The introduction of the Rangari and, even more importantly, the presence of a bonafide Draenei Rogue in the Alliance followers list –

— has Draenei enthusiasts hoping for playable Draenei Rogues in the next expansion.
I’m inclined to agree that it’s a distinct possibility!

If we’re going to let the Draenei with their clip-cloppy hooves be Rogues, Tauren should get to be Rogues, too!

Prior to Cataclysm, I thought there was pretty decent support for Tauren eventually becoming Mages — I distinctly remember seeing Grimtotem casters in Stonetalon Mountains and other Grimtotem areas using Fireball. Sadly, since Cataclysm, Grimtotem casters only use Shaman or Druid spells (I checked their abilities on Wowhead).
Some of the Crazed Mages in Blackrock Caverns are Tauren, though…

Gnomes still need a mail-wearing class. Hunters could certainly be a good fit — and now that we have Goblin Shamans with their mechanized totems and bargains with the elements, why not Gnome Shamans, too?

Cataclysm introduced this fellow in Kirthaven:

Mists introduced Andrea Toyas and her dancers, who hang out in the Shrine of Seven Stars and sometimes grace the Halfhill Market:

Warlords has introdued these two lovely Draenei ladies:

One of them is in the inn at Embaarii Village, and the other is in the Mess Hall in Stormshield. There may be more of these Draenei harpists in other Alliance locations in Draenor — I haven’t explored far enough yet as Alliance to find out.

Could this be laying the way for a Bard/Minstrel class? Or will musicians continue to be exclusively NPCs?
I would totally re-roll my Night Elf Mage as a Minstrel, given that her backstory is that she’s a musician.


On a somewhat related note, I would not at all be surprised if the Legendary follower that we get for jumping through Khadgar’s hoops in Patch 6.1 turns out to be Cordana Felsong.

Alas, no maintenance on Tuesday this week, so I wasn’t able to change my Gorgrond outpost and recruit Penny and Kaz. Maybe next week…

As Kamalia’s followers have begun to purple out, she’s accumulated four pairs who have the same combination of abilities. I’ve deactivated one follower from each of those pairs and reactivated some less-experienced followers, with the goal of eventually getting all of Kamalia’s followers up to purple and seeing how many different combinations I can get. There are 36 different combinations of two of the nine abilities (counting A,B and B,A as the same combination), but I’m not sure that all of them are “allowed” — is it even possible for the same follower to have both the “tank-like” Wild Aggression and the “healer-like” Group Damage?

Kamalia upgraded her Inn to level 3 yesterday. She has enough of a resources reserve that after my current batch of work orders at the Lumber Mill completes, I can tear down the Lumber Mill and re-build the Barn, at last. I’ll miss rambling across the landscape for timber, though. On my other characters, I find herbing and mining to be rather relaxing, and logging fills the same psychological niche.

I currently have five Garrisons — one at level 3, one at level 2, and three at level 1 — and another character halfway through Tanaan. My level 2 garrison has only the mine open (I haven’t yet quested enough with that alt to unlock the herb garden) and my level 3 garrison has the mine & herb garden at only level 1 (Kam’s professions are not primarily dependent upon those materials, and I don’t feel like upgrading them just for the achievement points). Even so, tending my five garrisons feels like it takes as much time as the nine farms I’m still running in Pandaria! When I get enough alts in Draenor, by the time I finish tending the last alt’s garrison, it’ll be time to start all over again by collecting the spoils from the short missions in the first character’s garrison!

At this point, it’s looking like my standard garrison layout, at least as far as the small plots are concerned, will be level 2 Crafting Profession Hut, level 3 Salvage Yard, and level 1 Storehouse. Most of my garrisons will probably have the Inn as one of their medium plots and keep the Barracks as one of their large plots because followers.

I used to think that I played for the story/lore, but if I play for the story, then why haven’t I finished playing through Stonetalon Mountains (among other 1-60 zones) to see the “new” (Cataclysm) story there? If I play for the story, then why is my Draenei not level 100 yet? If I play for the story, then why is my Dwarf Shaman not level 100 yet? I enjoy the stories, but they’re obviously not what drives my play.

I suppose one reason I haven’t gotten my Draenei to level 100 yet is that now that I have both my Draenei and Human Mages set up at Lunarfall, I can’t decide which one I’d rather play. Do I play the Draenei because it somehow feels more “right” to experience all this new Draenei lore first as a Draenei*? Or do I play the Human because I’d really rather be playing Alliance as a High Elf?

I knew that Khadgar — dear darling obnoxious interfering power-hungry Khadgar — was bound to send me into LFR for the legendary questline eventually… and now that I’ve gotten to that point, I’m not feeling very motivated to do it. More precisely, I’m not feeling very motivated to a) do the research on what talents, glyphs, gems, enchants, consumables, etc I ought to be using to be properly prepared for raiding and then b) go out and get all those things.

I still haven’t done the Molten Core LFR, either. Though I don’t care the slightest for the mount and pet, I would like to have the hat. I kept telling myself that I’d do it as a treat to myself after classes were over, and classes are over… but I’ve been on campus all week anyway prepping for next semester.

* Feeling like I ought to be a character of a given race to play through storylines that prominently feature that race is not a problem I have Horde-side because I’m so used to being Kam/Tauren when I’m Horde.

While we were leveling, BTH and I took turns choosing which outpost we’d build in each zone. We ended up with the Sparring Arena, Arcane Sanctum, Tavern, and Corral. I was pleased with the Arcane Sanctum, Tavern, and Corral and plan to build those outposts with most of my alts (I will build the Arsenal, Smuggling Run, and Tankworks with at least one alt, just to see what they do), but I wasn’t really happy with the Sparring Arena — especially after I discovered that the followers I really wanted from Gorgrond came from having chosen the Lumber Yard instead. I didn’t switch my outpost choice, though, because a) I couldn’t afford it (I’ve never been good at the gold-making minigame) and b) doing so wouldn’t let me get the other followers anyway.

Thus, it is very welcome news indeed that, after the next server maintenance, the cost to switch outpost buildings will be halved and — much more importantly, to my mind — the building-specific follower questlines will also unlock.

Assuming that there will be maintenance next Tuesday instead of just rolling restarts, I will be out there in Gorgrond on Tuesday swapping out my Sparring Arena for a Lumber Yard and doing the quests to recruit Penny Clobberbottom and Kaz the Shrieker into my garrison team.

I’d decided that my Human Mage, Kinevra, was DONE. That she’d had her day, that I wasn’t going to take her to Draenor. So I didn’t do the pre-launch Blasted Lands questline with her.

Kinevra had, however, accumulated quite a few things that I dearly wished I had on my Blood Elf Mage instead — the Theramore Arcanist’s Hat from the pre-Mists Theramore scenario “event”, T13 robe & shoulders from playing with the OLRG, Burning Embers for the first step of the Tarecgosa quest chain — so I considered faction-transferring her over to be a Blood Elf. When I looked through her inventory, though, I found that she had some Alliance-specific items that I didn’t want to lose.

Then I thought about how my Blood Elf Mage has a serious case of faction envy and would Blink over to the Alliance just as fast as she could if High Elves ever became a playable race for the Alliance. Seeing the Alliance’s Mage Tower when I finally got to Ashran with my Draenei Mage last week, I knew that my Blood Elf Mage would want to have that structure, not the Horde’s Spirit Lodge, in her Garrison.

The character of Kinevra, the wide-eyed, freckle-faced teenager from Theramore with a hopeless crush on Anduin Wrynn, is DONE — but I decided that I’m not DONE with playing a Human Mage. With a change of name and face, my level 90 Human Mage is now Kaylynda, Kaelinda’s Alliance doppelganger/surrogate.
And she will be going to Draenor.

Mirror Magi

Lightning Infused Mantle, Robe of the Magi, Wizard’s Belt/High Councillor’s Sash, Cloudscorcher Handwraps, Cushy Cenarion Walkers/Slippers of Serenity, Staff of the Arcane Path/Staff of the Royal Wizard

Three weeks into Warlords, I’m definitely playing this expansion at the “dirty casual” level. But then, that’s about what I expected I’d have time for.

Kamalia has her Barracks at level 3; her Inn, War Mill, Tannery, Salvage Yard, Fishing Shack, and Lumber Mill at level 2; her Mine, Herb Garden, and Storehouse still at level 1; and she hasn’t bothered to unlock the Menagerie. I plan to upgrade the Fishing Shack, Salvage Yard, Inn, and War Mill to level 3, and when I have 3200 resources stockpiled to fund those upgrades and the cost of building a fully upgraded Barn, I’ll take down the Lumber Mill and put up the Barn. I don’t feel any need to upgrade my buildings still at level 1 to level 2, and I see no benefit to upgrading my Tannery to level 3. Currently, the only building that I get even close to running at its full work order capacity is the Lumber Mill.
Having heard that I’d be able to get racial banners and guards when I got my Barracks to level 3, I’d been thinking that all the Horde banners everywhere in my Garrison would change to racial banners when I recruited racial guards. I was disappointed, then, when I requested Tauren guards and only got Thunder Bluff banners right outside the entrance to my Town Hall. Having Bluffwatchers guarding my Garrison is super cool, though.
I’ve recruited two followers at the Inn — a scavenger and a Massive Strike counter. I rolled blue Tauren for both of them! My poor scavenger has the worst luck, though — he has failed almost all of the scavenging missions I’ve sent him on. Next week, I think I’ll recruit for a Minion Swarms counter, and then after that probably a leatherworker for the Tannery.
I’m working on getting my level 100 followers up to epic. I’m holding off on gearing any of them up to the 615 level until I get most of them up to epic — I want my minions to actually be able to succeed at the higher-level missions before I start getting them!
I’ve been trying to remember to collect enough raw materials each day to do my profession daily CDs, but I haven’t bothered to craft anything because I haven’t gotten enough of the gated material yet. I clean out my mine and herb garden and do the daily Fishing quest. I’m letting the Fishing dailies slowly build up the 100 Enormous catches of each type of fish that I’ll need to upgrade my Fishing Shack to level 3. I think I’ll have to make a designated ocean fishing trip at some point, though, because I’ve not seen Sea Scorpion come up as the Fishing daily. I’ll need Sea Scorpion to level First Aid and make fish feasts (to sell on the AH), too.
Knowing that the various factions have followers for hire — pets and mounts and tabards don’t interest me much anymore, but followers are still the new hotness — and feeling kind of lost because I hadn’t found any in-game guidance on how to gain reputation, I went to Wowhead to investigate. When I discovered that reputation was back to being more or less pure grindfest in this expansion, I decided not to bother. If a future patch brings us some faction rep dailies as a catch-up mechanism for alts, then I’ll pursue faction rep. I rather miss doing faction dailies.
I’ve been trying to do a daily Heroic for the 50 garrison resources. I pick up my Inn dungeon quests, but I’m not bothering to queue for them specifically anymore — except for the day that Millhouse came to town, because I wanted him for a follower! I haven’t done the Apexis dailies at all. I’m getting a slow and steady trickle of Apexis crystals from work orders and the weekly Garrison Campaign chapters, and I’ll get to Khadgar’s 4896 when I get there.
Speaking of the weekly Garrison Campaign quests, I’m really enjoying them! They’re nice little chunks of story and sufficiently challenging to my level of gear and (more importantly) skill. I’m looking forward to when I get the one that will allow me to recruit Choluna as a follower!

Meanwhile, my Balance Druid has gotten about two-thirds of the way through Frostfire Ridge and up to level 92. She has built the Scribe’s Quarters — to match her primary crafting profession — and a Trading Post in her Garrison. The Trading Post has been kind of a bust for her, though — she hasn’t yet seen a work order for ore. She needs her herbs for her Inscription, and Kamalia never has any hides to spare from her Leatherworking.
I’m starting to get itchy to bring my other two Horde alts who aren’t still busily growing Songbells and Windshear Cactus at Sunsong Ranch — my Monk and my Death Knight — out to Draenor to establish their Garrisons, but I want to at least get my Druid all the way through Frostfire Ridge first…

And my Draenei Mage is languishing in Shadowmoon Valley and building up the biggest stash of Garrison resources of any of my characters. When she eventually gets her Garrison to level 2, I plan to build her an Alchemy Lab — her primary crafting profession — and a Tailoring Emporium — not one of her professions, but that and follower missions will probably be the main way she gets gear.

Yesterday, one week after dinging 100 and two weeks after going to Draenor, Kamalia upgraded her Garrison to Tier 3.

I promptly put in an Inn, a War Mill, and a Salvage Yard. I’ll leave the Lumber Mill up until I get my Barracks to level 3 and my Inn to level 2, then take it down and put the Barn back up.

No sooner had I upgraded my Garrison to level 3 than this fellow showed up:

Have you guys seen him yet?

Kaprikka’s Daleera is a fast learner and dinged 100 before Kaprikka herself even managed to get as far as Embaari Village and her level 91 ding.


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