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Revendreth was a nasty place. Kaelinda hated the things that she had been asked to do by Sire Denathrius and his courtiers. Even as those repugnant actions added to her own sinstone, she fervently hoped that her life in total had not been and would not become so overwhelmingly vile that, when the Spirit Healer (whom she now knew to be a Kyrian Watcher) at last said to her “go on” instead of “go back”, the Arbiter would send her soul here.

Indeed, of the four — no, five — realms of the Shadowlands that she had seen, Kaelinda did not particularly want her soul to be assigned to any of them. Hadn’t Tal-Inara said that there were “infinite afterlives”? Surely somewhere there was another realm that would be a more appropriate place for her soul.

Things got better after she finally managed to fall in with the rebels that she’d been hearing about from the beginning of her travels through the realm. The situation in Revendreth, and Prince Renathal’s rebellion, reminded her, in certain aspects, superficially, of various situations she’d encountered before. The Scryers in Outland. The flightless Arakkoa in Spires of Arak. The Nightfallen of Suramar.

Though none of the four realms felt like a place where she truly belonged, nonetheless she had to choose one of the four Covenants to pledge herself to. After reviewing the options, she felt like she had the most to give — that her skills and experience were best suited — to assisting the Venthyr.

Furthermore, she had heard rumors that Prince Kael’thas’s soul had been assigned to Revendreth, and she was keenly interested to find out, if she could, his fate. Though of the three options — redeemed and returned to the Arbiter for reassignment to another realm of the Shadowlands, redeemed and become one of the Venthyr, or unredeemed and consigned to the Maw — she was not sure which she wanted it to be.


I was doing the side quests for each area before I accepted the main story quest to move along to the next area, and so I dinged noveau-60 partway through the third chapter of the main story.

I died a lot in Revendreth. I had a stack of about 20 Legion augment runes sitting in my bags and I went through all of them.

I will probably end up doing LFR of Castle Nathria with Kaelinda at least once at some point during the expansion, just to close out the Venthyr story properly — and for the skybox changes that occur after defeating certain of its bosses. After looking at the quartermasters, though, I see that the Castle Nathria weapons are simply recolors of the Covenant weapon models available by other means — which means that I don’t need to go chasing the Castle Nathria weapon tokens.

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Kaurinka felt like she already knew Ardenweald. One winter when she was an adolescent, she had gotten pneumonia and nearly died. She remembered little of her illness, except that it had seemed that while her body lay delirious in her tribe’s longhouse, her spirit had wandered freely over the dark, snowy landscape around the camp. Out of the corners of her eyes, she’d caught glimpses of towering, sigil-scribed trees with swirling, starry canopies, and underneath them, smaller trees, or maybe bushes, laden with glowing blue globes — but when she turned to try to look at them straight on, she saw only the normal, familiar trees. What was that place?, she had wondered many times during all the years that had followed. And now, here she was. If I had managed to find that place, and walk between those trees, she realized, I would have died.


I felt much weaker in Ardenweald than I had in Bastion or Maldraxxus. Enemies were harder to kill and took off more of my health in the process. I was using Regrowth more-or-less rotationally just to stay alive, which makes me rather worried for the survivability of my other characters.

Although I did a couple of side quests in Bastion with both Kaelinda and Kaurinka, I ignored side quests entirely in Maldraxxus. I wanted to know the whole story of Ardenweald with Kaurinka, so she did all the side quests. In the process, I discovered that for each zone, there’s one Achievement for completing the main storyline of the zone and another Achievement for doing all of the side quests* — and that both Achievements are required for each zone to complete the Loremaster meta-Achievement. Unlike Legion and Battle for Azeroth, side quests are not optional for Loremaster**! Fortunately, Loremaster is an account-wide meta-Achievement, so I can continue with my original plan of having the character who will pledge to the Covenant of each zone do its side quests — Keliora will do all the side quests of Bastion, Kalaneia will do all the side quests of Maldraxxus, and Kaelinda will do all the side quests of Revendreth — while all the others just barrel through the main questline.

Between the Rest that I accumulated last week and doing all the side quests, Kaurinka was 58% through level 59 when she finished the main zone storyline. She’ll now slumber in Ardenweald until Kaelinda has activated Threads of Fate, then use Threads of Fate to select the Night Fae as her Covenant and level the remainder of the way to 60.

Lorewise, Ardenweald delivered on the themes of heartbreaking loss and sacrifice promised by its Afterlives short. (more…)

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the fifth Horseman

I was supposed to be assembling an OChem exam tonight, but this idea for a short story grabbed my mind and wouldn’t let go.

This story is inspired by the “We Ride Forth” short story from Blizzard, the events of the introductory Shadowlands sequence in the Maw, and the further events that occur in the Maw as part of the Maldraxxus leveling storyline.

Spoilers for We Ride Forth, so if you haven’t read it yet, go do that before reading this story. (more…)

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Maldraxxus was a monstrous landscape that Kaelinda was anxious to escape as soon she could complete her mission from the Overseers to discover the cause of the Maldraxxi invasion of Bastion.

She was unexpectedly… what was the right word? charmed, perhaps? by some of the personalities she met there. Gruff Bonesmith Heirmir. Poor mad Plague Deviser Marileth! (But would he have been quite so likeable before the fall of his House and the breaking of his mind?) Bold Secutor Mevix. Baroness Draka — and those other two high-ranking Azerothian souls. The superb voice acting was what really won me over about all of these characters.

Being in Maldraxxus made Kaelinda feel powerful, and like she came from a World that is Powerful, in a way that she didn’t feel while in Bastion. Indeed, Azeroth is a Powerful World! It was her people (with some help from the peoples of Argus and Draenor, to be sure) who stopped the Burning Legion from destroying their world and defeated Sargeras! It was her people who have turned back multiple Old Gods from claiming their world for the Void! But ah, beware the Sha of Pride! Nonetheless, being Maldraxxi isn’t quite the thing for Kaelinda — but it will definitely be the thing for Kalaneia.

I liked that Maldraxxus wasn’t as linear as Bastion. After the first two chapters, three of the remaining chapters unlocked simultaneously, and I could pursue them in any order I wished. That will make it more interesting to replay.

I was surprised — and very pleased — to discover a follow-up to the ending of the Bastion storyline; I’m not sure why that surprised me, but it did. Probably because it has been a long, long time since zone storylines were intertwined in such a way. Maybe because this particular questline seemed to be an even more thorough integration of leveling storylines between two zones than I can remember happening ever before (though of course there is much I have forgotten about the storylines of past expansions). I’d been planning to have Keliora do all of Bastion before turning on Threads of Fate; now I think I’ll take her through the first two chapters of Maldraxxus, then that specific chapter, too.

By the time I got to the fourth or fifth chapter, I was wondering what the connection between Maldraxxus and Ardenweald was going to be… (more…)

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Kaurinka’s journey through Bastion went faster than Kaelinda’s — I did fewer of the side quests, and I now knew that the main questline would only uncover two-thirds (or maybe only half?) of the map. Watching how slowly the map was being revealed the first time through made that journey feel slower than it really was, because I was thinking I’d have to do enough questing to reveal the whole thing. I can probably expect something similar in the other three zones.

Kaurinka also paid closer attention during the initial orientation, and she ultimately came through Bastion with a rather more favorable opinion of the Kyrian than Kaelinda did. Sophone and Mikanikos are still my favorites; I’m finding that I rather like Pelagos; and Kleia, though I still think she has an annoying holier-than-thou attitude, is growing on me. It occurred to me this afternoon that the vocal tone of many Kyrian NPCs, especially the higher-ranking ones, reminds me of the vocal tone that I shift into when I am trying very, very, very hard to not lose my temper with my three-year-old…

I briefly toyed with the idea of bringing Kalaneia, Keliora, and Kaelya (Kaylynda will stay behind until I’ve decided which Covenant will be the best fit for her) through the Maw and through Bastion before sending anyone through Maldraxxus — leveling all my alts in parallel rather than in series. Realistically speaking, however, that would just get me thoroughly burned out on Bastion. For now, Kaelinda and Kaurinka will keep playing leapfrog.

A neat thing that I discovered from playing through Bastion with two characters with different previous questing history is that a certain Legion NPC who dies heroically and traumatically and ends up in Bastion says different things to you depending on whether you completed their zone or not… (more…)

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Having gone through the Maw a couple of times, I’m now wanting to level Kregga up to 50, dress her up in a good Ebon Blade kit, and send her into the Maw. She’d follow the questline up to the point where Anduin has been rescued and we’ve found out about the Waystone… and then I’d leave her there in the Forlorn Respite, with Highlord Mograine and the rest of the Ebon Blade, until the expansion storyline progresses enough to allow us to rescue them. The Highlords — Mograine and Fordragon, both — need your strength, Deathlord.
No, self, no, that side project needs to wait until I’ve got at least one level 60…

After escaping the Maw with Kaelinda, I decided to continue with her into Bastion instead of switching over to Kaurinka.

It felt like it took a long time to get through Bastion. I didn’t just barrel straight through the main story, though, but did some of the side quests, too. But then, the first time through any zone at the beginning of an expansion, when I’m doing a full playthrough, always seems to take a long time.

Now I need to decide whether to keep going onward to Maldraxxus with Kaelinda, or let her rest while I bring Kaurinka up through Bastion. I definitely want Kaurinka to be first to go through Ardenweald.

Bastion is definitely not the place for Kaelinda — or for any of my other longtime characters. Even my Priest and Paladin would be better suited for whatever plane of the Shadowlands is the domain of the Earthmother — the place where I hope Cairne and his wife are — than for Bastion. And that is, after all, why I created & Boosted a brand-new character (Keliora) specifically for Bastion…

story commentary follows below the screenshot and the cut; skip if you’re going even slower than me and haven’t finished Bastion yet yourself


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Shadowlands is worth getting just for all the wonderful new customization options!
Here’s how the appearances of my Human characters changed.


Kaylynda (Primary Alt; toon name on server)

skin tone 4; face 6; hair style 18; hair color 4; eyebrows 6; face shape 3; eye color 14
Kaylynda appeared mid-Warlords when I decided that I wanted to have my Human Mage be an Alliance doppelganger for my Blood Elf Mage — and also a closer avatar of myself. She is several years older than Kinevra. She’s originally from Redridge Mountains. She was at Theramore during the time that Kaelinda was there, in Human disguise, during which time the two became firm enough friends for the friendship to survive the reveal of Kaelinda’s actual identity. She was not at Theramore during the events of Tides of War, however, because she had already moved on to another project or assignment.

Kinevra (Alter-Ego)

skin tone 3; face 9; hair style 4; hair color 6; eyebrows 7; face shape 1; eye color 17
Kinevra was my Human Mage’s original name & appearance. She was born in Westfall; after the great drought that occurred when she was still a small child, her family moved to Stormwind and from there followed Jaina Proudmoore to Kalimdor and the founding of Theramore. After growing up in Theramore, she escaped the mana-bomb by virtue of having been assigned, despite her youth, as a guardian mage to the ship taking Theramore children and families to safety in Gadgetzan (see Tides of War p 173). She had an enormous crush on Prince Anduin for many years. Because of her Theramore history and strong loyalty to Jaina Proudmoore, Kinevra returned as my primary Human Mage identity for Battle for Azeroth, though I didn’t officially change the toon’s name back.

Kimorene (Alter-Ego)

skin tone 12; face 19; hair style 27; hair color 11; eyebrows 11; face shape 2; eye color 5
This character was originally a Priest alt who was dismissed during an alt-fatigue pruning episode. I liked her appearance enough that I later revived her as a Mage Alter-Ego. Originally from Tirisfal Glades, she traveled to Southshore to see her oldest son Robert’s new baby just before the Plague hit. As soon as the first news of the Plague came to Southshore, Robbie put everyone on his fishing boat and they sailed across Baradin Bay to Menethil Harbor, arriving before that town closed its port. Later, they moved to Stormwind.
(I forgot to do the piercings when I updated the rest of the appearance, but they are still intended to be part of her look!)

Kimmellyn (Alter-Ego)

skin tone 11; face 22; hair style 30; hair color 12; eyebrows 11; face shape 2; eye color 3
Kimorene’s youngest daughter, who traveled with her mother to Southshore to see her brother Robbie’s new baby and thus became the only other member of her family to escape the Plague.
(I forgot to do the piercings when I updated the rest of the appearance, but they are still intended to be part of her look!)


Kerithian (Primary Alt; toon name on server)

skin tone 3; face 7; hair style 8; hair color 8; eyebrows 1; ears 1; eye color 1; markings 10; markings color 6; earrings 2
Kerithian is the granddaughter of my Night Elf Mage, Keriluna. She is about a millennium and a half old. She didn’t care much for Teldrassil itself, but was horrified and furious over the loss of her people.

Kivrin (Alter-Ego)

skin tone 2; face 9; hair style 20; hair color 4; vine color 3; eyebrows 1; ears 3; eye color 1; markings 3; markings color 3; headdress 2
A decade ago, when I was first beginning my journey in Azeroth, after creating our Tauren Shaman & Druid and playing with them for awhile, BTH and I thought it might be fun to create a pair of Alliance characters, too. We decided to make Super Stealth Buddies: he made a male Night Elf Rogue, and I made a female Night Elf Druid named Kivrin. We didn’t have as much fun with our Night Elves as we did with our Tauren, however, and eventually Kivrin got pruned from my growing alt roster.
Kivrin returned in Battle for Azeroth as a Feral-specced Alter-Ego of Kerithian. The original Kivrin had the “Short Tail” hairstyle (6) and this color. She also had the “shadow” tattoo style that Kerithian now wears, but to further differentiate the two characters (because I initially kept the skin tone and face the same), I changed her tattoo style to the “blades” design that matches the markings on the face of the Night Elf Cat Form.
With the numbers to help me keep track, I’ve now changed Kivrin’s skin tone and face to be different from Kerithian’s.

Kivrin-Night Warrior (Alter-Ego)

skin tone 13; face 9; hair style 20; hair color 16; eyebrows 1; ears 3; eye color 10; markings 3; markings color 1; headdress 2
Kerithian didn’t love Teldrassil enough to be affected by the splash from Tyrande’s transformation into the Night Warrior, but Kivrin did.


If in the future I make changes to any other characters’ appearances, I will add their before-and-after looks to this post, below.

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Shadowlands is worth getting just for all the wonderful new customization options!
Here’s how the appearances of my Tauren characters changed.

Most of the changes are small and subtle — just eye color, or the addition of jewelry.



skin color 4; face 4; horn style 4; horn color 2; foremane 1; hair 2; eye color 2; headdress 2; earrings 5; necklace 3
My very first and best beloved character; my main until midway through Battle for Azeroth. Eldest of her siblings. Recently married to a Highmountain Tauren Shaman who is one of Jale Rivermane’s sons.


Kerisa (Primary Alt; toon name on server)

skin color 8; face 4; horn style 2; horn color 2; foremane 1; hair 4; eye color 2; necklace 4

Second child in Kamalia’s family. Married her childhood sweetheart after the conclusion of the Icecrown Citadel campaign. Her first child, a daughter, was born during the first year of Cataclysm. Her second child, a son, was born during the first year of Battle for Azeroth.

Kaiuna (Alter-Ego)

skin color 12; face 1; horn style 8; horn color 1; foremane 3; hair 2; eye color 4; earrings 4

This character was originally a “melee Druid” to complement Kerisa being a “caster Druid”. I dismissed the alt when Leigon eliminated spec restrictions, but kept her appearance as an Alter-Ego for Feral, Guardian, and white-themed Transmogrifications. In her RP-description, she has an extremely rare curly coat allele and has long ringlets instead of the long braids.

Kaurinka (new Alter-Ego)

skin color 13; face 3; horn style 18; horn color 3; foremane 3; hair 10; eye color 5; body paint 2; paint color 6

This is the character who will be going to the Shadowlands, to avoid traumatizing Kerisa’s young family. Her name is derived from “aurinko”, a Finnish word meaning “sun/sunlight” — an appropriate name for a sun-coloured Balance Druid!

Kessina (new Alter-Ego)

skin color 3; face 4; horn style 7; horn color 2; foremane 3; hair 6; eye color 7; earrings 3

This is what Kerisa’s daughter will look like when she is all grown up. She is named after the Shrine of Aessina, where she was born. While spending some of the formative years of her childhood in the Broken Isles, she became quite enchanted by the Owlcats.


Ketura (Primary Alt; toon name on server)

skin color 9; face 4; horn style 1; horn color 2; foremane 1; hair 3; eye color 2; necklace 4
Third child in Kamalia’s family. Takes strongly after her mother. Fascinated by Trolls and their cultures. Has collected many pets, especially cats and raptors, but continues to prefer the Mulgore Mountain Lion that was her first solo tame.

Kawneiha (Alter-Ego)

skin color 9; face 4; horn style 1; horn color 2; foremane 1; hair 3; eye color 2; headdress 3; necklace 4
Mother of Kamalia, Kerisa, Ketura, Keija, Karaelia, and Kaohana; wife of Kehontah. She uses the title “Elder” and wears a Gold Wedding Band and a Flawless Diamond Solitaire.



skin color 6; face 4; horn style 6; horn color 2; foremane 1; hair 5; eye color 1; earrings 4; necklace 2
Fourth child in Kamalia’s family. Before going out adventuring, she served for several years as a Bluffwatcher, then an Honor Guard, in Thunder Bluff to support her parents during the childhood of the twins. First of her siblings to get married (to a fellow Bluffwatcher), but still childless by choice.


Kregga (Primary Alt; toon name on server)

skin color 1; face 2; horn style 9; horn color 3; foremane 1; hair 7; eye color n/a
A former member of the Grimtotem tribe, she was sent with several others to infiltrate the Cult of the Damned at Scholomance. After breaking free of the Lich King’s control at the Battle of Light’s Hope, she felt betrayed by Magatha and renounced her Grimtotem origins. Kamalia provided spiritual mentorship as she struggled to regain mental and emotional stability in the first years after regaining her free will.

Kaiopeqa (Alter-Ego)

skin color 7; face 2; horn style 13; horn color 1; foremane 2; hair 1; eye color n/a; earrings 2
Originally a Warrior of the Kalimdor tribe named “Highmountain”; a secondary Warrior alt with whom I was experimenting with tanking. I dismissed that alt when Legion did away with spec limitations. After her untimely death during an early battle on the Broken Shore, she was raised as a Death Knight by Kregga to be “the Deathlord’s Understudy”.



skin color 15; face 1; horn style 14; horn color 3; foremane 3; hair 14; eye color n/a
Kaumaleia, otherwise known as “the Underpowered Death Knight”, primarily exists so I can have a blue and white Tauren. Occasionally, she uses the other DK-exclusive skin colors. In her RP-description, she is a Taunka of the Winterhoof tribe.



skin color 11; face 4; horn style 3; horn color 2; foremane 1; hair 4; eye color 5
Elder of the twins borne late in life by Kawneiha. The difficulty of the pregnancy, birth, and infancy left a lasting psychological effect on the twins, causing them to turn toward the new teachings of the Sunwalkers and Seers when they came of age just before the Cataclysm. Being more inclined toward physical action, she chose the path of the Paladin. Did her early leveling as a tank in LFG, then switched to healing for raiding in Mists. Currently favors Protection as an open-world questing spec, but she hasn’t tanked for a group in ages.


Kaohana (Primary Alt; toon name on server)

skin color 10; face 4; horn style 5; horn color 2; foremane 1; hair 3; eye color 7
Younger of the twins borne late in life by Kawneiha. The difficulty of the pregnancy, birth, and infancy left a lasting psychological effect on the twins, causing them to turn toward the new teachings of the Sunwalkers and Seers when they came of age just before the Cataclysm. Being more inclined toward thoughtful study, she chose the path of the Priest. Recognizing the need for balance between Light and Shadow, she considers Discipline to be her DPS spec; she occasionally switches to Holy for LFG/LFR.

Kazithra (Alter-Ego)

skin color 1; face 2; horn style 10; horn color 1; foremane 1; hair 2; eye color 3; face paint 2; earrings 2; body paint 3; paint color 2
Kazithra is Kregga’s mother; she defected from the Grimtotem tribe in the aftermath of the Grimtotem attack on Thunder Bluff following Cairne’s death in the rigged mak’gora against Garrosh Hellscream. She originally existed as a separate alt in late Mists and Warlords, which was a time when I thought that the semi-transparent Glyphed appearance of Shadowform looked really cool. Then Legion changed both the appearance of Shadowform and the lore of Shadow Priests in ways that I didn’t like. I lost interest in playing a Shadow Priest to experience the spec itself and dismissed the alt. During Legion, however, Artifact weapons restricted Transmogrification possibilities, and I discovered that sometimes I still wanted my Priest to be Shadow-specced so that I could make a dagger + off-hand Transmogrification kit.


Katewatha (Primary Alt; toon name on server)

skin color 2; face 1; horn style 15; horn color 1; foremane 1; hair 5; eye color 6; body paint 4; paint color 3
Kate is obsessed with all things Pandaren; although I use this hair style for her in-game, in her RP-description she uses the Pandaren “Twin Loops” hair style (Pandaren hair style #14).

Kaobeka (Alter-Ego)

skin color 7; face 1; horn style 20; horn color 3; foremane 3; hair 1; eye color 4; earrings 2; nose ring 4
This character began her existence as “Koralyra the Pet-Battling Monk”; I later renamed her “Kaobeka” as an homage anagram of Akabeko of Red Cow Rise. In her RP-description, she is a Yaungol who abandoned her clan to join the Horde.



skin color 3; face 3; hair 4; eye color 1; horn style 5; body paint 3; paint color 2

My Highmountain Tauren had to be a Druid to be able to use all the Highmountain versions of the Druid shapeshift forms!



skin color 6; face 5; horn style 2; horn color 2; foremane 1; hair 10; facial hair 10; eye color 5
Father of Kamalia and her sisters; husband of Kawneiha. He uses the title “Elder” and wears a Gold Wedding Band.

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Shadowlands is worth getting just for all the wonderful new customization options!
Here’s how the appearances of my Eversong Elves characters changed.

Although I’m glad that the ear length options exist for the people who will be delighted to use them, I will not be changing any of my existing characters’ ears. To me, the extra-long ears are a significant aspect of how a Blizzard elf is distinctive from how other fantasy IPs envision elves.

The new jewelry options — necklaces, armbands, and bracelets — are lovely. Rather than use them to permanently change any of my characters’ appearances, however, I’ll be using them on a situational basis as finishing touch accessories for outfits.


Kaelinda (Primary Alt; toon name on server)

skin color 3; face 8; hair style 8; hair color 4; eye color 10; earrings 9
One of my earliest alts and (if I’m remembering correctly) my first Mage. Early in her second century in age, which is young adulthood for a Blood Elf. Became friends with Kamalia when, during a chance encounter, they discovered that they shared a surname, Dawnstrider. Met and became friends with my Human Mages, Kaylynda and Kinevra, and my Draenei Mage, Kaprikka, during a disguised foray into Alliance lands shortly before the Cataclysm.
Very happy to have her eyes back to Quel’dorei blue!

Kaelydia (Alter-Ego)

skin color 5; face 2; hair style 15; hair color 2; eye color 1; earrings 11
This Alter-Ego appeared when the golden eyes were first introduced in Patch 7.3.5 and I wanted a golden-eyed Blood Elf Mage, but Kaelinda’s face wasn’t one of the three golden-eyed faces.
Now that there are the numbers to help me remember them, I’ve changed her skin tone from being the same as Kaelinda. I also gave her green instead of red earrings.

Kaelyla-AU (new Alter-Ego)

skin color 11; face 8; hair style 20; hair color 15; eye color 5; earrings 14
This is what Kaelyla looked like before the Telogrus Incident — or perhaps what she still looks like in an alternate timeway in which she never got mixed up with Magister Umbric and is still Sin’dorei.


Kaelyla (Primary Alt; toon name on server)

skin color 4; face 8; hair style 8; hair color 6; eye color 5; earrings 4
With Void Elves being as close as we’d ever get to Alliance High Elves (until Shadowlands, that is!), I wanted my Void Elf Mage to be as close to a counterpart appearance to Kaelinda as I could manage. When the Void Elves were first announced, I hoped that they would have an un-Void-tainted pink skin tone; they didn’t so I had to settle for what looked to my eyes like the most pinkish of the available skin tones. Now that Void Elves can also have any of the same skin tones as Blood Elves, however, I’ve decided not to change her skin tone because I’ve gotten used to the lavender. I did change her eyes to a brighter, more defined blue, though.

Khrysanthemina (new Alter-Ego)

skin color 19; face 9; hair style 3; hair color 7; eye color 7; earrings 5
This character appearance just wanted to be. She may represent the adult appearance of a yet-to-be-born daughter of Kaelyla and Ishaleron.


Kalaneia (Primary Alt; toon name on server)

skin color 4; face 2; hair style 14; hair color 16; eye color 5; earrings 4
A relative of Kaelinda at the “first cousins once removed” or “second cousins” level of connection. Much older than Kaelinda. Lost her husband during the Scourge attack on Eversong Woods. Had an early career as a naturalist studying the wildlife of Eversong Woods and other areas in Lordaeron; became interested in the wildlife biology of demons. Also had some skill as a Fire Mage. Her mentor was already delving deep into forbidden sorts of magic before the fall of the Sunwell; thus, she readily took to fel magic and corrupted into a Destruction Warlock.
I’ve changed her hair color from the warm silver that is available to all Blood Elves (8) to the cool silver that used to only be available to Death Knights (16). Sometimes her hair is black, but I was never quite satisfied with the blackness of the original Blood Elf black hair color (14) and so when her hair is black it will be the new, darker black (13). The original black color is now more properly thought of as a dark grey.

Kishalla (Alter-Ego)

skin color 2; face 9; hair style 11; hair color 1; eye color 4; earrings 3
Kalaneia’s daughter, estranged from her mother during her late adolescence and young adulthood due to the usual sorts of arguments about choices of career, hobbies, friends, and lovers. Thought by her mother to have been lost during the Scourge attack on Eversong Woods. Reappeared at Dreadscar Rift demanding that the Netherlord help her find her missing mentor. That both mother and daughter became Warlocks after the fall of the Sunwell has not made their relationship any less strained.
Changed her skin tone to be more sallow and her eyes to yellow-green.



skin color 3; face 3; hair style 2; hair color 10; eye color 3; earrings 8
The idea of a golden-eyed, golden-haired Blood Elf Priest aligning herself with the Kyrian Covenant was irresistible, so I spent my Shadowlands pre-purchase Boost to create one. Her name is derived from “eleora”, a word in one of the Biblical languages (I forget which one) meaning “light”. After losing her husband in Archimonde’s attack on Dalaran and her children in the Scourge assault on Eversong Woods, she devoted herself to the Discipline path of walking the line between Light and Shadow. Upon discovering the fates of their souls in the Shadowlands, she finds herself quite willing to discard her mortal memories to serve the Kyrian.
I’d thought I might give her the new “tiara” style, but I’ve gotten accustomed enough to the hairstyle I chose when I created her that it just didn’t seem quite right. So I only changed her eye color, to the new softer golden hue.

Kazuligosa (new Alter-Ego)

skin color 1; face 4; hair style 23; hair color 11; eye color 10; earrings 14
Now that blue hair is no longer restricted to Death Knights and the shorter ear options exist, well, something like this was more or less inevitable. This half-elf humanoid form of a blue dragon (named after Kazul from Patricia C Wrede’s Dealing With Dragons) has to be an Alter-Ego of a Priest so that the Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Mooncloth Helm can be used to give her horns similar to those of the humanoid forms of Alexstrasza, Ysera, and Merithria.



skin color 6; face 3; hair style 1; hair color 7; eye color 6; earrings 7
Also a relative of Kaelinda, more closely than Kalaneia. Trained as a Farstrider. Belongs to the Regent Lord’s secret service and capable of Subtlety, but prefers the toe-to-toe combat of the “Outlaw”.
I only changed her eye color, to the more blue-ish shade of green.



skin color 10; face 5; hair style 20; hair color 5; horns 6; blindfold 6; earrings 6; tattoo 2
Kiralaira hasn’t revealed much about her past beyond stating that “the woman I was sacrificed herself to become me.”
I changed her face to make her look more forbidding.



skin color 16; face 4; hair style 9; hair color 12; eye color n/a; earrings 1
I originally created this character to be a blue-haired Blood Elf who could mimic the appearances of various blue-haired High/Blood Elf NPCs. She also looks stunning in blue plate armor, of course.
Now that the blue hair is no longer DK-exclusive, I gave her one of the DK-exclusive skin tones instead (which also changed her face).



skin color 1; face 1; hair style 22; hair color 3; eye color 1; earrings 12
I had a Blood Elf Paladin until Cataclysm brought Tauren Paladins. I never quite stopped missing my Blood Elf Paladin, though, so when Patch 7.3.5 introduced golden eyes for Blood Elves, I just had to have a golden-eyed Blood Elf Paladin. She was one of Lady Liadrin’s earliest converts to the Blood Knights.
Changed her hair and her earrings.



skin color 12; face 3; hair style 18; hair color 13; eye color 2; earrings 11
Once I’d created Kandrista and Kelynaera, I needed a mail-wearing Blood Elf so as to have a Blood Elf for each of the armor classes.
With truer black hair and darker tan skin, now she looks like she’s always been intended to look!


Now that the Barbershop allows gender-swapping, some of my characters’ significant others might occasionally appear…


skin color 3; face 10; hair style 19; hair color 5; facial hair 13; eye color 7
Ianestin has been one of Kaelinda’s closest friends since their Academy days. A talented mathemagician, he stayed in Silvermoon City, slowly rising through the ranks of the finance bureau of the Regency and pursuing esoteric mathemagical research on the side, while Kaelinda felt herself called to the adventurer’s life. For years, Ianestin was “the boy next door” to Kaelinda, until a Nightborne artisan attempted to court her during the Suramar campaign and she realized that she would much rather be courted by her dearest male friend. Meanwhile, as Kaelinda related in droll tones her encounters with the hapless Nightborne, Ianestin realized that he was jealous of the other man.
His “before” appearance is the result of Kaelinda using a Transmorphic Tincture


skin color 5; face 8; hair style 13; hair color 2; facial hair 7; eye color 5
Although Ishaleron did not share his wife’s scholarly interest in the Void at all, he was accompanying Kaelyla at Telogrus, while she observed the entities found in this shattered remnant of a world that had been completely overcome by the Void, when The Incident occurred.
His “before” appearance is the result of Kaelyla using a Transmorphic Tincture


skin color 14, face 8, hair style 21, hair color 13, facial hair 12, eye color 10
This is what Ishaleron looked like before the Telogrus Incident occured, or in an alternate timeway in which Kaelyla didn’t get mixed up with Magister Umbric and they are both still Sin’dorei.

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When I read yesterday’s dev update from Ion Hazzikostas, I was intrigued by the section about how they’d changed the alt experience. Because I’m choosing Covenant affiliations for my alts based on aesthetics and personality rather than on gameplay utility, the feedback about wanting to test out all of the Covenant active abilities with a different class before committting to a Covenant doesn’t matter so much to me. The feedback about story disjunction and dissonance, however, does. Looking at the description in the update post about the Threads of Fate choice to either experience the linear narrative again or join a Covenant and use alternative XP-gaining pathways, I wondered if it would be possible to choose the narrative, play through just enough of the narrative to experience the leveling zone story for a desired Covenant, and then go and join that Covenant. For example, could my Warlock choose the linear narrative, play through Bastion and Maldraxxus, then join the Necrolords and finish her leveling by the alternative pathways? Now that the feature is available to test on the beta realms, Wowhead is reporting that it will indeed be possible to do exactly that. Hooray! and Phew!

So here’s how I’m currently imagining my Shadowlands leveling unfolding: Kaelinda will go first, complete the main storyline narrative quests of all the zones, and join the Venthyr. Revendreth is last in the linear narrative, which is why she has to go first. Kaurinka will go second, quest through Bastion and Maldraxxus and Ardenweald, then join the Night Fae. Kalaneia will quest through Bastion and Maldraxxus, then join the Necrolords. Keliora will quest through Bastion, then join the Kyrian. Kaelyla may level through Bastion, Maldraxxus, and Ardenweald before joining the Night Fae — or she might choose to join the Night Fae immediately because maybe I will be sick and tired of Bastion by then! By the time I get to Kaylynda — let alone Kamalia or Karaelia or any other alts — I might just jump straight into a Covenant with the Threads of Fate.

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