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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Tauren & Highmountain Tauren Shamans. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

104) Spirit Link

Crown of Everlasting Fortune, Relentless Gladiator’s Linked Spaulders, Vest of Living Lightning, Belt of the Iron Prison (LFR), Kilt of Rolling Thunders, Fletcher’s Nimble Grips, Ancestral Chieftain’s Totem/Rivermane War Harness, Furbolg Medicine Totem, Sternhorn’s Shield
For many long and lonely years, Kamalia wondered if she would ever find her life partner. During the campaign against the Legion in the Broken Isles, she finally found him in Haitou Rivermane, one of Jale Rivermane’s sons.

103) Rolling Rapids

Dragonrider’s Harness, Girdle of the Scroll-Sages, Kilt of Rolling Thunders, Axeclaw Gauntlets, Fresh-Haft Axe
Mini-Kam pointed out that as she is now a Highmountain Tauren, and from the same continent as the Stormheim Dragonriders, she really ought to get a chance to wear this chestpiece, too. The combination with this particular kilt was suggested by the overlay of the dark green tattoo patterns of the chestpiece on her blue warpaint.

102) Stormsurge

Spaulders of Meditative Focus, Dragonrider’s Harness, Azsh’ari Stormsurger Links, Earthmover Kilt, Stormscale Gloves, Portal-Ripper’s Staff
Kamalia was starting to get bored with the Heritage Armor, but I didn’t have any new ideas and I wasn’t remembering any backlogged ideas. While I was doing Hallow’s End stuff in Stormwind with Kaelyla, I saw a Pandaren Shaman wearing the Dragonrider’s Harness with a kilt (not this one) and that sparked this idea.

101) Ancestral Totemic

Ancestral Chieftain’s Armor with Replica Vest of The Five Thunders + Sanctified Frost Witch’s Legguards/Mail of Crimson Coins (H) + Replica Kilt of The Five Thunders, and Staff of the Earthmother
After wearing the Heritage of the Shu’halo set as-is for awhile, it was time to mix it up a bit. For a Shaman, I wanted to use a kilt. I hadn’t thought of this combo of chestpiece and kilt until I happened across it while working on this outfit — and I rather like it! After another while, I freshened up the outfit a little by swapping the sets of the chestpiece and kilt.

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Kamalia’s Guide to the Barbershop (bonus edition)

Patch 4.2 brought with it some new hairstyles at the Barbershop! I have collected and organized them here by race for convenience. Each new hairstyle has also been added to the appropriate style class page. For example, the new Night Elf “Sassy Tails” style has been added to the “Tails” page (section IV of this manual).

no new styles


sassy buns, wings


bangs ‘n’ braids, punky

Night Elf

sassy buns, sassy tails



no new styles


bangs, braided hawk
Added 1 Dec 2010; these styles were on the PTR for 4.2, but did not appear on the live realms until 4.3


backblown, sticks and stones


backswept, high, omega

no new styles

Blood Elf

braided tail

no new styles

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Kamalia’s Guide to the Barbershop (bonus edition)

Perodically, “blood elf face” floats through my search terms. I imagine they’re getting pulled in by my my previous assertion that Blood Elves and Draenei have all the same faces, but they’re probably looking for something a little more useful.

I have decided to compile a visual directory to the faces and skin tones available to female characters to make the ABMFS a complete guide not just to the Barbershop but also to the character creation screen; please keep in mind that face type cannot be changed at the Barbershop, and skin tone can only be changed at the Barbershop by Tauren, Worgen, and Pandaren characters. So choose your face and skin tone carefully, because unless you want to cough up $10 for a paid appearance change, you’re stuck with them!

I used WoW Model Viewer to prepare most of the pictures because it allowed me to get better close-ups than I could have obtained from the character creation screen or in-game.

For every race except Undead (and Pandaren, who cannot be DKs), the DK creation screen adds three extra faces (withered versions of three of the regular faces) that, when chosen, restrict the character’s skin tone to three zombie colors. The necrotic DK skin tones may only be accessed in combination with one of the withered DK faces; this also applies to the fur color of Tauren and Worgen DKs.

The pictures of the Death Knight-exclusive faces and skin tones were captured from the character creation screen and are shown with simultaneous cycling of face, skin tone, and DK hair color; these are only a few of the 27 possible DK-exclusive combinations for each race.

Faces and skin tones are shown in the order they cycle through on the character creation screen, stepped simultaneously. If there were more faces than skin tones, or more skin tones than faces, I didn’t change from the last value of the factor with less options while stepping through the remaining values of the factor with more options. For example, Humans have 15 faces and 10 skin tones, so the last 6 faces are shown with the 10th skin tone. Draenei have 10 faces and 12 skin tones, so the last 3 skin tones are shown with the 10th face. I haven’t iterated the Tauren and Worgen normal skin tones because those are already shown on the “Colors” page, and I have not prepared a correlation between Worgen wolf-form and human-form skin tones.


Worgen in human form have the first fourteen Human faces and the same DK faces, in the same order.



Night Elf







no new DK faces or skin tones

Blood Elf



Pandaren cannot be Death Knights

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Kamalia’s Guide to the Barbershop, concluded (part 10 of 10).

Each of the other races has a special feature that can be modified at the Barbershop.

Night Elf Tattoos

Shown in the order they cycle through. I have simultaneously cycled through the hair colors to show how hair and tattoo colors are linked.

None, Bear, Blades, Crane, Leaf

Claws, Wings, Serpent, Owl, Shadow

Draenei Horns

Shown in an approximate progression.

Short, High, Arced, Curled

Sweeping, Grand, Spread

Tauren Horns

These styles are available on the character creation screen.

Horned, Low, Long, Upturned

Small, Wide, Buffalo

Additional options are available at the barbershop.

Charger, Snapped, Gougers, Close, Stubs

Three new styles were added in Patch 4.2.

High, Omega, Backswept

Tauren may also change the color of their horns, choosing grey, tan, or black.

Troll Tusks

Shown from smallest to largest.

Nibblers, Short, Upturned

Straight, Oni, Long

Undead Features

Shown in the order they cycle through.

Intact, Stitched, Strapped, Rotting

Bonejawed, Toothy, Cheeky, Putrid

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Kamalia’s Guide to the Barbershop continued (part 9 of 10).

Goblins and Worgen change not just their earrings but also the entire shape of their ears.

Goblin Ears

Changing the shape of Goblin ears simultaneously alters the shape of the nose and chin, so I will show both a front view and a profile view of each style.

Shown in an approximate progression from smallest to largest.

Simple, Hoop, Perky, Studs

Skull, Tall, Tall Rings, Onyx n’ Rings

Rings, the Bone, the Beak

Worgen Ears

Shown in an approximate progression.

Small, Clean, Alert, Fuzzy

Tall, Tufted, Large, Wide

Pointed Pointer, Rounded Pointer, Scruffy, Flopped

The “Ears” in wolf form correlate to “Earrings” in human form as follows:

Clean, Tufted = Unpierced
Fuzzy, Tall = plain Earrings
Alert, Scruffy = Upper Earrings
Pointed Pointer, Small = Double Upper Earrings
Rounded Pointer, Flopped = Full Earrings
Large = Nose Ring
Wide = Nose & Brow Rings

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Kamalia’s Guide to the Barbershop, continued (part 8 of 10).

The third option for Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, Orcs, Blood Elves, and Pandaren. Pandaren earrings do not fit neatly into the categories I have used to organize the earring options of the other races, so I have shown them as a separate block.



Differently Sized Earrings

“Small earrings” for the gnome and “hoops” for the blood elf.

Upper Earrings

The human has earrings on both sides, the dwarf has only one. The gnome can choose right side, left side, or both.

Double Upper Earrings

The human has earrings on both sides.

Full Earrings

The human has earrings on both sides. These are “small earrings” on the dwarf.

Jeweled Earrings

Pearls, Rubies, Dangling Rubies

Emeralds & Bars, Dangling Emeralds, Emerald & Pearl Bars

Nose Rings

Pandaren Earrings

None, Hoops, Discs

Spirals, Captive Beads, Seals

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Kamalia’s Guide to the Barbershop, continued (part 7 of 10).


The orc version is called “crest”, the troll version is called “mohawk”, and the goblin version is called “fauxhawk”.


Braided Crest

The orc version is called “braided hawk”.


The draenei style is called “slicked”.



The pandaren styles are “chopsticks loop” and “twin loops”. The dwarf style is “wings”.




The Bride

The troll style is called “backblown”.
I’d love to see wigs — a temporary form of headgear — of this hairstyle for everyone to wear during the Hallows End holiday.

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