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Kaelinda went to Zaralek Cavern last night.

For one thing, the Valdrakken weekly “get rep and do a Dragon Isles world activity” quest wanted me to go to the new zone of Zaralek Caverns and do the new activity of Sniffenseeking. I was rather expecting this, given that that quest wanted me to go to the new zone of Forbidden Reach and do the new activity of Zskera Vaults the first week that that area was available.

For another, when I went to pick up Professions weeklies, the Drakonid dude didn’t have a quest to steal clothing from Gnolls, and the Gnome dude didn’t have a quest to get scythid legs or tarantula legs. There was a new Niffen fellow there, but he didn’t have a Tailoring quest for me, either. But when I logged in with my Druid, who is a Scribe, the Drakonid dude did have a quest for her. So I figured that the Tailoring weekly must be from the Niffen fellow, which meant I’d probably have to go unlock the Niffen Renown track to be able to get it.

And I did want to get the new Dragonriding Glyphs. This was made quite easy to do by using the map of glyph locations on Wowhead to plan a route around the cavern and the close-up images and specific location directions/instructions on Blizzard Watch to find each individual glyph. I didn’t find any of the glyphs difficult to get to as I moved around the cavern counter-clockwise starting from Loamm.

I played through enough of the main questline to get the quest completion for the Valdrakken rep weekly. I’ll come back for the rest of it later — I want to get through the rest of the launch questlines before I activate Fyrakk assaults so that they don’t interfere with doing the launch questlines. I am going to have to do those Fyrakk assaults eventually, though, since they reward the Cloth gear set coloration that mimics Alexstrasza’s new look. I’ll also have to push Loamm Renown through to 16, eventually, for the Black Dragonflight-themed shoulders-cloak-tabard set.

The environment of Zaralek Cavern feels like a hybrid of Deepholm, Blackrock Mountain, and, oddly enough, Nazjatar. The colors and shapes of the plant life and crystal formations in the entrance passageway are what give me the Nazjatar vibes.

The Niffen confuse me. They talk about how they arrived in the cavern and had to establish friendly relations with the local Drogbar, but where did they come from? How old are they, and how long have they been there? The princess talks about her mom having established the settlement, and the princess’s (former?) BFF talks about digging adventures during early explorations of the cavern, so it doesn’t seem like they’ve been there very long. To me, the Niffen are giving off similar vibes to other small races such as Cataclysm‘s Lost Isles Pygmies or Mists‘s Grummles, created to fill a specific, narrow cultural function niche but without really solid worldbuilding of how they actually fit into the ecology of Azeroth’s spontaneously generated sapient species, and likely to be left behind & forgotten after the expansion that introduced them.

Overall, my initial reaction to Zaralek Cavern is …meh. In the past, I have often put alts that I didn’t intend to actually do the zone questing with through the entry sequence to a new zone just so they’d be able to go there for Mog photoshoots in the future. I didn’t do that with Mechagon or Korthia because those environments did not inspire me at all; Zaralek Cavern is falling into that bin as well.

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I was rather excited about the new quiver & ammo pouch set for Hunters on the Trading Post this month. It was the first thing I purchased — or maybe the second, after the evening gloves 😛
Then I went to put together a new outfit for my Hunter, and the Stylin’ Adventure Hat just wasn’t quite what I wanted. The hat I wanted was the Battered Jungle Hat.
I thought for sure I’d already acquired a Battered Jungle Hat at some point with all the various times I’ve done Marcia Chase’s Fishing dailies for one purpose or another. I looked in my Guild bank, and I looked in the banks of all the characters I thought were most likely to have it, and I just couldn’t find the darn thing.
So now I have six characters — Tauren Hunter, Warrior, Paladin, Priest, Monk, and Death Knight — hearthed to the Ledgerdemain Lounge in Wrath Dalaran, diligently doing Northrend Fishing dailies as my first priority activity in Azeroth each day.

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It was much easier to get to True Friend status with Wrathion that I’d been afraid it would be — I just have to find some other players to tag along with at the Obsidian Throne, and that hasn’t been as hard to do as I’d feared it might be — so I’ve gone ahead and started working on getting Kamalia to be best buds with Sabellian as well. That way, I thought, I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to get Obsidian Throne rep with any of my other characters — they could just roll up and buy the Cosmetics they want. I realized suddenly this week, though, that the Obsidian Throne quests are perhaps the most significant source of Primal Chaos for my playstyle… and I am not yet to the stage of having more Primal Chaos than I know what to do with.

I do Crafting Professions mostly for myself, and mostly just for the Mog appearances.
I’ve specced out my Crafting Professions to push for new patterns, only to find that I don’t have nearly enough of the materials to make them (hello Primal Chaos!), or that I need more skill to Train a pattern to make one of the components of the item.
I’ll definitely push for skill 100 with Kaelinda’s Tailoring (but probably not Kaelyla’s), and maybe also with Kamalia’s Leatherworking. First, though, I’m going to have to get Kerisa’s Inscription leveled up and specced out into the appropriate branch of Archiving so that I can make my own Missives so that I can make stuff for skill-ups that people will actually want to buy on the AH… And it feels like I don’t want to start making stuff for the final push from 60 or 75 to 100 skill points until I’ve opened up and put a meaningful amount of profession knowledge into the specialization that improves Inspiration, Resourcefulness, and Crafting Speed for all crafting. With all of that, I am feeling rather paralyzed in my Professions progression at the moment.

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I was thinking about what to do next to continue leveling Kaelinda’s Dragonflight Tailoring when I suddenly got a bee in my bonnet that Battle for Azeroth would be the only expansion for which I hadn’t fully leveled Tailoring. During Battle for Azeroth itself, I’d done just enough Tailoring to craft the basic Tidespray Linen set. Then, having read on Wowhead and the Blizzard Watch Queue and Gnomecore and Coffee Cakes & Crits that leveling crafting Professions during that expansion required an absolutely absurd quantity of raw materials, I decided not to bother with trying to max it out. By now, though, I figured I had enough gold to buy Tidespray Linen off the AH by the freight car. So Kaelinda spent the weekend in Dazar’alor making piles and piles of Tidespray Linen stuff, then feeding it through the Scrapper until she’d gotten enough Expulsom to craft a few more of the items that would actually give her skill points…
Well, at least that’s done now.
Fortunately, I didn’t bother maxxing out Kamalia’s Leatherworking in Shadowlands, so I will feel no such compulsion to go back and cap out her Battle for Azeroth Leatherworking as well 😛

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The beginning of a new semester is always a slow time in WoW for me as I try to figure out what this semester’s daily and weekly routines are going to be.
Kamalia has reached Renown 10 for three of the four Major Factions; she’s lagging with the Iskaara Tuskar with whom she is only Renown 9.
Marukkai and Iskaara have Leatherworking patterns, so Kamalia will want to push those reputations. Expedition and Valdrakken have Tailoring patterns, so Kaelyla and Kaelinda will want to push those reputations. Depending on how completion of the 10.0 Campaign affects Campaign access in further patches, I may need to push reputation in lower priority factions just enough to get to the story unlocks.
I was pleased to discover that I only needed to reach friendship level 2 with Wrathion to be able to acquire the Obsidian Dracthyr Battlegear. As soon as I can Gather a few more Rousing Fire and Rousing Earth, I’ll pick it up and then it can be what Kamalisaura’s Visage form wears forever. I’ll still want to get all the way to the final friendship level to get black scales for my Dragonriding mounts, though. As long as there are other folks farming in the Obsidian Citadel with whom I can tag along when I have time and energy to do that stuff, I think I’ll be okay.
Speaking of Dragonriding mounts, I’ve been liking Dragonriding as a flight system well enough — though I dearly dearly miss the ability to hover. It’s nice to be able to stop and hover, aloft, to look around at the area below me and figure out where the quest objectives actually are and where the best place to land would be — not to mention hovering while AFK. I only did the basic versions of all the Dragonriding races; that’s good enough for doing the WQs, and looking at some of the Dragonriding abilities, I suspect I just don’t want to bother with the additional mechanics of the Advanced races. That Dragonriding theme music is such an earworm. I merely have to think about Dragonriding and it pops into my head… I don’t need to go Dragonriding with my Sparkle Pony, but I really would love to go Dragonriding with my older drake mounts, especially the Enchanted Fey Dragon. I never did Paragon with Stormheim enough to get the storm drake mount, but if I could go Dragonriding with it, it might be worth going back for…
How do the wind and stone drakes from Cataclysm and the storm drakes from Legion fit into the Dragonflight dragon ecology & society, anyhow? Is this something that the Aspects and the Primalists might spar over in some future patch storyline — each sending emissaries to the “lost flights” to try to persuade them that they belong on their side?
Meanwhile, Kaelinda has worked her way through Chapter 4 of the Zereth Mortis Campaign. Looking up how to get Sandworn Relics, though, she’s thinking ehhh… I’ll come back for these when I’m level 70. She only has a little more Anima to collect to finish off her Kyrian Cosmetics shopping list, and then I’ll really have to stop procrastinating finishing up Shadowlands 9.0 and 9.1 story stuff and grinding Stygia for Korthia Cosmetics.

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Kamalia finished up the Dragonflight leveling Campaign and unlocked Adventure Mode! Before I bring any alts out to the Dragon Isles, though, I think I’d like to get the four major factions up to Renown 10, so that they can have the rep boost from the get-go. I’m currently at 7 for Dragonscale Expedition, 8 for Maruuk Centaur, 6 for Iskaara Tuskarr, and 7 for Valdrakken Accord.
But as for how to increase that Renown… I am overwhelmed with stuff to do. There are loads of sidequests in Thaldraszus that we haven’t done and may not come back to while playing together. I haven’t done the Dragonscale Expedition Renown quests for Climbing or Ancient Waygates yet, nor the Maruuk Centaur Great Hunt intro quests, nor the Dragonriding Races for any zone except Waking Shores. I’ve leveled and put some knowledge points into my gathering profession, but I’ve barely touched my crafting profession. Our quest logs are bulging with dungeon quests, so we’ll probably spend a play session or two just running dungeons.

I was wandering about Iskaara the other night and happened upon a pair of Kalu’ak tuskarr. Back in the day, I ground out Kalu’ak rep to get the Mastercraft Kalu’ak Fishing Pole, and that is the item I currently have equipped as my Fishing Tool. I was pleasantly surprised by how the Kalu’ak greeted me!

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Somehow, my Highmountain Tauren Druid, Kasheena, had managed to make it from her initial Allied Race level of 20 to a post-level-squish level of 42. She’d done the first few chapters of Highmountain, a little bit of the Druid Order Hall Campaign, Mulgore, a few years of Brewfest and WoW’s Anniversary dailies, and a smattering of other stuff.
Although I’d ignored the Winds of Wisdom buff last week because it was World Quest Bonus Week and I was busy with my level 60 characters, this week I suddenly realized that this was my chance to push Kasheena through to level 50 and finally, finally get her Heritage Armor. Finishing up the Highmountain main storyline, plus the Highmountain bonus objectives, opening up Suramar after she dinged 45, and doing some Legion Professions quests (she is an Herbalist/Miner), got her there in two play sessions.

I was very surprised to discover that the totems on the back of the Highmountain Heritage Armor are part of the chestpiece item, not a backpiece item.
Then I went and pre-ordered the Epic edition of Dragonflight and used the Boost on Kasheena; now she’s in Ardenweald with Kamalia and Kaurinka.

Kasheena just needs to get to Honored with Marasmius and Court of Night to be able to use the butterflymoth backpacks; Kaurinka will continue doing All The Things to get the other Shadowlands leather stuff I still want.
I decided to pre-order Dragonflight now and use the Boost on Kasheena (instead of saving it for my Tauren Mage) because I have for a rather long time in the back of my mind been thinking that for the next expansion it would be neat to be able to bring both a Mulgore Tauren (Kamalia) and a Highmountain Tauren (Kasheena, replacing Kerisa/Kaurinka in my roster of Mains) as well as both a Blood Elf (Kaelinda), and a Void Elf (Kaelyla).
(… now I’m so tempted — at this moment, at least — to buy Boosts for all my other sweet Mulgore Tauren girls, though I know that would be a tremendously gross expenditure… and when Shadowlands gets folded into Chromie Time I’ll probably be able to Mog with Shadowlands stuff with them without needing them to be level 60… and it would be better to wait to do Boosts until after the pre-patch goes live and I can roll my Tauren Rogue and Mage, anyhow…)

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Oh, I want that Twisted Arcanum Regalia set so much! So delish, both on its own and for mix-n-match with Heritage of the Sin’dorei, or the crimson tints of the Venthyr sets. But will it be obtainable through an activity that I will be willing and able to do?

The Tailoring Profession Equipment in Dragonflight looks nice enough; I am digging that robe. The Alchemy Profession Equipment is nifty, too — and that hat with the sprig of leaves tucked into the band is to die for! When Transmog support for Profession equipment comes online later in the expansion, will we be able to mix-and-match with any Profession Equipment we’ve learned on our accounts, or just with Professions that the individual character has learned? I’d love to wear the Alchemy hat with the Tailoring robe… Though I do wonder what the Herbalism Profession Equipment will look like…?

If the Progenitor sets were too bland, the Primalist sets are too outlandish. I’m looking at the Mage Primalist Tier Set preview and going um, nope. I’m not even imagining any mix-and-match possibilities for isolated pieces such as the belt, shoulders, or gloves.

PvP models are often recolors of either questing or dungeon sets. If that holds true for this expansion as well, then based on the Cloth PvP Armor Models preview, I’m not super excited about that gear, either. I do like the skirt and the sleeves of the robe, so maybe with a suitably coordinating tabard it would be okay?

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As a new Pandaren Mage or Priest adventures through the Wandering Isle, they obtain three sets of beautiful, thematic, and sadly non-Moggable gear:

set 1 (white): Initiate’s Robes, Initiate’s Rope Belt
set 2 (blue): Robes of the Water Spirit, Unmarred Cord
set 3 (green): Protector’s Robes, Cord of Grieving

But wait — in Pandaria itself, the belts and pants of the white and blue sets become available as Tailoring patterns!

set 1 (white): Initiate’s Rope Belt/White Cloud Belt, Initiate’s Leggings/White Cloud Leggings
set 2 (blue): Unmarred Cord/Belt of the Night Sky, Homespun Leggings/Leggings of the Night Sky
set 3 (green): Cord of Grieving, Survival Leggings


Conjuror’s Sky

Sorcerer Drape, Sorcerer Bracelets, Belt of the Night Sky, Leggings of the Night Sky, Conjuror’s Slippers

White and Purple Clouds

Cat Lover’s Vest, White Cloud Belt, White Cloud Leggings, Patroller’s Footwear

Pandaren Homespun

Cyno’s Mantle of Sin, Cat Lover’s Vest, Belt of the Night Sky, Leggings of the Night Sky, Shadowmoon Grips, Footfalls of Memories, Epoch-Mender

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The beautiful crafted Primal Mooncloth set from Burning Crusade is a recolor of the Classic Prophecy set from Molten Core.


Book of Prophecies

Vestments of Prophecy with Gossamer Headpiece and Light’s Wrath (Hidden, 1st tint)
Some combinations of Tier set and Legion Artifact weapon were just meant to be.
I have always been covetous of the NPC-exclusive recolor of the Prophecy Mantle worn by Kosta Dawnchaser at Thunder Cleft in Krasarang Wilds — but I didn’t know the robe details well enough to recognize the differences in the robe style until I stood them side-by-side to take the pictures.

Prophecies of Power

Whitemane’s Chapeau, Mantle of Prophecy, Ruby Drape of the Mysticant, Robe of Power, Girdle of Prophecy, Boots of Prophecy, T’uure (Hidden, 1st tint)


Primal Mooncloth

Cassandra’s Grace, Primal Mooncloth shoulders robe & belt, Replica Virtuous Gloves + Dryad’s Wrist Bindings, Key to the Planes

Mooncloth Pennant

Mountainsage Hood/Crown of the Champion, Primal Mooncloth Shoulders, Pennant Cloak, Primal Mooncloth Robe, Rhie-Ay’s Clutching Gauntlets, Primal Mooncloth Belt/Corpse-Stitcher’s Cord, Sandswept Sandals, Apostle of Argus

Stormwind Battlemage

Mountainsage Hood, Primal Mooncloth Shoulders, Whispering Tunic, Bridenbrad’s Sash, Leggings of the Night Sky, Exiled Dabbler’s Gloves, Faith Healer’s Boots*, Bone Witch’s Drape, Stormwind Tabard, Replica Lion’s Fang, Divine Companion

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