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Laeleiweyn of World of Lae has kicked off a series of Alt Appreciation weeks to “celebrate all the classes!”

This week, it’s the Shamans‘ turn in the spotlight.

Once upon a time, in early Cataclysm, I thought to myself that if I love Shamans so much, I should do the same thing with Shamans as I have done with Mages, and have a Shaman of each race that can take up that class.

And so to Kamalia the Tauren Shaman, my beloved first and main character, and Keshona the Orc Shaman, rolled in mid-to-late Wrath to re-play the totem quests before they changed, I added Kilauea the Troll Shaman, Kryztalya the Draenei Shaman, Kermione the Goblin Shaman, and Kjerstin the Dwarf Shaman.

I had so very many alts and new alts at that time, though, that I soon started to feel severe alt fatigue. I just didn’t even want to think about leveling so many characters, so I deleted the Troll and the Draenei and the Goblin, along with a number of other characters who I didn’t have any interest in playing anymore. The Orc lasted several months longer, for sentimental reasons — I’d made a story connection between her and my Orc Mage as daughter and mother — but really, her purpose for creation had long been fulfilled. I eventually re-rolled the Troll, as I am rather fond of the concept of a lava-slinging Troll Elemental Shaman named after the great Hawai’ian volcano, but she hasn’t even gotten off the Echo Isles yet. Goblin and Shaman, however, didn’t really gel for me. The Draenei was not my first attempt at a Draenei Shaman; somehow the combination of Draenei and Shaman never quite felt comfortable to me (no offense to my friends who love their Draenei Shaman). I was really excited, though, to play a Dwarf Shaman. That combination of race and class seemed to make a lot of sense to me, especially when the origin of Dwarf Shamans from the Wildhammer clan was explained. So Kjerstin got to stick around.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’d really like to complete the Double Agent achievement someday — and I’d like to do it “the right way”, leveling an Alliance character from the beginning. I’ve decided that I want my max-level Alliance character to be a class & role I’m thoroughly comfortable playing in max-level group content — that is to say, a Resto Shaman. I’m also more interested in Dwarf-related lore than in some of the other Alliance races. Thus, Kjerstin is now outfitted in heirlooms and waiting patiently for me to bring the Double Agent project off the back burner.

I hoped this week to play her at least enough to get from 27 to 30 and pick up dual-spec. Between my internet being disconnected for half the week, leveling with another character for my next Dress Up! post that I haven’t quite finished, and our out-of-the-house plans for tomorrow afternoon & evening, however, it’s not likely to happen. *sigh*

Kamalia remembers dinging 50 in the middle of a Sunken Temple run very vividly because it meant that she finally had enough talent points to get all the way to the bottom of the Resto tree and learn Earth Shield. She was already running dungeons as a healer, though I think BTH might still have been in his short-lived moonkin phase. She’d been running with this wierd self-concocted build with talent points scattered somewhat willy-nilly across all three trees. Once she could get Earth Shield, she went Resto and never looked back — though she was very, very glad when dual-spec arrived and she could now do questing as Elemental. Being a caster comes more naturally to me than being melee does, so for a long time, I wasn’t particularly interested in playing an Enhancement Shaman. In the past year, I’ve decided that I would like to try it, so I switched mini-Kam’s questing spec from Elemental to Enhancement. Now if I could only convince her to get on the boat to Pandaria, then I could actually learn how to use it!

Meanwhile, Kamalia is still collecting Titan Runestones. Her progress has been slow because I’ve only felt like running Pinnacle of Storms in Throne of Thunder and Vale of Eternal Sorrows in Siege of Orgrimmar — and I haven’t been doing them every week, either. Even though each week that passes will make finding a group to do the battling the Celestials part more difficult, I’m struggling to muster up the motivation to LFR. I didn’t run any Throne of Thunder LFR at all until all four wings were open, so perhaps next week, when the last wing of Siege of Orgrimmar opens to LFR, I will start feeling like LFRing again. Part of my lack of motivation to run Siege of Orgrimmar LFR is that I haven’t felt like spending enough time on the Timeless Isle with Kamalia to grind out the 50 Epoch Stones just to get the first Vision in Time quest… and yet I don’t want to go into the Orgrimmar part of Siege without it.

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rolling will saves

Since last Wednesday, when Garrosh was defeated on Normal and the Siege of Orgrimmar ending cinematics were revealed, I must mentally roll a Will Save against the temptation to look at the spoilers every time I visit WoW Insider or check my blogroll. So far, I have been successful, but will I be able to hold out until the final wing of Siege of Orgrimmar opens for LFR on 22 October, over a month away? Perhaps BTH’s guild will defeat Garrosh before then, and I can watch the cinematic over his shoulder…?

I finally got around to taking Kamalia to the Proving Grounds on Saturday evening. I quickly discovered that I am not as 1337 a healer as I thought I was. I knew I had gotten sloppy raiding only in LFR, but even Bronze mode was more challenging than I’d expected — I was under 20% mana by the time it ended. I passed Silver mode by the skin of my teeth, drained dry of mana and desperately weaving Telluric Currents-enhanced Lightning Bolts with Healing Waves. By the fourth or fifth wave of Gold mode, I was already ooming, and as desperately as I tried, I could not keep both the tank and the standing-in-fire hunter alive. I am going to have to study up on How To Resto Shaman and keep an eye on Vixsin and Lodur to see if they write Resto-Shaman-specific guides to the Proving Grounds. To give myself something to work toward between when I decided Kam is finished with Siege of Orgrimmar and the next expansion, I had been contemplating setting a goal of getting the Gold certificate at the Proving grounds with all of my healers; after seeing just how difficult Gold mode is, perhaps it would be less frustrating to collect Silvers on all of them before I go for Golds on any of them.

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Since my first unsuccessful attempt at the Thunder Forge scenario about a month ago, Kamalia has been doing very little while I have focused on my alts. It turns out that I can really only handle doing LFR with one character at a time; with Kamalia stalled on her Legendary questline progress and time running out for T15 to be current content, I have been doing Throne of Thunder LFR with my Warrior, Keija.

Keija’s done decently well for herself. Her DPS is bottom of the barrel, around 55K on most boss fights, but she hasn’t been booted for it yet. She won both the head and shoulder tokens from her very first run through Pinnacle of Storms. These are actually the two T15 pieces I was least interested in, and I have been spending my coins futiley on the remaining tier token bosses. Keija has also picked up Lei Shen’s 2H axe, Malakk’s 2H sword, and Lei Shen’s awesome hat.

Meanwhile, Kamalia went to the Isle of Thunder to do the dailies once a week, mostly to find a golden treasure box and do the loot run. After she killed Metal Lord Mono-Han, there whelpling!Wrathion would be, loitering by the stairs up to the Thunder Forge, so she would stop and switch specs and make one attempt at the Thunder Forge scenario.

Today, I ate some Mogu Fish Stew and drank a Flask of the Warm Sun before starting the scenario. I dropped my Fire Elemental totem and popped Bloodlust as soon as the Sha Amalgamation spawned. I also kept Flame Shock rolling on the boss and kept Searing Totem down after the fire elemental’s time was up. I remembered to use Spiritwalker’s Grace during at least one of the kiting phases. This time, I got the boss down to 67% before the anvil clock ran out and I died. After I rezzed, I ate buff food again, and I was glad that my CDs had reset. On the second try, I kept my two meager DPS dots up more consistently and got the boss down to 32% before I ran out of anvils. Now, with my heart pounding, I tried one more time. I used Ascension on the pull this time to get the Celestial Defender healed up to full as fast as I could. The boss was down to just above 20% when I had to use the last anvil, but Fire Elemental Totem and Bloodlust were back off CD, so I popped both of those again and then the Lightning Lance spawned. I frantically looked around for it, grabbed it, hurled it — and then it was over. I won!!!

What a relief! I was starting to feel a bit depressed about being stuck at this stage of the Legendary questline, starting to feel bad about myself as a player for giving up on it. I do want my Legendary cloak, I do!

Now I have to do the Nalak part. As much as I’ve appreciated being invited to Nalak raids by Rades, I lag so horribly when I do Nalak with TTGF that I’d probably be a lot better off going with BTH’s guild the next time they decide to kill Nalak.

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Bluebird of Happiness

Raven-Heart Headdress, Hide of Chromaggus, Polar Vest & Boots, Clefthoof belt, Stormrider’s leggings & gloves (N), Cloak of Cheerful Flowers
Kerisa longed for the Druid T11 shoulders from the first moment she saw them in early Cataclysm. I was too slow in getting her leveled and geared to raid, however, and she only saw the T11 shoulder token drop once before Firelands debuted. At that time, she passed on the token in deference to the Resto Druid leader of my guild’s alt run, saying that the raid leader deserved it more. Later, I selfishly wished I’d rolled on it normally. During Cataclysm, the BoE lookalike shoulders occasionally showed up on the AH, but I never felt like I could afford them. After Mists began, it was several months before I saw the BoE shoulders on the AH again — at which point I snapped them up just as fast as I could. Now, Kerisa is jumping for joy to finally, finally have these gorgeous shoulders.

Gossamer Moonlight

Gossamer Headpiece & shoulders, Mooncloth Robe, Sage’s belt & gloves, Dryad’s Wrist Bindings, Durak’s Wand, Dreamseeker Dandelion, White Swashbuckler’s Shirt
Kaohana was quite excited to finally have reached the appropriate character and Tailoring skill levels to craft and wear this beautiful robe.

Ow Mon, Me Eyes!

Crown of Flame (Normal), Skom Spaulders, Formidable chestpiece, Stormleather Sash, Felstone Leggings, Sundered gauntlets & boots, Amun-Thoth, Sul’s Spiritrending Talons (LFR), Eye of the Ancient Spirit (LFR)
This kit went through a few iterations before reaching its present eye-dazzling perfection. The first used the shield with Carapace Breaker in an outfit featuring just cyan and magenta tones. The second used the fist weapon with the Enamelled Disc of Mojo/Loa-Binder Disc and just cyan and orange tones. Presently, I thought to pair the Throne of Thunder fist weapon with the Mogu’shan Vaults shield and voila! The cyan, magenta, and orange are quite the blinding combination!

Dark Sunreaver Juggernaut

Great General’s Crown, Shoulderguards of Empty Memory, Druidic Guardian Plate, Goblin Girdle, Legguards of the Shattered Hand, Embercrusher Grips, Deathseed Crushers, Greatsword of the Sin’dorei, Sunreaver Onslaught Tabard, Red Workman’s Shirt
As Keija was questing through Hyjal, it occurred to me that the set she was collecting would coordinate rather nicely with the Sunreaver tabard. So I hung onto it, and, indeed, it did, mostly. The quest reward belt didn’t work very well with the tabard, but the Goblin Girdle which did go with the tabard didn’t go with the rest of the quest reward set. So I switched out the pants, too, and I think the result looks great with the tabard and decent without it.
This outfit is the “Dark” Sunreaver Juggernaut because I have a “Bright” Sunreaver Juggernaut planned for later.

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Last week’s LFR was really quite successful: I picked up Kamalia’s last four Secrets of the First Empire in just two wings of Throne of Thunder, and Keija went to Mogu’shan Vaults and nobody called her out for having horrible DPS (I still haven’t gotten around to reinstalling a meter) and Starshatter dropped!

Kamalia dutifully trotted over to the Tavern in the Mists to meet with Wrathion, then went to the Isle of Thunder. The first stages of the Thunder Forge scenario were pretty easy. I was delighted that the Shado-Pan NPCs showed up on my Grid as soon as they appeared, so that I could heal them just as if they were players. Then that final boss appeared and I just couldn’t do it. I could keep the Celestial Defender alive, but it barely tickled the boss. If I tried to damage and heal, I ran myself OOM very quickly. After three or four deaths in Resto — with the Spirit Healer resurrecting me while the Celestial Defender was still fighting the boss — I tried switching to Elemental as soon as I rezzed. Now I could do more damage, but it was harder to stay alive (especially during that accursed Meteor Swarm phase) and I wasn’t doing enough damage to keep ahead of the anvil clock. I don’t think I got that boss down to even 50%, on my best attempt. I only use my Elemental spec for doing dailies, so I haven’t at all mastered its CD usage nuances. I died and I died and I died and I died. Finally I gave up and started the scenario over from the beginning, this time in Elemental from the start. That was even worse — the first stages were more difficult, and I failed in the penultimate stage because I let the Celestial Blacksmith die.

I guess I should go see if I can find some Shaman-specific strategies for the Thunder Forge scenario. Ideally, one for Resto, because my Resto gear and skills are always in better condition than my Elemental gear and skills.

For awhile, I thought perhaps the 6K valor points would be the stage of the Legendary questline that stalled me. Then, for a little bit, I was having such terrible luck with Secrets of the Empire drops in LFR that I thought that might be the stage that stopped me. This Thunder Forge scenario, though… it just might be the thing that really washes me out of the program…

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A couple of pictures that I drew around the beginning of Cataclysm.

The clothes these shaman are wearing are modeled after the apparel of the Shaman trainers in each of the starting zones. Once, each of the women in this picture was a character on my roster. Aside from Kamalia, only the dwarf and the orc remain — and the orc’s existence is somewhat tenuous.

Hey, look, it’s the curly-haired tauren! The night elf used to be on my roster, too, but, like most of the shamans, she didn’t survive the pruning I did last summer.

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Recently, WoW Insider’s “Around Azeroth” screenshot column published a picture that was cute, though not particularly amusing, but something about it caught my eye and made me come back for a second look. What captured my attention was Elixr of Mal’Ganis‘s wonderful Transmogrification kit. Even better, I quickly realized that I already had most of the key items to replicate the look in my inventory! Naturally, therefore, I had to do it….

Grunt’s Pauldrons, Nexus-Strider breastplate & gloves, Renegade Belt, Heroes’ Earthshatter Kilt, Carapace Breaker, Zom’s Crackling Bulwark
The kilt is a Shaman T7 item, but a very similar effect could be made by substituting the T6-lookalike Frozen Forest Kilt.
(the Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat is not actually part of the set, just a prop for the picture)

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