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The introduction of the Rangari and, even more importantly, the presence of a bonafide Draenei Rogue in the Alliance followers list —

— has Draenei enthusiasts hoping for playable Draenei Rogues in the next expansion.
I’m inclined to agree that it’s a distinct possibility!

If we’re going to let the Draenei with their clip-cloppy hooves be Rogues, Tauren should get to be Rogues, too!

Prior to Cataclysm, I thought there was pretty decent support for Tauren eventually becoming Mages — I distinctly remember seeing Grimtotem casters in Stonetalon Mountains and other Grimtotem areas using Fireball. Sadly, since Cataclysm, Grimtotem casters only use Shaman or Druid spells (I checked their abilities on Wowhead).
Some of the Crazed Mages in Blackrock Caverns are Tauren, though…

Gnomes still need a mail-wearing class. Hunters could certainly be a good fit — and now that we have Goblin Shamans with their mechanized totems and bargains with the elements, why not Gnome Shamans, too?

Cataclysm introduced this fellow in Kirthaven:

Mists introduced Andrea Toyas and her dancers, who hang out in the Shrine of Seven Stars and sometimes grace the Halfhill Market:

Warlords has introdued these two lovely Draenei ladies:

One of them is in the inn at Embaarii Village, and the other is in the Mess Hall in Stormshield. There may be more of these Draenei harpists in other Alliance locations in Draenor — I haven’t explored far enough yet as Alliance to find out.

Could this be laying the way for a Bard/Minstrel class? Or will musicians continue to be exclusively NPCs?
I would totally re-roll my Night Elf Mage as a Minstrel, given that her backstory is that she’s a musician.


On a somewhat related note, I would not at all be surprised if the Legendary follower that we get for jumping through Khadgar’s hoops in Patch 6.1 turns out to be Cordana Felsong.

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Shado-Pan Ninja (Monk)

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Puncture-Binding Spaulder, Pozzik’s Vest, Red Belt of Gentle Persuasion, Nice Shorts, Bard’s gloves & boots, Stylish Black Shirt, Monk’s Staff
This outfit is adapted from Draynee’s Black Ninja Monk kit.

Shado-Pan Domain Keeper (Monk/Druid)

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Shizzle’s Muzzle Cover, Leather Tunic of Eminent Domain, Red Belt of Gentle Persuasion, Honorary Combat Engineer’s Leather Trousers, Loramus’ Gloves, Prospector’s Boots, Spear of Xuen
The brick red and black colors of these Rogue T9-lookalike items awarded early in the Jade Forest questline just begged to be part of a Shado-Pan set. Due to the factional dimorphism of the T9 sets, this outfit is Horde-only. The Prospector’s chestpiece and leggings or the chestpiece and leggings from the same set as the shoulders & gloves could be used for a similar look.
Other leather-wearers might want to use the Burning Blade Devotee’s Cinch.

Shado-Pan Brewmaster (Monk)

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Dark Warder’s Pauldrons, Vest of Welcome, Red Belt of Gentle Persuasion, Sunroc Pants, Swashbuckler’s Gloves & Boots, Tremendous Tankard O’ Terror, Ced’s Crusher
Most of my characters are tee-totalers because, well, I am. Way back when acheivements were the new hotness, Kamalia picked up several of the Brewfest acheivements, but she hadn’t bothered to get Brew of the Month — and thus the “Brewmaster” title — because she knew she wouldn’t actually be interested tasting the brews of the month themselves.
That was before I had a Brewmaster Monk, however. This year, Koralyra wanted the “Brewmaster” title, and so it fell to Kamalia, who was only one achievement short, to get the meta for the whole family.
The keg-shaped maces are probably my favorite Mists 1H-Mace design.

Shado-Pan Smoke Knight (Monk)

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Righteous shoulders pants & gloves, Scouting tunic & boots, Red Belt of Gentle Persuasion, Aspirant’s Staff of Harmony
I originally designed this kit to go with the Ironpaw cooking accessories. Serendipitously, it also looks great with the Shado-Pan helmet!

Shado-Pan Assassin (Rogue)

Replica Shado-Pan Helment, Shoulderpads of the Silvermoon Retainer, Scouting Tunic, Ruffian Belt*, Nightslayer Pants, Bandit Gloves, Defiler’s Lizardhide Boots, Black Swashbuckler’s Shirt, Amber Slicer of Klaxxi’ves, Wind Reaver’s Dagger of Quick Strikes
The shirt is an essential component of this outfit because it fills in a gap between the sleeves and the gloves.
The Bandit Belt would be a suitable replacement for the Ruffian Belt.
Why, yes, I did do Klaxxi rep with my Rogue just so that I could have both styles of Mantid trophy dagger to use in this kit.

Shado-Pan Wildshaper (Druid)

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Thunderheart Shoulder Pads, Robes of Summer Flame, Vicious Leather Belt, Gilt-Edged Leather Gauntlets, Tian Monastic Staff
I decided pretty much immediately that I wanted to use this robe for my Druid’s Shado-Pan kit. Figuring out all the rest of the pieces, though, took quite a bit of iteration.
I don’t remember if I was offered the +Agi staff as a reward option from that Tian Monastery quest or if I had to switch my loot spec to see it. Whatever happened, I thought that the +Agi staff would have better Transmogrification potential with the rest of my Druid’s wardrobe than any of the +Int options — and I’d surely get a better weapon from some other quest later. So I took it, and now I am quite glad that I did.

Shado-Pan Blade-Dancer (Demon Hunter)

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Mantle of Darkness, Primalstorm Breastplate, Blackwhelp Belt, Tough Mushanhide Leggings, T’wansi’s Handwraps, Prospector’s Boots, Cloak of the Untamed Predator, Shado-Pan Tabard, Misery’s End
Making a Shado-Pan kit that included both the hat and the tabard has been problematic for me because I couldn’t quite figure out how to manage the hue gradient between the bright, orangey, scarlet reds of the tabard and the deep maroon of the helmet scarf. The key to this kit, for me, was the pants; they brought in enough of the brighter red-orange hue to balance out the maroons from the other pieces I wanted to use.
I chose the chestpiece primarily to leave the arms bare with the tabard on and secondarily to look good with the tabard off.
For this outfit, I also used the Barbershop to change her blindfold to the simpler of the two red & gold Sin’dorei styles and to change the color of her tattoos from their usual dark green to black.


Shado-Pan Spiritwalker (Shaman)

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Pauldrons of Wild Magic, Salvager’s Hauberk, Bloodspattered Sash, Heroes’ Earthshatter Kilt (T7-10s), Seer’s Linked Gauntlets, Suen-Wo, Spire of the Falling Sun
Umlaut Paradots‘ mail contribution to These Boots Were Made For Mogging reminded me of the Salvager’s Hauberk. As I thought about what kind of set I might like to make using this chestpiece, it occurred to me that the stripe detail, especially in the back, is somewhat similar to the stripe detail on the Shado-Pan NPC uniforms. Kamalia already had plenty of dark blue in her wardrobe, but she did not have much red in her wardrobe before I created this outfit for her!

Shado-Pan Beastmaster (Hunter)

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Ravager’s Mantle, Warmonger’s Chestpiece, Bloodspattered Sash, Bloodmail* Legguards gloves & boots, Cloak of Beasts, Master Builder’s Shirt, Bronze Blaster
This is something of an “if you’ve got it, flaunt it” kit. Although I only really wanted the Bloodmail Legguards, I’d collected all the rest of the set by the time the pants finally dropped. I decided to keep the whole set, “just in case”, and dumped it into Void Storage. Now I’m glad that I did!
I borrowed the combination of the Shado-Pan Helmet with the Warmonger’s chestpiece from WoW Roleplay Gear.

Shado-Pan Serpent Rider (Shaman/Hunter)

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Ordon Legend-Keeper Spaulders & Greaves, Tunic of Masked Suffering, Ebonhold Girdle, Bloodmail Legguards*, Grotesque Handgrips, Big Black Mace, Bloodforged Guard, Sawbones Shirt*
Mini-Kam has been working (when I feel like it) on collecting Skyshards, but she still has a few yet to find before she can tame Milau’s momma.
The shirt just fills in the midriff and elbows; the red in the shoulders and underarms is in fact part of the chestpiece.
Suitable weapons for Hunters to use with this kit might be the Wolfslayer Sniper Rifle or Heartstriker.


Shado-Pan Runeblade (Death Knight)

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Blood-Soaked Saronite Plated Spaulders, Warlord’s/Warmaul chestpiece belt gloves & boots, Legguards of the Shattered Hand, Acherus Knight’s Shroud, Runed Soulblade
I didn’t want to just plop the Shado-Pan Helmet atop one of the black-and-red outfits I’d already made for Kregga — though it would certainly work well with either of them. The red-plum-blue tones of the Warlord’s/Warmaul set evoke the palette of the navy-and-brick-red version of the Shado-Pan NPC uniforms, and I’d been wanting to use those items in a DK set for some time. The DK shoulders added just the right amount of menace to the overall appearance.

Shado-Pan Dark Disciple (Death Knight/Paladin/Warrior)

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Runic Plate Shoulders, Slavebreaker Chestguard, Thorium Belt, Hollowheart Legguards, Zaxxis Gloves, Bloodforged Sabatons, Cloak of the Dark Disciple, Rustic Workman’s Shirt, Rage Reaver
I could have just plopped the Shado-Pan Helmet atop the black-and-red “Blood Runes” outfit I’d previously made for the Underpowered Death Knight. It would have looked great, but I wanted to make a new outfit. As I looked through her available gear, I discovered that I really liked the way the browns of the quest reward items from the first part of the Tanaan Invasion questline looked with the dark brown wooden brim of the hat.

Shado-Pan Lightbearer (Paladin)

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Runic Plate Shoulders, Alabaster Breastplate, Thorium Belt, Greaves of the Martyr, Bloodforged Gauntlets, Lavawalker Greaves, Redpine Cloak, Firestorm Hackblade, Bloodforged Guard, Stylish Black Shirt
This outfit is adapted from a striking black, white, and red ensemble originally designed by Honeypants of Mogoholic.

Shado-Pan Bulwark (Paladin/Warrior)

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Shoulderguards of Empty Memory, Glory of the Defender, Ogre Beater’s Belt, Legguards of the Fallen Crusader, Grips of Arcane Imprisonment, Deathseed Crushers, Rescuer’s Cloak, Stylish Black Shirt, Firestorm Hackblade, Shield of the Void
As long as Mists remains the current expansion, items containing both red and black will always immediately suggest that they be used in a Shado-Pan Helmet kit. Mists was already well enough along when I leveled my Paladin that I saved these Cataclysm quest reward items for future use in a Shado-Pan kit. Although her first Shado-Pan kit didn’t need them, they came in handy to coordinate with this chestpiece, which dropped while I was farming the Hyjal raid for something else.

Shado-Pan Blademaster (Warrior)

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Expedition Mantle, The Exarch’s Protector, Darkcrest Belt, Legguards of the Shattered Hand, Inferno Tempered gloves & boots, Gilded Thorium Cloak, Red Martial Shirt, Sturdy Yaungol Spear
Keija tried really hard to talk me into letting her use Hellreaver for her Shado-Pan set, even though I think it’s just about as overused a weapon as Judgement is a gear set (especially since Demonology Warlocks got that glyph that lets their Felguards dual-wield the things). Then, as soon as she’d actually tested how it would look, she capitulated and agreed to use the spear that matches the NPC weapon. I’ll just have to come up with some other set for her to use Hellreaver with.


Shado-Pan Mystic (Priest)

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Consortium Mantle, Amaranthine Robe, Silver-Thread Sash, Black Mageweave Gloves, Arakkoa Divining Rod, Inscribed Fan, Stylish Black Shirt
This outfit is largely inspired by the Shado-Pan Helmet set designed by WoW Roleplay Gear.

Shado-Pan Arcanist (Mage)

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Nether Guards, Sparklight Robes, Girdle of Glowing Light, Black Mageweave Gloves, Unassuming Slippers, Rod of the Blazing Light
When I was originally designing this outfit in MogIt, I was struck by how well the T15-Normal Priest-lookalike Quet’zal’s Crackling Cord matched this robe. That item was well out of my solo-player reach, however, so I chose something else. Later, the rep requirements for many Shado-Pan Assault items were lowered, allowing me to gain the required reputation (Friendly) to buy the Valor Points version of the belt from a single clear of the first wing of Throne of Thunder LFR. Huzzah!

Shado-Pan Archmage (Mage/Warlock/Priest)

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Mantle of the Elven Kings, Red Mageweave Vest, Sash of the Burning Heart, Legs of Ringing Echoes, Gloves of Tirisfal, Saltarello Shoes, Cloak of Passion, Dark Silk Shirt, Archmage’s Staff*
This kit resulted from the notion of using these specific pants in a Shado-Pan helmet outfit. I chose this tunic because it makes the red band at the top of the pants looks like an extension of the tunic rather than part of the pants themselves.
This staff came from the limited-time pre-Mists-launch version of the Theramore’s Fall scenario. There are several other staves that would look good with this kit, though.

Shado-Pan Summoner (Warlock)

Replica Shado-Pan Helmet, Mantle of the Corruptor, Simple Blouse, Fire-Cord of the Magus, Coven Britches, Black Mageweave Gloves + Wraps of the San’layn, Oilfoot Slippers, Shadow Prowler’s Cloak, Matsuba’s Breadmaker
More decadent Warlocks may prefer to use the Cournith Waterstrider’s Silken Finery.

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Laeleiweyn of World of Lae has kicked off a series of Alt Appreciation weeks to “celebrate all the classes!”

This week, it’s the Rogues‘ turn in the spotlight.

Growing up on a PvP server, I quickly came to have a deep and abiding dislike for Rogues. When I’ve attempted to play a Rogue myself, the class hasn’t really “clicked” for me; my Rogue is really quite lucky to have gotten even as far as level 40. I initially rolled my Rogue as a Blood Elf because as long as I was playing a class I didn’t particularly like, I might as well like the toon I was looking at. Recently, I contemplated changing her to a Dwarf, on the notion that I should kill two birds with one stone and pick up Double Agent in the process of getting a character of each class to the level cap. I’m not that great at melee DPS, though, and I’d rather have my max-level Alliance character be a class I know I enjoy playing and that I think better represents me — i.e. a Mage or a Shaman. So my Rogue stayed a Blood Elf. She’s Subtlety/Combat; her RP-story is that she is a Farstrider in training to become an elite operative for Lor’themar’s spy network — someone along the lines of Mara Jade (who, to me, epitomizes all the Rogue specs simultaneously).

Rogue Week intersects neatly with the fourth theme from Batinna’s Dress Up challenge. Rogues are very much the punks of Azeroth, delighting in making trouble for everyone else.

Hit the Road, Punk

Cutthroat’s Mantle, Grizzly Jerkin, Batskin Belt, Tribal Pants, Nimble Leather Gloves + Plaguehound Armbands, Treads of Banshee Bells
Goblins and Gnomes have the best “punk” hairstyles in the game. At first, I thought I’d use the “jeweled hairband” style for a Blood Elf punk, as it looks quite wild and unkempt to me. As I flicked through the stylebook at the Barbershop, however, this super-short hairstyle seemed even more punky — especially in combination with the bright cherry-red haircolor.

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One of my favorite cousins posted this to Facebook, and I just couldn’t resist sharing it here.

Speaking of Facebook, if I have you on RealID (not battletag) — that is, you know my real name and I know yours — and you’re on Facebook, too, then I’d be happy to have you as an FB-Friend.😀

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Things my Rogue Wears

A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Blood Elf Rogue. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

20) Pumpkin Carver

Bonechewer Skincloak, Relentless Gladiator’s Leather Spaulders, Hardened Tongue Tunic, Ruffian Belt, Scouting Trousers, Bandit Gloves, Rapscallion Boots, Blade of the Prime, Electrowing Dagger (N)
Many of the Wrath PvP shoulder designs are quite nice. Fortunately for the PvP-averse, such as myself, the various currency redesigns that have occurred in the patches and expansions since then have resulted in those items now being available for gold.
Although the Combat Rogue Artifact weapon is a pair of swords, Kelisanna has not yet been to the Broken Isles, and her best weapon is still a dagger. I’ve put her dagger in her off-hand for this kit, though, because the Blade of the Prime is such a big honking Final Fantasy-esque weapon that having it in her off hand, with the smaller dagger in her main hand, seemed terribly improperly balanced.

19) Shadow Insurgent

Bloody Bandanna, Shadow Heart Spaulders (LFR), Nether Shadow Tunic, Shifting Sash of Midnight, Ceremonial Leather Loincloth, Fuzzy Gloves + Insidious Bands, Sandals of the Insurgent, Dagger of the Horde Vanguard, Quickblade of the Horde Vanguard
This kit owes a great deal to an outfit contributed by Zhau@Hellfire-EU to my “These Boots were Made for Mogging” event three years ago. Zhau’s idea was better than my own designs!

18) Teal Farstrider

Clefthoof Cover, Fizzy Spaulders, Rigid Tunic, Pilgrim’s Belt, Explorer’s Leggings, Clefthoof Gloves, Cenarion Expedition Boots, Dreadblade, Stung
The bottom half of this kit is a collection of Outland quest rewards; alas, the leather chestpiece and belt worn by the Farstrider NPCs are not available for players. The chestpiece and shoulders I’ve chosen have accent stripes that pick up on the blue-green color, and if the brown isn’t quite right to match the pants, at least they coordinate well with each other.

17) Buttercup

Mantle of Autumn, Sentinel Breastplate & Girdle, Earthsoul Britches, Ranger Gloves + Vendetta Bindings, Bonechewer Shredboots, Heavenly Breeze, Quicksilver Blade, Razorcrystal Blade
When this sword fell out of a Salvage Yard box, I almost immediately wanted to pair it with this lovely Cataclysm-era cloak. I’d been wanting to use this cloak in a kit for some time, but there didn’t seem much to pair it with beyond the obvious similarly-colored Replica Vestments of the Virtuous or Lawbringer Armor. The Razorcrystal Blade is an agility sword, so I decided that my Rogue should get it because it would actually be useful to her. She also happened to have this nicely matching dagger, and these coordinating bracers. The shoulders from the BC recolor of Druid T1 were a pretty natural choice. What surprised me, though, was that I also wanted the pants from that set to bring in more of the light green from the cloak.

16) Supple Bard

Swashbuckler’s Eyepatch, Spaulders of Determined Resolve, Supple Vest & Leggings (1-640), Wolf Rider’s Belt, Bard’s gloves & boots, Tura’aka’s Clipped Wing, Lightning Dagger
Warlords brought us a few more options for maroon leather with the stage 1 Supple chestpiece and pants.
Savage Blood required: 0

15) Silver Covenant Razor

Supple Shoulderguards Waistguard & Gloves (all 3-670), Lo’ap’s Tunic of Muck Diving, Leggings of the Sly, Crafty’s Gaiters, Steelforged Dagger (1-630)
This kit is an expression of my fervent, yet likely never-to-be-fulfilled wish that High Elves would become a playable race for the Alliance.
Savage Blood required: 90

14) Femme Fatale

Rhinestone Sunglasses/Swashbuckler’s Eyepatch, Shoulderpads of the Silvermoon Retainer, Scouting Tunic, Indomitable Belt, Dellot’s Leggings, Fuzzy Gloves + Scouting Bracers, Rapscallion Boots, Stylish Black Shirt, Dawnblade, Skettis Curved Blade
Sometime during the first half of 2015, I found a pair of Rhinestone Sunglasses on the AH for the surprisingly reasonable price of 500 gold. There’s not much in the way of pink in leather; only the maroon Bard’s set and the mauve Bonechewer set come even close. After contemplating those options, I decided that it would be better just to let the Rhinestone Sunglasses sparkle against a background of sleek black.
We all know that the Exodar is a disco (right?), but Sin’dorei are not exactly welcome there, so I boogied down in the Shattrath Residential District instead.

13) Shadow Fox

Dreghood Cowl, Frostwolf Scout’s Spaulders, Ghost Fox chest gloves & boots, Pyramid Embossed Belt, Shadow-Gorged Legguards, Scavenged Rotor Blade, Rune Sword
This kit was so dark and sneaky-looking that it just didn’t feel complete without the hooded mask.

12) Shado-Pan Assassin

Replica Shado-Pan Helment, Shoulderpads of the Silvermoon Retainer, Scouting Tunic, Ruffian Belt*, Nightslayer Pants, Bandit Gloves, Defiler’s Lizardhide Boots, Black Swashbuckler’s Shirt, Amber Slicer of Klaxxi’ves, Wind Reaver’s Dagger of Quick Strikes
The shirt is an essential component of this outfit because it fills in a gap between the sleeves and the gloves.
The Bandit Belt would be a suitable replacement for the Ruffian Belt.
Why, yes, I did do Klaxxi rep with my Rogue just so that I could have both styles of Mantid trophy dagger to use in this kit.

11) Desert Fox

Red Cartographer’s Armor with Tawnyhide Cape, Rustic Workman’s Shirt, Bangalash’s Claw, and Business Finisher
Kelisanna is the only character other than Kamalia who has completed the entire Harrison Jones questline in Uldum — everyone else has stalled out at Schnottz’s Landing, unable to countenance working for these particular bad guys. As a result, she managed to collect a full set of late-Cataclysm quest reward armor — something very few of my other characters have done, because I don’t usually do much of Twilight Highlands, either.

10) Falcon Watch Lookout

Bonechewer set with Pilgrim’s Belt, Dreadblade, and Rune Sword
Why such an obviously Sin’dorei-styled set is named after a clan of orcs completely baffles me.
I adore the unique mauve color of this chestpiece and leggings.

9) Farstrider Sentry

Cutthroat’s Mantle & Boots, Burnt Leather Vest, Sentinel Girdle, Ghostclaw Leggings, Fletcher’s Gloves, Scarlet Filigreed Shirt
It didn’t take long for Keli to tire of being a punk. I didn’t feel like just putting her back into her default Ninja set, and I hadn’t made her a set with these fancy Ghostlands quest reward pants yet.

8) Hit the Road, Punk

Cutthroat’s Mantle, Grizzly Jerkin, Batskin Belt, Tribal Pants, Nimble Leather Gloves + Plaguehound Armbands, Treads of Banshee Bells
Rogues are very much the punks of Azeroth, delighting in making trouble for everyone else. At first, I thought I’d use the “jeweled hairband” style for a Blood Elf punk, as it looks quite wild and unkempt to me. As I flicked through the stylebook at the Barbershop, however, this super-short hairstyle seemed even more punky — especially in combination with the bright cherry-red haircolor. Goblins and Gnomes really have the best “punk” hairstyles in the game.

7) Ninja III

Cloaked Shoulderpads, Dusky Leather Armor, Ruffian Belt*, Scouting Trousers, Bandit Gloves & Boots, Black Swashbuckler’s Shirt, Balanced Heartseeker, Dazzling Mithril Rapier
Kelisanna got over her dislike of how the Bandit Boots looked on her legs, acquired some new shoulders, and leveled up enough to use the rapier. This will probably be her default outfit from now on, though it will pick up a couple more variations as she levels up enough to use different sneaky-looking hats.
The “stealth stand” pose of most races looks pretty cool, but it’s hard to see and take pictures of because of how “stealth” in WoW is really an invisibility spell. Fortunately, the Red Flying Disc (and Flying Carpet) mounts use the same pose.
See the Druids page for the “Ninja II” variation of this outfit.

6) Gypsy Bandit

Cloaked Shoulderpads, Gypsy tunic & pants, Ruffian Belt*, Bandit gloves & boots
The Bandit or Imposing belts would be good substitutes for the Ruffian Belt.

5) Festival Minstrel

Cutthroat’s Mantle, Gypsy Tunic, Bard’s trousers gloves & boots, Sentinel Girdle, Tranquillien Champion’s Cloak, White Linen Shirt
A Bard’s set variation for the Winter Veil holiday.

4) Blood and Ashes

Cutthroat’s Mantle, Burnt Leather Vest, Ruffian Belt*, Nightscape Pants, Bard’s gloves & boots, Black Swashbuckler’s Shirt, Balanced Heartseeker, Stung
After having spent all that gold to acquire these shoulders for Kelisanna, I definitely wanted to use them in another outfit.
The Bandit Cinch is a suitable replacement for the Ruffian Belt.

3) Deadly Minstrel

Cutthroat’s Mantle, Bard’s set, Batskin Belt, Pink Mageweave Shirt
During October 2012, JD Kenada invited us to join him in observing Breast Cancer Awareness Month by putting together our best pink Transmogrification Template Kits. There isn’t much in the way of pink in leather, so it was fortunate that Kelisanna already had most of the maroon Bard’s set. Acquiring the Cutthroat’s Mantle nearly bankrupted House Dawnstrider, but it is one of the best sets of shoulders to wear with the Bard’s set.

2) Ninja I

Green Tinted Goggles, Stained Shadowcraft Spaulders, Dusky Leather Armor, Ruffian Belt*, Scouting Trousers, Bandit Gloves, Scouting boots, Black Swashbuckler’s Shirt
The Scouting Tunic is a nice enough piece, but the Dusky Leather Armor is a little sexier😉 I’m not sure if the Leatherworking pattern to make the Dusky Leather Armor is still available in the game or not, but Leatherworkers who already have the pattern can certainly still craft it.
I think the Bandit Boots look a little odd on Blood Elves, so Kelisanna’s stuck with the plainer Scouting boots.

1) Light Drinker
[image to be added later]
The Light Drinker set is the gear that a Rogue is shown wearing on the new character selection screen. It is obtained in-game from the Warlords Garrison Salvage Yard.

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In which I have an irresistably silly idea to compile a Transmogrification-friendly outfit for each Class using that Class’s color.

Death Knight Maroon: Tyrant’s Epaulets, Breastplate of the Warbringer, Legguards of the Shattered Hand, Thorium Belt, Bloodforged boots & gloves, Sawbones Shirt

Druid Orange: Warchief Kilt, Scorpashi shoulders, Dokebi tunic belt boots & gloves, Orange Mageweave Shirt

Rogue Yellow: Robust set with Headhunter’s Girdle and Bright Yellow Shirt

Hunter Green: Bog Epaulets, Turtle Scale chest & pants, Der’izu belt boots & gloves, Green Linen Shirt

Mage Cerulean: Lunar Mantle, Robes of the Exalted, Belt of Arcane Storms, Runed Spell-Cuffs, Royal gloves & boots, Cerulean Filigreed Doublet
I tried to stick to items that could be obtained solo, but it was very, very difficult to find a belt that layered well with this robe. The golden Sutarn’s Ring also looks reasonably good.

Shaman Blue: Elements set (soon to be available again as “replica”-quality items from the renovated Darkmoon Faire) with Blue Linen Shirt
Okay, I cheated with this one because Shaman have a wonderful class set that is already in their class color — and, as far as the datamining at WoWhead can tell, the replica items will NOT be class-exclusive!

Warlock Purple: Twilight Cultist Shoulders, Death-Speaker’s Tunic, Darkweave Breeches, High Councillor’s belt, Gloves of the Deadwatcher, Kayser’s Boots of Precision, Rich Purple Silk Shirt

Paladin Pink: Bloodscale set with Commander’s Pauldrons & Pink Mageweave Shirt

Warrior Brown: Brutish set with Rustic Workman’s Shirt

Priest White: Gossamer robe and shoulders, Aurora belt, Sage’s boots, Gandling’s Gloves, Formal White Shirt


And here they are again, arranged by armor type:

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I wanted to see all of the Tier 13 previews before I shared my opinions on it.

The Shaman T13 looks pretty cool, but not so awesome that I can’t wait to begin replacing my T12. I definitely won’t be showing that hat — I’ll probably transmogrify it to something still wolfish, but a little more classy, such as the Headdress of the First Shaman. The wolf-skull shoulders look awesome on the Orc model, but I’m not sure if I’ll like them on Kamalia. I think it might be fun to play a little Transmogrification mix-and-match between the items of T13 and the items of the black Earthfury (T1) recolor from Outland.

Kerisa’s still in T11, and she’d be perfectly happy to skip right over T12 in favor of T13. Again, I’ll be either not showing the hat or transmogrifying it into something more attractive — most likely the Cenarion (T1) antlers because I haven’t got the Malorne (T4) antlers or the Nordrassil (T5) or Nightsong (T8) crowns. The glowing mushrooms on the shoulders are a neat iteration on previous woodsy shoulder designs, and I hope they provide Akabeko’s leatherworkers with a bit of a respite from the trials they’ve had to endure while crafting other recent Druid tier sets.

Of the other T13 sets, the ones that make me wish I had a raiding character of that class are (from least to most desired) the Vestments of Dying Light (Priest), Timelord Regalia (Mage), and Battleplate of Radiant Glory (Paladin). The Vestments of Dying Light are pretty cool in a spooky sort of way. I love the design of the robe, but I think that helm will look bizarre on a long-faced character such as a Tauren or a Worgen. The steampunk stylings of the Timelord Regalia are a refreshing and fun change from the more usual wizardly look of a Mage. I like the quilted detailing on the upper part of the robe and the way the buckled straps at the bottom hint that the kilt could be refashioned into trousers at a moment’s notice for greater mobility. The gold-trimmed silver of the Battleplate of Radiant Glory is the most classically “Paladin”-like look (to my sense of aesthetics) of Cataclysm so far. To me, the feathery details suggest an avenging, defending, mighty seraphim.

For a brief review of my favorite Tier looks for every class, follow the cut: (more…)

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