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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Blood Elf Mage. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

152) Sailor Oribos

Radiant Court Hood, Celestial Observer’s Constellations, Celestial Observer’s Starshroud, Windchanneller’s Tunic, Winterborn Handwraps, Redeemed Inquisitor’s Sash, Choral Leggings, Radiant Court Slippers, Scimitar of Seven Stars (LFR), Heart of the Phoenix (Hidden, first tint)
An attempt to create an Anime Magical Girl style of outfit. Kateleina, with her hair bleached white to fit the Magical Girl motif, wanted to model.

151) Battle Magistrix of Quel’Thalas

Brutal Gladiator’s Silk Armor with Squire’s Shirt, Junglestrider Sandals, and Grand Magister’s Staff of Torrents
As well as being a renowned botanist (see her first appearance in Blood Elf Mage #127), Kaelinda’s mother was also a Mage of moderate power and skill who came quickly to her homeland’s defense when the Scourge invaded.
While doing the Heritage of the Sin’dorei questline, Kaelinda’s clothing temporarily changed into the Brutal Gladiator’s Silk Armor when she was participating in the illusions of past events.

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I picked up the last item I wanted from the Soulbreaker’s Burnished Vestments set last week. I don’t have the full set, but I do have all the pieces I most wanted for Mogging mix-and-match. So now I am Done with Venthyr Travel Network Broken Mirrors. Hooray!
I only need two more pieces from the Night Fae Korthia set and two more pieces from the Necrolords Korthia set. In other words, I only need a Cosmetics quest to show up one more time for each of those Covenants, because with both Kaelinda and Kaelyla on the job, I can get two pieces each time one of those quests is available.
Kaelinda and Kaelyla paid back earlier gifts of Anima from Kaurinka to help them finish upgrading Covenant Sanctum features, thus allowing Kaurinka to get her Queen’s Conservatory fully upgraded to Tier 5 and to purchase the Queen’s Conservatory recolor of the Oakheart set. Now I just need to push Kaurinka through the rest of the 9.0 Night Fae Campaign…

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Void Elf Mage. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

84) Primal Cloudburst

Cloudburst Regalia with Stormbender Saber and Stormbender Scroll
Cloth set from the Primal Storms Dragonflight pre-launch event.

83) Covenant Alliance

Aspiring Aspirant’s Hood, Korthian Caretaker’s Mantle, Halo of the Selfless, Azure Dusk Vestments, Faewoven Handwraps, Korthian Caretaker’s Sash, Faewoven Leggings, Wild Gladiator’s Treads of Cruelty, Replica Lion’s Fang, Newly Departed Codex
With the lore segue phase of Patch 10.0 set to begin this week, I decided to bring Kaelyla home from the Shadowlands. She will experience the Alliance RP for and collect Cloth Cosmetics from the Dragonflight pre-patch events.

She will, with Kamalia, be one of my first toons to embark for the Dragon Isles. For the occasion, it seemed appropriate to make an “Alliance Blue” ensemble using mostly Shadowlands items.

82) Sunken Garden

Crown of the Seducer (LFR), Deeptide Amice, Vileweave Robes, Deeptide Cinch, Shattrath Jumpers, Plundered Oracle Fin Staff
A combination I passed through on the way to Khrysanthemina’s previous outfit and liked enough to jot down for later.

81) Miss Lyanna II

Hat of the Second Sister, Vir’naal Spaulders, Demon Commander’s Drape, Vileweave Robes, Sailing Master’s Sash, Virulent Gravetreaders, Scepter of Celebras*
Modified version of an outfit I originally designed three years ago for Kalaneia (see Warlock #56).
Serendipitously also works surprisingly well as a Sinfall Venthyr kit.
This sash is Alliance-only; for Horde characters, the Normal version of Aqu’sirr’s Swirling Sash works almost as nicely.

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I reached Revered with the Ember Court this past week. This allowed me to purchase the Cosmetic set pieces I was most interested in, the shoulders and belt. I ran a full Kyrian guest list for that Court and they were all Elated with the party I threw for them. And whaddayaknow, Sika’s tribute chest contained the RNG-dependent item that I’d most particularly wanted from the Ember Court, Tranquil’s Censer, the most golden version of the Bastion bell off-hand.
So… after I get the slate of Ember Court upgrade quests that popped up with Revered cleared from my quest log, and get the guest list RSVPs and the party planning selections for my next Court finalized, I’ll… stop doing the Ember Court.
At least for the time being.
Well… Mostly.
I’ll still want to do an Ember Court at least once during each Holiday, to see Theotar’s take on Azeroth’s celebrations 😀
The Ember Court is fun, and I love the lavishing of detail that went into it. It’s also rather a lot of stuff to do. When I have Ember Court quests active in my log, I somehow don’t dare to Covenant Twist for Korthia because I don’t want to risk having my progress on those quests get reset.
There are things I might like to get from the Ember Court at Exalted, such as the Mantle of Court Blades. I might also like to eventually get my favorite guests to be my Best Friends so they can be my penpals after I leave the Shadowlands. But I can come back to the Ember Court to work on achieving those things when I am finished with Korthia and have moved on to Zereth Mortis….

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Between being ill with an awful, lingering cough and some crunch time at school, I was doing a bare minimum of activities in WoW for a week or so and am only just getting back to Korthia. After a great deal of dithering about whether to continue with my earlier plan to do the Korthia Campaign with both Mages, so as to see both the “in Covenant” and “out of Covenant” dialog & quest text for the Covenant-story-advancing chapters, or to rerun the 9.0 Necrolords and Night Fae Campaigns with Kaelinda and only do Korthia with her, I finally decided to take Kaelyla to Korthia. She won’t do as much there as Kaelinda will do, though — just the Campaign chapters, Mog item dailies, and maybe, if I feel like it, the Anima token dailies.

Unleashed Time

Helm of Unleashed Energy, Eternal Traveler’s Spaulders, Bronze Wings of Awakening, Earthen Embrace, Eternal Traveler’s Gauntlets, Eternal Traveler’s Waistwrap, Ordon Legend-Keeper Legguards, Titan-Forged Sabatons of Triumph, Vagaries of Time (N), Timepiece of the Bronze Flight (N)
With the bronze wings, of course Kamalia had to use her favorite Bronze Dragonflight-themed weapons from Dragon Soul.

Fae Enigma

Crown of the Righteous, Faewoven Amice, Winterwoven Bulb, Enigma Robes, Cerulean Filigreed Doublet, Cord of Uncertain Devotion, Corpse-Stitcher’s Treads, Blue Diamond Witchwand + Winterborn Harp
Naturally, the insect-themed Ahn Qiraj robe needed to be used with the insect-themed Night Fae shoulders.

Sweet Brew

Garland of Grain/Brown Brewfest Hat/Weather-Beaten Fishing Hat, Imbued Silkweave Epaulets, Night Courtier’s Greatcloak, Gossamer Tunic, Belt of the Sage, Padre’s Trousers, Brewfest Slippers/Patroller’s Footwear, Sister Martha’s Soulstealer, Seer’s Fine Stein
I felt like to properly wear the Garland of Grain for Brewfest At The Ember Court, I needed to be wearing an outfit that I’d created myself.
It’s a bit past date for Brewfest, but on both of the weekends during Brewfest, I was ill and sleep was more important than staying up another hour or two to get this assembled and posted.

This series of posts began because I set myself a goal to document new Transmogrification outfits in a more timely fashion. As soon as I create a new outfit, I write it up in a draft post. As the weekend approaches, I start working on taking fashion screenshots, processing them, and updating “Things my [Class] Wears” posts. On Sunday — though not every Sunday — I publish the collection of my recent efforts. Then I begin the next “Sunday on the Promenade” draft post.

Occasionally, I have ideas for themed Transmogrification collections that take several months to completely assemble. Thus, some of these outfits might get re-posted at a later date as part of such a themed Transmogrification collection.

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Oh, I want that Twisted Arcanum Regalia set so much! So delish, both on its own and for mix-n-match with Heritage of the Sin’dorei, or the crimson tints of the Venthyr sets. But will it be obtainable through an activity that I will be willing and able to do?

The Tailoring Profession Equipment in Dragonflight looks nice enough; I am digging that robe. The Alchemy Profession Equipment is nifty, too — and that hat with the sprig of leaves tucked into the band is to die for! When Transmog support for Profession equipment comes online later in the expansion, will we be able to mix-and-match with any Profession Equipment we’ve learned on our accounts, or just with Professions that the individual character has learned? I’d love to wear the Alchemy hat with the Tailoring robe… Though I do wonder what the Herbalism Profession Equipment will look like…?

If the Progenitor sets were too bland, the Primalist sets are too outlandish. I’m looking at the Mage Primalist Tier Set preview and going um, nope. I’m not even imagining any mix-and-match possibilities for isolated pieces such as the belt, shoulders, or gloves.

PvP models are often recolors of either questing or dungeon sets. If that holds true for this expansion as well, then based on the Cloth PvP Armor Models preview, I’m not super excited about that gear, either. I do like the skirt and the sleeves of the robe, so maybe with a suitably coordinating tabard it would be okay?

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A collection of Transmogrification Kits actually worn in-game by my Void Elf Mage. Outfits are listed from most recent to least recent. Items that are no longer obtainable are marked with an asterisk (*).

80) Magical Moths

Harvester’s Court Hood, Courtier’s Mantle, Spirit Tender’s Bulb, Robes of Fluctuating Energy (LFR), Flourished Cummerbund, Silent Slippers of Meditation, Magician Staff
The Spirit Tender’s Bulb was the one thing I really really wanted from the Night Fae Queen’s Conservatory. Its bright magenta and fuchsia colors are so different from the blue tones of the other versions of this backpiece! I’d been thinking of it as pink, so I was a bit surprised to find that this robe, which I think of as purple, was what looked best with it.

79) Fae Enigma

Crown of the Righteous, Faewoven Amice, Winterwoven Bulb, Enigma Robes, Cerulean Filigreed Doublet, Cord of Uncertain Devotion, Corpse-Stitcher’s Treads, Blue Diamond Witchwand + Winterborn Harp
Naturally, the insect-themed Ahn Qiraj robe needed to be used with the insect-themed Night Fae shoulders.

78) Deadfolks’ Drinking Dirge

Green Brewfest Hat/Purple Brewfest Hat, Choral Amice, Initiate’s Necromantle Drape/Marileth’s Assistant’s Drape, Choral Vestments, Delaris’ Gloves/Cobalt-Threaded Gloves, Choral Sash, Bloodstained Sous Chef Pants/Sirensong Trousers, Shadow-Stitched Stalkers/Virulent Gravetreaders, Direbrew’s Bloodied Shanker + Mok’Morokk’s Grog Bottle
I acquired these boots from Trial of Style specifically with the idea of doing this outfit with them when Brewfest came around again.
The odd thing about the Choral set, compared to the Zereth Mortis sets for the other armor types, is that both the BOE version and the version that Rafiq sells for Sandworn Relics are split between the green coloration and the purple coloration — BOE is green for hat, shoulders, chest, and bracers and purple for gloves, belt, pants, and boots; Sandworn Relics is reversed — for the other armor types, the BOE version is all green and the Sandworn Relics version is all purple. I haven’t done nearly enough in Zereth Mortis yet to have acquired the Sandworn Relics version of the set, so I’ll have to make do with some mix-and-match.
I liked the monochrome looks better than the mixed look, though, so I ran around in the green version.

77) Nether Sparks

Netherwind Mantle, Sparkburnt Welder’s Cloak, Soulcloth Vest/Ren’dorei Mantle, Hidden Shirt/Gild’s Crewneck, Manaspark Gloves, Netherwind Belt, Replica Devout Skirt, Netherwind Boots, Staff of Haunted Memory/Aluneth (upgraded, 2nd tint)
This outfit is primarily about the serendipitous synergy between the Tier 2 shoulders and the Hellfire Citadel cloak, and secondarily about the synergy between the Tier 2 shoulders and the Ren’dorei chestpiece.

76) Bladesworn Conjurer

Bladesworn Conjurer’s Regalia with Expeditionary Cloth Hood (A), Thorignir Punisher Spaulders, Bladesworn Battle Standard, Master Builder’s Shirt, and Gorewrought Spellblade + Gorewrought Tome
Campaign version of the 9.0 Necrolords Cloth set, with a few substitutions for pieces I don’t care for. I primarily made this kit to have used each of the Shadowlands Covenant backpiece styles at least once.
It’s a darn shame of a missed opportunity that Blizzard didn’t make a Cosmetic version of the Primus’s Runeblade available as a Necrolords Covenant item. It would have been really neat to have had it awarded along with the “Sword of the Primus” title at Renown 80.

75) Countess II

Resplendent Circlet, Soulbreaker’s Crimson Mantle Sash & Leggings, Gleaming Crypt Keeper’s Mantle, Harvester’s Court Vestments, Arcanoshatter Gloves (H), Court Inquisitor’s Slippers, Seer’s Cane/Sinfall Duelist’s Rapier + Anima-Infused Muck
I wanted to make an outfit using the Soulbreaker’s Crimson Leggings, with their nifty black and red striping. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out. This outfit is something of a successor/fusion and iteration of two previous kits (Blood Elf Mage #100 & #104). It remixes ideas I’ve used in various previous Venthyr outfits; the most novel thing about it is that I’m actually using the Inquisitor’s shoes!

74) All Candles Mine!

Red Noggin Candle/Crown of Endless Knowledge, Gleaming-Eye Shoulderpads (LFR), Kael’s Dark Sinstone Chain, Robe of Midnight Down (LFR), Crystal-Claw Gloves (LFR), Soulbreaker’s Crimson Sash, Unassuming Slippers, Void-Warped Oshu’gun Staff/Staff of Fiery Fate
This outfit started with the silly notion of using the Red Noggin Candle together with Kael’s Dark Sinstone Chain. Then it got even sillier when I thought of bringing in the candles on the Priest Throne of Thunder shoulders. The red Normal version of the Priest Throne of Thunder shoulders would coordinate better with the head candle and backpiece —

— but the blue LFR version is what I’ve got. It took me a few attempts to figure out the rest of the ensemble. I finally got the outfit to cohere when I thought of trying the LFR Mage Throne of Thunder robe, which has both red and blue.
Modeled by Khrysanthemina.

73) Faewoven Finery

Faewoven Regalia with Faewoven Branches, Crown of Everlasting Fortune/Windchaser Coronet, and Winterborn Spear/Spire of Coagulated Globules (LFR)
Had she not become Ren’dorei — or even Sin’dorei — Kaelyla would still have chosen the Night Fae.
The panpipes in the last three pictures are a doodad associated with the Gormling Piper WQ activated by the Night Fae Anima Conductor.
Modeled by Kaelyla-AU.

72) Undying Exemplar II

Fel-Proof Goggles/Mag’hari Ritualist’s Horns, Spirit Tender’s Mantle, Death Fetish, Master’s Vest, Master Builder’s Shirt, Colors of the Undying Army, Prime Conjurer’s Gloves, Ruthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy, Shrouded Cloth Pants, Prime Conjurer’s Slippers, Gorewrought Wand + Frigid Invoker’s Focus/Shard of Azzinoth + Lambent Plaguetouched Focus
An upgraded, Cloth-Class-agnostic version of an outfit originally designed for my Warlock (#77), using Necrolords set pieces instead of Warlock set pieces.
The Lambent Plaguetouched Focus is a nicer match for the Shard of Azzinoth, but the Frigid Invoker’s Focus is a nicer match for the backpiece.
Modeled by Kateleina.

71) Hot Feet/Cold Feet

Fire: Jewel of the Firelord, Firelord’s Mantle (H), Master’s Vest, Ebon Filigreed Doublet, Tabard of Summer Flames, Demonic Combatant’s Silk Handguards + Bracers of the Bronze Flight (H), Embereye Belt, Lava-Starched Britches, Searing Stompers, Wild Combatant’s Energy Staff (H)

Frost: Crown of Eternal Winter, Firelord’s Mantle (N), Master’s Vest, Ebon Filigreed Doublet, Tabard of Summer Skies, Demonic Combatant’s Silk Handguards + Bracers of the Bronze Flight (N), Frostwind Cord, Lava-Starched Britches, Freezing Footguards, Wild Combatant’s Energy Staff (A)
I bought these shoes from Trial of Style pretty much just so I could use them for this outfit concept. Maybe I’ll think of some other uses later. The brightly colored soles showing while moving is neat.
Though none of the items in this pair of outfits are actually holiday-locked, Midsummer Fire Festival just seemed like the right time to make them.

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By the time I was able to log in yesterday night, I’d decided to save doing the new Blood Elf-exclusive questline until after I’ve finished the Kyrian Campaign, so that Kaelinda can be herself and so that my screenshots won’t be all cluttered up with other players. Instead, Kamalia went to see what was up with Calia Menethil and Lordaeron. It felt good to have Kamalia take the lead on a world-story-advancing questline again. The questline was consistent with current WoW storytelling, with a fairly shallow story and a rather silly big showpiece moment leading to “yay we won!”.

Lillian Voss is probably my favorite Forsaken character. I was pleased to see, when we went to find Lillian Voss in Brill, that she had Amalia Stone and Derek Proudmoore with her. I appreciated that continuity with the BfA story, even though those two characters didn’t do anything in the remainder of the questline. With Calia and Derek we see a Menethil-Proudmoore alliance… just not the one those families originally imagined. But what, then, of Calia’s secretly-wedded husband and infant daughter who were killed by the Scourge — a part of her backstory described in the Before the Storm novel, but never referenced in-game? **sigh**

The part in Maldraxxus seemed like it was made with the expectation that everyone doing it would already have flying (which I don’t). I managed not to die while kodo-charging through perilous terrain to get to the NPCs we needed to consult, but I was sure glad that as a Shaman, I’d be able to Reincarnate if I did. It also helped that I use the Comfortable Rider’s Barding as my standard mount equipment. Protection against daze-and-dismount while riding through hostile territory is much more valuable to me than water walking!

The surprise of the new “Dark Ranger” customization for Blood, Void, and Night Elves (Delaryn Summermoon is also present at Brill) is a fun little thing, good on the devs for sneaking that past the PTR. I was somewhat disappointed to find that the new skin tone and the red eyes are linked, rather than separate options — if you choose the skin tone, you also get the red eyes; if you choose the red eyes, you also get the skin tone; you can’t have purple skin and red eyes or the new skin tone and silver eyes.

As a Mage, I see the “Dark Ranger” customization as a way to finally make the perfect San’layn cosplay with the 25H ICC Mage Tier set:

(though upon checking, the Darkfallen NPCs in the Blood wing of ICC have blue DK/Domination-magic eyes, not blood red eyes)

Or, with the shortest ear length option, the perfect Venthyr cosplay:
All My Sins II

Sinful Inquisitor’s Vestments with Sinfall Venthyr Hood & Slippers, Soulbreaker’s Ebony Mantle, Silver-Thread Sash, Kael’s Dark Sinstone Chain, and Damnation
A variation on an outfit I originally made for my Warlock (#78).

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Many sultry outfits have been made with this Classic vest and the accompanying leggings. Just not by me.

Black Mageweave Vest + Black Mageweave Leggings, Cindercloth Vest + Cindercloth Pants, Goldweave Tunic + Elegant Leggings, Frostweave Tunic + Wanderer’s Stitched Trousers


Black Mageweave Vest


Chief Architect’s Monocle, Black Mageweave Vest, Primal Gladiator’s Cord of Victory, Vileweave Leggings, Hexweave Gloves (stage 3), Volatile Walkers (LFR), Ebon Filigreed Doublet, Staff of Andorhal

Primus’s Master Conjurer

Onyx Glare-Reducers, Mantle of the Skyterror (LFR), Osteowings of the Necrolords, Black Mageweave Vest/Divine Fury Raiment (LFR), Master Builder’s Shirt, Prime Conjurer’s Gloves, Prime Conjurer’s Cinch, Legwraps of the Master Conjurer, Prime Conjurer’s Slippers, Staff of Deserved Tranquility/Staff of Earned Tranquility


Cindercloth Vest

Scarlet Sunreaver Battlemage

Primal Combatant’s Amice Cord & Gloves of Prowess, Cindercloth Vest, Felheart Pants, Sorcerer Slippers, Scarlet Filigreed Doublet, Staff of the Forest Lord, Sunreaver Tabard

Sin’dorei Summoner

Heritage of the Sin’dorei with Cindercloth Vest, Gloves of Tyri’s Power, Ebon Filigreed Doublet, Shroud of Resolve (rank 6), Athame of the Sanguine Ritual (LFR), and Book of Highborne Hymns

A Red Dragon Princess

Crafted Dreadful Gladiator’s Mooncloth Helm, Mantle of the Elven Kings, Butcher’s Wrap, Cindercloth Vest, Veteran’s Silk Belt, Crimson Silk Pantaloons, Harvester’s Court Slippers, Archmage’s Staff*


Goldweave Tunic

Dazar’Alor Special Investigator

Zanchuli Crest, Wild Gladiator’s Mantle of Cruelty, Goldweave Tunic, Serenity Belt, Astralaan Pants, Wild Gladiator’s Gloves of Prowess + Loa Speaker’s Cuffs, Gnomish Casting Boots, Ragged Azsharan Sail Fragment, Wild Combatant’s Battle Staff, Formal White Shirt, Talanji’s Expedition Tabard

Elation and Anguish

Helm of Arcane Purity, Magician’s Mantle, Cloak of the Red Flight, Goldweave Tunic, Formal White Shirt, Galaxyfire Girdle, Astralaan Pants, Gnomish Casting Boots, Jin’ya (LFR)


Frostweave Tunic

Violet Ice

Shoulderpads of Twisted Fate (H), Drape of the Violet Tower, Frostweave Tunic, Soulguard Girdle, Soothsayer’s Kilt, Eelskin Flippers, Ebonchill (upgraded, 3rd tint)

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Priest Tier set items from Burning Crusade‘s fabled Karazhan raid.

Incarnate Raiment; Gladiator’s Satin Armor
Because the shoulder style is the same, for a long time I thought the PvP style was just a recolor of the raid style. I didn’t realize how different the robes were until I put them next to each other!


Incarnation of Light

Crown of the Fire Festival, Light-Mantle of the Incarnate, Aspiring Aspirant’s Drape, Robes of the Incarnate, Warmongering Gladiator’s Satin Gloves, Cincture of Will, Light’s Wrath (PvP, default tint)
I have fond memories of Karazhan, and I have always thought that this set is very pretty.

Chromie Cosplay

Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses, Light-Mantle of the Incarnate, Runecloth Robe, Black Mageweave Gloves, Willow Boots, Keepers of Time Tabard, Key to the Planes

A Green Dragon Princess

Dreamweave Circlet, Gladiator’s Mooncloth Mantle, Gladiator’s Mooncloth Robe, Sandswept Sandals, Inscribed Serpent Staff

Touch of Ruby

Rhinestone Sunglasses, Aurora Mantle, Mankrik’s Old Wedding Garments, Silver-Thread Sash, Stoneweaver Leggings, Widow’s Clutches + Bands of Indwelling, Boots of the Incorrupt, Thousand Bandage Drape, Staff of Divine Infusion
The Karazhan Priest Tier bracers and boots are important enough components of the overall look of this kit that I felt like it merited inclusion in this collection.

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