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This week, I finally had enough gold to buy the three Orbs of Mystery needed to craft the Geosynchronous World Spinner!
Ketura switched her Engineering specialization from Goblin to Gnomish just long enough to build this handsome rocket, then switched it right back.

Of course, now I’m pretty broke. I was able to leave all of my characters with about 1K gold, and my banker with 5K. That’ll do for repairs and minor expenses for awhile, and one or two changes of Transmogrification — but then I’ll need to make some more gold… somehow. :P

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This fortnight at the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic forum, Amerence says:

Let’s talk about “Time” in Timeless Isle — How much play time do you really spend time hanging out in this Island? What are the benefits despite those elite mobs ganking at you or, if you’re on a PvP server, for any faction tries to kill you? Or just Rare hunting? Is it really fun? Do you finish all the dailies by yourself or in a group?

these floating chests are probably my favorite thing about the Timeless Isle

One of Prinnie’s free-for-all Liebster questions was

Have you ever played a game so much your eyes glazed over? What game was it?

Well, the Timeless Isle glazes me over faster than just about anything else in the whole wide wonderful World of Warcraft. Running around mindlessly killing stuff just because it’s there or because it has aggroed onto me while waiting for a “rare” spawn or an event to appear bores me.

I don’t like the Timeless Isle because it makes me feel deeply inadequate. Some of my characters can handle the cranes, the yaks, the tigers, the turtles. I can’t do the big snakes. I haven’t really tried the crabs. The frogs and the elementals on the beach and in the cave get me more often than I get them. I can sometimes take on the littlest Yaungol. I don’t even try the big ones. The Timeless Isle exposes how poorly I play my characters… and because I have so very many characters with so very many other goals, I don’t want to spend the time and effort to learn how to play any one of them well enough to do well on the Timeless Isle. (I have not bothered with the Brawler’s Guild for the same reason.)

I will take a character who’s recently dinged 90 to the Timeless Isle once to do the introductory quests and to attempt to pick up armor tokens for any slots that weren’t filled by what I already had stashed away from previous characters’ trips to the Isle. I don’t try to get all the chests — just the easy ones I happen to wander past. (Kamalia herself only got the last chest for Treasure, Treasure Everywhere when BTH convinced me to go there with him as a last hurrah before he quit WoW to go play TESO until Warlords and he escorted me up to get the Blazing Chest. Despite Tome’s terrific tips, I am too much of a coward to try to get there by myself.) After that one trip, I generally don’t go to the Timeless Isle again until I’ve got another fresh 90.

I did spend a couple of hours on the Timeless Isle with my Paladin last week; I was out of ore, so she was flying around mining and when she got out to the eastern edge of the Jade Forest, I thought, “as long as I’m farming ore, I might as well pick up some Lesser Charms while I’m at it.” I felt really glazed over by the time I decided she had enough ore and could go home! Usually, though, I don’t even go to the Timeless Isle for Lesser Charms; I’d rather do dailies. Sure, doing dailies will take more time, but I will be less bored, and I will also get gold (instead of mostly useless Timeless Coins), miscellaneous useful items, and a much smaller repair bill!

I was quite grateful when, near the end of Cataclysm, BTH’s decision to change guilds for raiding reasons also moved us from the PvP server we’d initially rolled on (because his RL friends who were playing the game at the time were there) to a PvE server. In early Mists, seeing the high mixed-faction populations at all the rep-dailies areas — especially the Golden Lotus areas — made me even more grateful that I was no longer subject to ganking. The Timeless Isle has made me more grateful still! Even without taking the Censer of Eternal Agony into consideration, I would not want to go to the Timeless Isle ever, for any reason, if I were on a PvP server!

I am somewhat concerned about the extension of the Timeless Isle model to Warlords; if the level 100 non-raid content is too much in that vein, Warlords may be the expansion where Blizzard loses me. Hopefully Garrisons will prove engaging enough to retain my interest!

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The next time Kamalia came to the Seat of Knowledge, after having assisted in the defeat of Garrosh Hellscream, Lorewalker Cho trotted down from the dais to meet her, saying, “My friend, please meet me near the Big Blossom Mine in the center of the Vale. There is something I wish to show you there.”

This is a story about the lore event that unlocks following one’s first victory over Garrosh Hellscream. If you have not yet defeated Garrosh yourself, you may not want to continue reading it. Otherwise, (more…)

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If this is so, then why do neither Noodle Master Chin nor his assistant Noodlemonger Yol actually sell noodles?

And does Noodle Master Chin resent not having been invited to bring a noodle cart to the Celestial Court?

Noodle Master Chin must be a very balanced, harmonious pandaren indeed for Dawn’s Blossom to not have become overshadowed by a Sha of Sulking after the Timeless Isle reappeared.

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Brewfest, 2012

Brewfest, 2013

I would have been quite disappointed if there had been no Pandaren Brewmasters at Brewfest this year. But Blizzard remembered, and, even more delightful, their stock of small-batch Pandaren specialties is a complete cellar list of brews that can otherwise only be obtained from the brewmasters at the Celestial Court on the Timeless Isle.

This year, Kaoling insisted that as a Pandaren from the Wandering Isle, she must have a Pandaren Brewpack to tote around as she explores the rest of Azeroth. A hundred Brewfest Tokens are quite easy to obtain, so I obliged her.

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This is a story about the patch 5.4 trailer. If you haven’t watched it yet, you probably shouldn’t click through the cut until you have.

A sudden loud peal of the chimes hanging in the Tillers Shrine in the front garden awoke Kamalia in the wee hours of the morning. As she sat up, the chimes continued to jangle and clamor, more loudly and cacophonously than any thunderstorm winds had ever moved them — and she did not hear thunder, nor rain pounding on the roof. She grabbed the nearest weapon before opening the door.

“Miz Kamalia!” Tak-Tak rushed up the stairs and began pulling her out the door, “Oh, Miz Kamalia, we must hurry! Something very bad going down, very bad!”

“Just a moment!” she said, “Let me get my armor first.” She shut the door in his face, dressed quickly, and grabbed the bag containing her other gearset, as she didn’t know which of her two specializations would be more needed.

Tak-Tak was already hovering on his kite when she re-emerged, and he took off steeply as soon as she was settled.

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The other week, I was in Blade’s Edge Mountains with my Paladin doing a quest chain to pick up a chestpiece that, in addition to being an item I want for Transmogrification in the long term, is also an upgrade now because she’s not using heirlooms. Rexxar sent me out to bang a drum for the marmots, and I realized that if this quest had been written in Wrath or later, it would have launched a vehicle UI instead of simply replacing my character’s action bar.

Yesterday, I took my Druid to Shadowmoon Valley to acquire the dark moose antlers, and the culminating quest of that chain is also a pre-vehicle-UI vehicle quest.

In old Thousand Needles (vanilla WoW), there was a Horde quest to use a robot to steal some water from the moonwell in Thalanaar. I’m not quite sure anymore whether the robot control console replaced my character’s action bar or gave me a pet action bar for the robot. However it was done originally, this quest would probably use a vehicle UI if it were being written in modern WoW.

Do you remember any other quests from BC or Vanilla that would have used the vehicle UI if they’d been written in Wrath or later?

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This week, my characters already at level 90 ticked off quite a few of their objectives, so this weekend I took my Hunter, Ketura, out to join Nesingwary’s expedition to Pandaria.

I think the addition of a taxidermist to the Nesingwary entourage is hilariously wonderful! One of my great-grandfathers was a taxidermist, and my maternal grandparents’ house was decorated with a couple of his deer heads and a bobcat pelt wall hanging. As a child, I always loved going to the Monte L Bean Life Science Museum to see all the animals — and as an adult, I still love it.

Then Ketura went to Stoneplow and Paoquan Hollow.

I always feel so sorry for Lin Tenderpaw when I do this quest chain, as my character progresses right along while she is stuck endlessly pummeling her poor paws into paste against that rock while the Hidden Master disparages her ability.

After that, I went up to Kun-Lai Summit and finished everything but the Burlap Trail.

Ketura had a much easier time with the Darkspear Rebellion stuff than Keija the Warrior did because Kamalia could craft her a set of the Crafted Deadly Gladiator’s gear right away, whereas Keija is my Blacksmith (and still hasn’t finished learning the Lightning Steel CD patterns).

I’d been looking forward to wearing this set because I love the asymmetric shoulders, fancy belt buckle, and pheasant feathers in the helm. It’s very handsome as-is, but as a Transmogrification fanatic, I couldn’t resist mixing it up just a little:

Of the characters that I had at level 85 at the end of Cataclysm, only my Druid and my Human Mage haven’t yet gotten to level 90. Kerisa will make it to 90 eventually — I should start queueing for an LFD a day with her so that I can learn how to Tree. Unless I decide that I really really want to get Double Agent before the next expansion comes out and burn her from 85 to 90 via LFD, however, Kinevra probably will not make it to 90. I’m more interested in bringing up my Tauren Priest and Paladin and my first and favorite Mage, the Blood Elf Kaelinda.

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Since Katewatha reached level 90, she’s been busily working on her rep with the Tillers, the Shado-Pan, the August Celestials, the Order of the Cloud Serpents, and the Lorewalkers. These have all been going pretty quickly because I did eventually purchase the commendations for the “fun” factions as well as the serious ones.

Kate found an Onyx Egg while doing her very first set of Cloud Serpents dailies — something that Kamalia never managed to do — and that got her to Revered on that very first day.
She spent yesterday afternoon flying around reading lorescrolls, following this guide for mainland Pandaria and then this guide for the Isle of Thunder. I didn’t go visit the Seat of Knowledge until I’d collected all of the stories, and when I dinged Exalted, I still had five scrolls left to find.

Ketura, meanwhile, has been questing through the Jade Forest. She’s done a lot of rambling about in the southern part of the zone, following road signs to explore Alliance questing areas such as the Den of Sorrow and the Dreamer’s Pavillion. The Den of Sorrow uses the same cave design as Huo’s shrine on the Wandering Isle — I’m glad to see that such a lovely, unique location isn’t completely hidden away in that phased content. I wondered, though, how Lorewalker Cho acquired a poster of the Karazhan “Oz” backdrop to hang on the walls of his courtyard.

I was glad that I didn’t have to go all the way to the destruction of the statue to obtain the complete Fox Grove/Jade Witch set for Ketura.

After I initially collected this set with Kamalia (who didn’t keep it), I looked forward to collecting it for Ketura (to save) for a couple of reasons. First, I thought it would be perfect with this gun — the Bronze Blaster is a quest reward from End Time, but its design looks very Pandaren to me. Second, I thought it would mix-and-match well with the Gilneas City Guard set.

And it does — the two sets coordinate so very well that I’m having a terrible time deciding which of the following three combinations is my favorite!

While Kate was out searching for lorescrolls, I noticed how pretty the floor in the main chamber of the Crane Temple is:

and that’s probably why, when I was running LFR yesterday night, I noticed how pretty the floor in the courtyard where the Council of Elders meets is, too:

I haven’t run a meter since Ultraxion, so I don’t really know how effective my healing in LFR is. Perhaps I should start doing it again, though, because I’ve been feeling like I’ve gotten really sloppy.

I realize that I’m really quite late to the party with this observation, but with all the excitement about a new froggie model in Patch 5.2, I’m a bit surprised that none of my other Shaman friends (Effy, Matty, Saz) seem to have posted about how Hex now uses the new froggie instead of the old one.

Or did you, and I just wasn’t paying attention well enough and missed it?

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I’m not sure just what you’re doing here. I mean, yeah, you’re using the Demon Chain to subdue this monster proto-drake, but why? I sure hope we’re not going to end up killing you and this drake as an encounter in the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. That would be a horrible, senseless, tragic waste of your tremendous potential. If we do have to fight you, I’d much rather see the encounter end with us convincing you to change your mind (sort of like the Keepers in Ulduar), so that you then help us take down Garrosh and come out of this civil war as the new racial leader of the Orcs.

Do the Alliance SI:7 spying quests for the Battlefield:Barrens quest chain shed any light on what Warlord Zaela is up to? I’m not going to be playing through the 5.3 content as Alliance anytime soon, so I don’t mind being spoiled a little bit.

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