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Being a Death Knight, Kregga must admit to being undead. Being neither Human nor High Elf in origin, however, she has no particular loyalty or affinity for Sylvanas Windrunner. Nonetheless, it amuses me to think of populating her Garrison with Forsaken, Death Knights, and Ghosts.
So I took her out to gather up all the quest & zone followers who fit into those categories — including temporarily replacing her Trading Post with a Lumber Mill so she could get Alexi Barov. I did some other questing here and there along the way, not necessarily in linear zone order…

That makes seven level 100 characters.

I don’t think I should try to predict which of the remaining nine will be next to reach the level cap. They keep surprising me this expansion. It probably won’t be the one that I currently think looks the most likely.

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As of yesterday evening, I have:

Defeated all of the Draenor trainers (thanks Lio!)

Upgraded my Menagerie to level 3

And collected all of the Draenor wolf puppies.

Although I still have many pets that are not level 25 and many pets that are not rare quality, I think I’ll take a rest from Pet Battling (except when it’s Pet Battle Bonus XP Week) and work on one of my other alts’ Warlords goals.

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Recent posts by Cymre and Alt: about the upcoming Fashionista achievement series in Legion have prompted me to go through my inventory and see where I’m at and what I still need to collect to become Kamalia the Fabulous.

I’m going to assume that because the Wardrobe will be an account-wide feature, the achievement series will also be account-wide. Thus, if I can get to a total of 25 items in each item slot from any of the armor types, I’m good. I’m also assuming that recolors of the same model count as different appearances.

I counted my wardrobe by visiting the Warpweaver with each alt in turn and seeing how many items showed up as available for Transmogrification for each slot. I started with Kaylynda, then went over to my main server and worked my way down the list from Kamalia. When I’d found enough items for a given slot with one character, I didn’t look at that slot with further characters.

Kaelinda has 32 hats: DONE
Kaylynda has 38 shoulders: DONE
Kaylynda has 48 chestpieces: DONE
Kaylynda has 29 belts: DONE
Kamalia has 29 trousers: DONE
Ketura has 27 gloves: DONE
Ketura has 26 boots: DONE

Ketura has 28 ranged weapons: DONE

I’ve been collecting shirts for a long time and have over 50 unique shirts in my primary guild bank from tailoring and various vendors: DONE

Kamalia has the Tabard of the Achiever: DONE

I thought bracers would probably be the most difficult slot, because they’re usually covered by gloves and so I only keep them if they’re very pretty or if they’re tiny enough to not show under the shorter glove styles. Indeed, most of my characters have only a few pairs of bracers. Somewhat unsurprisingly (at least to me), my clothies had the most bracers. Kaelinda and Kaylynda had 14 pairs each. Kaohana had the most, with 23 items, so I dug up a couple more pairs from my mog vault guild bank: DONE

Most of my characters have between 10 and 20 cloaks. By the time I get all of my characters’ inventories imported into the Wardrobe, I’m sure I’ll have more than enough different cloak designs. If I do need to get to 25 different cloak designs with a single character, I have several cloaks stashed away in my mog vault guild bank.

So if my assumptions hold, then yeah, I’m pretty Fabulous already.

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This is why I wanted — nay, needed — a level 100 Alliance Mage. I like the Horde Town Hall and Inn well enough, but for all the other structures, especially the Mage Tower, I like the Alliance architecture better.

Lunarfall Arcanist

Mistscape Wizard Hat & Robe, Feline Mantle, Serenity Belt, Tempest’s Touch, Wandering Boots*, Ley Staff*

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When at length the Peak of Serenity dailies had gotten her to level 96, the Brewmaster-Bagmaker Monk took the Timeless Isle portal to Draenor and set about establishing her Garrison. She specifically collected the followers that she would need to support her professions — Ka’la the Leatherworker, Pleasure Bot 8000 the Tailor, Shadow Hunter Rala the Herbalist, and Dark Ranger Velonara the Skinner — and built the appropriate buildings. She’s mostly ignoring the rest of the followers and missions game. I also decided to build her a Mage Tower for convenient travel to Nagrand for trapping. Between the quests to establish outposts to get the flight points, the quests to get the followers she wanted, and a few quests dealing with Ogres to collect Waystones, she soon found herself halfway through level 98.

She wasn’t always a Brewmaster-Bagmaker, though. My secondary Monk gained most of the XP for her first 60 levels as a Pet Battler. Once she reached Outland, however, she started doing more and more questing and more and more dungeon healing and less and less Pet Battling. Eventually she decided that she wanted to try out Brewmastering (though only for solo play). After unsuccessfully lobbying the Underpowered Death Knight to take up Pet Battling, she eventually handed over the Pet Battling leashes to my Hunter.

The Sign of the Critter last week inspired my secondary Monk to use Pet Battles to get through that last level and a half of XP to get to 100. First, though, she needed to be properly dressed…

Safari Expedition

Cloth: Elementalist or Archmage sets; Leather: Expedition or Dragonhawk sets; Mail: Talhide or Netherstorm sets; Rustic Workman’s Shirt
For a dedicated Pet Battling character looking for something to coordinate with the Safari Hat, this style of gear is just about “one size fits all” — it’s available in every armor type except plate. Your character will have to be at least moderately leveled to wear this kit, however, as these sets are Outland drops. Furthermore, each of these sets has an odd piece or two that doesn’t match all the rest, so a complete set will probably have to be assembled using items from both set names.

My other two Tailors hadn’t bothered to make an Elekk Plushie, but the Pet Battling Monk needed one (well, duh!). With the Sign of the Critter up, the Kalimdor trainer circuit plus the first few trainers in Outland got the Elekk Plushie almost to level 25. It seemed appropriate, somehow, to get the last bit of XP for it by battling Ashlei and Doodle…

Although I got too late of a start last week to actually get her to level 100 while the Sign of the Critter was up, a few more Pet Battles this week got her over the wire:

Now I have 6 level 100 charaters, with 10 more active alts still in the leveling queue.

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Upon becoming my fifth character to reach level 100, Kaylynda promptly traveled back to her Garrison to upgrade her Town Hall and celebrate!

Kaylynda’s level 100 To Do list (not in any particular order of priority):
*get Jukebox, collect additional tunes
*find Archmage Vargoth’s stuff
* wait for Oralius to show up at the Inn to get the quest for the Whispering Crystal, then do Silver Proving Grounds so that she can go to UBRS for the Whispering Crystal and Millhouse Manastorm
* do Apexis dailies that are in Ogre areas to collect Waystones until she can upgrade her Mage Tower to level 3
* go back to Nagrand to finish up Yrel’s story and find out what’s up with Vindicator Nobundo
* putter around in Tanaan until Revered with Lion’s Watch
* go back to Pandaria and do Lion’s Landing and the Isle of Thunder

Next up in the leveling queue to get to 100 will most likely be either Kaelinda the Blood Elf Mage (currently level 95) or Kerisa the Druid (currently level 97).

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A minipost double-header!


During the past several months, I’ve been running Sunwell and Black Temple with a series of alts for a laundry list of items for Transmogrification. I’ve spent some time in the Battle of Mount Hyjal, too — not nearly as much, but enough that this happened a few weeks ago without me even having to try for it specifically:

Not sure she’s as cute as my kitten, though:

(if you’ll pardon the terrible Photoshopping of a low-quality selfie…)


The third Heirloom ring mission was for me also the last of the six special reward bearing rare Shipyard missions, so when it popped up last week (or thereabouts), I got an Achievement, too.

I said I’d keep playing the Shipyard until I got all three Heirloom rings, so I guess I’m done with it now. I dunno, there might be a Baleful token or two of which I haven’t got enough for all of my active alts quite yet.

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