, so I’ve been doing the Zandalar Emissaries again, too — if I feel like I have the time and energy.

I’ll figure out a Mechagon routine when I get there, which won’t be until after I’ve reached Revered in Nazjatar.

Besides various RL events and the uncomfortable realization that the beginning of Fall semester is only about 5 weeks away, so I really need to get back to work on getting my courses set up, I’m getting distracted again by other things I want to accomplish in Azeroth.

Now that I’ve got my (Kalimdor) Tauren Heritage Armor, part of me wants to abandon BfA content for awhile and just level my Highmountain Tauren Druid up to 110 so she can get her Highmountain Tauren Heritage Armor.

Thinking about that reminds me that I want to get Kaelinda up to 120 to get the Sin’dorei Heritage Armor. (There’s my Void Elf to be leveled, too, but she’s much lower priority because I am less interested in the Void Elf Heritage Armor.)

And what about Kaylynda and the whole Alliance side of the story — not to mention recruiting the Kul Tirans?

And then there’s my Tauren Druid, for whom I’ve been collecting a bunch of leather Island Expeditions stuff off of the AH, and my Night Elf Druid, who would like to give being dark-eyed a try…

…But, flying

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Some suggestions for non-Shaldorei who wish to show their friendship for First Arcanist Thalyssra and her people. The “of the Nightfall” title is the perfect finishing touch for all of these outfits.

Magic of the Night

Mantle of Closed Doors (H), Felfume Robes, Belt of False Dignity, Silkweave Gloves, Suspicious Slippers, Nightfallen Tabard


Boughs of Archdruid Van-Yali, Breastplate of the Incendiary Soul (H), Shifting Sash of Midnight, Cinderweb Leggings (H), Earthguard Grips, Sandals of the Insurgent, Shocking Claws, Nightfallen Tabard

Suramar Nightingale

Conqueror’s Nightsong Cover, Boughs of Archdruid Van-Yali, Songbird Blouse, Strap of the Chosen Dead (LFR), Cinderweb Leggings (H), Twisted Wraithtalon Gloves, Rapscallion Boots, Fandral’s Flamescythe (H), Nightfallen Tabard

Night Seer

Hateful Gladiator’s Linked Spaulders, Darkmoon Breastplate, Netherfury Belt, Bloodmail Legguards*, Ebonhold Gauntlets & Boots, Purple Martial Shirt, Element-Infused Knuckles, Shadowbark’s Shin, Nightfallen Tabard

Night Seer II

Hateful Gladiator’s Linked Spaulders, Steadfast Breastplate, Stillwater Girdle, Scaled Greaves of Patience, Bloodbinder’s Gauntlets, Hydra Scale Sabatons, Streamtalker Slicers, Titansteel Shield Wall, Nightfallen Tabard

Nightwell Liberator

Doomplate Shoulderguards, Darkrune Breastplate, Bogslayer Belt, Weaponmaster’s Legplates, Lucidity Handwraps, Thunderpeak Greatboots, Edge of the Cosmos/Black Ice, Rich Purple Silk Shirt, Nightfallen Tabard

Night Knight

Booty Bay Helm, Replica Soulforge Pauldrons & Legplates, Breastplate of Many Graces, Uktar’s Belt of Chiming Rings (N), Sunstrider’s Gauntlets, Fen Strider’s Footguards, Pilfered Ethereal Blade, Revenant Deflector, Nightfallen Tabard

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Kregga got her first Nightfallen Paragon cache last night.
And what should be in it but the Leywoven Flying Carpet! At last!

I’ve wanted this mount partly so that my Tailors can have a complete collection of all the Flying Carpets —

— and partly so that my characters who aren’t Tailors can have a Flying Carpet, too. I’ve particularly wanted this mount for Kaelyla, who has a whole array of violet-blue mounts lined up on her right action bars 😀

I’m not going to try for any of the other Paragon rewards — getting this one was frustrating enough — so my Death Knight, Monk, and Paladin are now headed back to Thunder Bluff to hang out “at home” until I want to do Battle for Azeroth — or some other type of Legacy content — stuff with them.

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Kamalia has reached Exalted with all of the 8.0 factions at last. Now I can ignore WQs for awhile, unless the Emissary reward is something really good, like 2000 gold. No Paragoning for me.

I’ve been more or less completely ignoring Artifact Power, so Kamalia’s Heart of Azeroth is only at level 46. I suppose I could prioritize Missions and WQs that give AP for awhile, but, eh, whatever. It’ll get to 50 when it gets there, and if I can’t fully unlock all the cool new functions that the Heart will gain in Patch 8.2 immediately, I’m playing too casually for it to matter.

Time to stop procrastinating doing the War Campaign, I guess.

Meanwhile, Kerithian finished up her Darnassus rep and moved on to Outland to grind Kurenai rep. I’ve long been covetous of the Alliance-only Kurenai Kilt, but I didn’t think I could stomach doing the Kurenai grind all the way to Exalted. When I looked the Kilt up again recently, though, I saw that it only requires Revered rep, and that seemed more doable. Just as the Horde first meet the Mag’har in Hellfire Peninsula, the Alliance first encounter the Kurenai at Orebor Harborage in Zangarmarsh. Doing the quests there in addition to the ones at Telaar in Nagrand got me to halfway from Honored to Revered. That made the remaining grind to Revered not so bad at all. Getting to Exalted would still be a pain, though!

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Browsing through cloth robes in my Wardrobe, I’m reminded that I’ve collected so many items that I think are so pretty, but haven’t yet gotten around to making kits with them. I could probably make a new kit every week for each of my major cloth-wearing characters for several months before I ran out of items I have in my collection but hadn’t used yet. Problem is, Mogging when you’re not doing anything else makes you broke really fast.

Venerated of Zandalar

Pauldrons of Venerated Spirits (LFR), Stormstrike Vest, Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Links of Accuracy, Isle Watcher’s Leggings, Torcali’s Grips of the Bounty, Gral Worshipper’s Waders, Tabard of the Zandalari Empire, The Fist of Ra-den/Doomhammer (Hidden appearance, 200 WQ tint)
The Troll-themed Antorus shoulders and Hidden appearances of the Elemental and Enhancement Artifact weapons were the natural choices to complement the Zandalari Empire tabard.

Tiragarde Navigator

Navigator’s Garb with Ceremonial Crown of Karabor, Seafury Tamer, and Crow’s Nest Spotlight
When Kinevra had quested through enough of Tiragarde Sound to collect all of the appearances for that zone’s coloration of the Kul Tiras cloth quest set, it was time to wear it.
Horde characters who want to wear this outfit should look for “Foxhollow” items on the Auction House.

Effervescent Viridium

Wrathful Gladiator’s Mooncloth Mantle, Robe of Effervescent Light, Telubis’ Binding of Patience, Tempest’s Touch, Shimmering Geta, Viridium Staff of Alacrity
I felt like Kaohana had been in her previous outfit long enough. Not having an idea in mind for her to wear next, I cast around for some inspiration and decided to build a kit around the other coloration of this Battle for Azeroth Jewelcrafted staff model.

Flames of Fate

Firehawk Hood (N), Mantle of False Virtue, Robes of Fate, Mage-Fury Girdle, Archivist’s Gloves, Oilfoot Slippers, Felo’melorn (default appearance, original tint)
I’ve used the beige and purple versions of this set (with my Priest and my Void Elf, respectively), so now it’s time to use the red version.
The End Time dungeon version of this location would be somewhat more appropriate, but I didn’t feel like playing the lottery with whether Baine would be up when I went into the dungeon.


This series of posts began because I set myself a goal to document new Transmogrification outfits in a more timely fashion. As soon as I create a new outfit, I write it up in a draft post. As the weekend approaches, I start working on taking fashion screenshots, processing them, and updating “Things my [Class] Wears” posts. On Sunday — though not every Sunday — I publish the collection of my recent efforts. Then I begin the next “Sunday on the Promenade” draft post.

Occasionally, I have ideas for themed Transmogrification collections that take several months to completely assemble. Thus, some of these outfits might get re-posted at a later date as part of such a themed Transmogrification collection.

If any of you, my dear readers, have kits that you’d like to share, I’d be happy to add you to the show! Just email me your picture(s), along with a list of the items in the outfit. I don’t regularly check my blog email, though, so if you’ve sent me an outfit, please make a comment on the most recent Sunday Mog Show post so that I know to check my blog email for your contribution.

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With the current Zandalari Emissary, Kamalia has reached Exalted with the Zandalari — my first Exalted Battle for Azeroth reputation!
I’ll continue using a contract for Champions of Azeroth until I get Exalted with them, and then I should probably switch to using a contract for Honorbound, as it seems I’m going to have to get them to Exalted to progress to the 8.1.5 stage of the War Campaign. Because getting Champions of Azeroth to Exalted on one character unlocks the Heart of Azeroth upgrades account-wide, Kaylynda’s first contract (when she gets to 120) should therefore be 7th Legion.

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The Twelve Classes were on Bloodhoof. The Mages (except for Kaelinda) were on Argent Dawn. All other Horde characters were on Duskwood (Bloodhoof’s linked realm). All other Alliance characters were on The Scryers (Argent Dawn’s linked realm). This was a good system of organization, I thought, tidy and nicely compartmentalized.

Then one evening earlier this week I logged on and did some WQs with Kamalia, flipped over to Argent Dawn to do a few quests in Kul Tiras with Kaylynda, flipped over to Duskwood to do some questing in Mulgore with my Highmountain Tauren Druid, flipped over to The Scryers to take my Night Elf Druid to Boralus — and realized that I was tired of doing that much jumping between realms. Wouldn’t it be nicer if everyone I was actively doing stuff with was on the same realm? On not-quite-an-impulse — I’ve been considering this for a few weeks — I moved Kaylynda, Kaelyla, Kerithian, and Kashina to Bloodhoof. Kashina was the only one who ended up needing a name change; she became Kasheena. My Dwarf Paladin and Dwarf Shaman can stay on The Scryers for now, until I’m ready to start actively doing stuff with them in Battle for Azeroth content.


Gnomecore’s post on the Dwarf Heritage Armor questline reminds me that I should check up on my reputations for my favorite Base Races. Kamalia is Exalted with Thunder Bluff, of course; she’ll be able to go get the Tauren Heritage Armor when Patch 8.2 arrives. Kaelinda is Exalted with Silvermoon; she just needs to get to 120 already so she can go collect the Blood Elf Heritage Armor. Kaylynda is Exalted with Stormwind, so she’ll be ready whenever the Human Heritage Armor is released. Kerithian is only at Honored with Darnassus, so she needs put on her Darnassus tabard and start farming Darnassus rep so that she’ll be ready whenever the Night Elf Heritage Armor is released. Kyraleia and Kjerstin are both at Revered with Ironforge; they would need both leveling to 120 and some rep grinding to qualify for the Dwarf Heritage Armor.

The three main ways that I’ve farmed Classic capital city reputation in the past have been the Argent Tournament, doing the Cooking and Fishing dailies, and running dungeons while wearing the tabard. Of those three options, I’ll probably take the third one with Kerithian; I’ve found that Heroic Ahn’kahet gives good city rep (2958) if you completely clear it, and Kerithian could certainly use the money she’d get from vending everything she picked up in the process.

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Kamalia reached Revered with Champions of Azeroth a week or two ago and has now completed Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder Part 1. The past couple of weekends have been rather busy, so I haven’t yet had a chance to run Atal’Dazar, so I can continue the Vol’jin questline, or to work on the Saurfang questline. I’ve been puttering along doing Emissaries; I’m about 2/3 of the way from Revered to Exalted with the Zandalari and about halfway from Revered to Exalted with everyone else. Using a contract seems to have helped my Champions of Azeroth rep catch up to the rest. Part of me wants to set a goal of getting all of the 8.0 reps to Exalted before 8.2 drops new reps on us that will have to be pushed to Revered to get Pathfinder Part 2. More realistically, however, I’ll probably get the three leveling zone reps to Exalted (for various reasons), keep doing Tortollan Emissaries until I’m Exalted with them just because I enjoy their quests, and ignore the Honorbound because I’m not all that interested in rolling a Mag’har Orc.

Although Kaelinda has long since given up on Paragoning for Suramar, I still want that Leywoven Flying Carpet. Kaelinda wants it so she can have all the Magic Carpet mounts, and Kaelyla wants it as one of her flying mounts for its dark blue and purple color scheme. Hmm… Which other characters are already Exalted with the Nightborne and could be set to Paragoning for Suramar? Druid and Paladin are in Zandalar and have gotten started with questing in Vol’dun and Nazmir, respectively. That leaves Death Knight and Monk. So Kregga and Katewatha are now back in their Order Halls, watching their Mission Tables for Suramar missions and watching the Broken Isles Emissary lineup for Kirin Tor. I must be crazy.

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Wowhead’s April Fool’s stuff is the best. It’s always stuff that would be really cool if it really were something that was going to be added to the game, and it’s never snide the way the Blizzard mock patch notes generally are.

This weekend, I completed the 8.0 War Campaign through the deep sea diving quest. Apart from the silliness of deep sea diving with only a helmet, I thought the headlight mechanic was rather fun. It was also silly that all the other drowned corpses were skeletonized, but somehow the two most interesting ones were still quite intact. Then I hit a gear wall: I’ve only just barely reached the ilevel required to queue for Normals at level 120, and I have five ilevels to go before I can queue for Siege of Boralus (praise the Earthmother that it’s available on Heroic now!). I also did the first stage of the Vol’jin questline — I think it finally popped up when I reached Revered with the Zandalari? — up until the point where I have to go run Atal’Dazar. I guess I’d better get my tail in gear and go run all the dungeons on Normal in Elemental at least once, with my loot spec set to Resto in hopes of getting a decent 1H/Shield combo for running as a Healer (I have a Sharas’dal kit in mind that I’d like to make soon-ish).

As mentioned above, I’ve managed to hit Revered with the Zandalari. I’ll get Revered with Talanji’s Expedition and with the Voldunai the next time those factions pop up as the Emissary. I’m the furthest behind with Champions of Azeroth, of course, but I am at least Honored with them. All the others are in between.

I wasn’t expecting to be too fond of being Sylvanas’s minion for the main plot of the War Campaign, and I haven’t been. The Lilian Voss side story, however, has been unexpectedly moving. It provides a needed counterbalance to the callousness of the Blightcaller, and it gives some welcome in-game depth of characterization to the Forsaken, too. It’s almost making me want to roll a new Forsaken alt just to re-play the beginnings of Lilian’s story in Tirisfal Glades (and then promptly delete said alt when I was done with it). I played through the then-new version of Tirisfal Glades shortly after Cataclysm launched, so I have dim memories of Lilian’s story, and it seems to me that if a player doesn’t know that part of the story, they’d be missing out on some of the weight of her actions in her current arc.

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This week I’ve been methodically bringing each of the rest of the Twelve Classes out to Dazar’alor, setting her Hearthstone at the Great Seal, choosing a zone for her to begin questing — and then sending her through the portal to Thunder Bluff to relax at home until I’m ready to begin actively leveling with her. I’ve also sent my Blood Elves back home to Silvermoon. Only the alts whom I am most interested in leveling next — Kaelinda, Kerisa, and Karaelia — got to stay in Zandalar. Actually, Kaelinda isn’t in Zandalar, either; she’s hanging out in the Hall of the Guardian watching her mission table and the Legion emissaries, making another vain attempt at getting the Leywoven Flying Carpet from Paragoning for the Nightfallen.

Kamalia is slowly working through the Horde War Campaign one segment at a time on Sunday evenings. I looked over reputations; of course she has to get to Revered with everyone to get flying. Then which factions should I push to Exalted? Magni, to get the necklace upgrades. Voldunai, so that if the Vulpera ever become an Allied Race, I’ll be ready. Talanji’s Expedition, because it’s the prettiest Horde BfA faction tabard and looking at it in the dressing room the other day, I began daydreaming of mogging with it. And the Zandalari, I guess, even if I don’t roll a Zandalari character, because I’ve heard that the Zandalari recruitment scenario is Talanji’s coronation, and I’d rather like to see that. On the Alliance side, when I get there, I’ll probably only push the Proudmoore Admiralty all the way to Exalted, so that I can unlock the Kul’Tiran Allied Race. Unless any of the others have something attractive to wear… then maybe I’ll do those, too.

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