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Draka is my favorite character in Warlords. Sorry, Yrel, I play Horde much, much more than Alliance — so as cool as Yrel’s story is, I spent a lot more time with Draka. After watching the new Afterlives: Maldraxxus short, I like Draka even more.

After watching that story, I find myself re-considering the Necrolords as a possible Covenant for my Human Mage. When Shadowlands was first announced and I started thinking about which characters I’d want to assign to which Covenant, I thought I’d do four Mages and tentatively assigned my yet-to-be-created Kul Tiran Mage to Necrolords because Blood Elf would be Venthyr because “duh, Kael’thas” and Void Elf would be Night Fae because blue & purple aesthetics and Human would be Kyrian because Stormwind-like aesthetics. Then the Covenant set previews came out and all my Mages said “nope nope nope” to the Maldraxxus aesthetics, and my Warlock stepped in and said “Hey that fits my style and also I can do Necrolords because I know strong and fight. I did what it took to survive after the Sunwell fell, learning how to draw on fel sources to supply my need for mana, and I’m not ashamed of it.” I still had my Human Mage tentatively assigned to Kyrian, but then my Blood Elf Priest happened. So then I thought my Human Mage might choose Night Fae or Venthyr instead, but oh no, not Necrolords. The ethos of fighting to survive and protect that Draka conveys in the Afterlives short, however, would also appeal to Kinevra, who is a survivor of Theramore and has helped the Kaldorei in their efforts to reclaim Darkshore. And due to their Afterlives short, the Kyrians would seem less appealing to Kinevra because she is not the type who would be relieved to let go of their traumatic memory of the destruction of Theramore, but would rather say “I am my scars” about it.

I wonder how the remaining Aferlives shorts will change my perspectives on the Night Fae and the Venthyr…?


Meanwhile, it is the beginning of the semester, which is often a time when I experience insomnia fueled by a combination of anxiety and going into creative overdrive to try to distract myself from the anxiety. I had a bout of insomnia a few nights ago because I was thinking about my Characters roster — which, after the addition of Keliora, is now 48 alts and therefore almost completely full — and cataloging how their appearances will change with the new customizations coming in Shadowlands — oh yes, I will be one of those who will spend all of the first and possibly the second nights of the pre-patch at the Barbershop just updating my characters’ appearances — and I began thinking that it might be time to dismiss some of my minor alts and convert their appearances into Alter-Egos of major alts.
* Do I really need two female Tauren Hunters? Kawneiha could easily be an Alter-Ego appearance for Ketura and still represent Kamalia (and Ketura)’s mother.
* Do I really need two female Tauren Monks? Kaobeka’s name is an anagram tribute to Akabeko of Red Cow Rise (whom I still dearly miss, after all these years), but she could continue being that as an Alter-Ego appearance of Katewatha — and I haven’t used Kaobeka’s skills as a Professions mule for some years now.
* Do I really need two female Tauren Death Knights? It’s been quite awhile now since I decided that the “Underpowered Death Knight” playstyle experiment had run its course. And if I used the “Kaumaleia” appearance as an Alter-Ego for Kregga, I could still file her clothes as “Things the Underpowered Death Knight Wears” rather than beginning to mix them in with Kregga’s outfits…
* Do I really need two female Tauren Shamans? Even if I’ve race-changed one of them to be Highmountain Tauren? Maybe I don’t really need Highmountain Tauren alts for all their available armor classes. Maybe just Kasheena the Druid will do for having a Highmountain Tauren on my roster. As much as I thought I wanted that Heritage Armor, I’ve certainly been struggling to find interest in spending playtime on leveling her…
But it’s hard to let go of alts I’ve had on my roster for a long time, and so thinking about dismissing these alts — even if I kept their appearances as new Alter-Egos of other characters — was stressful and kept me awake.

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relationship stories

The comments about gender, sexuality, and relationships between NPCs in WoW from the various dev interviews last week prompted a few more of my characters* to tell me about their relationship status.

Keija is married and has been for quite a long time, actually — although she is the fourth in birth order, she was the first of her siblings to marry. Her husband is a member of the Thunder Bluff Honor Guard, serving Cairne and then Baine. They have not yet chosen to have children, though now that Keija has been and has retired from being Battlelord of the Valarjar, they are beginning to consider the possibility.

Karaelia had an intense, unrequited, bashful crush on Sunwalker Dezco for some time after his wife Leza’s death. She eventually, painfully got over it.

Kiralaira sneers at the question, saying, “When an Illidari tells you ‘I have sacrificed everything’, they mean everything. Yes, even that.”

Kaoling is betrothed to her childhood sweetheart, who also chose the Huojin and the Horde. They have chosen to remain celibate until after their wedding.

Keriluna had several relationships before she married. One or two of them were, experimentally, with women. When her husband, Thelborius, went into the Dream, she stayed faithful to him, though it was not uncommon for the partners of Druids who had gone into the Dream to seek other companionship, and indeed some Druids who were going into the Dream encouraged their partners to do so. After Thel was killed by the Forsaken as he lay Dreaming, she was too filled with grief and anger to consider another relationship. When she went to Suramar, however, she was surprised to find herself falling rather madly in love with a Nightborne artisan named Vynalandor who had been rescued from Suramar City by the Order of the Dusk Lily and brought to Shal’aran. After the defeat of Elisande and the Nightfallen reclamation of the City, she accepted Vynalandor’s invitation to stay at his apartments in the City while she studied Nightborne music culture. Both of them had been celibate for several hundred years — he, too, was a widower — so when the relationship turned sexual, it did so with great intensity. When the Nightborne chose to join the Horde, that strained the relationship, but because members of the Alliance were still allowed to move freely about Suramar City, the new couple were not separated. After Sylvanas burned Teldrassil, though, Keriluna’s overwhelming rage at the genocide of her people rapidly shattered the relationship.

Kermione had always had a bit of a crush on Ace, but Ace only had eyes for Izzy, and Izzy reciprocated. If she was truly honest with herself, Kermione had to admit that she’d had a bit of a pash** for Izzy, too. She genuinely liked both Ace and Izzy as friends well enough, though, that she didn’t want to get in the way of the good thing they had going. The relationship with Chip had been a total sham. Yes, of course they’d been sleeping together. It had been what was expected of them by the people in Kezan who were watching them, most particularly the people who’d gotten them into those jobs at Kajaro Trading Company. But they’d both been completely faking the rest of the relationship, and both of them knew it, and so did their watchers. Quite frankly, it had been a relief when Chip had dumped her to hook up with Candy. After arriving in Orgrimmar, she’d been too busy trying to get back on her feet financially to worry about finding a boyfriend for quite awhile, but eventually Gromitt came along. He’s her steady now, though sometimes her eyes wander and she wonders what it might be like to sleep with a Gnome or even a Vulpera.


* I’ve previously written about Kelilla, Keriluna, Kerisa, Kivrinne, Kymberlea, Kimorene, Kalaneia, Kaelinda, and Kamalia

** Guessing from the contexts in which I first saw it 20 years ago in Harry Potter fanfiction, “pash” is British slang for “lesbian crush”; I could be using it entirely wrong!

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Since reaching 120, Kinevra has done the Alliance side of things all out of order*. She did Mechagon first, so I could do the Mechagnome recruitment questline. Then Nazjatar, then the 8.0 War Campaign, then the Shroud of Resolve, then the 8.1 and 8.1.5 chapters of the War Campaign, then the second Siege of Orgrimmar and its small follow-up quests. I ended up doing the Pride of Kul Tiras storyline last — I’d heard that it was most excellent, perhaps the best story in all of Battle for Azeroth, so I suppose I was “saving the best for last” — and indeed it was as magnificent and moving as promised.

Having properly saved Jaina, I could finally recruit the Kul Tirans. At last, my roster is complete with a character of every race as Kayliddia the Kul Tiran Mage joins The Blue Team of my major characters.

Kayliddia’s parents were retainers on Lord Norwington’s estate. As a child, she showed promise as a magic-wielder, so when she reached the appropriate adolescent age to be apprenticed for a trade, Lord Norwington sponsored her training as a Tidesage. When her training was complete, she served as a Tidesage in Lord Norwington’s shipping fleet**. When the Horde raided Norwington Estate, one of her parents was killed, and the other parent and one of her younger siblings who was still at home were seriously injured. Kayliddia requested to be released from her service as a Tidesage to care for her wounded family members. When they had recovered, she further requested to be allowed to fight the Horde alongside Kul Tiras’ renewed allies, the Alliance***.

Before I did the Kul Tiran stories, I did the Heritage of the Sin’dorei questline with Kaelinda. I greatly enjoyed it and intend to write an RP story about it for her, like I did with Kamalia and the Heritage of the Shu’halo questline. First, however, I have to figure out where Kaelinda was and what she was doing when the Fall of Silvermoon originally happened.

With these major lore goals accomplished, all that’s left of my rest-of-BfA/pre-Shadowlands to-do list is mog farming and alt leveling:

* obtain the robe and belt of the Normal and Heroic versions of the Kul Tiras dungeon cloth set (the other pieces will be nice to have if I get them along the way)
* obtain the belt, gloves, and boots of the Uldir LFR cloth set (I already have the robe and shoulders)
* obtain the Phoenixfire Staff from the first wing of Dazar’alor LFR

* finish leveling Kaelyla to 120 and prep her for Shadowlands (rank 1 Shroud of Resolve, four rank 3 Essences, ilevel above 430)

* level Kasheena for Highmountain Tauren Heritage Armor

Although I want the Kul Tiran Heritage Armor very much and have all kinds of other Mogging that I want to do with Kayliddia (and I think I might want to take her to the Shadowlands, too), I plan to hold off on leveling her until Shadowlands so that I can do her leveling entirely in Kul Tiras and do all the quests and learn all the Kul Tiran lore that I skipped with Kinevra#.

* if I finish all these other things before the Shadowlands pre-launch events begin, do more Horrific Visions with Kerisa to get the second upgraded appearance of the Shroud of Resolve

The most significant thing to me about having completed my big Battle for Azeroth lore goals, though, is that hopefully now my brain will be able to shift out of “it’s summer and all I wanna do is play WoW” mode and into “Fall semester is coming up fast and it’s time to focus on getting my classes organized” mode.


* In-character, though, of course she would have done all these things in the proper chronological sequence.

** Or that of one of his business partners; it’s not clear if he would have a fleet of his own

*** Hmm… Kinevra, Kaelyla, and Kayliddia all have cause for strong grudges against the Horde, so I’m going to have to think about if/how they can still be able to work amicably with Kaelinda.

# Because the BfA Loremaster achievement is accountwide, Kamalia’s completion of the Zandalar storylines meant that Kinevra didn’t actually have to do everything in Kul Tiras. In fact, because she gained several levels during the WoW’s 15th Anniversary event from the trivia daily, she did little beyond the main storyline of Tiragarde Sound.

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No, I’m not talking about gameplay systems or quality of life issues or what-have-you — all the things that more serious players have complained about and commented upon that I have more-or-less completely ignored in my casual sort of playstyle.

I’m talking about the story. The story of Battle for Azeroth has been criticized, too, for various reasons. Some of those I agree with, some I disagree with, and some I’ve changed my mind about. But that’s not really what I’m talking about, either.

I’ve been barrelling through the remainder of the Alliance War Campaign, and when I finished the part in Nazmir, in which I (the player character), Jaina, and Shaw are the only ones to survive, it hit me: all of these Alliance soliders who went on this suicide campaign — they are all trapped in the Maw. All those Zandalari spirits in Nazmir, and the Hexthralled in Drustvar, and all the NPCs in other places and from previous expansions who say variations on “I am released” or “now I can rest” when they are defeated — they aren’t; they are trapped in the Maw. Saurfang the Elder will not be having a happy (?) reunion with Saurfang the Younger — he too, will be trapped and tormented in the Maw.

My characters don’t know that — yet — but I, the player, do. It adds a whole ‘nother dimension of existential horror to these stories that are already rather horrifying.

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If I’m understanding the changes to Echoes of Ny’alotha in today’s updates correctly, they won’t drop anymore unless at least one character on the account has the Sanity Cloak. Guess I’d better go get that now, so that’ll be how I spend my WoW session this evening, after the kids are in bed.

The Sanity Cloak is Wrathion’s project, which reminds me of this thing that I observed during the 15th Anniversary Event, but don’t remember seeing commentary about at the time*:

During the 15th Anniversary event, which began during Patch 8.2.5, with its “Where’s Wrathion?” questline**, I observed Wrathion, in whelpling form, accompanied by Medivh in arcane raven form, flying around in the Caverns of Time. They aren’t there now, so I wonder if they were just there during Patch 8.2.5, or even just during the Anniversary event? What is Wrathion not telling us about what Medivh and/or Khadgar are up to these days? He must know something…

* at least in the main body of posts on Blizzard Watch or Wowhead, though it may have been mentioned in the comments

** which now seems to be unavailable — I haven’t seen it pop up for any of my recently dinged 120s

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As if the time travel shenanigans of the first two Hour of Twilight dungeons in Cataclysm and the entirety of Warlords of Draenor weren’t enough, a recent interview by Ion Hazzikostas (Wowhead summary here) reveals that time has a “complicated”, “chaotic” flow in the Shadowlands, with consequences to the player character that may not be fully revealed until the end of the expansion*…

Here is where being the player and not the character allows some RP meta-gaming.
A few years ago, I wrote a story about Kerisa’s family. Since then, I’ve added to it. I’d already been thinking that because I’ve now described Kerisa as a mother of two small children — and with two small children myself — I couldn’t bear to put her family through the trauma of having her disappear into the Shadowlands. And if there’s going to be time screwiness happening, too…
So: once the new character customizations go live, which I hope will be in the pre-launch events patch, we will meet a new character, an Alter Ego level 12050 Tauren Druid: Kaurinka, a palomino with red-and-blue arm warpaint who devotes herself more strongly to An’she than to Mu’sha (though not to the degree of the Sunwalkers). The name is derived from the original name of Gnomecore’s Gnome Priest, “Aurinko”, which, if I am remembering correctly, is a Finnish word meaning “sun” or “sunlight” — a fitting name for a sun-colored devotee of An’she.

One might ask, “You have a BfA-level Night Elf Druid, why not finish leveling that character to be the Druid who does Ardenweald? With there being some Tyrande story in Ardenweald, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to experience that with a Night Elf anyway? Or what about your Highmountain Tauren Druid?”
Um, well…
I’ve already got Kerisa at level 120 and working through improving her stuff.
Furthermore, I’m trying to focus my altoholism and keep the number of characters I plan to take to Shadowlands — and thus need to prep with BfA endgame activities & gearing — as minimal as I can manage. This academic year that just ended was just one thing after another, and the next one is probably not going to be any easier.

* …or, at any rate, until the next expansion is announced at Blizzcon 2021 😛

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As the new character customization options that will be available in Shadowlands have begun to stream out of the alpha datamining, a discussion question I’ve seen is, “Will you change your character’s appearance to use any of the new options?”

Well… No — but also Yes.

My characters’ appearances — face, skin tone, and hair color — are a foundational component of their identities. The other day, I was making a new outfit for my Blood Elf Mage, Kaelinda, and I considered changing her hair color to coordinate with the outfit by using the color I think of as “butter blonde” so seriously that I took her to the Barbershop and sat her in the chair and selected that color… and then I couldn’t quite go through with it. Kaelinda just wouldn’t feel like herself with a hair color other than “copper”; even the occasional switch to “red-gold” is a stretch.

When Patch 7.3.5 introduced the golden eyes as a new face customization for Blood Elves, I would very much have liked to give Kaelinda golden eyes, but her face wasn’t one of the three golden-eyed faces. Presently, it occurred to me that I could use one of the golden-eyed faces with a different hair color than Kaelinda’s signature look, and let that appearance represent a different person. Although I don’t change my toon’s name on Blizzard’s servers, when my Blood Elf Mage is customized to this alternate appearance, she also has a different name in my mind and when I talk about her on this blog. And so Kaelydia came into being.

Kaelydia: Blood Elf Mage, no favored spec

This was actually something I’d been doing since around the beginning of Legion.

Prior to Legion, I had a handful of alts who were duplicates of race & class combinations for the purpose of dabbling with the third specs of various classes. When Legion did away with spec restrictions, I deleted those alts. Then I discovered that I wanted those dismissed characters (to borrow a phrase from Gnomecore) to be the ones to use the Artifact weapons associated with the specs I had created them to try, and to wear outfits themed around those specs. That was when I thought, what if I just use the Barbershop to temporarily change the appearance of my existing character of that class to the appearance of the dismissed character?

Kaiuna, Kazithra, and Kaiopeqa — each of them originally a separate alt in her own right — now became alternate appearances — or “Alter-Egos” — of Kerisa, Kaohana, and Kregga.

Kaiuna: curly-coat Tauren Druid, Feral/Guardian

Kazithra: Grimtotem Tauren Priest, Shadow/Discipline

Kaiopeqa: Tauren WarriorDeath Knight, ProtectionBlood

Kaiopeqa also underwent a class change, which is explained in my short story “The Deathlord’s Understudy”

In terms of their personalties and stories (such as they have them), the “main” character and the “Alter-Ego” character remain independent entities. There isn’t suddenly some sort of wierd Jekyll/Hyde thing going on. It’s just that sometimes I want my Tauren Druid to be Kerisa, and sometimes I want her to be Kaiuna.

It didn’t take long for me to start thinking of new uses for this novel way to have more characters without having more alts.

Kishalla appeared next, when I decided that I wanted to collect all of the Legion Artifact weapons, but didn’t feel like the Affliction & Demonology Artifacts were things that Kalaneia would want to have.

Kishalla: Blood Elf Warlock, Affliction/Demonology

Then I had an idea for an outfit that also came with a very specific appearance for the character who would wear it, and Kimmellyn became an Alter-Ego for my Human Mage, Kaylynda.

Kimmellyn: Human Mage, no favored spec

Kimmellyn’s appearance had been chosen to be a younger version of a dismissed Priest alt named Kimorene. Unsurprisingly, Kimorene herself soon re-appeared as another Alter-Ego for Kaylynda.

Kimorene: Human PriestMage, no favored spec

Kaylynda herself is an Alter-Ego of sorts. During Warlords, I wished that my Blood Elf Mage could have the Allliance version of the Mage Tower building for her Garrison. Because I couldn’t do that, I instead changed my Human Mage to look more like my Blood Elf Mage — and, incidentally, more like my RL self — by giving her a different face and red hair. I formally changed the toon’s name to cement her new identity. But when we found out that the Alliance would be going to Kul Tiras in Battle for Azeroth, my original Human Mage, who had been a girl from Theramore and strongly loyal to Jaina Proudmoore, wanted to be the one to go to Kul Tiras. And so Kinevra returned as an Alter-Ego appearance for Kaylynda.

Kinevra: Human Mage, Frost/Arcane/Fire

After I made friends with Alunaria (whose blogging presence I dearly miss, and I hope that she & her family are doing okay in the current world crisis), I was inspired to create a Night Elf Druid, whom I named Kerithian, after the female elf character that my husband has created in different versions for several D&D games and video games.

Kerithian wasn’t my first Night Elf Druid; in fact, a Night Elf Druid had been one of my very earliest alts. Presently, I brought back that long, long ago-dismissed character as an Alter Ego for Kerithian — in part because I wanted that character to eventually take on the Night Warrior customization.

Kivrin: Night Elf Druid, Feral

So with new options for character customization coming in Shadowlands, I won’t be dismissing any of my current characters by permanently changing their appearances* — and thus, their identities — to something new… but I just might have some new Alter Egos make their debuts. In particular, I’m thinking that it is highly likely that either Kaelinda or Kalaneia will manifest a new Alter Ego who has one of the new heterochromatic eye colors and either the darkest or the next-darkest of the new skin tones that will become available to Blood Elves. Furthermore, we haven’t yet seen previews for new customizations for Tauren; it’s likely that one or more of my Tauren characters will spin off an Alter Ego to make use of the new customizations that I like the best.

*With the exception of eye color — I’m excited about eye color not being tied to face selection anymore, and I will probably spend a lot of time at the Barbershop selecting the perfect eye color for each of my characters after the new customizations go live

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Something that’s been bothering me about the Kyrians of Bastion ever since the initial previews at Blizzcon is how they all look like humans. My characters of other races won’t want to turn into humans in the afterlife, they’ll want to stay themselves.

I’d love to see some more skilled artist than myself create a set of images depicting each of the other player character races with the stance, clothes, blue & white coloration, and angelic wings of the Kyrian, but with the proportions and features unique to each race. #KyrianButStillMe

Looking at the Oribos and Bastion quest sets, Covenant cloak replacements, miscellaneous armor bits, and weapon models — and the various NPC and creature models, though I’m not going to link those Wowhead datamining posts — I’m definitely finding myself drawn most strongly to the aesthetics of Bastion/Kyrian and Ardenweald/Night Fae.
* Kaelinda will still be pursuing Revendreth/Venthyr (because Kael’thas), and my Demon Hunter and Rogue are getting all googly-eyed over what has been shown so far of the Revendreth/Venthyr leather gear.
* All of my other Mages are going nope-nope-nope about the Maldraxxus/Netherlords gear. Yes, even my Forsaken Mage. Kivrinne says, “I’m not that kind of Forsaken! When I eventually go to the Shadowlands for real, I’m going to want to be Kyrian!”
* My Warlock, however, is looking at the Maldraxxus/Netherlords stuff and rubbing her chin saying, “hmmmm, I could maybe go for that cloak replacement with the green floaty stones…”

I haven’t yet pre-purchased Shadowlands because I decided to hold off on doing that until I’d gotten a character of each armor type to level 120 in BfA. So I’ve still got to get Kerisa to level 120 before I’ll buy Shadowlands — but when I do, Kerithian and Kalaneia are now bickering over who will get the level 120 Boost.
* Kalaneia says that she should get it so that she can go be my ambassador to Maldraxxus/Netherlords, since all the Mages are too wimpy to do it.
* Kerithian says that she should get it so that she can be the Druid who will go to Ardenweald/Night Fae, because now that I’ve written two small children into Kerisa’s RP story, how can I possibly put Kerisa’s family through the trauma of sending her to the Shadowlands? and it is uncertain if I’ll manage to get Kasheena leveled to 120 in time for Shadowlands.

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I continue to be absolutely thrilled that the flower crowns are now Moggable year-round.

Spirit Link

Crown of Everlasting Fortune, Relentless Gladiator’s Linked Spaulders, Vest of Living Lightning, Belt of the Iron Prison (LFR), Kilt of Rolling Thunders, Fletcher’s Nimble Grips, Ancestral Chieftain’s Totem/Rivermane War Harness, Furbolg Medicine Totem, Sternhorn’s Shield
For many long and lonely years, Kamalia wondered if she would ever find her life partner. During the campaign against the Legion in the Broken Isles, she finally found him in Haitou Rivermane, one of Jale Rivermane’s sons.

Moon Shadow

Replica Darkmantle Armor with Crown of Eternal Memorial, Blue Martial Shirt, and Vibro Knife
Kerithian had no love for Teldrassil, but Kivrin did. Thus, Kivrin was affected by the splash from Tyrande’s transformation into the Night Warrior, but Kerithian was not.
I have had this in mind for Kivrin ever since the Night Warrior customization for Night Elves became available. She had just been patiently waiting for Kinevra to get to 120 and witness Tyrande’s ascension.

We Are All Akunda

Crown of Infinite Prosperity, Demonic Gladiator’s Dragonhide Vest/Sentinel Breastplate, Vine Waistband, Noblewoman’s Skirt, Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes, Stormsky Greatcloak, Sethrak Warden’s Staff
The worshippers of Akunda are all named “Akunda the [adjective]” when you first meet them, which makes them seem like rather creepy cultists. After the corrupt cult leader is overthrown, Akunda’s worshipppers remain devoted to the loa himself, but they regain their own unique names.
The male NPCs wear Meowl’s Mane instead of the flower crown. The NPCs are wearing the Mythic coloration of the Antorus Druid Tier chestpiece. I only have access to the PvP version (Yay Legion BoA Marks of Honor!), so my version of this outfit is much too dark in the chestpiece when I use the correct style. Of the other options I had available in my collection, I thought that the Sentinel Breastplate was the best approximation of both the colors and the style.

Eversong’s Sorrow

Crown of Eternal Memorial, Robes of the Triumvirate, Vileweave Leggings, Kavan’s Forsaken Treads, Ebon Filigreed Doublet, Cloak of Blade Turning, Staff of Siphoned Essences
When I thought of using the black & red flower circlet in this style of kit, this was the combination that immediately came to mind.

Sweet Summer

Crown of Boundless Courage, Vestments of the Shifting Sands, Native Pants/Red Silk Trousers, Ringo’s Blizzard Boots, Golden Filigreed Doublet/Amber Filigreed Doublet, Relentless Gladiator’s Cloak of Dominance, Wand of Happiness, Symbol of Transgression
This variation on the flower circlet + filigreed doublet + Slinky Leia Robe combination had to be done with an Alliance character so as to use this Alliance-exclusive off-hand from Trial of the Crusader.
There are four colors of the robe and five colors of the shirt. I couldn’t quite decide which of the two colors of the shirt that I hadn’t used yet I liked better, so I’ve shown both versions of the outfit. The yellow shirt makes this kit an inversion of sorts of my earlier “Queen of Sheba” outfit (Priest #46); the cuffs of the orange shirt look really beautiful in combination with the goblet.


This series of posts began because I set myself a goal to document new Transmogrification outfits in a more timely fashion. As soon as I create a new outfit, I write it up in a draft post. As the weekend approaches, I start working on taking fashion screenshots, processing them, and updating “Things my [Class] Wears” posts. On Sunday — though not every Sunday — I publish the collection of my recent efforts. Then I begin the next “Sunday on the Promenade” draft post.

Occasionally, I have ideas for themed Transmogrification collections that take several months to completely assemble. Thus, some of these outfits might get re-posted at a later date as part of such a themed Transmogrification collection.

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What was that I said about not making any more Allied Races alts unless I liked their Heritage Armor enough to level from scratch for it?

Well, I’m not all that keen on the Lightforged Draenei Heritage Armor — not for a Mage, at least — but I just haven’t been able to get the notion of having a Lightforged Draenei among the Minor Mages out of my head.

Meet Krystaliza.

I don’t know much about who she is, other than that she is a long-lost relative of Kaprikka. As far as Kaprikka was aware, all of her progenitors had perished in one Legion attack or another by the time the Draenei arrived on Draenor; her parents, too, were killed in the Orcish rampage. I’m not sure at quite what point in the 25000 years of the Draenei’s flight from Kil’jaeden that Xe’ra arrived and took those who wished to follow her off in the Xenedar, so I don’t know exactly how many generations back Krystaliza is a sister of one of Kaprikka’s ancestors — but for each of them to find that they do, in fact, have a blood relative still living was a delightful shock.

Part of my desire to have this character on my roster came from wanting to pair the Lightforged tabard with the Draenic Silk Robes, as seen above.

Part of it comes from a couple of occasions when I’ve made a white and gold outfit and wished that I had a blonde Lightforged Draenei to model it in the Dressing Room.

And part of it is that with the Orb of Deception, a Lightforged Draenei can become a Highmountain Tauren (or a Gnome can be a Mulgore Tauren), thereby allowing me to pretend — for five minutes at a time, at least — that I have Tauren Mages!

Come on, Blizzard! Some of the Crazed Mages in Blackrock Caverns are Tauren, and they’ve been in the game since Cataclysm! Because they use ice and fire magic already, I think that Tauren becoming Mages as a divergence from Shamanism could be just as valid as Tauren becoming Priests and Paladins as a divergence from Druidism.
But as much as I’d like this to happen, it’s not likely to happen. I’ll just go sit in the corner with the folks who really really want to play Gnome or Night Elf Paladins…

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