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The illustration for the new “Lock and Load” card in the upcoming Grand Tournament expansion for Hearthstone (the sixth one in the Blizzard Watch gallery after the opening “Coldarra Drake”) sure looks like a Gnome dual-wielding pistols to me.

Gnomes can’t currently be Hunters, nor can Hunters dual-wield pistols. Is this a hint about something we can expect to see in World of Warcraft‘s next expansion? Or is it merely Rule Of Cool flavor art just for Hearthstone?

I wish it were the former, but it’s probably the latter. sigh

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The last time Kamalia went trapping for her Barn, this happened totally involuntarily after she hearthed back Frostwall…

Kaylynda built a Barn so that she could have a reliable supply of fur for her Tailoring Emporium to make clothes for her. She hearthed back to Lunarfall after her very first trapping expedition*, and look what happened!

When does that Post-Trappulation Syndrome support group meet, again?

* I much prefer Farmer Lok’lub’s dialog to Homer and Tommy Joe Stonefield’s hick routine. If Tommy Joe really hasn’t had a bath since before the Cataclysm, and he really is as dumb as the trapping dialogs make him out to be, I feel very sorry indeed for Maybell…

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The Field Photographer achievement requires characters to visit the Maelstrom in Dragon Soul and the Frozen Throne in Icecrown Citadel. I’m sure there are folks out there who are skilled enough to solo their way to those places, but I sure am not!
We ought to hit up the Terrace of Endless Spring (and Blackwing Descent and Naxxramas), too, because I’ve heard that there are Music Rolls to be found in there…

What do you think? When might be a good time for it? I’ve got RL events on Saturday evenings for the next few weeks, but what about Friday the 27th?

Tauren selfies look so silly! Especially when I’m trying to get Pepe into the shot, too😛

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A couple of months ago, I was excited to learn that there would be a new vendor at the Darkmoon Faire selling RP-quality Gilnean garb. I, along with others, was disappointed to find out that purchasing the new clothing is gender-restricted — female characters can only buy the “Noblewoman’s” clothing, whereas male characters can only buy the “Nobleman’s” clothing.

When I saw the Transmorphic Tincture in the list of potions my Alchemist could learn from her Garrison Profession hut, I wondered if perhaps Chester could be fooled…

female-to-male Transmorphic Tincture

male-to-female Transmorphic Tincture

Yep, Chester can be fooled, alright.

I discovered, alas, that the coloration of the Nobleperson’s clothing is gender-specific.

Nobleman’s Coat & Pantaloons

Noblewoman’s Finery & Skirt

But what if that fancy black coat is what I want a female banker to be able to wear? Argh!

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Earlier this evening, JD Kenada & his Missus and I put on our Gaudy Winter Veil Sweaters and went caroling to some old bosses.

First, we burned up the Sunwell with some Alliance characters:

Next, we blew out the Four Winds with some Horde characters:

Thinking about what to do next, as the night was still young, I suggested that we try Dragon Soul for a chance at the Blazing Drake for Awake the Drakes. Everything fell right over until we got to Spine… and then we were the ones falling over! We wiped and wiped and wiped — making incremental progress each time — just like it was current content progression raiding. Eventually, though, we hit the wall of one wipe too many and called it a night. Ah well, maybe some other day.

Thanks for a fun evening, JD!

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BTH and I sat down to play together yesterday evening and only got a few quests into the Tanaan Jungle sequence before he lagged out and could neither properly log out nor do anything. My screen soon showed him as disconnected, whereas on his screen, he could still run all around — he just couldn’t interact with anything. While we were waiting for this situation to resolve, I looked around and noticed that a nearby NPC had the sort of funny name that I would normally associate with a player character. When I looked at the NPC, he had funny armor, too — it was a male Tauren Warrior named “Etubrute” decked out in the full Amani kit. So I had a look all around the steps of the Dark Portal, and everywhere I found pseudo-player character NPCs.

When I saw this guy, I just had to chuckle!

BTH did eventually get back into the game, and we were able to finish Tanaan, establish our Garrisons, take Bladespire Hold for the Frostwolves, and ding 91 before we logged off at about half-past midnight.

Here are all the pseudo-player NPCs I found in the battle at the Dark Portal: (more…)

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As it happens, I am giving exams — in both of my courses — on the weekend that Warlords of Draenor releases. The exams will be in the Testing Center, however, so I won’t pick them up to begin grading them until Monday or Tuesday. Of course, I will still have quizzes & lab reports to grade and lecture notes & handouts for the next unit to prepare…

I’m glad that I pushed myself to get the Warlock and the Rogue leveled to 90 during June and the first part of July, before I moved. I’ve been so busy these past few weeks with househunting and unpacking and trying to get ready for the semester to start —

Yup, Illidan, you got that right, buddy.
— anyhow, as I was saying — that I have barely had any time for WoW.

Thus, I’ve cut my “to do list” down to just these few objectives that I think are still achievable within the next thirteen weeks, even with my severely limited playtime:

Get shinies for Transmogrification from Mists LFR with each of the healing classes: Shaman, Paladin, Priest, Druid (in progress), Monk (in progress)
Get Shado-Pan Helmets and make Shado-Pan Transmogrification kits for Warlock and Rogue (currently 6K/21K Revered)
Farm Skyshards and capture Alani (7/10)

This week, I have been drowning in faculty meetings… must… not… install… Hearthstone… on… department… iPad-mini…

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