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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Tauren & Highmountain Tauren Warriors. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

72) Primal Firestorm

Firestorm Armor with Squallbreaker Greatsword
Plate set from the Primal Storms Dragonflight pre-launch event.

71) Mini-Mayla

Stonecrag Pauldrons + Hidden Shoulder, Tribal Unification Cloak, Hidden Chestpiece + Brawler’s Harness*, Grash’s Fireproof Handguards, Iron Beltguard of Fuufuu, Stonecrag Legplates, Stonecrag Sabatons, Brunnhildar Harpoon
Thinking about rolling a Highmountain Tauren Mage come 10.0 reminded me of my little Highmountain Tauren Warrior (previously seen in Warrior #65), and how I could now make for her the Mayla-lookalike outfit that I hadn’t been able to back in Legion.
Mayla’s actual chestpiece is the Ceremonial Leather Harness; I’ve used the original level 1 Horde Warrior shirt to mimic that look.

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Many Gilnean NPCs wear this style. This garb is available from the Darkmoon Faire and is Cosmetic, so this collection will include outfits for leather, mail, and plate armor.

Noblewoman’s Finery & Skirt; Nobleman’s Coat, Pantaloons & Fancy Boots

Shall We Dance?

Forever-Lovely Rose, Nobleman’s Coat, Bloodscale Belt, Nobleman’s Pantaloons, Grash’s Fireproof Handguards, Noble’s Fancy Boots, Terokk’s Quill

Dread Admiral

Fleet Commander’s Hat, Dread-Rider Shoulders, Nobleman’s Coat & Pantaloons, Burning Blade Devotee’s Cinch, Bandit Gloves, Rapscallion Boots

We Are All Akunda

Crown of Infinite Prosperity, Demonic Gladiator’s Dragonhide Vest/Sentinel Breastplate, Vine Waistband, Noblewoman’s Skirt, Griftah’s Authentic Troll Shoes, Stormsky Greatcloak, Sethrak Warden’s Staff


Felshroud set with Nobleman’s Pantaloons, Demon Commander’s Drape, and Glaive of the Fallen

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Outfits made with items from the Celestial Observer’s Ensemble


Leather, Mail, and Plate

Star Chylde I

Celestial Observer’s Ensemble with Conqueror’s Nightsong Cover and Scythe of Elune (upgraded, 1st tint)
I wanted to use the Sentinel’s Branch with this outfit for a Kaldorei character–

–but she’s a Druid and darnit if the Scythe of Elune doesn’t just look phenomenal.

Star Chylde II

Celestial Observer’s Ensemble with Conqueror’s Nightsong Cover, Lo’ap’s Tunic of Muck Diving, Pure Sight Slippers, August Celestials Tabard, and Scythe of Elune (upgraded, 1st tint)
I like the details on the sleeves and skirt of the Celestial Observer’s Robe… but not the 3D chestplate piece.

Azure Foliage

Phantasmal Headdress, Hide of Chromaggus, Celestial Observer’s Starshroud, Azure Dusk Vestments, Trickster’s Handwraps, Azure Dusk Sash, Azure Dusk Leggings, Polar Boots, The Lifebinder

Astral Insight

Dazzling Spectacles, Celestial Observer’s Constellations Starshroud & Buckle, Pure Sight Vestments & Slippers, Formidable Legguards & Gauntlets, Lifepath Hammer, Melody Defender’s Bulwark
This ensemble is mostly a mashup of the Celestial Observer’s and Pure Sight sets. I thought it might look neat with some silver pants — and these bluish-silver Classic pants look like they were made to go with this chestpiece!


Glorious Headdress, Celestial Observer’s Constellations, Celestial Observer’s Starshroud, Breastplate of the Righteous, Aspiring Aspirant’s Handwraps, Celestial Observer’s Buckle, Justicar Leggings, Vicious Gladiator’s Greaves of Meditation, Scimitar of Seven Stars (LFR), Ceremonious Shield
When I thought of making an outfit for Karaelia using items from the Celestial Observer’s set, the Scimitar of Seven Stars was the piece that I immediately knew must be in the kit.



Star Chylde III

Celestial Observer’s Ensemble with Snowblind Helm, Sorcerer Drape + Sorcerer Bracelets, Pure Aspirant’s Gloves, Runespeaker’s Sandals, August Celestials Tabard, and Quarterstaff of Discordant Ethic

August Celestial Observer

Celestial Observer’s Ensemble with Anacondra’s Robe, Cushy Cenarion Walkers, August Celestials Tabard, Starshard Edge, and Divine Companion
As I’ve mentioned before, I like the patterning on the sleeves and skirt of the Celestial Observer’s Robe, but I’m not a fan of its bulky dimensional chestplate. When I thought of substituting this robe, naturally I immediately had to do it.

Silver Sky

Thermore Arcanist’s Hat*, Celestial Observer’s Constellations Buckle & Gloves, Fallen Disciple’s Cloak, Astral Knot Robe*, Cushy Cenarion Walkers, Argent Crusader’s Tabard, Mardenholde Staff
I don’t browse Mogs at Wowhead very often, but I happened to look at some outfits that had been submitted using items in the Celestial Observer’s Ensemble, and among them were a few sets that used the shoulders and belt of the ensemble with the Argent Crusader’s Tabard. I thought that combo was pretty neat, so I borrowed it.
If you haven’t got this hat, which was a limited-time reward from the pre-launch event for Mists of Pandaria, the Celestial Observer’s Skygazer or Cowl of Benevolence also work very well with this ensemble.

A Blue Dragon Princess, Again

Windchaser Coronet, Slaughterhouse Spaulders, Celestial Observer’s Starshroud Buckle & Astral Walkers, Glacial Robe, Tempest’s Touch, Rod of the Broken Temple/Frostbitten Staff
Another Blue Dragonflight kit for Kazuligosa to complete this set of outfits representing the Classic dragonflights.
The Celestial Observer’s Starshroud is perfect for Blue Dragonflight RP because it evokes their ancient seat of power at the Eye of Eternity.
This kit has a fancy version and a plain version because I couldn’t decide which version I liked better.

Fancy Festival Teal Suit

Crown of Everlasting Fortune, Slaughterhouse Spaulders, Celestial Observer’s Starshroud, Festive Teal Pant Suit, Duskhaven Boots, Crescent Wand, Kobold Candle
The wand represents Elune, of course, and the off-hand, the festival firecrackers. If you are wearing pants with dimensional pieces on the hips, the dimensional pieces will show up over the Festival chestpieces, so unless you like that look, you’ll want to Mog to a plainer pair of pants.

Celestial Cyan

Crown of Everlasting Fortune, Faewoven Amice, Celestial Observer’s Starshroud, Celestial Tunic, Tabard of the Wild Hunt, Celestial Bindings, Faewoven Sash, Celestial Observer’s Leggings/Celestial Kilt, Celestial Observer’s Astral Walkers, Sentinel’s Branch
The glowing cyan of the Celestial Observer’s shoes reminded me of the turquoise of the Classic Celestial set.

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In light of the news from the Patch 9.0.5 PTR that the Rhinestone Sunglasses will become Transmogrifiable, I thought I’d share again this set of Rhinestone Sunglasses outfits that I originally created in 2015.

I anticipate making more Rhinestone Sunglasses outfits — some of which might be updates of some of these outfits — after Patch 9.0.5 goes live!

Touch of Ruby

Rhinestone Sunglasses, Aurora Mantle, Mankrik’s Old Wedding Garments, Silver-Thread Sash, Stoneweaver Leggings, Widow’s Clutches + Bands of Indwelling, Boots of the Incorrupt, Thousand Bandage Drape, Staff of Divine Infusion

Bouganvilla II

Rhinestone Sunglasses, Mantle of the Burning Scroll (LFR), Vestments of the Shifting Sands, Ruthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy, Greenkeeper’s Pantaloons, Widow’s Clutches + The Lady’s Brittle Bracers (25N), Ikeyen’s Boots, Green Linen Shirt, Vengeance Staff

Femme Fatale

Rhinestone Sunglasses/Swashbuckler’s Eyepatch, Shoulderpads of the Silvermoon Retainer, Scouting Tunic, Indomitable Belt, Dellot’s Leggings, Fuzzy Gloves + Scouting Bracers, Rapscallion Boots, Stylish Black Shirt, Dawnblade, Skettis Curved Blade

Pink Sapphire

Rhinestone Sunglasses, Ornate Pauldrons, Icemail Jerkin, Earthfury Belt, Tranquillien Scale Leggings, Netherstalker Gloves, Netherstorm Greaves, Mutineer’s Cloak, Felstone Reaver, Silvermoon Crescent Axe

Dragon Dawn

Rhinestone Sunglasses/Lightbringer Greathelm, Blood-Stained Pauldrons, Conqueror’s Breastplate, Hyperion Girdle, Legplates of Blazing Light, Flameguard Gauntlets, Magma Tempered Boots, Blazefury, Reborn/Dragonstrike, Reborn, Dawnforged Defender

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Tauren Paladin. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

80) Kul Tiras Plate

Harbormaster (Tiragarde Sound)/Shoalbreach (Stormsong Valley)/Bleakweald (Drustvar) armor with Coldscale Saber and Gnarlwood Barrier
The handsome Kul Tiras plate armor sets have these names when they are rewarded from World Quests, which is probably the best way for a Horde player to acquire them. I’ve put the version that I think is the most handsome, and that I wanted to continue wearing after the photoshoot, last.
I think this is some of the nicest plate armor in the game. At first, I didn’t quite understand the early Battle for Azeroth information and thought that this armor would only be available to Alliance characters. I was greatly relieved to learn that BOE greens versions existed, and even more so that the World Quest versions were also available to Horde characters!

79) Frozen Light

Salt-Scorched Shoulderguard, Field Plate Armor, Shellbuckle Girdle, Legguards of the Emerald Brood (H), Flash Freeze Gauntlets (H), Fogtide Warboots, Sunsoul Sword, Platinum Shield of the Valorous
This outfit is adapted from an outfit I made some time ago for the Underpowered Death Knight (#40), but brings in some of the beautiful Kul Tiras plate pieces from Battle for Azeroth.

78) Dunecrawler

Exiled Veteran’s set with Nazmani Warplate helm & shoulders, hidden belt, Pennant Cloak, and Skycaller’s Ceremonial Mace
The Zandalar quest plate sets have the shoulders and helm in a contrasting color to the rest of the items, so one has to mix-and-match sets to get a monochromatic color scheme. This combination, which is not quite so monochromatic as the other possibilities, uses the Nazmir helm & shoulders with the rest of the set from Vol’dun.

77) Malachite

Direbone Frill set with Exiled Veteran’s helm & shoulders, Crafted Malevolent Gladiator’s Clasp of Meditation, Pterroleather Cloak, and Sethrak Warden’s Scimitar
The Zandalar quest plate sets have the shoulders and helm in a contrasting color to the rest of the items, so one has to mix-and-match sets to get a monochromatic color scheme. This combination uses the Vol’dun helm & shoulders with the rest of the set from Zuldazar.

76) Blood Champion of Zandalar

Rastari helm & shoulders, Nazmani Warplate chest legs gloves boots, Abandoned Zandalari Bucklebreaker, Fallen Spider Handaxe, Loa-Bound Defender, Crimson Silk Cloak
The Zandalar quest plate sets have the shoulders and helm in a contrasting color to the rest of the items, so one has to mix-and-match sets to get a monochromatic color scheme. This combination uses the Zuldazar helm & shoulders with the rest of the set from Nazmir.

75) Crashing Waves

Bloodcraver Pauldrons, Wavecrash Chestplate & Greaves, Vim’s Scalecrusher Girdle, Bleakweald Handguards & Stompers, Flanged Mace, Dockyard Targe
The Wavecrash set is the Nazjatar zone drop recolor of the Benthic Zanj’ir Scaleguard set. I particularly like the soft blue color of the chestpiece.

74) Brine & Barnacles

Zanj’ir Scaleguard set with Zanj’ir Scaleguard Greatcloak, Reactive Waraxe and Deepwarden Redoubt
This is the Benthic plate armor set from Nazjatar. For some reason, wearing it is making Karaelia feel rather… pickled.

73) Brite Knight

Version 1: Conqueror’s Helmet, Pristine Lightforge Spaulders, Emerald Breastplate, Truesteel Waistguard (stage 3), Murkblood Avenger’s Legplates, Swamp Gas Gauntlets, Lavawalker Greaves, Jeweled Coronation Sword, Zom’s Crackling Bulwark

Version 2: Conqueror’s Helmet, Mantle of the Desert Crusade, Murkblood Avenger’s Chestplate, Truesteel Waistguard (stage 3), Brackwater Leggings, Swamp Gas Gauntlets, Conqueror’s Greaves, Jeweled Coronation Sword, Zom’s Crackling Bulwark

Version 3: Talonguard Helmet, Pristine Lightforge Spaulders, Embossed Plate Armor, Thorium Belt, Murkblood Avenger’s Legplates, Bloodforged Gauntlets, Enticing Sabatons, Eternally Folded Blade, Crest of Supremacy

Version 4: Talonguard Helmet, Imperial Plate Shoulders, Murkblood Avenger’s Chestplate, Thorium Belt, Embossed Plate Leggings, Bloodforged Gauntlets, Conqueror’s Greaves, Eternally Folded Blade, Crest of Supremacy
This was, of course, what had to come next. Rainbow Brite Plate has been a staple of Mogging since Transmogrification was introduced, but I hadn’t personally done it yet. As you can see, I tried a series of variations; Version 4 was what I actually wore out and about in the world for awhile.

72) White Knight

Overlord’s set with Steel Plate Helm, Pauldrons of the Argent Sentinel, Gleaming Celestial Waistguard, Gladiator’s Salvation, Highlord’s Favor
Karaelia had had enough of being dark; it was time to let her bright true nature shine again.

71) Dark Knight

Blackwing Helm, Obsidian Stone Spaulders, Breastplate of Vaulted Skies, Bogslayer Belt, Direwing Legguards, Boneclenched Gauntlets, Ribsteel Footguards, Stylish Black Shirt, Mass of McGowan, Infiltrator’s Shield
Don’t worry, it only *looks* like Karaelia has gone over to the Dark Side…

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by the Underpowered Death Knight. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

65) Big Blue Boss Lady

Diadem of the Spell-Keeper, Imperial Plate Shoulders, Azure Wings of Awakening, Nether Protector’s Chest, Talonguard Gloves, Truesteel Waistguard (stage 3), Plates of Aku’mai, Icebane Treads, Rage-Possessed Greatsword
Yo!, said Kaumaleia, why have you not put me in the blue dragon wings yet, eh?
But Kam already used this headpiece with these wings…
SO? You’ll probably do it again with Kaelyla, just wait and see!
You’re really going to go bikini plate for this?
Well, duh — it’s totally Dragon Lady style!
And she did have a point.

64) Courageous Flutterer

Crown of Boundless Courage, Sprite Darter’s Flutterers, Burnished Breastplate of Might, Sprite Darter’s Sash, Burnished Legplates of Might, Gauntlets of Annihilation, Boots of Courage Unending, Draenic Ribsmasher
Kaumaleia always wants to look pretty, so of course she had to do something with the Sprite Darter’s Flutterers at once!

63) High Society Dress Armor

High Society Top Hat, Noble Plate Pauldrons, Enchanted Thorium Breastplate, Belt of the Soul Saver, Felforged Legplates, Fel Commander’s Vambraces + Hidden Gloves, Jade Tiger Warboots, Tuxedo Shirt, Guardian Blade
Several months ago, I found a High Society Top Hat for a reasonably decent price. I couldn’t decide which character to give it to, so my bank alt just held onto it. A week or so ago, I found a Duskhaven Top Hat for a reasonably decent price. Now that my cloth-wearing characters have access to a Moggable top hat, the bank alt got to keep the RP-Clothes item.

62) Pink Petals II

Commander’s set with Crown of Boundless Courage, Blood-Stained Pauldrons, Bloodscale Belt, Cloak of the Hollow/Snowfall Shawl, and The Hammer of Destiny
The pink flower crown prompted me to revisit this outfit concept (Underpowered Death Knight #31), which would be appropriate for either Noblegarden or Love is in the Air. I’m particularly fond of how this particular green cloak complements both the green Tauren DK fur color and the red tones in the armor.
Eventually, Kaumaleia reverted to her “natural” blue & white, and the green cloak didn’t work anymore. Fortunately, there is another cloak in the same style with colors that do.

61) Rose Knight

Crown of Boundless Courage, Blood-Stained Pauldrons, Darkrune Breastplate, Bloodscale Girdle Gauntlets & Sabatons, Direwing Legguards, Master Builder’s Shirt, Obsidium Executioner
Kaumaleia wanted to wear the pink flowers, and this is what she thought would go best with them.

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A collection of outfits actually worn in-game by my Blood Elf Death Knight. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

Some of the outfits in this collection are legitimate Transmogrification kits for a plate-wearing character. Others are RP-Clothes costumes intended to imitate the look of the blue-haired Kirin Tor-affiliated elves found in various locations. I’m not sure if these NPCs are actually supposed to be High Elves that have become blue-haired because of their exposure to arcane energy, or blue dragons in humanoid form. At any rate, the only way to achieve that appearance as a player character (prior to Shadowlands) is to be a Blood Elf Death Knight.

16) Sindragosa’s Wrath

Crafted Malevolent Gladiator’s Dreadplate Armor with Pauldrons of Conviction, Azure Wings of Awakening, Swordhook Slingbelt, and Widow’s Fury
The blue Dragonflight Epic edition cosmetic wings coordinate beautifully with the darker blue haircolor originally available exclusively to Blood Elf Death Knights.

15) Icy Ebon Blades

Night Commander’s Pauldrons, Primal Gladiator’s Plate Breastplate & Legplates, Bogslayer Belt, Lucidity Handwraps, Treads of the Common Man, Sentinel’s Winter Cloak, Tabard of the Ebon Blade, Icy Ebon Blade
When the new appearance customization options debuted with the Shadowlands pre-patch, the formerly Death Knight-exclusive blue hair colors became availalbe to all Blood Elves. I gave Kandrista one of the Death Knight-exclusive skin tones instead, which changed her face, as well. I also switched her hair back to blue. Eventually, she tired of her blue hair clashing with the red and gold of the Sin’dorei Heritage Armor, and she didn’t have an Ebon Blade kit yet.

14) Sin’dorei Smasher

Heritage of the Sin’dorei (tunic version) with Hammer of the Penitent
Before Kandrista’s hair was blue, it was golden.

13) Long Bitter Night

Crown of Eternal Winter, Razorfin Shoulderguards, Battleplate of Ancient Kings (N), Swordhook Slingbelt, Legguards of the Emerald Brood (N), Magma Plated Handguards (N), Treads of Savage Beatings, Chromatically Tempered Sword
Kandrista gets to wear this outfit because, at level 111, she can use the Razorfin Shoulderguards, whereas Kaumaleia, at level 104, cannot.
I dithered for some time between this sword and Hailstorm.

I ultimately chose the Chromatically Tempered Sword because felt like its black detailing pulled the ensemble as a whole together more nicely.

12) Winter’s Kiss

Crown of Everlasting Fortune, Symbolic Pauldrons, Iceguard Breastplate, Royal Qiraji Belt, Iceguard Leggings, Warleader’s Gauntlets & Greaves, Sonic Spear
The flower crown takes this outfit concept to eleven.

11) Everlasting Loveliness

Crown of Everlasting Fortune, Lovely Blue Dress, Iceguard Leggings, Boots of the Fallen Hero, Decalcified Elven Spear
As of Lunar Festival in 2020, the flower crowns can now be Mogged year-round, making this Love is in the Air outfit possible!

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Dwarf Paladin. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

23) Shining Silver Seventh

7th Legionnaire’s Shoulderplates Breastplate & Greaves, Waistguard of Reparation, Demonsteel Greaves, Flash Freeze Gauntlets (H), Pride of the Eredar, Replica Lion’s Fang, 7th Legionnaire’s Shield
The 7th Legion plate set is very Paladiny. I only have a few pieces because my Horde Paladin hasn’t done much of the War Campaign, but they’re enough to create a kit with the right sort of look.

22) Cloissone Violets

Replica Soulforge Spaulders, Chestguard of Exile, Mender’s Girdle of Endless Spring (LFR), Skyfire Greaves, Replica Soulforge Gauntlets, Fen Strider’s Footguards, Inkgill Blade, Sunsoul Bulwark
This combination of sword and shield needed to be used in a normal sort of outfit. The belt brings in some more of the green from the shield.

21) Boundless Loveliness

Crown of Boundless Courage, Lovely Purple Dress, Murkblood Avenger’s Legplates, Fen Strider’s Footguards, Inkgill Blade, Sunsoul Bulwark
As of Lunar Festival in 2020, the flower crowns can now be Mogged year-round, making this Love is in the Air outfit possible!

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Tauren Death Knight. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

62) Herald of Shadows

Frostforged Greathelm, Razorfin Shoulderguards, Breastplate of Vaulted Skies, Shellbuckle Girdle, Acherus Knight’s Legplates, Crafted Malevolent Gladiator’s Dreadplate Gauntlets, Runescribed Blade
Now what this set needs as a finishing touch is the dark version of the Kyrian wings…
It proved much easier than I anticipated to make for Kregga a kit using these shoulders that is very different from the one I had made for Kandrista (see Blood Elf Death Knight #13). Something I particularly like about this kit is how the diamond pattern on the shoulders is echoed by the diamond pattern on these Mists crafted PvP gloves.

61) Grim Totem

Reaver Epaulets, Drakescale Breastplate, Foundry-Fired Plate Girdle, Direwing Legguards, Boneclenched Gauntlets, Ribsteel Footguards, Ancestral Chieftain’s Totem, Warmongering Combatant’s Slicer
Once, this was my tribe…
(and she’d still wear the arm paint, though not the face paint, if that option becomes available in Shadowlands)

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I was putting together a new plate outfit and the gloves I liked best for it were the ones from the Nazmir quest set. I tend to like like having matching gloves and boots.. but I didn’t yet have the Nazmir quest set boots. This wasn’t the first time I’ve wanted to use that particular set of gloves and boots — and because this coloration is red & gold, I know I’ll want them for my Blood Elf Paladin at some point or another. So I looked them up on Wowhead, and the quest chain to get them didn’t seem to be too deep into the swamp, from what I remembered from doing the zone with Kamalia. So one evening, I took my Paladin out to get those boots. It didn’t take very long at all.

Briefly, I wondered, Should I really spend playtime doing this? It doesn’t advance my primary game objectives
But I knew it would make me happy to have those boots in my collection, so I did it.
Then I thought, oh, I’ll go pick up the chestpiece, too — even if I have to quest through most of the zone to get it. But when I looked up Nazmani Warplate on Wowhead, no source was listed for the chestpiece… which means it probably drops from Azerite Armor caches from WQs at level 120. So I looked on the AH for the BOE lookalike (Torgashell) and was fortunate enough to find one for a price I could afford — but I’ll still have to level to 120 to wear it. And that will still have to wait until Kaelinda and Kaylynda and Kerisa have reached 120. Ah, well.

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